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Attempts To Change GCSE Exam Dates To Appease Muslim Students

Another Muslim related controversy within the British schooling system. We’ve had halal food forced on many pupils, many controversial Muslim free schools set up enforcing sex segregation and compulsory headscarf wearing for non Muslim staff, then only a matter of weeks ago the attempted takeover of state schools by Muslim extremists. Now we have attempts to appease Muslims by changing the dates of GCSEs to avoid clashes with Ramadam or give Muslims extra points because they were fasting.

I had to double check the date to make sure it wasn’t an April fools day joke. As much as a joke it seems, its no wind up. Only the latest bit of pandering to Muslims as authorities continue to bend over for Muslims.

Bid to bring forward GCSEs so Muslim pupils aren’t fasting for Ramadan while they take their exams

  • Efforts to ‘minimise impact’ will be debated at ATL conference this month
  • Exam watchdog Ofqual has met with Muslim groups to discuss the issue
  • Suggestions include holding exams in morning when pupils are less hungry

GCSE and A-level examinations could be brought forward for  hundreds of thousands of pupils to avoid a clash with Ramadan under controversial proposals.

Teachers and lecturers in England and Wales are pushing for the summer exam timetable to be altered to help Muslim students who will be fasting when they sit papers.School exam boards and universities are considering the radical shake-up from 2016, when the religious period of Ramadan clashes with the exam season.

Fast: A girl reads from the Koran on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (file photo). Muslims across the world abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset during the period

Fast: A girl reads from the Koran on the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (file photo). Muslims across the world abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset during the period

One option is to hold some exams earlier within the usual May-June exam season. Another is for fasting Muslim students to be eligible for extra marks under ‘special consideration’ rules if they believe their performance has been affected.

The holy period in the Islamic calendar, which requires Muslims to fast during daylight hours, starts to fall earlier and earlier in the summer from next year, progressively clashing with the exam season in June. The clash also coincides with Michael Gove’s return to O-level style exams, which are taken at the end of the two-year course rather than at intervals throughout it – making the summer exams the only chance to do well.

This month, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers Union (ATL) conference will debate how to ‘minimise the impact’ on Muslim pupils.

Barry Lingard, who is on the ATL executive committee, said: ‘The consequences are quite huge, particularly with the return to three-hour exams at the end of the course in the summer.

If some of the big vital exams like English and maths could be rescheduled for before Ramadan kicks in, that would certainly be supported by the majority of teachers.’

Ofqual, the exam watchdog, and the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents the main three exam boards, have met with Muslim groups to discuss the issue.

Changes: Suggestions including holding exams in the mornings making it easier for pupils to concentrate

Changes: Suggestions including holding exams in the mornings making it easier for pupils to concentrateAnother suggestion is to run exams in the morning, when pupils are less likely to be hungry and tired, rather than the afternoon.

The government-funded Equality Challenge Unit, which advises higher education, said exam time-tables should be overhauled.

‘Institutions should be prepared to consider significant adjustments to their exam schedules and think creatively about assessment methods in order to eliminate disadvantage to particular groups,’ it said.

Muslim undergraduates at university are also affected by the clash of dates. At the University of East Anglia in Norwich, they have already been told: ‘Where a student feels that fasting has affected their performance, this should be submitted as an extenuating circumstance.’

But Chris McGovern, a former head teacher and spokesman for the Campaign for Real Education, said children had been coping with exams for decades in many different circumstances.

‘Where there is scope for some flexibility the exam boards should exercise it, but I don’t think it is realistic for a board to rearrange their timetable to fit in with a minority religion, or any religion for that matter,’ he said.

‘If you run exams in the morning because of this, you may be disadvantaging a non-Muslim pupil who then has two exams in one day rather than one.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2597832/Bid-bring-forward-GCSEs-Muslim-pupils-arent-fasting-Ramadan-exams.html#ixzz2yCDCuAC4

Islamist Stealth Jihad To Take Over British State Schools Exposed

The National Secular Society have exposed plans by Islamic extremists to seize control of British state schools using stealth jihad tactics. Salafists/Wahabis plan to turn them into Muslim only schools by first complaining about non Muslim activities such as mixed lessons and Christian teachings corrupting the children. Before installing their Islamic extremists into the governing body of the schools and sending anonymous letters to the council to get the schools poor performance investigated allowing the planted governors to take control.

Tactics like this are not only being employed in schools but all society. Local councils,prominent civil service jobs such as health, police, housing, welfare where they will be able to sway influence and public funding in favour of Muslims. Tried and tested methods right out of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for Islamization of the west and world domination.

Plans by Islamist extremists to take over state schools exposed

Posted: Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:09

Plans by Islamist extremists to take over state schools exposed

The Sunday Times this week reported an alleged plot by Islamist fundamentalists in Birmingham to take over state schools and use them as centres of “Islamic education.”

The supposed conspiracy is under investigation by Birmingham City Council, while the Sunday Times has obtained a copy of anonymous documents that detail a strategy to destabilise poorly-performing schools before moving in to transform them into academies and free schools with an Islamic ethos.

It is not known whether the council is aware of who has written the documents, but the Sunday Times speculates that they are the work of “disaffected parents” belonging to the Salafist branch of Islam, regarded by many as the most extreme and fundamentalist.

The Sunday Times has already revealed that Park View Academy in Birmingham is being investigated by the Department for Education for allegedly side-lining non-Muslim staff and trying to teach Islamic studies, despite not being a “faith-based” school.

