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Muslim Grooming Gang From Rotherham On Trial : Media Silence

muslim grooming gangs target british schoolgirls. islam allows sex with children

This week at Sheffield Crown Court the trial for eight members of a Muslim grooming gang from Rotherham has begun.Bringing to justice a fraction of the Muslim paedophiles that have plagued the Yorkshire town for over a decade resulting in an estimated 1400 rape jihad victims. The trial is expected to last for around six weeks.

The 8 Muslim sexual predators in the dock for abusing vulnerable British schoolgirls are: 

  • Sageer Hussain, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, denies four rapes and one indecent assault.  He was also known as Ciggy or Ziggy.
  • Mohammed Whied, 32, of Psalters Lane, Rotherham, denies one count of aiding and abetting rape. a.k.a ‘Whiddy’
  • Ishtiaq Khaliq, 33, of Cherry Brook, Rotherham, denies one rape and three indecent assaults. Also known as Blinky or Ishy and is said to have had a problem with his eyes.
  • Waleed Ali, 34, of Canklow Road, Rotherham, denies one rape and one indecent assault
  • Asif Ali, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, denies one rape. a.k.a ‘Ali’
  • Masoued Malik, a.k.a ‘Masy’, 32, of Bridgewater Way, Rotherham, denies one rape, one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.
  • Basharat Hussain, 40, from Goole, denies one indecent assault. a.k.a ‘Bash’
  • Naeem Rafiq, 33, of Clarendon Road, Rotherham, denies one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.a.k.a ‘Nemy’

You would expect a court trial of this scale to be very high-profile??  Especially given the  scale of the Muslim grooming epidemic in Rotherham. That resulted in worldwide media attention due to revelations of huge failings and a cover up by South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Council, and Social Services who had repeatedly failed to act against the Muslim paedophiles for fear of being branded racist. Effectively aiding and abetting the abuse of 1400 girls for putting political correctness and Muslim appeasement before the welfare of white  British children.

Yet once again like so many Muslim grooming gang court trials previously. No national newspaper front pages regarding the case. In fact it seems not even a little snippet about it on page 24 either. No media reports  other than from local press outlet  Rotherham Advertiser and a report on the regional news section on the  BBC  website …..MAINSTREAM MEDIA SILENCE!! 

It is quite unbelievable how the left-wing biased mainstream media in the UK do not consider the sexual abuse  of British children by evil Muslim paedophiles en-mass like a piece of halal meat newsworthy. When only a few days ago it was a case of who didn’t publish a certain Muslim sympathy seeking story.Regarding a Muslim extremist family who had been to the seaside wearing burqas with only their eyes showing, which many people are  actually offended by Muslims wearing. So its pretty understandable they got a few funny looks which they took offence to and somebody allegedly made a comment in passing about terrorism. No crime committed, no reports to the police and knowing the source of the story was the taqiyya artists TellMama, most likely fabricated. 

The Muslim child rapists in the dock are said to have sexually abused girls as young as 13  in an alleyway in Rotherham town centre, in Clifton Park or in Rotherham Interchange.  Three of the defendants — Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied and Asif Ali — were cousins, while co-defendant Basharat Hussain is also Sageer’s older brother.

Some of the grooming gang on trial were reported to police and social services at the time in 2003 but the case was dropped after families felt intimidated. One complainant said she continued to associate with the men because they told the victim  that her mother would be gang-raped if she went to police. Bullying, harassment and intimidation are pretty much typical behaviour for low life ‘religion of peace’ members. Making threats of raping a family member are their favourite. I know that only to well as my inbox is full of them.

Muslim Immigrant Who Raped 12 Year Old Girl 6 Months After Arriving In UK Told Wife ‘The Devil Got To Me’ 

Its people like Muslim immigrant Kamran Ahmed that prove the UK needs to take back its borders and halt all Muslim immigration. Within 6 months of entering the UK to marry a British Muslim woman from the cesspit of the world, Pakistan. He was raping a twelve year old girl.

Islam is incompatible at the best of times with the British way of life. Let alone for a Muslim sexual deviant from a third world country ruled by sharia law. Where females are considered little more than sexual objects for the Muslim males pleasure whether by consent or by force ,and grown men having sex with a minor is all halal.

Paedophile  Kamran Ahmed told his wife that the devil had got to him. How very true as the devil has got into the mind of all Muslims……his name is Allah!!

