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Dhimmi’s At Birmingham College Burka Ban U-Turn To Appease Moaning Muslims


48 hours ago i held Birmingham Metropolitan College in high regard for their banning of head wear and face coverings which included the niqab and burka for Muslim females. Which makes sense because who knows who or what’s really lurking beneath the black blanket. It made a change to see somebody make a sensible decision even if it did risk upsetting the minority of the minority that actually wear them. Things soon change, They have gone from hero to zero in the time it took them to roll over and say to the moaning Muslims  “OK, we changed our minds you can wear your burka”


By going back on their original statement Birmingham college have done the worse thing possible. Their gutless cowardly U-turn has not only have they put a nail in their own coffin they have put one in every other place of educations coffin as well, who may at some point wished to introduce similar rules on face coverings.

What sort of message have the college dhimmis sent out for the future. Moan …moan… moan….cry discrimination and we will look like fools by giving in to Muslim demands.  The decision makers should have known better. It is a much often used stealth jihad tactic. When it comes to moaning ,spitting dummies out and playing the victim nobody does it better than Muslims.

Birmingham Metropolitan College U-turn statement appears to only be in regards Muslims wearing face coverings and discriminates against the majority non-Muslims with the ban on non identity concealing clothing such as hats and hoodies still in place. Both of which are a popular items of clothing worn by Britain’s youth. They are more part of British life than Muslim Burkas are that is for sure.

Where was the ‘White Students Union(sic)’ fighting the corner of the majority when you need them? OH SILLY ME, of course there isn’t one because that would be deemed as racist. Unlike the exclusive ‘Black’ Students Union which is not considered racist by leftists who were putting pressure on the powers that be to reverse the ban on  face coverings claiming it’s discriminating against Muslims.  Race agitator Aaron Kiely from the union claimed the ban was ‘a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’ Therefore in a non sexist world a man should have the same rights to choose also – to wear a balaclava or ski mask to class then!

There are 100’s of thousands British people of all ages and walks of life that feel extremely uncomfortable and intimidated in the presence of Muslim women with anti social face coverings on. Even more daunting would be needing to have some kind of interaction with them. Hardly appealing talking to a pair of eyes. They give off negative vibes just by looking at them.  “Lost ?? Tough. Do not approach me and ask for directions you low kafir”

Regardless of the excuses or religious reasons given by Islamists to justify wearing the niqab/burka there is nothing in the Quran ordering Muslim women to wear them. If it was then every Muslim woman would be walking round in them not just 10 % of them. Also very few Muslim women actually wear them by choice although they may tell you otherwise to avoid a beating. It will be some control freak Islamic extremist family member ordering them to wear them. The kind of Islamofascist male that thinks its acceptable to beat and sexually abuse women because they are beneath the male and its his God-given right to do so.  Taliban oppressive Islamic ideology.

BAN THE BURKA – If they want to wear it so badly there is plenty of Islamic countries where they can wear it 24/7

Ban on Muslim students wearing religious veils scrapped by Birmingham college after public outcry

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College had asked teenagers to remove items
  • Staff said it was for safety and ensures people are ‘identifiable at all times’
  • But guidelines divided opinion, with one 17-year-old calling it ‘disgusting’
  • David Cameron backed educational institutions setting their own rules
  • But Deputy PM Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea


PUBLISHED: 09:11, 13 September 2013 | UPDATED: 14:02, 13 September 2013

A college which tried to ban pupils wearing the full facial veil for security reasons has abandoned the rule after a public outcry.

All students, staff and visitors to Birmingham Metropolitan College were told they must have their faces visible at all times so they are ‘easily identifiable’.

But the move was heavily criticised by some students, one describing the policy as disgusting. Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea.

Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for 'security reasons'Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for ‘security reasons’

More than 800 people claimed they planned to attend a protest against the policy today to stand up to what they said was an ‘Islamophobic’ decision.

David Cameron’s spokesman said the Prime Minister defended the right of educational institutions to be able to ‘set and enforce their own school uniform policies’.

But Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about a veil ban in a schools, although he could understand why it was needed to identify people at airport checkouts.

The college which has 44,000 students and is the third largest in the UK, said headwear poses a security risk and their policy ‘includes the removal of hoodies, hats, caps and veils so that faces are visible’.

This would stop female Muslim pupils from wearing the niqab, the full facial veil where only the woman’s eyes are visible, or the burqa where the eye area is covered in mesh.

But the college has now issued a statement saying it has decided to modify its stance to allow individuals to wear ‘specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values’.

More than 9,000 people signed an online petition set up by NUS Black Students’ Campaign calling on the college’s principal Dr Christine Braddock to remove the ban.

