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Video: Swedish Police Tell Women Go Out After Dark And Risk Being Raped

The Islamic rape jihad has got that bad in Sweden that Police have taken a new approach. Rather than enforce the law and stop the migrants responsible. They are instead urging women to change their way of life. Telling them not to go out after dark or walk the streets alone or they face being raped

With a low crime rate, low unemployment and a good welfare system, Sweden was once one of the most progressive and prosperous nations in the World . Then the lunatics took over the asylum when the Socialists voted into power. The political correctness loving leftists in their infinite wisdom decided to open their borders to hordes of unskilled Muslim migrants. Welcoming them with open arms and free access to their generous benefits system. Now with the system overloaded the nation is rapidly becoming Islamized and  in a few years will be a 3rd world country.

Swedish police have given up trying to protect Swedish women from the exponential rise of rapes and gang rapes by newly arrived Arab and North African migrants. Police Chief of Östersund, Stephen Jerand, advised all women to not go out after sunset because they are likely to be raped or “something more terrible”. He says the rapes the police investigate are especially violent and often lead to serious injury or the death of the victims. These incidents are not just limited to “bar environment”, he says, “but also to women travelling from or to work”.

Sweden is currently perusing a “no limit, open border” policy in regards to illegal immigration of young Muslim men from the poorest, most backward 3rd world nations on earth. Native Swedes are expected to become a minority in Sweden by 2040. They accept a sizable portion of their entire population of just under 9 million every year. The UN projects that they will be a 3rd world country by 2035, going from the top 10 of developed countries to the lower 40s in the human development ranking.

Woman Threatened With Knife By Two ‘Asian’ Scroates In Preston

Threatening and attacking women (as well as children, OAPS, disabled people) is becoming standard behaviour these days by members of ‘the religion of peace’. They target the weakest in society because they are spineless cowards with no morales what so ever.

Woman threatened with knife on her way home

A 29-year-old woman was attacked on her way home from buying groceries in Preston.

Police said it happened at around 11pm on Monday on Ripon Street near to Garstang Road, Preston.

It is believed that two men approached the woman and demanded that she hand over her handbag but she refused.

The attackers then pulled her to the ground and one of them threatened her with a knife.

A passer-by shouted out to the attackers who then ran off and dropped the victim’s bag which has since been recovered.

The two attackers made off on foot in the direction of Moor Park. The victim was left with cuts and grazes to her face, arms and legs.

Officers are keen to trace the man who intervened and are appealing for him to come forward as they believe he may hold vital information about the incident. He is described as a tall white male.

The two offenders are both described as Asian men.

The first offender is believed to be aged around 26 to 28 years old, around 5ft 6in tall, of medium build and spoke with a local accent.

He was wearing a dark duffle-type jacket, black tracksuit bottoms, a black woollen hat and gloves.

The second offender was slightly taller than the first and of a stocky build. He had a goatee style beard and was dressed in black clothing.

DC Steve Gilmore of Preston CID said: “This was a vicious and nasty attack on a young woman and we would urge anyone with any information at all to please come forward. We are particularly keen to talk to the man who ran over and managed to scare off the attackers and we would encourage him to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the burglary or about the offenders can contact Preston Police on 101 quoting log reference 332 of December 8

Syrian Refugees Complain About Swedish Hospitality

At times there is no pleasing Muslims. You give them an inch and they demand a mile, especially when somebody else has to foot the bill for it.

Refugees who fled from war torn Syria and were kindly taken in by Sweden are complaining about the free accommodation they were provided with. On first arrival in Sweden they were housed in a luxurious castle on a temporary basis. The Swedish authorities moved the Syrians to new less prestigious accommodation which didn’t meet the high standards the asylum seekers wanted provoking fury. 13 of the refugees took it on themselves to hire cars and return to the castle and stage a sit in refusing to leave.

They deserve a one way ticket back to Syria for their ungratefulness. 

Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.
Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.


Translated from Swedish article

Displaced against their will

Some of those who returned to the Great Ekeberg. Photo: Ing-Marie Jonsson

January 31, 2014 05:00

Skaraborg. dirt and crowds, it was what met the 25 persons who moved from Stora Ekeberg to Lugnås. Now, eleven of them back.

