2 Women Badly Beaten In Luton Takeaway By Asian Man

2 woman badly beaten up by a woman hating bully in a Luton takeaway. Police are hunting somebody described as an Asian 24-28 approx 5’8 tall. Not much to go off given there is literally thousands of Muslim males in Luton who could fall into that bracket and think of women so low as to kick her in the face while she is crouched down. Police said it could result in charges of actual bodily harm. Why is it not considered a racist hate attack lie if it was the other way round.

Why is there no CCTV of this attack??? Either It must be 1 of the very few takeaways in the UK that don’t have CCTV or they have it but conveniently forgot to turn it on that night 

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Search for man after vicious attack on vulnerable woman on a Bank Holiday night out

Morgan-Leigh Webb was assaulted

Morgan-Leigh Webb was assaulted

A young woman was kicked in the face and left unconscious in a takeaway in Chapel Street after a Bank Holiday night out.


Morgan-Leigh Webb, 21, was with friends in Peri-Peri Chicken at about 4am on Monday when a man entered the shop and pushed in the queue.

When her friend made a comment about queue-jumping, the man became aggressive, took off his belt, wrapped it round his knuckles and went to hit Morgan-Leigh’s friend.

Beauty therapist Morgan-Leigh said: “I got up to protect my friend and dropped my bag on the floor and all the contents spilled out. I was crouched on the floor trying to pick everything up, so I was vulnerable, and that’s when he kicked me in the face. He knocked me unconscious then ran out of the shop and into his car.”

Morgan-Leigh suffered a broken nose and a chipped tooth from the attack, and when she regained consciousness was taken to hospital for treatment.

She is unable to work until the swelling in her face goes down so she can return to hospital and have her nose fixed.

Morgan-Leigh, who recently moved from Luton to a village just outside, said: “I don’t think anyone should be able to get away with this. He was obviously out to cause trouble. I was overwhelmed at the time but the next day I went to the police to press charges. I’m hoping someone will have seen something or know who he is. How can another person slip through the net? People don’t come forward about these things enough. “I am angry at the moment but I can’t really sleep properly. I am feeling a bit scared about pressing charges in case he comes to find me.”

The man is described as an Asian male, about 24-28 years old, 5 ft 8, and his belt was Gucci, with green and red stripes.

A Beds Police spokesperson confirmed they are looking for a man in connection with the attack, which could result in charges of actual bodily harm.

Call Beds Police on 101 if you have any information about this incident.