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Video: Stupid British Leftists Cheer Terrorist Speaker At Commie Festival

“NO PLATFORM. NO PLATFORM.” How many times have we heard so-called anti-fascists like Weyman Bennett demanding no platform for extremists at various events in the past where people have been booked to speak. Quite clearly their no platform calls only count for people they consider extremist because they stand opposed to the warped nature of Islam. Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage and Marie La Pen to name a few who Bennett’s UAF have objected to having any platform. Previously KC has posted about Bennett even ringing up universities trying to bully them into cancelling their bookings of Tommy Robinson

Yet real extremists of the Muslim kind, like Moazzam Begg for example, do not count it seems to the deluded communists. They not only can speak freely without any calls for no platform.But are actually booked by the very same communists to appear at their own anti everything British events 

Moazzam Begg is a former Gitmo detainee, a British based Muslim captured by Coalition forces in Afghanistan and held as an enemy combatant. It was said by US forces  that Begg was a member of Al-Qaeda and before going to Afghanistan was an AQ recruiter / fundraiser here in the UK. Since being released from Gitmo and returning here to the UK, Moazzam Begg was arrested and held on terror charges related to his involvement with terrorist entity’s in Syria.

Moazzam Begg proved  his extremist views haven’t changed by his involvement as head of  terrorist support  group CAGE, formally known as Cage Prisoners. A group set up to aid Muslim terrorists held in prison. Lobbying for their release and hosting fundraisers at mosques around the UK.

CAGE is the same group who controversially hit the headlines when ISIS posterboy Jihadi John’s true identity was unmasked. Beggs  terror supporting group CAGE then revealed that they already knew the executioners identity and had been in regular contact with him. Instead of passing the information on to the police like any decent law-abiding person would do, they said nothing until after the press revealed his details. Without shame CAGE seized  the media spotlight publicly calling barbaric killer Mohammed Emwazi ‘a lovely lad’ and attempted to blame counter terrorism police for his sickening actions.

Terror supporter Moazzam Begg appeared recently at communist hate fest Marxism 2016 where the topics covered are pretty much  all about one of  the following subjects:  anti – British, pro Islam, pro refugees  or lets all discuss and wank over  Karl Marx.(they still don’t get it that Marx’s ideas when put into practice are huge failures i.e. communism)

The yearly London event is organised by the Socialist Workers Party. SWP just so happen to be the ones controlling the front groups we often see demonstrating up and down the country. Notably those that claim to be anti racist such as  Unite Against Fascism, Stop The War Coalition and Stand Up To Racism. All controlled and sharing the same leadership with the SWP.  For example bully Weyman Bennett front man of UAF is also a leader of SWP. The same with the notorious former SWP leading member ‘Comrade Delta’ aka Martin Smith who was a paid full-time UAF member and ran the front group ‘Love Music Hate  Racism’.

The ‘anti racism’ front groups are little more than a meal ticket for the SWP  to pay their leaders a wage, receive donations, recruiting new members at demos and to sell their shitty communist propaganda rag  ‘Socialist Worker’.  To call themselves anti fascists and against extremism is the biggest joke ever. This is evident in this video as the middle class old people and gullible students attending this event actually give Moazzam Begg a standing ovation, cheering like he is some kind of hero. This is a true extremist if ever there was one. A man who was fighting against our troops in Afghanistan, linked to Al-Qaeda, a terrorist supporter and runs a jihadist support group. Begg and his ilk are a threat to the future of every single British person.

The real fascists of today are the communists like Weyman Bennett and co who come in the guise of ‘anti fascists’. Attempting to silence free speech for those oppose, falsely smearing people as Nazis and fascists because they voice their concern about Islam. Whist facilitating Muslim fundamentalists and terrorist supporters whose goal is the downfall of our society.

UAF Leader Weyman Bennett Spits His Dummy Out When Radio Host John Gaunt Destroys Him

weyman bennett uaf communist scumbag

Radio host Jon Gaunt destroys Unite Against Fascism / Socialist Workers Party leader Weyman Bennett live on air when discussing Tommy Robinson and Pegida.

