PC Gone Mad: Preston School Dinner Lady Suspended For Attending Anti Terrorism Rally

Political correctness has gone mad. Despite us supposedly living in a democratic society with freedom of thought.It appears if you don’t subscribe to the leftist mainstream line it can now cost you your job. Even if that happens to be opposing terrorists killing women and children in the name of Islam.

A school dinner lady from Preston, Lancashire has been suspended for attending the ‘Unite Against Hate’ protest in Manchester. The peaceful protest against Islamic terrorism was partly organised by ex-English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson. It also featured a number of other speakers on the day of all races and religions including members representing the Sikh, ex-Muslim and gay communities.

Moor Nook Primary School
Moor Nook Primary School Credit: ITV News.

Mother-of-five Rachel Booth, 27, from Preston, said she attended the rally out of sympathy for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. She said she went on the march with her husband, who is ex-military and mixed race, to show solidarity with the bombing victims, not to support far-right extremism.

Five days later, Mrs Booth went into work at Moor Nook Primary School in Preston, where three of her children are pupils, and was suspended on the spot by the headteacher Suzanne Clough. Mrs Booth said the head handed her a letter and asked her to read it, telling her she was suspended for attending an EDL march which was “potential gross misconduct”. Despite it not even being an EDL march.

The banner says it all! UK unite against hate. manchester march 2017. black white straight gay asian sikhs ex muslims united
The banner says it all! UK unite against hate.

Although this is what the communist trouble makers  from Unite Against Fascism(UAF) were falsely banding around in the run up to the event attempting to falsely smear those attending as fascists,racists or nazis. Their lies then aided and abetted by Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and Greater Manchester Police who falsely claimed it as an EDL march. GMP later stated it wasn’t an EDL march and by doing so was an error.

'Potential gross misconduct': Rachel Booth, (pictured) said the headteacher of Preston's Moor Nook Primary School suspended her for attending a march organised by the ex-EDL leader

“It came as a big shock,” Mrs Booth said.

“To be honest I cried when I got out of there. It’s never happened to me before.

“I have never been in any kind of trouble with police.

“The grounds for suspending me are it was an EDL march, which is a load of rubbish. Even if I was part of the EDL, which I’m certainly not, it should not have affected my job.

“I have done absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes.”

“I thought it was for the children and so I went,” she added.

Mrs Booth, who has worked at the school for four years and is suspended on full pay, is expecting to have a meeting with the school soon.But she said she has since been targeted while picking up her children from school.

“I got a bit of abuse yesterday, I got called a racist b*tch,” she said.

Tommy Robinson has since launched an online petition in support of Mrs Booth which over 20000 people have signed.The online petition can be found here.

When asked for comment headteacher Ms Clough said: “I can confirm that a member of staff has been suspended, pending further inquiries.There are a number of inaccurate statements being made and one which is important to clarify is that the member of staff is able to attend school in their capacity as a parent. It would not be proper for me to comment further.”

No doubt Moor Nook school headteacher and the majority of others teachers working there are fully paid up members of the  union National Union of Teachers (NUT). Now the NUT are one of the biggest funders of Unite Against Fascism, the Socialist Workers Party front who organised the counter protest on the day and caused all the trouble. NUT pay for a UAF magazine called Unity, which is aimed at teachers to push the SWP / UAF communist agenda knowing it will then become a factor of what they then teach in the classroom and have an influence of the children. The well paid champagne socialist NUT leader Christine Blower is also vice-chair of Unite Against Fascism. 

Regardless of any investigation into the dinner lady, unfortunately  shit sticks and the smears against her will always be there. She has her reputation ruined when doing nothing wrong and is the real victim here.

Muslims Play Race Card Over Ramadam Mosque Noise: Not Wanting To Listen To Loudspeakers Of Prayers Is Islamophobic

Another of those blood boiling moments. Give Muslims an inch and they take a mile. Once they have that mile they still will not be satisfied so with a little help and encouragement from leftist PC loving appeasers they will carry on taking more and more whilst giving nothing back…

Locals near to the Blackhall Mosque in Edinburgh who are facing a month of ramadam prayers blasted out of loudspeakers have been accused of  being islamophobic and racist for not wanting their eardrums polluted by Muslim prayers in Arabic after a resident suggested on social media it may be worth stocking up on ear plugs. A fair suggestion, within the law and saves a possible arrest for cutting the speaker wire or taking a hammer to it.

