Ofsted Give Extremist Islamic School Lowest Grades In Everything. So What Do You Say To That Iftikhar Ahmad?

Ofsted today published its findings from the recent inspection at controversial Muslim free school Al-Madinah in Derby. The taxpayer funded school opened in 2012, and has made headlines for its strict Islamic practices and  discrimination to female pupils and staff. Non Muslim staff were told they must wear Islamic dress including Hijabs. They were also ordered not to bring non-halal food to school for their own lunches. It was this discrimination against females and non-Muslim staff that caused outrage recently when it hit the headlines. As a result Schools inspectors Ofsted did an unplanned inspection of the school.

This school is dysfunctional Ofsted report Al-Madinah free school in Derby is set to be placed in special measures after being judged "inadequate" by Ofsted in a damning report.

The idea of a segregated religious school was opposed by the Derby Campaign for Inclusive Education (DCIE) on the grounds that education should be inclusive with children from different backgrounds being educated together so they can make up their own minds as to what to believe as adults.

Ofsteds report confirmed what many of us already suspected about the sub standard levels of teaching and other goings on in Muslim schools that are based on the Quran with all its inconsistencies.

Main Points From Report:

  • Overall effectiveness: Inadequate :  4
  • Achievement of pupils : Inadequate : 4
  • Quality of teaching: Inadequate : 4
  • Behaviour and safety of pupils:  Inadequate : 4
  • Leadership and management: Inadequate:  4

(4 is the lowest possible score)

  • This is a school that requires special measures.
  • This school is dysfunctional.
  • The basic systems and processes a school needs to operate well are not in place.
  • This is a school which has been set up and run by representatives of the community with limited knowledge and experience. Leadership and management, including governance, are inadequate and have been unable to improve the school.
  • The school has not been adequately monitored or supported. Pupils’ achievement is inadequate because the staff’s expectations are too low and pupils do not make enough progress.
  • Teaching is inadequate. Many teachers are inexperienced and have not received the training and support they need.
  •  In many lessons, pupils are given the same work to do regardless of their different abilities.
  • Behaviour and safety are inadequate because attendance is low and declining Procedures for ensuring pupils are safe do not meet requirements.
  • The governing body is ineffective. Until recently, the governing body had not appreciated how poor pupils’ experiences are.
  • The school’s finances are not properly managed and the usual safe recruitment processes have not been followed.

Full report can be seen here : http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/2276225/urn/138776.pdf

After reading the report on Al Madina school, i spoke with a school teacher to gauge their opinion on it to see if the findings were as bad as they looked. They confirmed they are just as bad as they look, if anything after speaking with the teacher i get the impression they are much worse than i first thought. The overall effectiveness grade 4 -Inadequate puts it in the bottom 6% of all schools in the country. The grade 4 Inadequate across the board in every subsection is not just inadequate but pathetic. In the inspectors eyes this school is one of the worst schools in the UK.

For a school that promises so much according to its brochure for prospective parents it has achieved nothing. Amongst all the false promises and pro Muslim i did notice a couple of things that looked dodgy to me as a non-Muslim. Dinner Time is not in order of classes but by sex, all boys then when they finish lunchtime the girls have theirs. PE is the same. It’s almost as if any time the children have to enjoy themselves and intermingle, sex segregation is enforced.

The children have as many as 6 Islamic related lessons per week. 3 Quranic type lessons and 3 on Islamic science. WTF ISLAMIC SCIENCE!!!! No wonder the school is so useless. If they are teaching them false science from the Quran that has been proved wrong long ago. Some fine examples of Islamic science that Muslims believe are:   The sun sets in a swamp,   the earth is flat,   males sperm is from the ribs,     camel urine is a miracle cure for every illness,   man is made from clay,    Women are deficient in intelligence, etc etc.

There is no place in British society for Muslim only schools. This report shows how they are way off the mark academically in everything. Not only are these kids having their heads filled with Islam related rubbish but given that Muslim children typically have a lower IQ due to inbreeding and without the correct learning support. The two combined does not give that child much of a future in the real world other than a life of benefits. They are also learning from an early age that sex segregation is acceptable and prohibited from mixing with the opposite sex. No encouragement or opportunity to mix with non-Muslim children hardly does much for cohesion or to promote integration. 

Regular commentator on this site Iftikhar Ahmad of the London School Of Islamics pops up on every post regardless of the subject cutting and pasting his 1 man campaign for Islamic Schools in the UK. He thinks Bilingual Muslim only schools where children can learn the ‘beauty of the Quran’ and Islamic poetry are the answer to everything as opposed to monolingual British schools where girls at 10 get pregnant and learn porn is OK.

