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Rape Jihad Victim Raped And Days Later Raped By His Cousin

Muslims seem to have sexual predator embedded with their DNA. Savagely raped by one Muslim beast in her own home, only days later his cousin forced his way into her flat and raped her. The victim says that for months after friends of the two rapists were turning u banging on her asking for sex. They saw her as easy meat and they preyed on her.

Telford paedophile’s victim was also raped by his cousin

The victim of rapist Mohammed Ali Sultan had also been the subject of a sex attack by his cousin, it was revealed today.

The sex attacks victim cannot be named for legal reasons. Right, top, Mohammed Ali Sultan, bottom, Shahmeel Khan.
The sex attacks victim cannot be named for legal reasons. Right, top, Mohammed Ali Sultan, bottom, Shahmeel Khan.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Shropshire Star how convicted paedophile Sultan attacked her in her flat in Shropshire just days after she had been raped by his cousin Shahmeel Khan, who is now serving 10 years in jail for the attack.

Sultan was found guilty of two charges of rape and one of attempted rape when he appeared before Wolverhampton Crown Court earlier this month.

It was revealed after the case that Sultan, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, was already serving seven years for his part in a gang which groomed and sexually abused a number of schoolgirls in Shropshire.

The victim, a 26-year-old nurse, today said she had suffered mental health and psychological problems since the attacks in 2007.

And she said she was not believed when she attempted to speak about the attacks on her.

She revealed that three years after the attack she shaved off her hair and attempted to take her own life as she struggled to come to terms with the ordeal.

She was just 18 years old at the time of the attack, and was living in a flat at the YMCA’s Consort House project near Sultan’s home in Victoria Avenue. She said she reported the rape to a member of staff at the centre, but no action was taken, and a manager even accused her of “turning the place into a brothel”.

The 26-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was in constant fear in the five months that followed the first attack, saying that friends of Sultan and Khan were constantly banging on her door demanding sexual favours.

The ordeal only ended when she fled the area, she said.

The woman, who has since left the area, was first raped by Khan – who lived next door to Sultan – during May 2007, when she was 18 years old.

“He got a friend to knock on the door, and when I answered he put his foot in the door and forced his way in,” she said.

Days later Sultan, who was a friend of Khan’s, pushed his way into her flat and intimidated her into performing a sex act on him. Over the following months, Sultan regularly returned to her flat demanding sex, and a string of other men also began knocking on her door.

“Word had got around that I was vulnerable,” she said.

Khan, now 27, was jailed after being convicted of three counts of rape at Shrewsbury Crown Court in December 2011.

The woman reported the first rape to police just days after it took place, but decided not to press charges at the time because she was afraid of the repercussions.

But she decided to go back to police in 2010 after hearing experts outlining the characteristics of the most dangerous sex offenders during her mental health studies course at university.

She told her case worker at the YMCA about the the attack, who initially appeared sympathetic.

“She gave me the number for the Rape Crisis line, and said she would tell her manager,” she said.

“They did try to move me, and find me a place at another centre in Madeley, but that fell through. Then the next thing I heard was when the manager accused me of ‘turning the place into a brothel’, and said people were calling me names.

“The police know of my rape by Shahmeel Khan, and did nothing”

A YMCA spokeswoman said the staff and management at the centre in Telford had changed completely since 2007.

She added: “While we regrettably cannot comment on individual or historical cases, we can confirm that we have detailed policies and procedures which underpin all aspects of our work and the safeguarding of our young people is of the utmost priority.”

Mainstream Media Silence Again As Yet Another Muslim Grooming Gang Jailed


Nothing makes my blood boil as much as each time i hear about yet another Muslim grooming gang being found guilty of heinous sex crimes against British schoolgirls. Heres news of yet another vile bunch of Islamic paedophiles found guilty of abusing a 14 year old girl over an 8 month period. The four man Muslim grooming gang were led by Nazakat Mahmood and from Buckinghamshire. Their tactics were almost identical to countless other grooming gangs operating up and down the UK. Befriend an underage vulnerable school girl. Once they had gained her trust ply her with alcohol then pressurise into sexual activity.

The only thing that comes close to winding me up nearly as much unfortunately often happens at the same time when my blood is already boiling taking me to the point where i’m ready explode. This is the mainstream media silence which more often than not accompanies the grooming trials. This case is another prime example where a google news search only provides 2 results and both are local newspapers.

The national press chose to ignore the Muslim rape jihad epidemic happening all around us. For some reason they feel the public don’t need to know about real newsworthy stories and the abuse of British schoolgirls by Muslim  predators. Instead devoting their space to such important things (sic) such as Big Brother, where the Rooney’s are holidaying or what Justin Bieber’s latest act of stupidity is.

Not a day goes by when one newspaper or news report doesn’t  still mention Steven Lawrence. You can be certain that had it been white Brit’s sexually abusing Muslim schoolgirls it would be headline news for weeks with people like Fiyaz Mughal appearing on every channels news reports about the Islamophobic scandal. High profile campaigns funded by the taxpayer to highlight the issues. But because the majority of the victims are white British and the paedophiles are non white Muslims then it doesn’t matter!!!!

Men jailed for sexually abusing schoolgirl

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Nazakat Mahmood

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Ghulfaraz Nawaz

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Haroon Rauf

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Omar Sharif

THE ringleader of a gang who sexually abused a schoolgirl has been jailed for thirteen and a half years – and three other men have also been handed lengthy prison terms.

Nazakat Mahmood was handed his sentence at Reading Crown Court on Friday after a jury had previously convicted him of seven counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The 28-year-old, of Batchelors Way, Chesham, was identified as being the prime instigator of the abuse the girl – who was just 14 at the time – suffered over an eight month period.

Jurors were told Mahmood, along with 27-year-old Ghulfaraz Nawaz and 30-year-old Harron Rauf, forced the girl, who was often plied with alcohol, to perform sex acts on them and pressured her into having full sex on several occasions.

Nawaz, of Benham Close, Chesham, was caged for five and a half years after being found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child, while Rauf, of Drakes Close, Amersham, was jailed for a total of six years for his conviction for two counts of sexual activity with a child and one of assault by beating.

