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MPs Wife Kicked In The Face Repeatedly By ‘Asian’ Robber

The wife of a Tory MP has been attacked and robbed by a man described as ‘Asian’ outside their home in Huddersfield. As we have come to learn by now ‘Asian’ 99% of the time doesn’t refer to Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus or anything else other than Muslim.  The lowlife thug kicked her repeatedly whist robbing her rings and car. Deplorable needless act of thuggery against a female.
Violence comes as second nature to Muslims. It doesn’t matter if the person on the receiving end is a woman, a child or a pensioner. That doesn’t even enter their head once the Muslim rage sets in. They probably prefer it that way as less chance of them being able to put up a fight back if they target the most vulnerable. 

Horror attack on MP’s wife

MP Craig Whittaker and his wife Elaine at a function in Brighouse. she was attacked and robbed by a muslim outside her home

MP Craig Whittaker and his wife Elaine at a function in Brighouse

The wife of a Calderdale MP was subjected to a horrific attack as a masked man kicked her in the face and made off with her engagement ring and car.

Elaine Whittaker, wife of Tory Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker, was attacked outside the couple’s home.

The assault happened on Tuesday December 17 at 9.35pm when a man wearing a balaclava approached the 58-year-old.

A police spokesperson said: “The attacker confronted the female whilst wearing a balaclava and demanded her engagement ring. She removed the ring, held it out and the attacker snatched it from her hand.

“The stolen ring is a three carat white diamond ring on white gold and is of high value.”

He then grabbed her handbag with such force that she fell to the floor and the man demanded her car keys.

The attacker kicked her several times in the face before grabbing the keys from the floor and making off in the white Audi Q3.

Mr Whittaker felt it was inappropriate to comment while police investigations are ongoing but said: “Elaine is incredibly shaken, but thankfully not too badly hurt.”

The couple were married in The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, at the Palace of Westminster, London, in 2011.

Police are now appealing for any witnesses or anyone with information about the attack in Fixby, Huddersfield.

The male is described as Asian, around 5’ 10” tall and of stocky build. He is possibly 30 to 40 years old.

He wore a black jacket which appeared to have grey material around the bottom. The balaclava was black and had small eye and mouth holes.

If you have any information about this incident please contact DC 4188 Peter Usher, Huddersfield CID 01484 436665 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

Boy Aged 14 Suffers Broken Jaw By Muslim Thug As He Walked Home For Lunch

Typical Muslim behaviour beating a 14 year old schoolboy up as he walked home for his dinner. No different to the grooming of vulnerable school girls, the rape jihad of lone females, beating women up and old men or the pack attacks 5 Muslims on 1 person that are scattered on posts throughout this site. Muslim thugs generally on pick the weakest in our society. They take on those who they know can’t put up much of a fight back. In a way the same as they control their Muslim wives getting a power trip from their bullying that they are in control of an easy target. 

Boy gets broken jaw in Manzil Way attack

9:30am Tuesday 15th October 2013 in News

A 14-year-old boy suffered a broken jaw when he was punched in the head as he walked home at lunchtime.

He was walking in Manzil Way, Oxford, at 1.45pm on Friday when a man in his late teens punched him several times.

Passers-by tried to intervene and the boy required hospital treatment.

Police say the attacker was described as Asian, slim and 6ft tall and was wearing an army-style camouflage jacket.

Anyone who saw the assault is asked to contact Dc Richard Allmond from Oxford Force CID on 101.

Soft Sentence For Racist Muslim Thug Who Hit Shopper And Picked On 11yo Boy

Another example British laws double standards and 2 tier justice when it comes to sentencing Muslim offenders. Arsalan Islam was one of three drunken Muslim yobs who rampaged through Blackburn town centre assaulting and threatening people. Thug Islam punched one  innocent bystander for no reason and used threatening behaviour towards other people, some of it racially aggravated including picking on an 11-year-old boy. In court the racist Muslim bully received the pathetically soft sentence of 8 weeks for his violent hate crime!!

