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Muslims force 15 year old German girl to work in brothel

As you are probably aware, Britain is experiencing  something of a Muslim grooming gang epidemic at the moment. Which has seen predatory gangs of Muslim paedophiles target young schoolgirls and sexually exploit them to either abuse themselves or pimp out to other perverts. For those who aren’t aware of the epidemic the interactive Muslim grooming map will show you the scale.

The sexual exploitation isn’t confined just to the UK. Other western nations which have been subjected mass Muslim immigration have been having their own problems as this German report shows. Muslims seems to be the common factor in this type of crime around the world with the attackers almost always be followers of Islam.

Years of Muslim inbreeding, a lifetime of brainwashing with sexist,racist and barbaric Islamic teachings are all contributory factors to the problem. Islam discriminates against women and non believers, the aspiration to be like the ‘Perfect Muslim’ Mohammed who was a sex obsessed paedophile. Has resulted in the majority of Muslim males having  little common sense or morales and a violent and sex obsessed nature. In their deluded minds they believe that Non-Muslim women and girls are little better than animals.

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Forcing pimps from Hagen 15-year-old student to a brothel

14.02.2013 | 19:09 clock

Forcing pimps from Hagen 15-year-old student to a brothel
Two pimps from Hagen have forced a 15-year-old student to a brothel. They sit in the dock.Photo: Reuters

. Hagen   A sauna club owners from the mountain road in Hagen and his friend sitting in the District Court in the dock: The two men have had a 15-year tractable with cocaine and then forced into prostitution. The perpetrators have confessed. Both have to reckon with prison sentences of up to four years.

It happened in the middle of Copenhagen: A 15-year-old schoolgirl was of two men (39 and 23 years) forced to snort cocaine. Then she was raped, filmed, and was eventually in a downtown brothel sell their bodies.

The Sauna Club owner Ayhan A. (39) and his friend Tugay C. (23) from Boelerheide, bus drivers in line with EN-circle, sitting since 12 September in detention – and now faces the minors division of the district court. “Human trafficking for sexual exploitation” is one of the numerous allegations.

Jasmine (name changed) is not an easy youth. As the 15-year-old came into puberty, there were more problems at home. Several times she ran away. At the main station, in a so-called “hookah bar”, a pub, be smoked in the water pipe, she learned early January of last year Tugay C. know. The student turned the front of the Turkish compatriot Ayhan A., who ran then on the mountain road, a red light establishment.

For cocaine use forced

Obviously wanted the two men in April and June last year, take advantage of the plight of the 15-year-olds and for prostitution bring. First, they made ​​the BMW a common spin in the northern city of Dortmund. There they purchased cocaine. The girl was forced to move to the white powder through the nose.

Hagen collects tax from having sex in the brothels

A new sex tax would help make Hagens dramatic budget situation eased a little. An administrative act in the shadow of interpersonal transactions that will bring at least 30,000 euros each year.

Then it was back to Hagen.There, in a garage next to the brothel operation, the 15-year-old Ayhan A. was forced to have sex on a washing machine. Pal and co-defendant Tugay C. filmed the rape of the schoolgirl on his mobile phone. “Because of their intoxicant-related impairment, and alone in the garage with two distinctly her physically superior and much older men, she was not able to put up a fight” – said the prosecution.

Violence and threats

The next day, Jasmine should stay with a suitor in a hotel. When she refused, she firmly held Tugay C. and kicked her in the back: You should watch what they do, because she was a girl and I have to obey him.Otherwise he would be her mother’s “do something” threatened Tugay C. – intimidated by the 15-year-old then went to the room with a suitor.

Fear drove Voodoo girl on the bar

While investigations have risen nationwide for human trafficking, the last of experts at police headquarters Hagen Few cases have been solved. In the case of a young African woman who was forced by the fear of voodoo prostitution, there was a conviction.

In the following period, the student who rose to the name “Kimberly”, threatened her family would be killed if they would not buy for the men.50 euros was the price that had to pay the customer.The girl got nothing.

Defendants admit allegations

Before the district court granted both defendants all the allegations. The comprehensive confession spared Jasmine witness testimony and the psychological and stressful confrontation with their tormentors “will impact mitigation”, white defender Frank Becker. The Chamber has already announced that C. Tugay have to pay a penalty of three to four years in prison, ex-brothels Ayhan A. faces a sentence between three and a half and four and a half years. The process is on 20 February proceed.

