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Evil Sexcase Junaid Badsah From Bolton Who Raped Pregnant Woman Is Jailed

Muslim sicko Junaid Badsah from Bolton really is the filth of humanity. The  sadistic sex fiend subjected two women to years of abuse. On an Islamic power trip he repeatedly raped the women at  times holding a knife to their throat and when one of the women was pregnant. As if the sexual abuse wasn’t enough the bully also mentally abused them with constant threats of violence, including threatening to kill the women’s children if they ever reported him to police. For scum like this wrong-un, prison is to good for him. He should be put down like you would a dog with rabies. 

A MAN who raped two women, including one who was pregnant, has been jailed for 18 years. Junaid Badsah showed no emotions as he was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court yesterday following a trial which heard how one of his victims was forced into sex with a knife to her throat.

The 36-year-old was jailed after being found guilty of four counts of rape against two women.He was also sentenced for harassing one of his victims to cause fear of violence and threatening to kill one of her children.The court heard how Badsah, of Isabel Walk, Bolton, carried out a campaign of abuse against the two women, who cannot be named for legal reasons, between 2007 and 2014.He raped one woman on different occasions over a three-year period, once with a knife to her throat and another time while she was mid-way through a pregnancy.Three years later he went on to rape another women.

Wayne Jackson, prosecuting, said Badsah was violent towards both women but used intimidation and threats to stop them going to the police.He abused alcohol and cocaine, supplied and encouraged his second victim to use drugs, before threatening to reveal her addiction to the police if she told anyone about his abusive behaviour.His first victim was physically abused from 2007 to 2011.During one evening he pushed a kitchen knife to her throat in her home and forced her into a sex act.He then pushed her face down onto her bed and raped her a second time.On another occasion, while she was around four months pregnant, he pushed her over a sofa and raped her while she pleaded for him to stop.The woman later cut all contact with him and only revealed she had been raped after she was approached to appear as a prosecution witness in the second victim’s case.

His second victim was physically and mentally abused by Badsah between 2013 and April, 2014.During this time he threatened to hurt her or kill her child on different occasions.In March, 2014 the pair had been drinking and taking cocaine when Badsah became verbally abusive and left the house.He returned later that night and woke the woman to demand sex and, when she resisted, grabbed her hair and forced her down before raping her.Afterwards, Badsah taunted the victim saying she “enjoyed it”, and after raping his victims would act like nothing had happened.

Keith Harrison, defending, said Badsah’s drug and alcohol addiction caused his abnormal behaviour.He added: “He is from a very good family and has fallen a long way from grace.”In sentencing, Judge Richard Gioserano described Badsah as controlling and his actions left the victims feeling scared and worthless.He said: “The harm you caused them, in my judgement, has little or no mitigating factors.“There is no remorse, not a shred of it. To add insult to injury you called them liars but you are the liar and the jury saw through you.”

Badsah was told he will only be eligible for parole half way through his 18-year sentence and will spend the remainder on licence subject to a number of conditions.A restraining order was also made to prevent Badsah contacting the two victims and he was placed on the sexual offenders register.

Source: JAILED: Bolton man, Junaid Badsah, who raped pregnant woman (From The Bolton News)

Pregnant Teen Pack Attacked Outside Her Home In Luton

Another daytime pack attack only this time the victim is not an old man or somebody disabled. The easy target was a teenage girl who is pregnant. The attack happened in Luton on October 31st out side the girls house. Why the police have waited till now appeal is a joke. Maybe they hope anybody who saw anything has forgot by now. So they don’t have to arrest any Muslims and bring any more negative attention on them in the interest of community cohesion. With just a token appeal just so they can say they did appeal for info but nothing has come of it.

The vermin responsible need exterminating ,they are oxygen thieves

scumbag Muslims pack attack pregnant teenager in lutonscumbag Muslims pack attack pregnant teenager in luton

Pregnant woman assaulted after leaving her house in Rudyard Court, Luton

By LutonOnSunday | Posted: November 17, 2014

POLICE are seeking information after an 18-year-old pregnant Luton woman was attacked by four men after leaving her home in Rudyard Court.

