MuslimTeacher Zameer Ghumra Jailed For Showing Beheading Videos To Kids At UK Madrassa

Muslim extremist Zameer Ghumra has been jailed for six years for his attempted brain washing of schoolboys at his madrassa (Muslim school). The Islamofascist from Leicster abused his position of trust at the religious school.Using the opportunity to try and radicalise a future generation of jihadis. During lessons the Muslim schoolboys were shown ISIS beheading videos. Zameer Ghumra also promoted the Islamic jihad in Syria portraying ISIS terrorists as some kind of oppressed victims just defending their homes. He also encouraged the children not to have non Muslim friends and integrate with British society.

British pharmacist jailed for showing beheading video to kids
Zameer Ghumra was found guilty of disseminating terrorist propaganda and trying to brainwash young boys

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Zameer Ghumra
Published: 09:33 October 7, 2017

London: A British man was on Friday sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by a UK court for showing a Daesh beheading video to schoolchildren.
Zameer Ghumra was found guilty of disseminating terrorist propaganda and trying to brainwash young boys into supporting Daesh at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

The 38-year-old pharmacist, believed to be of Arabic origin, also told the children they should kill anyone who insulted Islam and instructed them to make only Muslim friends.
“These were shocking crimes which damaged the children and caused offence to the vast majority of law-abiding Muslims,” Judge Gregory Dickson said.
The judge also noted the lack of remorse shown by Ghumra during his trial when determining his sentence.


The jury was told that the children, who came in contact with the accused at a madrassa he had set up, were encouraged to go to Syria to fight with the Daesh where they would have to behead people. Ghumra also followed various Daesh-linked social media accounts and made the two children follow similar accounts. Prosecutor Simon Davis said Ghumra had told a customer that Daesh were “not bad people – they’re only defending themselves”.
Ghumra, from the city of Leicester, was working as a pharmacist in Oundle, Northamptonshire, when he was arrested at Birmingham Airport in September 2015.
He had denied the charges and claimed that the children had been induced to make “false allegations” against him.
Sue Hemming of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: “Zameer Ghumra tried to brainwash impressionable children with this violent ideology by making one watch beheading videos and urging them both to adopt a hard line religious outlook.”
“The CPS case was that he intended to radicalise them in the hope that they would go on to be involved in terrorism.
“The children were brave to give evidence and we would like to thank them for helping to secure this conviction of a dangerous man,” Hemming said.
Ghumra was found guilty of the charge of disseminating “terrorist propaganda” in the form of a graphic Twitter video on his mobile phone between January 2013 and September 2014.
Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden, head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said: “That act alone is unforgivable. His teaching role increases his risk, potentially giving him direct access to young or vulnerable people who may look up to him as an authority figure.”

Teachers And Parents Concern After Three Asian Men Spotted Taking Photos Of Children At Blackburn Primary School

Blackburn certainly seems to be turning into something of a hotspot for Muslim related sex crimes and other deviant behaviour. The joys of Muslim enrichment and multiculturalism.

Suspicious behaviour outside Blackburn primary school sparks warning letter to parents

10:00am Wednesday 19th March 2014 in NewsBy Katie Mercer, Reporter

Lancashire Telegraph: Meadowhead Community Junior and Infant SchoolsMeadowhead Community Junior and Infant Schools

THREE men seen taking photographs of children at a Blackburn primary school have sparked a warning to parents.

Meadowhead Community Junior and Infant Schools, in Anglesey Street, issued a letter to parents after the men were noticed outside acting suspiciously.

Headteacher Allison Chadwick said, in the letter, ‘three men were seen at the infant school behaving in a suspicious manner’.

She said: “They were seen walking up and down the path between the two schools and also trying to take photographs of children.”

The head goes on to describe how a member of the school staff approached the men, and reported the matter to the police.

Last week, Blackburn police issued a warning to parents in the Shadsworth area of Blackburn to rem-ain vigilant, and report any suspicious activity, after a man driving a red van was reported to have approached two girls, aged nine and six.

Meadowhead Junior and Infant Schools have now requested that children are picked up at school by ‘responsible adults’, and that pupils are no longer encouraged to walk home alone.