The police had rescued Jasmine and another girl, a 14-year-old, from the home of the brother of Tugay C. Vincke at the road (Altenhagen). The angry father of the student standing with a pitchfork at the front door and wanted to lynch the pimps.

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Jailed paedophile Mohammed Ali Sultan had sex with a 13-year-old girl in his car

Bullying Jailed paedophile Mohammed Ali Sultan had sex with a 13-year-old girl in his car after hitting her.The Muslim monster also pimped out schoolgirls including the one from the previous post that the ex taxi driver paid for sex with

Shropshire paedophile jailed for seven years

Jailed paedophile Mohammed Ali Sultan had sex with a 13-year-old girl in his car after taking her to a lay-by and slapping her, a court was told.

Jailed - Mohammed Ali Sultan
Jailed – Mohammed Ali Sultan
The 26-year-old married man had first asked the girl to perform a sex act when she was just 12 years old, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Sultan, of Victoria Avenue in Wellington, was yesterday jailed for seven years after the court was told of a string of sex-related offences with children and youngsters.

He was told he would have to serve an extended period on licence and banned from working with children for life.

Sultan admitted having illegal sex with two teenage girls – including the 13-year-old.

He was also sentenced for taking a third teenager from Telford to have sex with workers at a fish and chip shop.

Judge Michael Challinor told Ali Sultan he had known that the 16-year-old girl, who was being prostituted, was damaged, and that the other two victims were both young and vulnerable.

“The harm this sort of sexual activity causes is incalculable. I have seen with my own eyes what has happened to these girls,” he said.

Ali Sultan had pleaded guilty to being involved in sexually activity with the 13-year-old girl more than four years ago.

He also admitted sexual activity with a second girl in 2009, in the weeks leading up to her 16th birthday, and a charge of controlling the prostitution of a child.

Judge Challinor imposed an extended period of licence for an additional five years on Ali Sultan’s release from prison.

He was also banned for life from working with children and must be on the sex offenders’ register for life and was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order until further notice.

Miss Deborah Gould, prosecuting, said the youngest victim met Ali Sultan when she was just 12 when he had asked her to perform a sex act.

She refused but later, when she was 13, the defendant took her in his car to a lay-by where he had slapped her and had sex with her.

Miss Gould said the 16-year-old victim had been groomed and exploited as a prostitute by two other men who were friends of the defendant.

He had twice been involved in taking her to a fish and chip shop in Hadley where she was sold for sex to several of the workers.

The third victim was taken into a house in Victoria Avenue, two doors from Ali Sultan’s home.

He knew she was still 15 and gave her vodka, cider and cannabis before he had sex with her.

Mr Brian Dean, for Ali Sultan, said his client had been ‘immature’ at the time and now faced the shame that these type of offences attract.

Mohammed Islam Choudhrey Telford ex-taxi driver jailed over sex with girl

Another Islamo-nonce jailed after paying £50 a time for sex with a girl young enough to be his grand daughter,to 2 different Muslim sicko’s who were pimping the child out
November 28, 2012 10:59

Telford ex-taxi driver jailed over sex with girl

A 53-year-old former taxi driver and fast food worker who paid to have sex with a Shropshire schoolgirl has been jailed.

Mohammed Choudhrey
Mohammed Choudhrey

Mohammed Islam Choudhrey was said to have handed over more than £600 to the teenager in a just a few months. At Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday Choudhrey was sentenced to prison for a total of two-and-a-half years.

He had admitted a charge of paying for the sexual services of a child between January and December, 2009.

Judge Michael Challinor told Choudhrey that he had ‘cynically used the young girl for sexual purposes’.

He said Choudhrey’s actions had been persistent and the harm to the Telford teenager was immense.

Judge Challinor said he accepted that Choudhrey was not part of a predatory gang and that he had been kind to the victim.

“But the offence is serious and the age difference makes you dangerous to young girls who must be protected,” he said.

Choudhrey, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, Telford, was made the subject of a Sex Offences Protection Order for the next seven years. The judge ordered that a second allegation of paying the girl for sex should lie on the file.

At court yesterday Miss Deborah Gould, prosecuting, said that Choudhrey’s plea represented a persistent course of conduct over a period of several months.

