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Blackburn Rape Jihad: Schoolgirl Attacked On Canal Path

Rape jihad has once again raised its ugly head in Blackburn where a schoolgirl has been sexually assaulted whilst walking down the canal path. The heavily islamized Lancashire town has seen scores of sex attacks recently committed by Muslim sexual predators 

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

Detectives have launched an investigation after a report of sexual assault in Blackburn.

Police were called on Sunday (May 14) following an incident close to Hall Street.

Around 1.25pm, a 15-year-old girl had been walking on the canal path between Highfield Road bridge and the canal lock on Bolton Road close to The Raj Restaurant.

A man approached her and as the pair walked under the bridge she was sexually assaulted. The victim fought with the man and the offender made off from the scene.

The suspect is described as an Asian male, aged 17 to 19-years-old, 5ft 3in tall, of slim build with facial stubble.

He was wearing large, square glasses, a large gold watch, a black hooded top, blue pants and black trainers.

He was also walking with a limp.

Police are appealing for information and are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or helped the victim after the attack.

Det Con David Richardson, of Blackburn CID, said:

“We have launched an investigation after a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Blackburn.

“We believe the teenager was followed by a man who touched her inappropriately close to Highfield Road bridge.

“While the victim fought the attacker off, we believe a number of people came to her assistance and we are keen to speak to these people.

“Furthermore, a good description has been provided of the suspect. If you recognise this man or can assist with our enquiries, please call us immediately.”

Anyone with information can contact police on (01254) 353563 quoting crime reference ED1707704.

Alternatively independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at Crimestoppers-uk.org


Hertfordshire Police Issue Grooming Warning About Asian Named ‘Mo’

Police issue Muslim child  groomer alert in Herts. For some strange reason ‘Mo’certainly seems to be a very popular name amongst groomers targeting schoolgirls.

muslim grooming gangs target british schoolgirls. islam allows sex with children

A man calling himself ‘Mo’ has been using social media to speak to girls, from Years 9 and 12, in order to gain their trust and invite them to meet in his car.

Most of his advances are by Instagram and once he persuades the girls for a ride he gives them alcohol and cannabis, and in a small number of cases he has sent them indecent images.

Herts Police are treating him as a serious risk to the girls’ safety.

Mo is described as Asian, in his mid-20s, 5ft 8ins, slim build, and driving a black Vauxhall Corsa.

The safeguarding alert first appeared in St George’s School’s newsletter, and has started to make the rounds by word of mouth – it has since featured on Sir John Lawes School’s website as well.

It says: “Can all parents please remind their children of the need to keep themselves safe online and for them to certainly not agree to meet up with individuals who have approached them in this way.

“I would encourage parents to do all they can to educate their children, as we do as a school, on online safety and report any concerns to the police.”

A spokesperson from Herts Police said they are investigating the incidents: “Detectives from Hertfordshire Constabulary are currently investigating and appropriate safeguarding measures around the girls involved have been carried out.

“We would ask that parents talk to their children about being safe online.”

Further information about this can be found at http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555





Daytime Attempted Abduction Of Girl Aged 12 In Heywood

Attempted abduction of a 12 year old girl yesterday afternoon in Heywood, Greater Manchester. Previously Heywood was in the news for all the wrong reasons as the location of a take away used by members of the Rochdale grooming gang for their heinous pimping out of vulnerable local girls. 

Instinctively upon seeing the words ‘abduction attempt’ or similar in a news headline you just know before looking any further that the offender will be described as ‘Asian’. Indicating the involvement of members of ‘the religion of peace’. Nothing new there then!!  

Given that official figures put Muslims at 6% of the UK population and the other 94% non Muslims. Then you would expect Muslims to only be responsible for only 6% of offences if they commit no  higher % when compared to others. Like the far left and Muslim apologists keep telling us. That’s less than 1 in 10 Muslim committed and the other 9 of a similar nature committed by non Muslims. Err don’t think so somehow !!!!