Communist Weyman Bennett spits his dummy out big time when host John Gaught points out that Bennett is both a liar and a hypocrite. Bennett is a completely delusional moron, rather than answer the questions and talk about Tommy Robinson and Pegida . He continuously twisted the truth and in some cases told complete lies about Tommy Robinson/Pegida. When pointed out he was talking crap would then rather dodge the questions and start waffling on about the 1930s, Hitler and Mussolini which were nothing relevant to the subject but his attempt to link anybody who objects to Islamization or doesn’t want an open borders immigration policy as being a Nazi or Fascist

Weyman Bennett is a complete joke who does nothing but stir up trouble and scaremonger to justify UAFs existence which pays for him to be a full time SWP activist . He still repeats the exact same lies and has the same hypocritical attitude as last time John Gaunt destroyed him on air. Here is the recording from last time.

socialist wanker weyman bennett

Other UAF controversy’s:

Far-Left Extremists UAF / SWP Are Jewish Holocaust Deniers.

Video: UAF and Muslim Scum Destroy Memorial To Murdered Soldier Lee Rigby

Local Councillor Is Amongst UAF Who Shouted Through Minutes Silence




Communist Front Group To Hold Pro Calais Migrant Demo


As British borders come under siege on a nightly basis with up to 2000 illegal immigrants a time, trying to storm the Eurotunnel entrance to enter the UK. A far-left extremist group called ‘Folkstone United’ have reached the pinnacle of all stupidity, arranging a demo in support of poor illegals who are being denied an open border into Britain.

The demonstration at the Eurotunnel terminal is due to take place on Saturday 1st August. A counter demo by the EDL and other concerned locals is also planned 

In case the Folkstone United name hadn’t already given it away. The group are yet another Socialist Workers Party / Unite Against Fascism front group. Like their other communist front groups the aim is to stir up unrest in the tiny hope it brings about the marxist revolution they long for. Failing that its always chance for the SWP to raise some funds by donations or sales of their shitty paper ‘Socialist Worker’

This is the same bunch of loons who carried out a campaign of harassment against UKIP including the physical attack of Nigel Farage in the run up to the election. Their  leader is the foul mouthed old slapper, Bunny La Roche. She is a paid SWP activist and the same hardcore communist who made a fool of herself on BBC Question Time by gobbing off and threatening Farage  shouting  “im coming for you”


Folkstone United don’t care that the knock on effect of having miles of trucks stranded on either sides of the channel tunnel is estimated to be costing British businesses in excess of £250 million a day which will no doubt be passed onto us the consumer. Nor are they concerned about who will foot the bill for the benefits they will claim once here or the extra policing costs for the hike in crime which the uncivilized migrants will also bring


Unlike the leftists try to have people believe. Those attempting to get into the UK are not victims escaping persecution in their homelands. They are simply migrants who have been denied legitimate entry into the UK.  A genuine asylum seeker escaping war or other persecution would be more than happy to take sanctuary in the first safe nation they entered. Not travel from Pakistan via countless safe nations to Calais which is also a safe haven,to try reach the UK. The reason is simple its all about the £££.

In many countries asylum seekers will be kept in hostels or detention centres while their asylum claim is being processed. Once rejected the authorities know were they are and can easily ship them back out. Where as in the UK they will be given free housing and welfare payments during the long drawn out application and numerous appeals. Should they still be denied entry they can just slip away into the night without trace. The number of failed Muslim asylum seekers featured on this site who have gone on to commit serious crimes such as rape or murder is testament to that


Communists And Muslims Attack By-Standers During Gaza Protest

Extremists from the Islamic far right and from the communist far left once again joined together in a protest that ended in violence. Both sides united by their racist views and an immense hatred  of Jews and Israel took to the streets to support the terrorist state of Palestine.

Chairs and tables are thrown and restaurant diners flee as trouble flares during Gaza protest in Cardiff

A Muslim protester attacks an elderly gentleman with a table enjoying a drink in the sun outside a Cardiff bar
A Muslim protester attacks an elderly gentleman with a table enjoying a drink in the sun outside a Cardiff bar


Police say they made two arrests for public order and assault offences after violence erupted in popular Mill Lane

Trouble flared at a march in Cardiff as hundreds turned up to protest against the ongoing violence in Gaza.

