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My Thoughts On Asad Shad Murder : Police Treat Killing As Religiously Motivated

Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah , a devout Muslim posted a heartfelt Easter message to ‘beloved Christian nation’ hours before he was brutally murdered in a savage attack. Police have said the killing was religiously motivated.

The scene of the murder in Shawlands last night and the victim, shopkeeper Asad Shah
The scene of the murder in Shawlands last night and the victim, shopkeeper Asad Shah

Finding a devout Muslim who is fully integrated in British society, respectful of their adopted nation and its Christian beliefs are few and far between. Almost like finding the needle in a haystack. Murder victim Asad Shah by all accounts was one of those rare few.

His death is a loss to us all. It is people like Mr Shah who can make the real difference. Showing other Muslims that the way forward is to adapt, show respect and become part of society. Instead of showing contempt for others whilst making demands expecting everybody else to adapt to Muslims whilst giving nothing back. Unfortunately there are not enough Muslims with his kind of mindset within our society, now there is one less 

Just hours before his murder Mr Shah posted on his facebook  at 5.10pm, read: “Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation… Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.”

image: http://i3.dailyrecord.co.uk/incoming/article7625919.ece/BINARY/Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-083104.pngMr Shah posted this message on his Facebook page just hours before he was brutally stabbed to death
Mr Shah posted this message on his Facebook page just hours before he was brutally stabbed to death


In previous posts, he also called “unconditional real love for all mankind”. This morning, a neighbour of his store was shocked at his killing.The man – who asked not to be named – said: “I can’t believe this. At first I thought there had been a car accident further along the road. “Mr Shah is a decent man. He is very quiet but friendly. This is terrible”

Police have arrested 2 unnamed men for the killing. The only other info they have said is that it was ‘religiously motivated’ which is kind of open to interpretation.  The natural assumption that people will make is that Asid Shah was murdered because he was Muslim by a bigoted non-Muslim.

If this was the case let me make my thoughts clear, those responsible are utter scum. I hope they get locked up and throw away the key. There is absolutely no excuse for murder or any kind of violence against an innocent person. Doing so makes you just as bad as the savage terrorists blowing people up who have no value of life. 

People like that are certainly not on my side. They are against me and all those dedicated people who put effort into raising awareness about the threat of Islam. Any steps forward we have made will be instantly erased by some idiot who thinks killing somebody for just being Muslim is going to achieve something. All it does is give people a further excuse not to listen and tar everybody with the same brush.

But could it be possible that the term  ‘religiously motivated’ with no mention of racism or islamophobia is because the killers just so happen to be Muslim. The  ‘religiously motivated’ bit being that extremist Muslims did not appreciate his earlier heartfelt messages promoting tolerance to infidels. After all we know how quick Muslims are to flip out and use violence when they dislike something.

Until the police release more details we will not know for sure. Either way the killers are scumbags who need locking up as without them on the streets the nation will be a better place.

RIP Mr Shah

8 Year Old Girl Sexually Abused By Muslim In Greggs The Bakers Shop

Police in West Yorkshire are looking for the bearded Muslim shown in the CCTV photos below. A simple visit to Greggs for a steak bake and a jam tart was to much to ask this Muslim moron. The filthy paedo couldn’t keep resist his deviant urges, sexually assaulting an 8 year old girl sat at a table before leaving.

This is another one of those WTF moments Muslims are so prone to. As in ‘What The F*ck’ must be going on inside his head to do something like that after just popping in the shop for a bit of dinner . Let alone in somewhere full of CCTV cameras. Is he not the slightest bit bothered he may get caught?  Or just doesn’t care if he does ? Either way is a good illustration of how messed up a Muslim mind works


Appeal Over Sexual Assault On Child, Leeds.

Detectives investigating a sexual assault on an eight-year-old girl in a Leeds bakers shop have released CCTV images of a man they want to trace.

The victim was in the seating area of Greggs, in The Headrow, in Leeds city centre, when the incident occurred shortly after 3.30pm on Friday, February 12.

She had been sat with her younger brother while her mother paid for items at the counter.

Detective Inspector Steve Greenbank, of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “This was clearly a distressing incident for the young girl involved and her mother and we urgently need to speak to the man shown in the CCTV images.

