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Video: UAF ‘Anti Democracy’ Protest At BBC Over TV Interviews

weyman bennett uaf communist scumbag


Without a single poppy between them, far Left extremists from Unite Against Fascism gathered on Remembrance Sunday outside the BBC headquarters in London to protest about them interviewing French politician Marine Le Pen on the Andrew Marr show.

The small group of communists demanded that the BBC give no platform to Mrs LePen  for what they deemed to be her “fascist” views. Demanding she is given no airtime and the BBC make a full public apology for inviting her on the show. For some reason they are under the impression they have some God given right to silence free speech and democracy where we are free to listen to all viewpoints instead of only those that UAF have deemed acceptable.

Race agitator Weyman Bennett, a leader of the Socialist Workers Party and its front group UAF claimed that Marine LePen  was “like Adolf Hitler without the uniform”. Weyman Bennett is no stranger to demanding no platform for certain people. Often alleged to ring up event organisers  demanding certain guest speakers are given ‘no platform’. Attempting to bully and intimidate them into removing the person they objected to speaking or cancel the  event.

Link:A radio host destroying Weyman Bennett when he previously demanded a no platform for Tommy Robinson.


Ironically the UAF could do with looking closer to home when calling for no platform and falsely smearing people  given the type of people they happily have shared the stage with at their own events. UAF are a front of the SWP who are notorious for hosting hate preachers and terrorists. Here Is a few of the despicable speakers they have promoted in the past and other extremist behaviour of their own :

  • Woolwich killer Micheal  Adebolajo incited Muslims and antifascists to riot when guest speaker at UAF protest, Harrow mosque
  • Corrupt Lutfur Rahman, islamist ex mayor of Tower Hamlets a regular guest speaker
  • Hate preacher Shakeel Begg , who inspired  several British based  jihadists speaking several events
  • Terrorist Mozzam Begg numerous times and promoted his terrorist sympathising outfit CagePrisoners
  • SWP covered up rape of 2 females by then UAF leader Martin Smith 
  • Attacked St Georges day marchers and police in Brighton


Not So Moderate British Muslims (Tv Host / Imams / Mosques) Mourn Islamist Killer :

Last week the Pakistani government carried out the execution of an islamist killer named Mumtaz Qadri . The fundamentalist was sentenced to death for the cold-blooded murder of  the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer  who had been an outspoken critic of the Islamic republics backwards blasphemy laws and its barbaric death sentence penalty.  Qadri who had been the Governors bodyguard deemed his boss as being un-Islamic in doing so and shot him 25 times for Allah.

Mumtaz Qadris death penalty seems pretty well deserved to me for killing one of the very few Pakistanis of sound mind and with morales. The islamofascists death is of no loss and will be and one step to making the World a better place . Well you would think so anyway……but then again this is Pakistan we are talking about. The toilet of the planet, rammed to the brim with uncivilized and backwards Muslim extremists who live and breathe nothing but militant Islam. Killing the Governor of Punjab propelled Mumtaz Qadris into something of a folk hero amongst Pakistan’s blood thirsty islamists. 

His funeral was attended by between 50,000 to 100,000 bearded radicals who came out to bid him farewell. This was followed by rioting and the odd Taliban bomb or two  in his memory. Troubling as it is to think of all the Pakistani religious nut jobs who regard this killer as a martyred hero.

What is even worrying is the response from some prominent British Muslims who are seen as community leaders and come across as all moderate when in the spotlight.  When their comments over Mumtaz Qadris execution show  they are closet Islamofascists,. Those in mourning for the islamist killer include:

Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadam Foundation often seen interviewed on UK national news reports and currant affairs programs as the Muslim commenter . Also runs Ummah Tv channel

Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad,  is the founder and chairman of taxpayer subsidised Al-Khair Foundation, and also the CEO of IQRA TV

Bradford imam Muhammed Asim Hussain

Jamia Mosque, Birmingham.  The largest mosque in Europe

Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton likes religious violence so much that it has changed its Facebook profile to an image of Mumtaz Qadri.

Below are a couple of articles from Harrys Place going into more details on the ‘moderate‘ British Muslims.

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton: Celebrating Religious Murder

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton likes religious violence so much that it has changed its Facebook profile to an image of Mumtaz Qadri.

