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London Terror Attack: Islam In A Picture

2017 London Muslim terror attack. Paramedics try to save the life of evil Islamic terrorist responsible

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This one certainly does, it is Islam in a picture  

The cowardly Muslim murdering bastard lay on a stretcher having been shot by armed police. Only minutes earlier he had taken the lives of five innocent people and injured scores of others. People going about their everyday business in the wrong place at the wrong time when this Islamic savage decided to kill as many people as possible in the name of his bloodthirsty god Allah.

Yet despite the atrocities he had just committed. Members of our emergency services still give it their all to try to save the cold-blooded killers life.

This is representative of Islam in the UK. Brits go out of their way, often bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims and keep them happy. Muslim groups looking after Muslim only needs get taxpayer money thrown at them like it is going out of fashion. Halal foods are becoming increasingly more common just to please Muslims despite the animal cruelty issues. Local authorities go against local residents wishes and approve countless mosque applications that would never get passed had the constructions been anything else. Appeasing the minority Muslim population so they can freely practice their alien religion. The complete opposite to how other religions are treated in Muslim lands. Do they appreciate it….. No do they hell, yet still the Muslim appeasement continues.

Just like the vile Muslim vermin in the picture who carried out the heinous attack in London. All the efforts to accommodate Muslims and hospitality shown is thrown back in our faces. No matter how much any of us kafir does it will never be good enough. It will never be appreciated by ungrateful Muslim who will always hate us no matter what. Cowardly terrorist acts are the way they repay the nation who took them in. Because selfishness, hate and violence are Islam in a nutshell.


Birmingham Based ‘Religion Of Peace’ Members Charged With Terrorism Offences

Is it any wonder British prisons are overflowing with Muslim extremists given the alarming rate of British based Muslims are being busted for terror charges. If your not afraid of things to come, you should be.


Mohammed Ali Ahmed, aged 26 of Heather Road, Small Heath, Zakaria Boufassil, aged 26 of Coventry Road, Small Heath, and 29-year-old Soumaya Boufassil, of Vann Close, Small Heath will appear before Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow.

The charges they face are:

  • Mohammed Ali Ahmed and Zakaria Boufassil on or before July 7, 2015, entered into an arrangement as a result of which money or other property, namely a quantity of sterling currency, was made available to another and they knew or had reasonable cause to suspect that it would or may be used for the purposes of terrorism contrary to section 17 TACT 2000.
  • Mohammed Ali Ahmed and Soumaya Boufassil between January 1, 2015, and April 8, 2016, with the intention of committing acts of terrorism or assisting another to commit such acts engaged in conduct in preparation for giving effect to his intention, namely, accruing monies contrary to section 5 TACT 2006.

The charges follow their arrests on Thursday 14 April and Friday 15 April. They have been questioned by WMCTU detectives in the West Midlands since that time.


Nineteen-year-old Humza Alim could face life in prison if convicted of the Syria-related offence.

The teenager, from Bromford Lane, Ward End, was remanded in custody after appearing at Birmingham Crown Court today. He was charged with one count of preparing for acts of terrorism, contrary to Section 5 of the Terrorism Act.

Alim has previously been charged with distributing a terrorist publication, contrary to Section 2 of the Terrorism Act, and a separate offence under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act.
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2016/04/25/birmingham-19-year-old-charged-with-terrorism-offence/#aw5xgqWzWTKg3hD0.99
Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2016/04/28/three-charged-with-terror-offences/#KjrJqClmRJcXA3Tq.99

Bolton School Teacher Arrested By Counter-Terrorism Officers For Jihad Plans

A highly regarded Muslim science teacher  who teaches pupils at Sharples School in Bolton has been arrested by counter terrorism police for preparing to join the jihad in Syria and commit terrorist acts.  Muslim extremists have infiltrated our society at every level. Even those who portray themselves as respectable and have good jobs. Those Muslims who you wouldn’t expect to be top of the list of potential terrorists. Yet they prove time and time again that nothing is what it seems or what your told with Islam.


Bolton science teacher arrested by counter-terrorism officers over Syria links

Jamshed Javeed is alleged to have been planning to travel to the country

KUNAL DUTTA Author Biography

Tuesday 07 January 2014

A science teacher from a Bolton school who was highly regarded by his pupils has been arrested on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism in Syria.

Jamshed Javeed, who lives in Manchester and teaches at Sharples High School, was arrested by a regional counter-terrorism unit on 22 December, according to police.