The paper reports that the documents it has uncovered suggest that the strategy, called Operation Trojan Horse, should be used in Bradford and Manchester as well as Birmingham. The authors of the strategy argue “We have an obligation to our children to fulfill our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles.”

The Sunday Times reports that they strategy’s first step is to:

“identify poor-performing state schools in Muslim areas; then Salafist parents in each school are encouraged to complain that teachers are ‘corrupting children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children say Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports’.

“The next steps are to ‘parachute in’ Muslim governors ‘to drip-feed our ideal for a Muslim school’ and stir up staff to urge the council to investigate. The strategy stresses the importance of having an ‘English face among the staff group to make it more believable’.

“Finally, anonymous letters are to be circulated to MPs, press and ministers. ‘All these things will work towards wearing the head down, removing their resolve and weakening their mindset so they eventually give up.'”

Birmingham schools named as targets in the document include Regents Park, where the head teacher resigned last year over questions about exam results (despite being given an “outstanding” Ofsted report). Others are Adderley Primary School and Saltley School, a specialist science college where the head, Balwant Bains, resigned last year. Bains quit after an Ofsted report concluded that he had a “dysfunctional” relationship with the governors.

Ahson Mohammed, the interim head teacher at Saltley, was appointed in November after Bains’s resignation.

The Sunday Times says Mohammed categorically denied any suggestion that Bains resigned as a result of pressure from Muslim extremists.

Mohammed said the school has been closely monitored since Bains’s departure. “We have been under extensive scrutiny, both by Ofsted [and] by the local authority … where we are now is the school is stabilised, the school is functioning and has been named as being one of the top 100 [most improved] schools in the UK.”

Birmingham City Council is said to be “investigating allegations” and has passed information to West Midlands Police who are keeping the matter under review but not actively investigating.

Meanwhile, writing in the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, says that the children of extremist Muslim parents are in danger of becoming radicalised. He asserts this is a form of child abuse and that the social services should have the power to take such children into care.

He says that as a society we have become “squeamish” about intervening in the cultural norms of other communities, even when they are antisocial or dangerous.

“We need to be less phobic of intrusion into the ways of minority groups and less nervous of passing judgment on other cultures. We can have a great, glorious, polychromatic society, but we must be firm to the point of ruthlessness in opposing behaviour that undermines our values,” wrote Mr Johnson.

Terry Sanderson, President of the National Secular Society, said: “Boris Johnson is right. We are permitting a whole generation of young Muslims to be exposed to fanatical and extremely dangerous ideas, not only at home but in schools and the hundreds of unregulated brainwashing centres called madrassas. The extremists are determined and well-organised and they are finding more and more ways to propagate their ideas through exploiting and abusing the freedom of our liberal and tolerant society.”

Mr Sanderson said the Government seemed paralysed and incapable of even considering the risks of permitting the further proliferation of “faith schools” – particularly under the academy and free school model which is so easily exploited. “Such reluctance will ultimately pose a threat to the unity of the UK” said Mr Sanderson.


Ofsted Give Extremist Islamic School Lowest Grades In Everything. So What Do You Say To That Iftikhar Ahmad?

Ofsted today published its findings from the recent inspection at controversial Muslim free school Al-Madinah in Derby. The taxpayer funded school opened in 2012, and has made headlines for its strict Islamic practices and  discrimination to female pupils and staff. Non Muslim staff were told they must wear Islamic dress including Hijabs. They were also ordered not to bring non-halal food to school for their own lunches. It was this discrimination against females and non-Muslim staff that caused outrage recently when it hit the headlines. As a result Schools inspectors Ofsted did an unplanned inspection of the school.

This school is dysfunctional Ofsted report Al-Madinah free school in Derby is set to be placed in special measures after being judged "inadequate" by Ofsted in a damning report.

The idea of a segregated religious school was opposed by the Derby Campaign for Inclusive Education (DCIE) on the grounds that education should be inclusive with children from different backgrounds being educated together so they can make up their own minds as to what to believe as adults.

Ofsteds report confirmed what many of us already suspected about the sub standard levels of teaching and other goings on in Muslim schools that are based on the Quran with all its inconsistencies.

Main Points From Report:

  • Overall effectiveness: Inadequate :  4
  • Achievement of pupils : Inadequate : 4
  • Quality of teaching: Inadequate : 4
  • Behaviour and safety of pupils:  Inadequate : 4
  • Leadership and management: Inadequate:  4

(4 is the lowest possible score)

  • This is a school that requires special measures.
  • This school is dysfunctional.
  • The basic systems and processes a school needs to operate well are not in place.
  • This is a school which has been set up and run by representatives of the community with limited knowledge and experience. Leadership and management, including governance, are inadequate and have been unable to improve the school.
  • The school has not been adequately monitored or supported. Pupils’ achievement is inadequate because the staff’s expectations are too low and pupils do not make enough progress.
  • Teaching is inadequate. Many teachers are inexperienced and have not received the training and support they need.
  •  In many lessons, pupils are given the same work to do regardless of their different abilities.
  • Behaviour and safety are inadequate because attendance is low and declining Procedures for ensuring pupils are safe do not meet requirements.
  • The governing body is ineffective. Until recently, the governing body had not appreciated how poor pupils’ experiences are.
  • The school’s finances are not properly managed and the usual safe recruitment processes have not been followed.