You try blasting music through loudspeakers that the whole estate can hear. Chances are you will have a community support officer knocking on your door and facing an ASBO. But Muslim prayers are different and you are EXPECTED to not be pissed off about it as that would be offensive to Muslims. As for the council agreeing …hang your heads in shame!

The post by the EH4 Residents Association referred to noise concerns surrounding Blackhall Mosque. Picture: Jane Barlow

A SOCIAL media post advising residents living next to a mosque to “stock up on headphones and earplugs” during Ramadan has been branded “racist and Islamophobic” by equality leaders.

The Facebook message was posted on a page used by EH4 Residents Association and removed after the group was contacted by the Evening News.

The post referring to the Blackhall mosque.The post referring to the Blackhall mosque.

The organisation was set up to represent residents living in Drylaw Crescent, Drylaw Gardens and House O’Hill Road, and works to address concerns over issues such as crime, traffic and street lighting.

Posted on May 30, the message read: “Ramadan is early this year. Jun 18-Jul 17. If you live close to the [Blackhall] mosque and have to stay put, might be an idea to stock up on headphones/
earplugs etc.”

Foysol Choudhury, chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council, said the post would have been seen as offensive to Muslims. He said: “For anyone to refer to the use of headphones to avoid hearing prayers from a mosque is a hateful religious and racial insult that is based on Islamophobia. (KC*Islam is not a race and im sure its the level of the noise they are concerned about the same way you wouldnt want to listen to your neighbours heavy metal or happy hardcore blasting out every night) 

“When a group of people talk about something in that way, it’s going to go to more people. It expresses an undercurrent of hatred. Just giving ideas to people is dangerous.” He added: “What has been posted is encouraging other people to open up a chapter and start talking negatively. There should be a strong line drawn here – not only for Muslims but for all religions.” (KC*Common stealth jihad tactic attempting to silence anything bad about Muslims or Islam)

Political figures said they were aware of past concerns over noise and congestion caused by parked cars around Blackhall Mosque. But they stressed mosque leaders had taken steps to address these, adding that no recent complaints had been received.

Councillor Iain Whyte, Conservative member for Inverleith, said: “I know the mosque has gone out of its way to reduce any noise that comes from the building.

“My understanding is that if somebody feels offended for reasons of race or religion then that is an offence. I would hope that if people have said something that has caused offence, they would recognise that and apologise for it.”  (KC*Since when has having an opinion been an offence)

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Labour member for Inverleith, said: “It’s clear [that] people have found this insulting and I welcome the fact that the group has taken account of that and taken [the post] down.”

Police Scotland said it had not received any complaints, but said an assessment would be carried out to see if further investigation was needed.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and is observed worldwide as a period of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran – Islam’s central religious text – to the prophet Muhammad.

The Evening News made repeated attempts to speak to the EH4 group, but no-one responded to our messages.

Leaders at Blackhall Mosque also declined to comment.


UK Street Preacher Charged By Muslim Appeasing CPS With ‘Religious Aggravation’ for Comparing Jesus and Mohammed

Muslim appeasing by British authorities has reached the point of utter stupidity. Apparently comparing the lives of the sinless Jesus Christ with Islam’s very sinful prophet Mohammed is now against the law !!!!

Despite hearing on a daily basis,  countless Muslim related issues including many which are of a sickening nature, on the whole i try not to let the things wind me up to much. This is one of the few occasions that has really got my back up and blood to boiling point.

Christian street preacher Mike Overd has been told by police that the CPS are bringing 3 charges of  ‘Religious Aggravation’ against him for doing just that. The charges are in relation that during one of his street preachings in Taunton, Somerset he made comparisons between the lives of Jesus and Mohammed which somebody took offence to. Why somebody should take offence at the truth is beyond me.  Even if they did take offence at the street preacher stating facts. It still does not make telling the truth a crime no matter if it offended every Muslim in the land.

Islam and its outdated, sexist, racist ,violent sharia law that permits paedophilia, bestiality and women beating offends me . it offends me not just a little bit, it offends me greatly. Whats more all those things that it allows are contrary to the laws of our land. So why is Mr Overd being treated different from the imams in any mosque in the UK ??? Why is he facing charges when his Muslim equivalents don’t ??? In fact why is he charged when every week radical Islamofascist hate preachers give sermons in Mosques up and down the UK promoting hatred with lies??? 

The evangelist preacher insists he did no wrong saying of the incident  “It was a simple comparison and it was factual. Muhammad did marry a 9-year-old girl. I have no hatred of Muslims in me at all and only preach the truth of the gospel “

FACT:  Mohammed married Aisha at 6 years old and had sex with her at 9 years of age.