The face of hatred. Muslims and communists unite in racist rally against Jews
The face of hatred. Muslims and communists unite in racist rally against Jews

In ugly scenes, as protesters passed the city’s Mill Lane – popular with diners and drinkers – chairs and tables were thrown at them by people drinking outside in the bars.

Witnesses saw chairs and tables being thrown into crowds as the protest passed by.

Placards were also apparently used as weapons as anger erupted on the busy street, which is packed with bars and restaurants.

Videos posted on YouTube and Facebook showed men throwing chairs into the crowd.

Far Left and Muslim extremists attack members of the public drinking outside town centre bars. Notice the Socialist Workers Party (who control the UAF) central to the violence.
Far Left and Muslim extremists attack members of the public drinking outside town centre bars. Notice the Socialist Workers Party (who control the UAF) central to the violence.

South Wales Police said around 1,500 people took part in the march while the disorder broke out on Mill Lane and St Mary Street in two separate incidents.

A 22-year-old man, from Caerphilly, was arrested for assault and a 33-year-old man, from Pontypridd, was arrested for affray.

Police said neither of the men were from the rally group.

Both men have been bailed pending further enquiries and police are speaking with witnesses and examining footage from the event.

Muslim extremists and the communist far left defending terrorist run state against their common enemy Israel.
Muslim extremists and the communist far left defending terrorist run state against their common enemy Israel.

Chief Inspector Dan Howe said: “The police were there to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the vast majority of people behaved in a calm and sensible way, however extra officers attended to provide reassurance to the community.

“Unfortunately not all of those in Cardiff yesterday afternoon were well-behaved and violence broke out with a small minority which disrupted an otherwise peaceful demonstration.

“Disruption was kept to a minimum and the rally went on to conclude peacefully and we are grateful for the support we received from the local community.”

Newport councillor Majid Rahman said the marchers heard confrontational chanting as they made their way past Walkabout on St Mary Street before violence erupted on Mill Lane.

“A lot of marchers were injured but because there was no police presence, the people who hurled glasses, tables and chairs got away with it,” he told BBC Wales.

“South Wales Police were poor – it was a lack of presence.

“When I got back to City Hall, I saw two police officers then a van of police officers turned up, but by then it was too late because we were back safe at City Hall.

“The response was inadequate, it was poor and they need to answer for this.”

South Wales Police defended the way it handled the march.

Chief Inspector Dan Howe said: “This was an alarming and violent incident. It was, however, an isolated occurrence.

“While a protest in the previous week drew smaller numbers, and passed without incident, Saturday saw a larger scale event which also coincided with a busy Saturday afternoon in the city.

“Officers in Cardiff police this scale of event regularly and the violence that occurred is an exceptional occurrence, but one that needs to be examined.”

The force said they are reviewing the events and that a “robust investigation” was under way into how the “violent events” arose.

Hamas supporters violence against innocent by standers in Cardiff

Marchers unconnected with the violent scenes told why they were there.

Tariq Mohamed, 36, from Barry, said he was marching to show his solidarity with the people of Palestine.

He said: “We need to protect the innocent people who are being killed every day. It’s not about race or religion. It’s all down to the Government. They need to do something. They need to stop the oppressor and protect the oppressed. That is what today is all about.”

Israel’s incursion into Gaza has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians, including at least 192 children.

Efforts by international powers to broker a complete end to the violence have so far proved fruitless, with Israel’s defense minister warning Israel may soon “significantly” expand the ground operation in Gaza.

Kimberley Chambers, from Cardiff, said she was protesting against the “obliteration” of Palestinians.

The 29-year-old said: “Every time I watch the news all I hear about is the Israelis who have been killed. They are the ones who are being given millions of pounds to slaughter Palestinians. It’s an unfair war. It’s not right. There needs to be more awareness. That’s why I am here.”

Project manager Shamim Rahman, 42, came from Newport to participate in the march.

He said: “It is very bad now. It is so sad for humans to do that to each other. Young children and women are being killed for no reason. It must stop.”

