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Muslim Nonce From Blackburn Only Gets Suspended Sentence After Going To Meet Girl Aged 12 For Sex

Here we go again, yet another pathetic soft sentence given to a filthy Muslim paedo. Vile sex-case Hassan Ahmed Ashfaq from Blackburn sent a video of him masturbating to a 12 year old girl called Emily, asking her to send him a sexually explicit  one back despite knowing her age and it was illegal. Knowing he was committing a serious crime  didn’t phase the vile deviant. After more online grooming, he then arranged to meet the 12 year old girl in Corporation Park. for sex.

Unfortunately for Hassan Ahmed Ashfaq , things did not quite go to plan for the obese pervert. Instead of getting the bit of jiggy jiggy with a schoolgirl that  he  had hoped for, all he got was a charge sheet. As 12 year old Emily turned out to really be an undercover police officer.

Yet despite being caught by the  police sting and having no choice but to plead guilty to charges of

  • attempting to meet with a girl under 16 to engage in sexual activity,
  • two counts of attempting to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child
  • one count of attempting to cause or incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity.

All the Muslim kiddie fiddler was given is a lame suspended sentence.Incompetent dhimmi Judge Heather Lloyd should be hanging her head in shame.The pathetic sentences that keep getting given to Muslim paedophiles are in effect, aiding and abetting the mass scale Muslim rape jihad of British children by almost trivializing child abuse.

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

AN OBESE pervert who groomed what he thought was a 12-year-old girl and arranged to meet her for sex has been spared jail.

Preston Crown Court heard Hassan Ahmed Ashfaq, 20, sent the girl a video of himself performing a sex act and encouraged her to do the same.

Prosecutor Jeremy Grout-Smith said the girl was unable to because Ashfaq, described in court as a ‘loner’, was talking to an undercover officer.

Mr Grout-Smith said Ashfaq, of Carlton Gardens, Blackburn, had struck up a conversation with the girl in April, using the name ‘Emily Clarke’, on the social media application Kik. On June 1, the interaction became ‘live chat’ via Skype.


Mr Grout-Smith said: “On June 2 when she told him she was 12 and not 13 the defendant replied ‘wow’,

“He asked to see her picture. The police sent him a pre-recorded video which appeared to be the young girl in question.”

The court heard that on June 7 Ashfaq encouraged the girl to perform a sex act on Skype but the girl made an excuse. The defendant then asked for a photograph.

On June 8, Ashfaq began making plans to meet the girl at Blackburn Cinema.

Mr Grout-Smith said there was a brief period where Emily stopped replying Ashfaq but a two-way conversation resumed on June 21.

On June 22, Ashfaq arranged to meet the girl in Corporation Park. Police watched him enter the park at 10.15am and leave 15 minutes later. Although he went on to tell police he had changed his mind about meeting Emily, Ashfaq sent the girl a message saying: “Where are you? I waited until 10.45am.”

Later that day he resisted arrest when police went to his house and refused to hand over his mobile phone.

Defending, Kathryn Johnson said her client had spent a significant amount of time on remand and been the target of bullies because of his physical size and the charges he faced.

Ashfaq pleaded guilty to attempting to meet with a girl under 16 to engage in sexual activity, two counts of attempting to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child and one count of attempting to cause or incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity.


Sentencing Ashfaq to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, Judge Heather Lloyd said he was incredibly lucky to not be facing immediate custody. He was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and put on the Sex Offender’s Register for 10 years.

Sayful Islam And 4 Other Members Of Anjem Choudarys Crew Guilty Of Terror Offences

It looks like jailed Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary  has something of a reunion with old friends to look forward to in Belmarsh prison after 5 of his Luton based minions have been found guilty of terror related charges. The extremists found guilty include notorious Islamofascist  rabble rouser Mohammed Alamgir, a.k.a. Sayful Islam

Islamic State supporters face jail after infiltrated in undercover police sting

Pic shows the Marquee tent Five members of a terror cell who delivered hate speeches including one calling for 40 trucks of explosives to drive down Oxford Street are today (Friday) facing jail. 
Several of the talks took place in a marquee set up in Zaiur Rahman’s Luton back garden CREDIT:CENTRAL NEWS

An undercover officer smashed a terror cell drumming up support for Islamic State extremists after he spent nearly two years infiltrating meetings to record their inflammatory speeches.

