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Two men sexually assaulted by Asian male in south Manchester

Yet another utterly heinous sex crime in Greater Manchester.  GMP have realised an e-fit of the Asian attacker with obvious homosexual motives wanted in connection with 2 separate sex attacks on males walking alone. The attacks happened on August 14th in broad daylight on Wilmslow Road which for anyone unfamiliar with the area is a very busy main road.The brazen nature of the attack fact he speaks bad English suggests to me he is probably a recent immigrant from some backwards village where things like this are a regular occurrence with little chance of prosecution.But im no detective so only time will tell when he’s caught, if he is ever caught  

greater manchester police have issued this efit of an asian male they are looking for in relation to sex offences in 2 seperate incidents on males on the same day near to christies hospital
Greater Manchester police have issued this efit of an Asian male they are looking for in relation to sex offences in 2 separate incidents on males on the same day near to christies hospital

Two men sexually assaulted in south Manchester

Two men were sexually assaulted within the space of an hour as they left a south Manchester hospital.

The incidents happened on Tuesday 14 August 2012, as the victims walked onto Wilmslow Road from Christie’s Hospital in Didsbury.

At 4.20pm, a 21-year-old man was approached by the offender who made inappropriate remarks to him then sexually assaulted him.

The victim managed to break free then ran off.

Shortly afterwards at about 4.50pm, a 29-year-old man was approached and again the offender made remarks before sexually assaulting the man.

This time, the victim chased the offender who left the area.

In both cases, the suspect is described as being Asian, in his 20s, about 5ft 9in tall, wearing traditional Indian clothing and spoke with bad English.

An e-fit of the suspect has been released.

Detective Constable Dominic Heslop said: “We would urge anyone who may recognise or may have seen this man to call us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 4423 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Shame of Blackburn Muslim who exposed himself

Another perverted Muslim sex offender before the bench in Blackburn.Shakee Malik, 40, of Burnley Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges of flashing his tackle to random women. Wonder if he fitted the traditional image of a flasher with a long dirty brown over coat on or if he starting a new trend of wearing the old white Muslim curtains


shame of Blackburn man who exposed himself

12:57pm Friday 17th August 2012 in News

A 40-year-old van driver indecently exposed himself to women after stopping to ask them directions.

Blackburn magistrates heard Shakeel Malik initially denied being the driver of the vehicle but was identified by both women.

Malik, 40, of Burnley Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges of indecently exposing himself. He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Peter Wild, prosecuting, said the first incident took place in Audley Lane on May 15. The female victim was walking alone when a blue van pulled up besides her and the driver asked for directions.”

Mr Wild said as she was speaking Malik exposed himself and committed an obscene act.

The second incident on July 19 again involved a lone female and the driver of a blue van asking for directions.

via Shame of Blackburn man who exposed himself (From Lancashire Telegraph).

Woman, 29, raped by Asian male after night out in Rochdale

Rochdale seems to be becoming a hotbed for sex crimes committed by Muslim men. The dust has hardly settled from the recent  Muslim grooming gang scandal where vulnerable white schoolgirls were sexually exploited and passed around a huge network of racist Muslim men like worthless pieces of meat. Now the equally disgusting crime of rape. with a woman on her way home from a night out grabbed from behind and raped by an Asian male.


5 August 2012 Last updated at 11:48

Woman, 29, raped after night out in Rochdale

A woman has been raped after a night out in Rochdale, police said.

Greater Manchester Police said the 29-year-old woman was grabbed by a man from behind and raped behind houses on Belfield Lane at 02:00 BST on Saturday.

The man is described as Asian, 5ft 2in (1.5m), muscular and in his late 30s, with a stud earring in his left ear and short dark hair with long spikes.

Detectives said they were trying to reassure anxious residents that they believe it to be an isolated incident.

A 33-year-old man was arrested at an early stage in the investigation but has since been eliminated.

The man was described as wearing light coloured baggy jeans, a sandy-coloured belt with a silver buckle and dark hooded top.

via BBC News – Woman, 29, raped after night out in Rochdale.

Self-styled Muslim community leader Abdul Razaq locked up for sex crimes on children

Another Muslim sex case brought to justice for the disgusting crimes of interfering with 6 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.  The predatory paedophile from Skipton was jailed for 8 years


August 2012

Self-styled community leader Abdul Razaq showed no emotion when he was led off to the cells from the dock at Bradford CrownCourt  this afternoon. Razaq, a 57-year-old grandfather, of Greenfield Street,Skipton , “systematically and deliberately” obtained the trust and friendship of a boy aged six to persistently abuse him over two years in the mid 1970s.

