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Muslim Charged By Police For Threats To Behead UKIP Candidate

Aftab Ahmed of Winchcombe Place, Newcastle, has been charged by police for threats to behead UKIPs election candidate who is contesting for the Newcastle East seat in next weeks election. Ahmed isn’t so clever now after being caught. Wouldn’t surprise me if he rung making threats to behead off his own phone and forgot to withhold his number

Man charged after alleged beheading threat against Ukip candidate

First published Tuesday 28 April 2015 in News

A man has been charged after an alleged threat to behead a Ukip election candidate.

David Robinson-Young, 62, who is standing in Newcastle East, made the allegation to the police after claiming Aftab Ahmed, 44, made the threat on the phone to him.

Northumbria Police today confirmed Aftab Ahmed, of Winchcombe Place, Newcastle, has been charged with threats to kill.

At the time Mr Robinson-Young said he had been left “shaken” by the call.

Ahmed will appear at magistrates’ court later this week.

Woman Threatened With Knife By Two ‘Asian’ Scroates In Preston

Threatening and attacking women (as well as children, OAPS, disabled people) is becoming standard behaviour these days by members of ‘the religion of peace’. They target the weakest in society because they are spineless cowards with no morales what so ever.

Woman threatened with knife on her way home

A 29-year-old woman was attacked on her way home from buying groceries in Preston.

Police said it happened at around 11pm on Monday on Ripon Street near to Garstang Road, Preston.

It is believed that two men approached the woman and demanded that she hand over her handbag but she refused.

The attackers then pulled her to the ground and one of them threatened her with a knife.

A passer-by shouted out to the attackers who then ran off and dropped the victim’s bag which has since been recovered.

The two attackers made off on foot in the direction of Moor Park. The victim was left with cuts and grazes to her face, arms and legs.

Officers are keen to trace the man who intervened and are appealing for him to come forward as they believe he may hold vital information about the incident. He is described as a tall white male.

The two offenders are both described as Asian men.

The first offender is believed to be aged around 26 to 28 years old, around 5ft 6in tall, of medium build and spoke with a local accent.

He was wearing a dark duffle-type jacket, black tracksuit bottoms, a black woollen hat and gloves.

The second offender was slightly taller than the first and of a stocky build. He had a goatee style beard and was dressed in black clothing.

DC Steve Gilmore of Preston CID said: “This was a vicious and nasty attack on a young woman and we would urge anyone with any information at all to please come forward. We are particularly keen to talk to the man who ran over and managed to scare off the attackers and we would encourage him to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the burglary or about the offenders can contact Preston Police on 101 quoting log reference 332 of December 8

Egyptian Islamists Warn British Holidaymakers ‘Leave Or Risk Being Killed”

British sun seekers in Egypt are on high alert following death threats by local Muslim extremists. The Islamists have warned holiday makers to get out of Egypt or risk being killed. A nice way to treat those whose spending money keeps the Egyptian economy ticking over. The sharia obsessed radicals probably couldn’t care less about money coming into the country anyway because if they achieve their ultimate goal. Egypt will be back in the dark ages and not need a stable financial system.

Personally i wouldn’t venture to any Muslim country anytime unless it was an absolute necessity for work reasons. Even then i wouldn’t be to happy about it. Now given the random acts of brain dead Muslim rage that can happen over the slightest thing in that region. Not a prayer would you find me anywhere near. Theres more chance of me going camping in Siberia for a vacation.

Terrorists warn British tourists to get out of Egypt or risk being killed

THOUSANDS of British tourists have been warned to get out of Egypt or risk death.

By Felicity Cross/Published 19th February 2014
egypt, terror, threat, militants, tourists, south, korean, RISK: Militants have threatened the safety of tourists in Egypt [GETTY]

Militants have threatened to attack resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group said: “We recommend tourists to get out safely before the expiry of the deadline.”

They also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed two South Korean tourists and an Egyptian on Sunday.

A large number of Brits are in Egypt for a half-term sunshine break.

“We recommend tourists to get out safely before the expiry of the deadline”

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group

A Foreign and Commonwealth Offi ce spokesman said: “The safety of British nationals is a major concern for the FCO and we keep our travel advice under constant review.”

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has become Egypt’s most active Islamist militant organisation as it seeks to topple the interim government.

