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Muslims Play Race Card Over Ramadam Mosque Noise: Not Wanting To Listen To Loudspeakers Of Prayers Is Islamophobic

Another of those blood boiling moments. Give Muslims an inch and they take a mile. Once they have that mile they still will not be satisfied so with a little help and encouragement from leftist PC loving appeasers they will carry on taking more and more whilst giving nothing back…

Locals near to the Blackhall Mosque in Edinburgh who are facing a month of ramadam prayers blasted out of loudspeakers have been accused of  being islamophobic and racist for not wanting their eardrums polluted by Muslim prayers in Arabic after a resident suggested on social media it may be worth stocking up on ear plugs. A fair suggestion, within the law and saves a possible arrest for cutting the speaker wire or taking a hammer to it.

You try blasting music through loudspeakers that the whole estate can hear. Chances are you will have a community support officer knocking on your door and facing an ASBO. But Muslim prayers are different and you are EXPECTED to not be pissed off about it as that would be offensive to Muslims. As for the council agreeing …hang your heads in shame!

The post by the EH4 Residents Association referred to noise concerns surrounding Blackhall Mosque. Picture: Jane Barlow

A SOCIAL media post advising residents living next to a mosque to “stock up on headphones and earplugs” during Ramadan has been branded “racist and Islamophobic” by equality leaders.

The Facebook message was posted on a page used by EH4 Residents Association and removed after the group was contacted by the Evening News.

The post referring to the Blackhall mosque.The post referring to the Blackhall mosque.

The organisation was set up to represent residents living in Drylaw Crescent, Drylaw Gardens and House O’Hill Road, and works to address concerns over issues such as crime, traffic and street lighting.

Posted on May 30, the message read: “Ramadan is early this year. Jun 18-Jul 17. If you live close to the [Blackhall] mosque and have to stay put, might be an idea to stock up on headphones/
earplugs etc.”

Foysol Choudhury, chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council, said the post would have been seen as offensive to Muslims. He said: “For anyone to refer to the use of headphones to avoid hearing prayers from a mosque is a hateful religious and racial insult that is based on Islamophobia. (KC*Islam is not a race and im sure its the level of the noise they are concerned about the same way you wouldnt want to listen to your neighbours heavy metal or happy hardcore blasting out every night) 

“When a group of people talk about something in that way, it’s going to go to more people. It expresses an undercurrent of hatred. Just giving ideas to people is dangerous.” He added: “What has been posted is encouraging other people to open up a chapter and start talking negatively. There should be a strong line drawn here – not only for Muslims but for all religions.” (KC*Common stealth jihad tactic attempting to silence anything bad about Muslims or Islam)

Political figures said they were aware of past concerns over noise and congestion caused by parked cars around Blackhall Mosque. But they stressed mosque leaders had taken steps to address these, adding that no recent complaints had been received.

Councillor Iain Whyte, Conservative member for Inverleith, said: “I know the mosque has gone out of its way to reduce any noise that comes from the building.

“My understanding is that if somebody feels offended for reasons of race or religion then that is an offence. I would hope that if people have said something that has caused offence, they would recognise that and apologise for it.”  (KC*Since when has having an opinion been an offence)

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Labour member for Inverleith, said: “It’s clear [that] people have found this insulting and I welcome the fact that the group has taken account of that and taken [the post] down.”

Police Scotland said it had not received any complaints, but said an assessment would be carried out to see if further investigation was needed.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and is observed worldwide as a period of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran – Islam’s central religious text – to the prophet Muhammad.

The Evening News made repeated attempts to speak to the EH4 group, but no-one responded to our messages.

Leaders at Blackhall Mosque also declined to comment.


New Mosque Planned For Preston

Yet another new mosque planned. They are popping up at the rate of 1 or 2 per week just lately. With each new mosque granted permission, Muslims take another step closer to their goal of  Islamic domination. Preston Muslim Cultural Centre the people behind the proposed Mosque, like so many of these Muslim outfits are a registered charity making them eligible for grants and tax savings. How a mosque that only has 25 regulars per day can manage to accumulate £800,000 in the bank and receive over £200,000 pa in donations is beyond me. Somebody is giving them large amounts on money the question is who and why??

Mosque plan returns

Grafton Street in Preston

Grafton Street in Preston

Plans for a new mosque near Preston city centre have been put back on the agenda.


Preston Muslim Cultural Centre wants to create a new place of worship at a site formerly used as a roofing contractor’s yard, on land off Grafton Street and Fishergate Hill.

A previous application for a centre on the 923sqm site was refused by Preston Council’s planning committee in November last year.

A new application shows plans for a two-storey mosque with enclosed gardens around the main prayer hall and 18 car parking spaces on site.