On Wednesday, 25 people were moved from the Great Ekeberg. But the environment that met them on site at Lugnås got several of them to return.  
On Wednesday, 25 people were driven from Stora Ekeberg to camp in Lugnås. But the evening had eleven themselves returned and was disgusted at how they are treated and the environment at the new housing. They fill in each other’s stories and interpret each other in English.Views and opinions are pretty unanimous about the day’s events. 
– It was much worse there. Messier and crowded. Three families would live in a couple of rooms, but women can not live with a strange man. There was nowhere to get changed and no doors. When we complained they said we could work from there.  A woman points out that there were conflicts with those who lived there who would not throng with more. – We got it resolve itself told the staff and left us.  Aya Touka and her mother Haj Hasan Fattah reacted over patronizing treatment in Lugnås.  – They threw out plates of food for us. We have gone to Sweden which is known to treat people humanely. We are not animals. I am a doctor and my mother engineer and where she is a hairdresser, says Aya and pointing to the third woman. Haj Hasan Fattah prefer Stora Ekeberg but think it is just too isolated.  – We were promised houses but instead we end up on another worse time. Migration Board cheated us, says a woman who looks just exhausted.  Her son points out that she is sick.  According to the Migration Board’s Head of Skövde Margaret Johnsson made ​​relocation because the contract for the 200 landing places on the Great Ekeberg expires end of January and will not be extended. Instead, the number of residents on the Great Ekeberg down to the 200 previously approved sites. – We have had very many who came to Sweden in autumn and Christmas, but now we see a decrease and relocates to places where there are vacancies. Primarily, we have coatings corresponding basic agreements. Swedish Migration Board visited Big Ekeberg on Thursday and listened to the complaints about Lugnås. – We’ll sit down, take a tie-backs and follow this up, promise Margaret Johnsson but can not indicate where the eleven protesters be placed. Is the standard worse on Lugnås? – We must look at now.

Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslam, The Absolute Filth Of Islam

There has been some horrible evil Muslims featured on this site on a daily basis. The absolute filth of Islam who have done some horrendous wicked things.Lowlife scum  Hasnain Raja, and Najeeb Aslam from Bradford are right at the top of that list with the worst of them all, they are pure evil.

Everyone of their victims will be mentally scared for life as a result of the terrifying ordeal they endured at the hands of Raja and Aslam. Pensioners, women and children attacked and robbed in their own homes the one place your meant to feel safe. Anybody who has been burgled whilst asleep upstairs will know what a horrifying feeling it is to know somebody has been in your house while you was in bed. Inevitably you can’t help but think to yourself thank god they didn’t come upstairs and harm anybody.

Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslams innocent victims weren’t so lucky. They woke up with two sadistic Muslims pointing a gun at their heads. Repeatedly punched and kicked by the control freaks. Tied up with clothes stuffed in their mouths to silence any cries for help. Stripped naked while the two Muslim scumbags took pictures of them naked. They threatened to rape and kill one victim in front of her two very young children punching her several times in the head. As if fearing for your own life isn’t bad enough. The Muslim thugs clearly getting some kind of power trip off terrorizing people then took her 4 month old child out of the room saying they was going to throw the baby out of the window.

Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslam were motivated by greed and the power they had over the terrified victims frightened for their lives. This was proved after the initial raids when the pair of bullies contacted the victims families to try to extort more money from them in return for keeping the naked pictures they took from being published online.

They are pure vermin, oxygen thieves who don’t even deserve the luxury of a prison cell. Ideally they should be put down like a dog with rabies would. Unfortunately that is not an option so the next best thing would be a prison like the Tower Of London, straw for a bed and 1 meal made from leftovers per day

The actions of evil  Raja and Aslam are something more akin to the behaviour in Lahore or some other lawless Pakistani slum. Not that of Britain 2013 which is meant to be a civilized law-abiding society. If you look back to a UK in the 50’s  60’s and 70’s when life was much harder than today, lots of Brits weren’t brought up like the children of today they were dragged up and could be described as ‘tough as nails’. Crimes like this were completely unheard of. If it had the attackers would need to be more concerned about what the underworld would do to them than the police. Even then the criminals had some morales and a code of honor.

Behaviour like this is now all to common, the same with rapes and murders.What would have been front page news is now lucky to get in the local papers. For as soon as the UK opened the immigration floodgates and the far left do- gooders welcomed uncivilized immigrants with no morales and a dog eat dog mentality en masse.  Introducing political correctness in our lives. The Great started to erase from Great Britain. The far left muppets like the SWP/UAF will feed the public rubbish all day about how great Multiculturalism is, how Muslim immigrants have enriched our society.

