Manchester 11-06-2017 : Unite Against Terrorism Event

Following the  recent savage terror attack at the Manchester Arena, join fellow concerned citizens and anti extremism activists in Manchester City Centre next Sunday (11th June 2017) as they make a stand against the cancer of Islamic hatred infesting our once peaceful and great nation.


Originally the Manchester  event which had  been planned before last weeks horrific terrorist attack  in the city by a group called Gays Against Sharia UK was to focus on Islams hate towards LGBT people. But following the Muslim committed cowardice that killed and maimed innocent women and children in the name of Allah, the focus of the planned event has now changed to objecting to Islamic hate and terrorism aimed at all us infidels with several prominent activists and groups from a variety of religions and backgrounds now getting involved. United as one in standing up to the threat of Islamic hate aimed at us all !

The Manchester attack was the final. Now is the time to say enough is enough and make some noise. KC will be there, how about you!

Far Left Fascists UAF Demand Oxford Union Withdraw EDL Invite And Apologise

Communist enemy of free speech Weyman Bennett and his minions are upset about EDL leader Tommy Robinson being asked to speak at the Oxford Union. The debate being held is about nationalism, given the EDL are a patriotic group. Tommy Robinson would seem a pretty good choice of guest to have or so you would think. After all we live in a democratic society and not under some Islamic dictatorship or oppressive communist police state.  The far left fascists UAF disagree with a British patriot being invited to discuss nationalism in Britain because that isn’t the same views they have and utterly condemn the EDL leader being invited.  They would much preferred a homophobic, jihad loving Islamic hate preacher or a  Jew hating anti British communist traitor was invited instead. In which case there would be no objections and they would openly support.

Communist Weyman Bennett foaming from the mouth at the thought of Tommy Robinson speaking at Oxford Union
Communist Weyman Bennett foaming from the mouth at the thought of Tommy Robinson speaking at Oxford Union


Bennett is not happy man, he is that angry he is foaming at the mouth and has been quick to demand the Oxford union withdraw the invitation and issue an immediate apology for inviting a fascist to speak. He has warned if not the UAF will mobilize its.”anti-fascist activists’ and’ ‘trade unionists’  which basically means communists, failed students who now live in a squat and addicted to heroin,middle class tree huggers and a few Muslim extremists from one of their allied Islamofascist organizations for a peaceful protest………LOL,… UAF and peaceful protest in the same sentence. Now he is taking the piss.  Since when have the UAF ever held peaceful protests?? 

Unite Against Fascism's idea of peaceful protest. Bennett gets arrested for inciting a riot
Unite Against Fascism’s idea of peaceful protest. Bennett gets arrested for inciting a riot


Controversy as EDL leader asked to speak at Oxford Union


Tommy Robinson, co-founder and current leader of the English Defence League, has been invited to debate at Oxford Union.

A current member of the Union, Simon Blackaby, tweeted Robinson to ask him if he would participate in a debate on the issue of nationalism.

Robinson responded to the tweet, asking to exchange numbers. Nonetheless, Blackaby, despite being a member of the Union, is not authorised to decide who may or may not speak at the Union.

The invitation has already drawn criticism from pressure groups.

The joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), Weyman Bennett, strongly condemned the invitation by a member of Oxford Union.

“They should remove the invitation, and they should apologise for issuing an invitation in the first place,” he said of the decision. “To give Tommy Robinson a respectable position to speak is to give respectability to his ideas.”

The president of Oxford Union, Parit Wacharasindhu, defended the Union’s decision to invite Robinson: “The Oxford Union is a debating society founded on the principle of free speech. It provides a neutral arena where political views can be aired so long as they are contested. No speakers are ever given a platform nor are their views ever endorsed by the society or any of the individuals in it.”

He added: “Mr Robinson was thought of as a potential speaker for a debate on nationalism for which he is deemed to be relevant and the format of which ensures his views are extensively questioned and scrutinised. Understandably, there are security concerns – an issue raised by both parties – which need to be resolved before we can consider sending through a formal invitation letter.”

Bennett confirmed that, should Robinson accept his invitation to speak, UAF had every intention to stage a peaceful demonstration.

