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Elderly Man Beat Up And Robbed By 2 ‘Asian’ Thugs In Wycombe

Yet another spineless attack by ‘religion of peace’ members against somebody unable to defend themselves against the cowardly attack. Bashing old people doesn’t make you big and hard, it is something that even a pair of 12 year olds are capable of doing if they wanted to. But even children have more about them to know that it is very wrong and something only the lowest  filth in our society would do.

Incidents like this unfortunately are on the increase as the UK imports more and more  migrants from third world Muslim nations. Gradually turning the country into the backwards lawless lands they left.


An elderly man was kicked and then had his wallet stolen from him in an attack on Marlow Road, High Wycombe.

The 65-year-old was walking along the road on Monday (January 16) at around 7pm when he was approached from behind by two men.
One of the robbers reached for the man’s coat pockets and then the two men proceeded to kick the him, causing him to fall.

They then stole his wallet and ran away down Marlow Road towards the petrol station.

The victim was injured but did not require hospital treatment.

The first offender is described as Asian, between 25 and 26 years old, with a slim build and short black hair. He is described as wearing blue jeans and a short black jacket.

The second offender is also described as Asian, in his mid twenties, with a slim build and was also wearing blue jeans and a black jacket.

PC Jonathan Harland, from High Wycombe police station, said: “This was an unprovoked and very frightening incident for the victim.

“I am appealing for anyone who witnessed this incident, or who has any information relating to it, to come forward and contact Thames Valley Police on the non-emergency number 101.”

If you do not want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

This is the third time a man was robbed in High Wycombe by two men described as Asian this week.
Two robbers approached a pedestrian on Priory Avenue and threatened him with a knife, who handed over his mobile phone and money on Wednesday (January 18).

And on Tuesday (Jan 17) a man was attacked and then robbed of his mobile phone in Rye Park.

There is no suggestion the crimes are linked, however.

79 Year Old Lady Assaulted By Scumbag Described As ‘Asian’

Another member of the religion of peace that thinks he some kind of big hard man for hitting a defenceless 79 year old lady during a street robbery in Southsea, Hampshire. There is no such thing as honour amongst thieves or at least amongst Muslim ones. They have no morals as we keep seeing.

Always the easy target who cant put up a fight back!! 

muslim attacks old lady

A hunt has been launched after a Hampshire pensioner was assaulted during a robbery.

Police are appealing for witnesses after an elderly woman was assaulted during a robbery in Southsea.

At around 3.45pm yesterday the 79-year-old victim was approached by a man she did not know outside a flat on Victoria Road North.

The man then grabbed the woman’s handbag – which contained bank cards, cash, and a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone – and assaulted her, before leaving the scene on foot.

He may have then been joined by a second man as he continued up the street.

The victim suffered minor injuries in the incident, but did not need hospital treatment.

The man has been described as:

  • Asian
  • between 18 and 20 years
  • around 5ft 5ins tall
  • skinny
  • a black goatee style beard.

He was described as wearing a grey tracksuit top, darker coloured tracksuit bottoms, a dark coloured hat or hood that came down over his ears, and trainers with white soles.

The second man was also described as Asian, and was described as wearing a beige jacket.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident, or who saw two men of this description in the area at this time.

PC Paul Jennings said: “This was a terrifying attack on an elderly member of the public, and we are keen to identify those responsible.

“This incident happened during daylight hours, so there may have been people around who saw what happened or saw two men matching the descriptions in this area.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Jennings on 101, quoting 44170011901, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Blackburn Pensioner Left Unconscious After Pack Attack By ‘Asian’ Gang

An old age pensioner was knocked unconscious following an unprovoked pack attack in Blackburn. The victim a 69 year old man was left with a badly damaged face and a broken nose in the attack.

The only description given for the low life scumbags responsible is…..yes you guest it…..Asian…and we all know who that will be then. Those nice  ‘ religion of peace’ members who have such a positive effect on our society where ever they turn up. Such as Blackburn which is rapidly turning into a full blown Islamic ghetto.


