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VIDEO: Somali Americans Prefer Sharia Law To American law

In a video by National Review, Ami Horowitz visits Minnesota to ask Somali Americans whether they prefer to live under sharia law or American law.

The reason for this trip is because of the growing number of Somali Americans living in Minneapolis who have gone off to join ISIS, al-Shabaab and other Islamic terror groups. Watch and see how they react to being asked if they prefer sharia law or American law and if making fun of Islams prophet Mohammed should be made illegal. 

Minnesota is home to a vast number of Somali immigrants attracted by generous welfare handouts and recently the scene of a lone wolf terror attack when a Somalian Muslim rampaged with a knife in a busy shopping mall stabbing non Muslims.


Bristol Muslim Grooming Gang : Jury Hears Somalian Sex Gang Raped Girls As Young As 12

The Muslim grooming gang epidemic continues……

Girls as young as 12 raped and trafficked for sex in BristolBy KenMcCormick  |  Posted: September 26, 2016By Rod Minchin, Press Association   0

Seven men are on trial at Bristol Crown Court accused of a catalogue of sexual offences against girlsYoung girls were abused, raped and trafficked for sex by a group of men in Bristol, a court has heard.Alleged victims as young as 12 were subjected to sexual abuse that was “degrading, violent and horrible” in inner city Bristol, a jury at the city’s Crown court was told.

Some of the seven were allegedly given drugs and alcohol and were “pestered again and again” for sex by the men, who were mostly older teenagers and all of Somali origin, the jury heard.Prosecutors said that the alleged rapes became “routine” and that the men regarded some of the girls as “cheap and easy”.Anna Vigars, prosecuting, described some of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, as “vulnerable” and said they believed they were in relationships with the men.The trial of the seven defendants at Bristol Crown Court started at the beginning of this month. A ban preventing the media from reporting the case until the alleged victims had finished giving their evidence was lifted today.

The defendants face a total of 46 charges, including rape, rape of a child under 13, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation and false imprisonment.

They are: Sakariya Sheikh, 23, known as “Zak”; Abdirahman Galal, 26, known as “Ramsey”; Mohammed Osman, 29, known as “I-Man”; Mohammed Dahir, 24, known as “Kamal”; Nuridin Mohamoud, 22, known as “Ahmed”; Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23, known as “Abs” or “Older Abs”; and Nasir Mahamoud, 23, known as “Ace”.

The jury has heard that on one occasion in March 2013 a 15-year-old girl was allegedly simultaneously raped by Sheikh and another man at a flat in Bristol.In another alleged incident, the court was told that a girl who had celebrated her 12th birthday a month earlier was raped by Galal, leaving her feeling “dirty” and “regretful”.The court heard that the majority of the alleged offences happened between 2011 and 2012, against girls who had travelled to Bristol by train to meet the men

Mrs Vigars told the court that the prosecution case was that the girls “suffered sexual abuse, some of it violent, degrading and horrible, some of it less so”.The majority of the alleged offences had been committed against one girl, who found “all the attention and excitement she had been missing at home” with the defendants in Bristol, the court heard.Mrs Vigars said the defendants were “young men who gave her drugs and alcohol and who used her again and again for sex, pestering her sometimes by threats, sometimes going on and on, relentlessly grinding her down into submission and sometimes by using physical violence”.

“You will hear the word rape many times over the next few weeks,” Mrs Vigars added.”Rape – it is perhaps every woman’s worst nightmare. It doesn’t have to involve a knife in an alleyway or a stranger.”It can almost become routine and that’s what we say was happening to her. She would come over to Bristol regularly and she would be raped repeatedly by men she knew.”They knew her as someone who was easy and cheap. She wasn’t cheap and easy. She was vulnerable because she was so young.”

The court heard that the girl kept a diary of her trips to Bristol, in which she left coded messages about what was happening in her life, with references to sex and oral sex.”There are not too many young girls writing a diary … She was giving blow jobs to X, Y and Z and she had sex with A, B and C,” Mrs Vigars said.”It is clear the diary was kept as she was going along and was a record of what was going on day by day. What it does give is a clear indication of how often she was expected to give oral sex or have sex with men when she came to Bristol.

