VIDEO: Muslim Man Threatens To Kill Female Because Because Her Shoes Offend Him


Here is one hate crime video that wasn’t splashed all over the press or going viral on social media with every leftist/muslim social commenter and their dog foaming at the mouth over it. Thats because this is one of those all to common hate attacks that dont count due to the aggressor being a Muslim and the victim an infidel.

The video was shot on the London overground railway. It seems the bearded Muslim male ranting has taken offence to the girl putting her feet up on the chair with the bottom of her shoes showing. As Muslims are told Allah doesn’t like you coming in the mosque wearing shoes they have developed serious issues at the sight of the soles of peoples shoes. They consider them unclean because they touch the floor. Hence why when Muslims are protesting about one of the millions of things that offend them you will often see some raging islamist waving a shoe about 

The video was posted with the following message:

“So on my way home today on the train I got abused by a Muslim C&#T for having my feet on the chair threatened to kill me and have me arrested”  – Ruby Butler


Police Investigate Threats To Behead Ex EDL Leader Tommy Robinson By Muslim Troll


Police are investigating threats to behead the ex English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. A sadistic Muslim troll took offence to the counter-jihad activists comment on social media where he called Islams false prophet Muhammed a nonce(derogatory term for a sex offender). To which the Muslim savage  then tweeted that he was going to behead him and force his wife and children to watch the sick spectacle.

Previous threats made to Robinson by Muslims and the far left have been ignored and not followed up by the police, Like Tommy Robinson quite rightly points out. Had it been the other way round, police would of been there in a flash to arrest him.

The threats by Muslims because you dare to question their beliefs or expose their wrong doing is something i can relate to myself although not in terms of the numbers as Robinson gets. Threats of violence or rape to myself or my family unfortunately comes as part of what we do. Although most are from keyboard warriors, its always in the back of your mind that it only takes one Muslim idiot to go through with their threats.

Former EDL leadership alongside American counter jihad activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller
Former EDL leadership alongside American counter jihad activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

Police investigate threats made to ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson during Twitter exchange


By LutonOnSunday  |  Posted: July 03, 2015

Stephen Lennon received threats on Twitter

Comments (0)BEDFORDSHIRE Police have said they are investigating a series of online threats made to ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.Tommy, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, approached the force after a user on Twitter called ‘AbdullaHersea’ threatened to handcuff his children and behead him in their presence.They came following an online exchange between the pair on June 26 in which Tommy wrote ‘your prophet was a nonce abdullah’ and AbdullaHersea replied with ‘you won’t see your children tomorrow’.

AbdullaHersea also wrote: ‘Nah mate after i handcuff your kids to the heater i’ll behead you right in-front of there daddy (sic)’.

Tommy said he had complained about threatening messages in the past but claimed nothing was ever done about them.

He said: “They never do anything about what people say about my wife or my daughter. If I said one word out of line they would nick me.

“All I said to the police is that if you nick one of them and put that in the press then it would stop.”

Luton on Sunday could not reach AbdullaHersea for comment as his account no longer exists.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “We are aware of these reports and are investigating. Mr Lennon is aware of this.”

Read more: http://www.luton-dunstable.co.uk/Police-investigate-Twitter-threats-behead-Tommy/story-26827193-detail/story.html#ixzz3exqIDl7Y

Muslim convert has admitted making threats to kill Prince Harry

Another white British convert who let Islam  into his head and lost all his marbles. Its bad enough just making a threat to kill a member of the royal family, walking into a police station and doing it is just complete stupidity

Man admits threatening to kill Prince Harry

A man belived to be a white Muslim convert has admitted making threats to kill Prince Harry, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

Man admits threatening to kill Prince Harry

A man belived to be a white Muslim convert has admitted making threats to kill Prince Harry, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

10:24AM BST 02 Jun 2013

Homeless Ashraf Islam, 30, walked a police station in Hounslow and made the threats to officers on May 23 – a day after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south east London.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to the offence at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on May 25.

