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Six Years Later: Arrest Warrant Issued For Sex Offender Mohammed Islam

An arrest warrant has been issued for a 44-year-old Carlisle man Mohammed Fafzul Islam. Although chances are the sex offender will be long gone from the area by now given the incredible delay in issuing the warrant after he failed to turn up at court back in 2008 when facing three sex charges


An arrest warrant has been issued for a 44-year-old Carlisle man who faces three charges of sexually touching a woman without consent.

Mohammed Fafzul Islam, whose address was given as the Shaha Restaurant, Botchergate, is said to have committed the offences on September 29, 2008.

He has previously denied all three allegations.

Islam elected to have the matter dealt with by a jury at Carlisle Crown Court.

It is further alleged that on November 24, 2008, Islam failed without a reasonable excuse to surrender at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court when required to do so.

Warrant Issued For Gay Sex Attacker Mohammed Ali Anwar

Gay sex attacker Mohammed Ali Anwar of Forfar Road, Dundee has had an arrest warrant issued after he failed to turn up at court to face justice after being accused of two homosexual sex attacks. Mohammed Ali Anwar is the latest in an almost continuous line of Muslim sex offenders who have gone AWOL whilst on bail.

How many more Muslim rapists, child molesters and other pervets need to go walk about whilst on bail before judges realise that allowing dangerous Muslim sex offenders out on bail is not the greatest of ideas.  Especially given their fondness for using aliases and different variations of the same name when needed. The wall of silence the Muslim community often use to shield their own make it to easy for them to disappear.

Warrant issued for man accused of sex assaults against men in Dundee taxis

1 April 2014 1.32pm.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man alleged to have committed two sexual assaults on men in different taxis.

Mohammed Ali Anwar, 32, of Forfar Road, failed to appear in court on Monday.

He faces charges that state, on May 25 2013, in the course of a taxi journey between Lochee Road and the underground car park at Tesco Extra, South Road, he sexually assaulted a man by repeatedly touching his private parts.

He is also alleged to have, on July 20 2013, in a taxi between Balmore Street and Ninewells Hospital, sexually assaulted a man by repeatedly sliding his hand up the inside of his leg, over his clothing and towards his groin area.

Depute fiscal Charmaine Gilmartin told Sheriff Richard McFarlane that Anwar should be ordered to get legal representation but as he had not appeared in court, she was seeking a warrant.

Noting that Anwar had written to the Crown pleading not guilty, Sheriff McFarlane granted the warrant.