Judge praises victims whose evidence led to pervert’s conviction for his ‘sick crimes’ committed in Skipton

A predatory paedophile who sexually abused two children up to 40 years ago has been jailed for eight years.

Self-styled community leader Abdul Razaq showed no emotion when he was led off to the cells from the dock at Bradford CrownCourt  this afternoon.

Razaq, a 57-year-old grandfather, of Greenfield Street,Skipton , “systematically and deliberately” obtained the trust and friendship of a boy aged six to persistently abuse him over two years in the mid 1970s.

He stopped only when the boy’s father caught him molesting his son under a blanket in the back yard of a house in the town.

Razaq had married and had children when he selected his second victim, a ten-year-old girl, almost 20 years later.

“You remained in the area, you remained a predator,” Judge David Hatton QC told him.

He undressed the child and molested her on at least eight occasions.

Judge Hatton said Razaq targeted the boy when he was 18 to 20.

He plied the youngster with treats and obtained the trust of his family so he could abuse their son in an attic, a derelict house and the back yard.

Judge Hatton praised the victims’ “bold and responsible decision” to bring Razaq to justice.

His said the man, now in his forties, was under considerable stress at having to relive his experiences to the jury.

The abused woman, now in her late 20s, had suffered emotional issues because of the abuse. Although very successful, she had difficulty forming close personal relationships.

The judge made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order without limit of time barring Razaq from having any unsupervised contact with children. He must also sign on the sex offenders’ register.

Razaq was convicted of seven offences of sexual abuse. They included five allegations of indecently assaulting the boy and one of indecency with him and one charge, representing a course of conduct, of indecently assaulting the girl.

After the case, both Razaq’s victims praised the police for bringing him to justice.

Detective Constable Alison Whitwell, who led the investigation, said: “Abdul Razaq preyed upon these poor, defenceless children for his own sexual gratification.

“He robbed them of their childhoods and his depraved actions have had a lasting effect into their adult lives.

“It is very satisfying that Razaq has finally been made to face up to his sick crimes.

“This case demonstrates that it is never too late for victims to come forward to the police. It also shows that offenders can never rest easily knowing that they will be pursued even decades later.

DC Whitwell added: “I truly hope that the outcome at court brings some comfort to the victims and their loved ones.

“I have nothing but the utmost admiration for the immense courage they have shown throughout. I wish them the very best as they begin to rebuild their lives following this traumatic period.”

via Abdul Razaq – Skipton «.

Rochdale Muslim grooming gang leader gets 22 years for child rape in separate case

The perverted ringleader of the Rochdale racist  Muslim grooming gang which preyed on young white girls and shared them about a huge network of evil Muslim sexual deviants across the north of England has been jailed for another 22 years in a separate case of child rape spanning over 10 years. Racist Bully Shabir Ahmed was the mystery defendant x in the trial a few months ago that hit the headlines exposing the massive problem with Muslim males sexually abusing and grooming for sex young white girls. Hopefully this man will never set foot outside a prison again for the rest of his life.

Ironically despite being found guilty in this case and the previous grooming  gang case the racist Islamic sex case  is still having the cheek to claim to be the victim of an anti Muslim police campaign. Even going as far as calling the judge a racist bastard. Sorry playing the race card aint gonna help you this time…

Rochdale grooming gang leader gets 22 years for child rape

‘Unpleasant and hypocritical bully’ Shabir Ahmed, 59, sentenced in separate trial over abusing Asian girl for 10 years

Racist Bully Shabir Ahmed was the mystery defendant x in the trial a few months ago that hit the headlines exposing the massive problem with Muslim males sexually abusing and grooming for sex young white girls. Rochdale Muslim paedophile  grooming gang ringleader

sHabir Ahmed treated his victim like a ‘possession’, the sourt was told. Photograph: Greater Manchester police/PA

The ringleader of a gang of men in Rochdale that groomed young white girls for sex has been given a 22-year prison sentence after he was convicted of 30 child rapes in a separate case involving a young Asian girl.

Shabir Ahmed, 59, of Oldham, Greater Manchester was one of nine men convicted of sex offences against children at Liverpool crown court in May. He was jailed for 19 years but could not be identified at the time because of the pending trial.