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veilTwo Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil. Eyes, nose and mouth all have to be visibleAaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ officer, said: ‘The NUS Black Students’ Campaign completely condemns the decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to ban Muslim students from wearing veils on campus.’This ban is a complete infringement on the rights to religious freedom and cultural expression and is a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’A statement posted on the college’s Facebook page last night said: ‘Birmingham Metropolitan College is committed to high quality education for all of our learners.’We are concerned that recent media attention is detracting from our core mission of providing high quality learning.

‘As a consequence, we will modify our policies to allow individuals to wear specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values.

‘The college will still need to be able to confirm an individual’s identity in order to maintain safeguarding and security.

‘The necessity to comply with national regulations, examination board requirements and applicable legislation will remain an overriding priority in all circumstances, as will the need to ensure that effective teaching and learning methodologies are applied.

‘We have listened to the views of our students and we are confident that this modification to our policies will meet the needs of all of our learners and stakeholders.

‘We remain committed to ensuring that students are provided with a safe and welcoming environment and the best education and training opportunities available.’

Prime Minister David Cameron backed the right of schools and colleges to ban religious veils
Nick Clegg said he felt 'uneasy' about telling people what they should wear

Split: David Cameron backed schools and colleges to enforce uniform rules but Nick Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about telling people what they should wear

Birmingham Ladywood Labour MP Shabana Mahmood welcomed the college’s change in policy.

She said: ‘This change in policy is enormously welcome. The college has made a wise decision to rethink its policy on banning veils for a group of women who would have potentially been excluded from education and skills training at the college had the ban been enforced.

‘My thanks go out to all those who backed the campaign.’


Case by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultationCase by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultation

Headteachers have the power to order students to remove veils after a series of high profile legal cases.

In a key 2007 case, a High Court judge rejected a bid by a pupil to be allowed to wear the niqab in class.

Although the 12-year-old’s three older sisters had worn the headwear at the same school in Buckinghamshire, teachers said it impeded their ability to communicate with her.

They said they needed to be able to tell if a pupil was paying attention, engaged with her work or distressed.

After the case, the Government issued guidance that enabled headteachers to ban full-face veils on grounds of security, safety or learning.

It said teachers were justified in enforcing uniform rules which mean they can see and make eye contact with pupils.

Schools need to be able to identify pupils to maintain order in classrooms and to spot any intruders, it added.

But rather than a French-style blanket ban on face coverings in all public spaces, the Department of Education said institutions could outlaw the coverings as long as they carried out a proper consultation.

Updated Government guidance released last year clearly continues to back heads who choose to ban face-coverings.

It says it is ‘still lawful’ to restrict the freedom of pupils to express their religion on the grounds of ‘health, safety and the protection of the rights and freedoms of others’.

And religious freedoms do not mean pupils can practise their beliefs ‘at any time, in any place, or in any particular manner,’ the  guidance adds.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2419835/Birmingham-Metropolitan-College-scrap-ban-Muslim-students-wearing-religious-veils-public-outcry.html#ixzz2emVnJQqn

Islamist with Sword Arrested outside the British Embassy in Romania

It appears no where in the world, Brit’s are safe from the dangers of Muslim madmen. Their hate filled minds spurring them on to commit senseless violence even when the odds of success are heavily against them succeeding. Thankfully in this case the Romanian security services averted anybody being killed or injured by this Islamic nutter with a sword at the British Embassy in Romania.  

Suspected al-Qaeda terrorist arrested outside the British Embassy in Romania wielding a sword

  • Iraqi national pounced on by security services in Bucharest
  • Ambassador Martin Harris not harmed


PUBLISHED: 17:13, 16 December 2012 | UPDATED: 10:35, 17 December 2012

Safe: Ambassador Martin Harris was not harmed in the terror scare at the British Embassy in Romania. British Embassy staff in Romania were targeted by a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist brandishing a sword.  The Iraqi, named as Karim Friad, was pounced on by police as he brandished the nine-inch blade near the building's gates in the capital, Bucharest.Safe: Ambassador Martin Harris was not harmed in the terror scare at the British Embassy in Romania

British Embassy staff in Romania were targeted by a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist brandishing a sword.

The Iraqi, named as Karim Friad, was pounced on by police as he brandished the nine-inch blade near the building’s gates in the capital, Bucharest.

Romania’s SRI intelligence service are understood to have had the suspect under surveillance for days after he entered the country, according to The Sun.

Sources told the paper his mission was to kill British or American officials.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed the incident to MailOnline, saying: ‘We can confirm an individual was detained by the Romanian intelligence service.

‘This matter is now for the SRI. We would like to thank the Romanian authorities for their help.’

The man was watched earlier near the US embassy in Bucharest but appears to have been put off by the layers of security round the complex.