Bedfordshire Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after the woman was pulled to the ground and kicked numerous times by a group of four men outside her home on Friday October 31st.

The assault happened in Rudyard Court, Luton, sometime between 2.40pm and 3.10pm when the victim was making her way home.

She saw four men smoking near to her front door but as she walked past, one of the men grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor.

All four men then started kicking the victim in the stomach and laughing at her.

At this point, a member of the public driving a silver car – possibly a Ford Fiesta – came to the victim’s aid and the offenders fled.

The Good Samaritan then drove the victim to Luton Police Station.

The victim was left with severe pains in her stomach and was taken to Luton and Dunstable Hospital for a check-up where it was confirmed that her baby was safe and well.

PC Paul Harris, who is investigating the incident, is keen to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time of the assault and may have witnessed the attack.

He is also keen to track down the Good Samaritan who may hold valuable information about the attackers who were all Asian men and in their late teens or early 20s. One of the men was wearing a black top and grey jogging bottoms.


Afghan Asylum Seeker Jailed For Grooming 13 Year Old From Stoke On Trent

Muslim Asif Ghanbari entered the UK illegally in the back of a lorry. Once here he applied for asylum claiming to be escaping fighting in his native Afghanistan. Presumably this was granted as he had started a training course to become an interpretor for the British Army. A life changing opportunity which you think he would make the most of given he shouldn’t of even been in the country.?  No he showed his gratitude by grooming a 13 year old girl online before hooking up with her numerous times for sex. The sexual predator despite knowing the girls age even managed to get her pregnant which he made he abort. Animals like Ghanbari  should face automatic deportation on release regardless if they have claimed asylum. No appeals, no human rights laws, no nothing other than the first plane out of here

COURT: Asif Ghanbari has been put on the sex offenders' register
COURT: Asif Ghanbari has been put on the sex offenders’ register
former asylum seeker training to be an interpreter for the British Army has been jailed after meeting a Potteries schoolgirl on Facebook and getting her pregnant.
former asylum seeker training to be an interpreter for the British Army has been jailed after meeting a Potteries schoolgirl on Facebook and getting her pregnant.

An Afghan teenager and former asylum seeker training to be an interpreter for the British Army has been jailed after meeting a Potteries schoolgirl on Facebook and getting her pregnant.

Asif Ghanbari was dumped at Stafford Services after coming to the UK on the back of a lorry in 2008 and started a new life in Stoke-on-Trent.

The 19-year-old then used a false name – Jack Nelson – to meet a 13-year-old girl on Facebook.

He took her on dates in Hanley and Newcastle, had sex with her 17 times and got her pregnant – when she was 14 – before she had an abortion.

Now seeker Ghanbari, of Hanley, has been locked up for 32 months for his crimes.

Children’s charities today condemned Ghanbari’s actions.

NSPCC official Sandra McNair said: “This sad case highlights, once again, the urgent need to educate young people on how to keep safe online, so they can be protected from grooming and exploitation. Peer-to-peer abuse is a growing concern and highlights the vital need to educate young people about healthy and respectful relationships.”

Asif fled war-torn Helmand Province to start a new life – and ended up having under-age sex with a Potteries schoolgirl.

The one-time illegal immigrant posed under the false name of Jack Nelson to groom the then 13-year-old girl on Facebook because he wanted a girlfriend.

The 19-year-old took the youngster – who cannot be named – on dates to Newcastle and Hanley’s Central Forest Park before their relationship blossomed and she went to his Hanley home.

They had regular sex and the girl fell pregnant at 14.

Now Ghanbari – who has been training with the British Army with a view to working as an interpreter for future visits to Afghanistan – has been sentenced to 32 months in a young offenders’ institution.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the pair met on Facebook.

Prosecutor Rupert Jones said: “He used the name Jack Nelson. A couple of weeks after making contact he suggested they meet. They met in Hanley Forest Park and he arrived in his car. At the time the victim was aged 14. She told the defendant her age.

“The defendant arranged to meet her again in Newcastle. He kissed her. Eventually he took her to his home and into his bedroom. They had sexual intercourse without contraception. They had intercourse on a number of other occasions.”