The officer identified only as Kamal forged close relationships with the Luton chapter of a banned group linked to hate preacher Anjem Choudary as he collected evidence, a court heard.

Equipped with a false identity including a fake name, fake wife and fake business, he spent 20 months recording hundreds of encounters, and meetings where scores of people heard speeches praising Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil).

Mohammed Choudry

In one rant, one of the gang spoke of 40 truck bombs “driving down Oxford Street”, the Old Bailey was told.

Speeches were delivered to up to 100 people, including young children, and the group praised Isil and urged others to travel to Syria to fight.

Zaiur Rahman, 39, was convicted of arranging meetings after putting up a marquee in his back garden to host the Luton chapter of Al-Muhajiroun. Meetings were also held in a nearby Methodist church hall.

Mohammed Choudry, 23, was found guilty of encouraging support for Isil, while Mohammed Istiak Alamgir, 37, Rajib Khan, 38, and Yousaf Bashir, 36, were convicted of similar offences last summer.

The invitation-only gatherings in June and July 2015 featured speeches calling for gay people to be thrown from buildings, the court heard.

Anjem Choudary
Anjem Choudary, Britain’s most notorious hate preacher, attended one of the speeches. CREDIT: TIM IRELAND/AP

One was held on the anniversary of the London Tube bombings while in another Choudry spoke of “40 trucks driving down Oxford Street full of explosives”.

Choudry, who is married with a young child, told his audience: “My brothers, there is a wave coming. Either you be part of it or you drown. Either you like it or you don’t like it.’

Anjem Choudary, who was last year jailed for five-and-a-half years, spoke at one of the meetings in Rahman’s garden.

Those attending the speeches included Shazib and Junead Khan. Junead Khan is serving a life sentence for plotting to kill a US soldier in the UK, while Shazib Khan is serving a 13-year jail term for plans to fight alongside Isis in Syria.

Rahman, from Luton, was convicted of three counts of arranging meetings in support of a proscribed organisation, while Choudry, from Maidenhead, Berkshire, was convicted of one count of encouraging support for a proscribed organisation.

Judge Michael Topolski QC told the pair they had been convicted “of arranging meetings and speaking at a meeting in support of a vicious terrorist organisation, who’s members and supporters, just like you two, have hijacked and corrupted the principles and practices of an ancient and revered religion for its own purposes”.

Kamal accompanied Rahman and Choudry to a meeting where the speaker praised the massacre of 12 journalists at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The court heard a secret recording where the speaker says: “It’s a great day, it’s excellent news.”

Alamgir also collected money at the talks to pay the legal fees of convicted terrorist Omar Bakri Muhammed – Anjem Choudary’s mentor, seen by many as the head of Al-Muhajiroun.

Speaking after the verdict, Commander Dean Haydon, head of Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism command, said: “These men were closely associated with Al-Muhajiroun, a dangerous group which has inspired and influenced numerous terrorists.

“Speeches like theirs inspire the terrorists of tomorrow and I am immensely pleased with the excellent work of my officers and Bedfordshire Police.”

All five men will be sentenced at a later date.


British Muslim Wanted To Get Under-age Girl Pregnant And Raise The Baby As Sex Slave

A sick and twisted Muslim paedophile from London flew to America to meet an under-age girl he had been grooming online. Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave. The disgusting thoughts that seem to flow through the backwards Muslim minds are completely vile and unnatural. How somebody can want to carry out such perverse actions is beyond me. The Islamic sex fiend when in for a shock when he went to meet the child in Orlando.  The child turned out to be an undercover police officer. For once karma has done its bit and the paedostani will get what he deserves, a minimum of 10 years looking over his shoulder in an American prison.


Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave.

Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) — Brevard Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man they said came to the United States intending to start a sex slavery operation.