All i can say is 50 years ago they said smoking was great and not harmful. Now they are trying to make people stop as we know it is bad for your health, a major cause of cancer and in the end kill you. Well Muslim immigration is exactly the same as smoking. In the end the repercussions from it will destroy your society and country from within until it dies.

‘Utterly evil’ pair of robbers get 27 years each for vicious raids on homes

6:00am Friday 20th December 2013 in NewsBy Steve Wright, Crime Reporter

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Najeeb AslamNajeeb Aslam

Two “utterly evil” robbers, who targeted vulnerable women, toddlers and the elderly in “chilling” raids at their homes, have been locked up for more than 40 years.

In two shocking cases, a married mother and a 16-year-old boy were stripped and photographed naked, before the robbers tried to blackmail their families.

During the series of incidents in Bradford, replica guns were pointed at the heads of women and children, and threats were made to kill, burn down a house and throw a baby out of a window, the city’s Crown Court heard yesterday.

Sentencing 21-year-old Hasnain Raja, and Najeeb Aslam, 28, each to 22 years imprisonment with a five-year extended licence, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told them: “It was evil, utterly evil, and that’s what you are.”

The judge said they showed no mercy and the threats they made to their victims were “chilling, terrifying and callous”. Some of their acts and threats were “gratuitous and vindictive,” he added.

Judge Durham Hall continued: “You preyed deliberately on the most decent examples of a very decent community.

“You caused terror and shame and desperate fear in each case. Those victims have been hurt for life.”

Raja, of Arncliffe Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford, and Aslam, of Hudson Crescent, Great Horton, Bradford, pleaded guilty to a total of 11 charges, including robbery, possessing an imitation firearm, blackmail, and attempted burglary, and asked for three further offences to be taken into consideration.

Prosecutor David Gordon told how the first robbery took place on November 4 last year at the Bradford home of a woman in her 50s, whose 16-year-old nephew was staying with her.

The defendants, wearing balaclava masks and gloves, got into the boy’s bedroom at 3am. One was holding what appeared to be a handgun and the other a screwdriver.

The boy was punched in the face and demands were made for gold. The intruders kicked open the woman’s bedroom door and the screwdriver was held to her head and threats made to kill her if she did not hand over her jewellery. There were further kicks and punches to the boy’s head, while the gun was brandished.

He was made to strip and lie naked face down, with his wrists and ankles bound, and a sock was put in his mouth. A knife was brought from the kitchen and threats made to cut off his toes. The weapon was held to his face and toes to reinforce the threat.

The woman was also threatened with the knife and the gun held to her temple.

The robbers took the boy’s mobile phone and took photos of him trussed up naked.

The defendants left after 40 minutes but several weeks later the boy received a call on his replacement phone and demands made for £10,000 or the naked photos of him would be posted on the internet.

In Victim Impact Statements the woman said her life had been destroyed and she was living every day in fear and the boy said he would never get over what had ahppened.

Mr Gordon said that 16 days later a couple in their late 60s and poor health were attacked at their home in Barkerend.

A man claiming to be from the water board was allowed entry but a second man came in, wearing a balaclava and holding a firearm. The couple were made to lie on the floor and their wrists and ankles were tied with plastic cable ties.

The house was searched, a gun pointed at their heads and the TV was turned up to muffle sounds. The intruders also stuffed cloths into the victim’s mouths to keep them quiet. They left with jewellery worth £25,000 and cash.

On January 8 this year, three masked men, including both defendants, broke a window to get into the home of a professional couple in Heaton, Bradford. They were armed with a crowbar, hammer and what appeared to be a black handgun.

The husband was at work but his wife was at home with their two-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. The men demanded gold and jewellery and threatened to rape and then kill her if she did not comply.

The gun was held to the head of the eldest child and the woman took rings off her fingers and handed them over.

Threats were made to smash the child’s head or throw her out of the window if her mother did not reveal where the valuables were. The child was repeatedly taken from the room.

The mother was ordered to undress, but she was tied up with plastic cables. The men then lowered her jeans and took photos of her naked lower body in front of her children. They took further photos on her own mobile phone after exposing her breasts.