He was remanded in custody and is currently awaiting sentencing, Scotland Yard has said. He could face up to 10 years in prison.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command investigated the case, but no terror charges were brought against Islam, a spokesman confirmed.

Prince Harry, 28, has served two tours in Afghanistan, the first as a forward air controller – directing air strikes – and the second as an Army helicopter pilot.

It is believed that after Islam’s claims security surrounding the Prince was increased.

Last night a second man was charged with the murder of Drummer Rigby.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, of Romford, Essex was also charged with the attempted murder of two police officers and will appear before magistrates tomorrow.


Brighton Man Attacked In His Home By ‘Asian’ Thug With A Golf Club

The Labour Party’s forced multiculturalism of Britain at its finest. Your in your own home, nice and relaxed sat watching TV  on a Tuesday night. When out of the blue your peace is shattered. Crash bang your front door gets kicked off the hinges. Next thing there you are confronted face to face by a ‘religion of peace’ member in your own home. Swinging a golf club attempting to use your head as the ball and threatening to kill you. If you cant feel safe in your own home where can you?

With no apparent motive, the whole incident is being put down to a mistake and the Asian attacker must of got the wrong house. Could somebody who is going to do a home invasion and commit an aggravated  robbery risking a long prison sentence really be that stupid? As to not make sure that your certain its the right door your going through,so you at least know what’s waiting on the other side is not 2 rottweilers.

Had the home owner been a Muslim and the thug who kicked his door in and attempted to attack him with a golf club not been Asian, but say a white male with a skinhead. Would it of still been just a case of a mix up and the wrong house?? Or would it automatically of become a hate crime because the victim was Muslim. Given Brighton peoples far left political leanings and their eagerness to label anything or anyone remotely white / British as fascists such as the MFE St.Georges Day Parade. Id say Tell Mama would have it logged as an anti Muslim hate crime by now.

Dad’s ordeal as armed thug gets wrong house in Brighton

1:40pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in NewsBy Neil Vowles

A father said he feared for his life after a man burst into his home swinging a golf club in what is thought to be a case of mistaken identity.

Terry Flynn has spoken exclusively to The Argus about the terrifying ordeal in his own home after he was threatened with a golf club by a bungling attacker.

The intruder shouted at Mr Flynn to ‘tell him the code’ before threatening to kill him.

The father-of-one was watching TV show Shameless at 10.50pm last Tuesday in his home in Stephens Road, Hollingdean, when he heard two gentle taps on his door.

Moments later his door was kicked in by a young Asian man swinging a golf club and shouting at Mr Flynn.

The 41-year-old reacted quickly, throwing himself at the intruder, shoving his head into the man’s chest and pushing him against his lounge wall.

The intruder then attempted to swing the golf club but was restricted by a small hallway and Mr Flynn pushed him out of his home and forced the front door shut.

Mr Flynn pretended he was calling the police even though his phone was feet away in the lounge while the intruder continued to threaten him from the other side of the door.

The intruder then ran away from the house into a waiting car, which sped off.Fortunately Mr Flynn’s 14- year-old son, who lives with him part of the time, was with his mother at the time of the attack.

Mr Flynn said: “I have lived here for four years and never had any confrontation so it must have been a wrong address.

“I was shocked and angry, I was thinking ‘how dare you come into my home’.

“I sent him flying against the wall and thought ‘there’s not much to him’ so I felt more confident then.

“If he had been able to hit me with the golf club God knows what damage he might have done.

“If he had gone to the house on the other side of my block where two old ladies live I don’t know what would have happened to them.”

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting serial 1522 of 26/3.


Court Told How Jalal Hussain Beat Up Girl, Tied Her To Bed And Raped At A House In Nelson

And the Muslim rape epidemic of Britain continues with Jalal Hussain in the dock at Burnley Crown Court. This sick sadistic nonce from Nelson in Lancashire gets his sexual gratification from terrorizing frightened girls. The bullying coward beat up a girl at a house before tying her to a bed with cables and repeatedly raping his victim. As if he hadnt inflicted enough pain on her with the ordeal he then put a knife to her throat and cut her leg. He contined to carry on his strong arm tactics and intimidation  by threating to shoot his victim and her family. During the frenzied attack Hussain told the girl “she deserved it” something that i have repeatedly said, thats what Muslims truely believe in their heads that their victims deserve the vile attacks almost to justify it to themselves

Nelson teenager allegedly beat up and raped girl, jury told

3:30pm Wednesday 20th March 2013 in NewsBy Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TEENAGER allegedly beat up and repeatedly raped a girl, threatening to kill her and shoot her family, a jury was told.