Ahmed was convicted in June at Manchester’s Minshull Street crown court of raping and sexually abusing an Asian girl for more than a decade. On Thursday he was given a 22-year sentence for abusing his victim. Judge Khokhar told him the sentence will run concurrently with the earlier one.

The court heard that he raped and sexually abused a young Asian girl repeatedly over many years and treated her as a possession for his own sexual gratification. Ahmed, a former takeaway driver, smirked as the jury returned the unanimous verdicts.

During the earlier trial in Liverpool it emerged that Ahmed was known to his victims by the nickname Daddy. Judge Gerald Clifton, who sentenced Ahmed in Liverpool, said the gang treated their victims “as though they were worthless and beyond any respect”.

Ahmed and the other men were convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under 16. In May, he was also convicted of two counts of rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault and a count of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation.

He was banned from the courtroom in Liverpool for his sentencing hearing because of his threatening behaviour and for calling Clifton a “racist bastard”. The judge called the defendant an “unpleasant and hypocritical bully”.

In June, reporting restrictions were lifted after he was convicted of 30 charges of rape by a jury. The court heard that Ahmed was violent and dominated his victim.

Rachel Smith, opening the case for the prosecution, said Ahmed repeatedly, over a period of more than a decade, raped the victim. She said: “She tried to make him stop, but it was to no avail.” She said the victim was eventually forced to submit to him and the abuse happened almost every week. “The defendant was a violent and controlling man,” said Smith.

She added: “The defendant treated [her] as some sort of possession to be used for his own sexual gratification, as and when he chose.”

The jury was told that the victim felt a sense of shame about what happened to her, which stopped her reporting it to the police for many years. “The reality of what he had done to her was never far from her thoughts … she describes having dreams about it,” Smith added.

The court heard that because of the abuse the victim “rejected the idea of ever marrying or having a sexual relationship with a man of her choosing”.

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Bailed paedophile sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl after spiking her drink with VODKA

In less than a month of this blog, numerous of the posts have questioned the British legal system and its apparent 2 tier legal system where Muslims seem to get granted bail or  far more lenient sentences than white British would receive and the sentences judges are passing dont reflect the seriousness of the crime.Well heres another instance.

Thanks to the law courts granting dangerous paedophile Samuel Omar bail on charges of sexually assulting a 10 year old in  Northampton, he was free to carry on with his evil perversions and rape a 12 year old in Hemel Hempstead after spiking her soft drink with vodka. Serious questions need answering by those who allowed this sexual predator to be free to strike again. To any normally person surely the alarms bells would of started ringing when his criminal history was checked showing that he had already had a 12 year prison sentence for the rape of a 6 year old child. 

Ministry of Justice spokesperson said:   ‘Dangerous offenders who pose a threat to society should always be remanded into custody while they await trial.

so why doesnt a serial paedophile qualify as a threat to the public????

‘Anyone who reoffends while on bail will usually receive a longer sentence as a result.’

 Then why did the judge recommend he serves at least 3 years 3 months only when he should be ensuring the serial rapist never sets foot outside prison again

The Fruit Shoot rapist: Bailed paedophile sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl after spiking her drink with VODKA

  • Depraved Samuel Omar, 64, was due to stand trial for sexually abusing child
  • But was able to strike again after being granted bail despite rape conviction
  • His trial had been adjourned because of Ministry of Justice funding cutbacks
  • Jailed indefinitely for two sex attacks and making indecent images of children
  • Children’s charity says decision to release Omar shows system has ‘failed’
  • MoJ says dangerous offenders ‘should always be remanded into custody’


PUBLISHED: 11:46, 26 July 2012 | UPDATED: 14:25, 26 July 2012

A convicted child rapist sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after spiking her Fruit Shoot drink with vodka while on bail for another sex attack on a youngster.

Twisted Samuel Omar, 64, was given the opportunity to offend again after his court case for a vile attack on a young girl was delayed because of government funding cutbacks.

The paedophile had been due to stand trial in May for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl last July and superimposing her face onto pictures of topless models.

But his case was adjourned until June 12 this year after Ministry of Justice spending cuts reduced the number of trials sitting at Northampton Crown Court.