Qadri is of course the murderer of Salman Taseer, the Pakistani liberal who campaigned against his country’s benighted blasphemy laws. That work was his death warrant. Qadri in turn was executed by Pakistan on Monday.

Scroll down from Qadri at the top of the Facebook account of the Aqsa mosque and you will find a post where “Handsome” is the caption for a photo of Qadri’s face taken at his funeral.

Next comes a video from the funeral. The mosque post calls Qadri a “martyr” (shaheed).

Some scenes from that funeral:

The vast gathering on Tuesday centred on Liaquat Park in Rawalpindi, where a succession of clerics made fiery speeches bitterly condemning the government for giving the go-ahead for Monday’s execution of Qadri, a former police bodyguard who became a hero to many of his countrymen after he shot and killed Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab province, in 2011.

Some of the all-male crowd wore “I am Qadri” signs around their necks while others held up the front page of the Ummat newspaper for bypassers to kiss, which was entirely covered with a photo of Qadri’s dead and garlanded body.

The man speaking in that funeral video appears to be this man, who wasoverjoyed when Qadri murdered Saleem in 2011:

Jamaat Ahle Sunnat and other religious organisations took out rallies to “celebrate” the assassination of Governor Salmaan Taseer, marked by aerial firing and tributes to the assassin, Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. Central chief Alami Tanzeem Ahl-e-Sunnat Pir Muhammad Afzal Qadri, who led the rally, declared the assassin a ‘hero of the Muslim world,’ adding the government should not take any action against him.

Declaring Jamaat Ahle Sunnat’s support for the assassin, Afzal Qadri praised him “for killing a blasphemer.”

“We will pursue [Mumtaz Hussain Qadri’s] case in the court,” he said, adding that the media should not call Taseer shaheed (martyr) and should call the assassin Qadri a ghazi (hero).

Another video follows on the Al Aqsa Mosque Facebook account. It shows Mumtaz Qadri beaming in religious song. The mosque notes Qadri “says his farewell before embracing martyrdom”.

Then the mosque links to the foul post of Bradford imam Muhammed Asim Hussain for Qadri the “ghazi” (hero). It is as brazen as it is sickening:

A dark day in the history of Pakistan; the day Ghazi Mumtaz was wrongfully executed and martyred in the way of Allah, when he did what he did in honour of the Prophet.

Allah raise the ranks of this true servant of Allah and lion of the Ahl ul-Sunnah wal Jama’at. Allah guide the leadership in our Muslim countries. Ameen.

Celebrations of horrendous religious murder should have no place of any kind in Britain.

Yet they do in the Al Aqsa Mosque in Bolton, and it is far from alone.

One must presume that nothing will be done about this.

British Ummah Channel Politics Editor – Government Funded Imam – Europe’s Largest Mosque – All Mourn ‘Apostate’ Killer Qadri’s Death

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

Mumtaz Qadri had been tried for the murder of Governor Salman Taseer, on the basis that the latter had violated the anti-blasphemy laws of Pakistan. Taseer had campaigned against the Islamic blasphemy laws that are used in Pakistan, arguing that they are used to deliberately oppress minorities “[of those tried under the law] How come over 50 per cent of them are Christians when they form less than 2 per cent of the country’s population. This points clearly to the fact that the law is misused to target minorities.”

Many in Pakistan had laid rose petals to commemorate the “martyrdom” of the murderer Qadri, celebrating his killing of Taseer – or “defending Pakistan’s Islam.” Muslim figureheads in Pakistan and in Western Europe should be polar opposites on this issue, as the latter has a respect for human rights and democracy, right?

Mohammed Shafiq, the politics editor of the Ummah Channel, had expressed his regret at Qadri’s death stating “Salam Mumtaz Qadri [in Arabic: May God have mercy on him].” Now this is very concerning. This is because Mohammed had made death threats to Maajid Nawaz for tweeting a bland cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed, however he later issued an apology….a year later.

Mohammed Shafiq, who has a TV channel that broadcasts 6 hours a day, has expressed public regret and wish for wellbeing to Qadri in the afterlife – does this mean he has swept away the murder Qadri was responsible for? Does Shafiq see the legitimacy in killing apostates the same way Qadri had? As one Facebook user asked:

However this isn’t the first time Mohammed Shafiq has defended violent preachers, which includes defending Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who called to action the destruction of world Jewry.

