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Muslim Taxi Driver From Oldham Jailed For Sex Attack On Schoolgirl : Council Knew Of Previous Conviction

We already know of the risk taken when lone females get in a taxi with a Muslim driver of them being sexually assaulted. For the sexually obsessed minds of the Muslim male just being alone in a confined space with a female is possibly enough to trigger the inner sexual predator.

Muslim taxi drivers attacking female passengers seem to be happening at an alarming rate. Safe guarding the safety of women and schoolgirls travelling alone in taxi cabs should be a priority. The councils licensing departments should be putting extra measures in to ensure as much as possible that the drivers given badges are not a risk to passengers. Unlike Oldham’s Labour run council who granted Moshraf Ali a licence despite being fully aware that he had a previous conviction for sex crimes.

muslim taxi drivers committing sex attacks on female passengers

Taxi man is jailed after sex attack on girl, 14
Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 11 August 2017

A TAXI driver who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl had been granted a taxi licence despite Oldham Council being made aware of a previous conviction for indecent assault.

Moshraf Ali (52) was jailed for 12 months after being convicted of sexual assault and was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years after being found guilty of one count of sexual assault at a trial at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court.

Ali, of Hilltop Drive, Royton, was granted a licence to drive taxis by the council in 2003, despite the panel being made aware he had been conditionally discharged for indecent assault in 2001.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and co-operatives, said: “This is completely unacceptable. We take offences like this very seriously.

“Ali was granted with a warning over future conduct as members were aware he had been conditionally discharged for indecent assault in 2001. Guidelines have changed since then. Under our current process he would not have been granted a licence.

“In June 2015, we revoked Ali’s licence after we were notified by Greater Manchester Police that he was to appear before court after being charged with this offence.”

The mum of the 14-year-old girl victim of Ali has also spoken out after his sentence,

The girl took a private hire car home from a friend’s house late at night because her mother felt it was safer than public transport or walking. But Ali began driving slowly on the short journey, made wrong turns and took the longest route to the address.

He started asking her sexual questions and he leaned over from the driver’s seat and groped her.

After the case, the victim’s mother described how the incident has had a lasting effect on her daughter. She said: “He started asking inappropriate questions, asking if she had any pictures of her posing. She was feeling very uncomfortable.

“She kept saying how old she was and that she is still at school but it didn’t stop him. He put his arm on her leg and started moving it up to the inside of her thigh.

“She was able to get out of the car and the police were called.”

The victim’s mother added: “She was really scared. Having to go to court and give evidence was very stressful and upsetting. She is perturbed by it and whenever she goes in a cab it has to be a woman driver.

“You tell your kids to go in a cab if it is late because you think it’s safer. I have had a lot of anger going through this and the trial.”


Murder Loving Hate Preachers Speak At Mo Shafiq’s Event In Oldham : Labour MP, Members from Council And Police Attend

Father and son hate preachers Shaykh Naqeeb ur Rehman and Shaykh Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman from Pakistan have  returned to the UK to embark on another tour of the nations mosques.

Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman were guest speakers  at a counter terrorism conference at The Werneth Suite Conference Centre, in Oldham last month. The conference was  organised by the Ramadhan Foundation, claiming the event was to “bring communities together and address terrorism”

Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation is none other than the  go-to Muslim media personality Mohammed Shafiq. The so-called ‘moderate Muslim’ is a regular face on our TV screens, giving his twopence worth on anything remotely Islam related.He is always prepared to be the spokesman for all Muslims, even if he doesn’t actually have a clue what he is commenting on as long as he gets his fame hungry face on camera. 

Mo Shafiq likes to portray him self as a liberal, but often lets his mask slip to reveal the closet extremist engaging in stealth jihad behind it. Shafiq  said of the event in Oldham

: “The Ramadhan Foundation in partnership with the Shaykhs of Eidgah Sharif are hosting this important conference to send a clear message against terrorism. Those that carry out these evil crimes, finance them or support them are enemies of the whole of humanity.”.