Had this been a white offender who had racially abused Muslims, hit an innocent Muslim for no reason and picked on an 11 year old Muslim boy. Then i guarantee it would have been a totally different story . The attacker would have got 2 years at least for a hate crime. Islamists TellMama would be orgasming at the prospect of telling the world online about the violent racist bully responsible and the anti Muslim hate attack.

The only consolation in all this is that the racist bully got exactly what he deserved when a good Samaritan saw him picking on the 11-year-old boy and stepped in to stop him. Arsalan Islam thought he was clever and took a swing at Mr Feely who dodged it before dropping the racist Muslim thug in self-defence and breaking his arm in the process.  What goes around certainly came back round for him. What a shame!!

Bad break for Great Harwood teenage thug

6:00pm Wednesday 8th May 2013 in NewsBy Andrew Bellard, Court reporter

Arsalan IslamArsalan Islam

A TEENAGER picking on a young boy suffered a broken arm when a passer-by intervened.

Arsalan Islam was one of three drunken youths who rampaged through Blackburn town centre assaulting and threatening people.

Blackburn magistrates heard Islam punched one totally innocent bystander for no reason and used threatening behaviour towards other people, some of it racially aggravated.

But the trainee hairdresser got his comeuppance when a passer-by took a stand against him when he saw Islam picking on an 11-year-old boy.

The court was told public spirited one totally innocent bystander for no reason and used threatening behaviour towards other people, some of it racially aggravated. told Islam he didn’t want to fight him but didn’t agree with what he was doing. Islam attempted to punch Mr Feeley but was made to miss. Mr Feeley, in self defence, grabbed him by the throat, put a leg behind Islam’s legs and pushed him onto the floor.

As a result of the fall Islam suffered a double fracture of an arm which required the insertion of metal plates.

Islam, 18, of Park Street, Great Harwood, pleaded guilty to assaulting James Pearson, racially aggravated threatening behaviour and threatening behaviour.

He was locked up for eight weeks by District Judge Jane Goodwin who said the kind of behaviour he had displayed on a Saturday afternoon would not be tolerated.

“This was appalling behaviour in the town centre,” said District Judge Goodwin.

“You inflicted injury on one member of the public for no reason at all and other members of the public were upset and concerned by what you and your friends were doing.

“Mr Feeley was so concerned he felt he had to intervene, whatever the consequences may have been for him,” she added.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said when Mr Feeley had dealt with Islam the other youth decided it was time to leave. He was later detained and has been dealt with by the youth court.

Peter King, defending, said his client had been hopelessly intoxicated and had little memory of the incidents.

“He accepts his behaviour was distasteful, unacceptable and loutish,” said Mr King. “He got his comeuppance when Mr Feeley put him on the floor.”

Brighton Man Attacked In His Home By ‘Asian’ Thug With A Golf Club

The Labour Party’s forced multiculturalism of Britain at its finest. Your in your own home, nice and relaxed sat watching TV  on a Tuesday night. When out of the blue your peace is shattered. Crash bang your front door gets kicked off the hinges. Next thing there you are confronted face to face by a ‘religion of peace’ member in your own home. Swinging a golf club attempting to use your head as the ball and threatening to kill you. If you cant feel safe in your own home where can you?

With no apparent motive, the whole incident is being put down to a mistake and the Asian attacker must of got the wrong house. Could somebody who is going to do a home invasion and commit an aggravated  robbery risking a long prison sentence really be that stupid? As to not make sure that your certain its the right door your going through,so you at least know what’s waiting on the other side is not 2 rottweilers.

Had the home owner been a Muslim and the thug who kicked his door in and attempted to attack him with a golf club not been Asian, but say a white male with a skinhead. Would it of still been just a case of a mix up and the wrong house?? Or would it automatically of become a hate crime because the victim was Muslim. Given Brighton peoples far left political leanings and their eagerness to label anything or anyone remotely white / British as fascists such as the MFE St.Georges Day Parade. Id say Tell Mama would have it logged as an anti Muslim hate crime by now.