So I.A. London ,what do you say to having your fire pissed on by Ofsted  ???  Is Muslim schooling still the bees knees and answer to everything ????

Nigeria Enters The Dark Ages As Backwards Sharia Law Enforced On Christians

Nigerian Sharia Police Crack Down on ‘Indecent’ Dress. Christians Must Dress Islamic

Nigerian Sharia Police Crack Down on 'Indecent' Dress. Christians Must Dress Islamic

Northern Nigeria has now officially entered the dark ages by enforcing the backwards,barbaric and very out dated sharia. Nigeria’s population is almost 50% Muslim 50% Christian. The North of the country is mostly Muslims while the south is majority Christian and often the target for Islamist massacres  by terrorists Boko Haram, is ruled by secular law.

Unlike in the infidel south of Nigeria or the rest of the non-Muslim world for that where there is religious freedoms for Muslims to follow their religion freely. The minority Christians in the Islamic North do not have such a luxury. ‘Saudi style’ Islamic police in northern Nigeria’s Kano state will begin enforcing Sharia law.  Kano is one of nine states in northern Nigeria that has introduced Shariah law. Ten thousand sharia officers will be patrolling  the streets making sure all citizens, including Christians, adhere to the strict Islamic legal code.

Law enforcement has orders to arrest anyone wearing “indecent dress” such as sleeveless T-shirts and pants that cut off just below the knee. They’ll also be watching the city’s small, motorized rickshaw taxis for men and women travelling together. Mixing of the sexes is also off-limits now with Islam’s sexist segregation rules. Political Islam is totalitarian in nature and promotes Muslim persecutors to oppress Christians

Islamists Seize Control Of Al-Madinah Muslim School In Derby

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UK Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

They’re testing how far they can go in their salafi infiltration and indoctrination without being stopped or removed. You cannot criticize the burka and you will endlessly hear that no one has any right to demand Muslims what to wear. Muslims, however, have the right to demand non-Muslims what they should wear: teachers at the new al-Madinah school in Derby have been required to wear a veil. That’s been added into their contracts. And now western education is being removed one by one. In addition, they have fired the regular teacher and replaced senior staff with hardliners.
This is the exact strategy they take when they fund mosque building all across Europe: utilize local people to apply for all permits, to manage the mosque – and then come with a monetary offer that removes the initial founders, and replace them with extremism.
So what would be the right method to manage this situation to give them a firm message? Immediate deportation of the senior management, and closure of the school. If this is not done, they will again return and sneak in more and more salafi ideology once the eye and attention on their activity dries out and turn the attention somewhere else.



Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

  • Andrew Cutts-McKay, former head of al-Madinah School in Derby and former deputy Suzanne Southerland claim they were ‘sidelined’ by the school
  • Staff also claimed religious hardliners banned children from singing or reading fairy tales
  • Claims come just days after female staff allegedly told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab
  • Employees say they are ‘concerned’ by other practices including forcing female pupils to sit at the back of the class away from boys
  • As a free school it is government funded by outside local authority control
  • National Union of Teachers is ‘very worried’ about the school

By Inderdeep Bains And Ben Spencer

PUBLISHED: 14:11, 22 September 2013

Britain’s first Muslim free school is controlled by religious hardliners who ban children from singing or reading fairy tales and force staff to wear headscarves – according to the former head teacher and deputy who claim they were forced to leave.

Andrew Cutts-McKay resigned from his role as head of al Madinah School in Derby in August, two months after deputy Suzanne Southerland stepped down from her post.

Both allege they were ‘bullied and sidelined’ by members of the school’s trust, which is predominantly Muslim. The school strongly denies the pair’s claims.

Allegations: The National Union of Teachers have said they are concerned about the school, the Midland House campus of which is shown above

Allegations: Staff claim religious hardliners have banned singing and fairy tales at the al-Madinah School, Derby

But earlier this week, concerns were raised by teachers who complained they were being ordered to wear the hijab – even if they are not Muslim.

Now claims have been made that alongside the strict dress code, the school’s 200 pupils are banned from playing stringed instruments, which are forbidden in the Islamic faith.

Singing is also forbidden unless it involves Islamic faith songs, while youngsters are not allowed to read fairy tales as these are ‘non-Islamic’.