“There are other occasions which are so routine and part of her life and happening so often that she can’t remember the detail.”How can anything like that become so routine that it didn’t stand out? The reality is that these men exploited her vulnerability and her longing to be wanted, they had sex with her as much as they wanted to.”Many of them she didn’t want to have sex with but she did so because that was what she was told to do and she went along because she was forced.

“Her relationships with certain men were about being in charge and using her for what they wanted.”They had no interest in whether she got anything out of it or what she wanted. They wanted sex and didn’t consider whether she was consenting or not.”It was about power and control and exploitation of her vulnerability.”

Some of the defendants deny knowing the girls they are accused of abusing or say they have been wrongly identified by a street name.

The defendants deny all the charges they face.

The trial was adjourned until Thursday.

The charges faced by the defendants are:

*Sakariya Sheikh, 23, aka “Zak”, faces a total of 19 charges against seven girls. They are eight of sexual assault, eight of rape, two of trafficking and one of aiding and abetting rape.

*Abdirahman Galal, 26, aka “Ramsey”, faces three charges of rape against one girl.

*Mohammed Osman, 26, aka “I-Man”, faces six charges of rape and one of sexual assault against two girls.

*Mohammed Dahir, 24, aka “Kamal”, faces six charges of rape and a charge of aiding and abetting rape against two girls.

*Nuridin Mohamoud, 22, aka “Ahmed”, is accused of one charge of false imprisonment and one charge of rape against one girl.

*Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23, aka “Abs” or “Older Abs”, is accused of four charges of rape against one girl.

*Nasir Mahamoud, 23, aka “Ace”, is accused of four counts of rape against one girl.


Source: Girls as young as 12 raped and trafficked for sex in Bristol | Bristol Post

Somali Immigrant Wanted For Serious Sex Attack On A Child In Leeds

Another twisted Muslim wrong un wanted by police. The Somali immigrant Mubarak Mohammed is sought by police for a serious sexual attack on a child. 

You can take the man out of Somali but you will never take the Somalia out of the man. Came to the UK with the chance to make a better life for himself funded by the taxpayer. Only to throw it back in their face. Behaving like he is still in the backwards Muslim shithole he came from interfering with children. 

Police would urgently like to speak to Mubarak Mohammed

A man with links to Newham, Redbridge, Woolwich and Brixton is being urgently sought by police about a serious sexual assault on a child.

Police would urgently like to speak to somalian immigrant kiddie fiddling filth Mubarak Mohammed.

Officers want to trace Somalian national Mubarak Mohammed, 30, following an incident in Leeds.

He is black, 6ft tall, with a slim to medium build and short hair.

His accent is said to be a mix of southern English, Somali and Dubai.

Mubarak was last seen wearing a red cap with a black ‘NY’ logo, grey jogging bottoms and a grey jacket.

Acting Det Insp Tanya Wilkins, said: “We urgently need to establish Mr Mohammed’s whereabouts and speak to him as part of this investigation.

“We believe he left Leeds on Friday and may be in London, where he has links to the Manor Park, Canning Town, Ilford, Brixton and Woolwich areas.

“We would ask that anyone who knows his whereabouts or who has any information that could assist in tracing him contact us immediately.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting reference number 545 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Read more at: http://www.london24.com/news/crime/man_wanted_in_connection_with_child_sex_attack_could_be_in_south_or_east_london_1_4429376
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Rape Jihad :No Jail For Somali Asylum Seeker Guilty Of Sex Attack

Somalian asylum seeker Abukar Jimale came to the UK claiming he was the victim of persecution in his lawless homeland. Britain took him in providing him and his four children with a place to live, free healthcare and education. Things he could only of dreamt about if he was still back in Somalia. 

But making the most of the opportunity given to him at the taxpayers expense was to difficult.  Preferring to behave in the ways of those in his uncivilized backward homeland. You can take the man out of the Islamic hellhole but you cant take the Islamic hellhole out of the man.

