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Heart Surgeon Mohammed Asif Suspended For 2nd Time In 4 Years Accused Of Inappropriate Behaviour

Mohammed Asif  a heart surgeon has been suspended for second time in four years amid police probe into allegations of  inappropriate behaviour. This further backs up what i had previously said regarding the paedophile Muslim police detective. That however respectable a Muslim may seem on the outside, that scratch beneath the surface and you will find exactly the same woman hating, sex obsessed warped mindset as you would do in a Muslim takeaway worker or taxi driver who had been brain washed by Islam.

Heart surgeon suspended for second time in four years amid police probe

Mohammed Asif was accused of inappropriate behaviour but has now been allowed to return to work after cops dropped investigation.

Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Mohammed Asif was suspended from his work at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (Image: UGC/Daily Record)

A heart surgeon was ­suspended from his job for the second time in four years amid claims of inappropriate behaviour.

Mohammed Asif, a ­consultant cardiothoracic ­surgeon at ­Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee National Hospital, was probed by police after an alleged incident at the hospital in February.


Asif, 48, who lives in an £850,000 house in Bearsden, near Glasgow, has worked at the hospital since 2011.

He was removed from his post pending an internal and criminal investigation.

But he was allowed to return to his job after police dropped their investigation due to a lack of ­evidence and health chiefs ­concluded their own inquiry.

In 2013, he was at the centre of separate allegations at Crosshouse Hospital, near Kilmarnock, about his ­conduct towards a colleague.

The woman did not ­complain about his behaviour but employees who allegedly witnessed it raised the issue with management.

He was also ­suspended from the Golden ­Jubilee ­following the alleged Crosshouse incident but was allowed to return within eight weeks.

Asif was educated at Oxford and Cambridge and has worked across the north of England.

Police said a complaint of inappropriate ­behaviour was received on ­February 9 about a Golden Jubilee staff member but no one had been reported to the fiscal after an investigation.

The Golden ­Jubilee, run by the Golden Jubilee Foundation, have a world-class centre which provides treatments such as cardiac bypass surgery and heart transplants. A hospital spokesman said a staff member was suspended ­following a complaint and an ­investigation launched.


Mohammed Asif works at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital

He added: “This ­investigation has ­concluded and resulted in the individual ­returning to work.

“Although we cannot provide details around the investigation due to confidentiality issues, we can state that the ­complaint was not relating to any aspect of patient care at the Golden Jubilee.”

He added: “In 2013, a member of staff from the Golden Jubilee was suspended following a ­complaint. The investigation was ­concluded and resulted in the individual ­returning to work.”


NHS Ayrshire and Arran, who run ­Crosshouse, said: “While this ­individual visited to carry out clinics, they were never employed by NHS ­Ayrshire and Arran.

“Four years ago, we received a complaint and took appropriate and immediate action.”

Asif was not available at his home yesterday. His wife Shefali Chowdhury said: “I don’t know anything about this.”


PC Gone Mad: Preston School Dinner Lady Suspended For Attending Anti Terrorism Rally

Political correctness has gone mad. Despite us supposedly living in a democratic society with freedom of thought.It appears if you don’t subscribe to the leftist mainstream line it can now cost you your job. Even if that happens to be opposing terrorists killing women and children in the name of Islam.

A school dinner lady from Preston, Lancashire has been suspended for attending the ‘Unite Against Hate’ protest in Manchester. The peaceful protest against Islamic terrorism was partly organised by ex-English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson. It also featured a number of other speakers on the day of all races and religions including members representing the Sikh, ex-Muslim and gay communities.

Moor Nook Primary School
Moor Nook Primary School Credit: ITV News.

Mother-of-five Rachel Booth, 27, from Preston, said she attended the rally out of sympathy for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. She said she went on the march with her husband, who is ex-military and mixed race, to show solidarity with the bombing victims, not to support far-right extremism.

Five days later, Mrs Booth went into work at Moor Nook Primary School in Preston, where three of her children are pupils, and was suspended on the spot by the headteacher Suzanne Clough. Mrs Booth said the head handed her a letter and asked her to read it, telling her she was suspended for attending an EDL march which was “potential gross misconduct”. Despite it not even being an EDL march.

The banner says it all! UK unite against hate. manchester march 2017. black white straight gay asian sikhs ex muslims united
The banner says it all! UK unite against hate.