After the trio were arrested a fourth man, 26-year-old Omar Sharif, blackmailed the girl into having sex with him.

The court heard Sharif forced the girl to have sex with him in her pyjamas in a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Sharif, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, was given an eight year prison term after being convicted of six counts of sexual activity with a child.

The men were found guilty of committing the offences in the Chesham area between December 2011 and July 2012 after a three week trial.

Prosecutors said all of the men had denied having any sexual activity with the girl or inciting it and claimed they believed she was at least 17 years old.

Investigating officer Det Con Natalie Golding said: “This was abuse of a young vulnerable girl in the most horrific way.

“All four men used this girl and then, when she had the courage to come to police, they denied the offences and continued to deny them.

“I want to thank the victim here for her bravery in coming forward and helping us to put these men behind bars.

“Hopefully this will go some way to showing other victims of sexual offences that we will listen to you and we will take you seriously.”

Mohammed Akram, Convicted Killer And Sex Attacker Walks Free After Appeal

Utter madness as appeal judges free Mohammed Akram after  an appeal judge ruled his 5 year old victim evidence was inadmissible. Akram who had previous served time for murder and the rape of a 16 year old girl was given life for the sex attack on the child then aged 4. The child was then made to give evidence for 2 days during the initial trial during which the girl became distracted during the 2nd day before Akrams lawyer had chance to finish grilling her. Now the appeal judge has allowed him to walk because of that.
A child so young should never have been made to endure 2 days of giving evidence. Its only natural they would get fed up after a while. The victim didn’t at any point change her mind or say anything to suggest it wasn’t Akram who attacked her. She simply got fed up like any young child would do of repeating herself. Now a convicted killer and rapist who 99.9% did molest the girl is back on the streets. How long before he attacks again.

Convicted killer and sex attacker walks free after appeal judge deems 5-year-old girl incapable of giving meaningful evidence

7 Dec 2013 07:57

Mohammed Akram, 53, was sentenced to life after indecently assaulting a four-year-old girl during a New Year’s Day party but has been freed by appeal judges.

Mohammed Akram has convictions for homicide and sex attack
Mohammed Akram has convictions for homicide and sex attack
Ciaran Donnelly/Lesley Donald Photography

A convicted killer and sex offender who got a life sentence for molesting a four-year-old girl has been freed by appeal judges.

A trial heard claims that Mohammed Akram, 53, sneaked into the little girl’s bedroom and indecently assaulted her during a New Year’s Day party.

But it was ruled yesterday that the conviction was unsafe after appeal judges said the child became distracted during a two-day stint as a witness.

Akram had protested his innocence since the allegation against him was first made.

Giving evidence at his trial via CCTV, the girl, then aged five, said a man had “touched her tuppy”.

Appeal court judge Lord Eassie, sitting with Lords Bracadale and Wheatley, watched footage of the child’s marathon court ordeal. They said her attention wandered, she tried to leave the room and refused to answer questions.

Lord Eassie said: “By the second day, if not earlier, the child had been rendered incapable of engaging meaningfully with the process of giving evidence.”

The judge said because of that, the girl could not be questioned properly by Akram’s lawyer.

But what finally gained Akram his freedom was the way trial judge Lord Brodie gave the jury instructions on how to consider DNA evidence and whether it backed up the little girl’s story.

Advocate depute Iain McSporran, for the Crown, conceded that it was “a material misdirection” which amounted to a miscarriage of justice.

After he was initially convicted of indecently assaulting the girl on New Year’s Day in 2011, it was revealed that Akram had been caged for five years in 1979 for culpable homicide.

In 2003, he was jailed for eight years for a sex attack on a 16-year-old student and he was still on licence at the time of the 2011 allegation. Lord Brodie judged Akram to be a danger to the public and handed him a lifelong restriction order.

He ordered Akram to serve a minimum of one year but warned that he would stay in jail until the parole board agreed he no longer posed a threat.

After Akram was freed yesterday, Children 1st chief executive Anne Houston said: “The failure of the authorities to act in the best interests of a very young victim and to consider how she might have been better supported to give her best evidence has undoubtedly led to this outcome. Such a young child should never have been expected to give evidence over two days.”

Scottish Labour justice spokes-man Graeme Pearson said: “Cases like these try the public’s patience. If the key issue was a misdirection, then there is nothing to be lost in a retrial.

“In addition, the expectation of a five-year-old participating in a two-day examination for the court is unreasonable.”

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, said: “Expecting a very young child to go through the gruelling process of giving evidence for an extended period of time is inappropriate.

“We must look at the best ways to ensure that the evidence of very young children can be heard and taken into account.”

TellMama / Faith Matters-Fiyaz Mughal’s Islamic Money Making Machine

Every day my email inbox receives countless mails from random’s around the world wanting to tell me how i can be rich. I look at them thinking if only it was that simple its rubbish as i press delete. Until now that is as I have finally discovered the path to the promised land, untold riches, the ultimate get rich scheme for little effort. That path is called Islam.  Start a  Muslim group in the UK, register as a charitable organization and hey presto various government departments and  local authorities will throw large sums of money at you to fund your lavish lifestyle. If your really lucky you can even employ a few of your mates as paid advisors. Hell, mention Islamophobia or community cohesion in your mission statement  and get even more £££££. Its even recession proof as the funds keep being handed out to Muslim groups show despite the government making cuts everywhere else

After yesterdays FOI Exposé when it was revealed Bolton Council have been bank rolling The Bolton Council Of Mosques with grants totalling over £1.1 million. Now following another FOI request, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that Muslim storyteller and fixer of figures Fiyaz Mughal (via TellMama and Faith Matters) has received over £750,000 in the last 5 years from the Department for Communities and Local Government in funding

For background info on Fiyaz Mughal, Tell Mama and Faith Matters i recommend this eye-opening post from fahrenheit211

Freedom of Information Request Relating to Funding for Faith Matters

You requested information for the last 5 years of any funding allocated to the following organizations Faith Matters and Tell Mama. You wanted it to include the date, how much funding, and a description of the project.I have considered your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I confirm that the Department holds the information that you have requested, and I am able to supply it to you. The information that you have requested is as follows. Tell MAMA is a project managed by Faith Matters so it is included in the list of other projects. The payments from DCLG to Faith Matters, the relevant dates and project descriptions, are as follows:

Financial Year Project Description
2012-13,2011-12 &


£397,000 Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (Tell MAMA)
£22,331 Role model for Muslim Women project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£33,750 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Compilation of Mosque directory for Muslim women
£22,332 Role model for Muslim Women project
£33,600 Cohesive Communities Programme
£6,922 Living Islam out Loud project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£25,870 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Mosques Directory compilation
£14,888 Role model for Muslim Women project
£35,000 Cohesion and Faiths Funding
£990 Living Islam out Loud project

As you can see Mughal’s TellMama and Faith Matters ventures really are like an Islamic money making machine. WTF  £37k for a Mosque directory (which are plentiful on-line) in 2008-09 then the same amount again the next year for a directory of Mosques for women ! This is little more than a list of the 100 least sexist and most woman friendly UK mosques. Fiyaz Mughal OBE is certainly in the running to be awarded a BOTD to go alongside his OBE….Bullshitter Off The Decade 

Oxford Muslim Grooming Gang – Dogar Brothers Get Life Sentences

Justice has been served for evil Muslim paedophile brothers Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31. After a spate of soft sentences for Muslim offenders which gave the impression of a 2 tier legal system. Judge Peter Rook gave a sentence fitting of the crimes carried out against British children by handing them both life sentences. The Dogar brothers from Oxford were the ringleaders of the latest Muslim grooming gang to be hauled before the bench. The Islamo-nonce brothers groomed and then pimped out girls as young as 11 to their Islamic paedophile friends. By all accounts this Oxford grooming gang committed even more despicable acts on their victims than the members of the  Rochdale gang. Maybe now their mother might realise how filthy her sons are and stop blaming the poor vicitms.

Oxford Sex Ring Brothers Jailed For Life

3:19pm UK, Thursday 27 June 2013

Two brothers have been jailed for life for grooming vulnerable young girls as part of an Oxford sex ring.

Sentencing the seven men who abused the girls as part of a gang, Judge Peter Rook said: “These were sexual crimes of the upmost gravity. The depravity was extreme, each victim was groomed, coerced and intimidated.”

Judge Rook jailed brothers Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, for a minimum of 17 years telling them they had been found guilty of “exceptionally grave crimes”.

The seven men, including another set of brothers, exploited girls as young as 11 and were found guilty of a catalogue of offences including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution last month after a five-month trial.

Operating from their Oxford base, the men targeted vulnerable and “out-of-control” youngsters aged between 11 and 16, many of whom were in care homes.

They groomed them into believing they were in love and then exploited them, injecting them with heroin, forcing them into prostitution and even branding one of them with an electronic cigarette lighter.

Most of the six girls who were abused were too scared to face their abusers in court and gave their evidence from behind a curtain.

But one, who was repeatedly raped and sold for sex between 2004, when she was just 12, and 2007, faced down her attackers and told the court: “I am here to tell my story and see the people who abused me found guilty.”

Another girl’s evidence told how she was told she would be shot if she did not have sex with one of the men when she was 14 and how she rang police after being taken to a flat and realising she was with 11 men who wanted to have sex with her.

Another told how she was plied with drugs and forced to have sex with strangers while being filmed at the age of 13.

The most harrowing account came from a girl who was groomed from the age of 11 and forced to have an illegal abortion on the living room floor of a house in Reading, aged 12.

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Fiyaz Mughal And Tell Mama Pay The Ultimate Price For ‘Cycle Of Violence’ Taqiyya

Follow up to last weeks Tell Mama Tell Lies,  Anti-Muslim Attacks Taqiyya

My heart bleeds for Tell Mama the anti Muslim attack monitor and its lying mufti Fiyaz Mughal. The Telegraphs Andrew Gilligan has today revealed that  Tell Mama will be receiving no more of the taxpayers hard-earned money to bankroll the Islamist opponents of free speech, including the well paid for doing little salary of Fiyaz Mughal and his Muslim only staff. I’ll try not to laugh too much as i type LOL

Mughal certainly made the most of his 5 minutes of fame since Woolwich managing to get his face on almost every TV channels news reports as well-being quoted  in newspaper reports on a daily basis. He spent that much time in the spotlight telling all and sundry how Muslims were the are victims, that he is now at z-list celebrity level, managing to become the UK’s  5th most well-known Muslim behind Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary, George Galloway and Mo Ansar.  Making the most of his new-found fame, it wouldn’t surprise me should the extremists from Islam TV offer him his own TV show. Another distinct possibility is Unite Against Fascism snapping him up. They are quite partial to having z listers as anti fascists such as Ken Livingstone and Doreen Lawrence. Mughal could be their full-time sympathy seeking Islamoaner as Al-Qaeda supporting vice chair Azad Ali with his Muslim extremist background doesn’t pull the nations heartstrings to well.

Civil servants and Police officers raised concerns about  Tell Mama’s methods and the authenticity of the anti Muslim attacks being logged. Maybe they should listen to patriots a little more as myself  like countless others have been critical of TellMama and dubious about its whole existence and motives since it started. It would have saved Nick Clegg wasting £214,000 of the taxpayers money in a grant on top of the £160,ooo it had already received which i wasn’t  aware of till now. This new figure makes Tell Mama’s value for money even less. For its first year’s not so massive amount of 18 prosecutions that now works out at just over £20,000 of grant money each!

So what exactly has Mughal been using the £375,000 that it has had in grants over the last year.A nice big fat salary for himself no doubt for starters. As far as i could tell commie trolls such as Evelyn Cook and her multiple fake accounts provided Tell Mama with most of its reports. Even then it averaged out at 2 a day only which Mughal could have easy logged in his spare time say an hour a night. Why he had to employ his Muslim only staff  is beyond me. Looks like jobs for the boys to me, a meal ticket for his Faith Matters people whilst they engage in Dawwah pushing Islam onto the public

I imagine Tell Mama will now disappear into obscurity with no credibility or grant to pay Mughal’s salary. Times up for this Islamic scam. Good riddance 

Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

Ministers end funding for body that claimed ‘wave of attacks’ against Islam.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama. Photo: REX FEATURES

By Andrew Gilligan

7:00AM BST 09 Jun 2013

A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

There have been a further 12 attacks on Islamic buildings, three of them serious, including a probable arson attack on a Muslim community centre in north London, which burned it to the ground.