Anna Boyd, a defense and security analyst at London-based IHS Jane said: “This statement, if genuine, would add tourism quite explicitly to the target set already outlined by Ansar, which includes security forces and economic interests of the state and the army.”


More 2 Tier Justice: Muslim Woman Who Scammed £35k Gets Suspended Sentence

A  woman from Yorkshire is the latest winner in Britain’s 2 tier justice why lucky Muslim criminals are given ridiculously soft sentences for crimes anybody else would be sent to prison for . Sidra Fatima and her taxi driver husband conned £35,000 in a marriage scam from 6 men. She was also charged with a £170,000 mortgage fraud and 3 fake burglary in order to claim the insurance. 

The judge said  ‘You both benefited from these frauds and it is clear you lived a very comfortable lifestyle.’ and then let her walk away with a suspended sentence and no mention of proceeds of crime payment. Instead of being a deterrent its a fill your boots incentive to other sinister Muslims 

Conwoman who posed as a ‘simple and sincere’ bride-to-be to trick unsuspecting suitors out of £35,000 with a dating website honey trap escapes jail

  • Sidra Fatima, 33, ran cruel scam for nearly two years, conning seven men
  • Judge says she left potential suitors humiliated, miserable and deep in debt
  • Mother-of-two, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, tricked men out of £35,000
  • But Fatima escaped jail, being given only a 12-month suspended sentence
  • Husband Raja Haider Ali, 45, threatened those who ask for their money back
  • Court heard how he told men he had already murdered 20 people in Pakistan


PUBLISHED: 19:30, 10 January 2014 | UPDATED: 00:17, 11 January 2014

Cruel: Sidra Fatima ran the scam for nearly two years, conning seven men out of £35,000Cruel: Sidra Fatima ran the scam for nearly two years, conning seven men out of £35,000


A conwoman who posed as a ‘simple and sincere’ potential bride in order to trick men out of money on an Asian marriage website has escaped jail.

Sidra Fatima, 33, carried on her cruel charade for nearly two years, and in that time managed to pull the wool over the eyes of seven men, getting them to part with over £35,000.

But the mother-of-two from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire today avoided jail, being given a 12-month suspended sentence despite the judge saying her suitors ‘had to put up with humiliation, debt and misery’.

Fatima said she was divorced and looking for a husband ‘who knows the meaning of love’ on dating website Shaadi.com.

But she was already married, setting up the scam with her husband Raja Haider Ali, 45.

Once they found a victim Fatima would arrange to meet him and occasionally meet their families.

Ali would often chaperone Fatima while pretending to be her cousin or brother

John Harrison, prosecuting, today told Bradford Crown Court that Fatima even had two profiles on the website to enable the defendants to catch more hopeful men in their trap’.

At the top of one of her pages Fatima described herself as ‘simple and sincere’.

Mr Harrison said: ‘The various suitors were not told that Fatima and Ali were married. Following the initial meeting, Fatima would agree to marriage.

‘She would then insist that the complainant hand over money to pay for the wedding and also to purchase items to for the wedding to give to her in the form of a dowry.

‘After purchases had been made and money handed over, Fatima would terminate the relationship, either by telling the complainant that she no longer wished to pursue the relationship of by simply not returning his phone calls.

‘The defendants made significant sums from this fraudulent activity.’


Misery: Potential suitors were left humiliated and deeply in debt by Sidra Fatima (left). Her husband Raja Haider Ali (right) threatened men who ask for their money back, telling them he had murdered 20 people in Pakistan


On one occasion, when a suitor asked for his money back, Ali threatened him, telling him he had murdered 20 people in Pakistan and showing him a picture of an AK-47 machine gun on his phone.

Some of the young men they targeted were left ‘burdened by debt’ as a result of the scam.

Reading from one victim impact statement Mr Harrison said: ‘[The victim] is still traumatised and embarrassed and has lost the faith and confidence in himself.’

Reading from another, he said: ‘She [Fatima] convinced him that she was a good person. He was convinced she was telling the truth and spent all his savings on her.’

Sidra Fatima said she was looking for a husband 'who knows the meaning of love' on a dating websiteSidra Fatima said she was looking for a husband ‘who knows the meaning of love’ on a dating website


One victim said in his statement: ‘She is good at using emotional blackmail so I spent more on her than I wanted to.’