Vile Pakistani Migrant Raped A SchoolgirlKamran Ahmed has been jailed for the rape of a 12 year old girl just months after coming to the UK to marry

A sex fiend raped a 12-year-old girl just six months after arriving in the UK to marry and then confessed to his horrified wife “the devil got to me”. Vile rapist Kamran Ahmed launched his terrifying attack on the schoolgirl by pulling off her clothing and telling her: “I have to do this”.The Pakistani national has been caged for 10 years and will be deported after serving the sentence having pleaded guilty to the sickening attack in court today.

He had previously told her she was pretty, touched her indecently and tried to kiss her, prosecutor Tom Storey told Bradford Crown Court .Ahmed said no-one would believe her because she was a child and he was an adult.The girl’s school work deteriorated and she told a teacher she had been “assaulted in a dirty way”.The man confessed the crime to his British wife, saying “the devil had got to him,”

Mr Storey said.Mitigating Mohammed Ramzan, said his client had also destroyed his own life.“The case has had a devastating effect and he is extremely ashamed of his conduct and what he has done,” he said.“He will be deported back to Pakistan after serving his sentence and he will take the shame with him.”Mr Ramzan conceded that the girl will carry the “torture” with her for the rest of her life.

The case was heard at Bradford Crown Court.Judge Thomas said Ahmed had been in the UK only a few months when he began making sexual advances to the girl.He had then forcibly raped her.A few days later, Ahmed had again approached the girl, wanting her to carry out a sex act.

The child, whose family were of the Islamic faith, had felt ashamed and too embarrassed to tell anyone at first, the court heard.She had kept it to herself, while suffering inner turmoil, Judge Thomas said.An able pupil, her behaviour and schoolwork had deteriorated.“She was unable to take advantage of counselling because it was too painful and difficult to speak about what had happened, even in such a private setting,” the judge said.

He told Ahmed: “It is impossible to think that the effects of your crime on her will somehow dissipate in any substantial way.“One fears that her future years will be very badly affected by what you did to her.”Ahmed must sign on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.He will “undoubtedly and inevitably” be deported back to Pakistan, Judge Thomas stated.

Source: Sex beast who raped schoolgirl 6 months after arriving in UK told wife ‘the devil got to me’ – Mirror Online

Oxfordshire Rape Jihad: Tilal Mahdi Charged With Child Sexual Exploitation

Good to see police in Oxfordshire are still perusing Muslim grooming gang members. The operation Bullfinch officers have arrested and charged another paedostani as part of the same investigation that saw the dirty Dogar  brothers and 5 other members of their Islamic paedophile ring were sentenced to 95 in prison

Tilal Ahmed Mahdi, of Friars Street, Hereford, is charged with four offences dated between July 7, 2005 and July 16, 2008.

These are:

  • Conspiracy to rape a girl aged 13, 14 or 15 years of age
  • Conspiracy to engage in penetrative sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15 (offender aged 18 years or over)
  • Trafficking persons within the UK for sexual exploitation
  • Arrange to facilitate prostitution/involvement in pornography of a child aged 13 to 17 years

His arrest followed a local police appeal looking for his whereabouts.

Still Wanted:  Mustafa Ahmed


Muslim pervert Mustafa Ahmed, 26, also featured in the same appeal in the Oxford Mail. He is still wanted over a sexual assault on a drunk 17-year-old girl in December 2011. Also known as Mohammood Ebelaim, he has connections with Oxford and London.

kafir crusaders interactive Muslim grooming gangs and muslim paedophiles map of the UK
Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim grooming map

Man charged with Oxfordshire child sexual exploitation

A man has been charged with arranging the trafficking and prostitution of children in Oxfordshire.

Tilal Mahdi, 35, from Friars Street, Hereford, was charged for sexual offences that took place in the county and elsewhere in the UK between July 2005 and 2008.

He was arrested when he reported to an Oxford police station on Monday.

Mr Mahdi was charged with conspiracy to rape and trafficking persons within the UK for sexual exploitation.

He was also charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15 and arranging to facilitate prostitution/involvement in pornography of a child aged 13 to 17 years.