Unite, the biggest union in the UK, has branded the killing of young people as “deplorable”.

A statement of solidarity with the Palestinians stated the retaliation from Israeli settlers and the Israeli authorities was “utterly disproportionate and unjustified.”

Further events against Israel’s military operation in Gaza were underway in other towns and cities across the UK yesterday including Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Newcastle. Over 45,000 people gathered to protest in London.

Anyone who was in the vicinity of Mill Lane or the Retro Lounge in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon and witnessed the incident or has any information in connection to it, is asked to call South Wales Police on 101 quoting reference number 1400271933.


Wanker Of The Week=Weyman Bennett, For Ban Tommy Robinson Call

socialist wanker Weyman Bennett you are a first class wanker for trying to make out somebody who is against Islam is worse than terrorist killers

Wanker Of The Week award goes to communist race agitator Weyman Bennett for his comments in response to  Tommy Robinson being invited to speak at a Holocaust Memorial Day event in Ipswich. Only days after Unite Against Fascisms last display of mind boggling treachery where they came out in support of Egyptian terrorists Muslim Brotherhood in London. Bennett reacted to ex EDL leader Tommy Robinsons planned attendance in a typical Stalinist fashion trying to silence people with differing views to his own. Intimidating those organizing the event to withdraw Robinson’s invite at any cost even if it means pulling the entire thing.

Bennett and the UAF managed to get the college to withdraw support for the event because the former EDL leader was going to speak with their scaremongering,attempts to stir up ill feeling and threats of protests. UAF exaggerate and use Islamophobia as a way to gain funding and recruit members for the SWP who pull their strings.

In another display of the warped working of communist minds Bennett claimed “It is an insult to have those with Islamophobic views on a platform about Holocaust Memorial Day”  yet never even mentioned the convicted IRA murderer who planted the Brighton hotel bomb attempting to kill then Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher and her party members. Nor did the UAF object to a member of banned Islamofascist group Al-Muhajiroun having a platform.

Did Tommy Robinson murder anybody? Did he try to blow up the leader of our country?  Did he call for EDL members to commit acts of terrorism? Did he fund-raise for terrorists ? Did he publicly give his endorsement to acts of violence? Did he demand for an extremist takeover of the UK ? Does he hate this countries armed forces, the same forces who fought the Nazis and freed the Jewish prisoners from the death camps?  No

So why single Tommy Robinson out from all the speakers when he did none of the above unlike the other two speakers?  Its because he is a white, British, gives a shit about what’s happening to the country he loves and had the balls to stand up to the Islamists. He is the easy target and it allows the UAF to maintain their anti-racist charade, maintaining their strong ties with the IRA supporters and Islamic extremists they are in bed with.

One of the criticisms aimed at the EDL from the real far right extremists was their support of  Israel and Jewish people. Wouldn’t that make a reformed Tommy Robinson a good candidate to speak? The UAF/SWP have no right to talk about insulting people regarding the Holocaust given their Jew hating stance and their past Holocaust denial where they claimed it was only disabled, lgbt and trade unionists who were mass murdered in the Holocaust.

Weyman Bennett you are a first class wanker for trying to make out somebody who is against Islam is worse than terrorist killers

Ipswich: Former EDL leader to address event on Holocaust Memorial Day

Former EDL leader invited to address event in Ipswich for Holocaust Memorial DayFormer EDL leader invited to address event in Ipswich for Holocaust Memorial Day

Matthew SymingtonWednesday, January 22, 2014
10:55 AM

Organisers of an event on Holocaust Memorial Day in Ipswich have invited Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, as a guest speaker.

The event on Monday, January 27, was originally planned to take place in conjunction with the Education Quarter Multi Faith Chaplaincy at Suffolk New College and University College Suffolk.

However the colleges have since disavowed themselves entirely from the talk and organiser JIMAS has decided to proceed independently.

Muhammad Manwar Ali of JIMAS, who is also a fellow of Suffolk New College and a member of the chaplaincy for SNC and UCS, said it would be a “solemn occasion” to mark the Holocaust.