A PENSIONER was brutally beaten in a vicious unprovoked attack while walking through Blackburn town centre.

Geoff Richards, 69, said he was knocked unconscious while he was walking along Astley Gate by a group of youths.

His family has released these shocking pictures in the hope of catching the culprits.

Mr Richards said he woke up face-down on the kerb and was struggling to breath after the assault.

He was left with two swollen black eyes and a suspected broken nose.

The retired baker said: “I walked into the Last Orders pub at around 8pm on Saturday, but there was nobody in there so I left. I should have got a taxi, but I decided to walk.

“I walked up Darwen Street and turned up to Sam’s Bar, crossed the road, saw some youths and thought nothing of it.

“I put my foot on the pavement and a blow came out of nowhere.

“They must have given me a hell of a beating. I must have been knocked unconscious.

“I woke up face down with three quarters of my body in the road. My glasses were off and the lenses were on the pavement.

“My hands were covered in blood which must have been from my nose.”

Mr Richards was helped off the ground by someone who came out of Sam’s Bar and phoned the police.

He was taken to Blackburn Royal Infirmary in a police van because he was told there were no ambulances available and returned home at about 2am.

He is due to go back to the hospital in the next few days so doctors can examine his nose.

“I can’t get my head around why somebody would want to do this to me. I would not hurt a fly,” he said.

“It was unprovoked. I had money in my pocket and a mobile phone and they did not take anything.”

Mr Richards also suffers from a lung condition which meant he woke up struggling to breath.

“I can’t get my head around it at all. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me. You do not expect it walking across the road. It was the last thing on my mind.
“It was a vicious unprovoked attack.”

Mr Richards said the incident had put him off going out.

“I went to the post office yesterday but it was a struggle. I was edgy but I thought it was no good stopping in for days and days. I am trying to get out,” he said.

“It has been a hell of a shock. It’s really knocked me for six.

“I would not wish it on anyone.”

Mr Richards said the bruising was starting to go down and he was getting plenty of rest while his brother and niece had been helping him out.

His niece Angela Curwen, 51, from Oswaldtwistle, has shared the pictures on Facebook.

She said: “I love my uncle and it is just devastating for this to happen.

“He is very shaken up and scared by it. He is nearly 70-years-old.

“We have been asking people to share the pictures on social media to try and help catch them.

“If anyone saw anything we would ask them to contact the police. I want it out there. It is a disgusting thing to happen.

“At that time of night there must have been people around.”

A police spokeswoman said they were made aware of the incident at 8.20pm on Saturday.

She said they were given a description of an Asian male and enquiries were on-going.

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting log number 1340 of December 3.

Muslim Beast Mohammed Haque, Admits Sex Attack On Pensioner

A 21-year-old man from Northampton has admitted sexually assaulting two women, including one who is elderly.

Mohammed Haque, of Lindsay Avenue, Northampton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to five charges relating to two attacks on women in the town, one in November 2014 and one in January this year

Haque has admitted punching and sexually assaulting a woman who was walking through the Racecourse in Northampton at 5.30am on November 10.

Haque also pleaded guilty to a charge of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence after he forced his way into an elderly woman’s home in Northampton.

The court heard that Haque sexually assaulted the woman and then robbed money from her property.

Haque will be sentenced next month after a probation report has been prepared. He was remanded in custody.

82 Year Old Injured By 4 Muslim Scumbags During Street Robbery

Another disgusting pack attack on a pensioner after an 82 year old man was left injured following an attempted mugging by four Islamic thugs in Peterborough. There is absolutely no low that they will not sink to!!

In Britain we are brought up to show respect to old people, protecting and helping them where possible. The same goes for women and children. Anybody with any decency would not even consider acting in a violent way towards them because they are most vulnerable. It is that same vulnerability that also makes them a target to spineless Muslim thugs who prey on society’s weakest infidels who cant put up a fight back. They are bullies !!