Narrated ‘Ursa: The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).    Sahih Bukhari 7:62:88 

I can think of much harsher things to say about Muhammed than Mike Overd did regarding his marriage to child  bride Aisha and still be stating truthful facts.  

  • If some crank next week said he was Gods prophet and wanted to marry a child in the infants in primary school would it be allowed or considered acceptable???  No, social services would be round taking the child into care at the first opportunity.
  • Is having sex with a 9-year-old considered paedophilla ?? Yes it most certainly is

 Therefore he was a paedophile pure and simple.!!!! If he was alive today he would either be locked up in prison on a segregation wing for sex offenders or held in a secure mental hospital for the criminally insane like Broadmoor. Like it or not that’s the truth, end of story !!!

Obviously the truth must hurt, for Muslims to run to the police and claim that the preachers comments offends them despite them being exactly as Islamic scriptures say.  If the CPS are making it illegal for somebody to state what it says in the quran, which to Muslims is Gods final words, perfect and to remain unchanged. Then the quran and Islam should also be made illegal.

Street Preacher Charged With ‘Religious Aggravation’ for Comparing Jesus and Muhammad

Street evangelist Mike Overd is being prosecuted in Britain for an alleged religious aggravation public order offense. (Facebook)

Street evangelist Mike Overd, a client of the Christian Legal Centre, is being prosecuted in the United Kingdom for an alleged religious aggravation public order offense.

The charges follow a complaint to police in Taunton, that Overd made a comparison between the perfect life of Jesus and the life of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

Police have informed the former paratrooper that the Crown Prosecution Service wishes to bring three charges against him under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

A Taunton police sergeant recently gave an interview to BBC television and a newspaper locally, urging residents to film the evangelist’s preaching as it was alleged that Overd’s preaching was “causing offense.”

The officer has also asked local traders to film Overd if they believed he was preaching “offensively.”

Overd insists that when he made a comparison between the perfect life of Jesus and the life led by Muhammad, he did not speak in a hateful way.

“It was a simple comparison and it was factual. Muhammad did marry a 9-year-old girl. I have no hatred of Muslims in me at all and only preach the truth of the gospel. Recently a Muslim man came to my defense when I was preaching and a local shopkeeper started to shout at me.

“The Muslim gentleman didn’t take offense because he said he knew I was simply preaching what I believed and agreed there was no hatred in me. I’ve got this incident on video, and I also have video evidence of the incidents which have led to this forthcoming prosecution.”

Overd has been told his case will come to court before the end of this year.

Mainstream Media Silence Again As Yet Another Muslim Grooming Gang Jailed


Nothing makes my blood boil as much as each time i hear about yet another Muslim grooming gang being found guilty of heinous sex crimes against British schoolgirls. Heres news of yet another vile bunch of Islamic paedophiles found guilty of abusing a 14 year old girl over an 8 month period. The four man Muslim grooming gang were led by Nazakat Mahmood and from Buckinghamshire. Their tactics were almost identical to countless other grooming gangs operating up and down the UK. Befriend an underage vulnerable school girl. Once they had gained her trust ply her with alcohol then pressurise into sexual activity.

The only thing that comes close to winding me up nearly as much unfortunately often happens at the same time when my blood is already boiling taking me to the point where i’m ready explode. This is the mainstream media silence which more often than not accompanies the grooming trials. This case is another prime example where a google news search only provides 2 results and both are local newspapers.

The national press chose to ignore the Muslim rape jihad epidemic happening all around us. For some reason they feel the public don’t need to know about real newsworthy stories and the abuse of British schoolgirls by Muslim  predators. Instead devoting their space to such important things (sic) such as Big Brother, where the Rooney’s are holidaying or what Justin Bieber’s latest act of stupidity is.

Not a day goes by when one newspaper or news report doesn’t  still mention Steven Lawrence. You can be certain that had it been white Brit’s sexually abusing Muslim schoolgirls it would be headline news for weeks with people like Fiyaz Mughal appearing on every channels news reports about the Islamophobic scandal. High profile campaigns funded by the taxpayer to highlight the issues. But because the majority of the victims are white British and the paedophiles are non white Muslims then it doesn’t matter!!!!

Men jailed for sexually abusing schoolgirl

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Nazakat Mahmood

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Ghulfaraz Nawaz

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Haroon Rauf

Bucks Free Press: Jailed: Nazakat Mahmood

Omar Sharif

THE ringleader of a gang who sexually abused a schoolgirl has been jailed for thirteen and a half years – and three other men have also been handed lengthy prison terms.