Convicted child rapist Samuel Omar spiked a girl's drink with vodka before sexually assaulting her
Omar topped up his victim's Fruit Shoot drink with vodka

Depraved: Convicted Child rapist Samuel Omar (left) sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after spiking her Fruit Shoot drink (right, file picture) with vodka while on bail for another sex attack on a youngster

Despite Omar, from Semilong, Northamptonshire, previously serving a 12-year prison sentence for raping a six-year-old girl in 1987, he was allowed out on bail after being charged with the sexual assault.

The delay in his trial gave Omar the chance to strike again and four days before he was due back in court he spiked a 12-year-old girl’s Fruit Shoot drink with vodka before sexually abusing her.

Last Friday, he was finally jailed after he admitted the two sexual assaults and making indecent images of children.

He was sentenced indefinitely to imprisonment for public protection and must serve a minimum of three years and three months before being considered for parole.

Judge Sylvia De Bertodano told him: ‘That does not mean you will be released then.

‘You will only be released once a determination has been made you are no longer dangerous and that may be a very long time indeed.’


Northampton Crown Court

July 2011: Family of 10-year-old girl make complaint to police about Samuel Omar

August 8: Charged with sexual assault

August 24: First appears before Northampton magistrates and granted conditional bail

October 5: Appears again before Northampton magistrates and granted conditional bail as case is sent to crown court

October 31: Appears at Northampton Crown Court and pleads not guilty of sex assault

June 9, 2012: He is arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl

June 11: Breach of bail hearing at Hatfield Magistrates and remanded in custody

June 12: Appears at Northampton Crown Court, above, and pleads guilty to two sexual assaults and making indecent images of children

July 20: Jailed indefinitely for public protection

Children’s charities blasted the decision to release Omar on bail in the first place.

The Ministry of Justice also waded into the debate today by telling MailOnline that dangerous offenders ‘should always be remanded into custody’ while awaiting trial.

Peter Bradley, Deputy Director of Kidscape, said: ‘This is a horrific and worrying case of sexual abuse.

‘Not only is Omar a dangerous paedophile whose rehabilitation was not effective, but also the system that is designed to protect children has clearly failed.

‘The apparent failure of effective management of this case is partially to blame for the harm the girls and their families have suffered.

‘There are many questions which need to be answered if the public are to have faith in the safeguarding system.

‘I am particularly concerned that cutbacks in the number of trials at Crown Courts is allowing dangerous offenders to have extended access to the public and risk further assaults.’

Jon Brown, Head of the NSPCC’s Sexual Abuse programme said: ‘As this man was a convicted child rapist serious consideration should have been given to keeping him in custody.

‘He had already proved a risk to children and this should have been taken into account when he appeared in court to face this new charge.

‘There are always various matters to be considered when someone is given bail but protection of children should always be the priority.’

The court heard Omar was arrested in July last year when a 10-year-old told police he regularly touched and kissed her when alone.

Shockingly, despite his earlier conviction for child rape, he was granted bail by magistrates in Northampton and ordered to stand trial in May.

But when his trial was adjourned as a result of a cluttered court timetable, he targeted a 12-year-old in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

James McLernon, prosecuting, told the court: ‘While on bail for the Northampton offence and a week before his re-listed trial, the defendant sexually assaulted another victim.

‘On Saturday, June 9, an ambulance was called to her address where she was extremely intoxicated.

‘Paramedics arrived and the defendant tried to drive away, but the ambulance blocked him in.

‘She was incoherent and extremely distressed. Paramedics arrived and the defendant tried to drive away, but the ambulance blocked him in. She was incoherent and extremely distressed.’

Officers discovered the girl’s Fruit Shoot drink had been topped up with vodka.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: ‘Dangerous offenders who pose a threat to society should always be remanded into custody while they await trial.

‘The decision to grant bail is taken by the police and courts based on the full facts of each case.

‘The overwhelming majority of people bailed do not reoffend and are often given strict conditions such as electronic tags and curfews.

‘Anyone who reoffends while on bail will usually receive a longer sentence as a result.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179250/The-Fruit-Shoot-rapist-Bailed-paedophile-sexually-assaulted-12-year-old-girl-spiking-drink-VODKA.html#ixzz2224v6vDy

Salford Muslim man charged following the rape of two men in Manchester

In public Muslims call for homosexuals to be killed. In private they participate or in this sickening case have raped 3 males stooping as low as you can go really and raping.Manchester has its gay village where from what i have seen off it there the  gay men are very easy an arent very fussy so to speak. Had this Muslim sex fiend just wanted gay sex im sure he would of got it easy enough. This i 1 seriously sick person he wanted more than that an took his victims manhood so to speak. As a straight male i couldn’t think of anything more disturbing an Degrading to happen. i would rather have my arms n legs broke.They will heal easier than a mans pride!!