Burnley Crown Court heard claims the petrified and crying girl was tied to a bed with cables by Mikael Jalal Hussain, who hit her to force her to have sex with him at a house in Nelson.

He later put a knife to her neck before cutting her leg.

Hussain was said to have struck the alleged victim with a stick, pushed her into a wall, kicked her in the stomach, lifted her off the ground by her hair and removed the SIM card from her mobile phone.

Prosecutor David Temkin alleged the defendant was strangling the girl and told her: “If I killed you, who would come to your funeral? I bet nobody would come to your funeral.”

Hussain, now 18 and living in Bradford, denies four charges of rape and three allegation of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place several years ago when the defendant lived in Nelson.

Mr Temkin said the victim was allegedly hit in the face and body several times by Hussain. He took her purse and threw it against a wall, picked her up off the ground by her hair, called her abusive names and destroyed her SIM card.

The prosecutor claimed Hussain threatened to shoot the girl’s family and she believed the threats. Mr Temkin told to the jury Hussain repeatedly raped the girl. He said: “The prosecution say that the defendant knew perfectly well that she did not consent to sex with him.”

The hearing was told Hussain threatened to rip off the alleged victim’s clothes with a knife and then held her down, hit her and told her to shut up.

The ‘petrified’ girl was crying and in pain. The defendant allegedly pulled the girl by the legs, pushed her down and told her he would kill her.

Mr Temkin alleged Hussain then tied the student to a bed, by putting cables through holes in the mattress. He said: “He tied her down with her arms and feet, so in effect she was in a star shape. Police later seized it and the mattress had holes in it.”


Abdul Miah Admits Knifepoint Rape Of 15 yo Girl In Newcastle

Another Muslim nonce who committed heinous sex crimes against children  

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Teenager admits knifepoint rape #casualsunited #nwi #evf #edl

A teenager has admitted raping a 15-year-old girl at knifepoint in a terrifying 90-minute ordeal.

Abdul Miah, 19, from Hull Street, Elswick, Newcastle, appeared at the city’s Crown Court via video-link and pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one of robbery.

He attacked his victim on waste ground in Elswick, in Newcastle’s West End, on December 18. He denied kidnap, false imprisonment, making threats to kill and having an offensive weapon but admitted carrying a bladed article.

Judge James Goss, the Recorder of Newcastle, will sentence him next month.

Katherine Dunn, prosecuting, said those not guilty pleas were acceptable as it was not in the public interest to make the victim go through a trial.

The judge told Miah: “I am told there is no issue in relation to the facts of the case as described by the complainant and you will be sentenced on that basis.”

He adjourned the case to allow for reports to be prepared in relation to the risk Miah poses, and other matters. Miah was remanded back into custody and will be sentenced in the week commencing April 15.

The horrendous attack was overheard by the victim’s mother, who had called the teenager’s phone when she did not come home as expected, according to reports.

When the manhunt was still on, the girl’s aunt told the Evening Chronicle newspaper: “She rang her daughter and she could hear his voice in the background, but she didn’t know where she was or what was happening.”

The mother called police after she heard Miah’s voice over the phone. He had approached the victim and robbed her at knifepoint, taking two mobile phones and money, before taking her to waste ground to rape her. Police later found the 4in (10cm) wooden-handled kitchen knife Miah used.