The intruders stole jewellery and other items and told the woman if she told police they would go back and kill her children and the naked photos would be published on the internet.

During the following two weeks phone calls were made to her husband at work and demands made for up to £80,000 not to publish the photos of his wife.

In her Victim Impact Statement, the woman said she had lost her zest for life and the intruders had robbed her of her self respect and dignity.

Nine days after that robbery, another incident took place when a mother and her 15-month-old child were robbed. She was punched in the face three times and trussed up and a towel stuffed in her mouth.

Richard Wright QC, for Raja, conceded the offences were wicked, but said he was a young age, had pleaded guilty and had done what he could to make amends.

Peter Moulson QC, for Aslam, said he had no previous convictions and had pleaded guilty.

But Judge Durham Hall told the defendants: “Had you not been stopped you clearly would have continued because you were obtaining a degree of satisfaction from your offences.”

After the case, Detective Superintendent Scott Wood, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Raja and Aslam committed a series of crimes which were particularly vicious, upon innocent families in their homes.

“This was a terrifying experience for their victims. All their statements were read out in court and each one told how they had been profoundly affected by the crimes.

“West Yorkshire Police used a range of resources to build an extremely strong case. I hope the lengthy sentences will provide some peace of mind to those people who were attacked.”

Also speaking after the sentencing, the husband of the woman photographed naked at their home in Heaton, said justice had been done.

He said: “The sentence is a great deterrent for anyone thinking of going down the same route.

“Nobody should be subjected to that sort of grotesque violence in their home.

“They targeted vulnerable individuals. My wife still hasn’t gone back to work, cannot sleep and has panic attacks.

“This has changed our lives. I hope we will get over it one day.

“The people who did this are despicable. They are monsters. They had no emotion or mercy. They displayed no human emotion, all in the pursuit of money.

“Greed was the only emotion they ever showed.”

5 Years Imprisonment For Fake Taxi Driver Shakeel Ahmed From Sparkhill, Birmingham

Best place for Muslim sexual predators especially this time of year when many drunk lone females will be attempting to get home from Christmas parties. Lets just hope they have there guards up so no opportunist Muslim taxi driver gets the chance to have his wicked way with an unsuspecting passenger.

Teenage girl’s terror after sex attack by fake cabbie

A teenage girl has spoken of her terror when a man posing as a taxi driver attacked and sexually assaulted her in his car after a night out in Birmingham.

The 19-year-old, from Northamptonshire, had been out with friends in Broad Street, and had climbed into what she believed to be a registered cab waiting in the popular nightspot.

She fell asleep – and, minutes later, she awoke to find the man pinning her down in the front passenger seat and subjecting her to a serious sexual assault.

Bogus taxi driver Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, from Sparkhill, Birmingham
Bogus taxi driver Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, from Sparkhill, Birmingham Credit: West Midlands Police

Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, of Newton Road in Sparkhill, Birmingham, was jailed for five years at Birmingham Crown Court last week after being found guilty of sexual assault by penetration.

Police had tracked him down through DNA found on the girl’s clothing.

The girl has now added her voice to a campaign by West Midlands Police to raise awareness of the dangers of getting into an unregistered taxi.

We’d been drinking before heading out to bars in Broad Street and to be honest most of the night is a blur but I vaguely remember coming out of Gatecrasher and getting into a car at the taxi rank.

It turned out this was a man posing as a taxi driver and on the look-out for vulnerable women he could take advantage of.

I passed out in the taxi and woke up to find him on top of me – it was terrifying. I ran off bare-footed not stopping to get my shoes from the car.

Video: Wahhabi Cleric Says Killing Women And Children Acceptable If Happens During Aim Of Killing Infidels

A Saudi Wahhabi preacher who appeared on Saudi “al-Thaminah” TV stated that the killing of Muslim women and children is permissible according to his sources when it’s done as collateral damage resulting from the “lawful” aim of killing infidels. These Wahhabi preachers are the ones providing fatwas to combatants in Syria regarding what they view as religiously approved rules of war. Civilians in Syria have been indiscriminately targeted by Wahhabi terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia, all done under the justification of fighting an “infidel regime”.

 Wahhabism is the hardline political Islam practised in Saudi Arabia and encouraged by the Saudi ruling elite.