Salford man charged following the rape of two men in Manchester

Elhadi Sahkri (born 07/11/1970), of Thorn Court, Pendleton has been charged with three counts of rape.

He is next due to appear at Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on 9 August 2012.

At about 4.15am on Wednesday 27 June 2012, a 18-year-old man left a nightclub on Princess Street he got into a taxi on the opposite side of the street.

He asked if he could take him to Rusholme, the driver drove off in that direction. He stopped the car and asked the victim to get out. The driver forced him up against a wall and raped him.

At about 2.30am on Thursday 12 July 2012, a 22-year-old man left a bar on Canal street, he went for something to eat and walked along Oxford Road. A taxi pulled up beside him, the driver asked where he was going and he got in. The taxi drove off in the wrong direction and stopped on Hulme Street in Salford.

The victim got out of the car and was dragged by his arms down an alleyway and raped.

Anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault can contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. GMP has specially trained officers in place to provide a first class response to victims and help support them through the criminal justice process.

St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester, can also be contacted on 0161 276 6515. This provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

via Salfordonline GMP News And Appeals.

Iraqi Sexual predator facing jail tells judge he doesn’t want to be in this country any more

The British 2 tier legal system that alarmingly has seen many Muslims getting soft sentences for crimes that a British non Muslim would get a far heaver sentence for, has aloud a Muslim sexual predator to attack again whilst being on bail already for the sexual assault of 2 women in a Burnley nightclub. Had he been on remand or on tag like most people would be for lesser non sexual crimes.He wouldn’t of had chance to attack the 3rd  victim who had a young child with her at the time.The immigrant from Iraq has finally now been remanded in custody to stop him  attacking again till his sentencing hearing. Upon which he told the judge he didnt want to be in this country anymore  wanted to go back to Iraq. Hopefully the judge will send him to prison 1st and then give him his wish and  order him to be deported back at the end of it. Its amazing how suddenly at the prospect of a lengthy spell in the big house he wants to go back to iraq. He was quite alright here before that when he was sexually abusing British women and no doubt receiving benefits


SEXUAL predator who attacked two women in a nightclub and a young mother, is facing jail.

Rasul Abdullah (31) had sexually assaulted his first two victims on the same night, last November, in Pharoah’s in Burnley.

He had been bailed and had then struck again, molesting his third target after locking her and her baby in his house in Brierfield, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Abdullah was convicted by a jury of assault by penetration and two counts of sexual assault. The defendant, of Cambridge Street, had denied the allegations against him during a four-day trial. He had claimed the two nightclub victims had been mistaken or lying and alleged the third woman had been after sex.

The defendant, an Iraqi national said to have indefinite leave to remain in this country, was remanded in custody for reports and will be sentenced at the end of August.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and a sexual offences prevention order may also be made when he is sentenced.

Mr Joe Boyd (prosecuting) had told the court Abdullah had put his hand up two women’s skirts in separate incidents in the club. Two months later, in January, he asked the third woman, who was pushing her child in a pram, into his house and tried to kiss, hug and touch her as she fought to push him off. All the victims were very distressed by their ordeals and feared seeing their attacker again.

The prosecutor said Abdullah had been a “dangerous sexual predator” who had been out of control and a menace to women at the time of the offences.

Mr Boyd told the hearing that in her victim personal statement, one of the victims told how she was now afraid to go out with her friends. She said she was usually a confident person, but the assault had left her very shaken.

The young mother had told in her statement how she no longer went out or interacted with anybody and was frightened of coming across the defendant in case he assaulted her again.

Recorder Nick Clarke QC, who said he would have to consider the issue of dangerousness, when he passed sentence, told the defendant: “I have a responsibility to deal with you in a way that punishes you and protects the public in future.”

“The prosecution have described you as a sexual predator and that’s certainly the way you behaved in the latter part of 2011 and early part of 2012. This is a case which will inevitably lead to a prison sentence.”

Before he was taken from the court dock, Abdullah told the judge, through his Kurdish-speaking interpreter, that he wanted to be sent back to Iraq. He said: “I don’t want to stay in this country anymore.”

via Sexual predator faces jail « Hidden British News.