The court heard the girl had an abortion after she became pregnant. Ghanbari was arrested and told police he had consensual sex with the girl about 17 times.

Ghanbari, of Leek Road, Hanley, pleaded guilty to meeting a child following sexual grooming and sexual activity with a child.

The court heard Afghanistan-born Ghanbari was trafficked to the UK in 2008 on the back of a lorry. He has no knowledge of what has happened to his family in Helmand Province.

Catherine O’Reilly, mitigating, said: “He was reaching out for some comfort, a relationship, some kind of family life. He adopted the name because it was a western name. He wanted a girlfriend.

“He has made a massive mistake, a massive error of judgement.”

Miss O’Reilly said Ghanbari is intelligent and has been recruited as an Army interpreter. She asked Judge David Fletcher to step back from passing an immediate custodial sentence.

But the judge sentenced Ghanbari to 32 months in a young offenders’ institution and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Fletcher said: “It could not be said that you were under any misconception about the age of that woman. Her details were on the Facebook site. On the first occasion she made clear to you she was the age she was. She was between 13 and 14. You admitted you had unprotected sexual intercourse with her, you say on 17 occasions.”


Pregnant Mother And Toddler Threatened With Knife By ‘Asian’ Male

Police have released an efit of an ‘Asian’ male who threatened a pregnant woman and her young child with a knife after jumping in her stationary car. The woman was taking the toddler to play school when the savage jumped in the car pointing the knife at the 2 year boy. What kind of spineless lowlife vermin threatens a little kid like that with a knife.

This  is the sort of crime that you can imagine happening on the streets of a lawless backwards town in a Muslim country. Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan or Kano State in Nigeria. Not in London, England where our society is meant to be civilized and people are meant to respect each other. The mass influx of Muslim immigrants look to have wiped all those standards.

Police mustn’t want to catch the Muslim responsible for his crime as it has taken them almost 2 months to appeal for information 

Police issue e-fit after pregnant mother is threatened at knife point

5:20pm Tuesday 11th February 2014 in NewsExclusive By Louisa Clarence-Smith

Your Local Guardian: Do you recognise this man?Do you recognise this man?

Police have released an E-fit to identify a man after a pregnant mother and her toddler were threatened at knife point on their way to playschool.

The frightening incident took place on Tuesday, December 17, at the Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields car park in Motspur Park.

Maria Medina, 42, was parking her car when a man jumped into the passenger seat and brandished a knife at her two-year-old son strapped into the back seat.

Mrs Medina instinctively jumped out of the car and begged the man to let her son out too, but he demanded she got back in, saying “everything would be ok” if she did.

As the terrified mother looked around for help, the man appeared to lose his nerve and ran off.

He fled the scene in a blue hatchback, possibly a Citroen, Peugeot or Vauxhall, driving towards Marina Avenue.

The man is described as Asian or Indian and aged between 25 and 35 years old.

Mrs Medina said he had a chubby face and was wearing dark or black clothing.

Detective Sergeant Grant Donnachie, said: “The motives of the male are as yet unknown, and whilst we have not had any similar previous reports made to us, this is an especially concerning matter as it involved the threat of violence involving both a knife, and with a child present.”

Were you at the venue on the day and time shown? Did you see anything around that time that caused you a concern? Do you recognise the image of the man?

If you can assist, contact WimbledonPolice Station by dialing 101, or alternatively contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11, quoting picture reference URN 140458.


Girl, 14, Pregnant After Being Taken To Pakistan Forced To Marry Man, 24

What fine Muslim parents shipping their daughter off to Pakistan and forcing her to marry a paedophile by using threats and violence to ensure the wedding went ahead. Her new Muslim paedo husband then got her pregnant before she returned to the UK. What seems shocking to us infidels is just another day to the backward followers of Islam. They see nothing wrong with because its all permitted in Islam……after all the perfect Muslim Mohammed was in his 50’s when he took 6 year old Aisha as his wife. So how can it be wrong !!

Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

I hope the parents have been charged with encouraging sex with a minor and neglecting her welfare.