Mr Javeed remains on bail until 5 March, pending further enquiries. The 29-year-old, who taught children aged between 11 and 16, has been suspended from his job while police investigate his intentions for travelling to the Middle East.

It is understood that Mr Javeed, who is from Levenshulme, had not travelled to Syria, but was alleged to have been preparing to do so.

As news spread of his arrest, students from Sharples High School took to social media to express surprise. One pupil wrote: “Mr Javeed is the nicest person, just because he wanted to go Syria and is on bail doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist”.

Parents were sent a letter from the school’s headmistress. It said: “Mr Javeed, who is one of our science teachers, was arrested and is on bail, but not charged, as part of an investigation into concerns around possible travelling to Syria for reasons as yet unknown. I want to reassure you that there is no suggestion that Mr Javeed’s alleged activities have involved anyone at the school or the school itself.”

The arrest comes amid concern over a growing number of Britons feared to have left the UK to join the predominantly Islamic factions fighting the Syrian regime.

Security officials estimate that as many as 300 young Britons have travelled to the region since the start of the civil war, fuelling concern in security circles about the threat they pose when they return home.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “The investigation focuses on concerns over an individual travelling to Syria for purposes that are as yet unknown, but are believed to potentially involve terrorism. There is nothing to suggest that any of the wider community in Manchester has been under threat.”

The school’s headteacher Rachel Quesnel told The Bolton News: “I have taken the decision, along with the chair of governors, to suspend the teacher in order that a full investigation can take place.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has disclosed that Britain has accepted around 1,500 asylum seekers from Syria in the past year. Some nine million Syrians are thought to have been displaced during the civil war which started in 2011. The United Nations has called on the international community to offer resettlement opportunities

Wannabe Jihadist Brothers From Bradford Admit Having Terrorist Material

Islamic extremist brothers Muhammed Saeed Ahmed, 21, and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed,20 from Bradford, West Yorkshire are the latest British born Muslim trainee terrorist to appear before the courts here in the UK. Muhammed and Muhammed were trying to emulate the worlds first Muslim terrorist who they were both named after. The false prophet of Islam Muhammed inventor of jihad and the cause of death for millions on innocent people.

Further proof if it was ever needed that the biggest terror threat to the UK is not from Muslims based abroad, but from those Muslims already here and living amongst us. Incited by the religious clerics and guest speakers that appear at Mosques up and down the country. Or beamed into the homes of Muslims to watch, on one of the many extremist Muslim TV stations available. 

Bradford brothers admit charges of having terrorist material

10:00am Tuesday 26th November 2013 in News

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed (left) and Muhammed Naeem AhmedMuhammed Saeed Ahmed (left) and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed

Two Bradford brothers have admitted having terrorist material, including documents such as The Al Qaeda Manual and 44 Ways of Supporting Jihad.

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed, 21, and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed, 20, pleaded guilty to 11 counts between them of collecting or possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism when they appeared at the Old Bailey today.

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed admitted ten of the charges and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed six of them.

The brothers, of Little Horton, but whose full address cannot be reported for legal reasons, deny a charge of conspiring together and with others to attend a place used for terrorist training.

They are due to face trial on that count tomorrow.

The pair were arrested in March last year in a raid at their home by officers in the North East Counter Terrorism Unit and initially charged with possession of terrorist material.

The extra charge relating to the terror training camp was laid against them earlier this year with the approval of the Attorney General Dominic Grieve after a Government agency consented to certain material being released.

The Crown’s case is that that the brothers were planning to imminently attend a training camp.

Judge Gerald Gordon extended the brother’s bail until tomorrow’s trial.

The case continues.


Lord Pearson Warns UK Muslim Communities Are Home To “Thousands of Potential Home-Grown Terrorists”

The ex UPIP leader Lord Pearson has warned of the Islamist threat to the UK. Telling Westminster British Muslim communities are home to “thousands of potential home-grown terrorists”. This is something that many of us have been saying for long time. Unfortunately myself,fellow bloggers, the EDL and others involved in trying to stop the threat of political Islam who have constantly said this for years don’t have the same influential audience of peers like Lord Pearson has. So his speaking on this taboo subject is much welcomed.

