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More Muslim Groomers From Rochdale Charged With Child Rape


More Muslim child groomers in Rochdale charged with rape and the sexual abuse of British children. 

Imran Khan, 31, of Grouse Street, has been charged with rape and sexual activity with a child.

Tariq Ali, 34, of Ashfield Road, has been charged with two counts of rape. The Muslim nonces both appeared in court today. There is still no sight of the end of the Muslim rape jihad epidemic that has infested towns and cities across the UK.

muslim grooming gangs target british schoolgirls. islam allows sex with children

Two men charged with rape as part of investigation into child grooming

Two men have been charged as part of an investigation into child grooming and sexual abuse.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police’s Operation Doublet swooped at two addresses in Rochdale.

Imran Khan, 31, of Grouse Street, has been charged with rape and sexual activity with a child.

Tariq Ali, 34, of Ashfield Road, has been charged with two counts of rape.

Both were due to appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The charges relate to a period between March and June 2005.

Ex Policeman Mohammad Shabbir And Brother Muhammad Guilty Of Abusing 13 Year Old

Filthy paedo Mohammad Shabbir and his equally vile younger brother Muhammed have both been found guilty of abusing a vulnerable 13 year old. The former being an ex member of the Met Police. Which goes to show even the few Muslims that have a respectable job still cant be trusted anywhere near schoolgirls or women.


kafir crusaders interactive Muslim grooming gangs and muslim paedophiles map of the UK
Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim grooming map

Brothers convicted of sexually assaulting same 13-year-old girl at different times

Harrow Crown Court jury finds siblings, 34 and 25, of Colindale guilty of one count and acquits them of another

TWO brothers – one a former Metropolitan Police staff – sexually assaulted the same 13-year-old.

Mohammad Imran Shabbir, 34, who worked for the capital’s force, and Muhammad Farhan Shabbir, 25, both of Sheaveshill Court, The Hyde, Colindale, were found guilty yesterday at Harrow Crown Court of sexual assault.

The court heard that the younger sibling assaulted the girl at an address in the NW9 post code district in May 2011 while his older brother committed the sexual assault some time between January and March 2011.

Jurors heard the abuse came to light after the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told a teacher at her school and the brothers were subsequently arrested in December.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Luke Williams, from the Child Abuse Investigation Command, said: “Two men have today been convicted of child sex offences.

“The vulnerable young victim in this case showed great courage in coming forward.

“The Metropolitan Police will tirelessly pursue offenders who exploit the most vulnerable in society.”

The Shabbirs will be sentenced on November 22. Both men were acquitted of another sexual assault on the same girl.

Muslim Receptionist Jailed After Getting Victims Details And Interfering In Grooming Trial

The full details are now emerging regarding Mohammed Imran Amjad and his Brierfield Muslim grooming gang. Sex predator Amjad and 5 of his Muslim buddy’s first appeared in court for trial just after the Rochdale case had just finished at Burnley. The grooming gang had been charged with rape and exploitation of a girl aged 13 at the time. A couple of days in the judge dismissed the jury and ordered trial at a later date with Manchester the new location.

Fast forward 9 months to trial. The girl changes her story suddenly. Amjad goes guilty to lesser charge of consensual sex with a minor  All the other rape and sexual charges against him and the gang are dropped with his mates getting acquitted. Then it came out that the girl had been bullied into changing her story by the Muslim sex fiends allowing them to get off with it.

The latest information to come to light is that Mohammed Imran Amjad girlfriend used her position working for the social services to get information about the victim and her family and passed it onto the groomers. For some reason until now it has all been kept hush-hush that she has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for doing so.

Seems to of worked out quite favourably for the sex ring and associates as the sentences they have received between them are far less than if those who were acquitted had been fund guilty and jailed also. 

Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial

30 August 2013 Last updated at 20:55

Mohammed Imran Amjad ‘s girlfriend accessed a database 60 times A woman who worked in social services has been jailed for attempting to derail a grooming trial. Receptionist Mahdiya Khan accessed a computer database 60 times to get details of a child sex victim. She was jailed for eight months, but details have only just emerged. Three men have also been found guilty of interfering in the case.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, was earlier jailed for four years and three months after he admitted abusing a child. Five others were cleared of rape, sexual assault and child abduction at Burnley Crown Court in April. Suspended and dismissed Detectives realised Amjad’s girlfriend, Mahdiya Khan, had tried to undermine the case. She was a receptionist working for Lancashire County Council social services in Burnley. They found she accessed a confidential database 60 times over 15 days to find details of the witness and her family. The county council said she was immediately suspended and dismissed. A spokesman said: “When this security breach came to light, the advice from our data protection team was that no further practical steps could have been taken to prevent it from having occurred.”