These kind of attacks are no different. Abductions or attempted one on women, schoolgirls and boys

  • Like in cases of grooming gangs .
  • Like random on the street sex attacks and rapes.
  • Like taxi drivers committing sex crimes on female passengers 

 =  Muslims way over represented in % of offenders


Girl, 12, escapes Heywood abduction attempt

Manchester Road, HeywoodImage copyrightGoogle
Image captionThe girl was walking along Manchester Road in Heywood when she was approached by a man in a car

A 12-year-old girl fled after a man tried to abduct her as she walked home, Greater Manchester Police said.

She was walking along Manchester Road in Heywood when a car pulled up alongside her at 15:25 BST on Thursday.

Police said the driver then wound down the window and shouted: “Get it in the car. I don’t want to say it again – get in the car!”

She managed to run back to her school, and police have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

The driver is described as Asian, aged between 30 and 40, with a moustache, stubble, shaved black hair and bushy black eyebrows.

He was driving a small, dirty, white car.

PC Andrew Brown said: “The young girl was thankfully unharmed, but was left understandably shaken by the incident.

“People should be vigilant and keep an eye out for a vehicle and driver matching the above description in the Heywood area.”


Muslim Police Officer Alleged To Have Raped And Abused 13 Girls In Luton


Mohammed Arshad from Luton was one of a very small amount of Muslims to have join the Police force. He was meant to protect and serve the vulnerable in society . That was to hard for him, instead he preferred to rape and abuse vulnerable girls. Turns out it was actually PC Peado who people needed protecting from.

Like so many of his Islamic brothers tried to emulate the perfect Muslim Mohammed, just as the Koran instructs. One part he succeeded in was having the same deviant sexual interest in children.

Despite several articles in the local press, all seem to be omitting a picture of the paedo. Just lately always seem the case when the press are reporting on a Muslim before the bench. For that very reason alone i did a few searches to see if i could unearth something myself but to no avail.  

What i did find was this newspaper report (below) from his police passing out

Former Luton Borough Council CCTV worker PC Mohammed Arshad described how proud he was to put on a police uniform after succeeding in a highly competitive selection process. He will be serving in Luton – a community he has known well for 17 years. The 34-year-old added: “I made it very clear in my reflective diary of just how proud I was to put on this uniform and to attest as a police officer. I didn’t have a great view of the police in my community growing up but I changed my perception when I started working with them. From the outside it looks quite easy, but being in the police made me realise how accountable the police are.“I trained through Ramadan and I wasn’t eating from 2am until 5pm. My concentration was struggling but my sergeants were understanding and supported me throughout the training.”

Cant have been that proud of wearing the uniform because he disgraced it the moment he interfered with a minor.


A LUTON trainee police officer told a 15-year-old girl he would pay her £50 for sex, a jury heard today (February 17).

Mohammed Arshad also offered her £20 to perform a sex act on him, the girl alleged.

She is alleged to be one of 13 young victims of Arshad, who is said to have ‘trawled’ social media to satisfy his obsession with teenage girls.

Arshad, 35, is on trial at St Albans Crown Court accused of grooming numerous underage girls over the Internet, cruising around Luton with them in his black Mercedes and persuading them to have sexual activity with him.

In a police interview played to the jury of 6 women and 6 men, the girl said Arshad, who was known as Waz, contacted her over Blackberry Messenger in 2014 when she was 15.

She said: “He asked where I lived and how old I was. I said I was 15 and lived in Luton.

“He said he was 19 and said he was training to be a police officer.

“After about a week he said I will pay you £50 for sex. I said: ‘No’ He said: ‘Are you sure?’

“He said he would definitely pay me.”

The girl said he offered to pay her £20 for her to perform a sex act on him. She went on: “He said we wouldn’t do anything in public. We could go somewhere private in his car.”

She said she did not reply and deleted him from her contacts.

Three weeks later the girl was in Stopsley when she went for a drive with him in his car with two other girls. She said he then contacted her over Facebook.

Defence lawyer Angela Kernow said Arshad denied contacting the girl via BBM. She said he only contacted her via Facebook after meeting her in Stopsley.

Under cross examination the girl denied that he only contacted her via Facebook after he had met her in Stopsley.

She denied telling him she was 18, but admitted that the age she gave on her Facebook page was 5 years older than it actually was.

Opening the case, prosecutor James Newton-Price told the jury: “He flattered girls and complimented them and sent sexually suggestive messages.