Very strange comments considering the track record of his two star guest speakers.The Pakistani clerics have led a high-profile campaign in their  home country in praise of Mumtaz Qadri, who was executed in January, 2016, after murdering Pakistani politician Salman Taseer in 2011 for opposing Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws which are used to persecute the minority non-Muslims. Islamist killer Qadri had claimed it was his religious duty to kill the Punjab governor for crimes against Islam.The hate preachers called him a  “martyr of Islam” 

Like inviting two foreign hate preachers to address a conference against terrorism isn’t bad enough. Welcoming the extremists with open arms were members of Oldhams Labour Council,  Labour MP Afzal Khan and Greater Manchester Police who proudly took the opportunity to be photographed with the murderer supporting clerics

Afzal Khan MP doing his bit for Labour

Rehman fell foul of Pakistani police after the above speech to 10,000’s at the murders funeral inciting  the extremists into a frenzy


The extremist clerics controversially toured the UK  last summer and their presence here was heavily criticised with many left scratching their heads and wondering why the Home Office granted them entry into the country when prominent counter jihad experts like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were denied entry visas for literally telling the truth about Islam. At the time a Scottish MP even went as far as to ask in Parliament why the Muslim hate clerics had been given an entry visa when their presence here is not for the good of the nation.

Since that visit one of the clerics found himself in a spot of bother with the law in his native Pakistan. Where he was arrested and spent time in jail after he and 5 of his devoted followers come bodyguards harassed a Supreme Court judge in front of his children..

Mera Mirpour reports:

Hafizabad Police have arrested Pir Shaykh Muhammad Hassaan Haseeb custodian of Darbar Eidgah Sharif along with his 5 Mureeds and court remanded them to police for 20 days. They were arrested on 27 may 2017 and next day all 6 of them were remanded for 20 days in Gujrawala Court.This is the First Picture of Pir Hassaan Haseeb Ur Rehman along with his followers behind bars.Picture Released of Pir Hassan Haseeb of Eidgah Shareef Rawalpindi, Behind Bars

Picture Released of Pir Hassan Haseeb of Eidgah Shareef Rawalpindi, Behind Bars

They were arrested for harassing a Supreme Court judge and his family at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. After which Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan reported it to police who put them behind bars.

Speaking to the Oldham Chronicle, Shahbaz Taseer, whose father was the Pakistani politician murdered by Mumtaz Qadri, criticised British authorities for allowing Shaykh Naqeeb ur Rehman and Shaykh Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman  into the country.

“These people teach murder and hate. For me personally I find it sad that a country like England would allow cowards like these men in.

“It’s countries like the UK and the US that claim they are leading the way in the war against terror [and] setting a standard. Why are they allowing people [in] that give fuel to the fire they are fighting against?”




Soft Sentence For 2 Muslim Nonces Who Gave Victim Drink And Drugs Before Abusing

Once again British courts have demonstrated their 2 tier justice system in play. Where Muslim criminals are being given pathetically soft sentences compared with those given to others.

 Islamic paedophiles Zabed Shah and Abdul Latif from Oldham plied a 14-year-old schoolgirl with drink and drugs. With the girl off her head,the deviant Muslim perverts  took her to a Manchester hotel where  she was sexually abused.The pair are most certainly serial groomers given that a week later when police picked them at the same Manchester hotel  used to abuse the victim. They were found with two different schoolgirls 

The sex fiends were sentenced to 36 and 27 months. Meaning they will both be out of prison in less than 18 months and no doubt be back to their old perverted ways. Their sentences don’t come close to justice for the severity of the crimes. Compare this to the 7 year sentence of vile footballer Adam Johnson for basically kissing a 15-year-old and a having a fumble in his car. The girl willingly met him and wasn’t given drink and drugs to make her unable to resist the advances. Quite rightly he deserved a prison sentence for his disgusting actions to send a message out that regardless who you are, any kind of child abuse will be dealt with robustly.

Shah and Latif’s sentence is nothing in comparison.This pair of nonces should have felt the full force of the law come crashing down on them to send a clear message to their fellow Muslims engaging in rape jihad that it will not be tolerated. Especially considering that the Oldham / Rochdale  areas are notorious for Muslim groomers sexually exploiting vulnerable British girls. 

