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Muslim Hate Crime Taqiyya : Student Made Up ‘Racist’ Hijab-Grab And Theft

Time and time again, Muslims show they don’t let the truth get in the way of a good yarn if it helps their cause. News of another fake islamophobic hate crime. Police in Louisiana, USA have announced they are no longer investigating the racist attack and robbery of a female Muslim student, which she claimed was by 2 white ‘Trump’ supporters.

The woman has since admitted fabricating the whole incident, attempting to falsely smear people as racist/islamophobic and seeking sympathy for those poor old Muslims. Something we are seeing ever-increasing numbers of lately. unfortunately by the time we find out the incidents are nothing but lies, it’s usually to late as Muslim dawah merchants and leftist dhimmis have already sent it viral.

A few previous fake islamophobic attacks:

In Islam, Taqiyya, and also kitman, is a doctrine of pious fraud or religious dissimulation.This principle of “lying for the advancement of Allah” allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it benefits Islam. Faking hate crimes certainly benefits Islam therefore those responsible for the fabrications are not considered ‘sinners’, but good Muslims doing their bit for Islam.

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – After a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) claimed that her hijab and wallet were stolen by two President-Elect Donald Trump supporters, police announced the claim was fabricated.

The 18-year-old Middle Eastern student told police that white men shouting racial slurs at her drove up in a truck and struck her multiple times in the back, while also stealing her hijab and wallet.“The victim describes the suspects as white males, but has not given a definitive clothing description,” Lafayette police told KLFY at the time. “There were no witnesses or video surveillance on the scene.”

Now, police have announced that the story the Muslim student reported to police was a hoax.“During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males,” police told KLFY. “This incident is no longer under investigation by the Lafayette Police Department.”

Source: Police: Muslim Student ‘Fabricated’ Hijab-Grab by Trump Supporters

Muslim Girl Made Up Much Publicised Islamophobic Attack Gets Soft £90 Fine

Following the horrific acts of savagery in Paris where Muslim gunmen slaughtered innocent people in the name of Allah and public opinion of Muslims hit an all time low. Many media sources reported an alleged attack on an 18 year old Muslim girl in Birmingham city centre.  The girl named only as Ms Choudry claimed she had been punched to the floor by a racist white male because she was wearing the hijab.

The sympathy seeking story was lapped up by the the left wing media not only locally but nationally. News of this poor Muslim girl victim of an Islamophobic attack was big news for for the likes of The Mirror, Metro, Birmingham Mail and Huff Post who all reported on the girls account of events.

Miss Chaudary who is a student said the traumatic experience means that she is now scared to walk through the city centre by herself.

She told the Mail: “I feel shocked and really scared that someone could attack you for no reason. I don’t feel safe at all now.

“I was walking to the train station to meet some friends when someone shoved me from behind.

“When I turned around he punched me in the face and then just went off.

“I was really upset afterwards. I can only think it was because he saw my hijab as he didn’t take my bag or anything.

“I’ve lived in Birmingham all my life and I’ve never experienced something like this before.”

The student suffered bruising but said the emotional impact has been more difficult to deal with than her physical injuries.

She fears Muslims are being increasingly targeted because of the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month.

She explained: “It’s made life harder for innocent Muslims. We don’t want people to be killed – that’s not our religion. Our religion is all about peace.“My parents are so scared that they’re telling me to take my hijab off. My mum’s telling me to wear a hat instead.”

Miss Choudhary said one thing which would make her feel safer is seeing more police on the streets.

Now it has emerged that the attack was non existent. A sympathy seeking taqiyya of epic proportions that even Fiyaz Mughal would of been proud of.

Commenting on the inquiry, Superintendent Andy Parsons, of West Midlands Police, said: “Detectives spent countless hours looking through footage from the network of city centre CCTV cameras in a bid to piece together what happened.

“The footage shows her walking normally along New Street and at no stage does she appear in distress.

“There is no evidence she was physically assaulted and she was given a penalty notice for wasting police time.”
Despite her blatant lies to the police, wasting countless man hours investigating the crime, diverting officers from protecting the public and perverting he course of justice. The hijab wearing taqiyya artist was only given a £90 fixed penalty fine. Not even a court appearance that would of at least named and shamed  the culprit. Which is the least she deserved after repeatedly lying to the public in various newspaper articles.

