Creeping Islam: Asda To Stock Halal Cosmetic Range In Stores

Asda aiding the islamic takeover of the uk

The islamization of the UK continues as major supermarket chain Asda begin stocking halal cosmetics in their stores. With superstores in every major town and city, islamists must be rubbing their hands with glee now Asda are boosting their stealth jihad cause.

Will Asda stock these in their own separate aisle clearly labelled for Muslims only??  Or will they be stocked alongside other beauty products.

If the latter then you cannot help but wonder how many unsuspecting non Muslim shoppers will accidentally put one of these in their basket without realising the impact of their actions. That these halal branded products will have been made by a Muslim only company, any animal by-products in them would have been sourced from animals that have been inhumanely slaughtered and sacrificed to a pagan moon god for which a fee will have been paid to a Muslim organisation and could possibly end up funding terrorism.

For years Muslims have been engaging in stealth jihad, attempting to bring Islam in via the back door. Now Asda are ultimately aiding islamization by opening the front door and welcoming in the creeping sharia cancer into our daily lives


Halal cosmetics created by businesswoman Salma Chaudhry will be stocked at Asda from May.

Asda will become the UK's first major retailer to launch halal cosmetics

The full range of skincare and cleansing products will be exclusive to Asda and will launch within 54 Asda stores.

They will also be available to purchase via the Asda online home shopping website.

A limited edition Eid Gift range, which includes cosmetics for both men and women, will launch in June which will be when Ramadan falls this year.

Details of store locations will be available on the company’s website Halalcosco.com.
Salma from Blackburn who was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Fusion Awards in 2013 said, “Halal beauty is currently one of the fastest growing sectors within the beauty industry.

“This demand is driven by Muslim millennials who want a modern lifestyle without compromising their beliefs.

“Since our business launched in 2014, we have noticed an increased demand for halal cosmetics year on year as Muslims become increasingly aware of the distinct differences between halal cosmetics and other brands both in the UK and overseas.

“In fact, our company has been the opposite of the majority of start ups, due to a large proportion of our products up until now exported to the Middle East and also to South East Asia, as the rise of halal cosmetics continues to see significant growth in these regions.

“This was a great challenge for us as a new brand as exporting requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding about trading regulations of the country in which you wish to export.

Asian Image:


“This is unusual as most other companies focus on their home markets initially before expanding to commence exporting.

“I think there are several key factors why our products are popular in the Middle East ranging from offering that total peace of mind, because our products are certified halal, through to the fact that they are manufactured here in the UK and the “Made in Great Britain” tag is extremely desirable in places like the UAE, Saudi and Malaysia.

“In the UK, up until now we have been working with a handful of independent retailers.
“However, we constantly receive enquiries from across the UK, and it’s very disappointing for us when we are not always able to direct consumers to a local stockist.

“We are delighted that Asda will now be stocking our products across some of its stores as this will make halal cosmetics more easily accessible to an increased number of consumers, filling a huge gap within the beauty sector which has always been our main goal.

“It also shows that major UK retailers are recognising that the demand for products suitable for Muslim consumers goes beyond food and drink.

“It’s an exciting time for us as we plan to launch a full range of colour cosmetics later this year in addition to a men’s skincare range.”

Iceland Stores Selling Inhumanely Slaughtered Halal Meat To The Public

Post from Boycott Halal UK

Letter to ICELAND from UK Member [JD]
How can Iceland condone selling halal meat to the general public?
This is against the law. It is also immoral. The exemption from the laws covering slaughter of animals in the UK for ritually slaughtered meat is only for meat to be consumed by muslims and jews. It’s no good saying that the animals are stunned first because this would make the meat haram (nothalal).
The meat you sell has been subjected to so called “lo-stun” where a lower voltage is used to paralyse the animal without rendering it unconscious so the poor animals final seconds are spent in sheer terror as it has it’s throat slit whilst listening to a muslim prayer.
I will never set foot in an Iceland store again. Shame on you.
I hope your customers desert you in droves.

Laughing ‘Asian’ Pervert Flashed Woman In Waitrose Supermarket

Here is July’s Islamoflasher of the month. Not a month goes by without at least one Muslim sexual deviant exposing themselves to random females somewhere in the UK

Man flashed at woman before laughing and walking off

Woman “left really frightened” following incident at a supermarket earlier this month

Surrey police officers want to speak with the man in the image following an indecent exposure in a Banstead supermarket

A woman was left shaken and upset after a man indecently exposed himself to her in the smoking area of a Banstead supermarket.

The incident took place in Waitrose in the High Street at around 12.20pm on Thursday July 16.

The woman was sitting in the smoking area when the suspect approached her and exposed himself before laughing and walking away.

A CCTV image of a man Surrey Police want to speak to in relation to the incident has now been released.

The suspect was described as Asian, aged between 50 and 55, 5ft 8in tall and bald.

He was wearing a white shirt, grey chinos and smart black shoes, and was carrying a medium-sized suitcase and a black bag.