These dangerous ideas of murdering an individual on the basis of blaspheming – or even critiquing blasphemy laws – should be confronted with as they stand abhorrently against our British values. However, a Government supported Imam poised as a counter-narrative to extremism has in fact been spreading these exact theocratic ideals!

Cue Imam Qasim Ahmad, narrating the death of Mumtaz Qadri with a soundtrack of sorrow and injustice. It is a great disappoint to see that the tax-payers’ money was spent on supporting a counter-extremist spokesman who shies away from discussing the horror which was Qadri’s cold-blooded murder for blasphemy.

What of Europe’s largest mosque? Surely they would have some responsibility in denouncing both the blasphemy law and subsequent murder of those under that law. But sadly this wasn’t the case, as they too sang from the same hymn sheet mourning Qadri’s death stating, “[they are] gathering in honour of Mumtaz Qadri.”

What separates us from Pakistan is a higher respect for the rule of law and dignity for all faiths and cultures. Key Muslim figureheads in this grand Mosque should also promote these same universal values, symbiotically integrating their Islamic faith with a respect for the democratic law we abide by in the UK.

It is not enough to just abide by the law, but it is important for these influential individuals to also stand up against the abhorrent crimes Mumtaz Qadri had committed, and only the mourn loss of all the innocent people like Taseer who died fighting against theocratic blasphemy laws. Mohammed Shafiq cannot classify himself as a “moderate” Liberal democrat, Imam Ahmad cannot be a credible tax-payer supported counter-extremist, and Europe’s largest Mosque cannot call itself a promoter for the human rights cause.

Bradford Imam Muhammed Asim Hussain: Murder Fan

Salman Taseer was a Pakistani politician who did some good in the world:

– He was one of the most prominent liberal politicians in the country and a close associate of Asif Ali Zardari, who was then the president.

– Known to be an outspoken critic of the country’s harsh blasphemy laws, arguing that they discriminated against religious minorities, and sought liberal reforms.

– He had called for a pardon for Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was sentenced to death in 2010 for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

For this Taseer was murdered in 2011 by Mumtaz Qadri, one of his own bodyguards. Qadri shot Taseer 28 times.

Qadri was tried for the murder, found guilty, and sentenced to death. On Monday he was executed in Rawalpindi.

Some British Muslims are very unhappy. And I don’t mean death penalty opponents. Death is fine when dealt to the deserving. Saleem merited the ultimate price. Qadri did not.

Just look at Bradford imam Muhammed Asim Hussain hailing Qadri the “martyr”, “true servant of Allah”, and “lion” on Monday:

A dark day in the history of Pakistan; the day Ghazi Mumtaz was wrongfully executed and martyred in the way of Allah, when he did what he did in honour of the Prophet.

Allah raise the ranks of this true servant of Allah and lion of the Ahl ul-Sunnah wal Jama’at. Allah guide the leadership in our Muslim countries. Ameen.

That post has garnered almost 4,000 “likes”.

Later on Monday Hussain underlined his point with this post:

Hussain has form in this area. Last year he strongly backed a rally for Aafia Siddiqui, also known as “Lady al-Qaeda”. She is a convicted attempted murderer and crude antisemite.

His fellow speakers at that event included Yvonne Ridley, the convert to extremism who has led the campaign of lies for Aafia Siddiqui, the antisemite Lord Ahmed, and Bradford East Labour MP Imran Hussain.

Asim Hussain’s support for Mumtaz Qadri was discussed on the BBC Asian Network earlier this week. From five minutes in here. There were furious calls for the authorities and mosques to take action.

Those calls should not fall on deaf ears. I fear they may well do just that.

Video: TV Debate Big Questions : Muslim Apologists Deflect Questions About Killing Apostates

Extremist Abdullah al-Andalusi


Last weeks debate show The Big Questions was about British Muslims having a problem with apostates who have left Islam. Extremist Abdullah al-Andalusi puts to play the often used tactic of deflecting questions rather than give a straight answer. Either replying with a question back, saying something off topic or objecting to the question in some form. 

When the presenter brings up hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad.  Al-Andalusi  still can’t bring himself to condemn one of the biggest Islamofascist hate preachers there is. Saying he is not al-Haddad’s lawyer then refusing to answer because the preacher isnt there in person.