Girl, 14, forced to marry man, 24

4:46pm Tuesday 5th November 2013 in News

A 14-year-old girl from a Muslim family became pregnant after being taken to Pakistan by her father and forced to marry a man of about 24 in “harrowing” circumstances, a High Court judge has said.

The girl said a gun was produced and she had been subjected to violence, said Mr Justice Holman.

Two weeks after the ceremony, the marriage was consummated – following further “threats” – and the girl became pregnant, he added.

The teenager returned to England and her baby was born.

Detail has emerged in a written ruling following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in Birmingham.

Mr Justice Holman said a local authority began care proceedings in relation to the girl and her baby.

Local authority officials wanted a “declaration of non-recognition” of the marriage, but Mr Justice Holman decided the girl would have to initiate proceedings to have the marriage nullified.

“The girl has given an account of the circumstances surrounding that marriage which are, frankly, harrowing,” said the judge.

“On her account … this was a grave example of a marriage which was forced under considerable duress, involving at one stage the production of a gun and physical violence upon her.”

He added: “The marriage was consummated about two weeks later after further threats to her if she did not permit her husband, who was then aged about 24, to have sexual intercourse with her. As a result, while still aged 14, she became pregnant.”

Mr Justice Holman said the girl’s parents were Muslim and had emigrated from Pakistan to England. He said the girl’s father became a UK citizen more than 30 years ago.

The girl was not identified.

Barrister Clare Renton, who specialises in family law and is a commissioner with the National Commission on Forced Marriages, said later: “Not only is a 14-year-old incapable of giving consent to marriage, the girl in this case was also subjected to violence.

“Fear of exclusion from the family and community is so great for many that refusal of an arranged marriage is not an option. The current proposal to criminalise forced marriage is welcomed by most of the non-government organisations and charities in the field.”


Evil Muslim Nonce Branded 11y.o. Girl With ‘M’ For Mohammed To Say She Was His

This weekend I really didn’t want to read or post anything about the ongoing trial of the Oxford grooming gang because I knew doing so would put me in bad form the rest of the weekend which I could have done without. When i was on the Mail website before I saw the headline and purposely avoided clicking on it. A quick check of my facebook and on my newsfeed 2 people had shared the link to the report. Now its to late for me to avoid,I have read the report and now I feel sickened and my blood is seriously at boiling point.

Regardless of the offenders being Muslim things like this weigh on my mind. I have great difficulty in getting my head around how any human being can knowingly do such horrific things to a child as what these animals have put this poor young victim through. When i was 11 years old i didn’t have the faintest idea about sex related stuff. Yet this poor child who should be at home playing with barbie dolls or whatever girls play with these days. Is getting repeatedly raped and abused by twisted Muslim paedophiles. If that isn’t bad enough she is branded with the islamo-nonces initial like she is some kind of farm animal to signify that he owns her. Then when she gets pregnant is forced to undergo a back street abortion with a metal hook that could have caused serious damage. All this before she is a teenager.

Sick Sick Evil Paedos. How can they can something like that and live with themselves. To these people and the other Muslim grooming gangs before them it’s almost like its nothing. Just a normal every day thing to do. I’m convinced more than ever that the Muslims brain works in a different way to normal people. It’s not right.

I wish they would bring back the death penalty for horrible evil animals like these Muslim nonces on trial. If there short of somebody to press the button im sure there will be plenty willing to do it.

‘He branded me so people knew I was his’: Sex slave aged 11 describes how ‘trafficker disfigured her flesh with heated hairpin’

  • Nine men are accused of grooming and abusing vulnerable girls in Oxford
  • Child sex ring allegedly abused several girls – aged 11 to 16 over eight years
  • Gang member allegedly branded one schoolgirl with ‘M’ for Mohammed


PUBLISHED: 01:23, 23 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:09, 23 February 2013

A young girl has told a court how her sex attacker branded her with his initial.

The child was just 11 when Mohammed Karrar, 38, allegedly bought her and loaned her to abusers all around the country for £600 a year.

She told a court yesterday about being mutilated by a hairpin, saying: ‘After heating it up for a little while, he stuck it on my bum.