Interactive Map Of Britain Showing the True Scale Of The Muslim Grooming Gang and Paedophile epidemic
Interactive Map Of Britain Showing the True Scale Of The Muslim Grooming Gang and Paedophile Epidemic

Channel 4 documentary on history of Islam cancelled after moaning Muslims threaten and intimidate presenter

Extremely disappointed with Channel 4 backing down and cancelling a screening of the controversial documentary Islam: The Untold Story, after the presenter was threatened with physical violence by brainless moaning Muslims. i applauded Channel 4 at the time for having the balls to show it in the first place something which the Muslim biased BBC would  never have done. To pull the screening now because Muslims cant handle criticism and have to resort to threats of violence,is just aiding their cause of Islamic take over of Britain. Everytime now Muslims dont like something they will know threats and bullying will get them what they want

Screening of controversial Channel 4 documentary on history of Islam cancelled after presenter is threatened

  • Historian Tom Holland received online abuse after programme prompted more than 1,200 complaints


PUBLISHED: 19:38, 11 September 2012 | UPDATED: 20:18, 11 September 2012Islam: The Untold Story, a documentary by historian Tom Holland, pictured, sparked a backlash by viewers and has now been cancelled

Islam: The Untold Story, a documentary by historian Tom Holland, pictured, sparked a backlash by viewers and has now been cancelled

Channel 4 has been forced to cancel a screening of the controversial documentary Islam: The Untold Story, after the presenter was threatened with physical violence.

Historian Tom Holland received abusive messages on Twitter and warnings he would come to harm because of the film, in which he suggests that Islam is a ‘made-up’ religion.

The programme has already been aired on Channel 4, sparking more than 1,200 complaints, but the broadcaster was planning a screening for ‘opinion formers’ at its London headquarters later this month.

It had hoped to organise a debate around the screening but the whole event has had to be axed because of fears it would be targeted.

Critics have accused Holland of distorting the history of the religion in Islam: The Untold Story.

His investigation into its origins claimed that there is little written contemporary evidence about the prophet Mohammed.

He also suggests the Koran makes little or no reference to Islam’s holy city of Mecca, and argues there is no evidence for the general assertion that Islam began ‘fully formed’ in the 7th century.

Instead Holland says it has developed over the centuries into the religion we know today.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy accused him of making ‘baseless assumptions’ and engaging in ‘selective scholarship’.

Holland received abusive tweets questioning his views on the religion. Some posted physical threats to the Cambridge-educated historian via Twitter, while one called him a ‘fool’ for suggesting Islam is a ‘made-up religion’.

Ofcom – which received 150 of the complaints regarding the programme’s inaccuracy, alleged bias and offence to Muslims – said it was considering launching an investigation.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: ‘Having taken security advice, we have reluctantly cancelled a planned screening of the programme Islam: The Untold Story. We remain extremely proud of the film which is still available to view on 4oD.’

Holland's investigation into Islam's origins claimed that there is little written contemporary evidence about the prophet MohammedHolland’s investigation into Islam’s origins claimed that there is little written contemporary evidence about the prophet Mohammed

Holland, the author of best-sellers Rubicon and Persian Fire, said that Islam is ‘a legitimate subject of historical inquiry’.

Writing on the Channel 4 website after complaints to both the channel and watchdog Ofcom, he said: ‘We were of course aware when making the programme that we were touching deeply held sensitivities and went to every effort to ensure that the moral and civilizational power of Islam was acknowledged in our film, and the perspective of Muslim faith represented, both in the persons of ordinary Bedouin in the desert, and one of the greatest modern scholars of Islam, Seyyed Hossein Nasr.’

Holland was defended by Dr Jenny Taylor who runs the charity Lapido Media, which encourages better understanding and reporting of religion in the media.

‘He’s shown all of us that Islam is interesting enough to be taken seriously. He’s refused to stick his head in the sand and play blind about the problems or internal tensions that all thinking Muslims know are there,’ she said.

‘He’s not trammelled the sacred heart of an ancient mystery but found hints of an even greater and more awesome reality that is tantalisingly beyond our grasp at the moment, but could just be the key to a shared past and shared future.’

Last month BBC comedy series Citizen Khan, about a Muslim community leader, received 200 complaints following its first episode.