Muslim Receptionist Jailed After Getting Victims Details And Interfering In Grooming Trial

The full details are now emerging regarding Mohammed Imran Amjad and his Brierfield Muslim grooming gang. Sex predator Amjad and 5 of his Muslim buddy’s first appeared in court for trial just after the Rochdale case had just finished at Burnley. The grooming gang had been charged with rape and exploitation of a girl aged 13 at the time. A couple of days in the judge dismissed the jury and ordered trial at a later date with Manchester the new location.

Fast forward 9 months to trial. The girl changes her story suddenly. Amjad goes guilty to lesser charge of consensual sex with a minor  All the other rape and sexual charges against him and the gang are dropped with his mates getting acquitted. Then it came out that the girl had been bullied into changing her story by the Muslim sex fiends allowing them to get off with it.

The latest information to come to light is that Mohammed Imran Amjad girlfriend used her position working for the social services to get information about the victim and her family and passed it onto the groomers. For some reason until now it has all been kept hush-hush that she has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for doing so.

Seems to of worked out quite favourably for the sex ring and associates as the sentences they have received between them are far less than if those who were acquitted had been fund guilty and jailed also. 

Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial

30 August 2013 Last updated at 20:55

Mohammed Imran Amjad ‘s girlfriend accessed a database 60 times A woman who worked in social services has been jailed for attempting to derail a grooming trial. Receptionist Mahdiya Khan accessed a computer database 60 times to get details of a child sex victim. She was jailed for eight months, but details have only just emerged. Three men have also been found guilty of interfering in the case.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, was earlier jailed for four years and three months after he admitted abusing a child. Five others were cleared of rape, sexual assault and child abduction at Burnley Crown Court in April. Suspended and dismissed Detectives realised Amjad’s girlfriend, Mahdiya Khan, had tried to undermine the case. She was a receptionist working for Lancashire County Council social services in Burnley. They found she accessed a confidential database 60 times over 15 days to find details of the witness and her family. The county council said she was immediately suspended and dismissed. A spokesman said: “When this security breach came to light, the advice from our data protection team was that no further practical steps could have been taken to prevent it from having occurred.”

Three other people connected to Amjad had also attempted to interfere with the case. His cousin Waqas Khalid threatened to rape the victim and her mother. His friend Qasim Hussain persuaded her to change her statement. His brother, Furqan Amjad, contacted the victim 350 times. Furqan Amjad was jailed for 15 months. Khalid was fined £300 and Hussain will be sentenced next week.


via BBC News – Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial.

Najaf Khan From Brierfield Guilty Of Entering House To Commit Sex Offences On Female And Exposing Himself To Police Officers

Najaf Khan from Brierfield guilty of entering house to commit sex attack on the young female who lived there. Given that Khan illegally entered somebodies home to try and satisfy his twisted and heinous sexual urges he is potentially a very serious danger to all women.Whilst in the cells he apparently exposed himself to the police more than once.  He has no fear of being caught or any boundaries coupled with his bizarre perverted behaviour increases the threat he is.

Man guilty of Brierfield sexual offences

8:00am Saturday 11th May 2013 in Burnley

A MAN has been convicted of a string of sexual offences, as well as trespassing into a young woman’s home and trying to kiss her on the lips. Najaf Khan, 31, was told by a judge that he had been found guilty on ‘completely overwhelming evidence’. He now faces sentencing next month. After a jury returned their unanimous verdicts at Preston Crown Court at the end of a three day trial, Judge Christopher Cornwall told them that around two weeks before the offences occurred, Khan had been cautioned for wasting police time. This had involved Khan making very strange allegations or indulging in bizarre, highly sexualised conversation with an operator on the phone. He dialled 999 on six occasions between June 2011 and last October. Khan, of Stanley Street, Brierfield had denied trespassing at a home in the town, with intent to commit a sexual offences, sexual assault and an attempted sexual assault, as well as four charges of exposure at Burnley police station. The trial heard how he struck up conversation with a young woman in her 20s walking down the street last November, before getting into her home and trying to kiss her. He was arrested the same night because his clothing was thought to be similar to that described by the woman.

While in a cell at the police station he allegedly exposed himself on four occasions, in a deliberate action. The defendant insisted to police he wasn’t the man who went into the woman’s home and that it must have been someone else as he was in Burnley at the time. He also said he never intentionally exposed himself. Khan did not give evidence himself to the jury. The case was adjourned to June 12 for sentencing. A pre-sentence report will be compiled, including a risk assessment and an update on his psychiatric condition.