A staff member told The Sunday Times: ‘When teaching children the alphabet, you could not associate the letter ‘p’ with pig.’

They added: ‘We were told that we couldn’t read the children a story about a witch because it’s seen as being non-Islamic.’

Other staff have highlighted ‘concerns’ over the school’s practices, which include banning non-halal food and forcing female pupils as young as four to sit at the back of the class away from boys.

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Female members of staff, some of whom are not Muslims, say they have been told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab.

These also ban them from wearing jewellery on the school’s premises in Derby.

One woman, who had been interviewed for a position, claimed she was told she was not allowed to shake hands with male teachers to avoid ‘insult’.

Another staff member, speaking anonymously to the Mail, said the school was ‘like being in Pakistan’.

She said: ‘Girls are treated very separately from boys, the girls sit at the back of the classroom.

‘Boys go and eat first at lunchtime and then the girls are allowed to go.

‘It is like being in any school in Pakistan. That is why it was founded, that is the idea.’

The decision to make all female members of staff, regardless of religious beliefs, wear the Islamic headscarf – which covers the head but not the face – was apparently introduced over the summer.

But some female members of staff have been spotted removing the headwear immediately after stepping out of the school building during their lunch hour.

And around half a dozen teachers at the free school, who could face losing their jobs if they refuse to comply with the rules, are now seeking legal advice from the National Union of Teachers.

Regional NUT officer Nick Raine said: ‘We are very worried about the school and the education of the 200 children there.

‘There are worries over practices concerning the discrimination between male and female pupils in the school, with the girls being told to sit at the back of the class regardless of whether they can see the board properly.’

He added: ‘It’s one thing to have a dress code which we can challenge and quite another to build it into a contract.

‘The school is publicly accountable so there needs to be a greater level of transparency.’

As a free school, Al-Madinah operates outside local authority control but still qualifies for government funding. It was set up in September last year.


A hijab is typically worn by a Muslim female beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males – it covers the head and chest, but not the face.

It not only refers to the physical body covering, but also a state of mind, where al-hijab refers to ‘the veil which separates man or the world from God’.

Hijab can also be used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in public.

Most often, it is worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, privacy and morality. If differs from a burqa, a veil that covers the entire body head and face, and the niqab which covers the entire head and face except for the eyes.

Sue Arguile, branch secretary of the Derby National Union of Teachers, said the new demands stem from the Al-Madinah’s free school status. She said: ‘We have always had a number of concerns about this school ever since it was first set up, as essentially they can do what they like.

‘There is no buffer between them and the state and no protection for staff and pupils.

‘Free schools set their own rules, curriculums and dress codes, and so long as pupils and staff are aware of them before joining, then there is no upset.

‘But forcing people to agree to contractual changes or face being out of work could breach employment law.’

Former head teacher Andrew Cutts-McKay, who left after less than a year in the post, previously said the school would ‘honour all faiths’.

However he admitted that he thought at least half of the school’s pupils would be Muslims.

The school’s acting principal Stuart Wilson, who began his job on September 5, denied claims of bullying towards his former colleagues. He also disputed that there was anything within staff contracts requiring women to wear the hijab or a headscarf.

However, he added: ‘The expectation for female staff, raised in adverts and interviews, is that the head is covered while on site. To date, no complaint has been raised with the governing body relating to female staff wearing the hijab or headscarf.’

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

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Three to face court over claims illegal mosque set-up in Blackpool

Three people have been taken to court for allegedly running an illegal mosque in Blackpool. They are not the 1st Muslims to run an illegal mosque and they certainly will not be the last. This kind of thing is rife throughout the UK. Complete disregard for the laws of the land like they are above it. Take  the Somalian centre that burnt down in Muswell Hill for example. The police said at the time it was NOT a mosque, it was a community centre. Yet the press all claimed it was a mosque and people who went there said it was used as a mosque. This would suggest it was an unlicensed mosque also.  Anything could be going on or getting planned in illegal mosques.

Three to face court over claims illegal mosque set-up in resort

12 September 2013 09:34

Three people have been taken to court for allegedly running an illegal mosque.

The trio face allegations they breached enforcement 
notices relating to the Noor-A-Madina mosque in Waterloo Road, Blackpool.

The mosque is situated behind a frontage of former shops.

Blackpool Council is prosecuting the trio claiming they have carried on using the properties for worship 
despite being served a notice that it shut down.

The mosque has room for two hundred Muslim followers and contained the studios of Ghousia TV which broadcasts nationally, Blackpool Magistrates Court was told.