Nazakat Mahmood was handed his sentence at Reading Crown Court on Friday after a jury had previously convicted him of seven counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The 28-year-old, of Batchelors Way, Chesham, was identified as being the prime instigator of the abuse the girl – who was just 14 at the time – suffered over an eight month period.

Jurors were told Mahmood, along with 27-year-old Ghulfaraz Nawaz and 30-year-old Harron Rauf, forced the girl, who was often plied with alcohol, to perform sex acts on them and pressured her into having full sex on several occasions.

Nawaz, of Benham Close, Chesham, was caged for five and a half years after being found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child, while Rauf, of Drakes Close, Amersham, was jailed for a total of six years for his conviction for two counts of sexual activity with a child and one of assault by beating.

After the trio were arrested a fourth man, 26-year-old Omar Sharif, blackmailed the girl into having sex with him.

The court heard Sharif forced the girl to have sex with him in her pyjamas in a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Sharif, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, was given an eight year prison term after being convicted of six counts of sexual activity with a child.

The men were found guilty of committing the offences in the Chesham area between December 2011 and July 2012 after a three week trial.

Prosecutors said all of the men had denied having any sexual activity with the girl or inciting it and claimed they believed she was at least 17 years old.

Investigating officer Det Con Natalie Golding said: “This was abuse of a young vulnerable girl in the most horrific way.

“All four men used this girl and then, when she had the courage to come to police, they denied the offences and continued to deny them.

“I want to thank the victim here for her bravery in coming forward and helping us to put these men behind bars.

“Hopefully this will go some way to showing other victims of sexual offences that we will listen to you and we will take you seriously.”

GREAT!!! Now Tony Blair will help 3 million Muslim Albanians get the right to work in the UK

Leftist dhimmi Tony Blair is not content with the damage he did  to the UK with his open arms immigration policy as PM, allowing millions of unskilled, uncivilized and anti social Muslim immigrants in who have contributed nothing other than drag our nation down while bleeding the government money pot dry. Now the tosser wants to flood us with more Muslims only this time the Albanian kind.

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Tony Blair will help three million Muslim Albanians get the right to work in the UK

Posted on October 18, 2013

Tony Blair will help three million Muslim Albanians get the right to work in the UK

FORMER PM Tony Blair today announced he is helping Albania to join the EU – a move which could see a further three million people gain the right to settle in the UK.

[Note: The violence and crime from Albanian Muslims in France, for example, is sky high and a major concern. Tony Blair is a complete extremist leftist lunatic, like many of his Brussel\’s compatriots. How can someone so deeply hated and despised by his own people for destroying his country, give advice to reform another country? It\’s almost like a parody.]

Tony Blair (L) and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama [EPA]Mr Blair is backing the new Socialist leader of the country in his goal to join the 28-strong group of countries, something which would bring economic benefits to one of Europe’s poorest countries.A recent survey shows one in seven Albanians live on less than £1.20 per day.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said today Mr Blair would be “personally, totally and voluntarily” advising the Albanian government and helping with his “extraordinary experience and political geniality.”

Mr Blair and his team will provide advice at no cost to the Albanian government on how to modernise and implement a reform agenda.

Spokesperson for Tony Blair

Speaking at a briefing in Tirana, Mr Blair said “the big challenge with the government today is getting things done.”A spokesman for Mr Blair said he was helping Albania join the 28 nations in the EU in part because of its proximity to the Balklands.The spokesman said: “Mr Blair and his team will provide advice at no cost to the Albanian government on how to modernise and implement a reform agenda.”As Mr Blair has previously said were Mr Rama to become PM he would be happy to help, as both Albania and the region mean a huge amount to him, the conflict in Kosovo having been an important period in his Premiership.

“He congratulates him on that now having happened and looks forward to working with him in the future”

Mr Rama, who was sworn in as prime minister last month, has promised to create 300,000 jobs and reduce poverty.

via Tony Blair will help three million Muslim Albanians get the right to work in the UK |.