He headed for the less secure British compound yesterday morning but was arrested by undercover SRI agents the moment he posed a threat to staff

No British or foreign embassy workers were hurt and ambassador Martin Harris was never in danger.

Friad was being quizzed by anti-terrorist specialists last night.

The source said: ‘His intentions were known the moment he entered the country — to kill American or British citizens at the embassies.

‘He was put under 24-hour surveillance in case he led police to other terrorists inside Romania.

‘He was being so closely watched that he never posed a serious threat but he had to be seen to commit an offence before he was arrested.

‘It shows the Islamist terrorist threat to Britons abroad remains very real.’


Muslim Appeaser MP George Galloway: Commons Security Rules discriminates Against Muslims

The serial lying MP for Bradford George Galloway has managed to find time from his demanding Middle Eastern TV schedule to comment on something actually happening in Britain. Although im sure it will come as no surprise to anybody that he was speaking about Muslim issues. So far his tiny contribution since being elected to parliament has been about Muslim issues either here or abroad. Preferring to spend his time on the Iranians  Press Tv station or some other Middle -Eastern channel trying to incite the Muslim masses into defending Syria  or saying how evil Britain, America and the West are keeping his Iranian paymasters and string pullers happy.

Traitor Galloway’s latest defence of his fellow Muslims is regarding Commons security measures. In an effort to safeguard those running our nation they have a new rule that nobody can enter with their face covered.  What seems like a no-brainer to the majority of people given potential terror threats. George Galloway has had to speak out against it naturally claiming it discriminates against Muslim women thinking they should be exempt from the rules everybody else has to follow. If he was that concerned about it discriminating why only say about Muslim women. What about those 100,000’s of motorbike riders who will have to take their helmets off or dont they count unless they happen to be Muslim also

Respect MP attacks new rule on veils saying the restriction discriminates against Muslim women

  • George Galloway said restrictions could discriminate
  • He said they were ‘heavy handed’
  • Everyone who works at the Palace of Westminster are ‘required to remove any covering obscuring the face’


PUBLISHED: 01:34, 9 December 2012 | UPDATED: 01:34, 9 December 2012

New curbs on Muslim veils in the Commons were criticised by Respect MP George Galloway last night, writes Simon Walters.

Mr Galloway, whose Bradford West constituency has a large ethnic population, said the restrictions could discriminate against Muslim women.

The rule for everyone who works at the Palace of Westminster states: ‘You may be required to remove any covering which obscures your face.’

Discriminates: Respect MP George Galloway has attacked new curbs on Muslim veils in the CommonsDiscriminates: Respect MP George Galloway has attacked new curbs on Muslim veils in the Commons

Mr Galloway said: ‘Everyone understands the need to have proper security.

‘But these rules seem a little heavy handed and confusing to me.

We live in a multi-faith society and need to be sensitive about that.’

But one MP said it would be better for visitors: ‘It will be much more welcoming for them if they are greeted by someone whose face they can see clearly.’

The rule for everyone who works at the Palace of Westminster states: 'You may be required to remove any covering which obscures your face.' Mr Galloway says people 'need to be sensitive about that'‘Heavy handed’: The rule for everyone who works at the Palace of Westminster states: ‘You may be required to remove any covering which obscures your face.’ Mr Galloway says people ‘need to be sensitive about that’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2245307/Respect-MP-attacks-new-rule-veils-saying-restriction-discriminates-Muslim-women.html#ixzz2EYZOl8X6

Muslim G4S guard faces sack after he spits at Afghanistan hero and brands him…BABY KILLER

When you hear the term “filth of Islam” its people like this g4s Muslim security guard that it refers to.  Reading this my blood pressure went through the roof  and i started frothing at the mouth in utter disbelief and anger at what i was seeing. A Muslim g4s security guard working at the Olympics spitting at a hero British soldier and calling him a baby killer is absolutely disgraceful. It just goes to show what the Muslims in Britain truly think about the country they live in. The soldier has been to Afghanistan putting his life on the line fighting for queen and country and i have nothing but respect for anyone who has done that past or present. To me the Muslim spitting at the soldier and verbally abusing him is like doing it to the Queen and every one of her subjects. The ultimate in disrespect and should be punished by the law accordingly.

If he is a Muslim immigrant he should be deported asap with no right of appeal what so ever. What sort of signal would failure to do so give.Thats its ok to spit in the faces of our soldiers and say what you want and and remain in this country they obviously despise, that can never be allowed .

If its a “British Muslim” then he should be charged with treason.Unfortunatly if it is then its seriously time to start worrying as that will show that every British Muslim in the country is a potential security risk as they value their cult far higher than their country.