Baroness Warsi , herself a Muslim sprang to the defence of Islam effectively making out Lord Pearson was something of a racist trying to distort Islam. Its amazing how many non Muslims keep getting told they are distorting Islam 

“Most religions have suffered at most times from extremism. Islam is no exception,” Lady Warsi, who is the first female Muslim cabinet minister, said.Al-Qaeda’s beliefs were “at odds with classical and contemporary” mainstream Islam, she added.”Like all world religions, Islam neither supports nor advocates terrorism,” Lady Warsi told peers.

Rather than keep trying to defend Islam every-time somebody criticizes it does nothing to change anything other than opposing free speech and debate. Warsi and other Muslim apologists would achieve more by tackling the problem. The hate preachers in Mosques speaking unopposed, the fake charities who donate to terrorists, the madrassas where they teach hate. When groups like cagedprisoners and fundraisers like Justice For Anitfa are seen as legit by Muslims and allowed a platform despite the fundraising for jailed terrorists, then something is badly wrong.

Not every Muslim is a Terrorist, but almost every terrorist is a Muslim

Ex-UKIP leader Lord Pearson warns of Islamist threat

Lord Pearson of RannochLord Pearson led UKIP at the 2010 general election

20 November 2013 Last updated at 10:45

UK Muslim communities are home to “thousands of potential home-grown terrorists”, former UK Independence Party leader Lord Pearson has warned.

Such people “hate us with frightening religious fervour”, he said during a parliamentary debate on Islam.

Sharia law was “running de facto in our land” and calls for violence were not simply coming from a “few extremists”.

But faith minister Baroness Warsi said Lord Pearson was either “ignorant” or attempting to “distort” views of Islam.

Lord Pearson, who led UKIP from 2009 to 2010, called a special Westminster debate on Islam.


He mentioned the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby earlier this year, adding: “We see large and growing Muslim communities which are set against integration with the rest of us. We see thousands of home-grown potential terrorists.”

He went on: “We see Sharia law running de facto in our land and we see a birth rate which is several times ours.

“What baffles me completely is that when we do speak against these things, when we dare to say that they come from within Islam, we are told that we are the guilty ones, that it us who are stirring up hate.”

He said: “But the hate lies in the heart of the Islamist. We can only stir it up because it is already there, red hot and seething against us.

“These people hate us with frightening religious fervour and we are right to fear them.”

Lord Pearson quoted Tony Blair, who argued that “this strain (of Islam) is not the province of a few extremists”.

“Evil is at its most destructive when it passes from the individual to the collective,” added the UKIP peer.

Lord Pearson, who sat as a Conservative peer before joining UKIP, told the meeting in Parliament’s Moses Room: “I fear the dark side is moving strongly within Islam.”


For the government, Lady Warsi responded: “I think it is a great shame at best that the noble gentleman has asked this question. It points at best to an ignorance about Islam and at worst a deliberate attempt to perpetuate a distorted image of the faith.”

Being a member of any religion involved “making choices” on how to act on one’s beliefs, the Conservative peer added.

On extremists, Lady Warsi added: “Islam, like all other major religions, is not inherently violent. Passages from sacred texts must be taken in context. It would be possible to distort quotes from any religious text.”

Talking about the killing of Drummer Rigby, she said: “If Islam justified terror, then we would never have seen the out and out condemnation of this brutal murder.”

“Most religions have suffered at most times from extremism. Islam is no exception,” Lady Warsi, who is the first female Muslim cabinet minister, said.

Al-Qaeda’s beliefs were “at odds with classical and contemporary” mainstream Islam, she added.

“Like all world religions, Islam neither supports nor advocates terrorism,” Lady Warsi told peers.

Birmingham: 28 gangs run 59 businesses that fund terror

Reblog From Money Jihad

City: 28 gangs run 59 businesses that fund terror

November 1, 2013

Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, has identified 28 criminal gangs that are operating 59 primarily cash-based businesses that are laundering money in part to finance terrorism.

Ever get a funny feeling when you walk into certain shops?  Do you ever find it odd when a big store won’t accept credit cards?  Does the store have signs up forbidding photography?  Do the employees look at you funny when you enter?  Does the business seem to stay open despite a lack of customers, or does it occupy too large a space for the amount of traffic it normally receives?  Do they sell deeply discounted merchandise, such as pirated CDs, DVDs, or dirt cheap cell phones?

Don’t ignore these red flags and your feelings of discomfort.  Don’t buy anything there, and just walk away.

H/t El Grillo.

Birmingham’s crime gangs fund terrorists

23 Oct 2013

City gyms, cafes and restaurants used for recruiting extremists, say police

A top-level police report has revealed crime gangs in Birmingham are funding terrorism.