Unemployed Fatima and her taxi driver husband pleaded guilty in the middle of their trial last year.

The court heard the marriage scam was part of a variety of fraud offences committed by Fatima and Ali.

Sentencing Fatima to a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two-years and Ali to two-and-a-half years in jail, Judge Colin Burn said: ‘You both benefited from these frauds and it is clear you lived a very comfortable lifestyle.’

‘You cheated suitors who had to put up with humiliation, debt and misery.’

The court heard when arrested a Jaguar car was in Fatima’s drive and a Volvo was in Ali’s garage.

Fatima had previously admitted providing false details about her employment and income in relation to a £171,000 mortgage fraud involving a former home.

The pair had also admitted charges involving insurance claims for three ‘staged burglaries’ at the same property.

Ali, who also goes under three other different names, had admitted six of the marriage deceptions committed between May 2009 and January 2011.

He also admitted fraud charges in relation to money he obtained from a man who he thought would buy their house.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2537319/A-conwoman-posed-simple-bride-trick-unsuspecting-suitors-35-000-dating-website-honey-trap-escaped-jail.html#ixzz2q89SFtCs
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Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslam, The Absolute Filth Of Islam

There has been some horrible evil Muslims featured on this site on a daily basis. The absolute filth of Islam who have done some horrendous wicked things.Lowlife scum  Hasnain Raja, and Najeeb Aslam from Bradford are right at the top of that list with the worst of them all, they are pure evil.

Everyone of their victims will be mentally scared for life as a result of the terrifying ordeal they endured at the hands of Raja and Aslam. Pensioners, women and children attacked and robbed in their own homes the one place your meant to feel safe. Anybody who has been burgled whilst asleep upstairs will know what a horrifying feeling it is to know somebody has been in your house while you was in bed. Inevitably you can’t help but think to yourself thank god they didn’t come upstairs and harm anybody.

Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslams innocent victims weren’t so lucky. They woke up with two sadistic Muslims pointing a gun at their heads. Repeatedly punched and kicked by the control freaks. Tied up with clothes stuffed in their mouths to silence any cries for help. Stripped naked while the two Muslim scumbags took pictures of them naked. They threatened to rape and kill one victim in front of her two very young children punching her several times in the head. As if fearing for your own life isn’t bad enough. The Muslim thugs clearly getting some kind of power trip off terrorizing people then took her 4 month old child out of the room saying they was going to throw the baby out of the window.

Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslam were motivated by greed and the power they had over the terrified victims frightened for their lives. This was proved after the initial raids when the pair of bullies contacted the victims families to try to extort more money from them in return for keeping the naked pictures they took from being published online.

They are pure vermin, oxygen thieves who don’t even deserve the luxury of a prison cell. Ideally they should be put down like a dog with rabies would. Unfortunately that is not an option so the next best thing would be a prison like the Tower Of London, straw for a bed and 1 meal made from leftovers per day

The actions of evil  Raja and Aslam are something more akin to the behaviour in Lahore or some other lawless Pakistani slum. Not that of Britain 2013 which is meant to be a civilized law-abiding society. If you look back to a UK in the 50’s  60’s and 70’s when life was much harder than today, lots of Brits weren’t brought up like the children of today they were dragged up and could be described as ‘tough as nails’. Crimes like this were completely unheard of. If it had the attackers would need to be more concerned about what the underworld would do to them than the police. Even then the criminals had some morales and a code of honor.

Behaviour like this is now all to common, the same with rapes and murders.What would have been front page news is now lucky to get in the local papers. For as soon as the UK opened the immigration floodgates and the far left do- gooders welcomed uncivilized immigrants with no morales and a dog eat dog mentality en masse.  Introducing political correctness in our lives. The Great started to erase from Great Britain. The far left muppets like the SWP/UAF will feed the public rubbish all day about how great Multiculturalism is, how Muslim immigrants have enriched our society.

All i can say is 50 years ago they said smoking was great and not harmful. Now they are trying to make people stop as we know it is bad for your health, a major cause of cancer and in the end kill you. Well Muslim immigration is exactly the same as smoking. In the end the repercussions from it will destroy your society and country from within until it dies.