To some extent lax sentences to Muslim paedos almost trivializes the sexual abuse of British schoolgirls. It is of little deterrent to other Islamic predators cruising the streets looking for their next victim. Is it any wonder we are no closer to eradicating  the Muslim grooming epidemic??

Oldham man jailed over Manchester hotel child sex attack

FilthyMuslim paedophile Zabed Shah was jailed for 36 months after admitting crimes including sexual assault on a childZabed Shah was jailed for 36 months after admitting crimes including sexual assault on a child

A man who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl after plying her with alcohol and drugs at a hotel has been jailed.

Zabed Shah attacked the girl after he and another man, Abdul Latif, took her to a hotel in Manchester last December.

The teenager contacted police, and officers arrested the men a week later after finding them at the same hotel with two other girls, aged 15 and 16.

Shah and Latif were sentenced to 36 and 27 months respectively at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

Shah, 27, of of Hancock Close, Oldham, admitted a sexual assault on a child, attempting to pay for the sexual services of a child and supplying class A drugs.

Abdul LatifImage copyrightGMP

Image captionAbdul Latif was also jailed after admitting supplying class A drugs

Latif, 20, of Oundle Close, Oldham, admitted supplying class A drugs.

Shah must also sign the sex offenders register for 10 years.

PC Andy Barratt, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Shah preyed on vulnerable young girls, fuelling them with drink and drugs before trying to sexually exploit them, whilst Latif encouraged his behaviour and stood by and watched.

“Both men deserve the sentences they were handed and I hope the people of Oldham now feel safer knowing these despicable men are off the streets.”

Media Silence : Oldham Grooming Gang On Trial For Abusing Schoolgirls In Care

Four Muslim grooming gang members are on trial in Manchester. Like many of these Muslim grooming gang trials,it is being kept very low key with almost a complete media blackout other than the local press. Its a sad state of affairs when the national press think that Big Brother and B list celebrities love lives are more newsworthy than the continued rape jihad against British schoolgirls up and down the UK.

Though from a leftist community cohesion point of view, i suppose keeping news of these evil Muslim paedophile gangs out of the spotlight  is all good keeping the nation in the dark as to the severity of problem. Keeping it confined to local press will stop the public seeing the big picture and keep more negative attention off Muslims who are still in denial that it is a huge problem within their communities.

It seems Rochdale social services have learnt no lessons from past mistakes  and are still allowing children in their care to be groomed and sexually exploited by Muslim nonces

The Islamic paedophile ring on trial are all from Oldham, which like so many Northern ex mill towns has areas that are now heavily islamized. Glodwick where the offences are alleged to have taken place is one of those Muslim enclaves.

 I think its pretty safe to say now that grooming gangs are operating in every town and city that there is a sizeable amount of Muslims living. Its just a matter of time until they are rumbled and exposed.

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

Under-age girls lured in for sex

Date published: 25 May 2015

TWO vulnerable under-age girls were plied with booze and drugs by older men bent on taking advantage of them to have sex, a court has been told.

The girls — one 13, the other 15 — who had had difficult and troubled home lives, were in the care of Rochdale Social Services at the time, but despite the efforts of staff, repeatedly absconded, sometimes staying out all night.

A jury at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard how their behaviour was often “risky and irresponsible” and both liked the company of adult men.

Four Oldham men, arrested following an investigation into child sexual exploitation, are before the court on charges involving the girls and a 13-year old boy.

Neil Usher, prosecuting, said each of the men had played a part, directly or indirectly, in sexual offences involving the younger girl, described as particularly vulnerable.

On three occasions within days of each other in September, last year, the girls absconded from their respective care homes spending nights at addresses in Oldham.

On the last occasion they had been at a terrace house on Worsley Street, Glodwick, which they later claimed to have visited many times.

The younger girl told police she had had unprotected sex with 27-year old Bilal Ahmed while “out of her face” on alcohol.

The court was told that in the first incident six days earlier, the two girls and a 13-year old boy who had also absconded, went into Rochdale where they met 20-year old Hassan Ali.