Tell Mama supporters launched a furious campaign of protest againstThe Sunday Telegraph after it disclosed the breakdown last week, with round-robin emails to the newspaper accusing it of behaviour “better suited to the days of 1930s Germany”.

However, The Sunday Telegraph has now learned that even before Woolwich, the communities minister, the Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, called Mr Mughal to a meeting and said that Tell Mama’s grant would not be renewed.

The organisation has received a total of £375,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) since last year.

“Mr Mughal was giving data on attacks to DCLG which wasn’t stacking up when it was cross-referenced with other reports by Acpo [the Association of Chief Police Officers],” said one source closely involved in counter-extremism.

“He was questioned by DCLG civil servants and lost his temper. He was subsequently called in by Don Foster and told that he would receive no more money.”

A senior Liberal Democrat source confirmed the sequence of events, saying: “There was a bit of a spat. He was called in and told that Acpo had cast doubt on his figures. He was told that he would be closely monitored for the remaining period of the grant and that there would be no more money.”

A DCLG spokesman confirmed that Tell Mama’s funding would not be renewed and refused to deny that officials had raised concerns about its methods.

Tell Mama claimed in March that anti-Muslim crime was “rising”, even though the group had only been in operation at that stage for a year and had no previous figures to compare with.

Other figures, collected by the police, show that hate crime in mainly Muslim areas has fallen in the past 10 years. The only large force that collects figures on specifically anti-Muslim crime, the Metropolitan Police, reported an 8.5 per cent fall in such crimes between 2009 and 2012.

There was a spike in anti-Muslim incidents after the killing of Drummer Rigby. However, contrary to Tell Mama’s claims that it was “unprecedented”, the Met’s assistant commissioner, Cressida Dick, told MPs last week that it was “slightly less” than after previous terror attacks.

“There has not been such a very big increase in attacks as we might have feared,” she said. Mr Mughal himself has now admitted to the BBC that the number of physical attacks was “small”.

Tell Mama has also been using its budget to threaten members of the public with libel actions for criticising it on Twitter.

In mid-May, before Woolwich, one Jewish activist, Ambrosine Chetrit, received a threatening letter from solicitors after she tweeted that “Tell Mama are sitting on Twitter on the EDL hashtag, threatening anyone and everyone whose comments they do not like about Islam”.

Tell Mama also objected to a tweet in which Ms Chetrit said it was “trying to close down pro-Israel [Twitter] accounts daily”.

Other recipients of legal threats at the same time include Atma Singh, a former race adviser to the then Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who received a legal letter from Tell Mama after tweeting that it “gives a platform to Islamists”.

Tell Mama did not claim that either of these individuals was racist or anti-Muslim. But it said their tweets were false and “defamatory” of Mr Mughal, had “damaged” his reputation, causing him “distress and embarrassment”, and demanded immediate apologies and damages. Up to four other people are believed to have received similar threats.

The letters were written by Farooq Bajwa, a solicitor who has acted for a number of Islamists and Islamist sympathisers, including the Palestinian radical leader Raed Salah and the Respect MP George Galloway.

The letters to Mr Singh and Ms Chetrit were sent to their private home addresses, neither of which are in the public domain. Ms Chetrit’s lawyer, Mark Lewis, who has acted for many phone-hacking victims, has reported Mr Bajwa and Tell Mama to the police after they refused to say how they obtained the information.

“I have been instructed to resist the claim,” said Mr Lewis. “It has no merit. I have not had any response as to how my client’s name and address were obtained.”

Mr Singh said: “I find it absurd that someone can threaten people on this kind of basis and use libel in this political way. This is nothing to do with Islamophobia – they are just trying to shut down debate.”

Ms Chetrit said: “It is very worrying and scary. All the people who have been threatened by Tell Mama are pro-Israeli.”

The DCLG claimed that Tell Mama’s funding was always due to cease in September 2013 and that Mr Foster was “very impressed” by the “progress” the group had made.

However, the funding of Tell Mama was described as “ongoing” in the Government’s “hate crime action plan” last year and only in November Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced that £214,000 of “new” and “further” funding had been granted to Tell Mama.

Mr Mughal said: “The meeting with DCLG officials related to the publication of 2012 anti-Muslim prejudice figures and having an independent review of those figures, which is good practice.

“This was agreed and has always been part of the process. The ‘loss of temper’ did not relate to the methodology of data collection.”

Mr Mughal said that no public money had been used to issue the libel threats.

He said: “We will defend the right of all people to express their identities and their support for countries and groups freely.

However, we have the right to defend the integrity of our work when people broadcast [on Twitter] comments that are simply untrue and highly damaging about us.”

He declined to explain how the private addresses had been obtained, but said it was “within the law.”

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Tell Mama Tell Lies, The Anti-Muslim Attacks Taqiyya

For anybody who has never heard of Tell Mama, they are an organization that set up last year to measure hate crimes against Muslims in the UK. Naturally its run by other Muslims who are out to look after their own. The 1st thing you have to ask yourself does Britain really have that much a problem with anti Muslim hate crimes to warrant a group set up specifically to monitor them. I mean there’s already plenty of other Muslim think tanks and other so called ‘anti fascist’ groups looking after the Muslims interests. Now if it a charity and was staffed by Muslim volunteers then fair enough. But Tell Mama’s Muslim only staff aren’t volunteers. Their paid employees.  Paid by who you may ask…. Paid for by who do you think… The British taxpayer.  Last year Tell Mama received a nice £200,000 + grant from the Deputy PM Nick Clegg to help tackle ‘Islamophobia’

After the savage murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by two Muslim extremists, there has been much mentioned in the news also of alleged revenge attacks anti Muslim hate crimes.  One person who keeps getting his face on the news and quoted in the press is Fiyaz Mughal from Tell Mama. Anyone who has seen his interviews will hear him claiming in the week after Woolwich anti Muslim attacks have gone through the roof. By the time he has finished your left questioning yourself as to who is actually the victim in all this. The murdered soldier or the poor old Muslims. If Mughal and other Islamic apologists have their way you will be thinking the Muslims are the victim in it all, Muslims are not the victim. Forget what Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal has said, forget anything else you have seen or heard about the 10 fold increase in anti Muslim hate crimes elsewhere in the media. The statistics used by the media to come to the conclusion of mass Islamphobic attacks have all originated at the same source…………Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama posse.

Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama have been using taqiyya, lying for allah to push the islamic cause

The Telegraph’s  Andrew Gilligan has  uncovered the truth about Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama’s alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes since Woolwich. Mughal and TellMama have been committing Taqiyya, deceiving and telling lies to further the cause of Islam. Something which admittedly he was doing quite well judging by the amount of articles in the last week portraying Muslims as the victim. The media especially leftists such as the BBC and Guardian have made a huge deal out of the alleged anti Muslim backlash that has apparently happened although most mainstream media has carried stories on it. And it is that figure issued by Tell Mama – of, to date, 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” since the Woolwich murder – which has formed the basis of nearly all this reporting

Fiyaz Mugal has claimed there has been “a wave of attacks, harassment, and hate-filled speech against Muslims … an unprecedented number of incidents”, including “a rise in street harassment of Muslims – unprovoked, opportunistic attacks from strangers as Muslims go about their lives”

He added: “Over the past week or so, these sorts of hate crimes have noticeably increased in number and, in many instances, become more extreme.“The scale of the backlash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities.”

I do not see an end to this cycle of violence. There is an underlying Islamophobia in our society and the horrendous events in Woolwich have brought this to the fore.”And as he put it on Today, “the [Government’s] Prevent [anti-extremism] agenda, the extremist agenda, have not been good for building confidence – the sense of fear just alienates and isolates communities.”

Tell Mama are doing their utmost to portray Muslims as the victims, even attempted to deflect some of the negative attention onto the EDL trying to equate them to Islamic jihadists. As Gilligan quite rightly points out in his article nobody has been killed by the EDL yet many by Islamic terrorists. More disturbing is the breakdown of the alleged 212 anti Muslim hate attacks in the week since Woolwich, which the media have been quick to believe as gospel and publish.

The Telegraph article found  the following

The truth about the ‘wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder

Tell Mama confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph that about 120 of its 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” – 57 per cent – took place only online. They were offensive postings on Twitter or Facebook, or comments on blogs: nasty and undesirable, certainly, but some way from violence or physical harm and often, indeed, legal. Not all the offending tweets and postings, it turns out, even originated in Britain.

Tell Mama has no written definition of what it classes as an anti-Muslim incident, but has in the past adopted a wide definition.

 Mr Mughal admitted that a further 35 of the 212 post-Woolwich incidents, or 16 per cent, had yet to be verified.He justified publishing the figure, however, saying he expected that all but a handful of incidents would be verified.

Only 17 cases (8 per cent) – involved individuals being physically targeted.Six people had things thrown at them, said Mr Mughal, and most of the other 11 cases were attempts to pull off the hijab or other items of Islamic dress.Without in any way denying the distress and harm caused by such attacks, they do stand at the lower levels of seriousness.

Asking other police forces and trawling local media reports, The Telegraph has been unable to find a single confirmed case since Drummer Rigby’s death where any individual Muslim has received an injury requiring medical treatment.

Tell Mama’s Twitter feed reported one such incident, of a Muslim woman “knocked unconscious” in Bolton, but the local police said they had no knowledge of this and did not believe it happened. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that any case of serious injury could have escaped the notice of the media or police.

Perhaps the most serious manifestation of anti-Muslim feeling after the killing was a number of attacks on mosques. These are believed to total 11, though here again evidence for a “wave of violence” is lacking. With only two exceptions, a mosque in Grimsby into which firebombs were thrown and another one in Essex where a man entered with a knife, all the incidents were relatively minor, such as window-breaking or graffiti.

For Islamists such as the Cordoba Foundation(Muslim Brotherhood Front that recruits potential extremists) , the narrative of British Muslims under attack, increasingly hated and feared by their fellow citizens, is essential for recruitment, and for furthering their central lie that different races and faiths cannot coexist.  Mr Mughal has written in the Cordoba Foundation’s journal (he says it was a “mistake” which he will not repeat).

“Islamophobic” is also a handy charge to throw at anyone who questions Islamist ideology. But part of its motivation appears to be an attempt to draw some of the sting from Islamist terrorism by equating it with the work of anti-Muslim extremist groups such as the English Defence League.

Even before the Woolwich incident Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama group had been in the press making a big deal about their successes over the last year . Bearing in mind they received almost a quarter of a million pound grant, you would be expecting a huge amount of anti Muslim hate crimes reported and subsequent people prosecuted.  Well no actually it measured the huge amount of 632 anti Muslim hate crimes in the last year.

Fiyaz Mughal:

A five-year old girl sent flying from the bonnet of a car, left unconscious in the road by a hit-and-run driver. A pregnant woman watching her husband being beaten up by her neighbour’s boyfriend, their children terrorised by constant abuse. A family forced from their home in Nottinghamshire, leaving behind graffiti and a ham-wrapped cross on their doorstep. Or a young woman who had faeces thrust onto her hijab in a south London street.All these and more are just some of the 632 (and rising) cases reported during the first year of ‘Tell MAMA’, the UK’s national anti-Muslim hate crime project, which my organisation Faith Matters runs. Our project reveals some disturbing findings. The majority of Muslims being physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to MAMA’s figures – and those doing it are white men increasingly likely to be linked to far-right groups.Three-quarters (74%) of incidents reported to MAMA took place over social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), but there have also been attacks on mosque buildings, against pregnant women and ‘visible’ hijab (veil) wearers, even children and pensioners in their 80s.

The most serious instances of  Anti Muslim hatred he mentions have a few facts omitted for starters. Now a 5-year-old being knocked over and left unconscious by a hit and run driver is shocking yes, but a hate crime ??  Was the driver arrested and it proved that he purposely knock the child over just because she was a Muslim? I very much doubt it because it would be front page news for weeks with the Muslims making the most out of playing the victim.

