EDL Members Targeted In Hit And Run. Sikh Division Member Severely Injured

EDL members were purposely targeted in a hit and run by a crazed driver. The incident happened outside the Rookery Tavern Pub in Wolverhampton as 15 members of the group stood outside. A red ford focus drove straight at the group injuring EDL Sikh Division member Jag Singh. Lets  hope Mr Singh makes a speedy recovery from his injuries. This attack just goes to show how dangerous it can be speaking out against the threat of political Islam.


EDL members ‘targeted’ in alleged hit and run outside pub

– last updated Sun 18 May 2014    ITV

Police are investigating an alleged hit & run outside a pub in Wolverhampton Photo: PA

Police are investigating claims an alleged hit-and-run driver targeted a group of men outside a pub because they were members of right-wing group the English Defence League.

It’s after a Ford Focus car was driven into a group of 15 men stood outside the Rookery Tavern Pub in Wood Street in Wolverhampton on Sunday May 4, severely injuring one man.

It’s believed the 40-year-old Asian victim is a leading member of the EDL’s controversial Sikh Division, Jag Singh from Wolverhampton.

Jag Singh is a long-standing EDL supporter and regularly attends the extremist group’s demos and meetings Credit: BPM Media

The turban-wearing father is lauded by the EDL as proof that it is not racist and instead is only opposed to Islamic extremists.

A spokesman from monitoring site EDL Extra, said:

“The EDL have somehow managed to hoodwink some Sikhs into joining them and created a so-called Sikh division.

“The EDL play on the historical animosity that exists between some sections of the Sikh and Muslim community.

“Jag Singh is a popular figure in the EDL and the poster boy for their so-called non-racist outlook.

“No doubt the EDL will use this incident to portray themselves as victims.”

About 15 EDL supporters had gathered outside the Rookery Tavern pub in Wood Street, Wolverhampton, on Sunday May 4, a popular drinking and meeting spot for the group.

An argument broke out between some pub-goers which spilled out into the street.

The Rookery Tavern, on Wood Street in Wolverhampton Credit: Google Street View

Police say a red Ford Focus car then turned up and drove straight at a group of up to 15 men before injuring another man as it reversed out.

A witness described how bodies were flung across the bonnet as the driver aimed for the thickest part of the group.

He said:

“It’s a miracle that no-one was killed or more seriously hurt because the car was driving at some speed and its wheels were screeching.

“I didn’t get a clear view but I could hear and see people being struck and tumbling over the car bonnet like skittles.

“There was a lot of confusion and shouting and some of the men tried to smash the car’s windscreen when it stopped.

“But the driver just reversed out again and hit somebody else before wheel-spinning away.”

Detective Inspector Jim Munro from West Midlands Police Force CID said:

It is believed the vehicle, a red Ford Focus car V358 KOF, although this could have been changed, deliberately drove into the group outside the pub following a disorder.

“We are carrying out forensic investigations at the scene and house to house enquiries and have local reassurance patrols in place.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have been in the area or who has information to contact police.”

Detectives have arrested two people. A 47-year-old man was detained shortly afterwards while a 26-year-old man was arrested days later on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Both have been bailed pending further inquiries.

The Islamization Of Britain: Wolverhampton Casino To Become A Mosque

Muslims move another step closer to the Islamization of Britain as yet another new mosque construction is approved. Mosque building is one of the many tactics used by Muslims in their  stealth jihad to takeover our infidel lands. Each new mosque is a foothold, a base camp to plot their next move from. Opposing construction of them is essential. 


Mosque plans for Wolverhampton Gala Casino granted green light

A mosque will be created to transform a former casino building after the plans were given the go ahead.

The former Gala Casino
The former Gala Casino

Gala Casino in Whitmore Street, Wolverhampton, closed in 2011.

But it will now become a Islamic place of worship and a community centre after the project was given the go ahead by Wolverhampton City Council.

The property is opposite the Broad Street car park and will be called Wolverhampton City Islamic Centre and Alrahma Mosque.

As part of the transformation of the site prayers will be held five times every day, Arabic and Islamic studies will be taught and food will be provided for fasters during Ramadan.

The venue will also carry out the congregational Friday prayer, which all Muslims attend, and provide an Islamic marriage service if a licence is granted.

Applicant Mekawy Morsy said he is hoping the mosque can work with the University of Wolverhampton. The university has said it would support any partnership which makes their international students feel more comfortable.

Mr Morsy said: “The casino hasn’t been used for a number of years. It is in the heart of Wolverhampton and surrounding it are university apartments and the university campus. A lot of the students come from the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and are Muslim.

“We thought having a mosque in the centre of the city would be good for those who wish to attend , who work in central Wolverhampton, who study and those who are out shopping.”

