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Time For The UK To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee To The ‘Real Extremists’ As Another 11 British Muslim Terrorists Jailed

Over the last couple of months i have noticed an ever increasing amount of  biased articles in both the mainstream media and online attacking those who speak out and expose the true nature of Islam. The English Defence League have been the target of many of these reports, continently being falsely branded as EXTREMISTS ,although others such as Casuals United and even March For England have suffered the same. Like a genital wart outbreak in a brothel spreading like wildfire. Clueless leftists are crawling out from under the rocks they’ve bin hiding  chatting bullsh*t demonizing anyone who is remotely patriotic or criticizing Islam.From the usual communist groups such as Searchlight, Hope not hate and the SWP’s street thug front group UAF.  To the Islamists Tell Mama and various other Muslim apologist websites. Leftist media outlets like the Guardian and all the Mirror owned local newspapers. Self-appointed experts like Matthew Goodwin and the 1001 Muslim appeasing think tanks.Their all going on with themselves trying to kid the public about the supposed threat posed bv ‘right wing’ extremists. Often making links to  mass murderer Anders Brevick as though the EDL and every other group or individuals with anti Islam views are plotting similar atrocities on British soil.  Concerned citizens about the negative effects of Islam  YES, extremists NO

The people of Britain seriously need to open their eyes to the whats going on around them. Stop listening to the scaremongering by the far left like those mentioned above. They all have their own agenda for silencing Islams critics  and keeping Islamophobia in the spotlight. It keeps them in well paid jobs, it keeps their funding coming in and justifies their very existence. It sells their books and newspapers. This is why they steer clear of  talking about the real extremists who pose a very real threat to the people of Britain. Extremists from ‘the religion of peace’. Muslim extremists who live in the UK yet given half the chance they would be happy to see you, your family and everybody you know that is non Muslim blown to a million pieces by a bomb in the name of  Allah.

Until the EDL and other patriots start going to terror training camps or plotting to blow up scores of innocent Muslims. Lets drop the extremist label and start concentrating on the real extremists, the Muslim kind who pose a very real threat to British people’s safety. Lets be honest outside of the uncivilized Muslim world. Britain is the epicentre for Islamic terrorism. What is worse is that most of the Islamic wannabe jihadists are classed as British despite hating everything about Britain, its people and all it stands for. If it wasnt for the fine work that our counter terrorism police and mi5 have been doing the Uk would have been victim to numerous terrorist attacks by ‘British Muslims’.

This last month alone has seen several Muslim terror cells appearing in court which is very disturbing and makes you wonder how many other Muslims living in the UK there is that have yet to be captured. Yesterday saw 3 Muslims including white convert Richard Dart jailed for terrorism. Just over a week ago saw 4 Muslims from Luton found guilty and sent to prison for plotting terrorist attacks. At the start of the month the trial of 4 Muslims who planned on blowing up an EDL demo in Yorkshire began. Then today 11 hate filled Islamofascists from Birmingham were sentenced to between 18 years and 40 months

Eleven men have been jailed at Woolwich Crown Court, ending one of the largest ever counter-terrorism operations in the UK.

The investigation in Birmingham, known as Operation Pitsford, uncovered a cell of would-be suicide bombers who were trying to recruit others to their cause.



Irfan Naseer (left) and Irfan Khalid recruited other men to be part of their plot

Irfan Naseer and his co-defendant Irfan Khalid had received training from al-Qaeda contacts in Pakistan. They had recorded martyrdom videos there before returning to the UK.

Although the court heard that Khalid was committed to the cause, it was Naseer who was the man with the skills and he was secretly recorded explaining to others about how to make a bomb. In one recording, he talked about making eight bombs. In others he indicated he planned to be a suicide bomber.

The pair recruited other men to pose as legitimate charity workers on the streets of Birmingham and they collected thousands of pounds from unsuspecting members of the public.

Naseer played the key role in sending four other Birmingham men to Pakistan to receive training.

Irfan Khalid told one member of the inner circle about how he had recorded his martyrdom video in Pakistan, in which he said he boasted that his attack was “another 9/11” and “revenge for everything”. Naseer was sentenced to life with a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of five counts of preparing acts of terrorism. Khalid was found guilty of four such counts and given 18 years, with a further five on licence.