Although this is what the communist trouble makers  from Unite Against Fascism(UAF) were falsely banding around in the run up to the event attempting to falsely smear those attending as fascists,racists or nazis. Their lies then aided and abetted by Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and Greater Manchester Police who falsely claimed it as an EDL march. GMP later stated it wasn’t an EDL march and by doing so was an error.

'Potential gross misconduct': Rachel Booth, (pictured) said the headteacher of Preston's Moor Nook Primary School suspended her for attending a march organised by the ex-EDL leader

“It came as a big shock,” Mrs Booth said.

“To be honest I cried when I got out of there. It’s never happened to me before.

“I have never been in any kind of trouble with police.

“The grounds for suspending me are it was an EDL march, which is a load of rubbish. Even if I was part of the EDL, which I’m certainly not, it should not have affected my job.

“I have done absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes.”

“I thought it was for the children and so I went,” she added.

Mrs Booth, who has worked at the school for four years and is suspended on full pay, is expecting to have a meeting with the school soon.But she said she has since been targeted while picking up her children from school.

“I got a bit of abuse yesterday, I got called a racist b*tch,” she said.

Tommy Robinson has since launched an online petition in support of Mrs Booth which over 20000 people have signed.The online petition can be found here.

When asked for comment headteacher Ms Clough said: “I can confirm that a member of staff has been suspended, pending further inquiries.There are a number of inaccurate statements being made and one which is important to clarify is that the member of staff is able to attend school in their capacity as a parent. It would not be proper for me to comment further.”

No doubt Moor Nook school headteacher and the majority of others teachers working there are fully paid up members of the  union National Union of Teachers (NUT). Now the NUT are one of the biggest funders of Unite Against Fascism, the Socialist Workers Party front who organised the counter protest on the day and caused all the trouble. NUT pay for a UAF magazine called Unity, which is aimed at teachers to push the SWP / UAF communist agenda knowing it will then become a factor of what they then teach in the classroom and have an influence of the children. The well paid champagne socialist NUT leader Christine Blower is also vice-chair of Unite Against Fascism. 

Regardless of any investigation into the dinner lady, unfortunately  shit sticks and the smears against her will always be there. She has her reputation ruined when doing nothing wrong and is the real victim here.

Lancashire Taxi Driver Suspended For Refusing Blind Woman And Guide Dog

We have seen Muslim taxi drivers refusing to take blind passengers with guide dogs in both the US and Canada. It was only a matter of time until it also happened in the UK. He never used religious reasons for his refusal like those in North America, but i don’t imagine it will be that long before we hear of a Muslim cab driver doing so.

Accrington taxi driver who refused to take blind woman and guide dog suspended

6:00am Saturday 18th January 2014 in News

Lancashire Telegraph: Imran HussainImran Hussainde

A TAXI driver has been suspended after he refused to pick up a blind woman and her guide dog, saying he was allergic to pets.

Imran Hussain, who works for Accrington firm Max Cabs, was hauled before a judicial panel at the council after it was claimed he left Jenny Nedwell and her two-year-old Labrador, Riley, standing in the rain.

The 34-year-old, who got his badge in 2009, was suspended from working as a taxi driver for three weeks and could now face criminal prosecution.

Mr Hussain, of Blackburn Road, Accrington, said he refused to take Miss Nedwell because he is allergic to pets and would have been putting other road users at risk if his eyes had ‘puffed up’.

But he fell foul of the Equality Act, which states taxi drivers must pick up guide dogs or risk committing a criminal offence, unless they have a medical exemption certificate from the council.

Former Haslingden High pupil, Miss Nedwell, a wellbeing and work co-ordinator at Bootstrap Enterprises, Blackburn, said she ordered a taxi because of the rain and a meeting at work.

Miss Nedwell said: “This time, enough was enough. I was late for work and it was ridiculous.

“Riley is a black dog with a high-vis yellow and white harness on. It’s very obvious that he’s a working dog.

“It’s discrimination and that’s what got to me really. It’s not fair.”

Speaking after Monday’s hearing, Mr Hussain said he should have told the council about his medical condition.

He said he discovered his allergy when his eyes ‘puffed up’ after coming close to a pet, and that he had never been asked to pick up a dog in his taxi before this incident on October 17 last year.

He said: “I had to inform the council about my illness at the time and I didn’t. I’m glad I’m still working because what has happened is very harsh.

“I always pick my customers up, but in that situation I would have been putting her, other people, and myself at risk.

“The council are going to give me a (medical exemption) certificate.”