‘It was M for Mo and he said I belonged to him. He was branding me so people knew I was his.’

In the dock: Kamar Jamil, Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed and Bilal Ahmed are accused of abusing vulnerable girls as young as 11 over the course of eight years in OxfordIn the dock: Kamar Jamil, Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed and Bilal Ahmed are accused of abusing vulnerable girls as young as 11 over the course of eight years in Oxford. They all deny the charges

Over five years the girl, now 19, was repeatedly raped by large groups of men in what she described as ‘torture sex’, the jury was told last month.

Seven men of Pakistani origin and two from North Africa are accused of 79 offences against six vulnerable white British girls. The charges include child rape, sexual trafficking and child prostitution.

Noel Lucas QC, prosecuting, said Karrar – known as Egyptian Mo – bought the youngest victim from an unnamed man just after her 11th birthday.

He befriended her with gifts of perfume and hard drugs but then began to beat her up and raped her, the Old Bailey was told.

He branded her with one of her hair pins, which he had twisted into the shape of an ‘M’ and heated with a cigarette lighter. It left a scar on her left buttock.

‘He regarded her as his property,’ Mr Lucas said. ‘He showed her no regard. If she had the temerity to resist, he beat her.

‘He branded her to make her his property and to ensure others knew about it.’ At the age of 12 she was introduced to Karrar’s brother Bassam, 33, who is also accused of raping her.

The girl ‘describes the Karrars as sick sex monsters’, Mr Lucas said. ‘They were always talking about sex and spoke about women in a vile manner.

‘Mohammed Karrar liked her to dress up and act out role play. Both brothers used to beat her.’

From the age of 12 the girl was sold to groups of Asian men who violently raped her in private homes and guesthouses around Oxford and elsewhere. Sometimes she was injected with heroin or given date drugs to ensure she complied with the gang’s sick demands, it was alleged.

Mr Lucas added: ‘It became routine for her to be taken to various locations, houses and hotels by the Karrar brothers so she could treat their guests. She would be made to dress up, wear very short skirts and a bikini top, do her hair and put on lots of make-up.

The jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey were told 'steel yourself' for the evidence they were to hearThe jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey were told that the men targeted care homes and schools to find their victims

By the end of the evening she would have been sexually used and abused by all the men. She would be so drugged up as to be unable to feel the pain.’

Just after her 12th birthday the girl told Karrar she was carrying his child. He allegedly beat her up and then took her to a house in Reading where she was given a ‘backroom abortion’ using a crochet hook.

On other occasions Karrar raped the girl in the living room of her own home as her father slept in another room, it was said.

Sometimes his friends would arrive at her house and they would allegedly rape her too. The girl, who came from a troubled family, naively believed ‘Mo’ loved her and was going to marry her when she was 16, the court heard.

During a trip to the Lake District in 2007, when she was 14, she is said to have been called by Karrar on her mobile phone.

David Hughes, a social worker, answered and Karrar allegedly asked to speak to her.

When Mr Hughes refused, Karrar allegedly said: ‘If you don’t get her I’ll **** you up, I’ll **** her up and I’ll **** her mum.’ Later the girl told the social worker of  ‘men who took her to houses’.

In January 2008, she told police a man called ‘Egyptian Mo’ had raped her in London nine months previously. Two years later the girl contacted her alleged attacker for an apology but was raped again, the court heard.

Kamar Jamil, 27, Akhtar Dogar, 32, his brother Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, deny all the charges against them.

The trial continues.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2283201/Mohammed-Karrar-Oxford-sex-gang-victim-aged-11-branded-initial-abuser.html#ixzz2LipMcjWW

Afghan Rape Victim Weds Rapist To Avoid Becoming An Outcast

Even now after 400 plus posts some things never cease to amaze me with the followers of Muhammed’s Islamic cult and how their minds must work in a completely different way to normal people. Maybe something to do with countless generations of in-breeding and Islamic brain washing from birth that does it. How they live their life and what they consider normal, to most would be considered severely retarded.