Changes have been made to the original scheme to increase the space between the mosque and another property on Grafton Street and to reduce the layout of the first floor.

The organisation already has premises on Fishergate Hill but say they need a bigger site to accommodate worshippers for Friday prayers.

A planning statement prepared on behalf of the applicants says the scheme would put a vacant piece of land, which has been blighted by flytipping, back into use.

It also adds that measures will be taken to avoid parking issues on nearby residential streets.

It says: “As a place of worship, the masjid would be in use five times every day with varying levels of attendance by the congregation.

“Worshippers for Friday midday prayers predominantly attend on foot as it is generally recognised that parking is at a premium locally and in addition, the local road network with one-way streets discourages vehicle use locally.”

No-one could be reached at the centre for comment.

Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque

The ‘religion of peace’ members in Mansfield are now doing Friday prayers Middle Eastern style now it seems.  So often on the news reports we see images of Muslim violence following their Friday prayers and hate speech by some extremist imam. 

Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque

18 June 2013  17:02

A traffic warden was assaulted after he issued a ticket to an illegally parked vehicle in Mansfield .

The incident took place on Friday, 31st May outside the Jamee Masjid mosque on Goodacre Street.

A spokesman for Mansfield District Council confirmed that the attack had taken place, but the authority declined further comment.

Belinda Webb, spokesman for NSL, the company which provides the ticketing staff to the district council, said: “We’re not currently in a position to offer any comment whilst police investigations are underway.”

A mosque spokesman said that members are always encouraged to park legally.

via Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque – Crime – Mansfield and Ashfield Chad.

Channel 4 Announce Muslim Appeasing Ramadam Season

Channel 4 have announced their new programming plans for spring/summer and are really scraping the barrel with the planned Muslim appeasing Ramadan season. The Islamists living in Britain and currently engaging in stealth jihad tactics to push Islam must be rubbing their hands with glee at C4’s decision to beam Islam related programming into British homes several times every day for a month including every night following the news. They are also in talks about broadcasting morning prayers every day which is just too much. If the Islamic cult members want to watch morning prayers and its brainwashed believers in a mosque or zombies clad in all white walking in a circle round a stone reminiscent  of the prisoners in midnight express but on a big a far bigger scale. Then there’s plenty of Islamic channels on the Sky TV network showing that they can watch it on.

Britain is a Christian country not an Islamic republic just yet. Do we have Christian morning prayers every day for a month over Easter or Christmas? Nope don’t be daft. C4 are the latest in a long line of organizations to neglect the majority, but go out of their way to appease the minority Muslims

Another low is Do You Speak English?, a two-part series on the one million immigrants in the UK who haven’t been bothered learning to speak the English language since they came here

Channel 4 to air Ramadan season

Channel 4 will mark Ramadan with daily broadcasts to mark the major event in the Islamic calendar.

The broadcaster is “in discussions” about airing morning prayers every day, between July and August.

British Muslims will also discuss the physical and spiritual effects of fasting, every evening just after the news.

A spokeswoman said it was consulting Muslim clerics and other organisations about broadcasting prayers.

She said details were still being worked out and it could be that the prayers were “marked”, rather than broadcast to viewers.

Channel 4 called the programming “another first”, adding: “Channel 4 will mark the month of Ramadan… with a special season of programming which will include hearing from a range of British Muslims on how they cope with daily life during Ramadan and the physical and spiritual effects of fasting – as well as marking daily early-morning prayers.”

Chief creative officer Jay Hunt said: “I don’t think it’s going too far to say that it’s literally something that no other channel would do.”

Other programmes announced today during the broadcaster’s spring/summer season launch include Do You Speak English?, a two-part series on the one million immigrants in the UK who cannot speak the language.

Welcome to Orange Countistan.Thousands of Muslims gather in prayer at Angel Stadium

Welcome to Orange Counistan Up to 20,000 Muslims pack out sports arena, No not for a football match…..for Friday prayers.  

Thousands of Muslims gather in prayer at Angel Stadium

October 26, 2012 |  7:02 pm

Muslims pray in Anaheim
As the sun burned in the soft blue sky, thousands of Muslims poured into Angel Stadium early Friday and filled the morning with the sounds of prayer as they celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.

“Eid Mubarak,” men and women said in greeting, wishing blessings for the day. Youngsters skipped school, elders from across Southern California glowed with the spirit of the season – in culmination of the annual pilgrimage, called Hajj, a tribute to Prophet Abraham’s life and legacy.

