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Boston Bombers Wife Went From Average Girl To Wearing Hijab Within 1st Year At University

As details emerge surrounding the backgrounds of the 2 Muslim bombers responsible for the Boston bombing, this one about 1 of the jihadist’s American wife stood out. His wife, by all accounts was a friendly and well-mannered university student. The daughter of hard-working parents living in a decent area , where the girl had a good chance to make something of her life. So her going to university to achieve qualifications would be seen as a step on the right foot. Unfortunately for her going to university ended up being life changing for all the wrong reasons.

It was in her 1st year there that she met Muslim terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev and was introduced to the satanic teachings of Islam. By the end of her 1st year at university she returned home,converted to Islam, wearing the hijab with a Muslim immigrant husband in tow and with child. She never returned for her 2nd year at university and her chances of doing something with her life fading fast even back then. Now thanks to her extremist bomber husbands actions she can kiss any hope of an average normal life bye. She will forever be known as the girl who threw it all away for an Islamic terrorist who killed and injured innocent Americans. Even if she wanted to forget she won’t be allowed as the American people will not forget.

Islam is like a drug. Not just any drug, but the worst drug there is heroin. Now I have never taken or would ever try heroin. But over the years I have come into contact a couple of times with heroin users and ex addicts for 1 reason or another. Being a curious person I have asked them what it is about such as dirty,dark and unsocial drug like heroin. That could make somebody from a good background become so low. Dirty,dark and unsocial are also relevant to what I see in Islam. To 99%  of people with common sense wouldn’t even entertain the idea of taking heroin. We see the state of the smackheads who use it, hear of the dangers on tv or in the newspaper. We use our heads and say no  thanks, exactly the same as we would do if 1 of the various Islamic front groups participating in Dawah approached us on the street trying to sell Islam.

Yet the other 1% through either curiosity,being naive or looking to fill a void in life will try the drug. By all accounts half will be sick and not like it and will never go there again. The other half who the drugs digs its claws into and like the morbid ‘high’ which actually isn’t a high but actually a downer. For them its the beginning of the end of their life as they know it. The same as those who allow themselves to be brain washed by lies and let Islam inside of them. Once its got hold of you its only down you’re heading. Even if you realise the error of your ways at some point in the future. Those around you will try their best to keep you down. Heroin makes good people go bad and ruins lives. Islam makes good people go bad and ruins lives not just your own or your family’s but as many innocent people’s as it can,

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife Katherine Russell wore the hijab after converting to Islam

The widow of the Boston bomber is a “friendly and well-mannered” American woman, who returned from her first year at university in a hijab after converting to Islam, neighbours told The Daily Telegraph.

Boston bomb suspects are brothers

Tamerlan Tsarnaev when he won the 2010 New England Golden Gloves Championship in Lowell  Photo: Julia Malakie/Lowell Sun

By Jon Swaine

3:44AM BST 20 Apr 2013

Katherine Russell is believed to have married and had a daughter with Tamerlan Tsarnaev three years ago, having become a Muslim following her freshman year at Suffolk University in Boston.

Ms Russell, 24, was escorted by investigators to her parents’ house in Rhode Island on Friday night, where she covered her face and refused to talk about her husband, who was shot dead by police.

Neighbours said they woke on Friday morning to find four FBI and police vehicles parked outside the house in North Kingston belonging to Ms Russell’s parents Judith, 56, a nurse and Warren, 55, a doctor.

“Only then did I begin wondering if there could be a link between what happened in Boston and the gentleman who used to visit Katherine,” Paula Gillette, a 51-year-old neighbour, told The Daily Telegraph.

“They are a very nice family, with three lovely daughters who are friendly and well-mannered,” said Mrs Gillette. “And they were so happy to have a granddaughter. This is terrible for them”.

Neighbours said that Mr and Mrs Russell had been “very supportive” of their daughter’s decision to take up Islam, which saw her begin wearing a veil covering her hair, in line with Muslim practice.

They said Ms Russell appeared not to return to university after her conversion and the birth of her daughter, who is thought to be called Zahara.

The status of her relationship with Tsarnaev at the time of his death was unclear.


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