The EDL was founded in 2009 and describes itself as a ‘human rights organisation’.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, was one of the founding members of the EDL and has led the organisation since 2009. He was recently arrested while on what he claimed was a charity walk near the scene of the Woolwich terror attack.

This is not the first time Oxford Union has invited criticism over its choice of speakers. In 2007 the decision to invite Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, and David Irving, a historian who has denied the existence of the Holocaust, erupted into protests outside the Union, which later disrupted the talk itself.


The Proposed Leeds Mosque And UK Islamic Mission The Extremists Behind It

Saturday saw the English Defence League holding a regional demonstration in  Moortown ,Leeds. The EDL demo took place  at the invitation of residents angered after the go ahead was given to plans to turn a derelict pub into a Muslim-run community centre on Leeds’ Lingfield estate.  The demo passed off relatively peaceful given that as usual extremist troublecausers  from the communist SWP/UAF and a local university student union were in attendance counter protesting. Once again sticking their noses into issues which doesn’t concern them as they wont have to live with this mosque on their doorstep. By the time its completed the UAF will be back in their middle class homes well away and the students will be scattered around Britain to whichever town they came to university from.
The local residents feel they have been massively let down by the council who gave planning permission for the mosque/ Muslim centre despite several hundred members of the local community objecting to the conversion to an Islamic centre.

Julian Marshall, a member of Lingfield Residents’ Association, said:

“There were so many objections against it, not because it is a race issue, but there’s less than 3% Muslim population on the estate.

“I wish it hadn’t come to this. It seems we have been completely and utterly betrayed by the council.”

patriots from the EDL against the mosque building
Patriots from the EDL against the mosque building
EDL supporters fly the George Cross proudly
EDL supporters fly the George Cross flag proudly
Far left extremists from the UAF/ SWP counter protest. Note the communist flag to the left of picture.
Far left extremists from the UAF/ SWP counter protest. Note the communist flag to the left of picture.

Another fine example of authorities appeasing the Muslims and ignoring the majority in doing so. Given the high number of objections and the very small amount of Muslims that actually live in the area. The council should have thrown the planning application straight out if it held no bias to certain minority’s in the community. It’s not much a community centre when it is Muslim exclusive and of no benefit to 97 % of the people.

Its pretty obvious that any non Muslim living nearby, who cares about the area they live is going to have concerns. The people living there aren’t that stupid not to realise that with such a small number of Muslims on the estate to actually cater for, then its Muslims from out of the area that are going to be the majority of people using it. The outcome of this  is eventually inevitable.  The non local Muslims decide they want to live near the mosque, as more and more move in the area starts to become an Islamic enclave. The area goes downhill and becomes more undesirable, property prices plummet and the remaining non Muslim residents end up being forced out as has happened in many areas of Northern England over recent years.

The local peoples fears over the planned Moortown mosque are quite rightly justified after looking into UK Islamic Mission the ‘Muslim Charity’ behind the proposed mosque/community centre. UK Islamic Mission operate 40 mosques and Islamic centres around the UK. Their whole existence is aimed at spreading Islam in Britain. The building of mosques and Islamic centres is central to their methodology giving them bases around Britain to practice dawah from in attempts to Islamize the local areas. Unfortunately for the people of Leeds its quite a radical hardline version of Islam that they preach. Their website calls for all women to be covered from head to toes except for the hands,eyes,nose and mouth. A video of regarding their ultra Islamic teachings can be seen here at The Islamic Far Right In Britain website. This old article on the leftist Guardian paper also cites UK Islamic Missions extremist views.

Also of very much concern should be that UK Islamic Mission has something of  a stronghold in the Birmingham areas of Sparkhill and Alum Rock, with 4 mosques/Islamic centres based there to preach their radical Islam from. Sparkhill / Alum Rock are the areas of Birmingham that were the home to the British Muslim terrorists to feature in this years 2 most high-profile terrorist cases. 11 man terror cell that were jailed for plotting murder on British soil and sending people to terrorist training camps in Pakistan. Then the most recent cases of the 6 jihadist Muslims that were planning on blowing up the EDL demo in Yorkshire, which only by pure luck that they was caught with a boot full of weapons. Some may say that is just coincidence, personally I think believe it is just coincidence at your own peril. 