It has separate prayer 
areas for males and females and a washing area to prepare bodies for funerals.

The three accused are Syied Hussain Shah, 40, and his wife Taurraf Shah, 32, both of Waterloo Road, Blackpool, and Nadeem Manzoor, of Park View Road, Bradford.

Manzoor, who did not attend the magistrates court, hearing faces two allegations he failed to halt the use of the two-storey mosque as a place of worship in breach of an 
enforcement notice.

He is also alleged to have failed to cease using adjacent land for storage and parking.

Syeid Shah and Taurraf Shah both face four 
allegations, the court was 

They are that they failed to halt using the mosque as a place of worship and failed to halt using land for storage and parking.

They face further allegations over the property and land brought under the Town and Country Planning Act.

Steven Duffy, defending the Shahs, said the couple needed a lawyer with expertise in planning.

Lynda Bennett, prosecuting for Blackpool Council, said the planning authority alleges the buildings – mostly owned by Nadeem Manzoor – never got planning permission to become a mosque.

Magistrates agreed to adjourn the hearing for a month.

via Three to face court over claims illegal mosque set-up in resort – Blackpool Gazette.

New iREA Forced Sex Segregation Scandal At Leicester Uni

London based Islamist organization iREA are once again in the news for forced sex segregation at one of their events at a British University. iREA were the same group who were banned from UCL last month after their sexist seating arrangements at an event held there. Once again it was Muslim extremist Hamza Tzortzis who was hosting the event at Leicester University. iREA are touring round British universities spreading political Islam to students. iREA are an Islamo-fascist group under charity status whose own mission statement is to spread Islam to non believers and non practising Muslim in an attempt to Islamify Britain. It employs 18 full-time renowned hate preachers  many who call for the killing of the Kafir, homosexuals and apostates .

Hatewatch: iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy)

Extremist Muslim Group iREA Gets Banned From Hosting Events At University College London

Second university sounds alarm over segregation at Muslim student events

A Second university in a matter of weeks has launched an investigation into claims that Muslim students are enforcing segregation between men and women at public events.

By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor

7:25PM BST 15 Apr 2013

Leicester University voiced concern after photographs emerged showing hand-written signs directing male and female students to sit in separate sections at a public talk on the existence of God organized by the university’s Islamic Society.

The meeting was addressed by Hamza Tzortzis, an Islamic speaker who tours university campuses, who was at the centre of controversy over segregation at University College London (UCL) last month.

UCL announced that it was banning his organization, the Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA), from its campus after a debate he was addressing descended into farce over the issue of segregation.

The latest row erupted after photographs were published on the internet showing sheets of A4 paper attached to a door reading “brothers” and “sisters” with arrows pointing in opposite directions at the entrance to the event in Leicester.

A separate notice on the website the University of Leicester Islamic Society (ULISoc), makes clear that while its meetings are open to the public it has a policy of “segregated seating for brothers and sisters at all co-attended events”.

The University said that it would investigate the signs shown in the photographs, which are said to have been taken by a student, but added that it was not aware of anyone being “forced” to sit separately.

Then, after being shown a link to the society’s website making clear that it had a policy of segregated seating, it said it would ensure that no one was required to sit separately unless they wished to.

A spokesman for Tzortzis’s group acknowledged that it was not uncommon the sexes to be informally segregated at events for Muslim students but insisted any signs were just to “facilitate” rather than “enforce” separation.

He added that there was “not usually any sort of problem” if non-Muslims attend events and ignore signs advising them to sit in different areas.

“It is a little bit of a storm in a teacup,” he said.

“It is down to a bit of a misunderstanding about the way that Islam is perceived.”

He added that signs could be helpful to “accommodate” people who “want to sit with their own gender”.

And Mr Tzortzis responded to criticism on Twitter, insisting that there had been no “enforcement” but added: “This is neo-liberal extremism at its best.

“If women want to sit alone, let them.”

Last month a debate organized by the IERA and addressed by Mr Tzortzis at UCL almost had to be abandoned over the issue of segregation.

Professor Lawrence Krauss, a leading physicist and former adviser to Barack Obama, was invited to debate the question of “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?” with Mr Tzortzis.

But he threatened to walk out when he discovered that men and women were sitting in segregated blocs.

He was persuaded to stay only after organisers agreed to let men and women sit together but then found himself being accused of intolerance by angry members of the audience.

The professor later remarked that British people appeared too afraid to offend “vocal and aggressive” elements.