Kelly Willoughby, a mum who lives in the area, said: “It is messed up. You expect your children to be safe at school. I just don’t know what’s happening to this town. You’re frightened to take your eyes off your child for one second.”

The school has asked for parents and carers to be ‘extra vigilant’ and report any suspicious activity to them, and to call the police.

Nearby St Peters RC Primary School, in Hawkins Avenue, said it had not received any similar rep-orts at the school, but had been alerted about the incid- ent and were ‘on guard.’ A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “The school reported this incident at 9.20am on Monday, and we are investigating. We are checking CCTV from some nearby properties, and have spoken to staff at the school.

“The men are described as Asian males in their early 20s, and all were wearing hoodies.

“One of them was seen taking photographs of the children with a silver digital camera.”


Halal meat off school menus in Lancashire

Great news for parents in Lancashire then knowing halal meat is now off the menu for their childrens school dinners. Muslim children will now have the same choices as non Muslim children had previously veggie or packed lunch if they dont want non halal.For years the rest had only those two options or have halal that by law is only meant for consumption by Muslims and also had been sacrificed in the name of a pagan god,allah.

Halal meat off school menus in Lancashire

10:47am Monday 22nd October 2012 in NewsBy Sophia Rahman, Reporter

THOUSANDS of Muslim children have been left without meat in their school meals after the county council suddenly axed its contract with a halal products supplier.

Education chiefs admitted it could take months before a replacement for KQF Foods is found – prompting the Council of Mosques to warn that youngsters’ diets could suffer.

A total of 68 Lancashire County Council schools are affected, including 45 in Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Rossendale.

Five schools in Blackburn and Darwen, which still receive produce through the county’s central catering unit, have also lost their halal meat supplies.

Lancashire Council of Mosques chairman Salim Mulla said: “With the amount of Muslim children in schools under the local authority’s care we are concerned about where they will source their meat in the future.

“We want to see this difficulty resolved quickly. We are worried about our children being left without meat in their diet for any long period.”

Halal is the description of food and drink Muslims are allowed to consume under Islamic dietary laws, as defined in the Koran.

Classifying of halal food, including meat which must be slaughtered in a certain way, can only be carried out by a Muslim expert in the laws.

Confusion surrounds why KQF lost its contract, which started in May 2009 and was renewed in April.

The move follows an unexpected county council food standards inspection into the composition, labelling and quality of the meat on October 9.

The company, based in George West Street, Blackburn, said it had not been given full details of the justification for the decision but believes it relates to paperwork.

A spokesman added the firm was seriously concerned about damage to its reputation.

The county council has refused to disclose the reason but stressed it did not relate to the meat’s Halal accreditation or health and hygiene.

The most recent Blackburn with Darwen council food hygiene inspection gave KQF a clean bill of health and the borough has not advised its schools to stop using the company.

It is understood that the decision to end the contract concerns the precise legal terms between the two parties over the proportion of meat as opposed to water and other bulking products in the halal products following a complaint.

A Lancashire County Council spokeswoman said that it was seeking an emergency temporary supplier of halal products but could give no timescale for securing a new deal.

In the meantime, Muslim children are being offered suitable non-meat and vegetarian alternatives.

KQF’s boss Faruk Valli is currently on a Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

A representative of the company, which employs 30 staff, said: “We had a county council inspection two weeks ago and we failed because our paperwork was not up to date.

“We have only just been inspected by Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Environmental Health officer and they say our hygiene standards are up to scratch.

“We have no idea why the contract was terminated.

“When our managing director gets back we hope to correct any issues and get back to supplying schools Lancashire wide with halal meat as it is the children that are suffering.

“We are concerned this could seriously damage our reputation.”

Roger Eakhurst, the council’s assistant director for catering, said: “The health and safety of pupils must always come first in the provision of any supplies to our school kitchens and so we took immediate action.

“We hope to re-establish a supply of halal meat as soon as possible and in the meantime we hope parents and children will bear with us.”

Blackburn with Darwen schools chief Coun Tony Humphrys said: “The council recently became aware that a major catering provider to schools in Blackburn with Darwen has ceased using the Blackburn based provider of Halal meat on the basis of an audit which found breaches in relation to their specified contract with the company.

“We had only inspected the premises in September but following the concerns, we inspected the premises again and are satisfied that there is currently no risk to health.”