She said that Choudhrey met the victim, who cannot be named, when she was 16 and he would give her lifts, food, alcohol and cannabis.

Miss Gould said the teenager had already been heavily exploited by two other men who were controlling her as a prostitute.

Choudhrey became a customer, paying £50 each time, and changed the teenager’s actions towards working as a prostitute in her own right.

Mr Denis Desmond, for Choudhrey, said his client had not corrupted the girl and had treated her well and gave her gifts. The money came later.

He said Choudhrey had been unaware that the other men were getting the cash from the girl.

Mr Desmond said that as a result of the case his client had been disowned by his family and ostracised by the local Muslim community.


Tanveer Ahmed from Telford jailed for selling teenage girl for sex

Another day another Muslim nonce to add to the Muslim grooming and paedo epidemic map


Tanveer Ahmed jailed for selling teenage girl for sex

A 40-year-old man from Telford has been jailed for selling a teenage girl for sex to a takeaway restaurant worker.

Tanveer Ahmed, from Urban Gardens, Wellington, pocketed £40 from the fish and chip shop worker in 2009.

Ahmed admitted a charge of controlling a child prostitute but denied two similar allegations.

The fast food delivery driver was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and put on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Ahmed was told by judge Michael Challinor at Wolverhampton Crown Court that he could expect to be banned from working with children for life.

Mr Challinor also made him the subject of a Sex Offenders Prevention Order relating to children aged between 10 and 18, until further notice.

The court heard how Ahmed, a married father of three, had lost the £40 he carried on his rounds through gambling.

He subsequently drove the victim, who was 16 at the time, to the Golden Fryer at Oakengates in a bid to replenish the cash from one of the restaurant workers.

Ahmed denied two other allegations relating to the teenage girl’s prostitution as well as two offences of sexual activity with a child, which will all remain on file.

Egyptian Father marries teenage daughter to 75-year-old rich man for E£15,000

This loving Muslim father made the most of Islam’s strange temporary  marriage laws and having young daughters.In what is little more than legalised child prostitution the Egyptian would marry the girls off to rich paedophile pensioners for 3 days or more in return for money. Another self created sharia law that the paedo prophet invented for his own sexual gains that is still being used to this day to exploit young girls

Father marries teenage daughter to 75-year-old rich man for E£15,000

Teenage girl was also having an illicit relation with her sister’s husband; father pardons both

By Staff

Published Friday, November 23, 2012


A teenage girl managed to escape to her brother-in-law with whom she was having an illicit relationship after she was married to a rich 75-year-old man by her father for five thousand Egyptian pounds per night.

The 16-year-old Noura was married to an old rich man for money by her father but she managed to escape after spending three days with the old husband. She went straight to her sister’s husband after the escape as both were involved in illicit relationship for nearly a year and she had become pregnant, said Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper.

Noura was reportedly treated badly by her 75-year-old husband.

The girl’s brother-in-law, identified as Nadi, told police that his wife has four siblings and Noura is the youngest of them.

He said his father-in-law used to marry daughters to rich men in return for money and Noura was also married to this rich old man for 15 thousand Egyptian pounds for three nights.

After Noura was married and her father had received the money, she went with her husband to his flat. She spent three days there and then escaped and contact her brother-in-law to meet in a faraway place, Nadi said.

He told police that Noura had asked him not to disclose the matter to his wife – her sister – and she was in a bad psychological state.

He said he was surprised when she told him that she had escaped and would never go back to her family house and instead asked him to rent a place for her in a village, fearing that she might be married again to an old man in return for money.

Nadi said he rented a small flat where he spent the first night with her where she told him about the tough time she spent with the elderly man for three days. “She said the old man was a drug addict.”

On the other hand, the brother-in-law told police that he was also trying to convince his wife and Noura’s parents that he’s looking for the missing girl everywhere.

Noura’s father came to know when a neighbour saw Noura at a clinic and informed him. Noura had gone to maternity clinic and her baby bump was visible.

The father informed the police and arrested Noura and Nadi. Noura acknowledged that she was having an illicit affair with her sister’s husband and was pregnant.

But Noura’s father pardoned both of them and police released them after reconciliation.

via Father marries teenage daughter to 75-year-old rich man for E£15,000 – Emirates 24/7.