Full report can be seen here : http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/2276225/urn/138776.pdf

After reading the report on Al Madina school, i spoke with a school teacher to gauge their opinion on it to see if the findings were as bad as they looked. They confirmed they are just as bad as they look, if anything after speaking with the teacher i get the impression they are much worse than i first thought. The overall effectiveness grade 4 -Inadequate puts it in the bottom 6% of all schools in the country. The grade 4 Inadequate across the board in every subsection is not just inadequate but pathetic. In the inspectors eyes this school is one of the worst schools in the UK.

For a school that promises so much according to its brochure for prospective parents it has achieved nothing. Amongst all the false promises and pro Muslim i did notice a couple of things that looked dodgy to me as a non-Muslim. Dinner Time is not in order of classes but by sex, all boys then when they finish lunchtime the girls have theirs. PE is the same. It’s almost as if any time the children have to enjoy themselves and intermingle, sex segregation is enforced.

The children have as many as 6 Islamic related lessons per week. 3 Quranic type lessons and 3 on Islamic science. WTF ISLAMIC SCIENCE!!!! No wonder the school is so useless. If they are teaching them false science from the Quran that has been proved wrong long ago. Some fine examples of Islamic science that Muslims believe are:   The sun sets in a swamp,   the earth is flat,   males sperm is from the ribs,     camel urine is a miracle cure for every illness,   man is made from clay,    Women are deficient in intelligence, etc etc.

There is no place in British society for Muslim only schools. This report shows how they are way off the mark academically in everything. Not only are these kids having their heads filled with Islam related rubbish but given that Muslim children typically have a lower IQ due to inbreeding and without the correct learning support. The two combined does not give that child much of a future in the real world other than a life of benefits. They are also learning from an early age that sex segregation is acceptable and prohibited from mixing with the opposite sex. No encouragement or opportunity to mix with non-Muslim children hardly does much for cohesion or to promote integration. 

Regular commentator on this site Iftikhar Ahmad of the London School Of Islamics pops up on every post regardless of the subject cutting and pasting his 1 man campaign for Islamic Schools in the UK. He thinks Bilingual Muslim only schools where children can learn the ‘beauty of the Quran’ and Islamic poetry are the answer to everything as opposed to monolingual British schools where girls at 10 get pregnant and learn porn is OK.

So I.A. London ,what do you say to having your fire pissed on by Ofsted  ???  Is Muslim schooling still the bees knees and answer to everything ????

Islamists Seize Control Of Al-Madinah Muslim School In Derby

Reblog from the excellent Muslim Issue

UK Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

They’re testing how far they can go in their salafi infiltration and indoctrination without being stopped or removed. You cannot criticize the burka and you will endlessly hear that no one has any right to demand Muslims what to wear. Muslims, however, have the right to demand non-Muslims what they should wear: teachers at the new al-Madinah school in Derby have been required to wear a veil. That’s been added into their contracts. And now western education is being removed one by one. In addition, they have fired the regular teacher and replaced senior staff with hardliners.
This is the exact strategy they take when they fund mosque building all across Europe: utilize local people to apply for all permits, to manage the mosque – and then come with a monetary offer that removes the initial founders, and replace them with extremism.
So what would be the right method to manage this situation to give them a firm message? Immediate deportation of the senior management, and closure of the school. If this is not done, they will again return and sneak in more and more salafi ideology once the eye and attention on their activity dries out and turn the attention somewhere else.



Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

  • Andrew Cutts-McKay, former head of al-Madinah School in Derby and former deputy Suzanne Southerland claim they were ‘sidelined’ by the school
  • Staff also claimed religious hardliners banned children from singing or reading fairy tales
  • Claims come just days after female staff allegedly told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab
  • Employees say they are ‘concerned’ by other practices including forcing female pupils to sit at the back of the class away from boys
  • As a free school it is government funded by outside local authority control
  • National Union of Teachers is ‘very worried’ about the school

By Inderdeep Bains And Ben Spencer

PUBLISHED: 14:11, 22 September 2013

Britain’s first Muslim free school is controlled by religious hardliners who ban children from singing or reading fairy tales and force staff to wear headscarves – according to the former head teacher and deputy who claim they were forced to leave.

Andrew Cutts-McKay resigned from his role as head of al Madinah School in Derby in August, two months after deputy Suzanne Southerland stepped down from her post.

Both allege they were ‘bullied and sidelined’ by members of the school’s trust, which is predominantly Muslim. The school strongly denies the pair’s claims.

Allegations: The National Union of Teachers have said they are concerned about the school, the Midland House campus of which is shown above

Allegations: Staff claim religious hardliners have banned singing and fairy tales at the al-Madinah School, Derby

But earlier this week, concerns were raised by teachers who complained they were being ordered to wear the hijab – even if they are not Muslim.

Now claims have been made that alongside the strict dress code, the school’s 200 pupils are banned from playing stringed instruments, which are forbidden in the Islamic faith.

Singing is also forbidden unless it involves Islamic faith songs, while youngsters are not allowed to read fairy tales as these are ‘non-Islamic’.

A staff member told The Sunday Times: ‘When teaching children the alphabet, you could not associate the letter ‘p’ with pig.’

They added: ‘We were told that we couldn’t read the children a story about a witch because it’s seen as being non-Islamic.’

Other staff have highlighted ‘concerns’ over the school’s practices, which include banning non-halal food and forcing female pupils as young as four to sit at the back of the class away from boys.

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Female members of staff, some of whom are not Muslims, say they have been told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab.

These also ban them from wearing jewellery on the school’s premises in Derby.

One woman, who had been interviewed for a position, claimed she was told she was not allowed to shake hands with male teachers to avoid ‘insult’.