If anything her actions should of been treated as a hate crime itself and saw her charged with inciting racial hatred. Which by the nature of her lies and attempts to smear non Muslims as racist thugs amount to.  Taqiyya artists making false accusations are only helping to radicalise Muslims by creating even further divide. When young Muslims who have been brainwashed with Islam from birth and are experiencing a clash of cultures because Islam is incompatible with British life pick up a newspaper and read reports of Muslim women being punched because they are wearing a hijab etc. They take it as the truth. Do you think that makes them want to make more of an effort to fit in? or push them towards militant Islamists who rant on about infidels being to blame for all the worlds Muslim problems?

Pakistani Asylum Seekers Married Mentally Handicapped Women To Stay In UK

Pakistani men targeting women with severe learning difficulties (pc way of saying retarded or mentally handicapped) in order to be able to remain in the UK is absolutely despicable. Is there any level they will not stoop to in order to benefit themselves. The cases were brought before the courts because the police and social services didn’t think the women were capable of consenting to marriage or to sex. That shows how severe their mental illnesses must have been if they didn’t even understand what they were agreeing to.

Both of the Pakistani men had entered the UK on student visas and had been denied further stay when they began relationships with the two vulnerable women who they then married in Islamic weddings. It goes to show the kind of low morales the Muslim clerics have by agreeing to marry them when they could see the women were not of sound mind to consent.

In one of the cases a tip off alleged the stepfather of one of the women  had received £20,000 for his daughter to marry the Pakistani asylum seeker. Despite the judge ruling the woman lacked the capacity to consent to sexual relations and lacked “sufficient understanding” to consent to marriage. She fell pregnant almost straight away after the wedding. What sort of life will that child have with a mother unable to care for it and a low life father who is that selfish and spineless he is willing to pay to marry a mentally handicapped woman then get her pregnant in order not to be deported. 

Judges rule on Muslim marriages

Two vulnerable women with learning disabilities were involved in Muslim marriages to Pakistani students fighting to stay in the UK, High Court judges have heard.

January 1, 2014 2:40 pm

The Court of Protection is part of the High Court and judges make decisions about sick and vulnerable people

One man had begun a relationship with a woman in her late teens two months after exhausting his rights of appeal.

The second married a woman in her 30s about six weeks after his application to stay was refused by immigration authorities. An anonymous informant had called to tell officials that the woman’s stepfather had received £20,000 “in consideration” of that marriage.

Details have emerged in two written rulings published on a legal website following separate hearings in the Court of Protection in London. Judges said no-one involved in either case could be named.

The Court of Protection is part of the High Court and judges make decisions about sick and vulnerable people.

In the first case, a local authority had asked Mr Justice Keehan to make rulings about whether the teenager had the mental capacity to make decisions about her life – including the capacity to decide about entering into a “contract of marriage”.

He said social workers became aware that she had begun a relationship with a Pakistani man in his 20s.

Local authority officials and police had warned that the man might commit an offence because the woman was unlikely to have the capacity to consent to sex and marriage. Nevertheless the couple had “entered into a purported Islamic marriage ceremony” at the man’s home about 18 months ago.

Mr Justice Keehan said the man had arrived in the UK to study in 2009 but an application to stay was refused after an immigration tribunal concluded that he had submitted forged documents and attempted to deceive officials.

“His rights of appeal were exhausted in June 2011,” said the judge. “It is in this context that he began a relationship with (the woman) in August 2011.”

The judge said that days after the marriage ceremony the man had claimed asylum because “he feared he would be killed by his family who disapproved of his marriage to a white British woman”.

He said the man had been refused asylum and deported in August 2012.

Mr Justice Keehan concluded that the woman had the capacity to consent to sexual relations but said she did not have the capacity to enter into a marriage contact. And he ruled that the wedding ceremony she had been involved in was a “non-marriage”.

In the second case, a local authority had asked Mrs Justice Parker to make decisions about whether the woman in her 30s had the capacity to consent to marriage and sexual relationships.

The judge said the woman had taken part in a Muslim marriage ceremony with a Pakistani man in his 30s in late 2011. She said the woman had become pregnant “almost immediately” and had given birth to a son in the summer of 2012.

“A Muslim marriage, not recognised in this jurisdiction, was performed between them,” said Mrs Justice Parker. “An anonymous informant had telephoned to state that the (woman’s stepfather) had received £20,000 in consideration of the marriage.”

She said six weeks earlier the man’s application to stay in the UK following the expiry of a two-year student visa had been refused.

He had subsequently applied for “leave to remain on the grounds of his marriage”. The judge said “immigration proceedings” were “as yet unresolved”.