The facebook page of Moortown and Leeds Against the Islamic Centre 

Muslim Thug Uaf Supporter Fined For Attack On Sunderland Mosque Protester

Violent Muslim thug Mohammad Hoque of Hendon Valley Road, Sunderland was found guilty of attacking an anti mosque protester in Millfield.  Yob Hoque was present as part of a counter demonstration organized by the anti British communists  from Unite Against Fascism to disrupt a peaceful protest against the building of a new mosque. This is an often used tactic by the militant UAF who are a front group of rape deniers The Socialist Workers Party. Where they join up with Islamic extremists to oppose peaceful protests, cause trouble in an effort to try and silence free speech 

Sunderland Millfield Mosque Protests: Man Attacked Far-Right Demonstrator

By Nisha Joshi Location: Sunderland

Mohammad Hoque appeared at Sunderland Magistrates Court

Mohammad Hoque appeared at Sunderland Magistrates Court

A man who attacked a member of the far-right at a demonstration against the building of a mosque in Sunderland has been fined.

A man who attacked a member of the far-right at a demonstration against the building of a mosque in Sunderland has been fined.

Mohammad Hoque, 19, of Hendon Valley Road, Sunderland, kicked a male protestor in the back before swiftly being restrained by police, Sunderland Magistrates Court heard.

Around 200 people attended the pre-planned demonstration on St Mark’s Road in Millfield on Saturday, October 6 2012, where a former council transport depot is being converted into a mosque for up to 150 Pakistani Muslims.

The English Defence League and Scottish Defence League were among the protesters. A group of Muslims and locals and the Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition also attended a counter-demo.

Numerous arrests were made and 13 people in total were charged with a range of public order offences.

Hoque appeared at before magistrates on Tuesday, March, 19, where the court heard he had also shouted abuse at far right members who were being kept apart from anti-fascist protestors by police.

It was when some far right protestors broke free that Hoque kicked his victim.

He pleaded guilty to a section four public order offence of causing fear or provocation of violence and was ordered to pay a £75 fine and court costs.


Lefty reporter stirs it up ahead of EDL Rotherham demo….badly reaserched,name calling,telling lies and paedo defending..UAF member by any chance???

This Saturday the English Defence League (EDL) will be protesting in Rotherham, South Yorkshire over recently leaked  documents that revealed Muslim sex gangs operated for a decade in Rotherham as authorities refused to acknowledge the problem letting it continue.

Muslim sex gangs were able to groom, pimp and traffic girls across the UK for more than a decade while authorities failed to publicly acknowledge the problem was happening, confidential documents reveaed a dossier of internal police, social services and intelligence reports shows that agencies in South Yorkshire were aware that vulnerable girls were being abused, but a catalogue of alleged crimes were not prosecuted.

Personally i feel if ever there was a good reason for protesting this is it. The EDL and anyone else who stands by their side  in showing their disgust are doing the honourable thing and standing up for our nations children,the victims and their families instead of doing nothing or even worse as in the case of the far left extremists of the UAF who will be effectively aiding and abetting this paedophiles by defending them .

Lefty local reporter Colin Drury is 1 of those people with his badly researched article aimed solely shedding the EDL in a negative light.Stirring it up ahead of the demo with name calling, false stereotyping, distorting the truth and a few out and out lies.The sort of thing you would normally expect to see written on a UAF,hope not hate or other communist website.Pure far left commie propaganda.

Despite not being a member of the EDL or any other political group if i can make it i will because its the right thing to do. Sorry Colin but your false stereotyping is way off the mark.  Football hooligan…. nope never had 1 bit of aggro at a match in my life. Convictions……er nope wrong again,never been arrested.iv got 3 points on my licence if that counts.Angry men after bother….nah im a lover not a fighter and i think you will find those men you keep referring to will include a few females. Racist…since when as Islam been a race??? The demo is about Muslim paedophiles and the cover up by the authorities not like the article makes out just about 5 Asian men accused .