Molesting females may be the norm back in Somalia but it certainly is not here. Although  given the pathetically lenient suspended sentence for a sex crime it wouldn’t surprise me if it did become the normal thing here once his fellow Muslim deviants get to hear they can avoid prison if caught for such crimes.

Asylum seeker taxi driver walks free after sex assault in back of cab

AN ASYLUM seeker taxi driver who sexually assaulted a female passenger as he drove her across Bristol has walked free after a judge handed him a suspended sentence.

Father-of-four Abukar Jimale, 46, who sought asylum in the UK after fleeing war-torn Somalia more than a decade ago, groped the victim in the back of his cab after she refused an invitation to go back to his flat.

The court heard how Jimale picked up the woman at 2am and offered to drive her to Bristol Temple Meads station.

But he drove past the station and instead stopped the car by the side of the road and assaulted her.

He forcibly kissed the woman before making her touch his crotch inside and outside of his trousers, the court was told.

He was found guilty of sexual assault and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without her consent on January 16, but had his two-year sentence suspended for two years.

The defending counsel said that Jimale, who left Somalia in 2001 because he was being persecuted, was a hard-working father who had lost his job and good name as a result of the offences.

He was also ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work, given a two-year supervision order and made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

He was convicted by a Bristol crown court jury last month and appeared for sentence yesterday at Gloucester crown court.

Recorder Peter Towler told the defendant: “You were a private hire taxi-driver and should only have accepted pre-booked fares but you picked up this vulnerable woman who had been drinking and proceeded to assault her.

“When she managed to get out of your car she photographed your number plate with her mobile phone and reported you to the police.

“This was a clear breach of trust.”

Belfast Murder: Victim ‘Gutted Like A Fish’ By Somalian Savage Shouting Islamic War Cry

Northern Ireland has been the location of countless killings motivated by religion over the years. Sectarian violence between Unionists and Loyalists resulted in much needless bloodshed and loss of life. Only this latest religious murder on Belfast’s streets last week. Which was kept low key by the media was committed by a Muslim killer shouting Islamic slogans. Witnesses reported the murderer was a Somalian immigrant who gutted his victim like a fish while shouting jihadi war cries. 


Murder victim Moshin Bhatti 'gutted like a fish' in the street by crazy Somali man

PAKISTANI murder victim Moshin Bhatti was brutally stabbed to death by a crazed Somali national.

Sources have told Dthat Bhatti had tried to get away from telling him: “You crazy man. I am fed up with you crazies. Just leave me alone.”

Minutes later as Mr Bhatti walked down Botanic Avenue in south Belfast around 5 am on Thursday morning, his one time Somali friend turned on him.

The source said: “This guy just ran at him with two knicves, shouting this Jihadi war cry and then stabbed him repeatedly. He gutted him like a fish.

“According to those who examined the scene, it was horrific. All his insides were just lying out on the pavement. It was a savage and unprovoked attack.”

A 32-year-old Somalian man arrested as part of the investigation was sectioned on Thursday night while in police custody.

He has now been detained under the Mental Health Order and transferred to a secure hospital.

Det Ch Insp Richard Campbell said: “Mohsin Bhatti’s relatives have been informed of the tragedy and we are liaising with them.

“Our enquiries are continuing and we are releasing a photo of Mohsin as part of the investigation. I want to hear from anyone who saw or spoke with Mohsin during Wednesday or in the early hours of Thursday morning before he was stabbed.”

Officers had been called to the area after a member of the public rang police to report that a man was lying on the road in Botanic Avenue with a number of injuries.

Police have said Mr Bhatti may have been involved in a row in a nearby flat that spilled out onto the street.

They have also carried out an examination of a flat in India Street, a short distance from where the victim was found.

Two knives were recovered from the murder scene.

Somalian Immigrants Attack Innocent Couple With Chains

Somalian immigrants leave their uncivilized, violent homeland moving to Western nations where they live off welfare benefits whilst running amok attempting to turn the place into an uncivilized, violent place like back home. The ‘religion of peace’ at it worst. The filth of humanity whose larger than average sized heads contain a tiny pea sized brain. 