Man (82) is robbed by cowardly gang of four

editorial image

Police have renewed appeals for information after an elderly man was left battered and bruised by a gang of youths on a Peterborough street.

The 82-year-old Peterborough man was walking through the cut-through between Nottingham Way and Barkston Drive, in Dogsthorpe at 7pm on April when the gang of four youths assaulted him.

The pensioner, who lived nearby was left with cuts and severe bruising to his arms and chest in the attack, while the attackers ran away from the scene.

Now detectives have issued CCTV images of a group of youths they want to speak to in connection with the incident. Detective Constable Pete Wise, said the elderly man had been left ‘injured and frightened.’

He said: “This cowardly and unprovoked attack has left its elderly victim injured and frightened.

“I urge anyone with any information to come forward.”

Four young men, aged between 16 to 20, approached the victim and asked him for the time.

As he gave them the time, they threatened to beat him up unless he handed his wallet over.

The victim took his wallet out and threw it over a fence into a neighbouring garden, at which point the suspects ran off.

As they did, they barged in to him, causing cuts and severe bruising.

Park Ward councillor John Peach said he would be raising the issue with neighbourhood police officers at the next panel meeting.

He said: “I know the victim involved, and this was very traumatic for him.

“Whilst this sort of thing is only a rare occurrence, we do need the police to get to the bottom of this.

“It is something that I will be raising at the next police panel meeting, and asking if the area can be made a local policing priority.

“We don’t want people to have a fear of crime in this area.”

The group of young men are all described as being of Asian appearance and around 5’7” tall.

Officers are keen to speak to the people shown in the CCTV image in relation to the incident.

Muslim Woman In Burkha Robs From OAP In Luton

A despicable female Muslim has  brazenly robbed £3000 from an old age pensioner in Bury Park,a notorious Muslim enclave.  The thief had the perfect disguise wearing a burkha allowing her to blend in with the 50% of Muslim women who also wear them. This is why they need banning as they are a huge security risk.


Woman in green burkha hunted after theft from elderly Luton man

Police are appealing for witnesses after the theft of several thousand pounds from an elderly man in Luton on Thursday (12 March).

The man was outside a jewellery shop in Dunstable Road, close to the junction with Bury Park Road, when a woman stole £3,000 from his pocket.

The woman was wearing a green burkha and had a blue string bag over her shoulder. She is believed to have walked down Dunstable Road in the direction of the Leagrave Road after taking the money. She was also seen walking along Bury Park Road prior to the incident.
PC Chris Dalton said: “This is particularly vile crime in which a vulnerable man had a large amount of money stolen from him. We would urge anyone who may have seen this woman in the vicinity at the time of the incident to contact us immediately and help us prevent her from committing any further offences.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting crime reference C/8655/2015, text 07786 200 011, or can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Lowlife Scum Steal 87 Year Old Womans Money In East London

Two lowlife parasites have stolen an 87 year old pensioners money in a distraction theft. Is there any lows scumbags like these will not stoop to. The old girl most likely doesn’t have a pot to piss after a lifetime of hardship and struggle having lived through the 2nd world war. Forced to live off a pitiful state pension because of states mismanagement of the welfare system. Giving free housing and money to Muslim immigrants who have neither paid in or done anything to justify their handouts. For two Muslim oxygen thieves to steal it from her.

Police appeal: Search for two men after 87 year-old pensioner has purse stolen

Suspect oneSuspect one

Anna Silverman, ReporterWednesday, February 5, 2014
2:09 PM

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after an elderly woman had her money stolen during a distraction theft on Monday 23rd September 2013.


Suspect twoSuspect two

After a short bus journey, the 87 year-old lady got off a 101 bus at Manor Park Church, High Street North, E6.

Two men she had seen on the bus approached her as she walked down the walkway leading to Bluebell Avenue at 10:00 hrs,

The first caught got her attention by saying she had dropped her newspaper. He then approached her with a newspaper putting it into her bag but then as he withdrew his hand he took the newspaper back out.