A spokesman for Leicester University said: “The university will investigate whether entrances to the hall for this event were segregated by the Society and will ensure there is no recurrence of this.”

Dan Flatt of the university’s Students’ Union said: “The Students’ Union does not believe in enforced segregation.

“We trust in our Societies ability to conduct their events in accordance with the principles of the Union.”

No-one from the University of Leicester Islamic Society itself responded to inquiries about the arrangement last night.

On its website the group advertises sporting sessions for men and women but adds: “Please note: due to the relocation of sports facilities this year it has unfortunately not been possible to book the Sports Hall for sisters’ sports.”


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Extremist Muslim Group iREA Gets Banned From Hosting Events At University College London

Muslim Extremist group iREA have been banned from hosting any more events at UCL (University College London) after trying to enforce sex segregation at last weeks event Islam v Atheism, despite ensuring UCL that this would not happen. UCL questioned iREA after people complained  to UCL prior to the event that the Islamists were planning on segregating. After being told segregation was against the policy, iREA responded with the Muslim tactic of taqiyya and told UCL there would be no segregation of those in  attendance.  Despite iREA’s denials come the night of the event they still tried enforcing sex segregation angering not only UCL but also atheist guest speaker Lawrence Krauss who threatened to walk out due to the segregation of the sexes which he also had been assured wouldn’t take place, and the forced ejection of 3 males who made a stand against the Islamists sexism and sat in the wrong section.

Lawrence Krauss tweeted after the event:

Mr Krauss was none to happy with iREA’s Hamza A Tzortis after the event either, when the Muslims went back on their guarantee that the video of the debate would only be released as a whole and not just selective clips of it which look more favourable to the Islamists.

UCL who have been criticized in the past for giving Muslim extremists a platform to spew their hate to students released the following on their website.

UCL Statement:

An organisation known as the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA) booked a room at UCL for a debate on Saturday evening (9 March). UCL was notified during Friday by some individuals planning to attend the event that the organisers intended to segregate the audience by gender.

This was directly contrary to UCL policy. We do not allow enforced segregation on any grounds at meetings held on campus. We immediately made clear to the organisers that the event would be cancelled if there were any attempt to enforce such segregation. We also required the organisers to make it explicit to attendees that seating arrangements were optional, and guests were welcome to sit wherever they felt comfortable. We also arranged for additional security staff to be present to ensure that people were not seated against their wishes.

It now appears that, despite our clear instructions, attempts were made to enforce segregation at the meeting. We are still investigating what actually happened at the meeting but, given IERA’s original intentions for a segregated audience we have concluded that their interests are contrary to UCL’s ethos and that we should not allow any further events involving them to take place on UCL premises.

As to be expected the Islamist iREA issued their own statement and gave interviews to various leftist and Muslim appeasing media sources. Heres the links to those  Huffington Post   Islamophobia Watch Defending iREA   iREA Press Release

1 attendee of the Islam v Atheism debate posted his take of the sex segregation and the males who were thrown out

What happened:

  1. They let people know about the forced gender segregation just before the event.
  2. People complained (as you cannot use UCL’s facilities if you are going to force segregation, whether through gender, race or whatever).
  3. They said, “no, no, there is no segregation anymore!”
  4. Krauss is happy (that was his condition to speak), we were happy, excited about the event.
  5. We get there, and are immediately told to go to the ticket desk, with guys being told to stay on the left (guys only table). Now to check, I went to the female table and it was fine. So at this point it was annoying they were “sorta” segregating, but we didn’t kick up any fuss, as you know what, we’re more interested in the event.
  7. This was plain sailing segregation, because the room was divided in terms of gender. One area for mixed, one for men, one for women.
  8. Now the people who didn’t want this had no issue with women wanting to sit on their own alone, but they had an issue with the organisers enforcing gendered seating, because this was NOT what they had promised (after trying to sneak it through). And they were not allowed to do that in any of UCL’s buildings.
  9. My friends were surrounded, removed, but Krauss left the room as gender segregation/seating was something he was promised would not happen.
  10. Hamza told Krauss to go to another room to talk privately, but Krauss simply said “if there is gender segregation, I am leaving because that is not what you promised me” and did not speak about it with Hamza.

The IERA can twist this all they want (and they have), but this account is as truthful as I can give. The video recording of this event was done by then (cameras were rolling), so hopefully they can put it online so people can make their decision for themselves.

For more info about Muslim extremists  iREA . See Hatewatch post on them