‘Utterly evil’ pair of robbers get 27 years each for vicious raids on homes

6:00am Friday 20th December 2013 in NewsBy Steve Wright, Crime Reporter

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Najeeb AslamNajeeb Aslam

Two “utterly evil” robbers, who targeted vulnerable women, toddlers and the elderly in “chilling” raids at their homes, have been locked up for more than 40 years.

In two shocking cases, a married mother and a 16-year-old boy were stripped and photographed naked, before the robbers tried to blackmail their families.

During the series of incidents in Bradford, replica guns were pointed at the heads of women and children, and threats were made to kill, burn down a house and throw a baby out of a window, the city’s Crown Court heard yesterday.

Sentencing 21-year-old Hasnain Raja, and Najeeb Aslam, 28, each to 22 years imprisonment with a five-year extended licence, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told them: “It was evil, utterly evil, and that’s what you are.”

The judge said they showed no mercy and the threats they made to their victims were “chilling, terrifying and callous”. Some of their acts and threats were “gratuitous and vindictive,” he added.

Judge Durham Hall continued: “You preyed deliberately on the most decent examples of a very decent community.

“You caused terror and shame and desperate fear in each case. Those victims have been hurt for life.”

Raja, of Arncliffe Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford, and Aslam, of Hudson Crescent, Great Horton, Bradford, pleaded guilty to a total of 11 charges, including robbery, possessing an imitation firearm, blackmail, and attempted burglary, and asked for three further offences to be taken into consideration.

Prosecutor David Gordon told how the first robbery took place on November 4 last year at the Bradford home of a woman in her 50s, whose 16-year-old nephew was staying with her.

The defendants, wearing balaclava masks and gloves, got into the boy’s bedroom at 3am. One was holding what appeared to be a handgun and the other a screwdriver.

The boy was punched in the face and demands were made for gold. The intruders kicked open the woman’s bedroom door and the screwdriver was held to her head and threats made to kill her if she did not hand over her jewellery. There were further kicks and punches to the boy’s head, while the gun was brandished.

He was made to strip and lie naked face down, with his wrists and ankles bound, and a sock was put in his mouth. A knife was brought from the kitchen and threats made to cut off his toes. The weapon was held to his face and toes to reinforce the threat.

The woman was also threatened with the knife and the gun held to her temple.

The robbers took the boy’s mobile phone and took photos of him trussed up naked.

The defendants left after 40 minutes but several weeks later the boy received a call on his replacement phone and demands made for £10,000 or the naked photos of him would be posted on the internet.

In Victim Impact Statements the woman said her life had been destroyed and she was living every day in fear and the boy said he would never get over what had ahppened.

Mr Gordon said that 16 days later a couple in their late 60s and poor health were attacked at their home in Barkerend.

A man claiming to be from the water board was allowed entry but a second man came in, wearing a balaclava and holding a firearm. The couple were made to lie on the floor and their wrists and ankles were tied with plastic cable ties.

The house was searched, a gun pointed at their heads and the TV was turned up to muffle sounds. The intruders also stuffed cloths into the victim’s mouths to keep them quiet. They left with jewellery worth £25,000 and cash.

On January 8 this year, three masked men, including both defendants, broke a window to get into the home of a professional couple in Heaton, Bradford. They were armed with a crowbar, hammer and what appeared to be a black handgun.

The husband was at work but his wife was at home with their two-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. The men demanded gold and jewellery and threatened to rape and then kill her if she did not comply.

The gun was held to the head of the eldest child and the woman took rings off her fingers and handed them over.

Threats were made to smash the child’s head or throw her out of the window if her mother did not reveal where the valuables were. The child was repeatedly taken from the room.

The mother was ordered to undress, but she was tied up with plastic cables. The men then lowered her jeans and took photos of her naked lower body in front of her children. They took further photos on her own mobile phone after exposing her breasts.

The intruders stole jewellery and other items and told the woman if she told police they would go back and kill her children and the naked photos would be published on the internet.

During the following two weeks phone calls were made to her husband at work and demands made for up to £80,000 not to publish the photos of his wife.

In her Victim Impact Statement, the woman said she had lost her zest for life and the intruders had robbed her of her self respect and dignity.

Nine days after that robbery, another incident took place when a mother and her 15-month-old child were robbed. She was punched in the face three times and trussed up and a towel stuffed in her mouth.

