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Soft Sentence For Muslim Who Offered £1000 Bounty To Beheaded Mosque Robber

Ridiculously low sentence for Muslim extremist Mohammed Bashir from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Drugged up Bashir posted an advert on Gumtree offering £1000 to whoever beheaded the person responsible for robbing the mosque he attends. Posting a CCTV image of the robber. The magistrates strangely did not think that inciting murder was serious enough offence to send him to prison, preferring to sentence him to a lame 80 hours unpaid work. Another Muslim criminal who will be laughing his head off at Britain’s 2 tier justice system.

Spared jail: Dad who offered £1,000 reward for the beheading of a mosque raider while high on cannabis

Mohammed Bashir

A dad has escaped jail after offering a £1,000 reward for the BEHEADING of a man who raided a mosque.

Mohammed Bashir, 26, uploaded the vulgar advert after robbers targeted his place of worship. A court was told he was high on cannabis when he placed the ads in a ‘moment of madness’.

The day after the incident at the Jamia Masjid mosque in Werneth, Oldham on January 4 he wrote two posts on the advertising website Gumtree.

Titled “Reward Beheading” and “Werneth Reward” they contained a CCTV image of a suspect taken from the Mosque’s Facebook page and offered a £1,000 reward to behead them, a court was told.

Jamia Mosque in Werneth

They were spotted by a member of the public who took screenshots and reported them to police, Kerry Bell, prosecuting said.

Officers traced the posts back to Bashir and he admitted the offence after being arrested.

A court heard the posts raised fears of extremism within Oldham’s Muslim community – however Bashir’s lawyer insisted he was not a religious extremist, or a terrorist.

He told police in interview that he was high on cannabis when he wrote the posts and he removed them after just 15 minutes.

Nailia Akhtar, defending said dad-of-two Bashir had already experienced great trauma in his life after the death of his young daughter in March 2013. Eliza Bashir died after accidentally swallowing a battery.

She said: “He clearly didn’t think his actions through as he used his own Gumtree account and his own mobile phone meaning he was quite easy to trace. His actions have been condemned his wife, his family and the mosque.

“It’s had a negative impact on surrounding mosques as it highlights the extremism linked to Islam.

“It’s quite clear this man has no history of extremism and he doesn’t have any inclination of religious motivation.

Mohammed Bashir leaving Oldham Magistrates Court

“This has put his job in jeopardy and the safety of his family at risk.”

Bashir, of Monmouth Street, Oldham pleaded guilty to using a public communication network to send an offensive or menacing message at an earlier hearing.He was today ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work at Oldham Magistrates court.

He also has to pay £145 in costs.

Chairman of the bench Kathleen Kershaw said: “This was a serious offence, especially in the climate at the moment.

“We accept this was a moment of madness for which you have shown great remorse.”

After the incident the mosque posted on their Facebook page saying: “Please be careful with what you say on Facebook, Twitter etc. regarding what happened today/last night at the masjid about the robbery.

“Please don’t make threats about the person online as it could cause complications in the case.

“We are all outraged at this despicable crime but we must act with cool heads and wisdom.

“The last thing we want is one of our own getting in trouble for something they may have said in (justified) anger.”

£2,000 Reward For Finding Nottingham Rape Jihad Taxi Driver

A reward of 2 grand on offer to anybody who can provide information on the identity of a Muslim black cab driver  who sexually assaulted a female passenger on her way home from a night out. Hopefully the cash incentive will encourage one of his Muslim friends or family to come forward with information.

Taxi Sex Attack

18th November 2013, 13:18

Nottinghamshire’s taxi driving community has been asked to help to trace a man who attacked a 19-year-old woman.

The assault took place just before midnight on Monday 11 February 2013 when the victim was making her way home in the back of a dark green London-style Hackney taxi.

The victim was driven to the junction of Trinity Avenue with Albert Road, just off Lenton Boulevard, where the taxi driver stopped the vehicle, went to the back of the taxi and forced the woman to carry out a sex act.

The victim was able to force her way out of the taxi before she was found in a distressed state by a member of the public.

More than 85 drivers have already been ruled out of enquiries but the attacker has not been caught.

He is described Asian, around 40-years-old, 5”6 tall with a big stomach. He was bald with closely shaved or cropped hair all over and was wearing a dark jacket or hooded top that had a silver zip.

Detective Constable Jon Kerry said: “The attack that night has left this young woman badly shaken and frightened.

“We want to bring this man to justice and we need the help of the taxi-driving community to do that. Do you recognise the description? Do you know who could was involved?

“We aren’t aware of any subsequent attacks but we need to make sure people getting into taxis are safe and this won’t happen again.

”We would ask anyone who knows who this man is to contact us. We have ways of easily eliminating people from our inquiry if you do have concerns about it being someone you know.”

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £2,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.


Police in Nottingham Offer Reward For Muslim Sex Attacker

Police in Nottinghamshire are offering a sizeable reward for anybody who can provide information regarding Arish Mohammed. He is wanted in connection to a serious sex attack on a woman last year. If you have seen this sexcase anywhere shop him. Not only will  you have removed a Muslim nonce off the streets, you will also be 3 grand richer, result.

Cash reward for capture of THIS man – suspected of ‘dreadful’ sex attack

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A REWARD of £3,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a man who committed a “dreadful” sex attack in Notts.

Charity Crimestoppers and Notts Police unveiled the reward in a joint announcement yesterday.

  1. Suspect:   Arish Mohammed

    Suspect: Arish Mohammed

The victim, a young woman, was walking through Radford at around 2.30am on Saturday, June 30 last year, when she was attacked from behind by a man.

The stranger then subjected her to a serious sexual assault. He has not yet been caught.

A picture was also released of a man which Crimestoppers and Notts Police said is “believed to be” Arish Mohammed, 27, who is a suspect.

Crimestoppers added: “We are offering up to £3,000 for information passed on directly to the charity anonymously that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this offence.”

Crimestoppers regional manager for the East Midlands, Kiran Dhanda, said: “This young woman has been subjected to a dreadful attackl.

“I appeal to anyone with any information to contact Crimestoppers anonymously and tell us what you know, not who you are.”

To be eligible for the reward, information must be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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