It is not yet known where the event will take place. Other speakers will include Holocaust survivor Frank Bright; Pat Magee, who was convicted of planting the IRA’s Brighton Bomb; and Umme Thara, a former member of Al-Muhajiroun.

Mr Ali said the idea behind the talk was to get those involved to make a “clear cut commitment against anti-Semitism and any kind of hatred and genocide.

“We’ve all been on a journey and we want to give a powerful message from ex-radicals to say they’re rejecting it and say ‘never again’.”

Mr Ali invited those who doubted the sincerity of Mr Robinson’s rejection of the EDL to challenge him at the event.

“He’s free to say what he likes, if he doesn’t say it that proves that he’s insincere or dishonest,” he said.

Yesterday Unite Against Fascism, who wrote to the college urging them to cancel the talk, said they would support those in the local area who wished peacefully to oppose the event.

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of UAF, said: “Tommy Robinson has outlined that the views he had whilst he was with the EDL have not changed.

“This is not a gathering to pay respect to the millions of Jewish people murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust instead it will be used to by Robinson and other former EDL member Nick Jode to attack Islam.

“It is an insult to have those with Islamophobic views on a platform about Holocaust Memorial Day. We call on the organisers to withdraw their invitation to the former EDL members.”

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, said: “Local Holocaust Memorial Day events are organised and led by local activity organisers, for local communities. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust provides resources, support and guidance to help plan successful activity.

“We do not ‘approve’ events and do not tell local activity organisers what to do. However, we made it clear to organisers of this event that Mr Robinson’s presence may detract from the central messages of Holocaust Memorial Day. Ultimately, any decision to cancel the event is made by them.”

UAF Communists Sink To New Low Defending Muslim Terrorists

Unite Against Fascism sunk to a new low this weekend when they opposed patriots from Britain First in Crinklewood, North London. For in the flat above the kebab shop they was protesting outside, is the new home of Egyptian terrorists The Muslim Brotherhood. Islamists Muslim Brotherhood advocates Sharia law and rejects Western values were recently ousted from power in Egypt and declared official terrorists. UAF’s support for Islamists proves that their claims of being anti-fascists is a big a joke as Muslims claims that Islam is the religion of peace. Especially considering how they persecuted the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

The Brotherhood’s leader, deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, is in jail following last July’s coup in which more than 1,000 died in street clashes. But it still has the support of millions of Islamists across the world and has been given a safehouse on Cricklewood Broadway by an Islamic charity.Egyptian Mohamed Ghanem  who has run the Islamic charity World Media Services for more than 20 years has told press ‘This is an Islamic charity and we have same values of the Muslim Brotherhood. So when their members had to leave Egypt, we helped them.’

The locals are in no doubt that the flat is the organisation’s command centre. One said: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood have been there for just under a year. The leaders come and go throughout the day and the evening. Sometimes you see them coming out with Muslim Brotherhood banners, on their way to demonstrations.’The HQ is run by relatives of two Morsi aides who were arrested with him. One official said: ‘We look forward to seeing those values brought back to Egypt once our democracy is restored and our freedom from dictatorship and repression won.’ 

UAF counter protest comprising mostly of  OAPs and middle class SWP activists with a couple of hippy failed students thrown in supporting the terrorist organization whose aim is to destroy our way of life and replace it with the barbaric and backwards sharia law

This isn’t the first controversy the UAF front group of the communist SWP have been involved in. Although this latest act of treachery is just spineless as the rest.

Liverpool Crown Court: Supported paedophiles from the Rochdale grooming gang when patriots protested outside the court during the trial

Harlow Mosque: Stirred up racial tensions with scaremongering at anti mosque protest in 2009 . Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo was UAF speaker at the counter protest and almost incited a riot with his hate speech.

Comrade Delta Rape Scandal:  When leading UAF and SWP member Martin Smith was accused of rape. The SWP leadership and Smith’s friends including UAF leader Weyman Bennett held a kangaroo court finding him completely innocent and then proceeded to cover the whole incident up. The fallout from this saga is still on going with many of their members leaving due to the rape cover up.

