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OAP Molested In Broad Daylight By Sicko Described As ‘Asian’ Or Eastern European


Speechless !!!! What sort of sick bastard gets off on molesting an OAP in broad daylight. 

Prospect Park sexual assault: Police release e-fit after 71-year-old is “touched inappropriately”

Police have released an e-fit after a female pensioner was sexually assaulted in Prospect Park inTilehurst .

This is the man officers want to speak to after the attack on the 71-year-old between around 11.30am and 12.05pm, on Wednesday, August 24.

The woman was walking through the woodland area of the park, towards ASDA when she was approached by a man who was walking towards her.

The man attempted to engage her in conversation before inappropriately touching her on her arm.

The man then walked away in the opposite direction.

He is believed to be either eastern European or Asian, in his 40s, around 6ft tall, with short dark hair and a large build.

He was wearing a grey checked shirt and grey trousers.

Investigating officer, detective constable Jon Morley based at Reading police station, said: “If you recognise the man in the e-fit or have any information about the assault please contact me via the Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101.

“If you don’t want to speak to police you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Pervert Exposes Penis To Bus Driver When Asked For Bus Pass

Another instance of an ‘Asian’ pervert exposing his penis, this time to a bus driver when asked for his pass in clear view of the bus passengers. Muslim males flashing has become something of a trend lately with numerous incidents up and down the UK. The indecent exposure took place in the heavily Islamized Yorkshire city of Bradford where sex crimes committed by Muslims are now all part of daily life.

Man flashed his penis at bus driver when asked to produce bus pass

Asian Image: A CCTV image of the suspectA CCTV image of the suspect

Police have released an image of a man who showed his genitals to a bus driver when asked to produce a bus pass.

The man got on the 620 bus at Bradford Interchange at 6.30am on June 10th. When the male driver asked him to show his bus pass he took a step backwards before exposing himself and running away.

The bus was carrying several other passengers at the time who witnesses the incident.

An image caught on the bus’s CCTV was released today in an attempt to identify the flasher, who left the driver feeling “alarmed.”

The man is described as Asian, in his 20s, of average build and around 5 foot eight inches tall. He had short black hair, black tracksuit bottoms and a black hooded top.

Anyone who recognises the man can call the police non emergency number 101.

Kebab Shop Worker Ali Tok Aged 50 Found Guilty of Sex Assault on 11-Year-Old Girl

Disgusting Muslim paedophiles like Ali Tok who molest little girls revolt me. He is an evil hanging poor excuse for a human being.

Reblog from UK Paedos Exposed

Hither Green kebab shop worker Ali Tok found guilty of sex assault on 11-year-old girl


A SYDENHAM worker at a Hither Green kebab shop has been found guilty of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old schoolgirl while she waited for her order.

Ali Tok, aged 50, of Allwood Close, was convicted of sexual touching of a child under 13 by a Woolwich Crown Court jury on November 7.

Tok was working behind the counter at the shop in Leahurst Road when he invited his young victim to come and sit in the back of the store on February 7.

He told her he loved her before sexually assaulting her, which left her scared and in tears, the court heard.

Tok, who denied the charge, claimed in a police interview that his young customer had dropped her food and his face had brushed hers as he helped pick it up.

He was arrested at the shop after the girl went home and told her mum what had happened and she called the police.

Detective Inspector Jim Pryde, from the Met Police‘s sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse command, said: “The young victim has been extremely brave and there is no doubt this assault has rocked her confidence and trust in people.

“With the support of specially trained officers, she has seen her attacker convicted and this sends out a strong message to anyone who sexually abuses children that they will be pursued and brought to justice.”

Tok will be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on November 29.

Manchester Rape Jihad: Teenager ‘Heard Screaming For Help’ During Terrifying Sex Attack At Hulme Bus Stop

Another reported rape jihad case in Manchester following a teenager being raped at a bus stop by an Islamic sex case. Women aren’t safe alone at any time or any place these days where there is the possibility of Muslim perverts anywhere nearby. The more the Muslim population rises in the UK the amount of sex crimes rocket as the filthy scum carry out their sex attacks.