“Some of the girls liked the attention and may have been flattered, but if they are under 16 it doesn’t matter.

“Most refused his sexual advances. Some thought it was a joke.

“He persistently pestered girls for sex or some sort of touching or groping.”

Mr Newton-Price said the youngest of the girls was 13, nearly 14. Arshad sent her a picture of his penis. He said the girls were very impressionable and at a vulnerable age.

It was also alleged that Arshad paid one 16 year old girl for sex – some that was illegal as she was aged under 18.

The prosecutor said the police officer would have known they were under age as most were still at secondary school. It would have been obvious they had been under 16 or there would have been a high risk of it, he said.

The prosecutor went on: “He was more aware of the letter of the law than most people because he had a responsible position in the community.

“At the time he was seeking sexual contact with underage teenage girls, he was also a Police Constable with Bedfordshire police.”

Mr Newton-Price said Arshad applied to join the force in 2013 and was interviewed in April 2014, becoming a probationer. “He didn’t last long because these matters came to the attention of other police officers by October 2014. He was suspended from duty.”

The court was told that when his home was searched, images of teenage girls were found on his Blackberry phone. 188 more images of teenage girls were also on his computers. “We say the images are clear evidence of an obsessive interest in teenage girls,” said Mr Newton-Price.

He told the jury that Arshad contacted and arranged to meet numerous teenage girls. 12 of the 13 girls were aged under 16 and too young to consent to sexual activity with an adult.

Arshad, of Ferndale Road, Luton, denies 22 charges. 11 are causing a child to engage in sexual activity, 3 of sexual activity with a child, 4 of meeting a child following sexual grooming, one of rape, supplying cannabis, causing a child to watch a sexual act and paying for the sexual services of a child.

The charges relate to 13 alleged victims who were aged between 13 and 16 and cover a period between October 2012 until December 2014.

When questioned by the police, he gave a prepared statement saying he thought the girls were aged 16 or over.



12 Muslim Nonces Sentenced To 140 Years For Raping Schoolgirl In West Yorkshire

Twelve Muslim beasts have been jailed for a total of 140 years. They were members of a sex gang who raped a 14 vulnerable schoolgirl in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Little over a month into the year and already we have seen 2 large Muslim grooming gangs slammed for a catalogue of offences relating to sexually exploiting vulnerable white schoolgirls. Last week 10 Islamononces from Rochdale were found guilty and now 12 from Keighley. There is also an ongoing grooming gang trial of Muslims from Rotherham also.

The judge at Bradford Crown Court said of the grooming gangs attitude towards the victim:

“They saw her as a pathetic figure who had no worth and who served no other purpose than to be an object that they could sexually misuse and cast aside,” he added. “They showed her no shred of decency or humanity when as a vulnerable child she so needed care and understanding.”

That is not only the attitude of those beasts being sentenced here but the attitude of most Muslim men in general.  It is who they are as people. This is how Islam teaches them to think that men are superior to women. That Muslims are superior to non Muslims so in their eyes a white non Muslim girl is pretty much the lowest of the low. They treat them no different to the way Mohammed did, as objects to use and abuse for their own sexual gratification.  

A GANG of 12 men who took raped and took “terrible and heartless sexual advantage” of a vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl before “casting her aside” have been locked up for a total of 140 years.

Ten of the men were jailed after being convicted of raping the girl in the town when she was aged between 13 and 14. Another man was found guilty of sexual activity with the same girl.

The 12th man pleaded guilty to rape and sexual activity with a child.

A trial last year heard how the teenager was repeatedly raped by the men in encounters arranged by a violent drug dealer over a period of 13 months between 2011 and 2012.
The drug dealer, described as the “evil mastermind” of the group, Arif Choudhury, is thought to have fled to Bangladesh. Choudhury, now 18 and formerly of Victoria Avenue, Keighley, was accused by the girl of raping her in the grounds of a Keighley church when she was 13 after she refused to sell anymore drugs for him.

On one occasion, the girl was gang-raped by five of the defendants.

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas said the men had been “heartless and demeaning” when the girl, who was 13 and 14 at the time, “clearly demanded pity and understanding.”