Another staff member, speaking anonymously to the Mail, said the school was ‘like being in Pakistan’.

She said: ‘Girls are treated very separately from boys, the girls sit at the back of the classroom.

‘Boys go and eat first at lunchtime and then the girls are allowed to go.

‘It is like being in any school in Pakistan. That is why it was founded, that is the idea.’

The decision to make all female members of staff, regardless of religious beliefs, wear the Islamic headscarf – which covers the head but not the face – was apparently introduced over the summer.

But some female members of staff have been spotted removing the headwear immediately after stepping out of the school building during their lunch hour.

And around half a dozen teachers at the free school, who could face losing their jobs if they refuse to comply with the rules, are now seeking legal advice from the National Union of Teachers.

Regional NUT officer Nick Raine said: ‘We are very worried about the school and the education of the 200 children there.

‘There are worries over practices concerning the discrimination between male and female pupils in the school, with the girls being told to sit at the back of the class regardless of whether they can see the board properly.’

He added: ‘It’s one thing to have a dress code which we can challenge and quite another to build it into a contract.

‘The school is publicly accountable so there needs to be a greater level of transparency.’

As a free school, Al-Madinah operates outside local authority control but still qualifies for government funding. It was set up in September last year.


A hijab is typically worn by a Muslim female beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males – it covers the head and chest, but not the face.

It not only refers to the physical body covering, but also a state of mind, where al-hijab refers to ‘the veil which separates man or the world from God’.

Hijab can also be used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in public.

Most often, it is worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, privacy and morality. If differs from a burqa, a veil that covers the entire body head and face, and the niqab which covers the entire head and face except for the eyes.

Sue Arguile, branch secretary of the Derby National Union of Teachers, said the new demands stem from the Al-Madinah’s free school status. She said: ‘We have always had a number of concerns about this school ever since it was first set up, as essentially they can do what they like.

‘There is no buffer between them and the state and no protection for staff and pupils.

‘Free schools set their own rules, curriculums and dress codes, and so long as pupils and staff are aware of them before joining, then there is no upset.

‘But forcing people to agree to contractual changes or face being out of work could breach employment law.’

Former head teacher Andrew Cutts-McKay, who left after less than a year in the post, previously said the school would ‘honour all faiths’.

However he admitted that he thought at least half of the school’s pupils would be Muslims.

The school’s acting principal Stuart Wilson, who began his job on September 5, denied claims of bullying towards his former colleagues. He also disputed that there was anything within staff contracts requiring women to wear the hijab or a headscarf.

However, he added: ‘The expectation for female staff, raised in adverts and interviews, is that the head is covered while on site. To date, no complaint has been raised with the governing body relating to female staff wearing the hijab or headscarf.’

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

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Muslims Want Islamic History As Part Of School Curriculum,Just Make Sure It Includes All The Bad

The Muslim Council Of Britain, have called on the government to include Muslim history as part of the school teaching curriculum  The MCB have attacked new plans for teaching history in British schools, for omitting reference to Islam’s trade, cultural and military achievements from education secretary Michael Gove’s proposals. The Muslim Council Of Britain is calling for “everyone who cares about the education of British schoolchildren” to lobby the Department for Education (DfE) as the consultation period closes on Tuesday.

stealth jihad

The MCB are 1 of the Muslim groups created to push Islam and engage in stealth jihad on the British public. Calling for Islam to be included in the national curriculum is another tactic of the Islamist’s stealth jihad being waged upon us. Its inclusion would be a massive victory for the Muslims attempts to bring Islam into daily life via the back-door  As it would mean all schoolchildren in the future would be forced to learn about Islam which has no place in British history.

“This is not just about educating Muslims,” Mohammed Amin, from campaign group Curriculum for Cohesion, “These inclusions are required to paint a true picture of the past,” the group said in a statement.”In their absence, British Muslim children will see no place for themselves in their country’s history, creating the risk of alienation.”At the same time non-Muslim children will grow up believing that Muslims have contributed nothing of value to Britain or indeed human civilization, creating the risk of their acquiring anti-Muslim attitudes.”Those children could grow up to join the English Defence League,” he said.”Neither of these outcomes is good for Britain, or for the ability of Britons to do business in a world economy which is increasingly integrated.”

 It calls for the inclusion of the contribution of  Muslim soldiers to the military effort in both world wars.  (Lets not forget the Muslims who fought for the Nazi’s under Hitler’s good friend and collaborator The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem who had an entire Muslim SS division)

It also calls for the preservation and enhancement of ancient Greek and Roman learning by classical Muslim civilization(which is a myth)and Britain’s long history of trade, diplomatic and other relations with Muslim-majority regions.

If Muslim history is going to be included in future lessons in Britain’s school then it needs to be a true overall picture of Islam that is shown. Not just cherry picked bits that portray Islam in a positive light as the MCB want. Fine add them…. but on the condition to also include all the evil heinous acts in Muslim history which far out number anything positive. Let children learn at school about the true barbaric nature of Islam instead of the political correct version that the leftist Muslim appeasing mainstream media such as the BBC and the Guardian like to portray.


Islam’s pagan roots such as Allah the Moon God and circling the black stone.

How Mohammed was a bandit who robbed and killed traders settlements as they slept and the first converts were more interested in the war booty from those attacked including sex slaves, than what he was preaching.

How Islam was spread by the sword by invading lands and forcing people to convert and murdering those who refused.