Richard Wright QC, for Raja, conceded the offences were wicked, but said he was a young age, had pleaded guilty and had done what he could to make amends.

Peter Moulson QC, for Aslam, said he had no previous convictions and had pleaded guilty.

But Judge Durham Hall told the defendants: “Had you not been stopped you clearly would have continued because you were obtaining a degree of satisfaction from your offences.”

After the case, Detective Superintendent Scott Wood, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Raja and Aslam committed a series of crimes which were particularly vicious, upon innocent families in their homes.

“This was a terrifying experience for their victims. All their statements were read out in court and each one told how they had been profoundly affected by the crimes.

“West Yorkshire Police used a range of resources to build an extremely strong case. I hope the lengthy sentences will provide some peace of mind to those people who were attacked.”

Also speaking after the sentencing, the husband of the woman photographed naked at their home in Heaton, said justice had been done.

He said: “The sentence is a great deterrent for anyone thinking of going down the same route.

“Nobody should be subjected to that sort of grotesque violence in their home.

“They targeted vulnerable individuals. My wife still hasn’t gone back to work, cannot sleep and has panic attacks.

“This has changed our lives. I hope we will get over it one day.

“The people who did this are despicable. They are monsters. They had no emotion or mercy. They displayed no human emotion, all in the pursuit of money.

“Greed was the only emotion they ever showed.”

The ‘Muslim Patrol’ In Court For Trying To Enforce Sharia Law In East London

Remember the ‘Muslim Patrol’, the bunch of Islamic pyjama wearing bullies who videoed themselves harassing non-Muslims and committing hate crimes. Well they have finally appeared in court for their disgusting actions on those videos. If you haven’t seen the ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos, basically they were a series of home-made videos uploaded to Youtube by a group of Muslim men calling themselves the ‘Muslim Patrol’ who tried enforcing Sharia law on London’s streets. The bearded bullies filmed themselves committing hate crimes, harassing and intimidating innocent non-Muslims  who happened to be walking near to the infamous East London Mosque in the Islamic enclave of Tower Hamlets.

Like Muslims so often do, they targeted people not in much of a position to stand up to them. A male/female couple who they were calling the girl a slag because she had a skirt on, telling them to move away from the mosque ‘dressed like that’. A lone male who had a can of beer that they snatched off him and poured away, claiming no alcohol allowed because ‘this is a Muslim area’. A camp looking male whom they gave lots of homophobic abuse to because he ‘looked gay’.

Their actions were without doubt homophobic and religious motivated hate crimes. Yet no mention of any hate crime charges against them. In Britain’s 2 Tier justice system for some unknown reason, Muslims can only ever be the victim.Its only white British people who ever seem get charged with religious or race related hate crimes. If it had been online name calling aimed at a Muslim that would be different. Online Islamic grassing service TellMama would be calling for you to be locked up,

The Muslim extremists responsible for trying to implement Sharia law included a couple of converts to Islam who are mates with hate preacher Anjem Choudary and part of his Muslim Against Crusades Islamofascist crew.

Muslim convert who wanted to impose Sharia Law on East End of London threatened to kill non-Muslim passers-by for drinking beer

  • Jordan Horner, 19, walked around Tower Hamlets berating non-Muslims
  • Members of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ said ‘kill the non-believers’ and threatened to stab people who drank beer
  • Horner pleads guilty to ABH after getting into a fistfight with a passer-by
  • He was previously jailed after telling photographers at Anjem Choudary’s house that they would end up like Lee Rigby


PUBLISHED: 16:18, 18 October 2013 | UPDATED: 16:24, 18 October 2013

A convert to Islam today admitted attacking non-Muslims in East London as part of a campaign against Western culture.

Jordan Horner was part of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ which wandered around Tower Hamlets late at night threatening people for drinking beer.

The group said they wanted to ‘kill non-believers’ and said they would stab revellers, as well as uploading YouTube videos in which they criticised non-Muslims for what they were wearing.

brainwashed ginger islamic extremist Jordan Horner
Ricardo McFarlane

Accused: Jordan Horner, left, and Ricardo McFarlane, right, were said to be members of the ‘Muslim Patrol’

Horner, 19, was previously jailed for six weeks after telling photographers gathered outside hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s house that they could end up like murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

In the early house of January 6 this year, Horner and others apparently approached a group of five men walking along the street then snatched cans of beer out of their hands before emptying them into the gutter.