And the criminal groups now run 59 legitimate businesses in the city, often using them to launder money made from drug dealing, robberies, and even gun-running.

The potential threats facing Birmingham and its residents is laid bare in a detailed report compiled by the Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Sharon Rowe.

It was written for Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, involving members of the city council, probation service, police and fire service.

The report, published online, confirms there are currently 28 organised crime gangs (OCGs) operating in the city and highlights the scale of their operations and influence.

But it is believed there are 306 OCGs whose criminality affects Birmingham.

The report states the Birmingham gangs now run 59 legitimate businesses, often using them to launder proceeds from their criminal activities, which include drug dealing, robberies, car key burglaries and even gun-running.

They include pubs, car washes and sandwich shops, which normally deal in cash.

For the first time, the report also reveals some of the groups are believed to be funding terrorism.

It states: “There is evidence that some Birmingham OCGs use the profits from crime to help fund terrorist activities”…


Finally Its Good Riddance To Islamic Hate Preacher Abu Qatada

Finally its good riddance to Islamic hate preacher Abu Qatada who has been deported at last. The jihad supporting cleric has been nothing but a drain on the UK’s taxpayers since he arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker after trying to enter Britain on a false passport. Unfortunately some halfwit who dealt with his case didn’t deem the passport offences serious enough to reject his asylum bid and instead granted it. Living off handouts leeching off the state system he paid nothing into, whilst plotting and inciting murder of non Muslims from his new London base.

Its took long enough to get rid of him, now we finally have all i can say is don’t bother coming back. Your not wanted here!!!

Abu Qatada: the making of Britain’s most notorious Islamist

How Abu Qatada, born in to a non-religious family in Bethlehem grew to become the Islamist terror risk that has seen him deported to Jordan, in the words of his friends, Islamist colleagues and family members.

Final preparations are underway for the deportation of Abu Qatada.

Abu Qatada was born Omar Othman in biblical town of Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank Photo: MATT DUNHAM/AP

By Ruth Sherlock, Amman

1:36PM BST 07 Jul 2013

Omar Othman was born in biblical town of Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank. A happy young boy, he would help pass hours in the family falafel restaurant watching his father serving Christian tourists and locals alike.

Today, Mr Othman, 53, or Abu Qatada as he is widely known, is being deported from the UK, labelled one of Britain’s most feared terrorist risks: a radical Islamist cleric whose sermons and writings have been found in the hands of Islamic extremists and anti-western bomb plotters.

Over the past year, the Telegraph has interviewed friends and relatives of Abu Qatada, building a profile of the hate figure that tracks his dramatic descent into extremism.


Little has changed in the downtown neighbourhood of Ras al-Ain in Amman, where Omar Othman spent most of his childhood. As war broke out in 1967 his family left Bethlehem, then administered by Jordan, resettling as refugees in this ramshackle neighbourhood.

Rows of small restaurants, and shops – selling everything from porcelain lavatories to books are crammed along the main street. Small grey concrete apartment blocks are crammed together on a steep mountainside, with a maze of narrow alleyways running between them.

“Omar was a normal child,” said Hassan Abu Hanieh, a childhood friend of Abu Qatada. “He was a popular boy in school. He was smart, kind and had charisma.

He took part in the drama committee, acting in plays. In the afternoons, when school was finished, we would play football in the street”.

In those days, the district was a stronghold for Palestinian guerrilla groups: “the central issue was the liberation of Palestine. There was no political Islam back then. People were religious but it was more a social phenomenon rather than a political Islamic ideologue,” said Mr Hanieh.

Regional events, the humiliation of the failure of Arab countries to “liberate Palestine” in the ’67 war with Israel, the Iranian revolution of 1979, the Soviets entering Afghanistan, and the clash between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian regime, resulting in a massacre of thousands in the Syrian city of Hama had a profound effect on the impressionable young Omar.

“And then there was the influence of petro-money in the Gulf. People started to go to the Gulf and return influenced by Salafi Wahhabis,” said Mr Hanieh. “We started a change in Jordan; mini skirts had been in fashion, but now women began dressing conservatively and wearing the veil or nikab”.


Aged 14, Omar too began to change his attire to the long white robe, or dish dashes and turban worn by members of the Dawa, a group promoting Islam. “It was strange because it was not the fashion for youths to embrace religion back then. We used to tease him,” said Mr Hanieh. “He would try to get us to join him in prayer”.