PC Carmen Lambert-Singer said: “The woman was left really frightened as a result of this incident and I am hoping that releasing the CCTV image will encourage further witnesses and anyone with any other information to come forward and help me progress this investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Surrey Police on 101 and quote crime reference number 45150061826.

Creeping Islam at Tesco With New Halal Counters At Stores

Tesco’s have installed new halal counters in some stores. Doing so has further aided the  stealth jihad to bring Islam into everyday life a little bit at a time so it goes unnoticed by the majority until its too late. It claims the halal counter will offer a range of produce packaged under the National Halal Centre brand and has Muslim staff which surely is discriminatory to even advertise a job for “Muslim only”. 

pork and other pig products will be off the menu as tesco falls victim to creeping islam and opens halal counters in uk supermarkets

What the majority of people wont even realise when they see this new Muslim counter in their local store is the knock on effect it has. Not only is Halal meat inhumanly slaughtered, it has to be slaughtered by a Muslim in the presence of an Islamic cleric who gives it the Muslim battle cry of “allah akbar” as the animals throat is cut offering it to the Muslims pagan God . Naturally the Muslim Imam has to be paid by the abattoir funnelling money back to the local mosque. They need to employ a Muslim at the slaughterhouse at the expense of someone who already works there. On top of that then to be halal certified a fee will need paying for the logo  to the Muslim organization employing Muslims only staff.

halal-meat-UK-supermarkets. inhumanly killed animals are used for halal meat. the dead animal is sacrificed to the islamic moon god allah

So should Tesco install these halal counters in every store, not only will there be lots of Muslim only jobs created at the expense of non Muslim workers. There will also be a significant amount of money ending up in the pockets of Muslim mosques and Islamic groups which could quite easy be fundraisers for the Muslim brotherhood or jihadists.

Looks like its Asda for me from now on then!!


New Halal counter at Tesco Store

8:00am Thursday 20th December 2012 in News By Asian Image reporter

The National Halal Centre now have a halal counter in a major store in Lancashire.

Their counter is based at the Tesco Store Blackburn. They also have a halal counter at the Tesco Cheetham Hill Store in Manchester.

The halal counter offers a range of produce packaged under the National Halal Centre brand. The counter has Muslim staff and a separate storage area.

The National Halal Centre state on their website, “The National Halal Food Group is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its customers. Our Halal products and services are in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements stun free.

“We guarantee complete transparency and traceability.”

The National Halal established the first halal butchers and in 1970 they opened the U.K.’s first Muslim owned Lamb Abattoir.

via New Halal counter at Tesco Store (From Asian Image).

Pervert Sahab Sepahpourfared avoids prison after filming up shoppers’ skirts in Asda

Ill bet it werent Muslims on his 100’s of videotapes either!

Pervert Sahab Sepahpourfared from Northenden avoids prison after filming up shoppers’ skirts in Asda

October 16, 2012

DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR: Sahab Sepahpourfared was discovered taking pictures up the skirts of women in AsdaDISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR: Sahab Sepahpourfared was discovered taking pictures up the skirts of women in Asda
<respond_button adunit=”4″ buttontype=”2″ title=”news Pervert Sahab Sepahpourfared from Northenden avoids prison after filming up shoppers’ skirts in Asda” keyword=”Pervert Sahab Sepahpourfared from Northenden avoids prison after filming up shoppers’ skirts in Asda” category=”news” id=”1″>A supermarket pervert who hid a camera in a sock in his shopping basket to film up the skirt of women has avoided a jail sentence.

Sahab Sepahpourfared, 52, of Shawdene Road, Northenden, was spotted by security staff at Asda Wythenshawe strategically positioning his shopping basket near the feet of women.

He was found to have wrapped a digital camera inside a sock with a hole cut over the lens. Following his arrest, police found hundreds of similar videos on his home computer filmed over a five-year period.

Sepahpourfared was given a three-year community order after pleading guilty to 17 counts of outraging public decency.

Judge Peter Lakin told Minshull Street Crown Court he had not jailed the takeaway owner as he wanted to minimise his risk of re-offending.

He said: “Offences of this type have to be taken seriously because they have the potential to cause significant alarm and distress to those involved.

“Fortunately in this case, none of the ladies was aware of what you were doing.

“The court has to make clear that disgusting behaviour of this type cannot and will not be tolerated.”

After he was arrested at the supermarket in May, police found 873 video files on Sepahpourfared’s computer of footage showing him attempting to film up women’s dresses.

He told police he had gone to the supermarket that day as ‘the sun was out and there would be women there in short skirts’.

The court heard he had gone on filming sprees on around 30 occasions since 2007, filming dozens of women each time.

Defending, Peter Warne said Sepahpourfared had never distributed the films and was ‘thoroughly ashamed’ of his actions.

Under the terms of the community order he will undergo three years of supervision from the probation service and a sexual offenders treatment programme. He was also ordered to pay £350 costs