The judge concluded that the woman lacked the capacity to consent to sexual relations and lacked “sufficient understanding” to consent to marriage.

Mrs Justice Parker said the man was basing a claim to remain in the UK on his right to family life enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

“The reality is that he is now relying on his marriage and fatherhood… in support of his claim to remain,” said the judge. “So, the reality is that whatever his original motivation, (the woman) is being used.”

She added: “(The man’s) position is bound to be self- serving.”

Mrs Justice Parker said the case had been about the woman – not her son. She was told that man wanted stay in England with the baby. She said plans for the little boy’s care would need “rigorous evaluation”.


Racist Muslim Pack Attack In Tower Hamlets Shows Area Is Now No-Go Area For Infidels

Only last week i was posting about the racist Muslims of Tower Hamlets known as “The Muslim Patrol“.  They were a bunch of Islamic bullies who harassed and intimidated non Muslims on the streets of East London trying to enforce Sharia Law. Once again reports that racist Muslim bullies have once again appeared on those same streets of Tower Hamlets only this latest Muslim crew are much more ruthless and violent. If ever prove was needed that multiculturalism has failed and Tower Hamlets is a no go area for non Muslims then this is it.

Outnumbering an American student who had only been in the UK for three days. Five Muslim thugs pack attacked him, smashing a bottle in his face and scaring him for life. Chasing after him before repeatedly punching and kicking him. The incident happened in June. Yet the Met Police have only just released info of the disgusting attack after all this time.

For those who think the police and government have no hidden agenda regarding Muslims especially those in Tower Hamlets then i ask you this. Why else would the police wait this long to release information about this savage attack? If it received any media attention it was certainly very low-key. A search on Google for Francesco Hounye brings up plenty of results yet all from the last 24 hours.

The attack happened at a time when anti Muslim feelings were at fever pitch following the murder of Lee Rigby by Islamists. At the time this happened certain sections of the media and people in positions of authority where doing everything they could to change public opinion. Muslim apologists like Fiyaz Mughal were even trying to twist things into Muslims being the victims due to a little online name calling whilst hypocritically  keeping quiet on hate crimes committed by Muslims preferring to try to blame the EDL for everything.

This is also the same week the government then banned the EDL’s planned London march which was due to pass through Tower Hamlets and refusing entry visas to counter jihad experts Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. A week later Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were arrested on their charity walk as the Met Police did everything in their power to stop them entering into Tower Hamlets due to the fear of offending Muslims and the risk of violence as a result

It’s quite obvious where the power really lies in East London and that’s with extremists from Islamic Forum Of Europe (IFE) not the Met. The British section of jihad group Jamaat-e-Islami who committed mass murder of opponents in Bangladesh where much of Tower Hamlets Muslim hail from.   IFE also run the notorious extremist East London Mosque and have Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman and his Islamist council in their back pocket.

The Met Police know this and would rather pander round the Muslims and let the area turn into a no go zone than rock the boat. Though this is part of the problem with the Muslims from Tower Hamlets. With so many going out of their way to appease the Muslims,giving them millions in grants that only benefit their community,the Met helping them enforce Sharia law. They have had their own way for to long. The result is a full on Muslim ghetto where non Muslims are not welcome slap bang in the middle of London.

Shocking CCTV video shows brutal attack on American student on only his THIRD day in the UK

23 Oct 2013 12:19

He suffered serious injuries and has been scarred for life after he was set upon by five Asian men just three days after arriving in London

This shocking CCTV footage shows the moment an American student was attacked with a bottle by a gang of thugs simply because he ‘wasn’t local’.

Francesco Hounye, 22, was set upon by five Asian men as he walked home from a night out with a friend, just three days after arriving in the UK from Florida.

CCTV shows the gang smash a glass bottle in his face before chasing him and repeatedly punching and kicking him.

Police have now released footage of the attack, which happened around 20 past midnight on June 17 in Commercial Road, east London, in a bid to trace the suspects.

Detectives say Mr Hounye, who had been on a night out in the Brick Lane area with a 23-year-old who he was staying with, was targeted because he was “obviously not local”.

The video shows the pair walking back to the friend’s home in Shadwell when they were confronted by the gang.

Following a heated exchange, one of the suspects grabbed a bottle the victim was drinking from and smashed it in his face.

As Mr Hounye tried to escape, the men chased after him and continued to beat him up before fleeing.

The victim suffered deep slash wounds to his head and right ear as well as internal injuries and a chipped tooth.

