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School Girls in Kazakhstan Stated That Imams Made Them Sex Slaves and Prostitutes

Muslim mens very low opinion of women and taking them as sex slaves has been continuous since the very beginning of Islam .This is something cult founder excelled at. He set the standard for all other Muslims to follow. So it is no surprise that 1500 years later Islamic ‘religious leaders’ are acting the exact same way.

School Girls in Kazakhstan Stated That Imams Made Them Sex Slaves and Prostitutes

Almaty Central Mosque. Photo courtesy of kazakh.ru

by, Tengri News | Kazakhstan

Almaty Central Mosque has commented on the sex row over the Mosque’s school, the Mosque’s official website writes.

One of the school’s students Zhanar Boranbayeva told the media that young women were forced to become wives of imams who later divorced them. According to her, the school reminded of a sect where female students were told that they were slaves and had to obey men. “17 and 18-y.o. girls are like free prostitutes. The imams invite those they like to saunas and hotels,” the young woman said. Boranbayeva even filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office requesting to check on the activities of the school.

The Central Mosque called Boranbayeva’s accusations a ridiculous slanderous lie. Their reply to the accusation was that Boranbayeva never studied at their school and only visited the mosque for prayers in 2008. She only came over for the Friday prayers that are open for everyone and was never registered as a student. During the last 3 years “all the women courses have been taught by women teachers only and none of them recognized Zhanar as one of their students”.

Some of the Mosque’s employees remembered Boranbayeva. “That woman was a little weird. We remember her because she came up asking the teachers for advices several times. Inadequacy of some of her questions made the teachers notice her and remember. After that she was not seen around the mosque for several years,” the message states.

Commenting the accusations that the students “were forces” to marry the imams the Central Mosque said: “There are no names, no proof and there can’t be any as these things have never happened, there have been no such cases”.

The age of the alleged “victims” also raises doubts. 320 women currently study at the school, including 15 girls aged 17-18: “Some of them come to classes with their moms. None of these girls are wives of imams of the Central Mosque and none of them have been divorced.”

Boranbayeva’s phrase about “free prostitutes” caused the most outrage in the Central Mosque. “Accusation of using the mosque to inviting a Muslim woman to sauna as a free prostitute is a culmination of the slander. None of the naib-imams of the Central Mosque have ever divorced. They all have only one wife and several children each,” the comment states.

The website writes that Boranbayeva’s only “proof” – the photo of teachers and students of the spiritual school – “was made at during a Doors Open Day on the final day of the course and awarding of the certificates. She had her photo made with the students then”.

The Mosque summarized its statements by saying that all the accusations are false: “If somebody believes this, let them check where and how this woman has been living during the last three years. Any reasonable person understands that she was not imprisoned in the Central Mosque during those year. Especially considering that she never studies in our school at all. And if she did, what could have made her tolerate all the horrible things she is accusing us of for so long?”

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Islamic Control Freak And His Son Admit Attempt To Kidnap Daughter

This is typical Islamic family life. Well if your a female of the family you can hardly call it much of a life. Islam is out and out sexist to the core.Even to those female family members that you are meant to care about are seen as little more than slaves to the males of the household. Tolerated purely for child bearing, cooking, cleaning and sex. Apart for that they have little use in Muslim daily life. They are subjected to a life time of bullying, physical, mental and sexual abuse from their good loving Muslim husbands/fathers who control the females every move. Step out of line and thats where the honour crimes come into play. 

If they treat Muslim women this way is it really that surprising that they see white infidel women as no better than animals and that Britain is in the middle of a Muslim rape epidemic

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Newcastle man and son admit attempt to kidnap 21-year-old daughter

  • by Dan Warburton, The Journal
  • Mar 18 2013

AN ABUSIVE father from Tyneside staged a kidnap plot after his tormented daughter fled the family home.

Arjan Ali and his son Muhammed travelled more than 160 miles before dragging the 21-year-old woman from her hideout and bundling her into a waiting car.

It followed a life of control in which the woman witnessed “physical abuse and aggression against female family members”.

Now the pair have been jailed and told not to contact the woman for a decade after they travelled to Derby to drag her screaming in her pyjamas down a flight of stairs in an “appalling scene”.

Muhammed, who worked for accountants KPMG, even put his hand around his sister’s mouth to quieten her screams.

She was eventually rescued after relatives and neighbours living in a Derby street called the police. The victim told officers she could not “begin to describe how scared she felt by the incident”.

She feared that if she had not got away, she would have been beaten and suffered “great deprivation in her freedom”.

The woman had fled to her aunt’s house in Derby from her Newcastle home after witnessing “a degree of physical abuse and aggression” against female family members.

Jailing the father for 42 weeks and son for 29 weeks, Judge Michael Fowler said: “A father dragging his daughter down the stairs, a 21-year-old daughter, as she’s in her pyjamas, screaming, dragging her to a car in order to take her away and for no reason other than for you to have control of her, rather than for her to make decisions for herself.

“And you Muhammed Ali, you, seeing your sister screaming, joined in and took part in it. It’s an appalling scene.”

The two men, of Heaton Road in Heaton, Newcastle, who admitted kidnapping, have been told they must not contact the woman for 10 years.

Richard Thatcher, prosecuting, said that, until August 24 last year, the victim had lived her life in the Newcastle family home but had left on that day because she “couldn’t stand to be there any longer”.

Mr Thatcher said: “She said in family life she had witnessed a degree of physical abuse and aggression against female family members, particularly to her mother.”

He said the turning point for her was, shortly before this date, she witnessed an argument between her parents.

The court was told the victim had made a comment under her breath that her father always seemed to be shouting at her mother, which Muhammed Ali overheard. The young woman, who is not being named, said her brother responded violently towards her.

Mr Thatcher said the woman then contacted an aunt who lived in Derby and left her home.

When the woman arrived in Derby, she went to Pear Tree police station to report that she was safe and well if her parents got in contact.

But she told officers not to pass on the address at which she was staying.

But five days later, following constant text messages from her family saying the worry was affecting her mother’s health, she revealed where she was and that they could come to visit in a couple of days’ time.

However, the family set off that evening, arriving at her aunt’s address at about 11pm.

Derby Crown Court heard that her father “pushed” his way into the house, went into his daughter’s bedroom while she was sleeping and asked her to get her things.

When she refused, he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her down the stairs to the car waiting outside.

Her uncle came to her rescue but her father and brother attacked him, the court was told.

The police then arrived and the young woman was rescued.

She said in family life she had witnessed a degree of physical abuse and aggression against female family members, particularly to her mother