Woman abused by Muslim imam as a child speaks out

British Muslim woman speaks out about the sexual abuse she was victim of at the hands of a paedophile Muslim imam at the mosque. 


‘My abuser, was supposedly a man of faith, a man of standing, a man we trusted’

4:07pm Monday 16th July 2012 in News

A woman who was abused as a child by a mosque Imam has broken her silence.

She was speaking in an interview with Asian Image undertaken by Community Worker Anjum Anwar.

Nabila (not her real name) has now broken her silence and says that anyone faced with a similar situation needs to speak out and tell someone in authority.

“I am angry that a man was allowed to get away with abusing a little girl for four years, and nobody picked on it, my parents did not pick up on my mood swings, from being quiet to being angry.

“My abuser, was supposedly a man of faith, a man of standing, a man we trusted, someone one who had authority in the community, he abused his authority he tarnished the image of an Imam in my mind and heart, and took away my childhood, he took me to the dark place, where I cannot get out of, he is my nightmare, even today.”

Now, Nabila is going through counselling for what happened. She also speaks about seeing her abuser for the first time after many years in the North of England.

Many mosques and religious institutions now have safeguards in place to ensure incidents of this nature are dealt with to the full extent of the law. The vast majority of religious leaders  are pious and sincere people and they will, like everyone else, be shocked to read her account.


Nabila was used to being showered with compliments by her parents, family and friends.

She was a pretty little girl with long black silky hair. So when the holy man, in a place which is considered a safe place, singled her out for ‘special’ treatment, she felt honoured and proud.

He would ask her to sit next to him, on his lap, to clean his room, to fetch things for him, and gave her money for sweets.

At 7 years of age, Nabila would put on her headscarf, and sit down with the other little girls.

In less than one week into her new ‘evening religious school’ her teacher had ‘chosen’ her, for special attention, running his hands  seductively over her body.

Nabila was frightened but did not know how to tell her parents. Who would believe her, what words should she use, was it her fault?

In 2010 Nabila was driving through her town which is her home and her nightmare, and as she passed the familiar streets she gasped, “ it’s him, oh! My God, it’s him.”

He looked the same, tall, fat, old with dishevelled hair.

There is no doubt in Nabila’s mind, that this was the man who took away her innocence – his face etched in her mind.

“I wanted to scream to make him stop, but did not know how. Would he hit me, would he punish me? And I did not know what words to use to tell my parents or my brothers.

“At home, it was expected that children remained in the background. We did not talk to our parents, you know, children should be seen and not heard.

“My father used to work all the hours to provide for us, and my mother used to help by sewing clothes. There were seven of us, four brothers, my parents and me, and there was never any time to speak.”

Nabila left school at 16, and wanted to go to college, but that was not an option for her.

“No, it was taken for granted that I will leave school, and get married. I had been promised to my cousin in Pakistan.

“That is what we had grown up to believe, but my Sikh friends all went to college, and I wanted to go to college.

“There were many arguments, but something in my head told me that I did not want to get married, and now I think about it, I was rebelling, because the thought of someone touching me was sickening, but I could not talk about it.

“My father allowed me to go to college under one condition that he will drop me off at the college and pick me up.

She had thoughts of running away, where to go, the only option was her eldest brother’s house, but they too closed their doors to Nabila.

“In those days we did nothing but watch Bollywood films, you know girl meets boy; they get married and live happily ever after.

“Well I wanted all that, I wanted the Bollywood dream. At college I met a boy – he was a Sikh and as soon as my sister in law heard about it, things changed very quickly.

“Things became extremely difficult at home. I was not allowed to do anything.

Although my brothers had girlfriends and went out I was kept under a lock and key all the time.

“When my father passed away, my eldest brother and mother blamed me for his death, because I had not been the good Muslim girl that I should have been, but nobody knew, that it was a ‘good’ Muslim man who had killed the good Muslim girl inside of me.

Nabila became detached from her faith.

“Sometimes my mother would say go and do your prayers, but as I did not see her do prayers, I would go up in my room, and tell her I did it, although I did not pray.

“One of my teachers did see the change in my mood but even at school it went no further.

So I did not care what and who thought what of me. I rejected everyone and everything, even my religion.”

via ‘My abuser, was supposedly a man of faith, a man of standing, a man we trusted’ (From Asian Image).