Teenager ‘heard screaming for help’ during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop

Manchester Rape Jihad Teenager 'heard screaming for help' during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop

14 Oct 2013 06:57  By Charlotte Cox

The 19-year-old was attacked close to student accommodation on Higher Cambridge Street in Hulme

Students heard a teenager screaming for help as she was sexually assaulted near a bus stop.

The 19-year-old was attacked close to student accommodation on Higher Cambridge Street in Hulme.

Police say the victim was approached by an unknown man, who spoke briefly to her, before launching his attack.

The man is described as Asian and aged in his 30s or 40s.

It is understood a party had been held in nearby Trinity Court – a mix of mainly student accommodation and young professionals – on Saturday night running into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Residents at Trinity Court reported hearing a woman screaming in the early hours. One student, who asked not be named, said: “It woke me up. I just thought it was an argument, It sounded like it was coming from the bus stop.

“I feel bad now that I did not go out.”

Laura Sharley, 22, a third year student at Royal Northern College of Music, said: “It is bad that something like this has happened.

“When I first came here there was a spate of attacks on young women and students.

“I definitely won’t be going out late on my own.”

Emmanoul Vardas, 20, a mechanical engineering student at Manchester Metropolitan, said: “I only realised what had happened when police came this morning. It is a big shock that it could happen in the open on quite a busy road.

“Usually, you would think it would happen in alleyways or a park.”

Samira Mirzakhani, 24, a dentistry student at Manchester University, said: “It is so, so scary. I feel so unsafe living here now and I am here for three more years.

“I am going to make sure I am home early in the evenings and don’t go out on my own. You hear about stuff like this happening but it is frightening when it happens so close.”

Detectives have interviewed the victim and are making further enquires.

A GMP spokesman urged anyone with information about the incident, which happened at about 5.30am yesterday, to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via Teenager ‘heard screaming for help’ during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop – Manchester Evening News.

Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Already Cost Taxpayer £200k Finally Jailed For Sex Attack

Yet another Islamic parasite committing sex attacks on British streets.  Afghan asylum seeker Mohammadullah Khan who shouldn’t even be in the UK has already cost the taxpayer over £200,000 before adding the cost of his prison sentence at around £40,000 per year. People like him are the filth who leftists from groups like SWP/UAF, HnH and the Labour party go out of their way to defend claiming they should be allowed to live here. Its not them who have to live next door to them in their middle class suburban homes.

The amount of Muslim illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers that go on to commit sex attacks and other serious crimes when left to freely walk the streets is staggering. They need to start ditching the red tape and fast tracking them out of the UK.

Afghan asylum seeker who groped woman’s bottom as she got off bus costs taxpayer £200,000 as he employs delaying tactics in bid to stay in Britain

  • Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times before sentencing
  • He tried to change his guilty plea and refused to co-operate with lawyers
  • Khan, 20, will initially serve time in a young offenders’ institute
  • He will serve the rest of his sentence in an adult jail when he turns 21
  • Afghan asylum seeker Khan will subsequently face deportation


PUBLISHED: 18:31, 3 October 2013 | UPDATED: 21:00, 3 October 2013

Finally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan's case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced todayFinally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced today

An asylum seeker who groped a tourist and delayed his court case in a bid to stay in the UK has finally been sentenced and will deported once he has served time in prison.

Mohammadullah Khan, 20, who came to Britain from Afghanistan, assaulted a 26-year-old French woman as she got off a night bus in Maida Vale, west London, in July last year. Khan’s case cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds after the case had to be adjourned six times as the defendant tried to change his plea and refused to co-operate with either the probation service or his own legal team.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Khan tried to grab the victim’s bottom and kiss her and claimed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

He only let his victim go when a resident on the street heard a noise and shouted at Khan.

Khan originally pleaded guilty, but initially held up the first court hearing when he tried to retract that plea.

He then told the court that he needed a psychiatric report because life in prison had ‘driven him mad’.

The case was delayed on a third occasion when Khan refused to co-operate with the probation service because he was apparently convinced that they were immigration officers.

In April, Khan’s lawyer decided she could no longer act for him, creating further problems.