The ‘Muslim Patrol’ is alleged to have said: ‘Why are you poisoning your body? It is against Islam. This is Muslim Patrol. Kill the non-believers.’

One then told another to ‘go get the shank [knife]’, but as the men walked away Horner threw punches at them, hitting one in the jaw.

He is also alleged to have threatened two couples and a man in East London between December and January.

Radical: convert Jordan Horner, 19, is close to jihadist hate preacher Anjem Choudary, pictured during a demonstration with muslim against crusades extremistsRadical: Horner, 19, is close to jihadist hate preacher Anjem Choudary, pictured during a demonstration

At an earlier hearing at Thames Magistrates Court, prosecutor Kehinde Adesina said that on January 6 Horner and his extremist friends took to the streets to enforce Sharia Law.

‘Prior to the incident there were some videos uploaded to YouTube about people being inappropriately dressed in east London,’ he said.

‘Between 4am and 5am a group of five male friends were out drinking enjoying a night out. They had cans of beer in their hands.

‘The group were approached by Mr Horner and some other men in Muslim dress. They took the beer can out of one of the men’s hands and poured it out.’

Miss Adesina added: ‘The victims describe the main aggressor as being ginger with a ginger beard. And one victim said the white ginger male punched him in the jaw.

‘It was a group attack and a religiously aggravated assault.’

Today Horner appeared at the Old Bailey alongside fellow converts Ricardo McFarlane, 26, and a 23-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons.

McFarlane appeared in the dock dressed in white robes and a headscarf, while Horner – who calls himself Jamaal Uddin – and the other man appeared via video link from Belmarsh Prison.

HERO SOLDIER DRUMMER LEE RIGBY MURDERED BY UAF SUPPORTING ISLAMISTS IN WOOLWICH. Threats: Horner told a photographer he could end up like murdered soldier Lee Rigby, picturedThreats: Horner told a photographer he could end up like murdered soldier Lee Rigby, pictured

Horner pleaded guilty to two counts of ABH and admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, but denied another count of ABH and two of affray.

McFarlane and the 23-year-old denied the three ABH charges, while the unnamed man also pleaded not guilty to affray.

Horner will not stand trial after his guilty pleas, and will be sentenced after the trial of the two other defendants, which starts on November 11.

McFarlane, from Camberwell, had his conditional bail renewed at today’s hearing, while Horner, from Walthamstow, and the other man were remanded in custody.

It can now be reported that Horner was jailed earlier this year when he threatened photographers, saying they would meet the same fate as ‘boy soldier’ Lee Rigby if they took pictures of Anjem Choudary.

He was convicted of assault and criminal damage after beating up one photographer and smashing up another’s car.

Horner shoved Bradley Page outside Choudary’s house in Walthamstow two days after Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in Woolwich on May 22, and said: ‘You should be careful. What happened to the boy soldier could happen to you.’

The following day, he told Sonjia Horsman he would cut her ‘f***ing head off’ and caused £3,000 worth of damage to her car.

The teenager converted to Islam last year after being approached outside a pub, and has cut himself off from his family and former friends.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2465939/Muslim-convert-wanted-impose-Sharia-Law-East-End-London-threatened-kill-non-Muslim-passers-drinking-beer.html#ixzz2i5kcDXbo

Teacher Zahid Akram Admits Blackmailing School Girls For Nude Images

Schoolteacher Zahid Akram had a good job and was a clever man .Unlike so many Islamic sex offenders we have seen of late, he cannot put any of his actions down to being uneducated , unemployed,down to his background or a clash of cultures. Not that any are a valid excuse anyway to start with. Pervert Akram knew exactly what he was doing was not only wrong and immoral but most definitely illegal. Which makes the severity of his crimes given he also works with children that more heinous. 

Luckily in one respect that he was caught when he did at an early stage. If the paedophile had got his own way through intimidating the girls and received explicit pictures from them. There is no doubt the step would have been blackmailing them until they met him so he could abuse the girls. In court his QC gave a whole list of personal reasons from deaths in the family to being in debt as mitigating circumstances. Nothing and i mean absolutely nothing justifies paedophilia!  