A spokesman for Max Cabs said: “Until the council issues him with a medical exemption certificate, he will be asked to pick up guide dogs.

“This has highlighted a shortfall in the council’s application process.

“We want the council to have a big tick box on the initial application form asking if drivers are allergic to dogs.

“We don’t have a single driver that has a certificate, so they will be expected to pick up guide dogs.”

Coun Molineux, who is also a councillor and a disabled champion at Lancashire County Council, is a member of Hyndburn Council’s judicial committee but did not sit on the committee for this case.

He said he was ‘angry and disappointed’ when he heard Mr Hussain had refused to pick up his partner.

He said: “It was not the first time we have had issues with taxis picking us up.

“On occasion, drivers have tried to charge more, and tried to charge separately for the dog, and on other occasions, they make you feel like they don’t want the dog there.

“For Jenny and me, it was not about punishment, it was about making drivers aware they have a legal obligation to carry guide dogs.

“In this case, the punishment was probably needed, but we are glad he has not lost his licence.

“Maybe drivers in the future will think twice about not taking a guide dog.”

Nearly 25 per cent of blind people have been refused access to transport, a survey by Guide Dogs for the Blind Association found. Two thirds of complaints were against taxi drivers, the survey said.

The charity said it was keen to work with taxi companies, and can givetraining on how to help blind and partially sighted people.

For more information, call 0845 372 7407, or visit http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/manchester

A spokeswoman for Hyndburn Council said “We cannot comment on individual cases. However, the council would not usually be the prosecuting authority and it would usually be up to the complainant to decide whether they wanted to refer the matter to the police.”

Exposed ‘Child Bride’ Imam Who Encouraged Paedophilia Reinstated At Birmingham Mosque

Imam Sajid Zafar Hussain from the Jamatia Islamic Centre was exposed recently on national television as a promoter of illegal child marriages. In undercover video footage the Muslim religious leader had no qualms about breaking the law of the land to marry a 14-year-old girl against her wishes to somebody she had never even met. The welfare and safety of the girl were of no concern to the imam. Neither did he care that children marrying adult men is paedophilia, something that is rife in Islam.

It doesn’t come as any surprise really that he is now back preaching at the mosque. His alleged suspension was more likely to have been an instance of  taqiyya/kitman  (permitted lying / deception in Islam) by the mosques management to purposely deceive the general public to the truth hoping the incident gets forgotten about.

‘hey imam, have a couple of weeks holiday. When the media contact about the TV programme asking questions we can say you have been removed from position and no comment. Let the fuss die down out of the spotlight . Come back, then business as usual’

The mosque management claim that an independent board has looked into ITV’s allegations against  Imam Sajid Zafar Hussain and claim he is innocent of any wrong doing. That claim of innocence is totally debatable. True no actual crime happened because the marriage never took place. But he did conspire to knowingly marry an under-age child to an adult man in the knowledge that it would result in paedophile sexual relations  which is against British law.

Forced child marriages may be allowed under Sharia Law, yet as much as Muslims would like it to be legal here it doesn’t have any authority what so ever. If muslims wish to participate in paedophile marriages and emulate the perfect Muslim Mohammed, then go to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and do it then please.

Child marriages and paedophilia in the Quran and hadiths including that of Islams founder the paedo prophet Mohammed

CCCLXXXIV: The Tafsir of Surat at-Talaq

Mujahid said that “if you have any doubt” (65:4) means if you do not know whether she menstruates or not. Those who do not longer menstruate and those who have not yet menstruated, their ‘idda is three months.


(39) CHAPTER. Giving one’s young children in marriage (is permissible).By virtue of the Statement of Allah : “…and for those who have no (monthly) courses (i.e. they are still immature).. (V.65:4) And the ‘Idda for the girl before puberty is three months (in the above Verse).


5133. Narrated ‘Aishah; that the Prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).


“The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari”
Al-Bukhari (au.), Muhammad M. Khan (tr.), Dar-us-Salam Publications, vol. 7, book 67, ch. 39, p. 57, ISBN 9960-717-38-0, June 1, 1997.
Chapter 10: It is permissible for the father to give the hand of his daughter in marriage even when she is not fully grown up.

Capter heading for Sahih Muslim 8:3309 to Sahih Muslim 8:3311
‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old.

Those Islamic quotes from their religious scriptures go some way to explaining why Muslims behave in the way they do. To speak out and say child marriages are wrong, would be saying Islam and Mohammed were also wrong and that will never happen.