Dad’s ordeal as armed thug gets wrong house in Brighton

1:40pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in NewsBy Neil Vowles

A father said he feared for his life after a man burst into his home swinging a golf club in what is thought to be a case of mistaken identity.

Terry Flynn has spoken exclusively to The Argus about the terrifying ordeal in his own home after he was threatened with a golf club by a bungling attacker.

The intruder shouted at Mr Flynn to ‘tell him the code’ before threatening to kill him.

The father-of-one was watching TV show Shameless at 10.50pm last Tuesday in his home in Stephens Road, Hollingdean, when he heard two gentle taps on his door.

Moments later his door was kicked in by a young Asian man swinging a golf club and shouting at Mr Flynn.

The 41-year-old reacted quickly, throwing himself at the intruder, shoving his head into the man’s chest and pushing him against his lounge wall.

The intruder then attempted to swing the golf club but was restricted by a small hallway and Mr Flynn pushed him out of his home and forced the front door shut.

Mr Flynn pretended he was calling the police even though his phone was feet away in the lounge while the intruder continued to threaten him from the other side of the door.

The intruder then ran away from the house into a waiting car, which sped off.Fortunately Mr Flynn’s 14- year-old son, who lives with him part of the time, was with his mother at the time of the attack.

Mr Flynn said: “I have lived here for four years and never had any confrontation so it must have been a wrong address.

“I was shocked and angry, I was thinking ‘how dare you come into my home’.

“I sent him flying against the wall and thought ‘there’s not much to him’ so I felt more confident then.

“If he had been able to hit me with the golf club God knows what damage he might have done.

“If he had gone to the house on the other side of my block where two old ladies live I don’t know what would have happened to them.”

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting serial 1522 of 26/3.


Muslim Thug Uaf Supporter Fined For Attack On Sunderland Mosque Protester

Violent Muslim thug Mohammad Hoque of Hendon Valley Road, Sunderland was found guilty of attacking an anti mosque protester in Millfield.  Yob Hoque was present as part of a counter demonstration organized by the anti British communists  from Unite Against Fascism to disrupt a peaceful protest against the building of a new mosque. This is an often used tactic by the militant UAF who are a front group of rape deniers The Socialist Workers Party. Where they join up with Islamic extremists to oppose peaceful protests, cause trouble in an effort to try and silence free speech 

Sunderland Millfield Mosque Protests: Man Attacked Far-Right Demonstrator

By Nisha Joshi Location: Sunderland

Mohammad Hoque appeared at Sunderland Magistrates Court

Mohammad Hoque appeared at Sunderland Magistrates Court

A man who attacked a member of the far-right at a demonstration against the building of a mosque in Sunderland has been fined.

A man who attacked a member of the far-right at a demonstration against the building of a mosque in Sunderland has been fined.

Mohammad Hoque, 19, of Hendon Valley Road, Sunderland, kicked a male protestor in the back before swiftly being restrained by police, Sunderland Magistrates Court heard.

Around 200 people attended the pre-planned demonstration on St Mark’s Road in Millfield on Saturday, October 6 2012, where a former council transport depot is being converted into a mosque for up to 150 Pakistani Muslims.

The English Defence League and Scottish Defence League were among the protesters. A group of Muslims and locals and the Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition also attended a counter-demo.

Numerous arrests were made and 13 people in total were charged with a range of public order offences.

Hoque appeared at before magistrates on Tuesday, March, 19, where the court heard he had also shouted abuse at far right members who were being kept apart from anti-fascist protestors by police.

It was when some far right protestors broke free that Hoque kicked his victim.

He pleaded guilty to a section four public order offence of causing fear or provocation of violence and was ordered to pay a £75 fine and court costs.