“They saw her as a pathetic figure who had no worth and who served no other purpose than to be an object that they could sexually misuse and cast aside,” he added.

“They showed her no shred of decency or humanity when as a vulnerable child she so needed care and understanding.”

The judge said the defendants had “largely tried to hide behind their silence” when interviewed by the police and given the opportunity to speak in court, but added, there were “nevertheless some good indications of their real attitude”.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Clockwise, from top left, Nazir and Faisal Khan, Zain Ali, Saqib Younis, Sufyan Zirarab, Mohammed Akram, Hussain Sardar and Israr Ali pictured during the trial at Bradford Crown Court

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Clockwise, from top left, Nazir and Faisal Khan, Zain Ali, Saqib Younis, Sufyan Zirarab, Mohammed Akram, Hussain Sardar and Israr Ali pictured during the trial at Bradford Crown Court

“Listing a few of those references is insightful. They show the same contemptuous and disrespectful attitude to the girl that most of them have demonstrated to this Court throughout the trial and which I have already commented upon,” Judge Thomas said.
When the trial finished, in December, the judge described the behaviour of some defendants in court as some of the worst he had seen in his 40-year career.

Today, he added to those comments.

“I have had a very considerable opportunity during the course of the trial that lasted several weeks…to observe you defendants in open court and see your behaviour and attitudes. Things that I have had to publicly comment on on many occasions as I have attempted to regulate the proceedings. Comments and enjoinders that fell though on deaf ears as your appalling attitudes to these proceedings persisted nevertheless,” the judge said.

“As I have said previously the attitudes that the majority of you have so clearly demonstrated to these proceedings has been contemptuous, disrespectful and arrogant on a scale that I have hardly seen before in many years of practice in the Criminal Law. Exactly the same as your attitude to the 13/14 year-old-girl who you all sexually abused and exploited for your own selfish gratification.

“I cannot, and will not, sentence you now for your appalling attitude to these proceedings but it is something that is very informative in my assessment of you as individuals and your offending for which I am sentencing you.”

The judge said he had read pre-sentence and other reports about the defendants and commented on the intelligence of two the men, Israr Ali and Sufyan Ziarab.

“Although they have produced very low scores in formal IQ testing it is nevertheless entirely apparent from the circumstances of these offences, their demeanour in court, their interviews with the police, their previous convictions and in their use of social media that they are far from being anything other than totally understanding of and responsible for their reprehensible sexual misconduct in this case,” the judge said.

Four of the men abused the girl in the underground car park of a disused police station in Keighley.

The four men were two pairs of brothers and neighbours who lived very near to the old building where they would hang out and smoke cannabis extensively.

“Although Tauqueer Hussain was employed and held down a job, their lifestyles were generally feckless and unattractive,” Judge Thomas said.

The girl was often forced to perform sex on the men and one time was there for several hours.

“More than one defendant would have her perform sex immediately after another had just done the same,” said the judge.

“There are many highly unpleasant details that [the victim] does give about what happened to her in the car park which reflect the degradation, humiliation and violence that she was subjected to.”

Yasser Kabir, 25, of Belgrave Road, Keighley, was found guilty of three counts of rape and was jailed for 15 years for each count, to run concurrently.

Kabir was also sentenced for raping and abusing two little girls when he was a boy. He was given five years for those offences, to run consecutively to the 15-year sentence, meaning he will serve 20 years.

Kabir’s half-brother, Tauqeer Hussain, also known as Toki, 23, of Belgrave Road, Keighley, was also found guilty of two counts of rape, relating to two victims. He was jailed for 13 years for each count in relation to the Keighley schoolgirl, to run concurrently, with five years added for his second victim, meaning he will serve 18 years.

Sufyan Ziarab (Sufy) 23, of Kendal Mellor Court, Keighley, was given two concurrent 15 year sentences for two counts of rape.

His brother, Bilal Ziarab, (Billy or Browny) 21, of Sedgwick Close, Manningham, Bradford, was given two concurrent 12-year sentences.

Five of the men were found guilty of lining the girl up to rape her on Dalton Lane, Keighley.

