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Video: Muslim Thugs Attack Pensioners Who Defended Female Being Harassed

A gang of Muslim thugs attack old age pensioners on a Munich tram because they stood up for a female they had been harassing. The ‘religion of peace’ migrants showing their true violent and spineless nature. Proving there is no such thing as peace in Islam anybody who actually believes that Islam is a religion of peace is very deluded. Religion of ……violence / savagery /inbreds / hate / backwardness / deviants would all be far more appropriate than the word peace is. 


Video: Bullying Muslim immigrants threaten elderly in Scandinavia

It seems where ever un civilised Muslim immigrants settle. The cancer of Islam smothers the life out of the area which was once a pleasant and respectable place to live. The good people are forced out 1 by 1 by the lawlessness of the new  Muslim residents, replaced by other Muslims until the area is Islamified and in Muslim control.By which time the area has become that run down it is a ghetto

Manchester Muslim shop worker jailed for £1m lottery fraud

A greedy Muslim shopkeeper from Manchester jailed for 30 months after trying to fiddle a pair of OAPS out of their 1 million pound lottery win. Muslims often make a big song and dance about how gambling isnt allowed in Islam, that soon was forget when the shopkeeper saw ££ signs and tried cashing the winning ticket in. luckily his fraud was rumbled  and the judge said go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect your £200 or in this case 1million


Manchester shop worker jailed for £1m lottery fraud

Checks showed the ticket was not bought at store where Nizzar worked

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Shop worker’s £1m lottery fraud

A Manchester shop worker has been jailed after fraudulently trying to claim the £1m lottery winnings of an elderly woman.

Farrakh Nizzar, 30, of Woodlands Road, Crumpsall, Greater Manchester, told Maureen Holt, 78, she had won nothing when he scanned her ticket.

He later tried to claim the EuroMillions jackpot himself.

Nizzar, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced at Manchester Minshull Street Court to 30 months in prison.

Passing sentence, Recorder Philip Cattan told Nizzar: “This goes to the heart of public confidence in the National Lottery.

“The courts must demonstrate to you and to others that this type of fraud will be met by significant custody.”

Mrs Holt and her husband Fred, 80, who knew Nizzar by his nickname Lucky, told him to bin the worthless ticket.

After they left the shop, Nizzar called the lottery hotline and tried to claim the jackpot for himself, saying he had bought the ticket at the Best One store in Watersheddings Street, Oldham, where he worked.

The scam was unravelled when checks were made by lottery operator Camelot which showed the winning ticket was not bought at the store.

It was bought at Tesco Extra in Oldham where Mr Holt had used his Clubcard while paying for the couple’s weekly groceries and Mrs Holt was seen on CCTV footage.

‘Suspicious activity’

Mr and Mrs Holt had been on holiday when the draw which matched their numbers was made on 22 June.

They were presented with their cheque from Camelot on 2 August.

Fred and Maureen Holt were presented with their cheque on 2 August

The couple said in a statement: “We are glad justice has been done and that this matter is now behind us. We can now look forward to enjoying our lottery win and spending some time with our family and friends.

“We understand the defendant has written a letter to us and we look forward to reading this.”

Camelot said in a statement the company has “stringent operations in place to detect fraud and to monitor suspicious activity”.

“The success of The National Lottery is built on player trust – and the sentence handed down to Mr Nizzar provides clear evidence Camelot will not allow that trust to be undermined in any way.”

Det Con Kate Carnally said: “Nizzar’s actions were at best foolish, and at worst, extremely cruel.

“He knew this woman had a winning ticket and chose to lie to her, deliberately duping her out of a life-changing sum of money that would have meant financial security for her and her husband in their retirement.

“To cheat an elderly woman and try and claim the money for himself was both callous and underhand, but thankfully he did not get away with his scam.”

She added: “Because of that, Nizzar has been brought to justice and just as importantly, the genuine owner of the ticket has been paid out what was always rightfully hers.”

via BBC News – Manchester shop worker jailed for £1m lottery fraud.