How in 1500 years, political Islam has been responsible for the death of approx 270 million people, killed in Allah’s name in jihad

How Muslims cannot live side by side with non-Muslims and are the worst oppressors and persecute other faiths throughout the world 

How Muslims are responsible for horrendous terror attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 and have carried out over 20,000 terror attacks since 9/11

Failing that, include as much Islam in the curriculum as there is about Christianity in the Saudi one. NOTHING

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Council Block Muslim School Bid In West Bromwich


Hats off to Sandwell Council for blocking a planned Muslim only school in West Bromwich when many a council would have caved in to the Muslims demands and appeased just for the sake of not upsetting the Islamo-moaners.

The Muslim group behind this proposed school must think everyone in Britain was born yesterday with some of the stuff they come out with as a valid reason for opening this school. Mind you its understandable them thinking that,as playing the victim all the time usually achieves the desired result for them.

“parents were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles”

Theres a good number of Muslim only schools within easy access for people living in West Bromwich as this list shows  so why would you send your child to Blackburn or Bradford to attend school. Why can’t they attend the local state secondary like children of other faiths do. Where they will mix with children of other religions and members of the opposite sex which would promote equality,mutual respect  and help integration.

“would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.”

No doubt Muslim only jobs which would disregard British equality laws that every other business has to follow

“to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law”

There is no sports and leisure activities within Sharia law other than those that may play a role in preparing for jihad such as javelin throwing and archery.All other types of sports are frowned on by religious mullahs and females wont be allowed to participate. Islamic religious leaders dim view on sports is reflected in the lack of sporting achievements throughout history for Muslim nations in sports tournaments.

Train to take an active role in British society as a MUSLIM not as a member of society in general. What does to be taught in a Islamic ethos mean?? Children being taught that Muslim males are superior to Muslim females and all Muslims are superior to the non-Muslims with infidel females considered the lowest of the low (perfect example), little better than animals??  That females are at the beck and call of the male and not allowed to go outside without a guardian?? That polygamy is allowed even though against the law?? That jihad is a duty of all Muslims ??  What about when it comes to the many scientific errors in  the Quran such as the World is flat or that the 1st humans were giants. Will the children be taught wrongfully facts because that’s Islamic or will they be taught the truth even if it contradicts the Quran as per curriculum.

It is well-known that Islamic schools in Britain promote extremism and hatred towards non-Muslims, Partly down to nature of Islam, partly down to the fact that it is so hard for authorities to monitor the goings on in these Muslim schools. Education inspectors can’t be present all day every day ensuring what the children are taught is in line with the national curriculum, on the odd occasion they are present the subject topic can quite easily be changed to a less radical one. The Channel 4 TV show Dispatches using hidden cameras showed the true goings on in Muslim madrassa schools. Where the teachers aren’t exactly teachers in the sense you would normally expect.  More teachers in Islamic cleric teachers who because they have read a few books on the cult of Islam, consider themselves qualified authorities on everything.

More Muslim only schools are not the answer to any of Britain’s ongoing issues with Muslims. If anything they are part of the problem. Instead of learning tolerance and respect for other faiths, Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation. If they are being pumped full of hatred at an early age and not even mixing with non-Muslim children at school,then that can only be bad for future cohesion and integration.


Muslim education trust loses bid to open school in empty West Bromwich office block

25 Feb 2013 14:17

Sandwell Council rules site near to industrial units is unsuitable for a school

 Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich
Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich

Parents who claimed they were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles away have lost their bid to open a Muslim secondary school in the Black Country.

Birmingham and Sandwell Education Trust, an umbrella group set up by Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Muslim leaders, earmarked a vacant site in West Bromwich for the project.

They claimed parents had to send their children to independent schools as far away as Blackburn and Bradford to be taught the ethos of their religion.

But Sandwell Council’s planning committee decided the proposed site, Waterside House, in Charles Street, was unsuitable for the project.

The Health and Safety Executive advised against the scheme because of the building’s “proximity to hazardous premises”, including a chemical distribution unit.

The Trust had applied for permission under the name of Derby-based Mohsin Teladia, and released a design and access statement through Birmingham-based agents Design Space 2.

In a lengthy ‘statement of need’ document, it said the scheme would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.

It said it wanted to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law.

The Trust said of pupils: “They will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to be the guides for their community, so their community flourishes with the peaceful message of Islam and promoting the values of equality and responsibility to promote social cohesion both in the Muslim community and in the non-Muslim community.”

It said pupils would not be a “burden on society” and would pay fees of around £1,800 a year.

But planning officer Douglas Eardley said the development should be refused as it was on land designated by planning policies for employment use, and would be ‘adversely affected by existing industrial uses’.

And he agreed with council highways officers that parking was “inadequate”.

Rape a child and get a suspended sentence – Follower of Islam treated too leniently by the courts, again.

This post is reblogged from fellow kafir  Fahrenheit211.net website which is well worth a visit. Its his take on the 18 year old who got a soft sentence by claiming because he was a Muslim he didnt know it was illegal to have sex with a child

Reblog from : Fahrenheit211.net

Rape a child and get a suspended sentence – Follower of Islam treated too leniently by the courts, again.

Judge Michael Stokes QC

Although other bloggers have already commented on the case of a teenage Islamic nonce who groomed a 13 year old girl online, then encouraged her to meet him in a hotel where he raped her, it is such an appalling case that it, and its implications both for the Justice and the educational systems, should be discussed as often and as widely as possible. This case serves as a chilling reminder as to just how much our legal system is kowtowing to members of the religion of permanent hatred. It also shows just how vital it is for the ‘Sharia Creep’ that appears to be afflicting our Police and Justice system to be halted as soon as possible, before it corrupts these sectors even more than they have at present.