Brierfield Muslim Paedo Sent Down For Grooming A 13 Year Old Schoolgirl

Yet another evil dirty Muslim paedophile jailed for grooming and having sex with a child. Sex fiend Mohammed Imran Amjad from Brierfield was described by the judge at Burnley Crown Court as a bullying sexual predator. It just a shame the judge didn’t take that into account when sentencing him to a lenient 4 years in prison. 

‘Predator’ Mohammed Imran Amjad jailed for grooming teen

Mohammed Imran Amjad
Mohammed Imran Amjad knew the girl’s age yet “continued to corrupt her”, prosecutor Chris Long said
A “predatory bully” who groomed a girl in Lancashire from the age of 13 before abducting and abusing her has been jailed for four years and three months.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, admitted sexual activity with a child and three counts of child abduction in 2009 and 2010.

A jury heard he drove her around the streets in his silver BMW.

Prosecutor Chris Long said he knew the victim’s age yet continued to “corrupt and abuse her”.

Amjad initially denied the charges but changed his plea part way through the trial at Manchester Crown Court.

‘Coercing into submission’

He groomed the youngster after he was given her mobile phone number, said prosecutors, then took her out in his car before having sex with her aged 14.

The girl’s mother contacted the police but the girl refused to make a complaint at the time and the relationship continued, the court heard.

Amjad was acquitted on the direction of the judge of other charges of rape and aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring rape, encouraging or assisting an offence and witness intimidation.

Five other men were also acquitted of various sex offences against the same girl.

Haroon Mahmood, 22, of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 23, of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer, 22, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad, 25, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; and Shiraz Afzal, 26, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, had also been on trial.

After Amjad was sentenced at Burnley Crown Court earlier, Mr Long said: “Mohammed Imran Amjad was a predatory bully who befriended the victim when she was just 12 or 13-years-old.

“He was well aware that the victim was underage yet he continued to corrupt and abuse her for his own gratification, wielding his power over her and coercing her into submission.”

Det Ch Insp Sion Hall said it was the culmination of a long and complex investigation, adding: “We’ve worked extremely hard with the young victim over a long period of time and she has shown a tremendous amount of courage and bravery throughout the case.

“I hope this sentence acts as a warning that this type of predatory crime will not be tolerated.”

Amjad was also given a seven-year sexual offences prevention order which bars him from contacting or seeking to contact any female aged under 16 without the permission of their parent or guardian.


British Muslim Wanted To Get Under-age Girl Pregnant And Raise The Baby As Sex Slave

A sick and twisted Muslim paedophile from London flew to America to meet an under-age girl he had been grooming online. Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave. The disgusting thoughts that seem to flow through the backwards Muslim minds are completely vile and unnatural. How somebody can want to carry out such perverse actions is beyond me. The Islamic sex fiend when in for a shock when he went to meet the child in Orlando.  The child turned out to be an undercover police officer. For once karma has done its bit and the paedostani will get what he deserves, a minimum of 10 years looking over his shoulder in an American prison.


Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave.

Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) — Brevard Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man they said came to the United States intending to start a sex slavery operation.

Shuhel Mahboob Ali, 39, is a citizen of Great Britain who came here to have sex with a minor girl and have children he planned to exploit, sheriff’s officials said.

“It is truly unimaginable that monsters exist and walk among us with the purpose of victimizing our most precious citizens,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said. “I want this message to be absolutely crystal clear: We will use every lawful resource we have in our possession to find and remove you from society if you try to harm a child, no matter where you may be on this planet.”

The investigation began in January when Ali contacted an undercover sheriff’s agent and said he wanted to “have a relationship with an underage female,” officials said. Most of the alleged interaction occurred via the Internet.

“As part of the relationship, the suspect allegedly wanted to impregnate the victim, whereupon he would be able to groom the children to be abused by the suspect from the time of birth,” officials said.

Ali came to Brevard County on Saturday and was arrested in the Titusville area. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court in Orlando this morning.

He faces a charge of using a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce to attempt to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity. Sheriff’s officials said if Ali is convicted he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and fine up to $250,000.

Deputies worked with the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Attorney’s Office on the case.

“I am so proud of the tireless efforts by this partnership and our investigative team that removed this vile suspect from harming children,” Ivey said.