He suggested going to Oldham on the tram and they were later joined by Ahmed who arranged for them to stay overnight at an address on Tentercroft, occupied by the other two defendants, Dilon Rasul (23) and Mohammed Suleman (47).

The jury was told earlier on the journey into Oldham the girls had been overheard saying they planned to have sex that night if there were any “fit” boys.

Both described being plied with booze and drugs, and the boy described at least one of them as being “smashed” on vodka.

They admitted to “snogging” sessions with Ahmed and Ali.

The second time the girls went missing, they were again at the Worsley Street address.

The court was told that both Ali and Ahmed denied all the allegations against them, but analysis of mobile phones seized by police revealed scores of texts between the two girls and the men.

Ahmed denies any form of sexual activity, and says he never went to the Worsley Street address.

Ali maintains he had no relationship with either girl and says though texts were sent from his mobile phone, he had not sent them.

Bilal Ahmed, formerly of Tentercroft, pleads not guilty to two charges of child abduction, and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Hassan Ali, of no fixed address, pleads not guilty to conspiracy to engage in penetrative sex with a child and four counts of child abduction.

Dilon Rasul of Worsley Street, Glodwick, and Mohammed Suleman, of Chief Street, Oldham, plead not guilty to conspiracy to engage in penetrative sex with a child.

The trial continues.


Soft Sentence For Muslim Who Offered £1000 Bounty To Beheaded Mosque Robber

Ridiculously low sentence for Muslim extremist Mohammed Bashir from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Drugged up Bashir posted an advert on Gumtree offering £1000 to whoever beheaded the person responsible for robbing the mosque he attends. Posting a CCTV image of the robber. The magistrates strangely did not think that inciting murder was serious enough offence to send him to prison, preferring to sentence him to a lame 80 hours unpaid work. Another Muslim criminal who will be laughing his head off at Britain’s 2 tier justice system.

Spared jail: Dad who offered £1,000 reward for the beheading of a mosque raider while high on cannabis

Mohammed Bashir

A dad has escaped jail after offering a £1,000 reward for the BEHEADING of a man who raided a mosque.

Mohammed Bashir, 26, uploaded the vulgar advert after robbers targeted his place of worship. A court was told he was high on cannabis when he placed the ads in a ‘moment of madness’.

The day after the incident at the Jamia Masjid mosque in Werneth, Oldham on January 4 he wrote two posts on the advertising website Gumtree.

Titled “Reward Beheading” and “Werneth Reward” they contained a CCTV image of a suspect taken from the Mosque’s Facebook page and offered a £1,000 reward to behead them, a court was told.

Jamia Mosque in Werneth

They were spotted by a member of the public who took screenshots and reported them to police, Kerry Bell, prosecuting said.

Officers traced the posts back to Bashir and he admitted the offence after being arrested.

A court heard the posts raised fears of extremism within Oldham’s Muslim community – however Bashir’s lawyer insisted he was not a religious extremist, or a terrorist.

He told police in interview that he was high on cannabis when he wrote the posts and he removed them after just 15 minutes.

Nailia Akhtar, defending said dad-of-two Bashir had already experienced great trauma in his life after the death of his young daughter in March 2013. Eliza Bashir died after accidentally swallowing a battery.

She said: “He clearly didn’t think his actions through as he used his own Gumtree account and his own mobile phone meaning he was quite easy to trace. His actions have been condemned his wife, his family and the mosque.

“It’s had a negative impact on surrounding mosques as it highlights the extremism linked to Islam.

“It’s quite clear this man has no history of extremism and he doesn’t have any inclination of religious motivation.

Mohammed Bashir leaving Oldham Magistrates Court

“This has put his job in jeopardy and the safety of his family at risk.”

Bashir, of Monmouth Street, Oldham pleaded guilty to using a public communication network to send an offensive or menacing message at an earlier hearing.He was today ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work at Oldham Magistrates court.

He also has to pay £145 in costs.

Chairman of the bench Kathleen Kershaw said: “This was a serious offence, especially in the climate at the moment.

“We accept this was a moment of madness for which you have shown great remorse.”