The same Saudis who are funding new mosque construction, Islamic schools and other ways of stealth jihad in the non Muslim lands to push Islam with oil money. Specifically its their version of Islam being pushed, Wahhabism. This kind of Muslim mentality is why infidels need to oppose all kinds of Islamization we are subjected to. 

Source: Al-Thaminah TV (Saudi Arabia)

Birmingham Needle Attacker Back In Action. 6 More Victims Come Forward

A few months ago i posted about a Muslim sicko stabbing women with hypodermic needles. The women had been on nights out in Birmingham City Centre when randomly targeted by the needle attacker. It seems he is back in action terrorizing young female with his attacks. Police are currently investigating 5 attacks and having recently appealed another 6 potential victims have come forward.

The crimes are certainly of a strange nature and pretty much unheard before.

My own take on this is either the Muslim responsible either thinks he is HIV+ or infected with something else that can be passed on by contaminated needle as there is no mention of the syringe containing drugs or mention of bad reaction after being stabbed. Or he just gets off on traumatising women allowing them to think they may have caught something for the long period they then have to wait for a HIV test result. Some kind of sick power trip.

His attacks have taken place late at night outside nightclubs, places where Muslim women would not be. Would suggest non Muslim women, most likely white are targeted. Very possibly a religious hate/racist motivation. If he was just a nutcase randomly targeting people he would just be as likely to stick a needle in a burka clad woman in asda or on the high street which he is not doing.

Birmingham needle attacker could have stabbed SIX more women with hyperdermic

20 Nov 2013 14:44

Officers released a new CCTV image featuring a second man who may have witnessed one of the stabbings

Appeal: Suspect circled in red and a potential witness circled in green
Appeal: Suspect circled in red and a potential witness circled in green
West Midlands Police

Police investigating five needle attacks on women have had reports of SIX further attacks which could be linked to the same suspect.

Officers released a new CCTV image featuring a second man, circled in green, who may have witnessed the stabbings  in Birmingham.

It was taken about 3am on Sunday 3 November, when a 30-year-old woman felt a sharp pain in her thigh – later confirmed as a puncture wound.

A first CCTV picture of the suspect was released by officers on Friday, at which point they were investigating five alleged incidents.

Some victims have faced agonising blood tests to see if they had contracted HIV or other diseases.

CCTV image of a man suspected of attacking women with a hypodermic needle in Birmingham city centre
Appeal: Police have released this image of a suspect in connection with a series of needle attacks on women in Birmingham
West Midlands Police / Getty

Det Insp Julie Woods said: “We have received several calls with information following the appeal on Friday and are currently following these up.

“We have also received reports of six further attacks going back over the last six months which could possibly be linked to the same suspect.

“These are strange offences and the motive at this stage is unclear, but we do not underestimate the anxiety and stress that the attacks can cause.”

Police have increased patrols in and around Birmingham city centre.

Anyone who recognises the man in the image should contact detectives on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Christian Women Stripped And Paraded Naked By Muslims

Almost every day we switch the TV on or pick up a newspaper and somebody is going on about Islamophobia. You only have to remotely mention Islam or Muslims in the slightest negative way and the PC brigade and Muslim apologists are crawling out of the woodwork shouting Islamophobic in your face. To them Muslims can only ever be the victims of racism and discrimination. Islamophobia is now big business for the alliance of the far left communist and far right Islamist front groups. The more they make it a taboo subject to even mention Islam, the more potential people there is to accuse them of Islamophobia and more poor Muslim victims. Keeps the Islamophia gravy train full of pound notes from generous government grants running even longer.

I wonder if i relocated to a Muslim country such as Pakistan and set up an equivalent of TellMama called Tell Kafir to fight Christianphobia and monitor attacks by Muslims on Christians. If the Islamic governments would be just as appeasing as the British government is to TellMama throwing me mind blowing amounts of money in funding. I somehow doubt that very much, chances are id be locked up under some kind of anti religious freedom laws. Unlike TellMama in Britain.It would at least be able to justify every last penny of  £314,000 grant received on staff  handling the phone hotlines and investigating real hate attacks committed by oppressive Muslims such as these events recently in Pakistan where 3 Christian women were stripped naked and paraded around a village by a gang of Islamist brutes. 