Take the Afghan women in here. Who became pregnant after being raped. Was jailed for adultery by force, due to stupid Islamic laws. Which is wrong in every sense without doubt. Then upon her release from prison tattooed the rapists name on herself and asked him to marry her to restore family honour. WTF how can marrying your rapist who you also ended up serving time because he raped you, restore any honour. If it was my daughter id rather she was a social outcast than do that. Or better still Id rather go restore my family’s honour myself by taking my AK47  and emptying the clip into the beast.

First she was jailed for adultery, now Afghan rape victim is forced to MARRY her attacker to restore family’s honour and avoid becoming a social outcast

  • Woman known only as Gulnaz was brutally raped by her cousin’s husband
  • But SHE was jailed for ‘adultery by force’ and had his daughter in prison
  • Despite being freed by President Karzai she faced becoming a social outcast
  • Finally married her attacker on Saturday at a family court in Kabul
  • Fears she could now suffer a life of domestic slavery as rapist’s second wife

PUBLISHED: 13:15, 5 February 2013 | UPDATED: 23:23, 5 February 2013

An Afghan woman who was jailed for adultery after being raped by her cousin’s husband has now been forced to marry the man to restore the family’s honour and avoid becoming a social outcast.

The 22-year-old woman, who is known only as Gulnaz, married her attacker last week in Kabul, after spending more than 13 months as a virtual prisoner inside a women’s shelter.

Her heartbreaking story highlights the desperate plight faced by thousands of women in Afghanistan, who despite years of efforts by western agencies, endure horrific abuse and have no effective recourse under the law.

Afghan rape victim Gulnaz with the daughter she had after becoming pregnant in the attack. She has now been forced to marry her attacker after spending 13 months in a woman's shelter Desperate plight: Afghan rape victim Gulnaz with the daughter she had after becoming pregnant in the attack. She has now married her attacker after spending 13 months as a virtual recluse in a woman’s shelter

Gulnaz was found guilty of ‘adultery by force’ following the brutal attack in 2008 which left her pregnant. She was sentenced to two years in jail, which was later increased to 12 years on appeal.

A first release offer, which she eventually agreed to, stipulated she must marry her attacker.

However her sentence was then cut to three years after a third appeal, and, according to reports at the time, the requirement for her to marry the man, who himself was jailed for seven years, was dropped.

Gulnaz gave birth to her daughter in the Badam Bagh women’s prison in Kabul before President Hamid Karzai took the highly unusual step of freeing her with no pre-conditions in December 2011.

But free from prison, Gulnaz faced a life of isolation and poverty as mothers without husbands are shunned by their communities and their own families and become social outcasts.

It has now been suggested that she reluctantly accepted the terms of the deal that had been offered to her in prison and approached the rapist’s family to arrange terms.

While she was staying at the shelter she reportedly used a needle to tattoo her rapist’s name on her hand – a sign of love.

The marriage was formalised at a family court in Kabul on Saturday but many involved in the case fear Gulnaz will be consigned to a life of domestic slavery as the rapist’s second wife. There are even fears she could be killed to restore his family honour.

Heather Barr of Human Rights Watch Afghanistan said: ‘I think her concern is less for herself and more for her daughter and the discrimination she might face.

‘But it is difficult to imagine that the life that awaits them will be a pleasant one. Gulnaz will effectively become the second wife of the man that raped her.

Gulnaz faced a life of isolation and poverty as mothers without husbands are often shunned by their communities and their own families and become social outcastsGulnaz faced a life of isolation and poverty as mothers without husbands are often shunned by their communities and their own families and become social outcasts

‘Sadly there are dozens and dozens of these cases and a seriousl failure by the government to take them seriously.

‘President Karzai has brought in laws which make rape a crime and make child marriage a crime but there is very little effort made to enforce them and the people who continue to commit these crimes enjoy impunity.’

Gulnaz’s case had been condemned widely by human rights groups. An online petition started by Motley has been signed by more than 6,000 people.

Her lawyer, American Kimberly Motley said Gulnaz had been ‘systematically brainwashed’ by Afghan officials, some of whom were women, into agreeing to the marriage and that she remained concerned about the future..