After the incident the mosque posted on their Facebook page saying: “Please be careful with what you say on Facebook, Twitter etc. regarding what happened today/last night at the masjid about the robbery.

“Please don’t make threats about the person online as it could cause complications in the case.

“We are all outraged at this despicable crime but we must act with cool heads and wisdom.

“The last thing we want is one of our own getting in trouble for something they may have said in (justified) anger.”

Iqbal Ali From Oldham Charged With Rape And GBH Against 3 Women


A man has been charged with assaulting one woman and sexually assaulting two others.

On 15 October 2014, police were made aware that a woman, 27, had been admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital.

An investigation was launched to investigate how the woman, who remains in a stable condition in hospital, came to be injured.

Iqbal Ali (04/09/1981), of Broadway, Chadderton, has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

As part of the investigation, detectives spoke with a number of other people and Ali has been charged with two counts of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against a second woman and two counts of indecently assaulting a woman over 16 and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against a third.

The offences against the three women are unconnected.

Detective Inspector Andy Naismith, said: “Last week a young woman was admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital with very serious injuries.

“Since that time we have had a team of detectives working to establish the full circumstances surrounding how she came to be injured.

“As part of our investigation into this incident we have charged Iqbal Ali with very serious offences against three different and unconnected women.

“Our investigations are very much continuing and I would urge anyone else who might have information relevant to these or other matters to call us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 9283.

Oldham Woman Sexually Assaulted And Flashed By ‘Asian’ Pervert

Another innocent victim of an Islamononce whilst walking home alone after dark. How these vile sex obsessed Muslims minds must work is something we will never understand. Where the sight of a female twice the age of the pervert is enough to turn them into a sex offender!  

Flasher’s early-hours assault

Date published: 21 October 2014

POLICE are hunting a man who exposed himself and sexually assaulted a woman in Shaw in the early hours of Saturday.

The 49-year-old woman was walking along Rochdale Road around 1am when the man started a conversation. He then exposed himself before trying to entice her to come with him. She ran off.

The offender is described as Asian, 20-25 years old, with spiky hair and a fringe. He was wearing a grey tracksuit.

Det Sgt John Coleman asked anyone who was out in the early hours and recalls seeing someone — or knows someone matching the description, to call police on 101.

Evil Khawaja Iqbal Guilty Of Raping 12 Year Old Care Home Girl

Evil Khawaja Iqbal has been jailed for raping an extremely vulnerable 12 year old girl who had been placed in a care home at the time of the attack. The victim left traumatised for life after the events still suffering flashbacks. Ironically the predator was described as a family man who himself has a disabled  daughter of similar age. If he was a family man even the slightest it would not of even entered his head to rape the girl because of the risk posed of losing your family for what, 5 minutes of gratifying his own sexual perversions against a child.

 Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.
Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.

CCTV footage that eventually led to Iqbal’s arrest.

Family man’s child sex shame

Date published: 08 July 2014

A DELIVERY driver who subjected a highly vulnerable young girl to a vile sexual assault, has been jailed for five years.

Family man Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.

The youngster, who at the time was described as suffering from stress and was “extremely troubled”, was said to have experienced severe psychological harm to the point of having regular flash-backs.

Iqbal (41), of Whinestone Way, Chadderton, was brought to justice following the tenacious efforts of Greater Manchester Police.

Iqbal’s car — but not the registration — was captured on CCTV, but painstaking work to identify it narrowed the search to 192 Nissan Micras, registered in the area.

Various inquiries were conducted and the owners of 21 of those vehicles — including Iqbal — were located and interviewed.

He was subsequently forensically linked to the crime using DNA evidence. The girl who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been resident in a care home, but had walked out following a row.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told that Iqbal had pinned the terrified girl against the side of his car, removed her lower clothing along with some of his own, and subjected her to simulated sex.

Sentencing him, judge Leslie Hull told him: “What you did had a significant impact on this young girl. She was already experiencing traumatic stress syndrome and this incident at your hands consolidated those problems within her”.

Mohammed Nawaz, defending, said his client’s behaviour could only be described as “shocking and disgraceful” and he was utterly ashamed at what he had done.