Ramadam Foundations Mohammed Shafiq did himself no favours on the show also. Despite claiming to be a moderate Muslim he showed he was anything but that. One guest hit the nail on the head when she called him a closet Islamist.

The only Muslim guest to come off without showing themselves up as an extremist was the ever reliable Usama Hasan. As close to a true Muslim reformer as you will ever come across. Hussain along with his Quillulam colleague Maajid Nawaz set the example that all Muslims living in the UK should be following instead of idiots like Mohammed Shafiq and Fiyaz Mughal who only contribute to the problem 

Worth watching just to see Mohammed Shafiq’s face at 3:20 when the female ex Muslim calls Islam a backward ideology 

Video: UK TV Presenters 2 – 0 CAGE Terror Apologists

Something of a bad week for the detestable terrorism apologists at CAGE prisoners. Following their PR stunt last week in defence of the barbaric ‘Jihadi John’ where they attempted to blame British security agencies for the turning him into the blood thirsty Muslim savage he is.Their venomous defence of the evil extremist didn’t quite go to plan with it dropping like a lead balloon.

 Leftist pro Muslim media such as Guardian, Independent and Huffington Post who would normally of reported CAGE’s defence of jihadis as fact, surprisingly kept quiet on the subject. Whilst funders and other humanitarian groups who worked with them under the misguided impression they were a legit human rights group very quickly distanced themselves. While the rest of the mainstream media woke up to their fundamentalist views, slamming CAGE for the sympathy seeking defence of a ruthless killer

Cage were given the opportunity to get themselves out of the hole they dug themselves on live television


BBC’s This Week – Asim Qureshi   v  Andrew Neil

Qureshi appeared on the BBC’s This Week program, where he was asked a series of questions about treatment of women advocated by a Muslim scholar, including female genital mutilation (FGM) and stoning for adultery.

The show’s presenter Andrew Neil asked Qureshi to condemn the series of opinions, currently prevalent in the so-called Islamic State  and other terror organizations under their interpretation of Sharia law. Qureshi avoided committing himself, arguing: “I’m not a theologian,” adding “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

When accused of speaking in favour of jihad and Sharia law, Qureshi answered:  As far as I am concerned, Sharia law isn’t practiced correctly anywhere in the world. Jihad is part of the religion of Islam,” Others extreme positions he refused to condemn included horrifying claims that Jews are descended from pigs and that homosexuality is evil

Alan Johnson, the former Labour home secretary appeared shocked by the answers, saying: “This is what we are up against in terms of the ‘moderate front.’”

Former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo told Qureshi: “I wonder what the hell the BBC is doing giving you all this airtime.”



Sky News – Cerie Bullivant  v   Kay Burley 

Cage’s spokesman, Cerie Bullivant is interviewed on Sky News by Kay Burley regarding Jihadi John. Like his fellow extremist above Bullivant refuses to condemn acts of savagery committed by Islamists preferring to play the race card and claim the question was islamophobic  and racist. The reporter responds by telling him to get over himself. Bullivant refuses to answer the questions before storming off ending the interview prematurely. 

Cerie Bullivant – Red Card          TV PRESENTERS  2- 0  CAGE

Qureshi also recently came under fire from London Mayor Boris Johnson after the terrorist sympathizer  gave a press conference accusing MI5 of radicalizing Mohammed Emwazi.

Johnson said Qureshi should stop “scatting the blame around,” and sticking up for the rights of IS executioners.

During a phone-in on LBC radio last week, the Mayor of London said Qureshi should “stop crying Islamophobia” and condemn the “sick atrocities” committed by Emwazi. Playing the race card and sympathy seeking is an often used tactic by Muslims to silence criticism and negative attention. 

“I really, really think the focus of your indignation and your outrage should be on people who go out to join groups that throw gays off cliffs, that behead people who don’t subscribe to their version of Islam, that glorify in the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers,” Johnson said.

“They should be the object of your wrath not the security services who are trying to keep us safe, Asim.”

Undercover Filming In Blackburn School Reveals More Extremist Goings On

‘SATANIC’ staff rant in Islamic primary school

AN undercover investigation into a faith school has revealed shocking examples of religious extremism.

jack straw, religious extermism, islamic primary school, staff rant, dispatches, schools, UNDER FIRE: Blackburn MP Jack Straw has backed the school’s teaching [REUTERS]

Footage obtained by Channel 4 appears to show staff talking about stoning gay people and banning music, while clapping, whistling and neck ties are branded “Satanic”.