Just a few year’s later, aged 17, Mr Othman was preaching at Dawa’s weekly meetings, which were attended by as many as 3,000 people. “He used to have a special way with words. It was unusual to hear someone so young speak, as it was usually a privilege reserved for the religious leaders,” one member told the Telegraph.

Against the will of his parents, he then decided to study Sharia or Islamic law in school. A teacher at Mr Othman’s school – a rundown grey-brown concrete complex – who did not want to be named, recalled: “He was committed, religious and righteous and he memorised parts of the Koran.” Ibrahim Othman, 33, one of Omar’s nine siblings said: “I remember my brother used to read for 20 hours a day.” Gradually Mr Hanieh too became drawn in, and he and Mr Othman became Salafis, Muslims practicing a strict interpretation of Islam: “I remember we burnt all our pictures, convinced the images were irreligious and we used to ban people taking photographs,” said Mr Hanieh.

After studying Sharia at Jordan University, Mr Othman quickly married a woman with a similar ideology to his (after he was spurned by a “true love” in university, friends have said) and, in the mid-1980s, he joined the Jordanian army, working as a religious leader or imam for prisoners for approximately four years.


Marwan Shehadeh, an old friend and fellow colleague in Islamist activism said: “He had disagreements with the Mufti – overall religious leader – because he had some strong views. Because of this he left the military.

He started to become more politically and religiously active, joining the hardline Islamist group ‘Ansar wa-Sunna’. “We published books and leaflets preaching a hardline interpretation of Islam,” said Mr Shehadeh, who has himself been arrested several times for his beliefs.

After continuing his religious studies in Malaysia, in 1992 Mr Othman joined the mujahideen in Peshawar, fighting the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Many Arab regimes encouraged their countries’ young men to go to the war.

But when the war ended, those same Arab regimes saw the fighters, pumping with testosterone, and now radicalised by war, as a threat. They were deemed outcasts, often arrested or banned from returning to their home countries.


“Omar chose instead to go Britain, and this is where he really began his path to jihad [holy war],” said Mr Hanieh. “He was behind a bulletin distributed in the Arab world that became the mouthpiece for the Islamic armed group, al-Ansari wa Sunna.” He arrived in Britain in September 1993 on a forged United Arab Emirates passport. He claimed, and was granted, asylum for himself and his family on the grounds that Jordanian authorities had tortured him.

Mr Shehadeh said: “Around 1994 he became a religious leader for radical groups in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. It was these groups that began to call him ‘Abu Qatada al-Filistini’.” A 127-page dossier by the Home Office claims that in these years, from his base at the Four Feathers Social Club in Baker Street, central London, Abu Qatada became a godfather of global terrorism, whose sermons and writings have inspired several members of al-Qaeda. Videos of his sermons were found in the Hamburg flat of Mohammed Atta, a ringleader among the 9/11 hijackers.

Mr Shehadeh said: “He issued a fatwa – religious order – permitting the killing of the children and wives of soldiers, because they killed Muslim children and women. Abu Qatada started to be a mentor for international jihad and he started to be also a point of reference for jihadist groups.” In 1999 Jordanian courts convicted the cleric in his absence of a conspiracy to carry out bombings in Jordan, which resulted in successful attacks on the American School and the Jerusalem Hotel in Amman in 1998.

Initially condemning him to death, his sentence was then reduced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

He is also accused of involvement in a failed plan known as the “millennium conspiracy” in the year 2000, to detonate explosions against Western and Israeli targets during millennium celebrations.


In the first few years of his arrival in the UK, “these jihadist groups were hardly targeted,” by British police, said Hanieh. “These groups had never targeted Europe or the US and so they were not perceived as a threat.” There was a “confusing and informal relationship” between the jihadists and Islamists operating out of “Londonistan”, to use the sobriquet of the time, and British intelligence agencies, a former Islamists based in capital city at the time have told the Telegraph: “They would provide us with a safe haven and the freedom to express ourselves and would, in exchange use us to pressure Arab regimes for their own interests,” he said, asking not to be identified.


That changed on the day of the 9/11 attacks. Controversial laws were quickly passed allowing for the detention of Islamists who were now viewed as a threat.

His friends claim that Abu Qatada “was against the 9/11 attacks” and the change of the focus of some jihadists from oppressive Arab regimes, to the “far enemy” of the west.

Nonetheless, on the eve of the new legislation in the UK Abu Qatada went on the run, avoiding being captured for 10 months. Since his arrest in 2002, Abu Qatada has been in and out of UK jails and detention centres – though never convicted of any offence – as the British government fought to deport him.