He was taken to the Royal London Hospital where he received 23 stitches and will now be scarred for life.

Mr Hounye said: “As a result of this incident I am now scared to go out on my own in London. I am a visitor to the UK and was considering continuing my studies here but this incident has made me think twice.

“I feel very emotional about the whole situation. I also now face the rest of my life with the permanent scarring that will be left on my face as a result of this attack.

“Every time I look in the mirror from now on I will be reminded of this incident.”

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Ben Mott, said: “We believe the suspects picked a fight with the victim as he was obviously not from the local area and they took exception to the fact that he was a bit different.

“The victim has an Italian accent, his own style of dress and mannerisms and, when challenged by the Asian males, answered them back.

“They retaliated by grabbing the bottle and launching a vicious attack that has left him scarred for life.

“He had come to the UK to enhance his studies and has been left so shocked and horrified by what happened that he feels unsafe and is unsure if he wants to stay here.

“The CCTV footage is exceptionally clear and I believe the suspects to be local.

“I would ask people to please look closely at the faces of the attackers and help us identify them. I am positive someone would know who they are from looking at the footage.”

The suspects are described as Asian and aged in their late teens to early 20s. They are possibly Bengali.

The man who used the bottle was wearing a red and white striped short-sleeved top with black trousers, white trainers and a large watch.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Tower Hamlets CID on 020 7275 4546 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Already Cost Taxpayer £200k Finally Jailed For Sex Attack

Yet another Islamic parasite committing sex attacks on British streets.  Afghan asylum seeker Mohammadullah Khan who shouldn’t even be in the UK has already cost the taxpayer over £200,000 before adding the cost of his prison sentence at around £40,000 per year. People like him are the filth who leftists from groups like SWP/UAF, HnH and the Labour party go out of their way to defend claiming they should be allowed to live here. Its not them who have to live next door to them in their middle class suburban homes.

The amount of Muslim illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers that go on to commit sex attacks and other serious crimes when left to freely walk the streets is staggering. They need to start ditching the red tape and fast tracking them out of the UK.

Afghan asylum seeker who groped woman’s bottom as she got off bus costs taxpayer £200,000 as he employs delaying tactics in bid to stay in Britain

  • Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times before sentencing
  • He tried to change his guilty plea and refused to co-operate with lawyers
  • Khan, 20, will initially serve time in a young offenders’ institute
  • He will serve the rest of his sentence in an adult jail when he turns 21
  • Afghan asylum seeker Khan will subsequently face deportation


PUBLISHED: 18:31, 3 October 2013 | UPDATED: 21:00, 3 October 2013

Finally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan's case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced todayFinally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced today

An asylum seeker who groped a tourist and delayed his court case in a bid to stay in the UK has finally been sentenced and will deported once he has served time in prison.

Mohammadullah Khan, 20, who came to Britain from Afghanistan, assaulted a 26-year-old French woman as she got off a night bus in Maida Vale, west London, in July last year. Khan’s case cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds after the case had to be adjourned six times as the defendant tried to change his plea and refused to co-operate with either the probation service or his own legal team.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Khan tried to grab the victim’s bottom and kiss her and claimed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

He only let his victim go when a resident on the street heard a noise and shouted at Khan.

Khan originally pleaded guilty, but initially held up the first court hearing when he tried to retract that plea.

He then told the court that he needed a psychiatric report because life in prison had ‘driven him mad’.

The case was delayed on a third occasion when Khan refused to co-operate with the probation service because he was apparently convinced that they were immigration officers.

In April, Khan’s lawyer decided she could no longer act for him, creating further problems.

He still refuses to co-operate fully with his legal team and his barrister could offer no mitigation for him.

His sentencing finally went ahead today, after further delays caused by Khan’s refusal to be joined in the dock by an interpreter.He finally confirmed his guilty plea today, but still shouted ‘conspiracies’ at the judge as sentence was passed.

Prosecutor David Ryan told the court: ‘The victim had been out with her boyfriend and friends. She had left them at about 2am, returning by bus to go home.’When she got off the bus, somebody approached her.

Hearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders' institute and then an adult jailHearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders’ institute and then an adult jail

‘It seems as if the defendant grabbed her from behind and tried to grab her bottom and kiss her. She tried to get his hand off her face but she could not remove it.

‘She was lying on the ground with the defendant on top of her. She kept trying to remove his hand – she couldn’t breath.