Channel 4’s Dispatches sent reporters into Islamic and ultra-orthodox Jewish schools.

Their documentary – Faith Schools Undercover: No Clapping In Class – will be screened tomorrow.

Dispatches visited the Olive Primary School in Blackburn, run by the Tauheedul Islam Faith, Education and Community Trust.

Officials there have described the alleged homophobic comments as nothing more than “staff room gossip”.

Other footage is understood to include teaching assistants suggesting “music in school should be banned as non Muslim” and that ties could be turned into snakes on Judgment Day.

There is no suggestion the programme highlights teaching practices at Tauheedul and Channel 4 chiefs could not confirm which Blackburn footage, if any, would be aired.

The school has been held up as a model for Muslim faith schools.

Channel 4’s website said of the 30-minute programme: “Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools.

“The programme films undercover in a primary school where clapping and whistling are described as ‘satanic’ practices.

“Elsewhere Dispatches uncovers a network of illegal schools where more than 1,000 boys are being taught suspicion of the outside world and the only subject is religion.”

blackburn, islamic primary school, dispatchesEXTERMISM: The primary school filmed undecovered was the Olive Primary School in Blackburn [GETTY]

“The school has been held up as a model for Muslim faith schools.”

When Dispatches contacted the Tauheedul Trust with its allegations, bosses got in touch with the Department for Education.

They invited it to inspect any aspect of its “policies or practice”.

The DfE ordered an emergency “no notice” Ofsted inspection of Olive Primary and two Tauheedul Islam secondary schools last week.

The trust, which confirmed that Dispatches had filmed undercover, said the inspections had gone “very well”.

A spokesman promised to act “if anything that emerges on the fi lm is shown to undermine our progressive vision, ethos and approach”.

Tauheedul school governor Councillor Solly Khonat said: “Whatever may be said in staff room gossip is not reflected in what goes on in the classroom.”

Blackburn MP and former Home Secretary Jack Straw has backed the school’s teaching.

Mr Straw told a local newspaper: “From what I know, the allegations are groundless.

“I am a personal friend of the trust chairman Kam Kothia, whom I have known for 20 years. I trust him completely.

“Mufti Hamid Patel, the chief executive, is a first-class head teacher.

“Between them they run a very good group of schools.”

Last night a spokesman for Tauheedul Education Trust said: “When we discovered Dispatches had targeted The Olive School we were shocked and disappointed.

“Our schools are open to the world and our curriculum is broad and balanced.”

A Channel 4 spokesman declined to discuss the contents of the programme ahead of transmission.

Transgender Person Gang Raped And Head Shaved By 4 Pakistani Muslims

Despite Islam being intensely homophobic on the outside, behind closed doors its a different story. Especially when the gay sex is taken by force. 

KARACHI: Four men allegedly gang-raped a transgender and shaved off his head after giving him a severe beating. The suspects have been identified by the rape survivor, P*, who has also filed a complaint with the police on Saturday. The police have yet to make any arrests. In the FIR, the complainant informed the police that the accused, Ilyas and Sawar, who were friends with P*, took him to their home in PIB Colony on Saturday night. There were two more people at the house and all together they assaulted and then shaved off his head. P* was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for treatment. The medical report confirmed that P* was subjected to rape.

[*Name Withheld to protect privacy]

Published in The Express Tribune, May 11th, 2014.

Charity Commission To Investigate Muslim Charity Over Property Purchases

The charities commission are investigating Khodam Al Mahdi Organisation. They are the extremists who run the Al Muhassin Mosque,home to controversial Islamic satellite television station Fadak TV. Hate preacher Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is regularly featured on Fadak TV stirring up sectarian tensions between shia and sunni Muslims. It has been alleged the charity used donations to buy property.

What the outcome of the investigation will be, who knows. Personally i think the charity commission are a waste of time. In the past their investigations have come to nothing. Even when investigating charities with clear links to terrorists abroad. Muslim charity Interpal for example, who are listed on American counter terrorism lists as fundraisers for Hamas.