He still refuses to co-operate fully with his legal team and his barrister could offer no mitigation for him.

His sentencing finally went ahead today, after further delays caused by Khan’s refusal to be joined in the dock by an interpreter.He finally confirmed his guilty plea today, but still shouted ‘conspiracies’ at the judge as sentence was passed.

Prosecutor David Ryan told the court: ‘The victim had been out with her boyfriend and friends. She had left them at about 2am, returning by bus to go home.’When she got off the bus, somebody approached her.

Hearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders' institute and then an adult jailHearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders’ institute and then an adult jail

‘It seems as if the defendant grabbed her from behind and tried to grab her bottom and kiss her. She tried to get his hand off her face but she could not remove it.

‘She was lying on the ground with the defendant on top of her. She kept trying to remove his hand – she couldn’t breath.

‘He said something like “don’t worry, it won’t be long, be nice, don’t scream”.’

Khan then began to rub himself on the defenceless woman, the court heard.    Mr Ryan added: ‘A resident on that street heard what he thought was a disagreement. Her shouts got more serious and the female sounded more distressed and he could see this and he see the back of someone lying on her.’ He shouted and the defendant then got up and ran away.’Khan frequently swore and shouted ‘conspiracies’ throughout the hearing.

Sentencing Khan, Judge Peter Testar said: ‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.

‘It was only on the day of the trial that the defendant pleaded guilty. His attitude metamorphosed into denial of the offence.’

Khan, of no fixed address, received five years detention in a young offenders’ institute, with an extension period of three years.He will be transferred to an adult jail when he turns 21 and automatically deported when he serves his sentence.

‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.’

Judge Peter Testar

Schoolgirl claims she was raped or sexually assaulted at least 60 times by Asif Iqbal

 Asif Iqbal is the latest Muslim paedophile from East Lancashire/Ribble Valley area to be up before the judge for sex offences against a schoolgirl. The neighbouring cluster of former mill towns around the Blackburn and Burnley areas including Nelson seems to be a rape jihad hotspot with Muslim sex attacks against women and children all to common. Something else to thank multiculturalism for. For the past 20 years Muslim immigrants have swamped these towns, where until recently they have had a virtual free run to behave how they please without much reprisal which only encourages them to behave in the deviant paedostani way they would back home.

Schoolgirl claims she was raped or sexually assaulted at least 60 times by a Nelson man

7:00pm Wednesday 25th September 2013 in Nelson By Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A FRIGHTENED schoolgirl was allegedly raped or sexually assaulted at least 60 times by a man who repeatedly hit her, a jury heard. Burnley Crown Court heard claims the girl was sexually attacked in a vehicle on the moors above Nelson by Asif Iqbal. Iqbal was arrested in April last year, after the girl’s worried school friend told a teacher. He was questioned and denied any of the allegations took place. The defendant, 32, of Smith Street, Nelson, pleaded not guilty to five counts of rape and seven allegations of sexual activity with a child. Some of them are specimen charges.

Sara Dodd, prosecuting, said in April last year, police were called to a school. Officers took a brief account from the alleged victim and the following day, spoke to her at length in a video recorded interview. The girl told officers Iqbal performed sex acts on her on at least 40 occasions. The alleged victim had told her friend on Facebook that the defendant had touched her. The girl claimed to the police that Iqbal had allegedly had sex with her at least 20 times. He had put his hand over her mouth and she had been scared. Miss Dodd said the girl’s clothing had been examined and the defendant’s DNA was present at a low level. The prosecutor alleged: “These findings are supportive of the allegations made by the girl.” Miss Dodd said the girl’s friend noticed something was wrong and spoke to her about it. The girl said she didn’t want to tell anybody, but the friend was so concerned she informed a teacher. The police were called. The girl had told officers that Iqbal had punched and slapped her.

via Schoolgirl claims she was raped or sexually assaulted at least 60 times by a Nelson man (From Lancashire Telegraph).

Video: Muslim Caught Having Sex With A Donkey As Permitted In Islam

 Smile your on candid camera!!