The judge said this was an example of the “the vile practice of Arif arranging and facilitating the gang rape of the girl by having you men ‘line up’ to take turns” with the girl.

Nazir Khan (Khany) 24, of Buxton Street, Keighley, was jailed for 13 years for one count of rape.

Inbred nonces the Khan brothers: Sex offending runs in the family

His brother, Faisal Khan, (Buller) 27, of Buxton Street, Keighley, will also serve 13 years for one rape count.

Hussain Sardar (Dolly) 19, of Bradford Street, Lawkholme, Keighley, will serve six years detention in a young offenders’ institution for one count of rape. Judge Thomas said the sentence reflected his then age of 15 years and the victim’s description of his “somewhat pathetic participation.”

Saqib Younis (Saqi Butcher) 29, of Bradford Street, Lawkholme, Keighley, was jailed for 13 years for one count of rape.

Ugly Muslim beast who raped white girl aged 14

Zain Ali (Droopy) 20, of Buxton Street, Keighley, was given an eight-year detention sentence in a young offenders’ institution, to reflect his age of 16 and 17 at the time of the offences.

Israr Ali, the youngest defendant in the dock, raped the schoolgirl when he was 15-years-old, about 18 months older than the girl. He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institute.

Ali, also known as Sari, now 19, of Devonshire Street West, Keighley, was told he took “vile sexual advantage” of the girl and looked upon her as “no more than a worthless object.”

Mohammed Akram, a 63-year-old cab driver, of Holker Street, Keighley, was convicted of sexual activity with the girl once in his cab when he was 59 and she 14.

The judge jailed Akram for five years.

The 12th man to be jailed, Khalid Mahmood, is already behind bars for raping another victim.

muslim nonce Khalid Mahmood had raped before

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Khalid Mahmood


He pleaded guilty at the start of the trial to twice raping the teenager and three offences of sexual activity with a child.

The 34-year-old, then of Gordon Street, Keighley, was given extended sentences of imprisonment, concurrent on each rape count, of 17 years. He was told that extended sentence comprised of a custodial term of 13-and-a-half years and an extended licence period of three-and-a-half years.

After the case, Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Bryar, of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “We are pleased that these men have now been sentenced for their terrible crimes against vulnerable young girls.
“We would like again to praise the victims for their courage in coming forward and enabling these men to be put before the courts. We hope that today’s sentences will give them some closure and help them with rebuilding their lives.

“Child Sexual Exploitation remains a priority for West Yorkshire Police. It totally unacceptable and it is the responsibility of all agencies, communities and individuals to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

“West Yorkshire Police, the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and partner agencies are committed to doing everything they possibly can to ensure that children are safe, cared for and protected from harm. We are committed to working closely with these partners and will take positive action against those who abuse or neglect children.

“We hope that this case will encourage others who may have been victims of child sexual exploitation, whether recently or in the past, to come forward and report it to the police, who will always seek to take positive action against the perpetrators.”

Speaking after the case, the MP for Keighley and Ilkley Kris Hopkins said: “In November 2012, I made a speech in the House of Commons expressing my horror at the fact that there were gangs of Asian men going around Keighley raping white girls.

“I was castigated from many quarters, received many abusive pieces of correspondence and on one occasion was forced to clear my constituency office after receiving a threat.

“This case, the many guilty verdicts reached and the heavy sentences rightly handed down underline the nature and the truth of the evil I spoke about back then and will continue to raise until it has been eradicated.

“I am very well aware that there are numerous white paedophiles out there and they should be dealt with just as harshly. But the sick model of organised groups of Asian men grooming young white girls to be sexually abused remains a blight at the heart of many communities across this country. And sadly Keighley is at the top of the list.

“I want to congratulate all of the police officers who played a part in bringing these guilty men to justice. It can often be a harrowing task to collect the necessary evidence to secure convictions and, once again, West Yorkshire Police has done an outstanding job.

“I hope that the force’s dedication and professionalism will encourage other victims to come forward and help put other perpetrators behind bars. I am very happy to provide all necessary support through my office to facilitate this.

“I continue to work very closely with senior police officers and ministers, including the Home Secretary Theresa May, to see what more can be done to uncover child grooming rings and track down those involved. We have already achieved a number of improvements to national law and I am confident that further positive changes will be made.