Having spent quite a bit of time on the Charity Commission website looking for information. I have found Muslim charities certainly need looking into. I cannot believe the number of Muslim charities there are in the UK given that we are a non Muslim country.
They almost like a Muslim job creation scheme and money making machine at the same time. All eligible for grants and funding being a registered charity. In fact many are funded only by local authority and government grants.Often the trustee of one charity will also be the trustee of one or two others, all intertwined to maximize their funding. Some of the charities who have received significant funding such as the East London Mosque famous for its hate preacher guests has listed over 100 employees !!! All getting a wage funded partly by the British taxpayer.

hate cleric Shia Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib.
Kuwaiti hate preacher Sheikh Yasser al-Habib.

Charity watchdog launches investigation into dissolved charity behind controversial Fulmer mosque

Published: 7 Apr 2014 10:25
AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into a dissolved charity behind a controversial mosque amid concerns it used fundraising money to buy a property.
Charities watchdog, the Charity Commission, has opened a statutory inquiry into dissolved charity the Khodam Al Mahdi Organisation and charitable funds supposedly raised in its name.
The group is behind the Al Muhassin Mosque, in Windmill Lane, Fulmer, home to controversial Shia Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib. The mosque plays host to hundreds of his followers every week and is home to Islamic satellite television station Fadak TV which airs his broadcasts, said to stir up conflict between the Shia and Sunni Muslims.
The Kuwaiti preacher has reportedly delivered sermons on the TV station celebrating the death of one of Sunni Islam’s most revered figures. He was also investigated by Ofcom two years ago after he reportedly suggested one of the Propher Muhammad’s successors was gay.
The commission said in August last year it became aware a charitable company had been dissolved at Companies House, since 2012, but said the charity had not informed the regulator it no longer existed or updated its details on the register, as it was required to do.
Commission investigators then found cash had supposedly been raised in the name of the charity, after it had dissolved, and was used to but a property.
A statement from the regulator read: “Following correspondence with the individuals holding the property, the regulator became increasingly concerned about the basis on which the funds were raised and the protection of the charitable property.
“In addition, the commission has concerns regarding the management and financial reporting by the former charity trustees.”
It opened the statutory inquiry on February 17. The investigation is examining the basis on which the funds were raised and is assessing whether former trustees of the dissolved charity and people holding the property have complied with charity law.
Officials will then publish a report after the inquiry detailing what issues were looked at, what actions were undertaken as part of the inquiry and the outcomes.



Two Cross Dressing Suicide Bombers Arrested In Helmand, Afghanistan

Anybody familiar with Afghanistans dirty little secret, the practice of “bachi baza,” will know that males dressed as females is common place. Where bearded Afghan warlords get off on dressing up teenage boys as females who then dance and give sexual favours to their masters.

It seems cross dressing is not exclusive to teen boys but Afghan adult men also enjoy a bit. Afghan security personal in the almost lawless Helmand province have captured two bearded transvestite suicide bombers ready to create carnage.

Suicide bombers wearing women’s dresses arrested in Helmand

suicide bombers in women dress

Two suicide bombers who had disguised themselves in women’s dress were arrested by Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Deputy interior minister Gen. Ayub Salangi said the two suicide bombers were arrested in Gresh district.

Gen Salangi also added that four anti-government armed militants were blown up by their own explosives in northern Faryab province.

He said the incident took place in Shirin Tagab district while the militants were placing improvised explosive device (IED) on roadside.

According to Gen. Salangi, at least militants were also injured following the explosion.

The anti-government armed militant groups including the Taliban militants frequently use improvised explosive device as the weapon of their choice to target Afghan and coalition security forces, however the ordinary civilians are mostly targeted in roadside bombings.



Panorama Tonight: Looks Like Times Up For Lutfur Rahman

Recomended TV Viewing: Tonight 8pm BBC 1  Panorama

Tonight’s Panorama edition looks like it could prove entertaining. The show  is focused on  Islamofascist Mayor Lutfur Rahman and his Tower Hamlets Muslim mafia. Lutfur Rahman has featured on the pages of this site numerous times as controversy and allegations of corruption are never far away from him.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman with the help of Islamist group Islamic Forum Of Europe has systematically dismantled LBTH council one by one replacing them with his own Muslim IFE people. One of the issues the TV program will be focusing on is the mismanagement of funds and the way IFE linked fronts have received millions in grants and funding since he became Mayor. This is something regular readers will already be aware of following my FOI request on the councils funding of Muslim groups.