Sharia Law Creeps Into German Legal System

Human Rights 1 Common Sense 0 : ECHR Say Schizophrenic Muslim Terrorist Can Stay in UK

Hamza lieutenant wins European human rights battle over extradition

European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

UGLY FUCKER Haroon Rashid Aswat . mental muslim terrorist European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

Muslim terrorist Haroon Aswat has been told be the cranks at the  European Court of Human Rights he can stay in the UK instead of being extradited to The United States to face terror charges He is accused by the US authorities of conspiring, along with hook hand hate preacher Abu Hamza, to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon between June 2000 and December 2001.Paranoid schizophrenic Haroon Aswat is currently being held in Broadmoor mental hospital while fighting the extradition.  The Muslim extremist is regarded by many as Abu Hamza’s right hand/hook man. Many security official’s believe him to be the mastermind of London’s 7/7 terror attacks. Phone records show he made over 20 calls to the suicide bombers in the weeks before and conveniently left the UK only hours before the attack.

The Leftist European Court of Human Rights has ruled the Islamic terrorist faces inhuman or degrading treatment if removed because of his mental condition.In the ruling given by a chamber of seven judges, the court said: “In light of the medical evidence before it, the court found that there was a real risk that Mr Aswat’s extradition to the USA, a country to which he had no ties, and to a different, potentially more hostile prison environment, would result in a significant deterioration in his mental and physical health.” And the judges found that, if he was convicted, he could face the “highly restrictive regime” of ADX Florence, breaching Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits degrading or inhuman treatment.

The American Federal Prison system’s “highly restrictive regime” would breach his human rights. Are these socialist judges at the ECHR for real??? It’s a highly restrictive regime for a very good reason. That is because ADX Florence is the home to the worst of the worst. Terrorists,spies, Mexican drug lords, serial killers the lot. The prisoners are kept on 24 hour lockdown and have no contact with each other at all for obvious security reasons and what may result if a few of the prisoners put their heads together. The ECHR must think it should be a holiday camp for him or something.  He gave up all his rights when decided on a life of terrorism which in case the courts forgot kills innocent people. Evil scum like that deserve putting down not their human rights defending. Whats the point in having justice systems if you can play the human rights card and avoid proper punishment. 

The highest security level Federal prisoners of which a large amount are convicted Islamic terrorists including British Muslim shoe-bomber Richard Ried. It also houses notorious former state prisoners, people who are to evil or disruptive even for America’s state prison  ‘Supermax’ facilities. These include Barry Mills founder of the Aryan Brotherhood who has killed 4 other inmates whilst in prison. O.G Mack, leader of the black prison gang ‘United Blood Nation’.  H Rap Brown, cop killer and member of the violent and racist ‘Black Panther’ group. Cuban Luis Felipe, leader of street gang  ‘The Latin Kings’ who was found guilty of arranging several murders from inside state prison. Richard Lee McNair, murderer who has escaped from 3 different prisons.Mafia mobster Anthony Casso,under boss of the Lucchese crime family currently serving 13 consecutive life sentences plus 455 years in federal prison.

A Home Office spokesman said:

“We are disappointed that the European Court of Human Rights found that extradition to America would breach Haroon Aswat’s human rights.”The judgment does not become final for three months and we will consider as a matter of urgency all the legal options which are available to us. This includes whether we request a referral of the case to the Court’s Grand Chamber.”

Stuff his human rights and wasting more taxpayers money. Bag over head, back of a van, military plane  to USA. Problem solved. 

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Muslims Want Islamic History As Part Of School Curriculum,Just Make Sure It Includes All The Bad

The Muslim Council Of Britain, have called on the government to include Muslim history as part of the school teaching curriculum  The MCB have attacked new plans for teaching history in British schools, for omitting reference to Islam’s trade, cultural and military achievements from education secretary Michael Gove’s proposals. The Muslim Council Of Britain is calling for “everyone who cares about the education of British schoolchildren” to lobby the Department for Education (DfE) as the consultation period closes on Tuesday.

stealth jihad

The MCB are 1 of the Muslim groups created to push Islam and engage in stealth jihad on the British public. Calling for Islam to be included in the national curriculum is another tactic of the Islamist’s stealth jihad being waged upon us. Its inclusion would be a massive victory for the Muslims attempts to bring Islam into daily life via the back-door  As it would mean all schoolchildren in the future would be forced to learn about Islam which has no place in British history.

“This is not just about educating Muslims,” Mohammed Amin, from campaign group Curriculum for Cohesion, “These inclusions are required to paint a true picture of the past,” the group said in a statement.”In their absence, British Muslim children will see no place for themselves in their country’s history, creating the risk of alienation.”At the same time non-Muslim children will grow up believing that Muslims have contributed nothing of value to Britain or indeed human civilization, creating the risk of their acquiring anti-Muslim attitudes.”Those children could grow up to join the English Defence League,” he said.”Neither of these outcomes is good for Britain, or for the ability of Britons to do business in a world economy which is increasingly integrated.”