He added: “A lot more people live in the city centre now and it would be ideal for them. We want this to be a resource for all people in Wolverhampton. No matter what their religion or background we want all to be welcome.

“We would like a partnership with the university where they can make muslim students aware of our mosque.”

University of Wolverhampton spokesman James Allen said: “Anything that engages the university with the community will have our support. We have a lot of international students from the Middle East such as place like Oman and Saudi Arabia. Should it come to fruition the university would support anything that can make their stay in the city more comfortable.”

The mosque will be the latest place of worship in that area of the city centre.

Next to the old casino is Ramgarhia Board Sikh temple and there is also Church of Broad Street on St Mary’s Street (corr) and Elm Church of Pentecost on Broad Street.

Gala Casino closed its doors in 2011 with the loss of 46 jobs after 17 years in the city.


Muslim Registered Sex Offender Gets Soft Sentence For Sex Attack On Vulnerable Victim

Another Muslim sex offender getting a pathetically soft sentence. This country has a biased 2 tier justice system which favours Muslim criminals. 16 months imprisonment for sexually attacking a vulnerable woman walking home is a joke for such a sordid crime. Even more so for somebody with past sex convictions and described as a sexual predator in pre sentencing reports. He will be back on the streets in 8 months and no doubt re-offending. 

Wollescote man jailed after “obscene” sex attack on vulnerable victim

8:30am Wednesday 20th November 2013 in Local

A WOLLESCOTE man who carried out a frightening sex attack on a vulnerable 42-year-old woman making her way home after a night out with friends has been jailed for 16 months.

The offence in Lye was a “particularly obscene and unpleasant sexual assault” Judge Mark Eades at Wolverhampton Crown Court said because at the time 23-year-old Mohammed Aqeel had been a registered sex offender.

The judge said it was clear Aqeel saw the woman and got out of his car, proving there was a “degree of premeditation”.

He added: “For her it must have been truly frightening. She had little idea how it was going to end. You were gratifying an urge and you did not give a toss about the effects of what you did to her.”

The judge said a probation report described Aqeel as being a sexual predator who posed a risk to vulnerable women and it was a “troubling case.”

Aqeel, of Wassell Road, admitted sexual assault and was further told by the Judge he must now register as a Sex Offender for five years.

The court was told Aqeel, who had been cautioned by police for an earlier sexual offence, approached his victim in Providence Street in the early hours as she was walking home.

He carried out the sex attack before driving away from the scene but was traced by police through DNA testing and arrested.

Gurdeep Garcha, defending, said Aqeel had been smoking cannabis before the incident and that had impaired his memory of the events.

He added: “By pleading guilty he has spared the victim the trauma of having to give evidence. He is deeply sorry for his actions.

“He knows what he did was utterly wrong and totally unnacceptable and he accepts it must have been very frightening for this woman.”

Young Couple Beat Up By 3 Muslim Thugs In Shop

Q) When Is A Racist Attack Not A Racist Attack. A) When The 3 Attackers Are Muslim

As normal, not a single mention of this young couple being the victims of a racist attack or the incident being treated as a hate crime by police. Had it been a Muslim couple who had been the recipients of the kicking by 3 white guys the press and the Muslim professional defenders would be screaming racist hate crime, baying for blood before the victim had reached A&E. Its about time people woke up to the fact that racism works both ways.

Young couple beaten up by Wolverhampton attackers

8 Oct 2013 08:44

CCTV captures trio of thugs who attacked pair in shop

The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack
The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack

Police are hunting for a trio of thugs who beat up a young couple after following them into a Wolverhampton shop.

Security cameras caught the three attackers chasing the couple – both in their 20s andfrom Wolverhampton – as they entered Lifestyle Express, in Merridale Road, at around 5.30pm on Friday, August 16.

Moments later the male victim was hit across the head – causing a gash that needed hospital treatment – and stamped on after he fell to the floor.

His girlfriend was also assaulted by the men as she tried to pull them off her partner.

The first attacker – an Asian man of stocky build, believed to be in his late 20s and wearing sunglasses – was seen in the CCTV stills confronting the boyfriend before lashing out.

His two accomplices – an Asian man in his early 20s and a black man thought to be approaching 30 – quickly joined in the attack.

Investigating officer Det Con Manjit Gill said: “It’s understood there was some kind of argument leading up to the attack. It was a nasty incident that put one man in hospital and left his girlfriend battered and bruised.

“These three ganged up to assault a man in broad daylight and then thought nothing of assaulting his girlfriend as she tried to intervene.

“The security cameras have captured very clear images of the men – I’m hoping people will recognise them and contact us.”

Anyone with information can call DC Manjit Gill at West Midlands Police Force CID(Team B) at Bloxwich police station, or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.