Sheffield Lee Rigby Memorial: UAF joined Islamists waving the black flag of jihad in ripping up flowers left on the war memorial in honour of fallen soldier Lee Rigby

March For England: Attacked patriots including children and also police at St Georges day parade in Brighton with rocks and bottles of urine

IRA Support In Liverpool: UAF joined parade with IRA supporters in Liverpool in honour of Irish communist and IRA fundraiser James Larkin

UAF/SWP Sexual Predator Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University

Just when you thought Comrade Delta aka Martin Smith of the UAF / SWP rape controversy had disappeared into communist obscurity. Lying low after single handedly bringing his own Sexist Wankers Party crashing down,in the aftermath of his SWP friends covering up 2 rape allegations up against him. Well he’s back….. having crawled out from the rock he was hiding under.


Already despised by patriots for being an anti British traitor and all round twatish behaviour such as stirring up hatred with his scaremongering to defending Muslim grooming gangs. After the rape incident, even large sections of the far left have turned on him also. He is now without doubt Britain’s most hated communist.

Worrying he has turned up at Liverpool Hope University putting female students at risk having the sexual predator around campus. Allegedly his PhD has been funded by Hope University where he has been taken onboard in some kind of lecturing capacity while he is studies there. How they can they ever trust Smith to be in a position where female students could approach him over work, leaving themselves vulnerable to potential sexual attack il never understand

Below is from a Liverpool Feminist Blog called AngryWomen

Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University

Posted on 21 October 2013 by angrywomenguest

*Trigger warning- rape and sexual harassment.*

It has come to our attention that Martin Smith –who resigned from the Socialist Workers Party following rape and sexual harassment allegations– is now based in the Social Work department at Liverpool Hope University.

The accusations against Smith were covered up by an internal investigation from the party’s disputes committee. This was set up by the central committee – a body largely consisting of Smith’s friends – who at this point were referring to him as “Comrade Delta“. The specifics of the case and the handling of the case can be read here, 

However, to summarise, not only were the survivors disbelieved and their cases not heard, but party leader and academic Alex Callinicos claimed that the party – and the wider movements of the working class generally – were being damaged by what he termed “creeping feminism“.

A faction was formed in opposition to the central committee, which led to the expulsion and resignation of dissenting members.

Martin Smith resigned from the party in July, after spending several weeks in Greece ‘researching’ for the party’s front campaign Unite Against Fascism.

Over the summer, there were rumours online that the children of party founder Tony Cliff were asking SWP members to donate to a fund for Martin Smith to study an MA.

It now seems that rather than have an educational ‘break’ funded directly by the SWP, Martin Smith has been awarded a funded PhD in the Social Work, Youth and Justice Department of Liverpool Hope University, which happens to be headed by fellow SWP member and Preston Councillor Michael Lavalette.

If Smith were searching for sympathetic academics to shelter him, Callinicos may have been a too obvious choice, while Lavalette might just have been expected to slip under the radar of ‘creeping feminism’.

Though the levels of student activism at Hope are depressingly low, the same is not true for feminist activism in the wider city. We have also been made aware of a poster campaign which took place at Hope last night, with the aim of informing female students of the danger on campus.

This is a danger which Professor Lavalette, as head of department, bears responsibility for bringing toHope, in a department which is supposed to have welfare as its primary concern.

The University have chosen to take on Martin Smith, despite the coverage of the case in the national press. This is arguably a significant breach of their duty of care, and will massively harm the University’s image. We call up on feminist activists nationwide to ensure that this man is unable to remain either at Hope or in in activist circles.

If anyone would like to get involved in building a campaign, please contact Delta.Removals2013@gmail.com



Far-Left Extremists UAF / SWP Are Jewish Holocaust Deniers.

In Britain today there is a group of communists who masquerade as anti racism campaigners called Unite Against Fascism. Despite the respectable sounding name, the truth is they are anything but respectable. They act like they are some on kind of moral high grounds should anybody dare to criticize Islam, falsely branding people fascists and Nazis without question. Yet when it comes to Jews or any other religion for that matter they aren’t so quick to leap to their defence. Islamophobia is big money business and they know it. Therefore their alliance with Jew hating Islamic extremists takes preference over all else.