Shuhel Mahboob Ali, 39, is a citizen of Great Britain who came here to have sex with a minor girl and have children he planned to exploit, sheriff’s officials said.

“It is truly unimaginable that monsters exist and walk among us with the purpose of victimizing our most precious citizens,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said. “I want this message to be absolutely crystal clear: We will use every lawful resource we have in our possession to find and remove you from society if you try to harm a child, no matter where you may be on this planet.”

The investigation began in January when Ali contacted an undercover sheriff’s agent and said he wanted to “have a relationship with an underage female,” officials said. Most of the alleged interaction occurred via the Internet.

“As part of the relationship, the suspect allegedly wanted to impregnate the victim, whereupon he would be able to groom the children to be abused by the suspect from the time of birth,” officials said.

Ali came to Brevard County on Saturday and was arrested in the Titusville area. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court in Orlando this morning.

He faces a charge of using a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce to attempt to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity. Sheriff’s officials said if Ali is convicted he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and fine up to $250,000.

Deputies worked with the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Attorney’s Office on the case.

“I am so proud of the tireless efforts by this partnership and our investigative team that removed this vile suspect from harming children,” Ivey said.

Panorama Goes Undercover In Britains Illegal Islamic Sharia Courts

Panorama tonight goes undercover to investigate what is really happening in Britain’s Sharia Councils – Islamic religious courts. Some women reveal they have suffered domestic violence ignored by these councils as campaigners say it is time to tackle the parallel legal system which can run counter to British law.Panorama has uncovered fresh evidence of how some Sharia councils in Britain may be putting Muslim women “at risk” by pressuring them to stay in abusive marriages. The Muslim judges have no legal training or authority. They think because they have studied some books about a savage called Mohammed and his cult it makes them an expert in everything. This is 1 of many reasons why the backwards and outdated sharia law is not compatible with British laws and has no place in our society 


Inside Britain’s Sharia courts

A new documentary that goes undercover in Britain’s Islamic courts reveals the shocking discrimination some women are suffering

A couple seeking a final judgment on their divorce from Dr Suhaib Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia Council

A couple seeking a final judgment on their divorce from Dr Suhaib Hasan of the Leyton Islamic Sharia Council

In a terraced house in East London, just a stone’s throw from the glittering stadiums of the Olympic Park, a handful of people wait in a small reception room. A young Asian woman and her mother hitch their scarves over their heads while a Somali couple stare at the floor.

This is Leyton Islamic Sharia Council, the oldest and most active such council in the country where scholars hear about 50 cases a month, most of them marital disputes. Nine out of 10 cases are brought by women because, in an Islamic marriage, it is far easier for a man to divorce; the only way for a woman is through one of these Sharia councils. No one knows how many there are in Britain today, in mosques and in houses – one report estimates at least 85. Although they cannot enforce their judgments, these councils control the lives of many Muslim women who may only have had a religious marriage. Even if they had a civil marriage too, some feel the need for a Sharia divorce as a way of moving on with their lives and finding a sense of resolution.

A sign outside one of the rooms says “Arbitration”. Inside it looks like a court, a wall lined with religious books and a raised dais for the judge. The tension in here crackles as a couple, who do not want to be identified, argue in front of Leyton’s most senior Islamic scholar, Dr Suhaib Hasan, an elderly man with a white beard wearing long robes.

They have been coming here for a year now. The woman accuses her husband of refusing to work, ignoring the children and verbally abusing her, all of which he vehemently denies. When he is ordered to leave for a moment, she breaks down in tears. “I hate him, he has ruined my life,” she cries. “I cannot bear to even look at him.”

Dr Hasan’s face is impassive as he tells her to give her husband one more month to try and reconcile, with the help of Allah. The woman sobs as she begs him to grant the divorce as she only had a religious marriage and her fate is in the council’s hands.

“We are not just here to issue divorces, we want to mediate first,” Dr Hasan explains. “We try to save marriages so when people come to us we try to reconcile them.”

But this pressure from Sharia councils and the community they serve is causing suffering – Islamic rulings are not always in the interests of women and can run counter to British law.