‘He said something like “don’t worry, it won’t be long, be nice, don’t scream”.’

Khan then began to rub himself on the defenceless woman, the court heard.    Mr Ryan added: ‘A resident on that street heard what he thought was a disagreement. Her shouts got more serious and the female sounded more distressed and he could see this and he see the back of someone lying on her.’ He shouted and the defendant then got up and ran away.’Khan frequently swore and shouted ‘conspiracies’ throughout the hearing.

Sentencing Khan, Judge Peter Testar said: ‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.

‘It was only on the day of the trial that the defendant pleaded guilty. His attitude metamorphosed into denial of the offence.’

Khan, of no fixed address, received five years detention in a young offenders’ institute, with an extension period of three years.He will be transferred to an adult jail when he turns 21 and automatically deported when he serves his sentence.

‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.’

Judge Peter Testar

Video: George Galloway Racist MP Walks Out Of Debate After Finding Out He’s Debating An Israeli

British Politician George Galloway stormed out of the room after finding out that his opponent was an Israeli at an Oxford University event. After realizing the man’s nationality, the politician immediately jumped out of his seat, announced that he had been misled and told those in attendance that he doesn’t debate with citizens of the Jewish state. Next, he got up, grabbed his coat and headed for the door. But before walking out, he again affirmed his stance, saying, “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis.”

Whats up Galloway ??   You have no problem sharing the stage with Middle-Eastern Terrorists and Arab Dictators. Yet you refuse to debate an Israeli student.   Don’t you like Jews because your a Muslim by any chance ??  

Anti British Traitor. Bradford MP George Galloway. Respect Party Islamofascist Defender of all things Muslim . The enemy within Press TV Iran propaganda puppet. Rapist sympathiser

Egyptian Pervert Jailed For Touching Up Students On The Bus

Egyptian pervert  Sherif Elsayed has been sentenced to a year in prison for touching up students on the bus. Another Muslim mature student guilty of committing horrendous crimes. He has to go on the sex offenders registrar on release from jail. Unfortunately no mention of a 1 way ticket back to Egypt for him also.  Can somebody who attends Uni really be that stupid to think he wouldnt get caught repeatedly touching up young women everytime you get on  the bus. Then again he is from a Muslim nation i guess

Student buses pervert jailed

Egyptian pervert  Sherif Elsayed has been sentenced to a year in prison for touching up students on the bus. Another Muslim mature student guilty of committing horrendous crimes. He has to go on the sex offenders registrar on release from jail. Unfortunately no mention of a 1 way ticket back to Egypt for him also.  Jailed: Sherif Elsayed

Published on Friday 1 February 2013 19:37

A pervert who groped seven students on buses near their university has been jailed for a year.

Sherif Elsayed, 32, sexually assaulted the young women as they made their way to a Lancaster University campus on public transport.

Police issued witness appeals in relation to two of the attacks and were then contacted by five other women who had been groped by the Egyptian national.

A friend of Elsayed’s brought him to a police station after recognising his face on CCTV footage issued in a press appeal.

Dad-of-one Elsayed, of Cheyney Road, Chester, initially denied the attacks but pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault ahead of a scheduled trial at Preston Crown Court this month.

At the time of the assaults, Elsayed was living at the university’s Bailrigg Campus with his student wife. He was studying engineering at Chester University and carried out the attacks on the buses while travelling home from classes in the early evenings, in late 2011.

Det Con Brian Shepherd of Lancaster CID, who investigated the cases, said Elsayed would sit beside the women on the bus, even when other seats were empty, push himself against them and then touch them as they got up to leave.

He said: “The victims were all young female students aged from 18 to their early 20s.

“As Elsayed grew in confidence, the crimes became more serious.

“A couple of the young women were left quite traumatised by it and the fact it should happen on public transport when they were just making their way home. Some got off a couple of stops early to carry on walking in the dark because they feared for their safety.

“I am pleased with the result at court and would like to pay tribute to the women for coming forward and assisting us, along with Stagecoach and the university.”

Elsayed must also sign the sex offenders’ register on his release.