“We would ask that anyone who recognises him or who has any information that could assist the investigation contacts us immediately.”

The man was described as Asian, aged in his late thirties, tall and of large build. He had a shaved head and a beard.

Anyone who recognises the man is asked to contact Detective Constable Kelda Hardwick at Elland Road via 101 quoting crime number 13160073167 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Woman Working In Shop Sexually Assaulted By ‘Asian’ Male

A female working alone in a shop has been sexually assaulted by a sex fiend who walked in, brazenly pulling down the shutters and attacked the employee. The whole nature of this sex attack just goes to show that women are safe nowhere from the threat of rape jihad. The warped creatures carrying out this kind of crime know no boundaries. What next opening the front door and walking in peoples homes ??

Shop worker sexually assaulted in Heywood

15:25, 23 April 2015 By Katie Sto

A woman has been sexually assaulted at a shop in Heywood.

The employee was working alone at a store when a man walked in and closed the shutters behind him.

He walked up to her and sexually assaulted her before walking off towards York Steet.

Detective Inspector Lee Hopwood said: “This was a horrific attack on a lone shop worker who managed to fight her attacker off.

“The man entered the shop and calmly closed the shutter, locking both inside, before sexually assaulting her.

“The victim has been severely shook up by the incident and I would ask anyone who may have seen a man fitting the description, or with any information given to call police as soon as possible.”

The incident happened at around 9.25am today.

The man is described as Asian, in his late 20s to early 30s, 6ft, of a medium to heavy build with black hair and wearing a royal blue hooded top, lighter-coloured jeans and black gloves.

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 8576 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Bolton Shopkeeper Stamping Pro Hamas Slogans On £5 Notes

A Muslim shopkeeper from Bolton has been upsetting British born locals by defacing £5 notes with anti Israel slogans before giving them back out in the change.  The Muslim owned Willow News on Willows Lane, Daubhill stamped the notes with the slogan ” Free Palestine Boycott Israel”   This also happens to be a criminal offence  although i doubt the police will do anything as Muslims get a free pass to do as they please.

How about boycott Willow News for the Muslim shop keepers complete ignorance and lack of facts. Like so many Muslims and their far left sympathisers they are brainwashed by numpty’s like George Galloway into believing rubbish.

Free Palestine……where exactly is Palestine?   Before Israel was formed was there a sovereign state called Palestine….er nope.  I take it by Palestine he is referring to the enclave of the Gaza Strip  controlled by terrorist organization Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot. Who syphon off aid money to line their own pockets and buy weapons. The same Hamas whose own constitution declares never ever make peace with Israel and fight on until they are wiped out.

Palestine is not or never has been a country, its a geographical area that was referred to as the Mandate of Palestine in the 1920 plans for a Jewish homeland. The former Ottoman empire was carved up after their defeat in WW1. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon were also formed at the same time as the planned Jewish homeland which included  their holy lands once called Judea where the Jews were driven out from.

Almost straight away Muslim Arabs kicked off about their sworn enemy the Jews getting their own place right next door.  So the planned Jewish homeland, The Mandate Of Palestine was once again split up further. 77% of it designated Arab Palestine which became the country of Jordan. 23% as Jewish Palestine which became Israel.

Mr Willow News should start doing his homework before pushing his extremist anti Semitic untrue beliefs on others in an area that is heavily Islamized and where interfaith relations are at an all time low thanks to the Labour Council’s blatant Muslim appeasing.

Willows News, Daubhill, Bolton. Hamas supporting owner stamps notes with anti Israeli messages
Willow News In Bolton


 A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes

‘Free Palestine, boycott Israel’ messages stamped on bank notes and handed out by newsagent

8:00am Sunday 24th August 2014 in News  By Vickie Scullard,

FREE Palestine, boycott Israel messages are being stamped on bank notes and handed out by a newsagent.

Manager of Willows News has taken to spreading his political message to customers in the unusual way in a bid to raise awareness of the situation in the Middle East.

The messages say “free Palestine, boycott Israel”.