 It calls for the inclusion of the contribution of  Muslim soldiers to the military effort in both world wars.  (Lets not forget the Muslims who fought for the Nazi’s under Hitler’s good friend and collaborator The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem who had an entire Muslim SS division)

It also calls for the preservation and enhancement of ancient Greek and Roman learning by classical Muslim civilization(which is a myth)and Britain’s long history of trade, diplomatic and other relations with Muslim-majority regions.

If Muslim history is going to be included in future lessons in Britain’s school then it needs to be a true overall picture of Islam that is shown. Not just cherry picked bits that portray Islam in a positive light as the MCB want. Fine add them…. but on the condition to also include all the evil heinous acts in Muslim history which far out number anything positive. Let children learn at school about the true barbaric nature of Islam instead of the political correct version that the leftist Muslim appeasing mainstream media such as the BBC and the Guardian like to portray.


Islam’s pagan roots such as Allah the Moon God and circling the black stone.

How Mohammed was a bandit who robbed and killed traders settlements as they slept and the first converts were more interested in the war booty from those attacked including sex slaves, than what he was preaching.

How Islam was spread by the sword by invading lands and forcing people to convert and murdering those who refused.

How in 1500 years, political Islam has been responsible for the death of approx 270 million people, killed in Allah’s name in jihad

How Muslims cannot live side by side with non-Muslims and are the worst oppressors and persecute other faiths throughout the world 

How Muslims are responsible for horrendous terror attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 and have carried out over 20,000 terror attacks since 9/11

Failing that, include as much Islam in the curriculum as there is about Christianity in the Saudi one. NOTHING

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Dhimmitude At George Mason University, USA


This is a reblog of  GMU’s Dhimmitude .The author of the post is a student at The George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Its tells of the schools Muslim appeasing wasting  taxpayers money to cater for 1 religious group and the Muslim/Communist politics. It would seem American Universities are experiencing the same Islamic stealth jihad that British uni’s have been subject to for the last few years. Next step for them is the Uni’s hosting Islamic hatefests like the 1 in Nottingham over Easter.

GMU’s Dhimmitude


I am a student at George Mason University. Despite being a public school, I chose to attend George Mason University because of its phenomenal economics program. Before I came to Mason, I was vaguely aware of its demographics. I knew the school prided itself on diversity, which is generally a code word for political correctness. However, George Mason University does more than attempt to be politically correct: George Mason University uses tax-payer dollars to propagate Islam.

The center of George Mason University is the Johnson Center. The Johnson Center contains the main food court, academic offices, and meeting rooms. On the first floor of the Johnson Center, there is one set of bathrooms which include Islamic footbaths. There is absolutely no denying that the Islamic footbaths are for religious purposes. They are for the expressed purpose of Muslim ritual. The university does not even attempt to hide this fact. Right there, this is a blatant violation of tax-payer money being used to promote one religion.

George Mason University also hosts a “quiet meditation area.” I have checked out the praying area on quite a few occasions. The school provides Muslim prayer mats. The school provides Muslim gender dividers. The school allows for there to be buckets of Muslim literature—and only Muslim literature—available next to the “quiet meditation space.” Therefore, the “quiet meditation area” is known as the “Muslim prayer area” by everyone on campus. As much as individuals in the university can kick, scream, and cry that the “quiet meditation area” is not exclusively for Muslims: we’re not dumb. We’re college students at a prestigious university, after all.

If the university cares about diversity and equality so much, well, then, I’m a Jewish student. Why aren’t there tax dollars dedicated to putting mezuzahs over every single door in all of the dorm complexes? Oh, right, because that would be an absolute gross violation of tax payer dollars for someone else to fund my personal, private religious activities. For some reason, Mason is capable of overlooking tax-payer money being used to finance Islam, and only Islam, while espousing the notion of equality.

The two most obvious, obnoxious, and outright in-your-face examples of the university using tax-payer dollars to prop up Islam are the Islamic footbaths and the Muslim praying area. However, the university has also been catering to Islam through the student activities.

Since George Mason University is a public university, it receives most of its funding from the state. Student activities, and student organizations, at Mason are also funded by the state. While I served as treasurer of the College Republicans, I was made aware of the rules and regulations regarding school funding (i.e. tax-payer funding) of events. Theoretically, the university will pay for most, if not all, expenses made by any group as long as the proper forms are filled out and handed to the corresponding bureaucracies.