Three other people connected to Amjad had also attempted to interfere with the case. His cousin Waqas Khalid threatened to rape the victim and her mother. His friend Qasim Hussain persuaded her to change her statement. His brother, Furqan Amjad, contacted the victim 350 times. Furqan Amjad was jailed for 15 months. Khalid was fined £300 and Hussain will be sentenced next week.


via BBC News – Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial.

Hamiza Ali From Nelson Jailed For Sexually Abusing Facebook Girl Aged 12

Hamiza Ali from Nelson, Lancashire is the latest Muslim nonce from the Ribble Valley area to be jailed for sex crimes against young girls. The former mill towns in East Lancashire of Nelson, Burnley and Blackburn which have seen a huge influx of Islamic immigrants over recent years seem to have some kind of conveyor  belt system, turning out Muslim paedophiles and rapists 1 after another.

Nelson teen’s sex abuse of girl (12) he met on Facebook

Burnley Crown Court.Burnley Crown Court.

Published on 16/07/2013 16:07


A NELSON man, who groomed and sexually abused a girl he met on Facebook, has been jailed for two years four months and given a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.


Hamiza Ali (19), of Elizabeth Street, Nelson, appeared at Burnley Crown Court today after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a child.

Ali approached the 12-year-old on Facebook in May 2011. They met several times in the Nelson area where he sexually abused her. He was arrested after an investigation by Pennine Division’s Freedom Team, a dedicated unit set up to tackle the sexual exploitation of young people in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

DS Sheralyn Melton from Pennine Division’s Freedom Team said: “We are committed to targeting those who pose a threat to our children and as a result we will always act quickly to arrest those involved.

“I hope this serves as a warning to those who try to groom children and teenagers online, that there is a chance we are watching you and if you do commit an offence you will be caught and put before the courts.

“People should be left in no doubt that, if they try to groom children in this way, we will find them and bring them to justice.”

DS Melton added: “We would advise parents to monitor the internet use of their children and reiterate the dangers of making new friends in chat rooms on the internet or engaging in conversations with people they do not know.”

Anyone who has concerns about contact their children have had via the internet should contact Lancashire Police on 101. Information about such activity can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Najaf Khan From Brierfield Guilty Of Entering House To Commit Sex Offences On Female And Exposing Himself To Police Officers

Najaf Khan from Brierfield guilty of entering house to commit sex attack on the young female who lived there. Given that Khan illegally entered somebodies home to try and satisfy his twisted and heinous sexual urges he is potentially a very serious danger to all women.Whilst in the cells he apparently exposed himself to the police more than once.  He has no fear of being caught or any boundaries coupled with his bizarre perverted behaviour increases the threat he is.

Man guilty of Brierfield sexual offences

8:00am Saturday 11th May 2013 in Burnley

A MAN has been convicted of a string of sexual offences, as well as trespassing into a young woman’s home and trying to kiss her on the lips. Najaf Khan, 31, was told by a judge that he had been found guilty on ‘completely overwhelming evidence’. He now faces sentencing next month. After a jury returned their unanimous verdicts at Preston Crown Court at the end of a three day trial, Judge Christopher Cornwall told them that around two weeks before the offences occurred, Khan had been cautioned for wasting police time. This had involved Khan making very strange allegations or indulging in bizarre, highly sexualised conversation with an operator on the phone. He dialled 999 on six occasions between June 2011 and last October. Khan, of Stanley Street, Brierfield had denied trespassing at a home in the town, with intent to commit a sexual offences, sexual assault and an attempted sexual assault, as well as four charges of exposure at Burnley police station. The trial heard how he struck up conversation with a young woman in her 20s walking down the street last November, before getting into her home and trying to kiss her. He was arrested the same night because his clothing was thought to be similar to that described by the woman.

While in a cell at the police station he allegedly exposed himself on four occasions, in a deliberate action. The defendant insisted to police he wasn’t the man who went into the woman’s home and that it must have been someone else as he was in Burnley at the time. He also said he never intentionally exposed himself. Khan did not give evidence himself to the jury. The case was adjourned to June 12 for sentencing. A pre-sentence report will be compiled, including a risk assessment and an update on his psychiatric condition.

Brierfield Muslim Paedo Sent Down For Grooming A 13 Year Old Schoolgirl

Yet another evil dirty Muslim paedophile jailed for grooming and having sex with a child. Sex fiend Mohammed Imran Amjad from Brierfield was described by the judge at Burnley Crown Court as a bullying sexual predator. It just a shame the judge didn’t take that into account when sentencing him to a lenient 4 years in prison. 