The shop boss, who wants only to be known as Abdul, said: “It’s simply based on what is currently going on at the moment to make people aware about what cause they need to be supporting.
“What Israel is doing is wrong, and we need to boycott them and support Palestine. Putting a little stamp on the notes is our way of raising awareness and getting the message across using a political message.

“Some people have come in and asked what it’s about, and some have realised that it is a good thing. Others don’t understand it, but there hasn’t been too much negativity.”

But one grandfather, who has been given one of the notes from the shop in Willows Lane, Daubhill, was not happy to be handed the defaced £5.

Bill, who does not want to reveal his last name or be pictured, says he received the note on Sunday, August 17, after he picked up his paper.

The 67-year-old, of Deane Church Lane, Daubhill, did not see the message at first, because the note was folded up as it was given to him, but when he clocked it later he became annoyed.

He says he found out it came from the shop after speaking to two other residents in the area who received similar notes.

The production worker said: “I paid with a £10 note and received the fiver back folded in half, so I didn’t realise the stamp at first. But when I took it home there it was plain as day.

“I was livid. It is defacing the Queen’s currency. If I wrote ‘free England, boycott so and so’ on our notes I’d be in the police station quicker than I could think.

“It’s a political statement on our currency which is out of order. It is premeditated, not just written out of temper. I think whoever is responsible should be taken to task about it.”

The Bank of England, which issues the country’s bank notes confirmed it was illegal to deface currency — but stressed they were still legal tender even if they had been stamped.

A spokesman for the Bank of England said: “Defacing bank notes is definitely not something we would recommend but whether or not there would be a prosecution would be up to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if it was in the public interest.

“We would advise people not to do it because one of the really important things is maintaining confidence in our currency and people being able to spot counterfeit money.

“The notes are legal tender but they would probably be taken out of circulation when they entered our processing plants.”

Police Release CCTV In Hunt For ‘Asian’ Sex Attacker

Another random sex assault by an Islamononce

Appeal to find Leeds assault suspect

Hebden Bridge Times

Police investigating an assault on a woman in Leeds have released a CCTV image of the suspect who had his right arm in a plaster cast.


The victim, a 40-year-old woman, had visited a shop at the junction of Queenshill Approach and Stonegate Road, Meanwood, when the suspect, who was sat in a car parked at a bus stop outside, engaged her in conversation. He then grabbed hold of her top and made lewd comments.

The victim pulled away from him and got away.

He was described as Asian, aged in his thirties and slim, with a plaster cast on his right arm.

The incident happened at about 7.20pm on Tuesday, April 15.

Anyone who recognises the man or who has any information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact Detective Constable Michael Wimbles of Leeds District CID via 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Young Couple Beat Up By 3 Muslim Thugs In Shop

Q) When Is A Racist Attack Not A Racist Attack. A) When The 3 Attackers Are Muslim

As normal, not a single mention of this young couple being the victims of a racist attack or the incident being treated as a hate crime by police. Had it been a Muslim couple who had been the recipients of the kicking by 3 white guys the press and the Muslim professional defenders would be screaming racist hate crime, baying for blood before the victim had reached A&E. Its about time people woke up to the fact that racism works both ways.

Young couple beaten up by Wolverhampton attackers

8 Oct 2013 08:44

CCTV captures trio of thugs who attacked pair in shop

The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack
The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack

Police are hunting for a trio of thugs who beat up a young couple after following them into a Wolverhampton shop.

Security cameras caught the three attackers chasing the couple – both in their 20s andfrom Wolverhampton – as they entered Lifestyle Express, in Merridale Road, at around 5.30pm on Friday, August 16.

Moments later the male victim was hit across the head – causing a gash that needed hospital treatment – and stamped on after he fell to the floor.

His girlfriend was also assaulted by the men as she tried to pull them off her partner.

The first attacker – an Asian man of stocky build, believed to be in his late 20s and wearing sunglasses – was seen in the CCTV stills confronting the boyfriend before lashing out.

His two accomplices – an Asian man in his early 20s and a black man thought to be approaching 30 – quickly joined in the attack.

Investigating officer Det Con Manjit Gill said: “It’s understood there was some kind of argument leading up to the attack. It was a nasty incident that put one man in hospital and left his girlfriend battered and bruised.

