3 Muslims Gang Raped A 13 Yr Old Girl And Were Sentenced To Community Service

Three men with immigrant backgrounds have been convicted in Hudiksvall District Court for child rape in Bollnäs (Sweden).

After the girl was gang raped she was offered the day after pill by one of the rapists.

1 Mazengiya Debasu Tefera och Atinkut Ashibrom Berhe

Immigrant’s Mazengiya Debasu Tefera (16 years), Atinkut Ashibrom Berhe (15 years old, from Ethiopia) and Milod Khodja Sidiqi (17 years, from Uzbekistan) were all  convicted of the gang rape of a 13 year old girl in Bollnäs.

After Milod had raped the girl Mazengiya then raped her afterwards. Then also Atinkut raped her.

From the judgment:

The immigrants took a 13 year old girl to an apartment from an event at a sports hall.

After the gang-rape at the apartment, they agreed, even the girl, that no one would tell anyone about the incident.

She did not want anyone to find out what had happened, because it would not sound good.

One of the rapists then said the following day he could accompany her to take a morning-after pill.
All four then went back to the sports hall.
When the girl came back to the sports hall, she told her friends Nikita and Isabelle about what happened.

That was when the police were informed.

All 3 were arrested.

Atinkut was sentenced to 60 hours of youth service and compensation at 28 000 to the girl, the offence was the sexual exploitation of children.

Milod was sentenced to 90 hours of youth service and compensation at 28 000 to the girl, the offence was the sexual exploitation of children.

Mazengiya was sentenced yesterday for rape.

The verdict can be downloaded and read through this link: https://minfil.org/Gdu3o1b2b3/Hudiksvalls_TR_B_583-16_Dom_2016-08-23.pdf

Video: Muslim Immigrants Aided By Marxists Destroying Sweden

This video shows the way Muslim immigrants are destroying Sweden with violence and refusal to integrate. It is not only the police who are open for attack in some of the Muslim ghettos. The fire brigade now have to avoid driving through Muslim areas on way to a fire due to the amount of attacks by the immigrants

Swedish society is riddled with Marxists akin to your SWP extremist types here in the UK. Only in Sweden their infestation is far greater here in the UK. Until 2006 the  ruling party of the government were Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden and took a coalition of 7 other political parties to hold them out of office. At every election since 1970 the Marxist party have received the highest % votes and even now not being in power they still have a huge amount of influence.

Swedish Social Democratic Party like far left parties word-wide are strong supporters of multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism, equality of all kinds, and maintain a strong opposition to what they perceive as discrimination and racism. During the time in power they began destroying Sweden from within trying to turn Sweden into a communist utopia but like all who nations who tried have tried , failed. What they did achieve is to turn Sweden into the dystopia of today by creating a welfare state with attractive benefits and housing.This naturally encouraged hordes of Muslim immigrants who the Marxists welcomed with open arms actively encouraging more to come. Now the damage is done.