Protests as ‘child marriage’ imam back at Birmingham mosque

15 Nov 2013 08:10

Sajid Zafar Hussain was suspended from his post at Sparkhill’s Jamatia Islamic Centre after agreeing to arrange the wedding of a 14-year-old girl

Sparkhill imam Sajid Zafar Hussain

An imam caught agreeing to marry off a 14-year-old girl has been welcomed back to his mosque job, despite protests from worshippers.

Sajid Zafar Hussain has spent the past month suspended from his post at the Jamatia Islamic Centre on Woodlands Road, Sparkhill.

He was caught on film agreeing to arrange the wedding ceremony by undercover TV reporters posing as the mother and brother of the schoolgirl.

Mr Hussain was immediately suspended by the mosque but the Mail has discovered he was allowed to return to work last Monday.

Yet the decision has divided worshippers, with one mosque member claiming the ‘unjustifiable’ return had caused bad feeling.

They said: “When the imam entered the mosque to lead prayers a number of members and trustees protested and asked if he would do the decent thing and resign to avoid causing division within the community. The imam refused to comment.

Jamatia Islamic Centre, Sparkhill

“A number of his supporters then objected and began to push members around, there was a disorder which was defused by the trustees and the members walking away from the situation.

“The Management Committee were asked to explain how they concluded the imam’s actions did not amount to gross misconduct. They too refused to comment.”

The ITV Exposure programme visited 56 mosques across the country and asked clerics to perform an Islamic marriage ceremony, known as a nikah.

Mr Hussain and imams at 17 other mosques agreed.

The Mail visited the Jamatia Islamic Centre where its President Noor Hussain and joint treasurer Mohammed Fidah confirmed the imam had been allowed to return following an investigation by an ‘independent committee’.

The President claimed the cleric had agreed in principle to marry off the schoolgirl as a reaction to the ‘emotional state’ of the female reporter posing as her mother, who he described as a ‘desperate woman’.

Asked if they thought Mr Hussain’s offer to marry off the schoolgirl was wrong, Mr Noor Hussain stressed no criminal offence had been committed as no marriage had actually been conducted.

The imam, they said, will not be able to conduct marriage ceremonies at the mosque until further notice, but confirmed the decision could be reversed at any time.

Another senior mosque official, who asked not to be named, said of Sajid Zafar Hussain’s appearance before the committee: ‘‘He said he regretted what happened and apologised and I think that was the reason he came back.”

Asked if he would condemn the imam’s actions, the official said: “We do strongly condemn his actions. She was underage.”

Poll: Should imam Sajid Zafar Hussain have been allowed to return to the Jamatia Islamic Centre?

In a letter to local community leaders, West Midlands Police said officers from its Public Protection Unit had investigated the secret TV recordings at the Jamatia Islamic Centre and at another mosque in the city.

The letter continued: ‘‘Those ceremonies were never conducted and having carefully scrutinised the footage and transcripts of the discussions, detectives from the force’s Public Protection Unit have established that no criminal offences were committed. Detectives have also examined the records at the mosques to establish if other ceremonies have been conducted. Again, no crimes have been identified.

‘‘Officers along with council officials and faith leaders are working closely with the Birmingham mosques mentioned in the programme to remind them of their responsibilities in relation to child protection issues.’’

Yesterday, a spokesman for the force said that two men, aged 27 and 41, were voluntarily interviewed by police in connection with the ITV programme but will face no further action.

The case of Sajid Zafar Hussain was also raised at a city council committee earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Councillor Brigid Jones, Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services, told the Mail: “Forced marriage, and marriage of underage girls, is an appalling crime, and my primary concern is that no young person in our city should live in fear of this.

‘‘I would urge anyone who has concerns to contact our referral and advice officers, or the police as appropriate.”

* Police and their partner agencies have identified 131 forced marriages as having taken place in Birmingham since 2009.

And half of all forced marriages occur on six wards; Bordesley Green, Springfield, Washwood Heath, Sparkbrook, Lozells and East Handsworth and Nechells.

According to an official report, none of the forced marriage victims had been risk assessed and no ‘warning markers’ were present.

Forced marriage protection orders have been in place since 2007, enabling third parties to take civil action to protect victims.

Since April 2010 a total of 17 orders have been issued by Birmingham courts, as a result of police and council intervention. Of the cases taken up by the council, five related to children and four to vulnerable adults.

via Jamatia Islamic Centre: Protests as ‘child marriage’ iman back at Birmingham mosque – Birmingham Mail.