“These three ganged up to assault a man in broad daylight and then thought nothing of assaulting his girlfriend as she tried to intervene.

“The security cameras have captured very clear images of the men – I’m hoping people will recognise them and contact us.”

Anyone with information can call DC Manjit Gill at West Midlands Police Force CID(Team B) at Bloxwich police station, or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Birmingham Shopkeeper Gave Girl Age 12, £2 For Sex

Yet another vile Muslim with an unhealthy sexual interest in very young school girls. The Islamic paedophile lured his 12 year old victim to a flat above his shop and gave her £2 cover up money for her silence after his disgusting sex acts with her. In his defence at court he said because she had been friendly with him in the shop. He thought that meant she wanted sex with him!

Like that is any kind of excuse.She was 12, thats illegal which im sure he knew the dirty nonce. Just  like the rest of these Muslim beasts that keep cropping up know its illegal. They just dont care, as long as she isnt a Muslim girl all they can think about is satisfying their own twisted sexual urges. Hence the Muslim paedo epidemic and rape jihad going on

Shop worker who lured 12-year-old girl to his home for sex jailed

26 May 2013 19:51


Abslan Nadli handed three-and-a-year prison term after admitting inciting a child to engage in sexual activity


Birmingham Crown Court
Birmingham Crown Court

A Birmingham shop worker who lured a 12-year-old girl to his home and then asked her for sex has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Illegal immigrant Abslan Nadli, 35, of Stratford Road, Hall Green, had previously admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said “I am satisfied that the only reason you were asking those questions is that you wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

“With commendable calmness and courage in the circumstances she said no and tried to get out of the flat.”

The judge said he accepted that Nadli had eventually let the girl out but went on “The damage had been done. She went home in fear and was very distressed by what had happened. Her confidence was shaken severely.”

Jane Sarginson, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said on the afternoon of January 12 this year the girl, who was coming back home after a dance class, went into a newsagents on the Stratford Road.

There were two employees including the defendant and after realising she did not have any money the youngster came back out.

However as she carried on down the road she became aware that someone was following her and when she turned around saw Nadli.

The defendant then indicated that she should go into an alleyway.

The girl, thinking Nadli had something to show her, then followed him up a flight of stairs and through a door and went into a room above shops.

Nadli then asked her whether she liked boys and whether she wanted to have sex.

Miss Sarginson said the defendant then gave the victim £2 and told her not to tell anyone about what had happened but she later told her father.

William Dudley, defending, said Nadli was not a predator but was someone who was naive.

He said that the girl had been friendly and that he had “read too much into that.”



Muslim Immigrant Denies The Gay Rape Of 14y.o Boy In Manchester Shopping Mall Toilet

An Iraqi immigrant has denied being involved in the homosexual rape of a 14-year-old boy in the toilets of  Debenhams department store in the Manchester Arndale Centre.  Muslim Abdelkader El-Janabi and co accused Alex Wilson-Fletcher each deny two charges of sexual assault and two charges of rape against the 14-year-old schoolboy who was attacked by 2 paedophiles after stopping to use the toilets on his way home from a youth club. When news of the daytime city centre attack which took place on the busiest shopping day became public  it caused uproar amongst fearful Manchester parents worried for their own children’s safety yet angry the such a vile attack happened in their city.

The evil paedo duo were caught after police appealed in the media showing CCTV pictures of the men. Islamic animal   Abdelkader El-Janabi was recognized by the caretaker of the flats he lives who informed police. Despite his denials of being neither homosexual or a paedophile.Upon his arrest police found 2 gay explicit DVDs that indicated his sexual preference being young boys.  Abdelkader El-Janabi turned up to court using a walking stick to play the victim and trying to give credibility to his taqiyya that it couldn’t have been him because he was bedridden over that period.Injuries that he claims to received after being captured and tortured by Americans during the Gulf War.He must think all Brits are as thick as his Islamic brethren. Claiming to of only been in the store once despite the security there saying he was often seen hanging round the toilets and had even been ejected from the premises