There are more worrying cases involving domestic violence and children. In Leeds, I met Sonia, an attractive woman in her thirties in a mini-dress and ankle boots. She was granted a civil divorce due to her husband’s extreme violence towards her and their children. He was only allowed indirect access to the children by the courts. But when she went to Leyton for a Sharia divorce, she was told she would have to give up her children to him.

Sharia courts are not allowed to intervene in matters involving child custody, but Leyton’s website features Sharia rulings on children. One Islamic school of thought decrees a father can take custody of a boy at the age of seven and a girl as young as nine. “I could not bear the thought of such a violent person having my children,” Sonia told me. “What was even more shocking was when I explained to Leyton why he shouldn’t have access to the children. Their reaction was – well you can’t go against what Islam says.”

Sonia stood her ground and eventually got Leyton to drop their demand. When asked about Sonia’s case, Leyton said with children if a marriage ends, the question of access to both parents is crucial. Safety is paramount and any UK court order must be followed.

Leyton say they do not advise abused women to return to their husbands, but given what we had heard, we sent an undercover reporter to consult Dr Hasan with a story about an abusive husband.

The Government says domestic violence is a crime that should be reported to the police. The Islamic scholar’s reaction to her account of being hit and whether she should inform the police was to ask her if she was actually being beaten severely – to the extent of having bruises on her body. “The police, that is a very, very last resort,” he said. “If he becomes so aggressive starts hitting and punching you, of course you have to report it to the police.”

Dr Hasan advised her that telling the police would be the final blow as she would have to go to a refuge – which was a very bad option. He also referred our undercover reporter to his wife, a counsellor at Leyton. She too advised against involving the police saying the family was a better option. Both of them suggested she should ask if the violence was due to her own actions and she should strive to be a good wife in every way: cooking, cleaning and looking after her appearance.

When we asked Leyton council about what we filmed secretly they said with domestic violence it may be essential to involve the police and other authorities but that can be a step with irrevocable consequences.

I showed our secret footage to Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown prosecutor for the North West, a Muslim who has taken the lead in tackling honour-based domestic violence. “I’m disappointed but not surprised,” he said. “Most of them [Sharia councils] are absolutely fine but there are some – clearly like this one – who are putting women at risk. And doing so for ridiculous reasons, namely that they are somehow responsible for the abuse they are suffering.”

In Bristol, Cara, a Muslim convert told me she had met her husband at university and he had persuaded her to only have a Sharia marriage. He ended up abusing her emotionally, controlling her by taking all of her earnings and her student loans. When he brought prostitutes back to their home, Cara ran away to a refuge. She contacted Leyton Sharia council for a divorce but they told her she would have to go to them with her husband for arbitration.

“I was shocked,” says Cara. “Surely they can see that women who have been through this cannot be forced to meet up with someone who is abusing them.”

Sharia councils in other parts of Britain have also meddled in legal issues that should be matters for the UK courts. In Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, an old pub, once the White Hart Inn, is now a Sharia council. Ayesha, a thin and haunted-looking woman in traditional dress and a headscarf told me her husband, who hit her even when she was pregnant, had been imprisoned for his violent behaviour. She and her children had injunctions against him, and yet when she went to Dewsbury Sharia Council for a divorce, they still wanted the couple to meet for mediation.

“I said, I can’t do that as he isn’t even allowed near my house because I’m frightened and can’t face him,” says Ayesha, “but they didn’t take any notice.”

Eventually, when a barrister specialising in family law became involved, Dewsbury agreed to see Ayesha without her husband – but she still had to face five men alone without legal representation. It took her two years to get a divorce; meanwhile, her husband had already moved to Pakistan and married again.

Dewsbury council said they could not comment on individual cases but they are aware of the standing and gravity of UK court orders and would never advise clients to breach them. They can arrange separate meetings on different days to avoid this.

Across the country where there are large Muslim communities, there are now Sharia councils. Some seem to discriminate against women in different ways. Women are required to produce two male witnesses, and it costs a woman at least £400 to get an Islamic divorce while a man can pay nothing. Under Sharia law, a woman must hand over all of her dowry before a divorce can be granted. Sharia marriage is not recognised under UK law, so women are not automatically entitled to half the house or financial assets when it comes to a divorce.