The family forced from their home in Nottinghamshire, leaving behind racist graffiti and a ham-wrapped cross on their doorstep. What Tell Mama fail to mention here is that those responsible weren’t a bunch of neo-Nazi’s  who hounded them out of their home but the actions of a 13 year old child.

Almost 3/4 of the alleged hate crimes they have logged were from social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and little more than words. Anyone familiar with Twitter and Facebook will know that there is a number of  communist internet trolls who have nothing better to do than trawl peoples Facebook personal profiles and tweets looking for anything remotely offensive to screenshot and report.

 Visibly-identified far-right British National Party (BNP) or English Defence League (EDL) members were linked to over half (54%) of all incidents. Our work has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with over 40 incidents reported against EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ alone. Eighteen prosecutions have taken place, although we would like the police and CPS to do much more in this area

So it’s hardly surprising then that BNP and EDL members make up for half of the reported anti-Muslim attacks when it is their social media accounts that Tell Mama and the trolls are constantly checking on. Clearly the Muslims at Tell Mama are on some kind of witch-hunt against anybody who speaks out against Islam considering there has been 40 reports  of alleged anti Muslim attacks logged against EDL leader Tommy Robinson. Yet the police haven’t deemed them worthy of any kind of action which leaves a big question mark as to what Tell Mama deem as an anti- Muslim attack as the police don’t consider them serious enough to punish. Even more laughable is the fact that out of all their reports only 18 people have been prosecuted. This works out to just short of £12,000 in grant money per arrest. Hardly value for money is it What  Tell Mama and other similar groups do purposely is omit certain details to make things look more juicy. This is just another Muslim organization aimed to push Islam and silence its critics. Another weapon in the stealth jihad going on all around us. By pushing ‘Islamophobia’ into people’s faces. It allows Muslims to not only to try to shut up those who speak out against it by making Islam a taboo subject. It keeps the grants coming in and creates jobs for Muslims. Allowing them to push the Islamic agenda even more.

Islamophobia is a big money industry,portraying Muslims as victims and keeping it in the spotlight is good for business. This is something groups like UAF and Hope not Hate realised long ago that by demonizing a certain section of the public whom you dislike or hold opposing views to your own such as patriot groups like the English Defence League. Constantly trying to make them look bad  by telling lies and scaremongering keeps the money rolling in. In the UAF’s case it’s a money-making machine and recruiting method for its SWP puppet masters. For HnH it those helps the book sales on racism by Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins. In Tellmama’s case its fund to push Islam to the public as part of their stealth jihad.

Letter To The Mother Of Oxford Grooming Gang Who Blamed Victims For Sons Evil Acts

The deluded mother of two members of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has blamed the schoolgirl victims for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’. She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent. Here is an open letter response to her

Dear Mrs Dogar.

Sorry to inform you this, but your two sons have been found guilty under British law. Under which sex with children is illegal. They are not innocent, they are racist paedophiles who sexually, physically and mentally abused children. Getting not only sexual gratification from their actions but also a power trip out of the control they held over the petrified schoolgirls. Playing the victim and claiming your sons are innocent holds no weight here, as anybody with the slightest amount of scruples knows that sex with children and rape are both immoral and a serious crimes. 

The social services and the police both have been at fault but they are not to blame for your sons disgusting actions. The authorities failures allowed your sons and their  paedophile friends to prolong the victims suffering by failing to act when the abuse allegations first came to light. They are not the cause.

You have also made comments about the victims, insinuating that they themselves are somewhat to blame in all this. Mrs Dogar by doing so you have sunk to a level so low your almost as bad as your paedophile sons. Don’t you think that the victims have suffered enough at the hands of your sons and their perverted grooming gang without your shallow attempt to pass the blame? Most 10 year olds would be home playing with toys like you suggested. But these girls weren’t as fortunate as most to have a stable family life to ensure they were home safe. Your sons and the other sex gang members knew that they was vulnerable and that is a factor of why they preyed on them.

Your suggestions that 1 of the victims went by train to London and wasn’t pressured into sex does not make your sons any more innocent. In fact nothing would make them any less guilty. Even if the victims had been drunk, stripped naked and begging for sex. It still doesn’t justify the heinous filthy actions of your sons and their paedophile Muslim friends. The victims were children, your sons were adults. They may not be the cleverest of people but they know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. They knew sex with children is wrong and against the law yet they chose to ignore that fact.

Your sons evil acts are their own doing and now they are quite rightly facing the consequences for it. If you really insist on trying to blame others and justify your sons paedophilia and the reasons behind why they did it. Then I would strongly urge you to look closer to home. Quite clearly by your own accusations, you their mother hold the same racist views of their victims. That they are some kind of dirty white slags who deserve abusing like a bit of halal meat. It was you their mother who brought them up as Muslims and the above mentioned opinion of white girls seems to be a common discriminatory view through out members of your religion. Because your perfect Muslim, Mohammed himself was a paedophile making sex with minors acceptable. Islam teaches hate towards women and infidels. Add them all together in the mixed up mind of sex obsessed male Muslims and the result is a little idea as to the motives behind their behaviour and why Muslim grooming gangs are at epidemic proportion.

Until you and your fellow Muslims stop trying to blame others and realise that the problem rests amongst your own and the teachings of a backwards religion, and start doing something about it. Then unfortunately other Muslims just like your sons will continue to carry on their rape jihad against  British schoolgirls.

Yours faithfully



Mother of Oxford grooming sex gang pair blames their VICTIMS: She says schoolgirls ‘should have been playing with toys’

  • Mother of brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar blames their victims
  • Mrs Dogar claimed one of the abuse victims was not ‘pressurised’


PUBLISHED: 17:07, 19 May 2013 | UPDATED: 07:52, 20 May 2013

The mother of two members of the Oxford child sex abuse gang has blamed the schoolgirls for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’.

She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a catalogue of vile offences last week.

Mrs Dogar, believed to be called Bashira, accused the police, social services and the girls themselves of being complicit in creating Britain’s ‘grooming culture’.