Translated from: http://avpixlat.info/2014/12/26/par-pa-vag-fran-julfest-misshandlades-av-gang/

Couple on their way from the Christmas party was beaten by gang

beaten womanDENMARK / street violence A young Danish couple in Copenhagen, Nanna Skovmand and her partner Mads, was on his way home from Christmas celebrations with family, then they completely unprovoked, assaulted by a gang of teenage boys. Nanna and Mads beaten rough, including bottles and chains.

Nanna Skovmand and her partner Mads had celebrated Christmas with Mads family. Shortly before midnight, they were on their way home. They had taken a taxi to Enghave Plads in Vesterbro district, and from there they had only about 100 meters to go to his apartment on Kongshöjgade. During the short walk suddenly appeared a young man on a bicycle up and was no reason aggressive towards the couple.

The youth will repeatedly have screamed ” What you staring at? Do you have problems? “. Finally asked Mads him what he wanted. This prompted the youth to become even more aggressive. He jumped off the bike, rushed forward to Mads, and hit him in the head with a bottle.

At the same time came a bunch of young guys, probably friends of the guy on the bike, running from a basement. The gang went on the attack against Mads. He was beaten to the ground, and received several kicks as he lay down. Several of the guys in the gang was armed with the kind of chains you use to unlock bikes and mopeds, and used them as weapons.

Mads shouted at Nanna to run away, but she was afraid that the gang would kill Mads. She tried to get the guys to stop mistreating Mads, but then became himself attacked. She was pushed to the ground and received several blows with chains on his face. Only when Nanna lay bleeding on the ground left the violent gang scene.

Both Nanna and Mads were taken to hospital. Mads had, fortunately, managed to protect his head as he lay on the ground. He fared therefore no serious injuries, although he had some bruising after blows and kicks. But for Nanna went the worse. She received several blows with chains on his face. This resulted, inter alia, that her upper lip splitting open. The lip had to be sewn with 16 stitches, and Nanna now forced to wear a patch for a year ahead to avoid permanent scarring.

Nanna and Mads have stated that all of the gang who attacked and beat them looked to be of foreign origin.They have been able to provide more detailed descriptions of two of the young thugs:

Perpetrator 1 is probably 16-17 years old and looks to have Somali origin. He was at the time wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt and white sneakers.

Perpetrator 2 is probably 16-17 years old and looks to have Somali origin. He was at the time wearing a black jacket, white hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes.

Copenhagen Police said the other day that the gang who abused Nanna and Mads had not been identified or apprehended. Anyone who has witness statements or information to submit about the abuse or wanted offenders are asked to contact the Danish police.

Video: Racist Muslim Girls Abuse British Woman Calling Her ‘White Slag’ On London Underground

The video(below) shows two female Somalian Muslims verbally abusing two female Brits one of whom is pregnant on a London tube train.  During the abuse and intimidation by the Muslim loud mouths, they racially abuse the women calling one of them a white slag. 

The original poster who filmed the incident made it clear that he himself is a black man and couldn’t believe the racist comments being made by the two Somalian Muslims

Around this time three years ago a similar video surfaced on the internet and went viral causing much hysteria from the far left and anti racism front groups demanding the person involved be hunted down by police and hauled before the courts. There was a great deal off national media attention at the time. The offender was found,charged with race hate crimes and remanded into custody when the police, cps and magistrates crumbled to the leftists pressure.

The difference is that the offender then was a white English woman named Emma West. Jailed for a drunken rant on a train. This time the offenders are to Muslims and the victim of this race hate crime a white British woman.

Do you think the police will go all out to find and bring the two Muslim racists before the bench like they did in the case of Emma West…….Not a chance!!

Muslim Grooming Gang Jailed In Bristol, One Of The Paedophiles Claimed Its “A Religious Requirement”.

Thirteen Muslims have been found guilty in Bristol for a whole catalogue of sexual offences including child rape and grooming  under age school girls. Two separate grooming gang trials took place with a complete media blackout being enforced.