‘Predator’ Mohammed Imran Amjad jailed for grooming teen

Mohammed Imran Amjad
Mohammed Imran Amjad knew the girl’s age yet “continued to corrupt her”, prosecutor Chris Long said
A “predatory bully” who groomed a girl in Lancashire from the age of 13 before abducting and abusing her has been jailed for four years and three months.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, admitted sexual activity with a child and three counts of child abduction in 2009 and 2010.

A jury heard he drove her around the streets in his silver BMW.

Prosecutor Chris Long said he knew the victim’s age yet continued to “corrupt and abuse her”.

Amjad initially denied the charges but changed his plea part way through the trial at Manchester Crown Court.

‘Coercing into submission’

He groomed the youngster after he was given her mobile phone number, said prosecutors, then took her out in his car before having sex with her aged 14.

The girl’s mother contacted the police but the girl refused to make a complaint at the time and the relationship continued, the court heard.

Amjad was acquitted on the direction of the judge of other charges of rape and aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring rape, encouraging or assisting an offence and witness intimidation.

Five other men were also acquitted of various sex offences against the same girl.

Haroon Mahmood, 22, of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 23, of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer, 22, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad, 25, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; and Shiraz Afzal, 26, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, had also been on trial.

After Amjad was sentenced at Burnley Crown Court earlier, Mr Long said: “Mohammed Imran Amjad was a predatory bully who befriended the victim when she was just 12 or 13-years-old.

“He was well aware that the victim was underage yet he continued to corrupt and abuse her for his own gratification, wielding his power over her and coercing her into submission.”

Det Ch Insp Sion Hall said it was the culmination of a long and complex investigation, adding: “We’ve worked extremely hard with the young victim over a long period of time and she has shown a tremendous amount of courage and bravery throughout the case.

“I hope this sentence acts as a warning that this type of predatory crime will not be tolerated.”

Amjad was also given a seven-year sexual offences prevention order which bars him from contacting or seeking to contact any female aged under 16 without the permission of their parent or guardian.


Ahmed Ali From Nelson, Lancashire On Sex Charges Against Boys

Muslim Ahmed Ali, 31, of Hereford Street, Nelson on sex offences against 2 schoolboys, is to face a crown court trial in December this year. His next appearance in the dock is over 8 months off but at least the magistrates have used some common sense for once with his bail conditions. Making him report to the police station every weekday and surrendering his passport. Better than nothing i guess but Id rather see Islamic kiddie fiddler was remanded to custody to ensure he definitely makes it to trial to face justice and doesn’t disappear beforehand.

As so many Muslim hate preachers keep telling us, under sharia law homosexuality is punishable by death. Ahmed Ali will not need to worry about his fellow Muslims lynching him though for his unlawful homosexual actions. In Islam it is not considered homosexuality unless between man and man. Not between  man and boy as the boy although male is not considered a man until he grows a beard. The dancing boys of Afghanistan are a perfect example of Islam’s backwards logic where the Taliban when in power would execute gay men yet the warlords have their own personal young dancing boys to ‘play’ with before they spout a beard.

Nelson man, 31, on boy sex charges

A NELSON man is facing crown court trial over a series of alleged sexual offences involving two teenage boys.

Ahmed Ali, 31, of Hereford Street, is accused of engaging the boys, aged 13 and 14, in sexual activity between January and March, and March and December, last year.

Ali is further charged with three offences of sexual touching, involving the boys, over a similar time period.

He has denied eight further offences of making indecent images, during an appearance before Burnley magistrates.

Sending him for trial to Burnley Crown Court, magistrates told Ali he must surrender his passport, report each weekday to Nelson police station and have no unsupervised contact with under-16s before he is next in the dock on December 19.

Waqar Hussain From Luton Denies Child Sex Offences

Yet another Muslim paedophile before the bench.Waqar Hussain, from Kingsway, Luton is the latest Islamo-nonce to appear in court for the grooming of an under-age British schoolgirl and sexual activity. More and more of these perverted  Muslims and their lusting for schoolgirls are being exposed for the vile nonces they are. Yet still leftist appeasers and the Muslim apologists deny there is a link between Islam and paedophilia 

Waqar Hussain denies child sex offences

A 25-year-old man has denied grooming a child and committing sexual offences against her.

Waqar Hussain, from Kingsway, Luton, pleaded not guilty to charges of meeting a child after sexual grooming and sexual activity with a child.

He was charged following a complaint by the mother of a 14-year-old girl in High Wycombe that her daughter had been contacted via a social networking site.

Mr Hussain was bailed by Oxford Crown Court until his trial on 27 August.