Both men then walked off towards High Street North before the elderly lady realised her money had been taken from her bag.

Suspect twoSuspect two

The first man is described as a stocky Asian man in his 40s and between 5’ 08” and 6’ 00” tall. He was wearing a white shirt at the time and spoke with an Indian accent.

The second man is also described as a stocky Asian man in his 40s and about 5’ 10” tall.

Anyone with information or who recognises the men from the images is asked to call Newham police on 101 quoting reference CRIS 5324720/13. Alternatively, to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Muslim Pensioner Guilty Of Valentine’s Day Sexual Assault On London Underground

Even Muslim OAP’s cant keep their hands to themselves and resist the temptation of a quick grope when in the vicinity of women

Pensioner guilty of Valentine’s Day sexual assault is put on the sex offenders register for seven years

Last updated Mon 2 Dec 2013

A pensioner found guilty of a sexual assault on London Undetrground on Valentine’s Day has been put on the sex offenders register for seven years. 68-year-old Mohammed Karim from Hendon was also banned from using the Tube for two years.

Karim denied the charge but was found guilty at his trail Credit: Press Association

Mohammed Karim was travelling on the Piccadilly Line when police in plain clothes saw him acting suspiciously. At Green Park, he moved behind a 27-year-old female passenger and inappropriately touched her.

Speaking after sentencing, PC Alban Barnes, the investigating officer, said: “This was an intimidating and very upsetting experience for the victim and I’d like to commend her for assisting officers at every stage, which was vital to securing the conviction of Mohammed Karim.”


Muslims Harass And Bully 84 y.o OAP From Rotherham In Attempt To Force Her Out Of House

A defenceless 84 year old pensioner from Rotherham,Yorkshire  shares her story of harassment, intimidation and attempts of forcible displacement from her home by Muslims. Basically out and out racist bullying  of an OAP in an effort to get her out of the home she has lived in for years.This is someone who was alive and no doubt did her bit for Britain  during WW2 and  the poor old lady says she has no one to turn to because the police and authorities aren’t interested in helping her…….WHY WOULD THEY SHE IS A WHITE NON MUSLIM…. Unfortunately this is the state of Britain today.If it was a Muslim being harassed and having their property damaged you can be almost certain there would be a constant police presence in the neighbourhood. They would be only to happy to get the ‘racist thugs’ off the streets. Years of constant Muslim moaning and playing the victim, has created today’s environment  where the minority receive preferential treatment and the majority are discriminated against.

When you watch the video and hear watch she has got to say, keep in your mind this could be anyone of our grandmothers and ask yourself is this right???


Below Reblogged from:  http://islamversuseurope.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/rotherham-muslims-harass-old-woman-to.html

Rotherham: Muslims Harass Old Woman to Try and Drive Her Out of Her Home

This is a pattern of behaviour that has been described repeatedly by Europeans living in Muslim-colonised areas: the Muslims harass the Europeans to try and drive them out of their home so they can purchase it and islamise the areas further. Here is a previous account of a different but similar case here. The video above is from the BNP and shows a first-person account of the harassment in Muslim-enriched Rotherham.

Source: BNP

Let’s not forget that Rotherham’s MP is the recently disgraced (again) Denis Matyjaszek, who calls himself Denis MacShane, and who I call Denis MacShame. In the 1970s, MacShame was responsible for bringing in the NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting, which instituted systematic censorship of stories that case third-world immigrants or their descendants in a negative light. Brutalised British people, like the old woman above, or like the teenage girls who have been victims of Muslim grooming in Rotherham, are the inevitable consequence of the long-term suppression of information and free discussion. It somehow seems poetically, and tragically, fitting, that the consequences of MacShane’s own past folly and wickedness should be visited upon him and those who elected him.