A slight variation from the Muslim grooming gangs we are becoming so used to now. The repulsive paedophiles committing the sex offences were all Somali immigrants. Still Islamic nonces none the less, and the poor girls who fell victim to them were still white like the prey of the Pakistani immigrant grooming gangs.

Coincidently the news of these Somalian animals came on the same day it was announced immigration figures were released saying 500,000 immigrants came to the UK last year. If ever a reason to back up calls to stop immigration was needed this is it. The government is signing a death warrant for all us Brits by continuously letting backward Muslims  from third world dumps like Somalia and Pakistan come here to live. We should not accept those who are un educated, un civilised, anti social and contribute nothing positive to our society.

 First Trial

Arafat Osman, AKA Left Eye, 20, NFA, has been found guilty of two counts of payment for sexual services of a child. He admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying a class A drug (cocaine and heroin). He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

Idleh Osman, AKA Sniper, 21, of Brooklyn Road, Bishopsworth, has been found guilty of one count of arranging/facilitating payment for sexual services of a child. He admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying a class A drug (cocaine and heroin). He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Mustafa Farah, AKA Greens, 20, NFA, has been found guilty of two counts of payment for sexual services of a child. He admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying class A drugs (cocaine and heroin). He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

Liban Abdi, AKA Leftback, 21, NFA, has been found guilty of two counts of payment for sexual services of a child. He admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying class A drugs (cocaine and heroin). He was sentenced to 13 years and eight months imprisonment.

Abdulahi Aden, AKA Trigger, 20, NFA, has been found guilty of one count of rape. He admitted two counts of being concerned in supplying a class A drug (cocaine and heroin) and two counts of possession of indecent photographs of a child. He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

Mustafa Deria, 22, NFA, has been found guilty of one count of rape. He was sentenced to seven years and six months imprisonment.

Trial 2 (yet to be sentenced)

Mohamed Jumale, AKA Dec, 24, of Allfoxton Road, Eastville, has been found guilty of one count of rape, seven counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of aiding/abetting/procuring sexual activity with a child.

Mohamed Dahir, AKA Kamal, 22, Lansdown Court, Easton, has been found guilty of one count of causing/inciting child prostitution.

Said Zakaria, AKA Target, 22, of Seymour Road, Easton, has been found guilty of two counts of rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of trafficking within the UK.

Jusef Abdirizak, AKA Starns, 20, of Hither Bath Bridge, Brislington, has been found guilty of one count of rape.

Omar Jumale, aged 20, NFA, has been found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a child.

Abdirashid Abdulahi, AKA Abs, 21, of River Street, St Paul’s, has been found guilty of one count of rape.

One nonce who had sex with multiple victims told the court at his trial that sharing girls for sex “was part of Somali culture” and “a religious requirement”.

Sakariya Sheikh, AKA Zac, 21, of Howard House, Barton Hill, has been found guilty of one count of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child.

Bristol sex gangs jailed for grooming girls

From top left, clockwise, Mustapha Farah, Liban Abdi, Mustafa Deria, Idleh Osman, Abdulahi Aden, and Arafat OsmanDetails of the first case, which happened in 2013, can only now be reported after legal restrictions were lifted

Thirteen men have been convicted of a string of child sex crimes in Bristol involving the abuse, rape and prostitution of teenage girls.

Bristol Crown Court heard one victim, aged 16, was assaulted by five Somali men after she was moved to the city while in the care of another authority.

Her 14-year-old sister was raped by a member of the gang while visiting her.

The inquiry led to police uncovering another gang of Somali origin who had been abusing four other girls.

The four teenagers were paid £30 or given drugs, alcohol and gifts to perform sex acts on older men from the Somali community.

‘Shocked and shaken’

The court heard some were persuaded to have sex with other gang members as they were told by the gang it was Somali “culture and tradition” and “men always have sex with each other’s girlfriends”.

One 13-year-old victim was raped four times by three different men in a Premier Inn in Bristol city centre.