He added: “To risk all by what he did, beggars belief.”

Mohammed Hassan Deliberately Targeted Teen Girl For Daytime Sex Attack

Rape jihadist Mohammed Abul Hassan (born 17/7/88) of Windsor Road, Oldham, has appeared in court for the daytime attempted rape on a teen girl in Oldham’s Spindles Shopping Centre. He is claiming the attack on a female he had never met before was consensual and fooling around. Flashing your cock, groping somebody, pinning them against a wall and trying to rape somebody may be considered consensual in Pakistan or somewhere else that’s ruled under woman-hating sharia law, because the woman can’t NOT give consent. In the UK, sex obsessed Allah has no authority on our laws(yet) and its very much non consensual here.

Sex attack in broad daylight

Date published: 20 February 2014

A MAN deliberately targeted and tried to rape a teenage girl in the Spindles shopping centre, a court has been told.

Mohammed Hassan (25) picked out the young woman – 19 at the time of the attack – last August.

After firstly chatting, he approached her again shortly afterwards, pinned her against a wall and began groping her. He went on to try to pull down her trousers, telling her: “Please let me do it. I need to have a good time.” The jury was told the terrified girl had been certain he was going to rape her.

Guy Mathieson, prosecuting, told Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court that Hassan had clearly formed an attraction for the teenager, which wasn’t returned.

Hassan, of Windsor Road, Oldham, was warded off, but then exposed himself and tried to force her into performing a sex act.

When she resisted, he believed it was because they were in a public place, and suggested moving to nearby toilets. When he released her she ran to security guards.

Hassan has pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual assault against the woman, now 20, and two counts of attempted rape.

The court was told he had never before had any kind of relationship with the woman. He admitted touching her bottom but insisted the acts were consensual, all down to a “bit of fooling around.”

Mr Mathieson said Hassan had tried to convince police the incident had been “blown totally out of proportion”.

The trial continues.

Man Suffers Burns After Acid Sprayed In His Face By 2 ‘Asian’ Youths In Oldham

A 41-year-old male who stopped to give 2 ‘Asians’ a light for their cigarette, was repaid for his kindness by having acid thrown in his face by the thugs. The attack happened in Oldham a town which has experienced mass Islamization over the years and all the usual problems associated with uncivilized Muslims swamping an area, behaving like they are still in some lawless Pakistani town where violence and sex attacks are the norm. Unfortunately for towns like Oldham that have become  Muslim enclaves they are becoming all to common here.

Man Suffers Burns After Liquid Sprayed in his face by Youths During Attack

A man suffered burns after two men threw a liquid into his face.

At around 4.45pm on Monday 9 September 2013, the victim was walking along Leesbrook Nature bridle path near to Wellyhole Street in Oldham when he was approached by two youths.

One of them asked him for a light for a cigarette. As he was lighting their cigarette the other sprayed a liquid into his face which burned his skin. He fell to the ground and the youths walked away.

The victim, a 41-year-old man, was taken to hospital with minor chemical


One of the offenders is described as an Asian man, about 16-years-old, 5ft 4in tall and skinny. He has short black hair, shaved lines in his left eyebrow and a thin line of hair along his jawline. He was wearing a black tracksuit top with a red stripe down the arms, charcoal coloured jeans and had a local accent.

The other offender is described as an Asian man, about 17-years-old, 5ft 7in tall and skinny. He has black hair, thick bushy eyebrows and a hooked nose. He was wearing a brown scarf, a black zip-up tracksuit top with a silver badge and black jeans.

Police are appealing for information.

Detective Constable Andrew Swettenham said: “It is not yet known what the substance was but it began burning his skin immediately. Fortunately he wasn’t badly injured but we are treating this attack seriously.

“We are keen to speak to anyone who was walking along the Leesbrook Nature bridle path that afternoon who may have seen the incident or who may have information about who is involved.”

Anyone with information should call Oldham Integrated Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0161 856 8982 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via Man Suffers Burns After Liquid Sprayed in his face by Youths During Attack – Manchester Gazette.