Muslim Predator Groomed And Attacked Schoolgirl / Women with Mental Health Problems

Yet another Muslim sex pest who preyed on the weakest and most vulnerable has been caged. Evil pervert Quasim Inayat, 31, of Asthall Close,Keighley obsessively stalked a 15 year old schoolgirl who he then sexually assaulted. The sex obsessed freak was also found guilty of raping 2 women he met on-line who had learning difficulties and mental health issues.Evil sex-case Inayat groomed those he saw as easy targets to satisfy his own perverted lusting

Sex groomer jailed for attacks on vulnerable women

7:00am Tuesday 26th March 2013 in NewsBy Jenny Loweth, T&A Reporter

 Muslim sex pest who preyed on the weakest and most vulnerable has been caged. Evil pervert Quasim Inayat, 31, of Asthall Close,Keighley obsessively stalked a 15 year old schoolgirl who he then sexually assaulted. The sex obsessed freak was also found guilty of raping 2 women he met online who had learning difficulties and mental health issues.Quasim InayatQuasim Inayat

A predatory sex groomer who plied his vulnerable victims with neat vodka before abusing them has been jailed for almost eight years.

Quasim Inayat sexually assaulted a 15-year-old schoolgirl he persistently followed in his car and two women with mental health difficulties, molesting one and raping the other, Bradford CrownCourt heard yesterday.

Inayat, 31, of Asthall Close,Keighley, was labelled “manipulative, determined and dangerous” by the police who again warned that child sex abuse will not be tolerated.

The case of Inayat, who was jailed for seven years and nine months, came weeks after two men were imprisoned for a total of 36 years for drugging and raping vulnerable schoolgirls they picked up off the streets of Keighley.

Uncle and nephew Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain raped a 14-year-old girl and each committed a brutal rape and assaults on other underage girls.

Rehman, 30, of no fixed address, was imprisoned for 18 and a half years and Hussain, 23, of Neville Road Avenue, Leeds, for 17 and a half years at Bradford Crown Court on March 6.

Yesterday, Chief Superintendent Angela Williams, Airedale and North Bradford Divisional Commander, said: “This is the second trial in a matter of weeks specifically relating to child sexual exploitation and really represents our focus on bringing the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

“This latest sentence should therefore serve as further warning to others that we will not tolerate this behaviour in West Yorkshire, and those involved will experience the same fate.”

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Chris Walker, said: “Inayat is a predatory sex offender who deliberately targeted young and vulnerable women for his own personal gratification. He displayed little or no regard for them as individuals, treating each with complete disdain.

“Through a proactive investigation into this man’s behaviour, we were able to build up a picture of a manipulative, determined and dangerous individual who will now have to spend a considerable amount of time behind bars.”

Inayat pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a girl of 15 and a young mother with post natal depression. He admitted raping a woman with learning difficulties he met on a social networking site.

All the offences took place between 2008 and 2012.

He began following the teenager in his car when she was 14. He plied her with vodka and twice sexually assaulted her.

He lied to her about his age, pretending he was four years’ younger.

His second victim was a complete stranger he drove on to remote moorland above Keighley.

He sexually assaulted her and she fled a mile through the darkness, dialling 999 on the way.

The third woman was raped when she was drunk and asleep after forming a relationship with Inayat on the internet.

His barrister, Katherine Blackwell QC, said Inayat was battling alcohol and cocaine and that made him behave in an unacceptable way towards women.


Waqar Hussain From Luton Denies Child Sex Offences

Yet another Muslim paedophile before the bench.Waqar Hussain, from Kingsway, Luton is the latest Islamo-nonce to appear in court for the grooming of an under-age British schoolgirl and sexual activity. More and more of these perverted  Muslims and their lusting for schoolgirls are being exposed for the vile nonces they are. Yet still leftist appeasers and the Muslim apologists deny there is a link between Islam and paedophilia 

Waqar Hussain denies child sex offences

A 25-year-old man has denied grooming a child and committing sexual offences against her.

Waqar Hussain, from Kingsway, Luton, pleaded not guilty to charges of meeting a child after sexual grooming and sexual activity with a child.

He was charged following a complaint by the mother of a 14-year-old girl in High Wycombe that her daughter had been contacted via a social networking site.

Mr Hussain was bailed by Oxford Crown Court until his trial on 27 August.