For so long Mayor Rahman had managed to get away with his shady behaviour and dodgy deals. Syphoning off council funds to IFE groups, handing his Islamist friends well paid positions, the sale of council property at rock bottom prices to members of IFE. Allegations of vote rigging and smear campaigns against political opponents to name a few.  Many of which involved the extremists at Islamic Forum Of Europe who also run the East London Mosque. Lutfur must of thought he was untouchable.

Well karma has caught up with him. By all accounts what goes around has come around and smashed him in the face. I look forward to watching the rat squirming as he is exposed for the fraud he really is.

Lutfur Rahman faces government investigation after failing to stop BBC Panorama exposé

Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, is a worried man today. As I reported in this morning’s paper, the Government finally appears to be gearing up for a full investigation into his incredible regime, the subject of a broadcast by the BBC’s Panorama tonight.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, tells the programme that the allegations against Lutfur are of “a completely different magnitude to the worries and concerns that I have with other councils” and accuses him of “abusing his position”.

He added in a statement to the Telegraph: “There is a worrying pattern of divisive community politics and mismanagement of council staff and resources by the mayoral administration in Tower Hamlets. I will be carefully examining the evidence provided by Panorama’s thorough investigation and will consider the appropriate next steps, including the case for exercising the legal powers available to me.”

Lutfur, the former Labour council leader, was replaced, deselected and subsequently expelled by the Labour Party after I revealed his close links to an Islamic extremist organisation, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), which believes in turning Europe into an Islamic state under sharia law. He was subsequently elected mayor as an independent.

As we have catalogued in the paper and on this blog, Lutfur has channelled millions of pounds in council grants to IFE front organisations and to close colleagues and associates, often at the expense of established, secular groups serving the whole community. A large council building, now being converted to a 25-bedroom luxury hotel, was sold for only £875,000 to the owner of Lutfur’s election campaign website.

Panorama found that Lutfur, who has taken personal control over council grants, had repeatedly overruled his own council officers and given Bengali- and Somali-run organisations two and a half times more money than the officers recommended.

In a memo leaked to the programme, Tower Hamlets’ head of environmental legal services, Jill Bell, warned the council was “vulnerable to legal challenge” after Lutfur and his allies added 94 extra grants, “a number of which were ineligible” under the council’s own rules. Ms Bell’s is now leaving her Tower Hamlets job.

Rob Whiteman, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, told the BBC that the degree of “material change” which Lutfur exercised over the officer recommendations was “very unusual.”

The desperation that Panorama has caused in Camp Rahman is gigantic – and possibly just as revealing as anything likely to be in the programme itself. Lutfur’s attempts to stymie the broadcast are a whole story of their own. He hired a law firm and PR specialists to try to stop it. He’s produced an expensively-produced counterattack film (did public money pay for that, I wonder?) and making predictable charges of racism and Islamophobia.

Most interestingly of all, in their fight against the BBC, he and his staff have been using confidential programme research material removed from the Panorama computers by a freelance they hired for a few days who then defected to the Rahman camp. Lutfur is claiming, entirely falsely, that the Beeb is under “criminal investigation” over this material. Shouldn’t it be Team Lutfur and the researcher who are under criminal investigation?

The tactics are familiar to any of us who report on Rahman – endless bullying threats and complaints, shameless playing of the race card, straightforward lying and denial of reality – but, as I have also found, they can be seen off easily enough if you have done your reporting properly. The programme goes out tonight at 8.30pm.

Many of its themes are likely to be familiar to readers of this blog (though I’ve had no involvement in the making of the film) but it is significant, and might possibly be a turning-point, that an organisation with the BBC’s clout is finally taking notice of this scandal.

Welcome back to the blog, by the way. I went quiet for a while because I have less time than I used to, but you will be hearing from me more over the next few months.


Video: Newborn Lebanese Baby “Joins” Hizbullah

Al-Manar TV  broadcast a segment about a newborn Lebanese baby “Joining” terrorist group Hizbullah. The newborn child is dressed is combat fatigues and Hizbullah hat while the babies proud parents tell the TV crew that he is Hizbullah from birth and will follow in the footsteps of his father to jihad.

What kind of future does this child have with stupid backwards parents like that who would rather he grows up full of hate and dies by a bullet than be successful in a career he chooses himself at some point in the future.