The previous government gave up on its attempt to investigate Sharia councils when they could not get proper access to them. This government’s view is that Sharia law is not law in England and Wales and existing legislation already deals with issues about Sharia councils raised by campaigners. If decisions made by these councils conflicts with national law, then national law will always prevail.

The women I spoke to believe that it is not the Islamic code that is at fault but the way Sharia councils interpret it, and they want them investigated and held accountable.

Sonia, Cara and Ayesha eventually freed themselves from their unhappy marriages – but they believe that many other women in Britain are being condemned by Sharia councils to miserable lives.

Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils will be shown on Monday April 8th at 8.30pm on BBC1


Press TV Claim Poor Muslims In Britain Are The Victims Of The States Anti-Islam Vendetta

More pro-Islam anti-UK rubbish from Iran’s Press TV . The channel is well-known for being a propaganda outlet to push Iran’s and its allies own Islamic agenda. The channel has been fined several times by broadcast watchdogs for its biased reporting while claiming to be a neutral news channel. Remembering that British traitor George Galloway spends more time on air inciting Muslims by spouting his anti-west views than he does representing the people of  Bradford in parliament.  Which says alot for the channels credibility and Muslim bias

Press TV’s documentary program “Infiltration” claims to show how British Muslims have been kept under surveillance by the British police and MI6 agents. It portrays the poor Muslims as innocent victims of some kind of state vendetta against all things Islamic. The documentary claims that the British police and agencies like MI6 are spying on Muslims with secret bugging and hidden cameras without reason,and  using devious means to entrap Muslims on trumped-up terror charges. Locking poor innocent Muslims up for nothing. Muslims are always the victim in the eyes of other Muslims no matter what they have done.

One of the cases that the report features on is that of  Munir Farooqi from Manchester. He was sentenced to 4 life sentences for recruiting potential jihadists and preparing for terrorism. It has the Farooqi family saying how this poor innocent man had been set up by 2 undercover police officers. That Farooq wasnt the terrorist he had been made out as but the victim of entrapment by the undercover officers.  He simply had a religious market stall that handed out Islamic leaflets and sold legitimate religious DVDs. Its lies about him being involved with Al-qaeda because they have no forensic proof. It must have  just been coincidence that he had previously been captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan

Now i can remember his case actually happening as it featured in all the local news reports. It will come as no surprise to hear that despite all the Farooq family claiming it was a setup and he’s an innocent Muslim prisoner, Press TV doing their bit to portray him as a victim. The evidence against him was pretty incriminating. Actually it was that solid that the counter terrorism unit that ran the undercover investigation actually won an award .

The judge said Farooqi had used his experiences fighting with the Taliban as a “tool of recruitment” to run the “Manchester recruitment centre” from Islamic bookstalls in the city. Passing sentence Mr Justice Richard Henriques said: “You are in my judgment a very dangerous man, an extremist, a fundamentalist with a determination to fight abroad.”   His operation was, “sophisticated, ruthless and well honed,” the judge said, with the sole purpose to deliver home-grown fighters willing to “fight, kill and die” abroad.”  Their victims would be allied forces, including British soldiers,” Mr Justice Henriques added.

The timing of this documentary aimed at winding the Muslim and leftist viewers up funny enough happens to be just the same time the Farooq family have been making a noise publicity seeking about them fighting a court ruling to take their home off them and Munir Farooqi’s court appeal against his sentence. 

Their save the home website clearly states the terrorists family have support from communist extremists,  Unite Against Fascism. No surprise the UAF siding with Muslim extremists. They also have the support of Islamofascist front organizations Caged Prisoners and MPAC.

VIDEO: Undercover documentary about the Islamization of Europe (part 3)

This is the third part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English. The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

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VIDEO: Undercover documentary about the Islamization of Europe(part 2)

This is the second part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English. The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community

Part 1 here


VIDEO: Undercover documentary about the Islamization of Europe. (part 1)

This is the first part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English. The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Sweden and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community