G4S guard faces sack after he spits at Afghanistan hero and brands him…BABY KILLER

G4S hire british hating muslim scum as security guards at the olympics who spit in our soldiers faces

Row … a G4S Lord’s guard
Last Updated: 30th July 2012

AN Olympic guard faces the sack for spitting at an Army hero drafted in to boost security — and yelling: “Baby killer.”

The Asian G4S worker flipped as he patrolled an archery contest at Lord’s cricket ground with the Afghan veteran.

A source said: “This security guard was ranting and raving at the soldier.

“He was trying to defuse the situation but the guard was going crazy. He spat at the soldier and screamed at him. He was calling him a baby killer.

“He left the soldier in no doubt he meant he’d been responsible for children’s deaths while serving in Afghanistan.


G4S guards

On patrol … G4S guards at Lord’s. Neither of the men were involved in the row


“Despite the provocation, the soldier remained ice cool and didn’t lose his calm.

“Some of their respective colleagues arrived and the guard was removed.”

Bosses at security company G4S — which had to be bailed out by troops after failing to supply enough guards for London 2012 — yesterday said an urgent investigation was under way.

G4S hire anti british muslims who spit in our soldiers faces rather than employ british people. the muslims are cheaper to pay

G4S … providing Olympic security


The firm said the soldier from 35 Engineers had at some point asked to search the guard. It did not reveal why. The incident occurred behind the scenes on Saturday evening as spectators watched Italy beat the United States to win Olympic gold.

Scotland Yard said no criminal allegations had been made. Ex-Helmand commander Colonel Richard Kemp said: “This is an absolute disgrace.

“A soldier shouldn’t have to put up with this terrible insult. If there’s any possibility of a prosecution, then it should go ahead.”

G4S are understood to be waiting to see if the soldier makes a complaint.

soldiers on Olympic duty

Aiming to help … soldiers on Olympic duty leave Lord’s, which hosts archery competition
Louis Wood


The firm said: “We are urgently investigating allegations that a security officer spat on the ground in front of a soldier and insulted him after he was searched.

“We do not tolerate insulting behaviour and where necessary appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

The MoD yesterday confirmed an incident had occurred. The military plugged the gap left by G4S with 4,700 troops.

SOURCE http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/olympics/4461658/G4S-guard-faces-sack-after-he-spits-at-Afghanistan-hero-and-brands-himBABY-KILLER.html

Exactly why burkas should be banned. Attackers uses burka and pram during jewellers armed robbery

This is the 3rd instance in the last month or so that i have come across where the burka has been used in crimes to conceal identitys. The previous 2 the culprits had ended up being arrested so i know that it was muslims reasonable. This article gives no indication to the robbers ethnicity,  i would say they most certainly were knowing that muslims have easy access to burkas and with  the robbery taking place on Wilmslow Road in Manchester, which is well known as curry mile due to all the curry houses on the road.A good 9 out of 10 of the businesses along there are Asian owned if not all. So the target shop would be a jewellers seeing Asian jewellery .So you dont have to be a genius to work out that the robbers were also Asians.

i cant help but ask myself the question how long before some muslim decides he or she is going to join the jihad and Martyr themselves with a suicide vest hidden beneath a burka, allowing discreet movements to a suitably packed place full of western infidels before detonating. The government needs to act now and ban the burka on security grounds, because if not it will only be a matter of time before it happens especially with the recent surge of british born muslims being brain washed turning into jihadists. How many innocent men women and children will have to be murdered before the government stop tiptoeing around serious issues that need addressing for fear of upsetting muslims and not being politically correct!!

Attackers uses burka and pram during jewellers armed robbery

A raider dressed in a burka used a pram to conceal an axe in a ‘frightening’ armed robbery.  Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/crime/s/1582487_video-cctv-shows-burka-clad-axe-thug-in-raid-on-rusholme-jewellers

The video shows an axe being used by a burka-clad during the raid

A raider dressed in a burka used a pram to conceal an axe in a ‘frightening’ armed robbery. The thug pressed the entry button to Choice Jewellers on Wilmslow Road, at 11.35am on Sunday. The raider was allowed inside but immediately blocked the door with the pram and pulled out an axe. A car then pulled up with three accomplices, one brandishing a sword and the other a sledgehammer. They ran into the premises and began to smash glass cabinets and swipe jewellery in front of stunned staff. Police have released CCTV footage of the attack – see the footage below … Det Con Ian Wrench, said: “I would urge anyone who is offered jewellery from anyone other than a licensed dealer to not fall victim by buying these stolen goods and call us immediately.”

Read more and watch the video  at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/crime/s/1582487_video-cctv-shows-burka-clad-axe-thug-in-raid-on-rusholme-jewellers