The Christian persecution by Muslims in Islamic countries is on a far higher level than the alleged Islamophobic attacks in the UK that are usually no more than name calling online

Pakistan: Christian women paraded naked as elders kept turbans on attackers’ feets – daily.bhaskar.com

Pakistan: Christian women paraded naked as elders kept turbans on attackers' feets - daily.bhaskar.com

Islamabad: In a shocking incident, three Christian women were attacked and then paraded naked by the supporters of the Nawaz Sharif’s ruling party in a village in Pakistan, on June 3.

The village elders pleaded with the attackers to spare the women and even kept their turbans on the feet of the attackers.

The attackers were goons hired by the powerful landlord of the area, Muhammad Munir, the son of Abdul Rasheed. He is said to be a supporter of the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, (PML-N).

The incident came to light in a press release by Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

On the night of June 3, armed men scaled the wall of the house of Sadiq Masih and started looking for Masih’s son. When they could not find him they attacked the three women who were sleeping inside the house.

The attackers forced the women out of the home and tore-off their clothes. They then started shouting to attract the attention of the people, to let them see the extent of the clout yielded by the landlord.

The attackers left women after warning the people against complaining to the police.

Christians and other minority communities have come under repeated attack in Pakistan. In November 2005, Muslim church and schools were attacked in Faisalabad after Muslim preachers urged the people to take revenge after a Christian allegedly burnt Koran pages.

Last year, a number of people belonging to Hindu community of Pakistan had to flee to India after they were threatened and attacked by the fundamentalist forces in Pakistan. The incidents of attacks on minority are particularly rampant in the tribal regions of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), Quetta and Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of the region. The rule of government is practically negligible in these areas and attacks are carried out with ruthless impunity.

Girls belonging to minority families are abducted, converted to Islam and forced to marry Muslim boys. The case of Rinku is one such instance. She was abducted and forced to marry a Muslim boy in Mirpur.

Twenty-year-old Radha was subjected to similar humiliation, after she was abducted and forced to marry 25-year-old Salim.

Karachi High Court is listening to a hearing in which a temple was demolished by a builder. The Rampeer Mandir in Karachi was demolished last December. As a result, more than 40 people were rendered homeless.

Christians are not the only group that is facing persecution in Pakistan. Shia Muslims have been regularly killed in suicide bomb attacks. In February this year more than 100 people were killed by coordinated suicide attacks in Quetta.


Turkey Next For Islamization?? State Airline Tries Implementing Sharia

Turkey is often considered a moderate Muslim country. Where the government keeps religion and politics completely separate much like the western non Muslim World. Unlike the Islamic nations where political Islamic is prevalent and ruled by the outdated and discriminatory Sharia law such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran. Turkey has been able to move forward to a certain extent with the times. With alcohol widely available and no restrictions on women’s dress  forcing the veil or burkas to be worn like is compulsory in many other Muslim lands it has become a popular tourist destination for British and European holiday makers. Tourism is a sizeable chunk of the Turkish economy and provides much needed jobs and income for the locals . 

This is all at risk by the threat of Islamism and the creeping sharia that is being gradually introduced by the ruling Islamist  Justice and Development Party. Under their rule and guidance women in headscarf’s  a becoming a common sight in public and the restriction of alcohol in many places. The  Justice and Development Party lasted move is to try and implement sharia law at the state owned Turkish airlines. They have stopped selling in flight alcoholic drinks, changed the air stewardesses uniform from short skirt to a more Muslim long dress and stopped them wearing make up.

An Islamist Turkey on Europe’s doorstep is not very appealing and would signify a big step in the Muslim quest for World domination .

Turkish Airlines starts implementing Sharia law

First Published: 2013-05-01  Middle East Online
Lipstick ban is latest in string of conservative measures adopted by airline, which have sparked ire of fiercely secular Turks.


Efforts to Islamise Turkey gather pace

ANKARA – Turkish Airlines has banned air hostesses from wearing brightly-coloured lipsticks such as red or pink, a move which has sparked fierce debate as the government is accused of trying to Islamise the country, local media reported Wednesday.  Numerous women posted pictures of themselves wearing bright red lipstick on social media websites to protest at the measure, part of a new aesthetics code for stewardesses working for Turkey’s main airline.The lipstick ban is the latest in a string of conservative measures adopted by the airline, which have sparked the ire of fiercely secular Turks.