Disgusting Muslim sicko caught on video shagging a donkey in Iraq. Islamic permits sex with animals and even has its own set of rules for halal animal sex. If the Muslim weirdo with the bestiality fetish should follow the correct Islamic rules for animal sex, he can no longer eat the animal and must sell it on to another. Unless he anally buggered the animal, then none of his village can consume the animal and he has to sell it to someone in a different village. They are ill in the head

Middle Eastern Male Sexually Assaulted 75-Year-Old Woman In Broad Daylight In A Salford Park.

Greater Manchester Police are hunting an evil perverted Middle Eastern man animal who sexually assaulted a 75  year old woman in broad daylight, whilst she was sitting on a park bench minding her own business in Salford. As if today’s very hot weather isn’t uncomfortable enough for me,As i am writing this i can actually feel my temperature rising even higher due to my blood seriously boiling at the thought of this sickening attack on a pensioner. 75 !! FFS. 

How could anybody even possibly get any sort of sick sexual gratification out of molesting a 75 year old woman.The park where the attack took place is literally on the doorstep of Salford University.  A 2 minute walk i any direction i guarantee he would of encountered 100’s of female students. Yet this sicko sexually assaults an OAP and most likely somebody’s Grandmother.

Just when you think you have seen and heard it all with weird Muslims and their behaviour.  Something new always comes along. This whole incident just reiterates to me that Muslim perverts  have no boundaries what so ever when acting on their sexual urges. All are fair game it seems be it male or female, consensual or by force,child or OAP, dead or alive, human or animal. Over the last year this site has featured them all !!

Peel Park, Right in the middle of Salford University complex

Witness Appeal: Elderly woman sexually assaulted in Peel Park

A 75-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight in a Salford park.

Posted by Editor on 17th July 2013 at 01:45 PM

The victim was sitting on a bench in Peel Park at around 2pm on Thursday 11 July 2013 when a man approached her and asked whether he could practice his English with her.

She agreed but felt uncomfortable when he stared asking sexual questions. He got up to walk away but kissed her and touched her inappropriately.

The man spoke with a middle eastern accent, was in his mid 20s and of average build.

He wore a black sweatshirt with a yellow logo on the left sleeve, black trousers, scruffy black shoes, black rimmed glasses and carried a pink perspex A4 folder.

Detective Constable Lucy Pearson based at Pendleton Police Station said: “The victim was trying to be helpful when he asked could he practice his English with her. Instead, the offender took advantage of this kindness and sexually assaulted an elderly woman.

“We believe there may have been a number of people in the park due to the recent good weather and it is thought he made off towards the Maxwell building at Salford University. I would ask anyone who may have seen this man, particularly someone fitting the description carrying a pink A4 folder, or witnessed the assault itself to contact police.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 5041 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Sex Beast Muslim Taxi Driver Tried Raping Girl,15 In Oldham

Another vile Muslim sexual predator guilty of  sex crimes against children. Pervert taxi driver Tamur Yaqub from Oldham thought because he made eye contact with a 15-year-old girl as he drove past her in his cab. That it somehow entitled him to drag her in his car, drive her to a secluded spot and attempt to rape her.

Yaqub is a good Muslim husband and father of 6 children. Yet like we keep on seeing time and time again, Muslims treating infidel females with contempt in a way they never would 1 of their own. It only took a second or two of eye contact as he drove by her for the rapist in him to come out. Confirming his low opinion of western women when he declared to police that ‘she acted like a prostitute’. The typical Islamic sexist low opinion of non-Muslim females in Britain and why there’s currently a rape jihad being carried out by Muslims against British women and girls.

Sex beast cabbie gets eight years

Dad of six tried to rape girl in his car  AN Oldham cabbie has been jailed for eight years after being convicted of trying to rape a young girl in the back of his car.   A court heard that father of six Tamur Yaqub forcibly dragged the 15 year old into his private-hire taxi after spotting her walking home in January 2012.   The 32 year old, who worked for Oldham-based Cartax, was off duty at the time and claimed they made eye contact as he passed her.
Another Muslim nonce jailed #rapejihad

Dad of six tried to rape girl in his car 
AN Oldham cabbie has been jailed for eight years after being convicted of trying to rape a young girl in the back of his car.