“But I must end with a plea. Whilst the police, the Government and I as the local MP will continue to join forces to tackle these issues, we need the support of the entire community behind us.

“I love Keighley, it’s the town I grew up in and I’m privileged to be its Member of Parliament. But Keighley’s proud name has been dragged through the mud too many times in recent years because of the heinous acts of sick men preying on vulnerable young girls.

“I appeal directly to members of the local community that if you know of any individual or groups of individuals who may be involved in these activities, you have an obligation to pass this information on. We must work together to rid ourselves of this cancer, and we all have a part to play.”

The leader of Bradford Council David Green said: “Child sexual exploitation is a dreadful crime which all right minded people deplore and we are pleased this is reflected in the sentencing of these men. We also acknowledge the courage and commitment of the young women in giving their evidence which led to these convictions.

“We are determined, working closely with the police, to ensure all perpetrators of child sexual exploitation are pursued and prosecuted, no matter when the abuse took place.”

“We have invested additional resources in recent years to tackle child sexual exploitation and keep children safe. Our multi-agency hub, which has been operating since January 2012, involving the Police, Council, NHS and voluntary organisations across Bradford District, means we can make sure risks are identified and there is fast and effective intervention.

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“We need help from the community as a whole, from parents and carers, to take responsibility for vulnerable young people and help from neighbours to give us third party information if they suspect that CSE has or is taking place, or that children are at risk. This is an issue for everybody. It goes right into the heart of every community.

“If anyone has any concerns about the safety of a child or a young person in Bradford District they should contact West Yorkshire Police, Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) or Children’s Services Initial Contact Point on 01274 437500 or NSPCC Child Protection helpline on 0808 800 5000.”


Police Appeal For Pervert Who Sexually Assaulted Girl, 13, On Bromley Bus

Any time, any place. Young or old. Nobody and nowhere is safe from the Muslim rape jihad

Police appeal after girl, 13, allegedly sexually assaulted on Bromley bus

Police want to speak to this man in connection with the incident on January 26.

Police want to speak to this man in connection with the incident on January 26.

Police have released a CCTV image after a 13-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted on a bus in Bromley.

The victim was travelling on a route 208 bus between Bromley Town Hall and Ashgrove Road at around 4.10pm on January 26 this year when she was inappropriately touched.

The suspect is described as an Asian man, approximately 25-years-old and of medium build.

He was wearing a black padded gilet over a blue long sleeve top, black beanie style hat with large white logo and grey/white trousers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Alastair Middleton leading the investigation on 07909 877 121 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference 170072.


Mohammed Abubokkor Says Sex Attacks Were Because He Was Drunk And Gets Suspended Sentence

As you most likely know already, Islam strictly forbids Muslims drinking alcohol The slightest drop is a big no no and definitely considered non halal. Still that didn’t stop Muslim sex offender Mohammed Abubokkor  from Sunderland claiming the two sex attacks he committed on random females were because he was drunk after drinking vodka. Not only one bottle of vodka did he drink either, Abubokkor seemingly has a liver made of lead, claiming he drank 2 or 3 bottles of vodka. Enough to put even a hardened drinker on their back before committing his vile sex attacks. 

Unfortunately the Magistrates seemingly bought his story, giving him the all to familiar suspended sentence which Muslims seem to keep receiving for crimes most people would get jailed for. Being drunk and having little memory of your actions is not and never should be an excuse to justify perverted behaviour. Millions of people go out drinking every week without acting on their deviant sexual urges so why couldn’t  Mohammed Abubokkor do the same.

Sunderland man groped girl and woman after getting drunk on vodka

A MAN groped a teenage girl before fleeing into a games hall where he targeted a woman.

Mohammed Abubokkor had drunk “two or three” bottles of vodka when he decided to go out for the evening, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

“He went with a friend to Mowbray Park,” said Glenda Beck, prosecuting. “They sat down on a bench either side of two young girls.

“Abubokkor put his arm around one of the girls and squeezed her breast.

“He kissed her on the neck and tried to put his hand down her front.

“Both girls got up and left.”