“This measure is an act of perversion. How else could you describe it?” said Gursel Tekin, vice-president of the main opposition party CHP.Turkish Airlines defended the ban, saying in a statement Tuesday that “simple make-up, immaculate and in pastel colours, is preferred for staff working in the service sector.”In recent months the booming airline — 49 percent state-owned — has also stopped serving alcohol on internal flights.

In February, images of proposed new uniforms for flight attendants bringing in ankle-length dresses and Ottoman-style fez caps were criticised as too conservative. The skirts of Turkish Airlines stewardesses once came in far above the knee.However the more conservative new uniforms have not been adopted.Prime Minister Recep Tayyin Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted Justice and Development Party, in power for over a decade, is often accused of creeping efforts to coerce the country to be more conservative and pious.

Turkey is a fiercely secular state, despite being a majority Muslim country. Under Erdogan’s rule headscarves — banned in public institutions — have become more visible in public places and alcohol bans are more widespread.


Panorama Goes Undercover In Britains Illegal Islamic Sharia Courts

Panorama tonight goes undercover to investigate what is really happening in Britain’s Sharia Councils – Islamic religious courts. Some women reveal they have suffered domestic violence ignored by these councils as campaigners say it is time to tackle the parallel legal system which can run counter to British law.Panorama has uncovered fresh evidence of how some Sharia councils in Britain may be putting Muslim women “at risk” by pressuring them to stay in abusive marriages. The Muslim judges have no legal training or authority. They think because they have studied some books about a savage called Mohammed and his cult it makes them an expert in everything. This is 1 of many reasons why the backwards and outdated sharia law is not compatible with British laws and has no place in our society 


Inside Britain’s Sharia courts

A new documentary that goes undercover in Britain’s Islamic courts reveals the shocking discrimination some women are suffering

A couple seeking a final judgment on their divorce from Dr Suhaib Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia Council

A couple seeking a final judgment on their divorce from Dr Suhaib Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia Council

In a terraced house in East London, just a stone’s throw from the glittering stadiums of the Olympic Park, a handful of people wait in a small reception room. A young Asian woman and her mother hitch their scarves over their heads while a Somali couple stare at the floor.

This is Leyton Islamic Sharia Council, the oldest and most active such council in the country where scholars hear about 50 cases a month, most of them marital disputes. Nine out of 10 cases are brought by women because, in an Islamic marriage, it is far easier for a man to divorce; the only way for a woman is through one of these Sharia councils. No one knows how many there are in Britain today, in mosques and in houses – one report estimates at least 85. Although they cannot enforce their judgments, these councils control the lives of many Muslim women who may only have had a religious marriage. Even if they had a civil marriage too, some feel the need for a Sharia divorce as a way of moving on with their lives and finding a sense of resolution.

A sign outside one of the rooms says “Arbitration”. Inside it looks like a court, a wall lined with religious books and a raised dais for the judge. The tension in here crackles as a couple, who do not want to be identified, argue in front of Leyton’s most senior Islamic scholar, Dr Suhaib Hasan, an elderly man with a white beard wearing long robes.

They have been coming here for a year now. The woman accuses her husband of refusing to work, ignoring the children and verbally abusing her, all of which he vehemently denies. When he is ordered to leave for a moment, she breaks down in tears. “I hate him, he has ruined my life,” she cries. “I cannot bear to even look at him.”

Dr Hasan’s face is impassive as he tells her to give her husband one more month to try and reconcile, with the help of Allah. The woman sobs as she begs him to grant the divorce as she only had a religious marriage and her fate is in the council’s hands.

“We are not just here to issue divorces, we want to mediate first,” Dr Hasan explains. “We try to save marriages so when people come to us we try to reconcile them.”

But this pressure from Sharia councils and the community they serve is causing suffering – Islamic rulings are not always in the interests of women and can run counter to British law.

There are more worrying cases involving domestic violence and children. In Leeds, I met Sonia, an attractive woman in her thirties in a mini-dress and ankle boots. She was granted a civil divorce due to her husband’s extreme violence towards her and their children. He was only allowed indirect access to the children by the courts. But when she went to Leyton for a Sharia divorce, she was told she would have to give up her children to him.

Sharia courts are not allowed to intervene in matters involving child custody, but Leyton’s website features Sharia rulings on children. One Islamic school of thought decrees a father can take custody of a boy at the age of seven and a girl as young as nine. “I could not bear the thought of such a violent person having my children,” Sonia told me. “What was even more shocking was when I explained to Leyton why he shouldn’t have access to the children. Their reaction was – well you can’t go against what Islam says.”