When most people think of the holocaust, you think as many as 6 million innocent  Jews rounded up and exterminated by one of the most evil sadistic men to ever walk on this earth, no not the prophet Mohammed but Adolf Hitler and his Nazi murderers. Mass genocide in the gas chambers.

Yet the communist far left have a different version of events. In their leaflet opposing a BNP hatefest in Derbyshire, they hypocritically they call the BNP Nazis and holocaust deniers.  The leaflet carries the name of the Socialist Workers Party, its front group Unite Against Fascism and the fronts front group Love Music Hate Racism.

It states:  The BNP denies the holocaust where 1000s of LGBT people, trade unionists and disabled people were slaughtered.

UAF/SWP jewish holocaust denying leaflet,  unite against fascism and socialist workers party are racists

What would the SWP/UAF’s hero Leon Trotsky of made of the commies forgetting about 6 million Jews being exterminated, after all Trotsky was a JEW himself !!! Their alternative version of the holocaust is like meat pie without the main ingredient the meat.

During Hitler’s reign the phrase LGBT was unheard of. Homosexuality was a taboo subject then and anybody who was gay certainly wasn’t as forward telling people as they are today.It was kept secret not just in Nazi Germany but worldwide. Therefore the numbers of gay people who were victims of the holocaust was relevantly few. Disabled people were sent to the gas chambers and used as guinea pigs for medical research. Again relatively low numbers. Political opponents such as Marxist agitators which they must mean by trade unionists were imprisoned in the region of 30,000. Although most who died was by starvation or worked to death. Not in the gas chambers like the Jews.

uaf swp scum holcaust deniers

Bennett, Smith and co can try to hide their anti Semitic views by exaggerating the amount of non Jews who died in the holocaust but there is still 6 million or so Jews killed that are to be accounted for and that will take some serious persuasion to convince people didn’t happen.  For a group who go around preaching how they are anti-racists/anti-fascist, their failure to acknowledge the 6 million innocent Jews killed seems awfully racist and fascist. 

They also conveniently forget that as many as 20million people did in the communist gulags in the USSR. Far more than were killed by Hitler’s Nazis .

UAF’s Martin Smith Resigns From SWP After Another Sex Attack Allegation

It seems UAF/SWP gobshite Comrade Delta aka Martin Smith has been noncing again. This time his accuser is a female SWP employee. Rather than embroil the commie rape deniers in another kangeroo court scandal he has resigned from the Socialist Workers Party. Not an SWP member = No Kangeroo court = Victim silenced.

It remains to be seen if he is still on the payroll of SWP front group ‘Unite Against Fascism’ . Dont be surprised to see the sex case pop back up in a year or so once the victim has been pushed out of the door and silenced

No wonder he was the organizer of UAF counter demos in support of Muslim Grooming Gangs. He was defending his own sick kind. To listen to the crap he spouts aswell like he is on some kind of moral high ground. Sex offenders like him are the lowest of the low.

Commie sex case Martin Smith



www workersliberty org/story/2013/08/06/martin-smith-slips-away

Martin Smith slips away

On 7 July the SWP’s National Committee held an emergency meeting, to discuss matters relating to its internal opposition (now publishing its discussion on a blog here).

According to reports on the internet, that meeting also heard that the SWP Central Committee was acting to ensure a “swift and fair” internal hearing of an outstanding complaint of sexual harassment against Martin Smith.

The woman, who has become known as “comrade X”, is an employee of the SWP. She first made her complaint last year – so the hearing has hardly been organised swiftly!

However, she did not want it to be heard by a disputes committee made up of people close to Martin Smith and including members of the Central Committee. Comrade X had spoken against that deeply flawed procedure at the SWP’s conference in January this year in relation to the complaint of rape by another SWP member, against Martin Smith. The disputes committee has now apparently been reorganised.

There is no chance now that the hearing will be fair. The alleged perpetrator, Martin Smith has resigned from the SWP.

The organisation has no more “jurisdiction” over him. Comrade X cannot tell her story with any hope of redress. And neither for that matter can his point of view be heard. Comrade X could, if she chose to, and it was appropriate, take her complaint to the police; but her case will have been badly undermined by the delay.