The court heard Abubokkor was later tracked on CCTV leaving the park towards Fawcett Street.

“He entered the MFA Bowl,” added Ms Beck. “Among the customers was a woman playing pool.

“Abubokkor approached her. He showed her his passport as proof of age – she was later able to recall the name on it.

“As she bent over the table to take a shot, Abubokkor approached her from behind and put his hands on her crotch and buttock.

“Both victims were later able to pick him out of an identity parade.”

Abubokkor, 25, of Leamington Street, Barnes, Sunderland, admitted two charges of sexual assault on July 28.

The court has told he has previous convictions for being drunk and disorderly, but no convictions for sexual offences.

Chris Wilson, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Abubokkor was very drunk and genuinely has little memory of that night.

“While these were unpleasant offences for the victims, there is nothing to suggest he is a predatory or dangerous sex offender.

“He made some very poor errors of judgment that night which will have consequences.

“There has already been an impact in that social services are not happy with Mr Abubokkor living with his brother, because his brother has children.”

Abubokkor was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, and 120 hours of community work.

Magistrates ordered him to pay £300 compensation to each victim.

Abubokkor must register as a sex offender for seven years.


Paedophile Ansar Sadiq, from Rochdale Jailed For Grooming Schoolgirl

Muslim paedophile Ansar Sadiq has been jailed for grooming and sexually exploiting an under age school girl in Rochdale a town notorious for Muslims grooming gangs targeting white British schoolgirls for sexual abuse. Two major Muslim grooming gang court trials exposed the huge scale of exploitation by a network of Muslim paedophiles in the area. 

Unfortunately this shows the problem still exists in the area. Although on a positive note , at least those responsible are now being brought to justice for their disgusting actions. Only last month police smashed another grooming gang operating in Rochdale as part of their operation sunrise investigation 

Jail for man, 28, who had sex with underage girl during school holidays


Ansar Sadiq, from Rochdale, is locked up at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court after giving the youngster vodka and locking her in his flat

Dec 08, 2014 15:52 Helen Johnson

Ansar Sadiq

A man has been jailed for grooming and having sex with an underage schoolgirl.

Ansar Sadiq, 28, was found guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a child and sentenced to 43 months behind bars at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

The girl met Sadiq, who she came to know as ‘Kash’, through a mutual friend during the school holidays in 2012.

Over the following weeks, the victim and two friends would spend time at Sadiq’s flat in Mitchell Hey, Falinge, Rochdale, where they would drink vodka he bought them.

The girls described how Sadiq would keep the door of the flat locked, even when he went out and left the girls inside.

On several occasions, the girls would sleep over at the flat, pretending to their parents that they were sleeping over at another child’s house.

It was during these nights that Sadiq engaged in sexual activity with the victim several times.

Sadiq, now of Alumwell Road West, Walsall, West Midlands, was also made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention order and told to sign the sex offenders register.

Det Con Ben Harris, of The Sunrise Team, Rochdale’s multi-agency child sexual exploitation team, said: “Sadiq exhibited all the classic characteristics of someone who grooms young people for sex.

“He flattered the victim, bought her alcohol and allowed her to live a lifestyle that her parents would never have allowed, in order to trick her into letting her guard down.

“He was fully aware of how old she was. He knew the girls were on school holidays and that she was under age, but he could not have cared less.

“I would like to commend the bravery of this girl – for her to come forward, disclose and relive the assaults that he committed against her must have been extremely hard.

“I hope now that this sentence goes some way to helping her to resolve what has been an exceptionally difficult time, and that now she and her parents can start rebuilding their lives.”

To report concerns about a child or young person call 101, or 999 in emergencies.

For more information about the Sunrise Team see thesunriseteam.co.uk.

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Paedo Illegal Immigrant From Afghanistan Groomed 14 Year Old Blackburn Girl

Like it or not, the truth is the far lefts dream of turning Britain in to a multicultural utopia has failed miserably. Thanks to the Labour Party welcoming uneducated and anti social Muslim immigrants with open arms and a welfare cheque.

It was inevitable that word would spread of the easy state funded life Muslims could lead here in the UK. Elevating the UK to the number one destination for people in the 3rd world, who will go to any means to get here. Who then behave with a complete lack of respect to those of us civilized people already here and act like they are still in the backwards dumps they have come from.