When I first came to Mason, I quickly heard about the John Lewis event that had been canceled. I was told by individuals who arranged the event that it was canceled because of “security concerns.” It’s painfully ironic that an event about Islamic terrorism was canceled due to fears of Islamic terrorism. The event was later held in a hush-hush manner, so that the student groups involved would not be forced to pay for extra security.

A few months in to my time at Mason, I came across this flyer on campus:


How, exactly, will the “Reality of Zionism” be portrayed by Helen Thomas (who said that Jews should “go back to Germany”)? How, exactly, will the “Reality of Zionism” be portrayed by Miko Peled, apro-“Palestine” activist?  Curious, I attended this event. The title was entirely misleading. There were no facts about the reality of Zionism included in the event. Instead, smears about Israel were spread, entirely unchecked. For a university to allow this event, without any events with a counterargument, just shows how academia is definitely not the marketplace of ideas. Academia has become nothing more than brainwashed propaganda being regurgitated by the masses.

A few months later, I received an e-mail from the university notifying me of an upcoming event:


The first thing to notice is that this e-mail about “Arab-Jewish Relations Prior to the State of Israel” was sent out on April 19th, 2012. What else was April 19th, 2012?


The second piece of pertinent information is that the anti-Israel event, hosted by “Students for Justice in ‘Palestine’”, was scheduled for April 25th, 2012. What else was April 25th, 2012?


It’s possible that George Mason University made a horrible error in the day in which it sent out this e-mail. It’s possible that George Mason University made a horrible error in the day in which the event was scheduled. However, not only did George Mason University send out its e-mail about “Arab-Jewish Relations Prior to the State of Israel” on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anti-Israel event was scheduled for Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. Oops! This is more than just two awful coincidences: this was nefarious intent. Pro-“Palestine” activists are not known for playing nice. One needs to look no further than who was invited to the event, an anti-Israel event being held on Israeli Independence Day: Rabbi Dovid Weiss. Rabbi Weiss is best known for heading Neturei Karta, or what is colloquially known as “Rabbis Against Zionism”. Of course, this would be an incredibly unbiased “discussion” of the facts…

Lately, George Mason University has created a few new student groups. Not only is there “Students for Justice in ‘Palestine’”, now there is also “Students Against Israeli Apartheid”. Seems pretty redundant, huh? At the same time, George Mason University required the prospective Tea Party group and Constitutionalist Conservatives organizations to prove how they were different than the College Republicans, before the groups eventually collapsed under the bureaucratic requirements to start a recognized organization.

Even the “entirely apolitical” “Muslims Without Borders” has started participating in the “Palestine” dialogue:


This advertisement is extremely disconcerting. It is an event in support of  “Palestine”, soliciting donations, but there is absolutely no specification about where the money from the fundraiser is going. It is extremely likely that the money being shoveled in to the “Palestinian” cause is going to fund terrorist activists. George Mason University allowed for this event to be held on campus, with its seal of approval. George Mason University also funded the event asking for money to go to “Palestine.”

At least Muslims Without Borders seems to want to further their cause (whatever that may be—caliphate, perhaps). Students Against Israeli Apartheid, however, seems to have resorted to profanity:


As well as literally stating they do not want a dialogue:


Currently, the university is covered in propaganda for “Islam Awareness Week.” Yes, my school is actually attempting to make people aware that Islam exists. George Mason University has an extremely large Muslim student body; however, I guess no one is aware that Islam exists. Funny, since this school is right near the Pentagon. I thought everyone was made aware of Islam’s existence on 9/11.

Islam Awareness Week happens to be during International Week this year. This means that “Palestine” was participating in the flag-waving:


I think the duck lips and peace sign really say it all…

The International Week is supposed to be a welcoming environment for the gigantic international student population on campus, yet the people from Israel received boos and snide remarks. The students from Israel have absolutely nothing to do with the policies of the Israeli government. “Palestine”, on the other-hand, received thunderous applause. Alas, George Mason University prides itself on acceptance of diversity.

Since the weather has been improving these past few days, people have taken to the campus center to promote their causes.  The other day, I was standing with a friend, Chris Pavlovych, when we were approached by a woman handing out these flyers:


These flyers are from an approved student organization, funded with tax-payer dollars, at George Mason University. Upon looking at me, the woman with the flyers immediately ripped the flyer out of my hands and gave it to my friend. A few moments later, another person approached Chris to give him yet another copy of the same flyer. When he offered a rebuttal in defense of Israel, the response was, “Oh, you’re one ofthose people.”