Sonia stood her ground and eventually got Leyton to drop their demand. When asked about Sonia’s case, Leyton said with children if a marriage ends, the question of access to both parents is crucial. Safety is paramount and any UK court order must be followed.

Leyton say they do not advise abused women to return to their husbands, but given what we had heard, we sent an undercover reporter to consult Dr Hasan with a story about an abusive husband.

The Government says domestic violence is a crime that should be reported to the police. The Islamic scholar’s reaction to her account of being hit and whether she should inform the police was to ask her if she was actually being beaten severely – to the extent of having bruises on her body. “The police, that is a very, very last resort,” he said. “If he becomes so aggressive starts hitting and punching you, of course you have to report it to the police.”

Dr Hasan advised her that telling the police would be the final blow as she would have to go to a refuge – which was a very bad option. He also referred our undercover reporter to his wife, a counsellor at Leyton. She too advised against involving the police saying the family was a better option. Both of them suggested she should ask if the violence was due to her own actions and she should strive to be a good wife in every way: cooking, cleaning and looking after her appearance.

When we asked Leyton council about what we filmed secretly they said with domestic violence it may be essential to involve the police and other authorities but that can be a step with irrevocable consequences.

I showed our secret footage to Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown prosecutor for the North West, a Muslim who has taken the lead in tackling honour-based domestic violence. “I’m disappointed but not surprised,” he said. “Most of them [Sharia councils] are absolutely fine but there are some – clearly like this one – who are putting women at risk. And doing so for ridiculous reasons, namely that they are somehow responsible for the abuse they are suffering.”

In Bristol, Cara, a Muslim convert told me she had met her husband at university and he had persuaded her to only have a Sharia marriage. He ended up abusing her emotionally, controlling her by taking all of her earnings and her student loans. When he brought prostitutes back to their home, Cara ran away to a refuge. She contacted Leyton Sharia council for a divorce but they told her she would have to go to them with her husband for arbitration.

“I was shocked,” says Cara. “Surely they can see that women who have been through this cannot be forced to meet up with someone who is abusing them.”

Sharia councils in other parts of Britain have also meddled in legal issues that should be matters for the UK courts. In Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, an old pub, once the White Hart Inn, is now a Sharia council. Ayesha, a thin and haunted-looking woman in traditional dress and a headscarf told me her husband, who hit her even when she was pregnant, had been imprisoned for his violent behaviour. She and her children had injunctions against him, and yet when she went to Dewsbury Sharia Council for a divorce, they still wanted the couple to meet for mediation.

“I said, I can’t do that as he isn’t even allowed near my house because I’m frightened and can’t face him,” says Ayesha, “but they didn’t take any notice.”

Eventually, when a barrister specialising in family law became involved, Dewsbury agreed to see Ayesha without her husband – but she still had to face five men alone without legal representation. It took her two years to get a divorce; meanwhile, her husband had already moved to Pakistan and married again.

Dewsbury council said they could not comment on individual cases but they are aware of the standing and gravity of UK court orders and would never advise clients to breach them. They can arrange separate meetings on different days to avoid this.

Across the country where there are large Muslim communities, there are now Sharia councils. Some seem to discriminate against women in different ways. Women are required to produce two male witnesses, and it costs a woman at least £400 to get an Islamic divorce while a man can pay nothing. Under Sharia law, a woman must hand over all of her dowry before a divorce can be granted. Sharia marriage is not recognised under UK law, so women are not automatically entitled to half the house or financial assets when it comes to a divorce.

The previous government gave up on its attempt to investigate Sharia councils when they could not get proper access to them. This government’s view is that Sharia law is not law in England and Wales and existing legislation already deals with issues about Sharia councils raised by campaigners. If decisions made by these councils conflicts with national law, then national law will always prevail.

The women I spoke to believe that it is not the Islamic code that is at fault but the way Sharia councils interpret it, and they want them investigated and held accountable.

Sonia, Cara and Ayesha eventually freed themselves from their unhappy marriages – but they believe that many other women in Britain are being condemned by Sharia councils to miserable lives.

Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils will be shown on Monday April 8th at 8.30pm on BBC1