Bully driver Usman Yasin guilty of hitting 81 year old woman in road rage attack

As any driver will tell you everyone gets a little wound up from time to time when driving along our roads. Thats something that you have to bite your tongue about and just accept it as 1 of them things that  drivers have to put up with. What you certainly dont do is behave like thug Usman Yasin,  and thats hit the driver of the offending car. Common sense should tell you that you certainly dont hit an old age pensioner who at that age you could possibly kill with little force. Especially when the 81 year old is also a woman!!!

Usman Yasin is nothing but a bullying coward and no length of time in prison would be long enough for an utter scumbag like him.


Frustrated motorist slaps 81-year-old woman in the face for driving at just 5mph (on her way to visit her husband in a care home)

  • Usman Yasin found guilty of hitting Patricia Pearson, 81, as she drove to visit her husband at a care home


PUBLISHED: 09:51, 21 September 2012 | UPDATED: 13:00, 21 September 2012

Usman Yasin, 30, pictured, was found guilty of hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson in a road rage attack after first claiming he acted in self-defenceUsman Yasin, 30, attacked the 81-year-old after unleashing a barrage of abuse at her for travelling at 5mph on her way to visit her husband at a care home.  Patricia Pearson, of Burton upon Trent, suffered serious facial injuries in the road rage assault – which Yasin claimed he committed in self-defence after she struck the first blow.  He was found guilty of hitting Mrs Pearson following a trial at Burton upon Trent Magistrates’ Court in Staffordshire..Usman Yasin, 30, pictured, was found guilty of hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson in a road rage attack after first claiming he acted in self-defence

An aggressive driver slapped an elderly woman across the face after he became enraged over her slow driving.

Usman Yasin, 30, attacked the 81-year-old after unleashing a barrage of abuse at her for travelling at 5mph on her way to visit her husband at a care home.

Patricia Pearson, of Burton upon Trent, suffered serious facial injuries in the road rage assault – which Yasin claimed he committed in self-defence after she struck the first blow.

He was found guilty of hitting Mrs Pearson following a trial at Burton upon Trent Magistrates’ Court in Staffordshire.

The court heard how Yasin became increasingly frustrated as he travelled behind Mrs Pearson in All Saints Road, Burton upon Trent at around 2pm on June 17.

He claimed that she had been driving at no more than 5mph along the narrow residential street, which has a number of speed bumps.

As the two vehicles reached a point where the road opened up Yasin darted past Mrs Pearson and pulled in front of her, coming to a stop and switching off his engine.

Mrs Pearson got out of her car and approached Yasin’s green Peugeot 206, leaning into the window to ask what he was doing when he unloaded a series of foul abuse at her.

The elderly woman put her hand towards Yasin’s face in an attempt to make him stop, but he swung out an arm and slapped her across the face.

The court was shown shocking images of Mrs Pearson’s injuries, which included a swollen lip, lumps to the forehead and cuts to her cheek.

Mrs Pearson also said that Yasin had got out of his car, pushed her and shook her.

BULLYING SCUMBAG Usman Yasin, 30, attacked the 81-year-old after unleashing a barrage of abuse at her for travelling at 5mph on her way to visit her husband at a care home.The confrontation happened in All Saints Road, Burton upon Trent, pictured, after Yasmin complained the elderly woman was driving too slowlyThe confrontation happened in All Saints Road, Burton upon Trent, pictured, after Yasmin complained the elderly woman was driving too slowly

But Yasin denied hitting her more than once, which was supported by independent witnesses, and added that her injuries appeared worse because of her age.

Burton Magistrates’ Court accepted that Mrs Pearson, who was said to have been ‘frightened’ by the attack, had become ‘confused’ in her recollection of the events.

The confrontation was only halted when a bystander came between the two and intervened.

Frederick Powell, prosecuting, said: ‘Any remorse that he says he has shown is crocodile tears.

‘Had it not been for Mr Smith getting in the way, he would have gone after her again.’

But Yasin claimed he was ‘very remorseful’.

He added: ‘She’s the same age as my grandma. If I had taken a second to think and had just driven on I wouldn’t be here today.’

The case was adjourned for sentence until October 10 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

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