Afghan illegal immigrant Zia Maroofkhail is a prime example  of the scum who are turning the Uk into a dystopia. By rights he should be in Kabul helping rebuild his country that our forces risk their lives to regain from the oppressive Taliban. Instead of draining the taxpayer funds here to pay for a court case because he could contain his lusting for underage schoolgirls.


kafir crusaders interactive Muslim grooming gangs and muslim paedophiles map of the UK
Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim grooming map


AN AFGHAN asylum seeker is on trial accused of sexual activity with a schoolgirl.

Zia Maroofkhail is accused of striking up a relationship with the youngster, who was 14 at the time, before having sex with her.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the jury at Preston Crown Court she believed the defendant was her ‘boyfriend’ and said he told her he loved her.
The court heard how they first met in a park in Blackburn, when Maroofkhail ‘winked’ at her.The girl told the judge how she visited relatives every weekend and that she thought the defendant must have waited for her near there.

The first time they spoke was in an alleyway, the court was told.The complainant told the court how the two would then chat and arrange to meet by sending messages on Skype.When they got together, they would have sex, she said.The girl said: “I said I am 14, but he does not believe me. He said 15, 16, 17.

“He knows I go to school.”

The teenager told the court that the pair had sex at his house, her house, in an alley and in a field. When they met at his house, it was before school.

The youngster, who admitted she ‘liked’ the defendant, added that if she ever told Maroofkhail, who she knew as Shir Walli, that she did not want to have sex, he would threaten to leave.

The jury was told that DNA from Maroofkhail’s semen was found in two items of the alleged victim’s underwear, as well as on a brown sofa, which she claimed they had sex on.

The defendant had denied the pair had met in person and that the DNA must have been planted by a conspirator.However, he later conceded that they did have sex, but only twice.

Simon Mintz, defending, said his client and the girl did not meet in a park.He told the court: “They met on Skype in fact. “He would say they only knew each other for a couple of months, not the couple of years she describes.

“She turned up out of the blue at his home, walked in, told him she loved him, wanted to marry him and run away with him.

“This was not a full-blown affair.

“It was a short relationship where intercourse took place twice and where she told him that she was 16 going on 17.”

The court was also told how the girl had reported being abused by three men and that she was unhappy at home.

‘Asian’ Tries To Abduct Schoolgirl In Surrey

Another attempted child abduction……..another described as ‘Asian’ (99% Muslim) male responsible. Child abductions are another type of sex crime where Muslims perverts are way over represented.

Schoolgirl targeted by van passenger in ‘attempted abduction’


Police “do not know the intentions of the offender” as suspicious incident on Monday morning is investigated

A note sent to Matthew Arnold School parents described the incident as an “attempted abduction”

A teenage schoolgirl was left “extremely shaken” after a suspicious incident in which she was reportedly targeted by a man in a van.

It happened at around 7.15am on Monday in Chertsey Road, Ashford, near the junction with Alexandra Road.

The man, who was not known to the girl, was in the passenger seat of a white van which had a long scratch along the side.

He was described as Asian, aged in his 50s, with grey hair and wearing black clothing.

Detective Constable Jamie Spooner said: “At this stage, we do not know the intentions of the offender.

“However, the incident is concerning and we need to locate the man responsible.

“This happened in a busy residential road and it is possible that someone in the area heard or saw something strange or suspicious around this time. We urge them to contact us urgently.

“Although the girl was not harmed in any way, it has left her extremely shaken.

“We would like to reassure the public that Surrey Police takes investigations of this nature extremely seriously.”

A message was sent to parents of pupils at Matthew Arnold School in Staines following the incident.

It said: “Police are asking us to re-address our safety advice to students after reports of an attempted abduction in Ashford this morning.

“Students will be reminded of the need to be alert, in tutor time and assembly this afternoon.”

Acting headteacher Mary Gould would not comment on whether the girl involved was a pupil at the school.

DC Spooner said enquiries continued to be made in the local area by police officers and detectives.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Surrey Police on 101 quoting reference 45140082053, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.