The deluded mother of two members of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has blamed the schoolgirl victims for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’. She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent. The mother of two brothers who were part of the Oxford sex grooming gang has said 'no one pressurised' one of the victimsThe mother of two brothers who were part of the Oxford sex grooming gang has said ‘no one pressurised’ one of the victims
Akhtar Dogar
Anjum Dogar

Akhtar Dogar (left) and Anjum Dogar (right) were among a group of seven men who were found guilty at the Old Bailey last week of a catalogue of offences including conspiracy to rape, child prostitution and trafficking over an eight-year period

The two brothers were part of a group of mainly Asian men who groomed girls as young as 11 before giving them drugs and carrying out humiliating attacks, then hiring them out for sex with others.

But Mrs Dogar said: ‘These girls should be playing with toys. If they start [having sex] at ten, by 15 they are proper ladies.’


  • Loving parents. An utterly respectable home. So how did Rachel, 11, fall prey to the Oxford sex gang?
  • ‘My mother begged Oxford social services to rescue me from sex abuse NINE YEARS AGO’: Victim known as Girl C, 13, says claims were dismissed as ‘inappropriate’
  • The Great Innocence Robbery: The awful abuse of girls in Oxford is just the latest consequence

Speaking from her home in Oxford, the Dogars’ mother said they were innocent. She said one of the girls was looking for a boy at a station in London and no one had pressured her into having sex.

She added: ‘On the news they say the girls went from Oxford to London on the train. Are they not old enough then? Nobody can feel sorry for them unless they’re sorry themselves.’

Mrs Dogar said that in a Muslim community girls focus on study, and questioned why the authorities allowed it to happen.

Kamar Jamil
Mohammed Karrar

Kamar Jamil (left) and Mohammed Karrar (right) were found guilty at the Old Bailey last week

Zeeshan Ahmed
Bassam Karrar

Zeeshan Ahmed (left) and Bassam Karrar (right) were among those who were convicted at the Old Bailey

Assad Hussain was cleared of raping Child A but convicted of having sex with a childAssad Hussain was cleared of raping Child A but convicted of having sex with a child

Akhtar and Anjum Dogar were both found guilty of multiple counts of rape, three counts of conspiracy to rape, two counts of arranging child prostitution and trafficking a child for sexual exploitation. They are due to be sentenced in June along with five other men.

The trial heard that the brothers helped organise ‘parties’ where men would pay for sex.

One victim told Thames Valley Police: ‘I’ve seen them doing it to little girls in their school uniforms.’

A 15-year-old victim who was raped by the gang from the age of 12 and sold for sex said she was abused by Akhtar Dogar for three days after running away from a children’s home in 2006.

Another girl told of how the brothers trafficked her to be sold for sex at guest houses across the country.

The Dogars and five others have been told they will get lengthy jail sentences after they were found guilty of 59 charges.

Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 33, and Kamar Jamil, 27, were each found guilty of multiple counts of rape among other offences. Mohammed Karrar was also found guilty of supplying heroin.

Assad Hussain, 32, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, were each found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Abuse was carried out at the Nanford Guest House in Oxford. Pictured is a room at the guest houseAbuse was carried out at the Nanford Guest House in Oxford. Pictured is a room at the guest house

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326976/Mother-Oxford-sex-gang-pair-blames-victims-She-says-schoolgirls-playing-toys.html#ixzz2TpRC9Viz

Even The Left-Wing Daily Mirror Saying Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape

Its been a long time coming but people are actually putting Muslim + grooming of white schoolgirls = racist.

Oh well looks like we was right all along about the Muslim paedophile gangs being racist. For over a year patriots, anti Islam bloggers, EDL and other street movements have been campaigning and speaking out about the sick Muslim grooming gangs and their racist targeting of white schoolgirls and their horrific abuse to satisfy Muslim paedophiles warped sexual urges. With the left-wing Daily Mirror publishing Carol Malone’s article about it being race hate. It would be safe to say we was pretty much spot on. For the trouble of speaking the truth we have been wrongly called fascists,racists, Nazis and every other obscenity you could imagine. Just don’t expect any apologies from communists like the UAF, Hope Not Hate or their mixture of middle class do gooder/ failed student squatter supporters. In their own heads which are pretty much removed from reality they will still think their right.

The only consolation is that as more and more people see these Islamononces for the racist beasts that they are. The people will also see commies like the UAF  for the scum that they are. Constantly defending  the Muslim paedophiles because of their own agenda and alliance with the Islamist and Muslim extremists. By defending Muslim grooming gangs the effectively aided and abetted the paedophiles.

communist UAF/SWP leaders Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith who himself is allegedly a sex offender called for the mobilization of communists to defend muslim paedophiles
communist UAF/SWP leaders Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith who himself is allegedly a sex offender called for the mobilization of communists to defend Muslim paedophiles


Far left extremists defending Muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court
Far left extremists defending Muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court



Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape

19 May 2013 00:00

Having seen how our gutless authorities operate, they knew they could defile white girls however and wherever they chose

House of horror: One of the rooms where the girls were taken to be abused
House of horror: One of the rooms where the girls were taken to be abused

Why did only one Muslim cleric have the guts to say it? Why was everyone else scared to? Why are they STILL scared to?

And why – even after all the sickening stories of those Oxford schoolgirls having babies aborted with hooks, being repeatedly gang-raped, beaten, branded and burned with cigarettes – are people STILL shying away from saying exactly what kind of crimes these are?

Because what happened to these girls can’t just be chucked in the box marked “general sex crimes”.

These gang atrocities in Oxford – just like the ones in Rochdale, Derby and Telford – were the very worst kind of ­racially motivated hate crimes committed by Muslim men who’ve been taught to believe that white women are worthless trash and deserve to be punished for their “decadent” Western lifestyle, i.e. wearing make-up and short skirts.

And while most Muslim clerics have stayed silent on this, while our wider society refuses to acknowledge what these crimes are REALLY about, only Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic congregation, had the courage to stick his head above the parapet and say what happened to these girls WAS racially motivated and illustrates the deep- seated hatred some Muslim men have for white women.