Last week Britain and Jordan signed an extradition treaty that paved the way for the cleric’s deportation by guaranteeing that evidence obtained by torture will not be used against him in a retrial.

Once he touches down in a military airport near Amman, Abu Qatada will be detained in Muwaqqer, the country’s best, and high security, prison, located in the Jordanian desert. Then will begin the long processing of trying him for crimes for which he was convicted in absentia.

On the dusty streets of his home neighbourhood of Ras al-Ain, his brother, Ibrahim, told the Telegraph: “Omar can stand trial because he is innocent and he will soon be released. I haven’t seen my brother in 20 years, of course I am happy he is coming home”.

2 Not So Bright Muslims Charged With Endangering Aircraft

Two pyjama wearing bearded followers of the ‘religion of peace’ have now been charged with endangering a passenger jet. Taxi driver Tayyab Subhani, 30, and restaurant worker Mohammed Safdar, 41, both from the Islamic enclave of Nelson in Lancashire, will appear in court on Monday. They will now have a taxpayer funded break to look forward to at one of Her Majesty’s finest prisons. If they are lucky they may be amongst friends with  plenty of Muslim grooming gang members and Islamic terrorists currently enjoying a break in the UK’s  HMP’   

Their backwards stupidity caused the Manchester bound plane to be diverted to Stansted airport  which is the designated airport for hijacks and major security incidents, with a remote area known as Compass Base set aside far from the main terminal.

Two charged with endangering jet

Two men have been charged with endangering an aircraft after a passenger jet was diverted mid-flight, police said.

Pakistan International Airways : favoured airline for bringing to the UK a mixture of uncivilized inbred muslim  to outstay their visas, health tourists,jihadists,potential sex offenders

Officers boarded Pakistan International Airlines flight PK709 and removed the men from the plane.  Photo: ALAMY

By Telegraph reporters and agencies

9:32AM BST 26 May 2013

Taxi driver Tayyab Subhani, 30, and restaurant worker Mohammed Safdar, 41, both from Nelson in Lancashire, will appear in court on Monday, Essex Police said.

The charges are in connection with an incident on Friday involving a Pakistan International Airways airliner at Stansted Airport.

An RAF Typhoon jet was scrambled to escort the Boeing 777 flight to Manchester over UK airspace before it was diverted to the Essex airport, where it landed at 2.15pm.

The flight had left Lahore at 9.35am local time and was thought to have been carrying 297 passengers.

Officers boarded Pakistan International Airlines flight PK709 and removed the men from the plane.

Reports on Friday indicated there had been a fight on board.

According to one of the passengers, the aircraft’s cabin crew said two men had repeatedly tried to get into the cockpit.

The very same plane on the very same flight – from Lahore to Manchester – had previously been diverted to Stansted on September 7 2011 due to a bomb scare.

Essex Police said the men would remain in custody ahead of their court appearance.

They will remain in police custody until their c

After The Recent Actions By Evil ‘Religion Of Peace’ Scum, Please Think Before Doing Anything Stupid

The recent horrific events in Woolwich, where two followers of the so-called ‘religion of peace’  bought barbaric Muslim savagery to the streets of London have truly shocked the nation. With sick acts of  senseless violence that would normally only be associated with lawless Islamic hell holes such as Afghanistan or Somalia. Shouting “Allahu Akbar” the Muslim battle cry, the  two blood thirsty Muslim savages  attacked and killed an innocent serving British soldier wearing a ‘help for heroes’ T-shirt in broad daylight on a busy road.  After dragging the soldier’s body into the middle of the road making sure they held every by-standers attention. They began hacking at the lifeless corpse with meat cleaver type knifes trying to behead the body. Disturbingly the Muslim scum gloated in their heinous evil acts urging people to video them as they attributed their murder to the death and violence loving Allah, the pagan moon-god.

Murdering Muslim scum
Murdering Muslim scum

Obviously such sickening actions by the Islamofascist savages have infuriated the good people of Britain. My blood has been near boiling point for the past day and i know their will be countless others feeling the same.Tensions are high and there is a great deal of anti Muslim anger. Some people may even be considering avenging the soldier’s death and getting even with Muslims in general. News reports are claiming police have made arrests after 2 mosques were attacked. THIS IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD……..I would seriously urge anybody angry at the Muslim violence to refrain from doing such things.