Racist Killer Appears In Court Charged With The Daylight Murder Of Manchester Student

A Muslim from Berkshire has appeared in court charged with killing promising 18 year old student Kieran Crump Raiswell last week in the Whalley Range area of Manchester. The Muslim killer Imran Akhtar Hussain, 26 claims to be a student. These Muslim mature students commiting horrible crimes are taking place at an alarming rate. The unprovoked murder took place in broad daylight as he walked down the street after showing a bit of initiative by handing his CV out to local businesses when the savage struck and stabbed him in the chest. The victim did nothing to deserve having his young life taken. He just happened to be a white non Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Whalley Range Manchester. was once a quite affluent and desirable area of Manchester. Over recent times mass Muslim immigration has seen the area go downhill as it becomes more and more Islamized

Man in court accused of killing student Kieran Crump Raiswell

24 Jan 2013 11:55

Imran Akhtar Hussain, 26, made a two-minute appearance charged with the murder of the 18-year-old in Whalley Range last week

A man has appeared in court accused of stabbing a gap-year student to death in the street in Manchester.

Imran Akhtar Hussain, 26, made a two-minute appearance charged with the murder of Kieran Crump Raiswell last week.

Unshaven and wearing a dark blue sweater and trousers, Hussain, of Tilehurst Lane, Bracknell, Berkshire, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address from the dock at Trafford Magistrates’ Court. The court heard he is a student living in Coventry but his family home is in Bracknell.

He was also charged with common assault by beating Paul Kershaw in Nottingham on January 4. No pleas were entered.

Lynn Rogers, prosecuting, told the court: “The common assault, the crown say, there is a nexus between the two offences and they are linked.”

There was no application for bail and Hussain was remanded into custody by Anne Marie Evans, chairwoman of the bench, to appear at Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

Mr Crump Raiswell, described as a “caring and quiet” teenager, died after he was stabbed in the heart while walking along the street in broad daylight in an apparently motiveless attack.

On a gap year before starting university, his family said the youngster “had his whole life ahead of him”, and may have been intending to hand out his CV to shops and businesses when he was attacked while walking through Whalley Range in south Manchester on January 16.

He was given first aid by a passing fire crew but his injuries proved too severe and he died in hospital. A post-mortem examination concluded he died from a stab wound to the chest.

Mr Crump Raiswell lived with his father, an interpreter, and mother, a council worker, along with a younger brother and sister in the Chorlton area of south Manchester. He was due to go to Sheffield Hallam University in the autumn to study history.


Afghan Lodger who raped 12-year-old Hayes schoolgirl jailed for 14 years and will be deported

Yet another  Muslim child rapist guilty of a horrific sex crime against a child. The ” foreign student” from Afghanistan punched then raped the child when she returned from school to the house he was lodging at in Hayes.  It never ceases to amaze me how many ” foreign students”  from backward Muslim nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan keep appearing in the headlines as sexual predators responsible for sicking crimes against women and children. It would be interesting to know the figures of non British nationals ” Muslim students” who are currently residing n the UK. I somehow get the feeling that its being exploited as a backdoor into Britain.

Kafir Crusaders Muslim grooming gang and paedo epidemic map here.

Lodger who raped 12-year-old Hayes schoolgirl jailed for 14 years and will be deported

Child rapist: Ahmed Shirinzoy

26 November 2012

A lodger who raped a 12-year-old girl in her London home was today jailed for 14 years.

Ahmed Shirinzoy, 22,  was found guilty last month of two counts of raping a child after a trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

The court heard that Shirinzoy, an Afghan national,  was lodging at an address in Hayes when his 12-year-old victim arrived home from school.

He approached the girl pretending he wanted to ask to borrow the family’s vacuum cleaner but began making advances before punching her several times and then assaulting her.

The girl managed to escape and raise the alarm after the incident at around 4pm on Tuesday 29 May.

Police were called and Shirinzoy was arrested a short time later at the address.

He was interviewed by detectives but denied the girl’s claims.

Shirinzoy insisted that he had visited a friend who had given him a drink spiked with something which caused him to lose his memory.

Toxicology tests later disproved Shirinzoy’s lies – as did DNA evidence taken from his victim.

A judge today jailed him for 14 years and ordered him to be deported at the end of his sentence.

Detective Constable Lucy Mawdsley, of the Sapphire sex crimes squad, said: “Shirinzoy is quite obviously a predatory sex offender who subjected his victim – a child – to the most horrendous of ordeals.

“I would like to pay tribute to this young girl who was incredibly brave and courageous in reporting the rape to the police and having the strength to give evidence against him.

“I hope that his sentence today gives other victims confidence that Sapphire are here for them, will believe them and will conduct our investigations professionally.

“We want rapists and those committing other sex offences to know that our dedicated teams are committed to ensuring we arrest them – I hope that Shirinzoy’s conviction today helps to reinforce that message.”