Muslims attempt to bully and intimidate white OAP’s with racist graffiti

Muslims in Dewsbury,West Yorkshire have rapidly been turning the town into a Muslim enclave over the last few years. The Islamo-fascists their have now turned their stealth jihad into intimidation and fear in an effort to force white OAP’s  to move out. Well and truely making their hateful racist views known by spraying anti white graffiti on the side of peoples houses .

Islamo-fascists wrote  “white slags”  “old white bastards” and “white people move out” alongside was the tag of RTS a notorious racist Muslim gang in the area who in the past had attacked innocent white people for no reason.

Its more disgraceful when you consider the minority white Brits who still live round there are pensioners and have lived in the area for much of their lives. Some who most likely fought for our freedoms today against Hitler and his Nazis during WW2. Now their living in fear in their own homes of the bullying racist Muslims who have succeeded where the Germans didnt of taking over.

A local Muslim Councillor quickly had the racist graffiti painted over by getting some paint off a resident and getting some kids to paint it out.Knowing how local councils usually work, i have to question the councillors motives for this, not waiting for council workmen to remove that could possibly take weeks.Is it hes really that disgusted by the racist writings and caring for those white OAP’s it was aimed at. Or was he trying to play down the situation and keep it out of the public eye.The longer its left there the more chance a national daily paper will find out and run a story making the Muslims look bad??????

This just shows that the English Defence League were fully justified in their recent demo in Dewsbury last month.I suspect in a few years many of those who objected to the edl protest due to constant anti edl press coverage by the media which the far left are never  far away from with their accusations ,Will be turning round and saying actually the edl were right why didnt we see it coming like they did.By then it will be to late.Time is fastly running out for the people of Dewsbury,West Yorkshire to stop their town from turning into a Muslim ghetto and is lost for good.

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Residents shock at racist graffiti…

RACIST graffiti telling white people to leave Ravensthorpe was painted on homes in a quiet side street.

The slogans ‘white slags’, ‘old white basterds’ (sic) and ‘white people move out ov Ravy!!’ (sic) were daubed on properties in Crawshaw Street.

Coun Mumtaz Hussain (Lab, Dewsbury West) acted quickly to have it cleaned off walls and garage doors after it appeared earlier this month.

But a tag alongside the graffiti, ‘RTS’, had residents worried as it was thought to refer to a local Asian gang who call themselves the Ravey Terror Squad.

The notorious group was behind a series of unprovoked attacks on white people on or near the Calder Valley Greenway in 2007.

But police think the graffiti culprits are youths who have merely adopted the ‘RTS’ tag and have no connection to what they believe is the disbanded group.

Crawshaw Street is a multi-cultural community and some of the homes hit include those of Asian families.

It is thought anyone local to Ravensthorpe would know that, leading to claims the culprits are outsiders, possibly from Scout Hill.

One disgusted resident said: “It’s a mixed area and people get along. Some are in their 70s and 80s and have lived here for 50-odd years.

“I’ve been here for 39 years. The only trouble we’ve ever had was the ‘Ravey Terror Squad’ years ago. And this graffiti is just as galling.”

It prompted another resident to put up CCTV cameras around the area the next day, but these were mysteriously torn down soon after.

The identity of the graffiti vandals also remains unknown, and police have stepped up patrols as their enquiries continue.

Coun Hussain, meanwhile, got some paint from a resident and made youths playing in a nearby games area clean up the graffiti.

He accepts they may not have been the culprits but said: “This was disgusting and offensive graffiti.

“It needed to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Nobody should have to put up with that in their community.”

A police spokesman said: “Damage of this kind is thankfully rare, but it is a serious offence. We have spoken to groups of youth about it.

“If young people are not aware, we would like to remind them that any graffiti, racist or otherwise, is an arrestable offence.”

Anyone with information can call Kirklees Police’s Dewsbury and Mirfield NPT on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

via Residents shock at racist graffiti.