Muslim immigrant Abdelkader El-Janabi obviously doesn’t work with his injuries that confine him to bed for weeks at a time and needs a stick to get around. The latest in a constant stream of lying Muslim sex cases that come to Britain to play the system. Sponging off the British taxpayer despite never having paid any stamp. Free housing and spending money for them to drag the country down not only financially but by bringing their inbreed backward Muslim attitudes and outlook with them and carrying out horrendous sex crimes against men,women and children. Yes you did read right when I included men. Here Is the reason why I included men= ( Muslim Asylum Seeker Jailed For Gay Rape Of Men In Manchester )

Gay Muslim paedophile Abdelkader El-Janabi , 1 of 2 men who raped a schoolboy in the toilets of a department store in Manchester Arndale centre

Further reading on this vile Islamic Paedophile at Your Daily Muslim

We’re innocent, say men accused of raping 14-year-old boy in Debenhams toilet

25 Apr 2013 12:45

Abdelkader El-Janabi, 55, and 41-year-old Alex Wilson-Fletcher deny two charges of rape and two charges of sexual assault alleged to have taken place on June 2

 Debenhams, Market Street, Manchester
Debenhams, Market Street, Manchester

Two men accused of raping a 14-year-old boy in the toilets at Debenhams have protested their innocence.

Abdelkader El-Janabi, 55, is alleged to have targeted a boy using urinals at Manchester’s Arndale Centre and coerced him into coming with him to the department store, where he attacked him with the ‘encouragement’ of another man, 41-year-old Alex Wilson-Fletcher.

Both men deny two charges of rape and two charges of sexual assault alleged to have taken place on June 2.

Giving evidence in his defence  at  Manchester Crown Court, Mr El-Janabi told the jury that he was ‘bed-ridden’ over that period, and that the suspect shown in CCTV images was not him.

Mr El-Janabi, of Artillery Court, Ardwick, told the jury that he served in the Iraqi army as a military intelligence officer and fought in the Iran-Iraq war in 1980.

He said he also fought in the Gulf War of the early 90s, before being captured by the Americans and ‘tortured with a small stick’, causing lasting injury to both knees.

Mr El-Janabi, who settled in the UK 11 years ago, said the pain in his knees was ‘extremely bad’ at the end of May and first half of June.

He said:?“I was bedridden for nearly three weeks.”

Asked by his lawyer, Ronan Maguire, if he would have been able to go into town on June 2, when the attack is alleged to have happened, Mr El-Janabi told court: “No way.”

The court has been told that the male toilets on the third floor of Debenhams are known for ‘homosexual activity’.

Mr El-Janabi said he had been to Debenhams only once in December 2010. He denied allegations put to him by Neil Fryman, prosecuting, that he had been seen ‘hanging around’ the toilets on numerous occasions by staff, and had on one occasion been ‘escorted off the premises’.

“Why are you saying that? I went there as a customer, I bought two shirts and that’s it,” he replied.

Mr Wilson-Fletcher is alleged to have followed Mr El-Janabi and the victim from the toilets in the Arndale to the department store, where he groped the boy before watching his co-defendant attack him.

The defendant told the court he had ‘no recollection what happened that day’, but denied any involvement in an attack.

He said that diabetes made him use the toilet more often.

He said he had the ‘presumption’ that he had been out shopping and gone to the toilet, leaving the Arndale and going to Debenhams, as CCTV allegedly shows, in search of a free cubicle.

Mr Wilson-Fletcher said if he saw an intimate encounter in the toilet he would leave. He went on to say he had seen ‘homosexual behaviour’ in the toilets at Debenhams a ‘handful’ of times over the last 15 years.

Asked if he had been ‘involved in any way’ in the alleged attack by his barrister, Adrian Farrow, Mr Wilson-Fletcher replied, ‘I was not’.