Ashik AliAshik Ali provided a safe house as plans developed

The third key member of the conspiracy was Ashik Ali. He had not been to Pakistan but provided a safe house as the plans developed. The trial heard that he was helping to plan the early stages of the bombing campaign and he had been involved in fraudulent fundraising by posing as a charity worker. He had also helped to recruit others to the cause.

In his police interview he said that his plan would have been to wear a suicide bomb vest, have a gun and shoot people. He was sentenced to 15 years, with five on licence, after being found guilty of three counts of preparing for acts of terrorism.


Ahmed was heavily involved in the group’s plans to con local people in Birmingham to hand over cash by posing as charity collectors for a legitimate Muslim charity. He drove a car that was at the centre of the investigation after it was successfully bugged by MI5.

Ahmed convinced Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid that he could take the thousands being raised in charity donations and make more money by speculating on the currency markets. He lost £9,000 – and then lost the trust of the others. He was the first of the men to plead guilty, and was given a 12-year sentence, with a further five on licence.


Hussain was a potential recruit and he pleaded guilty to helping with the bogus charity work. He was seen collecting money on the streets of Birmingham and helping to bank it.

However, his precise role beyond helping to collect cash remains unclear. In one bugged conversation, the leading members of the group expressed doubts about Hussain’s resolve to commit acts of terrorism, even though he knew why they were collecting money. They said he had not performed a special period of prayer and reflection that they hoped would lead the potential recruit to sign up to all of the cause. He was sentenced to four years.

(Top row left to right) Ishaaq Hussain, Shahid Khan, Mujahid Hussain (botton row left to right) Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain and Rahin Ahmed
Ishaaq Hussain, Shahid Khan, Mujahid Hussain (top row, left to right), Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain and Rahin Ahmed (bottom row, left to right) were also jailed


Ashik Ali tried to recruit his older brother, Bahader, to the cause. Although he helped with the bogus charity work he apparently had not signed up to the idea of a bomb plot. However, on one critical night in the conspiracy, as the police and MI5 were closing in, Bahader Ali was present at an important conversation with the ringleaders in which he was trying to find out more about the jihadist training they had received abroad. He also pleaded guilty to encouraging others to prepare acts of terrorism and was sentenced to six years.


Bahader Ali,19, (left) and Mohammed Rizwan, 34
Bahader Ali (left) and Mohammed Rizwan were sentenced to four and six years respectively

Another man who pleaded guilty. He was also present during a critical meeting in which he learnt more about the ideas and experiences of the leading members of the group. Rizwan was planning to go to Pakistan with his wife, and Woolwich Crown Court heard that he wanted to look into receiving training in a jihadist camp. Although he may have been identified as a recruit for a bombing campaign, he had not reached the point where he was at the centre of the cell, because the leaders were not even clear whether they wanted or needed him. In mitigation, his barrister told the court that he had resisted being recruited. He was sentenced to four years.


Irfan Naseer organised for these four young men to leave Birmingham and attend a militant jihadist camp in Pakistan, deep in the mountains four hours from Islamabad.

But immediately on their arrival at the camp in August 2011, they began to have second thoughts. By the time they had managed to get together – they had arrived in two pairs – they had decided to try to leave. They spent a night making urgent phone calls, with limited mobile phone battery life, back to their families in the UK. They had lied about their plans. Ishaaq Hussain had told his family he was taking part in a period of traditional prayer in a mosque in southern England. The families immediately organised their return to the UK, with the help of relatives in Pakistan. The families were furious about what had happened and went looking in Birmingham for the people who had played a part in persuading their sons to go to the camp. All four were sentenced to 40 months.

More on Operation Pitsford

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Muslim Girls School Brainwashing And Training Girls For Jihad

Reports coming out of India say that a Mumbai police memo reveals  a Muslim girls school is ‘training girls for jihad’. The Islamic group responsible for running the school  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, claimed the aim of the Muslim Girls School is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran. In contrary the leaked police internal memo claims that the organization has a different policy than the public 1 stated above. That behind closed doors away from sight, the Islamist school is brainwashing and training Muslim girls for jihad.