Citizen Khan, about a Muslim community leader, sparked hundreds of complaints from viewers who said it took the 'mickey out of Islam'Citizen Khan, about a Muslim community leader, sparked hundreds of complaints from viewers who said it took the ‘mickey out of Islam’

It was claimed that the programme ‘takes the mickey out of Islam’, was guilty of ‘stereotypes about Asians’ and was ‘disrespectful to the Koran’.

One scene that particularly provoked anger was where a heavily-made up girl, Mr Khan’s daughter, rushed to put on a hijab and pretended to be reading the Koran when her father entered.

The six-part series, which aired for the first time on BBC1 in August, was created by British Muslim Adil Ray, who also plays the lead role.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2201699/Islam-The-Untold-Story-Screening-Channel-4-documentary-cancelled-presenter-threatened.html#ixzz26KwbtSB2

Strangle a 16yo girl, beat her, threaten to kill = No Jail (If your a Muslim Imam)

Yet again the British legal system fails miserably giving the impression of a 2 tier justice system where Muslims get a far softer sentence than anyone else brought before the bench .Anyone else found guilty of trying to strangle their 16 year old daughter, beating her, threatening to kill because she refused to be forced into marrying her own cousin would now be in a cell in strangeways prison with a hefty sentence ahead of them. Unless your a Muslim preacher like Abid Hussain who runs a mosque in Longsight,Manchester. Who for some mind boggling reason received the pityfull  punishment of a suspended sentence and community service.

As was pointed out during his trial at Manchester Crown Court he is a man held highly by the Muslim community. So surely that alone should be more of a reason to get a punishment fitting the crime the same as anyone else would get a spell in jail,or even make an example of him and give a harsher sentence to send out the message that this kind of violence and treatment of a woman will not be tolerated. What sort of impression does it give to the Muslims who see this iman they regard highly using violence against his own child, claiming he has done no wrong. That Islamic law allows violence against women and its ok to do the same?? it seems the excuse of giving religious reasons as an excuse for your crimes works wonders for Muslims

Credit to the girl for reporting the crime not being brainwashed by the cult into marrying her own cousin. Im sure she will have a more prosperous future now with the husband of her choice away from the  outdated,barbaric evil teachings  of Islam, interbreeding and the high risk of having a genetically deformed child

Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his daughter, 16, for refusing an arranged marriage to her cousin spared jail

  • Abid Hussain grabbed his daughter around the neck after she rejected wedding plans
  • Her two brothers were also convicted of assault
  • All three were handed suspended jail terms


PUBLISHED: 09:36, 28 July 2012 | UPDATED: 22:40, 28 July 2012

Free to go:  soft sentence again for muslim woman beater Abid Hussain leaving Manchester Crown Court where the Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter avoided jail Free to go: Abid Hussain leaving Manchester Crown Court where the Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter avoided jail

A Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter after she refused to enter into an arranged marriage with her cousin has avoided jail.

Abid Hussain, 56, grabbed the neck of Rabiyah Abid and said: ‘If you don’t follow my rules I will kill you’ after she rejected his plans for her to wed.

Hussain also left the teenager in fear of her life as he battered her about the head at the family home above the mosque he runs at Longsight, Manchester.

The father-of-five had snapped after discovering Rabiyah refused to follow strict Islamic tradition and embarked on a romance with a student she had met on Facebook.

She had previously run away from home to be with him and even helped police draw up a court order banning her father from forcing her into the marriage.

At Manchester Crown Court yesterday Hussain was convicted of assault and making threats to kill. He admitted his daughter’s conduct had ‘brought shame’ on his family and caused him ‘mental torture’ but denied wrongdoing.

His two sons Nawab Uddin, 23, and Bahaud Uddin, 21 were also convicted of assaulting the teen.

Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting said Rabiyah lived in a ‘very male dominated, patriarchal household’ where she was left ‘exhausted’ by cooking and cleaning.

In accordance with Islamic tradition she had been ‘betrothed’ by her father to his sister’s son in Pakistan at just 15 years old.

But she ended up falling for college student Gulraiz Sultan whom she had met on social media.