Keep up the good work Colin Drury a few more articles like this and im sure The Morning Star or The Socialist Worker will be headhunting you

COLIN DRURY: EDL are marching to a different tune…

Members of the Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition, march from Murray Library on Chester Road to the site of the proposed mosque on Saint Marks Road, shortly after groups from the NE Infidels, BNP, Northern Patriotic Front and EDL arrive to demonstate against Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition, Police officers keep the two groups apart.Members of the Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition, march from Murray Library on Chester Road to the site of the proposed mosque on Saint Marks Road, shortly after groups from the NE Infidels, BNP, Northern Patriotic Front and EDL arrive to demonstate against Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition, Police officers keep the two groups apart.
Published on Wednesday 10 October 2012 11:57

ISN’T it reassuring to know the English Defence League is coming to South Yorkshire this weekend to make a stand for us all?

Isn’t it a relief that just as Rotherham finds itself confronting complex sociocultural problems, these lads – bless their face-hiding generosity – will be travelling from across the country to offer their advice and experience?

Isn’t it great such chaps – football hooligans maybe but good honest football hooligans with good honest convictions – won’t be put off from visiting us just because the average human being wouldn’t wipe their backside on the movement’s manifesto?

Thank you, EDL, you lovely bunch of racists, thank you indeed. To what do we owe such a pleasure?

You probably know the answer to that already.

It’s this whole depressing business about how Rotherham social services and police failed to act on evidence that five men were grooming teenage girls for sex.

A bit like with Jimmy Savile. Only less news-worthy because it was happening in kebab shops instead of Broadcasting House.

Oh, and the other difference, was that these men were of Asian descent.

And that’s where those friendly fellows at the EDL can help out.

Because no-one wants to waste their time having to think about this whole horrible affair too much, right? No-one wants to have to consider the underlying issues – the years of under-staffed social services, the rights and wrongs of sensitised police policies towards minority communities, the professional failings of many and criminal inclinations of some – no-one wants to consider all that when the EDL can give you a nice uncomplicated bogeyman instead, right?

It’s all Muslims wot are to blame.

And so on Saturday, this group will come and chant their simple message of hatred. And maybe smash some shop windows too but that’s all part of the political rough and tumble.

And anyone with a shred of decency will look at these social inadequates and think: blimey, what repulsive young men.

Because that’s what the EDL are, isn’t it?

A collective of angry young men, scarred by their own inadequacies and lack of social skills.

I say this, incidentally, having read the Twitter feed of portly leader – and criminal convict – Tommy Robinson. I can recommend it for a giggle.

A satirist couldn’t make up its impotent fury at the supposed unfairness of the world (he reckons the authorities have it in for him despite his 24-hour police protection) and contradictory politics. At one point he rages against the use of capital punishment in Sharia Law before demanding paedophiles are given the, erm, death penalty.

Except, I suppose, it’s not funny.

Partially because Tommy has his followers and fans. And partially because his group of cretins really will be here on Saturday.

And then they’ll be met by the Unite Against Fascism movement, and there’ll probably be some brawling, and those windows will get smashed, and the police will have to fork out for overtime when the nation’s already bankrupt.

And the only people who will be happy are the EDL themselves who like a bit of bother now they can’t get it on the terraces.

Which means, I reckon, it would be far better to ignore the weirdos completely, to let them protest to themselves and no-one else; to spend the afternoon rejecting hatred by doing something nice for someone.

Hippy nonsense?

Maybe but wouldn’t it send a simple message to a group that trades on such simplifications: Go home, guys, you’re just a set of prats.

Gestapo West Midlands Police attack peaceful protesters to appease Muslim mob

The usual kind of response to peaceful protests we have come to expect from British police forces these days. Last months EDL demo in Walthemstow saw the police do nothing as Muslim thugs and extremists from the communist UAF attacked the protesters with broken bottles and bricks endangering lives. This time in Walsall it is West Midlands police who are violently attacking the EDL. Disgraceful. I hope their is more clearer footage of this about so those unjustly injured by police can sue them!!