Police Have Arrested 54 Paedophile Groomers In Bradford Over Last 5 Months

54 Nonces arrested in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire over the past 5 months although very little mention at the time in the press. It is quite obvious that the majority if not all of these paedos will be Muslims. The Bradford area is home to a large amount of Muslim paedostani’s and grooming of white schoolgirls by Muslim sex gangs has been rife in recent years so much that it prompted EDL demo’s as a result. The rapists mentioned that were jailed  in Keighley were both Islamo-nonces who gave British school girls drink and drugs before abusing and exploiting them. The final give away is that Cameron is calling on community leaders to work with agencies to stamp out sexual grooming. The only time you hear statements like that is regarding Muslims. 


Prime Minister David Cameron is calling on community leaders to work with agencies to stamp out sexual grooming.

He was reacting after it was revealed that police investigating predatory paedophiles in the Bradford district have made 54 arrests in the last five months and that about 70 young people, mostly girls, have been identified as being at potential risk from sexual exploitation.

Last week two child rapists, who travelled to Keighley to groom and snare their victims, were jailed for a total of 36 years.

Mr Cameron said: “These cases are absolutely appalling – it is child sexual abuse and must not be tolerated.

“This is a complex problem and I am determined that we tackle it effectively by working collaboratively right across Government and with national and local agencies.

“We have been delivering a child sexual exploitation action plan to raise awareness, prosecute and jail criminals, protect young people and help victims recover.

“I expect those in leadership positions across the community together with the Local Safeguarding Children Board, Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police and other agencies to do all they can to identify victims and abusers and send out a clear message this is totally unacceptable.”

Police figures show that in January the latest month for which data was available, 72 youngsters in Bradford district – mostly girls – were considered at risk. The previous month’s number was 69.

Speaking after the jailing of the two men, Chief Superintendent Angela Williams, the commander of Airedale and North Bradford Police, said: “There are ongoing investigations into similar crimes – including another case in Keighley.”

Keighley “fresh meat” child rape trial: Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman jailed

Another 2 sick Muslim sex cases convicted of plying British school girls with drink and drugs before raping them.  The scum paed0s referred to the girls as ‘fresh meat’ like they were there to be used and abused as they see fit. Time after time we are seeing Muslim perverts with the same disgusting warped views of under-age British schoolgirls .Maybe 1 day somebody in authority may just make the connection between Child grooming, rape,exploitation + Muslim males + Islamic teachings.

Keighley rape trial: Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman jailed

Bilal Hussain and Shazad RehmanKeighley rape trial: Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman jailed
Hussain and Rehman were jailed for raping under-age girls

Two men have been jailed for drugging and raping vulnerable under-age girls they found walking the streets.

Shazad Rehman, 30, was jailed for 18-and-half years and Bilal Hussain, 23, was jailed for 17-and-a-half years at Bradford Crown Court.

Judge Jonathan Rose said the men “engaged in a course of conduct which has become increasingly and depressingly familiar in this country”.

Hussain, of Leeds and Rehman, of no fixed address, raped three girls.

‘Fresh meat’

The pair repeatedly raped one girl and also raped two other victims they picked up in the Keighley area of West Yorkshire.

The pair had denied nine rape charges but the jury found them guilty after two days of deliberation.

“Start Quote

They were supplied with strong alcohol and cannabis, enticed to believe they would have fun, that they were special”

Michelle Colborne QC

The court heard Rehman and Hussain plied the girls with alcohol and cannabis and took them to hotels for sex.

Rehman referred to the girls as “fresh meat”, the court heard.

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC had told the court: ”They acted together travelling from their various home addresses in Leeds and Halifax to the Keighley town centre where they specifically targeted vulnerable girls, all under-age.”

She said some of the girls had difficult backgrounds or were emotionally fragile.

”They were out of their depth,” the jury was told.

”They were supplied with strong alcohol and cannabis, enticed to believe they would have fun, that they were special.

“In truth what was on offer was beyond their control.”

Ms Colborne had told the court the defendants “exploited the girls’ lack of maturity, their lack of life experience”.

‘Keep them forever’

Jurors heard drink and drugs were given to the girls to lessen their inhibitions, or in some cases to leave them incapable of resisting sexual advances.

Some of the rapes took place at the Alder House Hotel, Batley, and the Campanile Hotel in Bradford, after the complainants had been picked up by the defendants in a silver Audi, the court was told.

After one of the girls told Hussain she thought she was pregnant, he said she had to terminate the pregnancy or he would kill the baby himself.

Ms Colborne said Rehman had boasted to a woman they could get any girl they wanted.

”He said they had no reputation and if they got them young enough they could keep them forever,” she told the court.

Both men were also convicted of supplying cannabis and a charge of conspiring to intimidate a witness.