A court heard that father of six Tamur Yaqub forcibly dragged the 15 year old into his private-hire taxi after spotting her walking home in January 2012.

The 32 year old, who worked for Oldham-based Cartax, was off duty at the time and claimed they made eye contact as he passed her.

He stopped and said she came over and they had a conversation through the open window. He maintained she willingly got into the car.

A Manchester Crown Court jury found him guilty of attempted rape, though was unable to reach a verdict on a second charge of kidnap.

Judge Jeffrey Lewis told him: “I have not the slightest hesitation in rejecting your assertion that she got into your car voluntarily.”

He said that version of events contained “not a shred of truth.”

“You used considerable force against a girl who was no match for you. You subjected her to degradation and you have shown not the slightest remorse.”

Yaqub, whose family lives in St Thomas Street, Oldham, said the girl had told him he could do what he liked to her if he paid her £5.

He said he took her to an address and they had consensual sex before he dropped her off close to her home.

He said he believed she was aged about 20, and said she had acted “like a prostitute”.

The girl said she had been dragged into his car, where he attempted to rape her after driving to a secluded area.

During two long police interviews Yaqub had denied the girl had even been in the car, though later changed his story.

Single Mother Woke To Find Muslim Burglar Sexually Assaulting Her As She Shared Bed With Children

A Muslim sexcase from Burnley has been jailed after a female home owner awoke as burglar Anamul Hoque was pulling down her pyjama bottoms as she slept in bed with her 2 young children. Hoque showed how much of a danger he poses to women to even attempt to do such a thing as that in the presence of children as well. The pervert already had previous convictions for flashing women and burglary. Prison is the best place for him

muslim pervert  from burnley

Sex pest broke into house and groped sleeping woman

8:00am Sunday 10th February 2013 in News

A dangerous sex pest who groped a mum-of-two while she slept with her two young children has been jailed.

Anamul Hoque, 25, broke into the victim’s home in the early hours and entered her bedroom where she was asleep with her two sons aged eight and five.

Burnley Crown Court heard the mum-of-two awoke to find herself being groped by Hoque and she screamed out.

Hoque then fled from the house.

She tried to call the police but found that Hoque had stolen the iPhone which she had left on the headboard of her bed.

Convicted sex offender Hoque, who has a history of flashing, has now been branded ‘dangerous’ by a crown court judge.

Jailing him for 52 months, Judge Simon Newell said that the defendant had a ‘very worrying and relevant’ criminal record.

Hoque, of Fifth Avenue, Burnley, who admitted burglary, sexual assault and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence, was also told he would be subjected to an extended licence period of five years upon his eventual release.

He is already the subject of a sexual offences prevention order, restricting him from harrassing women, until 2016 and he must also sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Brett Gerrity, prosecuting, said that the 38-year-old victim was alone in the house with her two young sons as her husband was away at a family funeral.

The children were asleep in their double bed, with their mother, at around 5.45am on September 14.

Mr Gerrity said that she could feel a hand touching her right thigh and believed that her pyjama bottoms were being pulled down.

She looked around to see that the bedcovers had been pulled back and Hoque standing over her.

The victim screamed and Hoque fled downstairs, and out into the street. Initially the woman pursued him but returned when she became worried about her children.

But when she went to alert police, she discovered her iPhone had been taken. She eventually called the police at a neighbour’s home.

Police discovered a trainer footprint, near the woman’s kitchen window, and it was later found to match footwear belonging to Hoque.

The court heard that Hoque had two convictions for burglary in 2005 and for five incidents of indecent exposure in 2004.

In April 2011 Hoque was also convicted of sexual assault after he forcibly kissed a woman on the lips on the street.

Gwen Henshaw, defending, said Hoque was aware that he had serious problems and wanted help to address his difficulties.

The court heard that Hoque denied he had been ‘prowling’ in search of a victim to molest but accepted he had taken advantage of the woman when he came across her in the bedroom.

Probation reports compiled on Hoque identified that he presented a ‘medium to high risk’ of sexual reoffending.