Teacher Zahid Akram  Admits Blackmailing School Girls For Nude Images

Teacher admits blackmailing girls

October 15, 2013 2:00 pm

A teacher has admitted blackmailing teenage girls and demanding sexual images from them.

Exeter Crown Court where teacher Zahid Akram pleaded guilty to blackmail.

Zahid Akram, 37, entered guilty pleas to four charges of blackmail and one of causing or inciting a 13-year-old girl to take part in pornography.

Exeter Crown Court heard Akram, of Redditch in Worcestershire, used the internet to persuade girls to pose in their underwear.

Akram threatened to expose the images unless the girls provided pictures that went “certain steps further” and pay for mobile phone top ups, the court was told.

The father-of-two even messaged one terrified victim the Christian names of her parents and threatened to show them the pictures if she did not meet his demands.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC, The Recorder of Exeter, adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports but told Akram he faced prison for the “very nasty” offences, which took place in 2011 and 2012.

“These offences are very, very serious and they demand an immediate sentence of imprisonment,” the judge said.

“This case involves blackmailing four young girls via the internet and in a very, very nasty way.

“He is a teacher, he is 37; he is an intelligent man. I regard these as very serious offences. He knew perfectly well what he was doing.

“What he was doing was extremely nasty.

“Getting young girls on the internet to take their clothes off and show themselves wearing their underwear and then – in the first girl’s case, blackmailing her and writing her parents’ Christian names to her – saying he will show the photographs unless they go certain steps further, putting appalling pressure on them.”

At a previous hearing earlier this month, Akram admitted four charges of blackmail between September 16 2011 and January 11 2012.

The charges state Akram made “unwarranted demands” for sexual images and money in the form of phone credit “with menaces”.

He also entered a guilty plea to a charge of causing or inciting a child to take part in pornography between November 25 and November 30 2011.

Akram, who resigned from his teaching post on August 30 last year and said to be in £40,000 of debt, was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Sean Brunton, prosecuting, did not open the case at today’s short hearing.

Lawrence Wilcox, representing Akram, asked for the case to be adjourned so reports could be carried out.

He said: “Through the references so far, it is obvious that he has depression. It appears from what he reports he has a number of physical ailments.

“He lost a brother at an early age, his mother has dementia, his father is in poor health. His financial difficulties are acute.”

Mr Wilcox said Akram, who wore a smart suit and carried a large bag into court, was a man of previous good character and has two young daughters.

The case was adjourned until next month and Akram was remanded in custody.

Dr Richard Steward, headteacher of Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis in Dorset, said in a statement: “In the autumn of 2011, the school was contacted by the police regarding an investigation into the activities of a member of staff, Mr Akram, who was working here as a physics teacher at the time.

“Following the initial phone call, Mr Akram was immediately suspended from his duties and sent home, pending further investigation.

“Mr Akram did not return to school and resigned his post during the course of the investigation.

“The school worked closely both with the police and Dorset safeguarding officers throughout.

“The school has been assured by the police that none of the offences which led to Mr Akram’s arrest have any connection with the school or the local community.

“The school\’s internal procedures have confirmed this and we are confident that Woodroffe students were completely safe during the period that Mr Akram was employed here.

“The school has moved on and continues to maintain exceptionally high standards with regard to child protection and student safety.”

via Teacher admits blackmailing girls « Express & Star.

Brighton Man Attacked In His Home By ‘Asian’ Thug With A Golf Club

The Labour Party’s forced multiculturalism of Britain at its finest. Your in your own home, nice and relaxed sat watching TV  on a Tuesday night. When out of the blue your peace is shattered. Crash bang your front door gets kicked off the hinges. Next thing there you are confronted face to face by a ‘religion of peace’ member in your own home. Swinging a golf club attempting to use your head as the ball and threatening to kill you. If you cant feel safe in your own home where can you?

With no apparent motive, the whole incident is being put down to a mistake and the Asian attacker must of got the wrong house. Could somebody who is going to do a home invasion and commit an aggravated  robbery risking a long prison sentence really be that stupid? As to not make sure that your certain its the right door your going through,so you at least know what’s waiting on the other side is not 2 rottweilers.