Normally a rape would, when brought before the courts, often result in a lengthy custodial sentence for the offender. Sadly this doesn’t appear to be the case when the defendant is a Bearded Savage who can convince the judge that the defendant is ‘naive’. According to the Guardian who quoted 2011 figures, the average sentence for rape is now 8 years imprisonment, which makes the suspended sentence given to Adil Rashid, 18 of Birmingham even more unjust and inexplicable.

The Judge in the case, Judge Michael Stokes, sentenced the rapist Rashid to the non-punishment of 9 months youth custody suspended for two years along with a two year probation order. It is incredible that in a time when everyone is made aware of the dangers of paedophilia, and the general population is also more aware of the problem of Islamic Grooming Gangs, that a Judge of all people, should let a nonce like this walk. What is disturbing is that when he wants to be, Judge Stokes is willing to impose appropriate sentences as well as inappropriate ones, and was in fact the judge who presided over one of the trials that resulted from the Nottingham riots of 2011 and who sent down one of the rioting defendants in that case for a well deserved 14 years.

The court report, published in the Daily Mail, said that the main reason for this sentence being given was because Rashid had come from a traditionalist Islamic background and was ‘educated’ in a UK Madrasssa that gave Rashid virtually no knowledge of the world outside that of Islam.

The Daily Mail said:

“A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless.

Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’ “

What this case shows is that not only are certain judges going out of their way to avoid offending or stirring up members of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces, but that many Madrassas may be teaching ideologies that run totally counter to British society, and that nothing appears to be being done to stop that. As a nation we should no more be allowing Madrassas to teach that non-Muslim women and girls are worthless, than we would allow something on the lines of the Adolf Hitler Memorial Secondary School to set up shop. The fact that the equalities industry would quite rightly be outraged by the latter entity but are not at all outraged by the former entity, the Madrassa is an indication of just how morally vacuuous much of the equalities establishment has become.

We should not allow Islamic groups to set up any more indoctrination centres masquarading as Madrassas and start to close down those that already exist, because they so often have proved themselves to be untrustworthy. Those who run and promote these Madrassas should also face prosecution for inciting hatred of other groups, after all this is what would happen if a Christian school was inciting hatred against members of other religious groups. We should hold the followers of Islam to the same strictures of Law that we all are held. The existence of an ‘Islamic Get Out Of Jail Free’ card makes a mockery of the concept of justice. Justice has certainly not been pursued in this case.

Unlike the separate religious schools operated by other religions, such as the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Jews and others, only the Islamic schools are encouraging their pupils to violently hate and despise the morals and values of the society in which they live, whatever else these schools teach, for example Creationism, they do at least teach that rape is wrong, unlike what appears to be being taught in these Madrassas. This promotion of hatred in Islamic schools should not be tolerated any longer and Ofsted and other agencies need to get into these schools and shut them down.

Young people are being brainwashed in Islamic ‘educational’ establishments to hate their neighbour and to see their neighbour as ‘untermenschen’ or sub-human, that is not morally or legally right, and needs to stop. The festering boil of Islamic promotion of hatred that we have allowed to grow in the UK needs to be comprehensively lanced before it infects another generation. Let us start viewing what is taught in Islamic schools as we once viewed with horror the curriculum of the Hitler Youth, because as often as not, there is very little difference between what is being taught in either case.


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Muslim Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was Illegal Spared Jail

A Muslim appearing in court charged with grooming and having sex with a 13 year old girl claimed he didn’t know it was illegal because of his Muslim teaching. In saving his own bacon he has confirmed what many of us have been saying for a long time about the things being taught at Muslim only schools

He  said he had been taught a woman was “no more worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground”. 

Where in the British national curriculum does that feature? This is the danger with these Muslim only schools especially where they are taught in non English. Where many of those doing the teaching are not actually qualified teachers but  unqualified Muslim religious teachers. No amount of visits from Ofsted  inspectors is ever going to uncover what really goes on in these places. They simply change the topics of the lessons for the duration of the inspectors being there. Then its back to teaching Islamic style. Where the curriculum goes out the window and all the teachings are based on the Koran, which is not only outdated but full of inconsistencies and false science.

Is it any wonder that in Muslim countries where all the schools are of this kind that they lag so far behind the rest of the world in terms of intelligence and knowledge.  What have any of the Muslim countries ever been known for inventing? other than the square wheel and jihad!   How many Muslims have ever won a Nobel prize for sciences in which many women from the western world done.

I didn’t know sex with
13-year-old was illegal

Student, 18, blames Muslim teaching

Adil Rashid

‘Tempted by girl’ … Adil Rashid yesterday
Published: 17 hrs ago
 A STUDENT who had sex with a 13-year-old girl claimed he didn’t know it was illegal because of his strict Muslim upbringing, a court heard yesterday.

Adil Rashid, 18, met the girl on Facebook and groomed her for two months before booking a hotel where they had sex.

But when cops arrested him, he claimed he did not know about the age of consent because of his Muslim education in a madrassa school.

He also said he had been taught a woman was “no more worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground”.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Rashid met the girl on Facebook and had chatted and texted with her for two months. Last July he travelled from his home in Birmingham, having booked a hotel room in Nottingham.

He met the girl in the city centre and they went to the hotel and had sex. They left two hours later.