Her story was to form part of an EU-funded documentary about Afghan women in prison but its release was banned on the grounds it would adversely affect European relations with the Afghan government.

The filmmakers also  feared it might compromise the safety of the women involved because it showed their identity.

Director Clementine Malpas told the Times she believed that Gulnaz had married to give her daughter a chance for a future.

She said: ‘Marrying the man she told us had raped her isn’t what we had hoped for Gulnaz but the current cultural context of Afghanistan leaves very few options, especially for a woman with a child out of wedlock’.

Under the rule of the Taliban between 1994 and 2001, women were stripped of many of their rights and forced to wear a burqa in public at all times.

The were banned from employment, from appearing in public without a male relative and from speaking loudly in public on the grounds that no stranger should hear a woman’s voice.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2273807/First-jailed-adultery-Afghan-rape-victim-forced-MARRY-attacker-restore-familys-honour.html#ixzz2KKPEC277

2 Muslim Nonces on trial for repeatedly raping 1 girl and the rape 2 others in Keighley

Another Islamo nonce trial has got underway involving paedophile Muslim men taking the innocence of white schoolgirls after they plied them with drink and drunks and then repeatedly raped the 14 year old schoolgirls. The constant stream of Muslim sex cases coming to light over the last year is something that really gets under my skin and makes my blood boil. The whole shabang about it. From the constant attempts to keep the cases low profile and out of the press as much as possible. The Muslim apologists trying to make excuses for their brethren and pretending its not a problem in their communities. The commies from the UAF etc how they defend people who have committed the sickest crime of all. Then you have the heinous acts carried out by these racist evil Muslim beasts against British schoolgirls like a piece of halal meat to be used and abused as they see fit. At least these 2 perverted Islamo-nonces admitted what Muslims truly think about British schoolgirls when he described them as ‘fresh meat’

Muslim paedophiles see underage british schoolgirls as no more than fresh halal meat to abuse

Keighley rape trial: Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman in court

Two men have gone on trial accused of raping three 14-year-old girls who had been plied with alcohol and cannabis.

Bilal Hussain and Shazad Rehman are accused of repeatedly raping one girl and raping two other girls they picked up in the Keighley area.

Mr Hussain, 23, of Leeds and 30-year-old Mr Rehman, of no fixed address, pursued teenage girls between 2010 and 2011, Bradford Crown Court heard.

They have pleaded not guilty to nine rape charges and supplying cannabis.

Mr Rehman has also denied two charges of sexual assault which relate to one of the rape complainants and a fourth young girl.

The pair also deny a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

‘Out of their depth’

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC told the court on Tuesday: ”They acted together travelling from their various home addresses in Leeds and Halifax to the Keighley town centre where they specifically targeted vulnerable girls, all underage.”

She said some of the girls, none of whom can be identified, had difficult backgrounds or were emotionally fragile and may have been seeking attention.

”They were out of their depth,” she told the jury.

”They were supplied with strong alcohol and cannabis, enticed to believe they would have fun, that they were special. In truth what was on offer was beyond their control.

”This behaviour… was designed to exploit their lack of maturity, their lack of life experience and to render them more compliant.”

It is alleged that drink and drugs were given to the girls to reduce their inhibitions, or in some cases to leave them incapable of resisting sexual advances or oblivious to them.

The jury heard how some of the alleged rapes took place at the Alder House Hotel, Batley, and the Campanile Hotel, Bradford, after the complainants had been picked up by the defendants in a silver Audi.

‘Fresh meat’

After one of the girls told Mr Hussain she thought she was pregnant, he allegedly said she had to terminate the pregnancy or he would kill the baby himself.

Miss Colborne said Mr Rehman boasted to a woman they could get any girl they wanted and described them as ”fresh meat”.

”He said they had no reputation and if they got them young enough they could keep them forever,” she told the court.

Meanwhile, Raksar Nawaz, 30, of Rhodes Street, Halifax, is also on trial having denied a charge of arranging or facilitating the commission of a sexual assault on a child.

Yassar Adalat, 31, of Milton Place, Halifax, has denied conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The trial is expected to last more than six weeks.