This is so often the case with these Muslim only schools and other organizations all over the world. So many have strong ties with Islamist jihadist groups or even a front for them. Promoting themselves as respectable to the non Muslims on the outside world, behind closed doors and away from infidels sight. The respectable disappears replaced by extremist teachings full of hate for non Muslims and glorifying terrorism in the name of Allah.

Muslim institute ‘training girls for jihad’, Mumbai Police memo reveals

PTI | Apr 1, 2013, 07.14 PM IST

Muslim institute 'training girls for jihad', Mumbai Police memo reveals
The “internal circular” said the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has been operating with the objective of “brainwashing college and school girls and train them for jihad”.
MUMBAI: Mumbai Police has kicked up a controversy following its circular which says the women’s wing of an Islamic organization is “brainwashing and training girls for jihad”. The outfit has threatened legal action if no apology is tendered by the police.The “internal circular” said the Girls Islamic Organization (GIO) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, one of the country’s largest Islamic organizations that runs 40 high schools and three junior colleges in Maharashtra, has been operating with the objective of “brainwashing college and school girls and train them for jihad”.

“The group GIO is related to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and it was established in Kerala. The purported aim of this organization is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran. But the real objective of this organization is to brainwash school and college girls and train them for jihad,” the circular, issued last month, says.

The document, meant for internal circulation, got leaked and has invited the wrath of Jamaat with its Maharashtra spokesman Mohammad Aslam Ghazi threatening to sue the police department if it does not apologise.

Ghazi alleged it was a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of the socio-religious organization.

“The circular was leaked with vicious intentions. The allegations against GIO are false and baseless,” he said.

“The Mumbai Police either has to prove the allegations or apologize for the error. Otherwise, we would sue them for defamation,” said Ghazi, adding their organization worked for “peace, justice and to fight against prejudice of the state machinery”.

Mumbai Police spokesman Satyanarayana Choudhary said “the circular was meant to be only for the department and not for public.”

Earlier, Mumbai Police had got embroiled in a row over a poem by a traffic police inspector Sujata Patil published in an issue of the force’s in-house journal ‘Samwad’ where she had described last year’s Azad Maidan protesters as “snakes” and “traitors” whose hands should have been “chopped off”. Amid threat of legal action and mounting anger of Muslim organizations, Patil had apologised in writing. The apology was published in the next issue of ‘Samwad’.

Dutch Raise Terrorism Alert, Citing Radicalization Of Youth

The Dutch government have raised its terrorism alert level to substantial risk due to what it describes in a very politically correct way as “radicalization of Dutch youth” . Looking deeper into the reasons it becomes quite clear that by “Dutch Youth” they don’t mean Youth on the whole. But radicalization of  a certain section of “The Dutch Youth”. They are referring to the youth that happen to be of the Islamic type if you hadn’t already guessed that much. The Netherlands like the UK is experiencing some “religion of peace” problems due to years of mass Muslim immigration and political correctness.

Large numbers of Muslim extremists living in Holland have recently left the country heading to Islamist hell holes such as Syria to participate or prepare for  Islamic jihad. The Dutch are quite rightly worried about when the jihadists return to the Netherlands and the effect they may have on the other Muslims. Spreading the disease of Islamofascism is a distinct possibility due to the easily incited blood thirsty Muslim minds 

The Terror attack risk for the netherlands has been raised due to militant islamists living in holland

Dutch Raise Terrorism Alert, Citing Radicalization Of Youth

AMSTERDAM, March 13 (Reuters) – The Netherlands raised its alert level for terrorist attacks to “substantial” on Wednesday, citing an increase in the number of Islamist militants travelling from the Netherlands to Syria, as well as a radicalisation of Dutch youth.

“The chance of an attack in the Netherlands or against Dutch interests abroad has risen,” the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) said in a statement.

“Close to a hundred individuals have recently left the Netherlands for various countries in Africa and the Middle East, especially Syria.”

The agency said individuals fighting for radical Islam abroad could return and “inspire others in the Netherlands to follow in their footsteps”.

Political changes in the Middle East and North Africa have made space for an expansion of radical Islamic groups that are no longer under the control of security forces, the agency said.

Dutch police and intelligence services have deployed extra personnel to investigate suspect individuals and monitor sources, the agency said.