Perhaps the most important symbol to prove just how strongly George Mason University promotes Islam is Zachary Chesser. Before coming to Mason, Zachary was described by his peers as being a normal kid. At Mason, he became radicalized. He’s best known for being the individual who threatened the creators of “South Park” for using an image of Muhammad.

George Mason would be rolling over in his grave if he knew the university which bears his name was using tax dollars to support Islam. In fact, the issue of tax dollar funding is not localized to Virginia. Since Mason accepts federal support, federal money, and federal student loans, every single tax paying American is currently funding the activities at George Mason University. The left loves to cry “separation of church and state”, but there is never an issue of “mosque and state.” Anyone who opposes the use of their own money being funneled into pro-Islam activities is an “Islamophobe.”


MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles, and pigs might fly

Blackburn MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst……and pigs might fly!!

Its not before time people stood up and told it how it is without pandering to Muslims for fear of being accused of racism or upsetting the ever so sensitive Muslim community. Yet as much as i agree with what the MP’s have said i honestly dont think it will make the slightest bit of difference and will fall upon deaf Muslim ears and denials as usually is the case with any criticisms of Islam or its followers.

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson told the commons,

“in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.”

Now were starting to get somewhere with those in a position of authority actually telling the truth about the Muslim grooming epidemic. But it still doesn’t make up for the fact that the Muslim paedophile problem was allowed to fester unchallenged for so long. Time and time I have said that there is no room for political correctness in something as severe as child abuse. Regardless if it upsets the Muslims or adversely effects community cohesion.

No sooner had the respective Blackburn and Pendle MPs said that they agreed the Muslim communities need to start doing more in rooting it out senior Muslim local  council members for the area came out with head still buried  in the sand comments. Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities.” Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community.”

You might as well talk to the brick wall than appeal to the Muslims to do something good for British society in general for once instead of looking out for themselves only. These Islamic apologist comments are by 2 council members who are supposed to represent and look out in the interests of  not just the Muslims community but the community as a whole. So what chance have you got of the religious Mullahs, those Muslims that hold the real power and sway of their community to do anything about it.

Why are they going to speak out about something that they don’t see as doing any wrong. Their law is sharia and the Quran which overrides any law of the land in their eyes. The paedophile false prophet Mohammed’s self made law to benefit himself 1500 years ago. The role model to all other Muslims who himself had sex with his 9 year old child bride meaning to say its wrong is to say Islam is wrong. The Quran that is full of hatred and discrimination towards infidels and women. So if  the government or anybody thinks the Imams or any other Muslims, are going to report their Islamic brothers for abusing white British schoolgirls who they think deserve it, then they are mad

The only way to eradicate the vile Muslim rape wave on Britain’s children is for the police to have a no holds barred attitude towards it because softly softly appeasing doesn’t work


East Lancs MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles

2:00pm Friday 22nd March 2013 in News  By Bill Jacobs, Local government reporter

BLACKBURN MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst.

Mr Timpson told a Commons inquiry into street grooming that in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.

He told the Home Affairs Select Committee: “We’ve seen a pattern develop within a minority of some Pakistani communities where there have been particular traits of activity that have continued for far too long without being detected, properly investigated and followed through with a prosecution.”

The two East Lancashire MPs agreed and local Pakistani politicians said raised awareness following the recent Rochdale child abuse case, when nine men were jailed for grooming girls as young as 13, had led to more action.

Mr Straw, who spoke out after the scandal was exposed, said: “Basically he is right. Some parts of the Pakistani community have been in wilful denial about this. In East Lancashire, especially Blackburn with Darwen, we have been more on top of this. I hope things are changing.”

Mr Stephenson said: “The minister is right. There have been horrific cases in East Lancashire and a lot of effort has been spent talking to Imams and teachers. The Pakistani community locally needs to be more ruthless about rooting this out.”

Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities. I think awareness is rising since the Rochdale case and people are more likely to report possible child sex abuse.”

Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community. People in the community are now more aware of the tell-tale signs of child abuse so can do more about it.”

Former senior Lancashire detective Mick Gradwell added: “In 2011, Mr Straw’s concerns that some men of Pakistani heritage were involved in the sexual exploitation of vulnerable white teenage girls were given widespread publicity. Since that time the police have put considerable resources into addressing child sexual exploitation. The police in Blackburn and Burnley have developed multi-agency teams that tackle child sexual exploitation.’”

A Lancashire police spokesman said: “Offenders come from many different social and ethnic backgrounds. We recognise in some areas the number of Asian offenders is disproportionate. We have been tackling the issue head on by working with the local communities and visiting mosques.”