Paris Hilton sparks Muslim outrage as she opens store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Poor old Paris Hilton is the latest infidel to feel the Muslims rage. The ever so sensitive Muslims are a little upset that someone who made a home made sextape  has opened a store in the Islamic holy city Mecca near to the Grand Mosque. If its alrite for Muslims to open shops on every street corner in Kafir lands then why shouldn’t a hottie like Paris open a store in a Muslim country. Maybe the Muslims think the designer gear on sale might give the local sexually discriminated against  burka clad women ideas

Paris Hilton sparks outrage as she opens store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Saudis took to Twitter to say Hilton, who once starred in a sex video which went viral on the internet, was ‘insulting Mecca’ – a key site for the world’s 1.2billion Muslims – by opening the branch in Mecca Mall to sell bags and accessories under her name

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2012, 9:14 AM
sexy Paris Hilton has caused muslim outrage opening a store in mecca after making her own amateur porno video

Paris Hilton is celebrating opening up a new store in Mecca… but the move has left some locals a little unhappy

Socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has sparked outrage in the Middle East by opening a new shop in the Saudi Arabian Holy city of Mecca.

Saudis took to Twitter to say Hilton, who once starred in a sex video which went viral on the internet, was ‘insulting Mecca’ – a key site for the world’s 1.2billion Muslims – by opening the branch in Mecca Mall to sell bags and accessories under her name.

They tweeted  in their hundreds to attack the celebrity entrepreneur, with some saying it was an ‘affront’ to the ‘principal sanctuary’ of Islam.

paris new store in the land of the mad mullahs


Paris Hilton tweets about her new store in Mecca


One person replied to her message, in which she announced the official opening on her Twitter feed last Thursday, by saying: ‘R u kidding?’.

Another added: ‘Saudi claim there are other ways to allow for pilgrims, & if religiosity is of such importance, why is @ParisHilton being allowed a store in Mecca?’

A third person questioned Hilton’s style of products by saying: ‘That’s it? That’s why ppl are not buying it? Not coz she is a porn star who happens to be rich enough to have her own brand and open it in Mecca?’

Another tweeted: ‘How can someone who made such a video open a store in the holy city next to the Grand Mosque?’ And a further added: ‘It is not acceptable to have such a woman open her store here.’

But the 31-year-old remained undeterred by the comments and tweeted a picture of the store alongside the message: ‘Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!’


And she later said: ‘This is the 5th store in Saudi Arabia, and store number 42 in total! So proud to keep growing my brand!”

Not all comments about the opening were negative, however, Albawaba.com reports.

One said: ‘Why the attack? This is a global brand found everywhere, whether it was in an Arab country or a European one.’

And another added: ‘Simply put, those who see this is a Western invasion of the Arab world shouldn’t be buying nor marketing their products.

‘But to reject this concept and at the same time, buy all European and Western products is completely hypocritical.’

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/paris-hilton-opens-story-mecca-article-1.1204388#ixzz2CiEJ9CzB

Pakistani asylum seeker twice refused leave to remain in UK went on to rape young clubber in back room of corner shop

Another Pakistani Muslim sex case jailed for raping a young clubber when he shouldnt of even been here in the UK after being refused asylum not once but twice.What i cant get my head around is why the hell he was still in Britain and able to rape a woman. Surely if claim asylum here and then told their bit had failed,common sense would say you then send that illegal immigrant on their way back to what ever barbaric Muslim land they originated from. Well apparently not it seems

Pakistani asylum seeker twice refused leave to remain in UK went on to rape young clubber in back room of corner shop

  • Atiq Rehman lured a 22-year-old woman into the back room of a corner shop and attacked her on a mattress laid on the ground
  • He led her from outside a nightclub before threatening to tie her up with tape while he carried out the attack
  • When he carried out the rape he was free on the condition he reported regularly to authorities
  • He was jailed for six years on both counts of rape, to run concurrently, and ordered to be deported on his release from prison


PUBLISHED: 13:26, 12 October 2012 | UPDATED: 18:03, 12 October 2012


Atiq Rehman Pakistani asylum seeker twice refused leave to remain in UK went on to rape young clubber in back room of corner shop  CLAPHAM LONDON.failed asylum seeker shouldnt of been in britainJailed: Pakistan-born Atiq Rehman, who was twice refused leave to remain in the UK, was jailed for six years

A failed asylum seeker who raped a clubber twice before authorities could deport him has been jailed for six years.

Pakistan-born Atiq Rehman, who was twice refused leave to remain in the UK, lured a 22-year-old woman into the back room of a corner shop and attacked her on a mattress laid on the ground.