Smith’s resignation has been welcomed by people who have recently left the SWP (“good riddance” etc). That’s understandable. But it has had the effect of destroying any meaningful examination of the truth of the complaint.

From start to finish the SWP have utterly disgraced themselves: brushing aside two extremely serious allegations, setting up a deeply compromised process of “investigation”, manipulating votes to legitimate that process, trying to shut people up… Now the person at the centre of this scandal quietly slips away.

Far Left Fascists UAF Demand Oxford Union Withdraw EDL Invite And Apologise

Communist enemy of free speech Weyman Bennett and his minions are upset about EDL leader Tommy Robinson being asked to speak at the Oxford Union. The debate being held is about nationalism, given the EDL are a patriotic group. Tommy Robinson would seem a pretty good choice of guest to have or so you would think. After all we live in a democratic society and not under some Islamic dictatorship or oppressive communist police state.  The far left fascists UAF disagree with a British patriot being invited to discuss nationalism in Britain because that isn’t the same views they have and utterly condemn the EDL leader being invited.  They would much preferred a homophobic, jihad loving Islamic hate preacher or a  Jew hating anti British communist traitor was invited instead. In which case there would be no objections and they would openly support.

Communist Weyman Bennett foaming from the mouth at the thought of Tommy Robinson speaking at Oxford Union
Communist Weyman Bennett foaming from the mouth at the thought of Tommy Robinson speaking at Oxford Union


Bennett is not happy man, he is that angry he is foaming at the mouth and has been quick to demand the Oxford union withdraw the invitation and issue an immediate apology for inviting a fascist to speak. He has warned if not the UAF will mobilize its.”anti-fascist activists’ and’ ‘trade unionists’  which basically means communists, failed students who now live in a squat and addicted to heroin,middle class tree huggers and a few Muslim extremists from one of their allied Islamofascist organizations for a peaceful protest………LOL,… UAF and peaceful protest in the same sentence. Now he is taking the piss.  Since when have the UAF ever held peaceful protests?? 

Unite Against Fascism's idea of peaceful protest. Bennett gets arrested for inciting a riot
Unite Against Fascism’s idea of peaceful protest. Bennett gets arrested for inciting a riot


Controversy as EDL leader asked to speak at Oxford Union


Tommy Robinson, co-founder and current leader of the English Defence League, has been invited to debate at Oxford Union.

A current member of the Union, Simon Blackaby, tweeted Robinson to ask him if he would participate in a debate on the issue of nationalism.

Robinson responded to the tweet, asking to exchange numbers. Nonetheless, Blackaby, despite being a member of the Union, is not authorised to decide who may or may not speak at the Union.

The invitation has already drawn criticism from pressure groups.

The joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), Weyman Bennett, strongly condemned the invitation by a member of Oxford Union.

“They should remove the invitation, and they should apologise for issuing an invitation in the first place,” he said of the decision. “To give Tommy Robinson a respectable position to speak is to give respectability to his ideas.”

The president of Oxford Union, Parit Wacharasindhu, defended the Union’s decision to invite Robinson: “The Oxford Union is a debating society founded on the principle of free speech. It provides a neutral arena where political views can be aired so long as they are contested. No speakers are ever given a platform nor are their views ever endorsed by the society or any of the individuals in it.”

He added: “Mr Robinson was thought of as a potential speaker for a debate on nationalism for which he is deemed to be relevant and the format of which ensures his views are extensively questioned and scrutinised. Understandably, there are security concerns – an issue raised by both parties – which need to be resolved before we can consider sending through a formal invitation letter.”

Bennett confirmed that, should Robinson accept his invitation to speak, UAF had every intention to stage a peaceful demonstration.

The EDL was founded in 2009 and describes itself as a ‘human rights organisation’.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, was one of the founding members of the EDL and has led the organisation since 2009. He was recently arrested while on what he claimed was a charity walk near the scene of the Woolwich terror attack.

This is not the first time Oxford Union has invited criticism over its choice of speakers. In 2007 the decision to invite Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, and David Irving, a historian who has denied the existence of the Holocaust, erupted into protests outside the Union, which later disrupted the talk itself.