“Some people are saying the predators’ religion was an irrelevance. But that’s deluded nonsense,” he says.

So why aren’t the police saying that? Why aren’t Oxford social services? Because only when the ugly truth is acknowledged – that in supposedly integrated Britain, some ­Muslim men (NOT necessarily Asian men) are ­targeting young white girls to abuse and degrade – can the problem be tackled.

This gang didn’t rape Muslim women, because they knew they’d be ostracised by their community and hunted down by the girls’ families.

But having seen how our gutless authorities operate on issues involving race, they knew they could defile white girls however and wherever they chose.

Time and again these terrified teenagers begged Thames Valley police for help but were turned away. As were their tormented parents.

Even staff at children’s homes where some of these girls were living knew exactly what was happening.

And they didn’t just ignore the abuse, they facilitated it… with one staff member actually buying kinky underwear for a girl she KNEW was being sold for sex.

And it’s no good these organisations now bleating they didn’t do enough. We KNOW that. What we want to know is why the bosses of those organisations still have jobs?

Thames Valley Chief constable Sara Thornton (£160,000 a year) has refused to resign, saying: “My focus is now on moving forward.”

Who cares about HER moving forward? What about those abused girls who can never move forward and who, no matter how much therapy they have, will forever be lost souls unable to trust or forge a loving relationship?

Yet still, the police think it’s enough to say they’ll try harder in future.

Likewise Oxfordshire social services. Five of the girls abused were in their care and the boss of that organisation, Joanna Simmons (£182,000 a year), won’t resign either.

“We now understand more about the grooming process,” she says.

Well, bully for her. Pity she hadn’t “understood” sooner… especially as it was happening right under her nose.

And why are these two women being given a choice about whether to stay or go? Why haven’t they been sacked?

They get paid big bucks to take responsibility when the dog dirt hits the fan. So why aren’t they?

These women, just like everyone else in this horror story, did nothing to confront this evil because to do so might have led to ­accusations of racism.

And everyone knows that in Britain today the quickest way to have your career wrecked is to be branded ­a racist.

And it’s because of this insidious ­political correctness that some Muslims ­appear to have been given immunity to the rules and the moral codes that apply to everyone else.

And while some allowances made in the name of religion don’t matter, the wholesale degradation of vulnerable young white women DOES!

It’s time the Muslim community took a long hard look at what it has allowed to ­happen in the name of Islam (which ­actually teaches respect for women).

As must the police and the social services ­because their ­refusal to accept responsibility for what happened to these vulnerable girls makes them just as guilty for the ruination of their lives as those filthy ­rapists.

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Thursday 9pm Channel 4 To Air Film On Telford Muslim Grooming Gang

Channel 4 are to air a program on the Muslim grooming gang from Telford at 9pm this coming Thursday. The programme will feature some of the victims of these evil Islamic paedophiles and give an insight as to the living hell they go through at the hands of multiple defence barristers giving evidence against the grooming gang members.

Lets hope C4 stick to their guns this time and show the programme on Thursday instead of appeasing Muslims and pulling the broadcast like they did with Tom Holland’s eye opening documentary on Islam.

Teenage sex abuse victim in tears as SEVEN different barristers brand her liar in court

19 May 2013 02:01

After her torturers were finally caught, the youngster was forced to relive her agony in the witness box


A shattered teenage sex abuse ­victim broke down in tears after SEVEN barristers had repeatedly branded her a liar during the trial of her paedo attackers.

The child – just 15 when she was first targeted – was one of five girls who fell prey to a gang who used them to satisfy their own vile lusts before selling them on to other perverts across Britain.

But after her torturers were finally caught, the youngster was forced to relive her agony in the witness box, the Sunday People reports.

And she regularly broke down in tears as she faced 16 days of relentless cross-examination by each of the defendants’ barristers in turn.

Her traumatic story is told in Channel 4’s Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs, which raises vital questions about how sex abuse victims are quizzed in courts.

The girl was allowed to give her evidence hidden by a screen at Stafford Crown Court in 2011 so she could not be seen by Ahdel Ali, 23, Mubarek Ali, 28, Tanveer Ahmed, 39, Noshad Hussain, 23, Mahroof Khan, 33, Mohammed Sultan, 24, and Mohammed Choudrey, 52, all from Telford.

But one of their lawyers repeatedly told her she was a liar and added: “You don’t know the meaning of the truth.”

Her mum said after the case: “Every day for weeks she was escorted by police and taken into the court – it must have been really hard for her because she was interviewed by all of the barristers for all the defendants.

“She couldn’t talk about the trial and she sort of went into herself.

“It was heartbreaking to see her come home with no expression on her face. Her whole life has just been washed away. They’ve broke my daughter and they’ve broke my family.”

Anna Hall, who made the C4 film, said: “This case was terribly harrowing to watch in court.

“She was called a liar umpteen times and put through three weeks of hell.

“She can’t talk about what she went through as it was so horrific for her – that’s why we’ve been so outraged.

“These kids need help – they don’t need to be on trial.

“It was not the men’s innocence being questioned, it was the girls’ ­innocence.”

A defence barrister called another of the gang’s victims “a wicked woman” and “a compulsive liar”. She hit back: “And you are a p***k,”

Asked why she was at a middle-aged man’s home she started to sob and shouted “f*** off” before storming out of the courtroom.

Film maker Hall said: “The police were horrified at the treatment she got – they’d spent nearly two years trying to get these victims into the ­witness box.”

She called the girls “really damaged” but said the defence made them out to be truants and drug-runners so a jury would think they’d brought it on themselves.

The trial collapsed after four months when a witness admitted lying.

But after a new hearing, Ahdel Ali was jailed at Worcester Crown Court for 18 years for rape and child-sex and his brother Mubarek got 14 years for a string of ­paedophile offences.

Sultan, Ahmed, Choudhrey and Khan were tried separately last autumn and were jailed for between two-and-a-half and seven years.

Hussain was cleared of trafficking a child and a jury failed to reach a ­verdict on four other charges. He is now too ill to face a retrial.

  • The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs, Channel 4, Thursday 9pm


Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teenage-sex-abuse-victim-tears-1897282#ixzz2TlPW7rtf