Please think before you act and do anything stupid. The world’s attention is focused on Islam for all the wrong reasons. Islamist front groups who have been engaging in stealth jihad and infiltrating society for years pushing Islam and claiming it is the religion of peace have been shown for the schemers they are. Many having to publicly apologise for so-called peaceful Muslims not so peaceful actions. Those Muslim scum responsible for the murders have unintentionally stalled the stealth jihad of those pushing Islam. Using violence against Muslims in response is not only stupid because police WILL prosecute you for a hate crime, but also playing right into the hands of the Islamofascists. Away from the public eye, the Islamists will be hoping for people to respond by attacking Mosques or being violent towards Muslims. Anything to divert the negative attention away from Islam and onto others. Muslims love to play the victim as they know people will appease them when they act hard done to giving them chance to make in roads. Don’t give them reason to.

The best tactic in a time like this is to spread your knowledge about the evil of Islam. People previously oblivious to the backwards violent sex obsessed nature are now aware of Islam more than ever. Eyes are ready to be fully opened to it

Time For The UK To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee To The ‘Real Extremists’ As Another 11 British Muslim Terrorists Jailed

Over the last couple of months i have noticed an ever increasing amount of  biased articles in both the mainstream media and online attacking those who speak out and expose the true nature of Islam. The English Defence League have been the target of many of these reports, continently being falsely branded as EXTREMISTS ,although others such as Casuals United and even March For England have suffered the same. Like a genital wart outbreak in a brothel spreading like wildfire. Clueless leftists are crawling out from under the rocks they’ve bin hiding  chatting bullsh*t demonizing anyone who is remotely patriotic or criticizing Islam.From the usual communist groups such as Searchlight, Hope not hate and the SWP’s street thug front group UAF.  To the Islamists Tell Mama and various other Muslim apologist websites. Leftist media outlets like the Guardian and all the Mirror owned local newspapers. Self-appointed experts like Matthew Goodwin and the 1001 Muslim appeasing think tanks.Their all going on with themselves trying to kid the public about the supposed threat posed bv ‘right wing’ extremists. Often making links to  mass murderer Anders Brevick as though the EDL and every other group or individuals with anti Islam views are plotting similar atrocities on British soil.  Concerned citizens about the negative effects of Islam  YES, extremists NO

The people of Britain seriously need to open their eyes to the whats going on around them. Stop listening to the scaremongering by the far left like those mentioned above. They all have their own agenda for silencing Islams critics  and keeping Islamophobia in the spotlight. It keeps them in well paid jobs, it keeps their funding coming in and justifies their very existence. It sells their books and newspapers. This is why they steer clear of  talking about the real extremists who pose a very real threat to the people of Britain. Extremists from ‘the religion of peace’. Muslim extremists who live in the UK yet given half the chance they would be happy to see you, your family and everybody you know that is non Muslim blown to a million pieces by a bomb in the name of  Allah.

Until the EDL and other patriots start going to terror training camps or plotting to blow up scores of innocent Muslims. Lets drop the extremist label and start concentrating on the real extremists, the Muslim kind who pose a very real threat to British people’s safety. Lets be honest outside of the uncivilized Muslim world. Britain is the epicentre for Islamic terrorism. What is worse is that most of the Islamic wannabe jihadists are classed as British despite hating everything about Britain, its people and all it stands for. If it wasnt for the fine work that our counter terrorism police and mi5 have been doing the Uk would have been victim to numerous terrorist attacks by ‘British Muslims’.

This last month alone has seen several Muslim terror cells appearing in court which is very disturbing and makes you wonder how many other Muslims living in the UK there is that have yet to be captured. Yesterday saw 3 Muslims including white convert Richard Dart jailed for terrorism. Just over a week ago saw 4 Muslims from Luton found guilty and sent to prison for plotting terrorist attacks. At the start of the month the trial of 4 Muslims who planned on blowing up an EDL demo in Yorkshire began. Then today 11 hate filled Islamofascists from Birmingham were sentenced to between 18 years and 40 months

Eleven men have been jailed at Woolwich Crown Court, ending one of the largest ever counter-terrorism operations in the UK.

The investigation in Birmingham, known as Operation Pitsford, uncovered a cell of would-be suicide bombers who were trying to recruit others to their cause.



Irfan Naseer (left) and Irfan Khalid recruited other men to be part of their plot

Irfan Naseer and his co-defendant Irfan Khalid had received training from al-Qaeda contacts in Pakistan. They had recorded martyrdom videos there before returning to the UK.