A statement from the Bristol Somali community said: “The community is deeply shocked and shaken by the outcome of this case. They are unforgivable acts of cruelty against the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Clockwise from top left: Mohamed Jumale, Said Zakaria, Sakariah Sheikh, Mohamed Dahir, Omar Jumale, Abdirashid Abdulahi and Jusef AbdirizakOther gang members will be sentenced on Friday

The thirteen men, all from Bristol, were convicted of charges including rape, sexual activity with a child, facilitating child prostitution, trafficking and paying for the sexual services of a child.

Six were jailed following a trial during the summer. The remaining seven were convicted on Wednesday.

Details of the two cases – which found grooming and abuse dating back to 2011 – can only now be revealed after reporting restrictions were lifted.

The first trial centred on a group of drug dealers from the Easton area and their exploitation of primarily one teenage girl.

She had been moved into a flat on her own in the city and left almost unsupervised by social workers from outside the area.

The second trial focused on another group of young men and their grooming and subsequent sexual abuse of young girls.

Premier Inn CCTVSome of the abuse took place at a city centre Premier Inn hotel

Tried in July and sentenced for up to 13 years in jail:

  • Mustapha Farah, 21, Liban Abdi, 22, and Arafat Osman, 20, were each jailed for 13 years for paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying Class A drugs
  • Abdulahi Aden, 20, was jailed for 13 years for rape and supplying Class A drugs
  • Mustafa Deria, 22, was found guilty of rape and was jailed for seven-and-a-half years
  • Idleh Osman, 22, was jailed for 10 years for facilitating child prostitution and supplying Class A drugs

Tried in November and due to be sentenced on Friday:

  • Sakariah Sheik, 21, Abdirashid Abdulahi, 21, and Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, were found guilty of rape
  • Mohamed Dahir, 22, was found guilty of causing child prostitution
  • Omar Jumale, 20, was found guilty of having sex with a child
  • Said Zakaria, 22 was found guilty of rape and having sex with a child
  • Mohamed Jumale, age 24, was found guilty of sex with a child

Crying under a sink

Speaking in July, Judge Michael Roach said the gang took “considerable advantage” of the 16-year-old sister who had been moved to Bristol by a council, which cannot be named in order to protect her identity.

“I hope there will be an opportunity for the authorities to reconsider their thinking behind such a placement because it has, on any retrospective view, added considerably to the damage of that young person,” he said.

The teenager had been ordered by a court to live outside her home area and was placed in “supported living accommodation”.

Social workers had “very real concerns” about her and tried to persuade her to leave but “she refused to”.

The abused girl’s five-month ordeal ended when police went to her flat looking for her sister who had been reported missing.

The 14-year-old sibling was found crying in a cupboard under the kitchen sink in just her underwear.

“One of the women police officers went to speak to her and she said that one of the men had forced himself on her, he had raped her,” prosecutor Anna Vigars said in court.

Her 16-year-old sister told investigating officers that she once had sex with a man who later refused to pay.

She told officers she did not want to argue and that “half the time I didn’t really want it for the money” and that “sometimes it’s just nice to be close to someone”.

An independent serious case review into her care is now being carried out.

Hotel rape exposed Bristol child sex abuse ring

Premier Inn CCTVGang members booked a room at a Bristol hotel where a 13-year-old girl was raped by three men

Thirteen men have been convicted of a string of child sex abuse crimes following the discovery of two child sex rings in Bristol.

The revelations have shocked the local community. But how did police uncover the crimes? And how do these damaging relationships begin?

The concrete monolith of Bristol’s Premier Inn hotel, at the foot of the M32 motorway, towers above the city centre.

Inside the imposing structure, in December 2012, a 13-year-old girl was raped by three men.

The discovery of that event set in motion a police investigation that uncovered a two-year catalogue of child sexual abuse by Somali men in the city.

The intelligence-led operation was assisted by members of the Somali community and vulnerable victims, who showed “remarkable courage” coming forward to police.

One of those convicted for abusing multiple victims told the court at his trial that sharing girls for sex “was part of Somali culture” and “a religious requirement”.

Bridge in BristolOne of the victims was attacked under a bridge in Bristol

Following the convictions, Bristol Somali Forum they were “deeply shocked and shaken” by the revelations in case.