More than 20,000 Muslims gathered at the baseball stadium in a historic event organized by leaders of three mosques – the Islamic Center of Irvine, the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim and the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove. The three mosques are members of the Islamic Shura Council.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A first-person account of the pilgrimage to Mecca

“It brings a different flavor when you’re outdoors in the cool breeze and bright sunshine,” said Shakeel Syed, who heads the Islamic Shura Council.

“In past years,” he said, “people went to individual mosques, but this year — luckily or unluckily — the Angels are not in the playoffs, so the stadium was available.”

Rather than sit in the stands or the bleachers, worshippers walked on the stadium grass, fanning across the baseball diamond.

“The excitement of being in a place that’s generally not accessible to most of us is amazing,” Syed added. “Here, you’re able to see the entire crowd, unlike at a mosque. It lifts up the spirit.”

The words “Eid Ul-Adha” glowed in neon under the Toyota and Metro PCS logos on the Jumbotron screen. It rotated with other Arabic terms, ads touting Quran and Saturday school, and a flashing “Vote on 11/6.” Melodic chants rang in the air.

“I felt a sense of unity. I couldn’t believe there was that many people,” said Tarek Soubra, a junior at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove. He missed calculus class, along with Spanish 3 to attend the service, which included a 15-minute sermon.His father, Samer Soubra, president of Islamic Institute of Orange County, described the experience as “more than what we expected. Not just attendance – but everyone was happy to see all three mosques together, and this way, they could visit with their friends who live in different areas and celebrate with one another.”

“People want to have this every year now,” he added. “Nature was very beautiful.”

Participants said they couldn’t wait to return. “I envision a time when we have 50,000 people–and we can,” Syed noted. “The only challenge is there isn’t a place that can host 50,000 people, with parking, and do it seamlessly.”

So for next year’s prayer sessions, “maybe we’ll have three rounds.”



‘Would-be’ Burnley imam in court over betting shop robbery plot gets poxy suspended sentence!!

My faith in the British justice system is rapidly disappearing at an alarming rate. Every time i read a story like this 1 where British 2 tier justice is evident.  With Muslims getting soft punishments off the law courts such as suspended sentences and community service which if  it was a white British person in the dock for,they would be slammed for a couple of years. Being part of an armed robbery is a serious offence people are getting banged up for 5 years sometimes for minor parts in it. So it makes you wonder as to if theres a hidden a agenda somewhere because storys like these continue to keep happening. Sentence guidelines for Muslims and then  1 for every1 else maybe? They have tried using religious reasons again as so often is the Muslim excuse in hope of leniency. Quite often it works disturbingly. To be honest the fact the he’s a training imam  shoundnt mean nothing here what so ever. He could be a training grand mufti for all i care.He’s still an armed robber and should be punished accordingly like British law demands. 1 law for all!!!

A WOULD-BE imam and another man said to have been part of a plot to rob a betting shop walked free from court after a judge branded them “idiots.”

Mohammad Abdul Ghafaar and Wajid Khan, now both 20, were said to have been captured on CCTV “staking out” Tote Sport in Moorgate, Bury, before it was targeted in an armed raid in September 2009, Burnley Crown Court had earlier been told.

Ghafaar, of Merton Street, and Khan, of Kent Street, both Burnley, had earlier admitted to conspiracy to rob the shop, between August 18th and September 2nd 2009. They had owned up during the second week of a recent trial. Neither had any previous convictions.

Ghafaar is said to regularly lead prayers at his local mosque as part of a team of imams and may one day become one himself. His barrister told the court how the defendant had now finished his Islamic training and was beginning to play a role in his community.

The two defendants were each given 52 weeks in jail, suspended for two years, with 200 hours’ unpaid work by Judge Beverly Lunt. Mr Hugh McKee (prosecuting) had earlier told the court Ghafaar and Khan had gone into the shop across the road from the bookies around 10-30am and left about 11-30am. They then entered Tote Sport, one of them picked up a pen and the other got a betting slip, about 20 minutes before the robbery.

Mr Tim Storrie (defending Ghafaar) told the court his involvement in the offence, serious as it was, was “an extreme example of youthful folly.” The defendant’s family was supportive. He had now finished his scholarship training and was often asked to lead mosque prayers. Ghafaar, who had just started a joinery course at college, may be getting married in the not too distant future.

Mr Michael Blakey (defending Khan) said he had matured somewhat since the date of the offence. He had not offended since. The defendant was going back to college in two weeks.

Sentencing, Judge Lunt told the pair they should have pleaded guilty at the very beginning.

“You were idiots,” she said. The judge added in every other respect, the defendants behaved responsibly, properly, were well thought of and were good members of the community and society.

via ‘Would-be’ Burnley imam in court over betting shop robbery plot – Local News – Burnley Express.