Had the home owner been a Muslim and the thug who kicked his door in and attempted to attack him with a golf club not been Asian, but say a white male with a skinhead. Would it of still been just a case of a mix up and the wrong house?? Or would it automatically of become a hate crime because the victim was Muslim. Given Brighton peoples far left political leanings and their eagerness to label anything or anyone remotely white / British as fascists such as the MFE St.Georges Day Parade. Id say Tell Mama would have it logged as an anti Muslim hate crime by now.

Dad’s ordeal as armed thug gets wrong house in Brighton

1:40pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in NewsBy Neil Vowles

A father said he feared for his life after a man burst into his home swinging a golf club in what is thought to be a case of mistaken identity.

Terry Flynn has spoken exclusively to The Argus about the terrifying ordeal in his own home after he was threatened with a golf club by a bungling attacker.

The intruder shouted at Mr Flynn to ‘tell him the code’ before threatening to kill him.

The father-of-one was watching TV show Shameless at 10.50pm last Tuesday in his home in Stephens Road, Hollingdean, when he heard two gentle taps on his door.

Moments later his door was kicked in by a young Asian man swinging a golf club and shouting at Mr Flynn.

The 41-year-old reacted quickly, throwing himself at the intruder, shoving his head into the man’s chest and pushing him against his lounge wall.

The intruder then attempted to swing the golf club but was restricted by a small hallway and Mr Flynn pushed him out of his home and forced the front door shut.

Mr Flynn pretended he was calling the police even though his phone was feet away in the lounge while the intruder continued to threaten him from the other side of the door.

The intruder then ran away from the house into a waiting car, which sped off.Fortunately Mr Flynn’s 14- year-old son, who lives with him part of the time, was with his mother at the time of the attack.

Mr Flynn said: “I have lived here for four years and never had any confrontation so it must have been a wrong address.

“I was shocked and angry, I was thinking ‘how dare you come into my home’.

“I sent him flying against the wall and thought ‘there’s not much to him’ so I felt more confident then.

“If he had been able to hit me with the golf club God knows what damage he might have done.

“If he had gone to the house on the other side of my block where two old ladies live I don’t know what would have happened to them.”

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting serial 1522 of 26/3.


Teenager in Rochdale raped after accepting lift from ‘Asian’ Driver

Yet another Muslim rapist on the loose in Rochdale the ‘Muslim sex crime capital of Britain’ A teenager was raped after a drunken error of judgement by accepting the Islamo-nonces offer of a lift home. He proceeded to threaten her in the car and then raped her when she had got out feeling threatened. 

Its about time someone officially  started looking into the amount of rapes and other sexcrimes  by Muslims that keep happening in Rochdale. There is way to much of this kind of crime happening in Rochdale for such a small area

Teenager in Rochdale raped after accepting lift from stranger

Helen Johnson

December 04, 2012

A teenage girl was raped after accepting a lift home from a stranger in Rochdale.

The 17-year-old was on Fleece Street when she was approached by a man in a car who offered her a lift home at about 12.40am on Saturday (1)

She accepted and the man took her to her house in Newbold.

During the journey he made threats towards her, leaving her frightened for her safety.

As she opened her front door the man got out of his car and followed her in, and taking advantage of her drunken state he then raped her.

The man is described as Asian, in his early 20s, 5ft 7in tall and of stocky build. He had short black hair, was clean shaven and was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

Detective Inspector Ian Harratt, of the serious sexual offences unit, said: “The victim, suffering the effects of having consumed a variety of drinks during a night out, has accepted a lift home from a stranger in the early hours.

“The end result, tragically, is that he has forced his way into her house and raped her.

“If anyone can help us identify this person I would urge them to contact us.

“Unfortunately this incident acts as a timely reminder of just how important is it to keep yourself safe, especially in the lead up to Christmas when more people will be out drinking and socialising.

“Clearly, there are those prepared to take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable and by following a few safety tips, such as only travelling in pre-booked taxis and always staying with friends, we have a much better chance of having a safe Christmas.”


Video: Bullying Muslim immigrants threaten elderly in Scandinavia

It seems where ever un civilised Muslim immigrants settle. The cancer of Islam smothers the life out of the area which was once a pleasant and respectable place to live. The good people are forced out 1 by 1 by the lawlessness of the new  Muslim residents, replaced by other Muslims until the area is Islamified and in Muslim control.By which time the area has become that run down it is a ghetto