In a statement they described the events as: “unforgivable acts of cruelty against the most vulnerable members of our community”.

It added: “The Muslim communities in Bristol would like to make it absolutely clear we wholeheartedly condemn these dreadful evil acts.

“It is right and appropriate that those responsible, and found guilty through our judiciary process are punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of who they are.”

The children’s charity Barnardo’s claimed the discovery of the crimes is “only the tip of the iceberg”.

The organisation has seen more than 90 people in the past six months who are either victims or at high risk of becoming victims of child sex crimes at their Bristol office.

Regional director Hugh Sherriffe said he believed as people became more vigilant to sex crimes “we’ll see more and more of this”.

He added the apparently high number showed the city is “very aware of child sexual exploitation issues”.

Hidden abuse

Esther Keller from Bristol charity Kid’s Company, which supported one of the victims, agrees, and believes child sexual abuse in the city is “probably more widespread than even we realise”.

“And after this court case other girls might pluck up the courage and say ‘it happened to me as well’,” she said.

She believes a lot of the abuse is hidden and many of the victims are not realising they are in a situation “that’s not really very savoury”.

Hugh SherriffeHugh Sherriffe from Barnardos has warned the crimes may be the “tip of the iceberg”

“Many of the girls involved had some sort of attachment issues and were looking for somebody to care for and love them,” Ms Keller said.

“Within these relationships it takes a long time before the abuse begins. What the perpetrators are trying to do is to build up the trust with these girls.

“In the back of the perpetrator’s mind is always this desire to pounce as soon as they think they can.

“They [the girls] think they’re in a very loving, caring relationship for the rest of their lives and they can’t imagine that these men, that are so nice to them, are trying to abuse and exploit them.

“I’d urge parents… if your daughter comes home and they suddenly wear nice clothes and are given lots of gifts by some men, check out what this is about – particularly if they are very young.”

Ch Supt Julian Moss, head of Avon and Somerset Police’s CID department, described what officers found as “appalling, abhorrent crimes” against “vulnerable young children” and praised the victims’ “courage and strength”.

“Nobody should underestimate how difficult it has been for them to do that and I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to each one of them,” he said.




Un-Deportable And Un-named Somalian Refugee Jailed For Flouting Terrorism Order

Birmingham seems to be something of a magnet when it comes to British based Islamic terrorists. The cities Muslim enclaves are a  breeding ground for British based terrorists. It is also where an unnamed Somali terrorist lived who was jailed last week for flouting a terror prevention order against him

Don’t you just love how nice and friendly the British establishment are to our Muslim friends from around the world. They welcome them here with open arms regardless, give them free housing and benefits, access to our health service, free schooling for their 6 offspring. All paid for by the hard working British taxpayer whilst they work at snails pace to process  their asylum claim sometimes taking years to deal with. Even then the bogus ones we cannot deport most of the time as they claim human right infringements because their children are in British schools.

Despite loving our welfare system and the life of luxury it brings them, they despise our country and its people, refuse to integrate and accept British traditions and our way of life.  Some Muslims even actively participate in terrorism, plotting and scheming to bring down the very country that took them in.  Those who are caught then become a further burden to the taxpayer with court costs and imprisonment.

Even then the Islamist cannot be deported back to where they came from.  They have a right to a family life thanks to leftist do gooders.  Political correctness has replaced common sense. The terrorists even have the luxury of not being named and shamed. 

Remember who opened the floodgates and welcomed them in the first place. Who bent over to Europe and gave all our powers over to them. Who turned the UK into the joke it is now by forcing political correctness on us…………..When you go to the ballot box next month in the elections. Put the X anywhere other than the Labour Party box!


BIRMINGHAM A Somalian refugee was jailed for 15 months today (weds) for flouting a terrorism prevention order. The father-of-six, 37, is known only as FF because of a High Court order granting him lifelong anonymity. He admitted breaking the terms of a terrorism prevention measures order (TPIM) when he appeared at the Old Bailey. The TPIM was imposed to restrict his movements as he is believed to be a risk to the public but cannot be tried or deported.