In November last year, while her father was celebrating Eid in Pakistan, Mr Sultan travelled from his home in London to Oldham to stay with a friend and Rabiyah fled her home to stay with him.

Nawab reported the teenager missing to police but when officers traced her, she told them of her fears that she would be forced to marry when she had finished her GCSEs at school.

When her father returned from Pakistan, he learned that she had stayed with her secret boyfriend, and to add ‘insult to injury’ he was served by police with a Forced Marriage Prevention Order stopping him from pressuring her into the arranged marriage.

When Hussain saw the document – which led to the girl’s passport being taken by the authorities – he regarded it as a ‘combination of her and the UK judicial system depriving him of his right to choose her husband within his own family’.

Attack: Nawab Uddin, 23, brother of the victim Rabiyah Abid arriving at Manchester Crown Court where he was sentenced for attacking his sister
Brother: Teenage Rabiyah Abid was also attacked by her brother Bahaud Uddin, 21, after refusing to enter into an arranged marriage

Weeks later, on December 26, last year he assaulted her leading her to send a text message to Sultan saying ‘I thought I was going to die last night’.

Two days later her brothers, Nawab and Bahaud were said to have snatched her phone from her – to stop the teenager texting Sultan and smacked her in the face and head.

She wore a veil to hide her injuries and the next day she reported them to police.

Describing the attack by her father, Rabiyah said: ‘He used his right hand to grab my neck. It was quite painful. He said “If you don’t follow my rules I will kill you.” He was quite angry, really angry.

Mr Blackshaw said: ‘Hussain is plainly a devout man retaining traditional values regarding family matters, which is the reason for what we say was the offending in this case, because his daughter was not going along with his wishes in following that cultural duty.’

In his defence Hussain claimed his daughter was free to wed whom she wanted and accused of her and her boyfriend of making false accusations.

He said: ‘I told her, if you want to go with him you are at liberty but adopt a proper way, a civilised way, a modern way. We can’t force you. But I got told by someone that they made a plan that father should go to jail.’

He told the jury his daughter’s behaviour had brought shame on the family and caused them ‘mental torture’ but denied that anger had led him to attack her.

Conviction: Father-of-five Abid Hussain and his two sons were all convicted of assault at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square Conviction: Father-of-five Abid Hussain and his two sons were all convicted of assault at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square

Bahaud Uddin said he would have preferred for his sister to marry their cousin, since ‘blood matching blood’ was better.

Sentencing Hussain Judge Michael Leeming said: ‘You’re a man of high standing in the local Asian community and take your family, culture and religion very seriously.

‘Its clear that these offences were committed in the context of your strict religious and cultural beliefs.

‘At home Rabia had in your view departed from what was expected of her.

‘But of course she was 16 and entitled to make her own decisions and mistakes.

‘And if it comes about that she has made a mistake then she will know it is of her own making.

‘I am satisfied this was a strange loss of temper but an attempt to part your own influence and control on your daughter an attempt to coerce her in to conforming with your own beliefs.’

Sentencing Nawab Uddin the judge said: ‘As with your father you stand to deny your responsibility for what the jury have found you guilty of.

‘You told the probation officer you regard your sisters behaviour as shameful, that she had brought shame to your family and that she had been effectively manipulated and deceived.’

Sentencing Bahaud Uddin, The judge said: ‘You deny these allegations and regard yourself as being wrongly convicted.

‘There’s concerns about your rigid thinking and the fact you seem to have no victim awareness or empathy.

‘And your described your sisters complaints as being malicious and you regard her as having changed by her boyfriend.’

Abid Hussain received a suspended sentence of nine months suspended for 12 months, with 100 hours unpaid work.

Nawab Uddin received a suspended sentence of three months suspended for 12 months, with 100 hours unpaid work and a supervision order for 12 months.

Bahaud Uddin received three months suspended for 12 months, with 200 hours unpaid work.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2180176/Abid-Hussain-Muslim-preacher-tried-strangle-daughter-16-refusing-arranged-marriage-cousin.html#ixzz22EGNCFtm