Rashid was arrested the following week after the girl told a school pal what had happened. The friend then told a teacher who alerted police.

Julia Smart, defending, had told an earlier hearing that Rashid had been educated in a madrassa and had “little experience of women”.

The barrister said he told a psychologist after his arrest that he did not know having sex with a 13-year-old was against the law. Rashid told police that he had been “tempted by her”. The court was told he had later “felt bad” about having sex with her.

Judge Michael Stokes QC said: “He’s had an unusual education, certainly in terms of the sexual education provided. Comparing women to lollipops is a very curious way of teaching young men about sex.”

The judge added Rashid must have known it was illegal “unless he was going around with his eyes shut”. He also noted Rashid’s school taught that sex outside marriage is forbidden.

Judge Stokes described Rashid as “passive” and said sending him to jail might cause him “more damage than good”.

Rashid was sentenced to nine months in youth custody, suspended for two years.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4763915/I-didnt-know-sex-with-13-year-old-was-illegal-says-student-18-who-blames-Muslim-teaching.html#ixzz2J6a5xCPT

Government Say Muslim Schools Promote Extremism, Tell Us Something We Havent Already Known For Years

The government have finally realised what patriots and anti-islamists  have been saying for years. That Muslim only schools and  madrassahs are breeding grounds for Muslim extremists due to the racist Islamo-fascist views being taught by those who are meant to be educating the children in the British national curriculum. In effect that government are now saying exactly the same things that anti-islam campaigners and groups like the EDL have been saying for years and were branded as racists, Nazis and fascists for doing so. Suppose an apology is out of the question, one consolation is maybe something will get done about this long standing problem now. Where they will find several Urdu and Arabic Islamic apostates to go undercover and expose what’s happening i have no idea. That is the only way we will ever know the truth. A Muslim worker would never drop his fellow cult members in it, a non Muslim would be hard to even get access and any ofsted people who go doing their checks would simply be fobbed off with a change of subject topic.

The reports findings  linked the Muslim schools with various terrorist and racist Islamic groups both in the UK and abroad. Regular Kafir Crusaders visitors will most likely be aware that we have a regular Muslim commentator by the name of  Iftikhar Ahmad from the London School Of Islamics. In total contrast to the government report, he believes that state run Muslim schools are the answer to everything. Infact he has even contributed many Muslim sex offenders and paedophiles heinous behaviour and perverted acts down to the fact that they was taught in non Muslim only schools which use English language . No doubt he will have something to cut and paste on this subject

Extremism unchecked in schools, secret briefing reveals

More than 100 independent faith schools may be radicalising students, the Department of Education has warned in a secret memo which admits that officials are struggling to tackle extremism in state and private lschools.

Extremism unchecked in schools, secret briefing reveals

Michael Gove has called for a ban on support for non-violent extremism Photo: MARTIN POPE
Duncan Gardham

By , and Tom Whitehead

1:00PM GMT 31 Dec 2012

Michael Gove, the education secretary, was one of the key voices calling for a ban on support for non-violent extremism when it published its Prevent strategy to fight radicalisation last year.

But behind closed doors there are concerns about 118 “socially conservative” independent faith schools – the vast majority of them Muslim – where pupils may be encouraged to cut themselves off from mainstream society.

Ministers have been told they do not have “detailed information” about the religious orientation of the groups and movements behind all independent faith schools.

And officials have privately admitted that they also have no system in place to identify institutional extremism in state schools, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

They say there is also “a gap between what we think we know and what we can prove” because they cannot use undercover methods open to journalists.

From January, the Independent School Standards will require a respect for “fundamental British values” including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Ofsted has not yet trained its inspectors in how to enforce such standards but it is introducing a “specialist cadre” of inspectors to look at faith schools as part of a planned “prioritised inspection programme.”

However, the education department has admitted in briefings that it can only look at the “ethos” of independent schools, rather than how they are actually run.

And the department says it has failed to measure the mindset in state schools because it cannot work out how to “detect” extremism or a “baseline” to start from.

In the state sector, officials are only able to look at data where pupils are referred to a project called Channel, designed to help them move away from extremism.

But there are concerns that the measure is unreliable as some schools with problems may not have made any referrals.

Two teaching assistants in state schools have been involved in terrorism – Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the July 7 bombers in Leeds, and Zahoor Iqbal, who helped a man planning to kidnap and execute a British soldier in Birmingham.

Religious schools are the fastest growing sector of independent schools with 80 new registrations a year.

Among “schools of interest” are three run by the Islamic Shaksiyah Foundation in Haringey, North London and Slough, Berks. Reports have claimed the foundation is run by senior members and activists of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an extremist political group that campaigns for an Islamic state.

The school said they had been reassured by the Department for Education that they have “no concerns about extremism in our schools” and said there was “no involvement of Hizb-ut-Tahrir activists on the board of the foundation.”

Another school, the Alif Academy in Forest Gate, East London, is also on the list. The local council has raised concerns about links with Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Hasib Hikmat, the head teacher, said he was “shocked” by the allegations because the Department of Education had registered his school in 2011 and dealt with it “professionally and responsibly.”

Another causing concern is the Darul Uloom school in Birmingham, associated with the missionary group Tablighi Jamaat, where an undercover documentary recorded children being taught a hardline version of Islam that criticised Hindus and Jews.

The document also mentions a proposal to set up a school attached to the Central Mosque in Rochdale, called Darul Ilm, which is also associated with Tablighi Jamaat.

Neither responded to requests for comment.