Two Proper Ugly Muslims Get 8 Years Each For Sex Attack On Ipswich Teenager

Two Muslims who moved to Ipswich from London with aspirations of being big time drug barons have been jailed for 8 years for a sex attack on a teenage customer at their Foxhall Road drug den. They targeted the 17 year old because she was vulnerable and who they thought was easy meat,making sexual advances to the victim. Unsurprisingly the teen rejected their advances given their immense ugliness . So the vile pair sexually assaulted her instead.

Somalian rapist Jama Abdullahi and his freaky sidekick rapist Badryden Saeed couldn’t handle the rejection and resorted to taking by force something  they wouldn’t get any other way.Both have faces only their mother could love. and personalties equally as repulsive given their crime. They even would make smack head UAF supporter Pete Doherty (pictured below) look handsome if he was stood next to them.


Ipswich: Two men who sexually assaulted 17-year-old girl at Foxhall Road property are jailed for eight years

 Rapist Jama Abdullahi. Rapist Jama Abdullahi.

Two men who locked a 17-year-old girl in a room at a drug den in Ipswich and raped her have each been jailed for eight years.

Rapist Badryden Saeed.Rapist Badryden Saeed.

26 February 2014

Two men and a boy are facing a total of 16 years imprisonment after a 16 year old girl was held against her will and raped.

Jama Abdullahi, aged 23 years of Camel Road, London, Badrdyen Saeed, aged 20 years from Camel Road, London and a 17 year old boy appeared at Ipswich Crown Court today, Wednesday 26 February having been found guilty at an earlier hearing held in January.

Jama Abdullahi, who had been found guilty of rape and false imprisonment, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment;

Badrdyen Saeed, who had been found guilty of rape and false imprisonment, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment; and

The 17 year old boy from London who was found guilty of false imprisonment was sentenced to an 18-month rehabilitation order, a 6 month supervision order and given a 13-week curfew.

“I hope that the sentencing will not only reassure people about the work we do, but give people the confidence to come forward and report incidents to us if they have been a victim of a sexual assault.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Bacon

The court heard that the 16 year old girl had visited a flat in Foxhall Road, Ipswich at around 2pm on Sunday 30 June 2013 to meet with the 17 year old boy and two men after exchanging texts with them.

After entering the flat she was shown to a rear room by the 17 year old and he told her that one or more of his friends wanted to have sex with her, which she stated she did not want to do. The boy then left the room locking the door behind him.

Badrdyen Saeed then entered the room and orally raped the girl. When he left he locked the door behind him.

Jama Abdullahi went into the room a short while later and also forced her to perform oral sex against her will before allowing her to leave the flat.

The victim made her way home and reported the matter to police that evening. Police attended the address in Foxhall Road and arrested Badrdyen Saeed, Jama Abdullahi and the 17 year old that night.

All three were found guilty at court on 28 January and sentenced today, Wednesday 26 February.

Detective Constable Annabel Hicks who carried out the investigation said: “Abdullahi, Saeed and the 17 year old had come to Ipswich from London and set up a drug den at the address in Foxhall Road. They preyed on their victim, luring her to the flat by sending her text messages. On the day in question she came to the flat and made it clear that she had no intention of having sex with anyone, but was held against her will and orally raped by the two men.

“The girl was incredibly brave to contact the police the same day and was able to identify the flat so we were able to make the arrests that evening.

“I hope the sentencing today will provide some comfort to the victim and will also give others the confidence to come forward and report incidents such as this.

“The victim has, and will continue to receive support to help her through, what I am sure has been a very difficult time.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Bacon who oversees the work of the Gemini Team at Suffolk Police who are dedicated to investigating sexual offences said: “Today’s sentencing has come at the end of a detailed and thorough enquiry not only carried about by the Gemini Team but assisted by response and CID officers who assisted with the arrests and investigation.

“Sexual offences are always taken seriously by Suffolk Police and I echo the words of DC Hicks; I hope that the sentencing will not only reassure people about the work we do, but give people the confidence to come forward and report incidents to us if they have been a victim of a sexual assault.”