The Netherlands has not suffered a major terrorist attack, but a radical Dutchman of Moroccan origin murdered the provocative filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was critical of multiculturalism and of Islam, in Amsterdam in 2004. (Reporting By Anthony Deutsch; Editing by Sara Webb and Kevin Liffey)

Islamberg, USA . The Muslim Only Town Where Residents Learn Guerilla Warfare Tactics

jihad training for muslims living in islamberg

Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre  underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Here within the compound lives a Muslim only community. The majority of these are black  american born males, hardened criminals who converted to radical Islam whilst serving time in state prison. It is also the headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, the International Quranic Open University  and the United Muslim Christian Forum. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that already dot 22 states across America. Evidence suggests these Islamic compounds and the convicted criminals who live their are participating in jihad training and using crime to raise funds

many of the muslims living their are convicts who converted to islam in new york state prisons such as rikers island, Attica Correctional Facility or sing sing

Islamberg and the other ‘Muslim only towns’ and these organizations are led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. He is the leader of Pakistani terrorist organization Jamaat al Fuqra . Muslim shoe bomber Richard Ried allegedly was heavily influenced by the group and its leader Gilani. 

Jamaat al Fuqra is the Pakistani Islamic group responsible for a string of murders, bombings and other terrorist acts across the world, including in the USA. Its chapter in America calls itself, “Muslims of America” (MOA), and actively recruits at mosques and prisons, where African-American inmates are especially targeted.

And Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani is the man whose Al Qaeda links Daniel Berg, the Wall Street Journal reporter, was investigating and on his way to interview in Pakistan as arranged in 2002 when he was betrayed and eventually beheaded. Pakistani police arrested Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani after Berg’s murder.

Islamberg has a makeshift mosque, a shack that is modestly named, “International Quranic Open University.” and occasionally holds public relations events to project a non-threatening image to the non-Muslims outside.

Away from their eyes, however, Islamberg, which is located near the reservoir that supplies most of New York City’s drinking water, and the other MOA compounds in America train recruits in firearms usage, bomb making and guerilla warfare , as Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani declared in a recruiting video that was not intended for non-Muslim audiences:

“We give [our recruits] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.” – Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

In 2001, ATF Special Agent Thomas P. Gallagher testified in court that “Individuals from the organization [Muslims of the Americas] are trained in Hancock, N.Y., and if they pass the training in Hancock, N.Y., are then sent to Pakistan for training in paramilitary and survivalist training by Mr. Gilani.”

In 2009, Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro obtained a Muslims of the Americas tape showing women at Islamberg receiving guerilla warfare training while dressed in military fatigue. The trainees were seen marching in formation, practicing hand-to-hand combat, learning to use knives and swords and firing guns into a lake. Only the first two digits in the on-screen date could be seen, indicating it was made in 2000 or afterwards

In 2012, a former high-level Muslims of the Americas member that lived at Islamberg for two years described widespread abuse, forced marriages and brainwashing at the commune. He said that almost all of the children are privately schooled and are illiterate. He said that he saw a 50-year old woman tied to a tree and beaten for violating the strict moral code.

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Taliban unveils female burka brigade

But are they really women underneath those burkas?? Or is really bearded savages (the male kind)  using them as a disguise to get in and out of places unnoticed 

Taliban unveils female burka brigade (but how do they see what they’re shooting at?)


PUBLISHED: 16:07, 28 October 2012 | UPDATED: 08:02, 29 October 2012

Burkha-clad women are being trained to fight by terrorists in the volatile Russian Republic of Chechnya.

This film, posted online by extremists, shows women in the traditional clothes being taught how to wield Kalashnikov assault rifles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and sniper rifles with deadly results.

It is believed the all-female group of fighters was recruited by a group linked to Al-Qaeda that has bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Infiltrators: Terror experts believe the fighters will be used in sneak attacks as soldiers will not suspect womenInfiltrators: Terror experts believe the fighters will be used in sneak attacks as soldiers will not suspect women

Taking aim: The burkha-clad women are seen in the video firing handguns Taking aim: The burkha-clad women are seen in the video firing handguns


Shocking: The women are seen learning how to assemble and load a range of deadly weaponsShocking: The women are seen learning how to assemble and load a range of deadly weapons

Terrorism experts suspect the women will be used to launch attacks because females are less likely to arouse suspicion among guards at terrorist targets.