The briefing document also highlights an application to set up a private school at the Green Lanes Mosque in Birmingham, which has links to fundamentalist “salafi” Muslims in Pakistan, and where another undercover documentary filmed preachers speaking out against homosexuals and non-Muslims.

The mosque said the school would be run by a separate board of trustees who “have not engaged, or promoted any sort of extremist related activity or otherwise” and who were addressing issues raised by the DfE.

To add to the problems the education department faces, included in the list of “socially conservative” schools also those run by Orthodox Jews and the fundamentalist Christian sect the Plymouth Brethren.

A Department for Education spokesman said Ofsted inspectors would not go out specifically to look for extremism but added: “Ofsted is working to ensure all inspectors have the necessary knowledge and expertise to determine whether extremist beliefs are being promoted in a school and then to take appropriate action.”

The government’s counter-radicalisation strategy, called “Prevent” warned last year that some people who are supportive of terrorist groups and ideologies had “sought and sometimes gained positions in schools or in groups which work closely with young people.”

The report warned that at least three separate al-Qaeda-related operations had involved people who became involved in extremism while they were at school, including July 7 and the trans-Atlantic airlines plot.

Eleven of the convictions for terrorism-related offences associated with al-Qaeda had been committed by people aged between 15 and 19, it added.

The youngest person convicted of terrorism-related offences was Hammaad Munshi, who was 15 when he was arrested carrying two small bags of ball bearings, a key component of a suicide vest, on his way home from his GCSEs at Westborough High School in Dewsbury.

The strategy also reported that a minority of independent faith schools had been “actively promoting views that are contrary to British values, such as intolerance of other cultures and gender inequality” and had “allowed extremist views to be expressed by staff, visitors or pupils.”

The document said there had been concerns that madrassahs – after-school religious classes attached to mosques – were promoting a highly conservative version of Islam and spreading extremist views, particularly against non-Muslims. It estimated that 100,000 Muslim children attended such schools.

Halal meat off school menus in Lancashire

Great news for parents in Lancashire then knowing halal meat is now off the menu for their childrens school dinners. Muslim children will now have the same choices as non Muslim children had previously veggie or packed lunch if they dont want non halal.For years the rest had only those two options or have halal that by law is only meant for consumption by Muslims and also had been sacrificed in the name of a pagan god,allah.

Halal meat off school menus in Lancashire

10:47am Monday 22nd October 2012 in NewsBy Sophia Rahman, Reporter

THOUSANDS of Muslim children have been left without meat in their school meals after the county council suddenly axed its contract with a halal products supplier.

Education chiefs admitted it could take months before a replacement for KQF Foods is found – prompting the Council of Mosques to warn that youngsters’ diets could suffer.

A total of 68 Lancashire County Council schools are affected, including 45 in Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Rossendale.

Five schools in Blackburn and Darwen, which still receive produce through the county’s central catering unit, have also lost their halal meat supplies.

Lancashire Council of Mosques chairman Salim Mulla said: “With the amount of Muslim children in schools under the local authority’s care we are concerned about where they will source their meat in the future.

“We want to see this difficulty resolved quickly. We are worried about our children being left without meat in their diet for any long period.”

Halal is the description of food and drink Muslims are allowed to consume under Islamic dietary laws, as defined in the Koran.

Classifying of halal food, including meat which must be slaughtered in a certain way, can only be carried out by a Muslim expert in the laws.

Confusion surrounds why KQF lost its contract, which started in May 2009 and was renewed in April.

The move follows an unexpected county council food standards inspection into the composition, labelling and quality of the meat on October 9.

The company, based in George West Street, Blackburn, said it had not been given full details of the justification for the decision but believes it relates to paperwork.

A spokesman added the firm was seriously concerned about damage to its reputation.

The county council has refused to disclose the reason but stressed it did not relate to the meat’s Halal accreditation or health and hygiene.

The most recent Blackburn with Darwen council food hygiene inspection gave KQF a clean bill of health and the borough has not advised its schools to stop using the company.

It is understood that the decision to end the contract concerns the precise legal terms between the two parties over the proportion of meat as opposed to water and other bulking products in the halal products following a complaint.

A Lancashire County Council spokeswoman said that it was seeking an emergency temporary supplier of halal products but could give no timescale for securing a new deal.

In the meantime, Muslim children are being offered suitable non-meat and vegetarian alternatives.

KQF’s boss Faruk Valli is currently on a Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

A representative of the company, which employs 30 staff, said: “We had a county council inspection two weeks ago and we failed because our paperwork was not up to date.

“We have only just been inspected by Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Environmental Health officer and they say our hygiene standards are up to scratch.

“We have no idea why the contract was terminated.

“When our managing director gets back we hope to correct any issues and get back to supplying schools Lancashire wide with halal meat as it is the children that are suffering.

“We are concerned this could seriously damage our reputation.”

Roger Eakhurst, the council’s assistant director for catering, said: “The health and safety of pupils must always come first in the provision of any supplies to our school kitchens and so we took immediate action.

“We hope to re-establish a supply of halal meat as soon as possible and in the meantime we hope parents and children will bear with us.”

Blackburn with Darwen schools chief Coun Tony Humphrys said: “The council recently became aware that a major catering provider to schools in Blackburn with Darwen has ceased using the Blackburn based provider of Halal meat on the basis of an audit which found breaches in relation to their specified contract with the company.

“We had only inspected the premises in September but following the concerns, we inspected the premises again and are satisfied that there is currently no risk to health.”