He had led her from outside Inferno’s nightclub in Clapham, south London, with the promise of a taxi ride home before threatening to tie her up with tape while he carried out the terrifying sex attack.

Rehman, who is 20 but claims to be just 16, illegally entered the UK early last year, Inner London Crown Court heard, but his bid for asylum and subsequent appeal were rejected by the Home Office.

When he carried out the rape he was free on the condition he reported regularly to authorities.

Judge Usha Karu said Rehman, who fled to Manchester after raping the woman had failed to report and was only found again because he carried the sex attack in the early hours of April 29 this year.

‘Your application for asylum had been rejected and you made yourself scarce and stopped signing on as you were required to do under the terms of your application’, she said.

‘It is only as a result of this that you have come to light.

Rehman, also known as Shaoib Ashraf, led the woman, who cannot be identified, to Newspoint store in Clapham Common Southside, after she became separated from her friends outside the club following a night socialising.

‘He approached her and she mistakenly initially thought he was offering a taxi service,’ prosecutor Jeffrey Israel said.

‘Mr Rehman had keys to open the metal shutters to the shop, and led her through to the back room. There were two mattresses on the floor, and the woman began to cry.

‘She was scared because she didn’t want to be in that room alone with the defendant.’

Attack:pakistani muslim asylum seeker Rehman led the woman to Newspoint store in Clapham Common Southside, (pictured) after she became separated from her friends outside the club following a night socialisingAttack: Rehman led the woman to Newspoint store in Clapham Common Southside, (pictured) after she became separated from her friends outside the club following a night socialising

Rehman starting fondling the petrified woman, then asked her to perform a striptease.

When she refused, he forced her to perform a sex act on him.


‘She was shouting and still crying, trying to move her head out of the way’, Mr Israel said. ‘The defendant told her to stop crying and he threatened, if she did not, he would get some duct tape.

‘Throughout, she was shouting at him to stop, physically trying to push him away from her, and trying to escape from him.’

The woman told Rehman she was having her period, but that did not stop him raping her again.

‘She told him she didn’t want to do this, and was begging him to stop’, Mr Israel told the court.

Enlarge Infernos nightclub clapham london. failed muslim asylum seeker from pakistan abducted and raped a clubberClub: Rehman had led the girl from outside Inferno’s nightclub in Clapham, south London, (inside pictured) with the promise of a taxi ride home before threatening to tie her up with tape while he carried out the attack

‘Rather than stopping, he pushed her on to her back and pulled her arms. She was now struggling to get away.’

After the rapes, which lasted around five minutes, Rehman told the woman to dress and asked her how many children she wanted to have.

He threw her out of the shop into Clapham High Street, and she managed to get to a friend’s house in Balham where she called police.

The owner of the shop, Bilal Akbar, was initially arrested on suspicion of rape and later released without charge, but told detectives he had lent his keys to Rehman, who had by now fled to Manchester.

Officers found the mattress in the back room of the shop along with a roll of duct tape.

Rehman handed himself in to police on May 26, but initially claimed a friend was responsible and he had been wrongly accused.

Mr Israel said he eventually admitted to having sex with the woman, but tried to claim she had consented.

Inner London Crown CourtRehman, of Thornton Heath, Surrey, was jailed for six years on both counts of rape, to run concurrently, and he was ordered to be deported on his release from prison

‘He denied she was crying and shouting in anyway, and said she went with him willingly’, he said.

‘He denied threatening her with duct tape and claimed he couldn’t remember if oral sex had taken place.’

He also told police he had never before had sex before this incident.

He eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, but continued to maintain today that it had been consensual.

Judge Karu said his crimes had been compounded by an ‘element of abduction’, the length of the ordeal, and the fact he took advantage of a woman who had been drinking.

‘The fear she must have experienced simply can’t be imagined’, she said.

‘Although the incident may well have been short lived, in terms of the two sex acts only taking a short time, it appears the complainant was in the shop for about 45 minutes.’

She jailed Rehman, of Thornton Heath, Surrey, for six years on both counts of rape, to run concurrently, and ordered him be deported on his release from prison.

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