The recruitment of women by the insurgent groups has become more common in recent years as it is thought that they are more effective at evading security check points.

But the rise in the numbers of such recruits is likely to lead to greater scrutiny of them from guards becoming wise to the Taliban’s scheme.

Similarly, the group is said to have increased the number of teens and children recruited.

In the video, the women are seen getting to grips with a variety of weapons, learning how to load them and seen lined up firing the weapons. The women use rocks as a steady base when using some of the heavier weapons as well as sniper rifles.

Last year a senior leader of an Al Qaeda-linked terror group was captured dressed up like a Muslim woman in a burkha.

The unnamed commander was discovered in northern Afghanistan and was one of a number of cases involving male militants disguised as females.

Terrifying: The women are being trained to use devastating heavy weaponsTerrifying: The women are being trained to use devastating heavy weapons


Deadly: One woman uses a large rock to keep her weapon steady as she learns how to fire itDeadly: One woman uses a large rock to keep her weapon steady as she learns how to fire it


Loading: The women are shown kneeling down getting to grips with Kalashnikov assault rifles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and sniper riflesLoading: The women are shown kneeling down getting to grips with Kalashnikov assault rifles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and sniper rifles


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2224336/Taliban-recruits-burkha-brigade–dont-worry-doesnt-look-like-hit-much.html#ixzz2AgRw5J99

Big Mouth MP George Galloway claims al-Qaeda terrorists a ‘creation of ours’

The repulsive attention seeking Bradford MP George Galloway has had another bout of verbal diarrhoea again in a youtube video he posted talking about his favourite topic,same as usual, anti west Muslim propaganda. His latest outburst claims that Britain and America  created Al-Qaeda and trained them at US military bases

Controversial MP George Galloway claims al-Qaeda terrorists a ‘creation of the US and Britain’

HE also alleges that al-Qaeda operatives were trained in Fort William and were armed by us in a video posted on Youtube.

Controversial MP George Galloway claims al-Qaeda terrorists a 'creation of ours' - Daily Record

Respect MP George Galloway

GEORGE Galloway has claimed British and American troops trained al-Qaeda terrorists… in Fort William.

The Respect MP unleashed his latest Good Night with George Galloway rant on YouTube yesterday.

It comes on the heels of his video which said rape charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had no basis as having sex with a sleeping woman “does not constitute rape”.

And he later described a Twitter user as a “windae licker” – an abusive term for someone with special needs.

Yesterday, Galloway insisted the 9/11 attacks were “clearly a conspiracy” and that “al-Qaeda are a creation of ours”.

He said: “I’m not in any doubt that a group of al-Qaeda operatives entered the US from Germany, enrolled in flying schools, learned how to fly planes, boarded planes, seized control of them and flew themselves into the twin towers.

“The reason they did it is an open question and, for that, we need to go back to the 1980s. Al-Qaeda and their forefathers and the Taliban are all inventions of the US and Britain.

“Al-Qaeda were only ever in Afghanistan because we helped to send them there. We armed them, financed them, called them heroes and freedom fighters.

“We trained them in Fort William… at the special forces military training schools there and in other places.

“We gave to these jihadists in Afghanistan fighting the Red Army in the 1980s all the wherewithal that they are now using against British and American soldiers in Afghanistan.

“I don’t doubt who carried 9/11 out. It was al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda are a creation of ours; a creation that we made on the principle that my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

“Not only did we create these people in the first place but we have reached for them as a weapon of choice to deploy against our enemies.”

The Home Office declined to comment on Galloway’s claims regarding al-Qaeda in Fort William.

Fort William MSP Dave Thompson said: “If George has got evidence of al-Qaeda training people in Fort William then he needs to give it to the authorities immediately.

“It’s up to him to say whatever he wants to say but it strikes me he’s making statements to court publicity.”

via Controversial MP George Galloway claims al-Qaeda terrorists a ‘creation of ours’ – Daily Record.

Anti British Traitor. Bradford MP George Galloway. Respect Party Islamofascist Defender of all things Muslim . The enemy within Press TV Iran propaganda puppet. Rapist sympathiser