Although the court heard that Khalid was committed to the cause, it was Naseer who was the man with the skills and he was secretly recorded explaining to others about how to make a bomb. In one recording, he talked about making eight bombs. In others he indicated he planned to be a suicide bomber.

The pair recruited other men to pose as legitimate charity workers on the streets of Birmingham and they collected thousands of pounds from unsuspecting members of the public.

Naseer played the key role in sending four other Birmingham men to Pakistan to receive training.

Irfan Khalid told one member of the inner circle about how he had recorded his martyrdom video in Pakistan, in which he said he boasted that his attack was “another 9/11” and “revenge for everything”. Naseer was sentenced to life with a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of five counts of preparing acts of terrorism. Khalid was found guilty of four such counts and given 18 years, with a further five on licence.


Ashik AliAshik Ali provided a safe house as plans developed

The third key member of the conspiracy was Ashik Ali. He had not been to Pakistan but provided a safe house as the plans developed. The trial heard that he was helping to plan the early stages of the bombing campaign and he had been involved in fraudulent fundraising by posing as a charity worker. He had also helped to recruit others to the cause.

In his police interview he said that his plan would have been to wear a suicide bomb vest, have a gun and shoot people. He was sentenced to 15 years, with five on licence, after being found guilty of three counts of preparing for acts of terrorism.


Ahmed was heavily involved in the group’s plans to con local people in Birmingham to hand over cash by posing as charity collectors for a legitimate Muslim charity. He drove a car that was at the centre of the investigation after it was successfully bugged by MI5.

Ahmed convinced Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid that he could take the thousands being raised in charity donations and make more money by speculating on the currency markets. He lost £9,000 – and then lost the trust of the others. He was the first of the men to plead guilty, and was given a 12-year sentence, with a further five on licence.


Hussain was a potential recruit and he pleaded guilty to helping with the bogus charity work. He was seen collecting money on the streets of Birmingham and helping to bank it.

However, his precise role beyond helping to collect cash remains unclear. In one bugged conversation, the leading members of the group expressed doubts about Hussain’s resolve to commit acts of terrorism, even though he knew why they were collecting money. They said he had not performed a special period of prayer and reflection that they hoped would lead the potential recruit to sign up to all of the cause. He was sentenced to four years.

(Top row left to right) Ishaaq Hussain, Shahid Khan, Mujahid Hussain (botton row left to right) Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain and Rahin Ahmed
Ishaaq Hussain, Shahid Khan, Mujahid Hussain (top row, left to right), Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain and Rahin Ahmed (bottom row, left to right) were also jailed


Ashik Ali tried to recruit his older brother, Bahader, to the cause. Although he helped with the bogus charity work he apparently had not signed up to the idea of a bomb plot. However, on one critical night in the conspiracy, as the police and MI5 were closing in, Bahader Ali was present at an important conversation with the ringleaders in which he was trying to find out more about the jihadist training they had received abroad. He also pleaded guilty to encouraging others to prepare acts of terrorism and was sentenced to six years.


Bahader Ali,19, (left) and Mohammed Rizwan, 34
Bahader Ali (left) and Mohammed Rizwan were sentenced to four and six years respectively

Another man who pleaded guilty. He was also present during a critical meeting in which he learnt more about the ideas and experiences of the leading members of the group. Rizwan was planning to go to Pakistan with his wife, and Woolwich Crown Court heard that he wanted to look into receiving training in a jihadist camp. Although he may have been identified as a recruit for a bombing campaign, he had not reached the point where he was at the centre of the cell, because the leaders were not even clear whether they wanted or needed him. In mitigation, his barrister told the court that he had resisted being recruited. He was sentenced to four years.


Irfan Naseer organised for these four young men to leave Birmingham and attend a militant jihadist camp in Pakistan, deep in the mountains four hours from Islamabad.

But immediately on their arrival at the camp in August 2011, they began to have second thoughts. By the time they had managed to get together – they had arrived in two pairs – they had decided to try to leave. They spent a night making urgent phone calls, with limited mobile phone battery life, back to their families in the UK. They had lied about their plans. Ishaaq Hussain had told his family he was taking part in a period of traditional prayer in a mosque in southern England. The families immediately organised their return to the UK, with the help of relatives in Pakistan. The families were furious about what had happened and went looking in Birmingham for the people who had played a part in persuading their sons to go to the camp. All four were sentenced to 40 months.

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