Woman Sexually Assaulted In Own Home By ‘Asian’ Taxi Driver Who Followed Her Into House

In the lifetime of this site. One thing there has been no shortage of is posts about perverted Muslim taxi drivers committing sex crimes either on their own passengers or as part of Muslim grooming gangs. Its that rife amongst Islamic cab drivers that you could easily assume that being a sex pest is part of the job criteria.

What must go through the heads of these sickos at the time is one of the worlds biggest mysteries. Non Muslim taxi drivers seem to be able to take a passenger from a to b and keep their hands to themselves and trousers on, So why cant Muslims do the same.

Bridge Street

A woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a taxi driver after a night out in Northampton last week – after he took her home, followed her into her house and touched her inappropriately in her bedroom.The woman, who is in her 20s, left the Balloon Bar in Bridge Street at about 1am last Thursday, and got into a car that she believed to be a taxi. On the way, the driver stopped at an ATM in Kettering Road so she could get some cash and then took her home.

After arriving at her house, the driver walked the woman to the door and, without her realising, followed her into the house and into the bedroom. He then started to touch her inappropriately, before she pushed him out of the room and locked the door. The man then left the house and drove away.

The man is described as Asian, middle-aged, about 5ft 5in, of average build with a pot belly. He had black, thinning hair and was wearing a black leather jacket. He was also wearing a wedding ring.

Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with any information is asked to contact Northamptonshire Police on 101. Alternatively, they can call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Source: Woman allegedly sexually assaulted by taxi driver after night out in Northampton town centre | Northampton Herald & Post

Beast Mohammed Haque, Jailed For 2 Violent Sex Attacks On Elderly Women

Northampton rape jihadist Mohammed Haque, is the latest of a constant stream of Muslim beasts convicted of severely heinous sex crimes . The spineless oxygen thief subjected two elderly women to horrific violent sex attacks. Its a shame there is no button that you can press and wipe the filth of humanity like him off the face of the world.

Northampton man who committed ‘truly evil’ sex attacks given 11-year jail sentence

Mohammed Haque, 21, appeared at Northampton Crown Court where he was sent to prison for five offences. NNL-150717-173712001

Mohammed Haque, 21, appeared at Northampton Crown Court where he was sent to prison for five offences.


17:59Friday 17 July 2015
A 21-year-old man who carried out two “truly evil” violent sexual assaults on women in Northampton has been given an 11-year jail sentence.

Mohammed Haque, of Lindsay Avenue, Abington, Northampton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to five charges relating to two attacks on women in the town, one in November 2014 and one in January this year.
The court heard that Haque, who worked at Morrisons in the town centre, had clocked off from work shortly before 5am on November 10 and then travelled to the Racecourse area.

Gordon Aspen, prosecuting, said Haque had targeted a woman in her 50s who was walking round the park listening to music on an iPod.

Mr Aspen said the woman was dragged off the pavement into the park and subjected to a violent sexual assault.

When the woman attempted to get away, Haque sat on her back, pinning her to the floor, and then punched her in the face.

Mr Aspen said the attack lasted “two to three minutes” and DNA evidence was later found on the woman’s coat.

The second attack happened on January 25, this year after Haque forced his way into the home of an elderly woman in Westone, Northampton.
Mr Aspen said Haque admitted he had targeted the woman’s address because he had been “driving around the town” looking for a victim and he knew she was a pensioner.

The court heard Haque initially demanded money from the woman and she gave him £20.

However, he then forced her into a spare room in her house and sexually assaulted her after threatening her with a metal pole.

Haque again left DNA evidence at the scene and a police investigation revealed that a maroon Ford Fiesta, was involved in the second incident.
In the course of viiting all known people with maroon Fiestas, officers visited Haque’s address and took a DNA sample from him, which matched those collected from the scene.

At a hearing last month, Haque pleaded guilty to five charges including, sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence, sexual assault and robbery.

Judge Michael Fowler sentenced Haque to 11 years in jail, with a further four years on licence. He is likely to serve two thirds of his sentence before he is considered for parole.

Judge Fowler said he believed Haque posed a “serious risk” to the public

He said: “It is rare to come across truly evil offences but these offences have that characteristics.
“The attack was every woman’s worst nightmare. You smothered and dragged away your victim and subjected her to the most frightening and demeaning sexual attack in which you used violence.

“I have no hesitation in concluding that you represent a significant risk of causing serious harm to a member of the public by commission of a specified offence.

“There is no obvious trigger for why you committed such serious offences, having never committed any offences before now. It is the lack of explanation for why you committed the offences that means you are clearly a risk of committing similar offences.”

Detective Inspector Lee McBride, who led the investigation into Haque, said he welcomed the sentence and paid tribute to the victims and their families for their support and courage in very difficult circumstances.

He said: “Mohammed Haque identified vulnerable women and committed heinous offences against them. He will now spend a significant time of his life in prison.

“The successful prosecution today is thanks to the victims, their families and the hard work of the investigative team for their persistence in identifying him.”

Muslim Beast Mohammed Haque, Admits Sex Attack On Pensioner

A 21-year-old man from Northampton has admitted sexually assaulting two women, including one who is elderly.

Mohammed Haque, of Lindsay Avenue, Northampton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to five charges relating to two attacks on women in the town, one in November 2014 and one in January this year

Haque has admitted punching and sexually assaulting a woman who was walking through the Racecourse in Northampton at 5.30am on November 10.

Haque also pleaded guilty to a charge of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence after he forced his way into an elderly woman’s home in Northampton.

The court heard that Haque sexually assaulted the woman and then robbed money from her property.

Haque will be sentenced next month after a probation report has been prepared. He was remanded in custody.

Bailed paedophile sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl after spiking her drink with VODKA

In less than a month of this blog, numerous of the posts have questioned the British legal system and its apparent 2 tier legal system where Muslims seem to get granted bail or  far more lenient sentences than white British would receive and the sentences judges are passing dont reflect the seriousness of the crime.Well heres another instance.

Thanks to the law courts granting dangerous paedophile Samuel Omar bail on charges of sexually assulting a 10 year old in  Northampton, he was free to carry on with his evil perversions and rape a 12 year old in Hemel Hempstead after spiking her soft drink with vodka. Serious questions need answering by those who allowed this sexual predator to be free to strike again. To any normally person surely the alarms bells would of started ringing when his criminal history was checked showing that he had already had a 12 year prison sentence for the rape of a 6 year old child. 

Ministry of Justice spokesperson said:   ‘Dangerous offenders who pose a threat to society should always be remanded into custody while they await trial.

so why doesnt a serial paedophile qualify as a threat to the public????

‘Anyone who reoffends while on bail will usually receive a longer sentence as a result.’

 Then why did the judge recommend he serves at least 3 years 3 months only when he should be ensuring the serial rapist never sets foot outside prison again

The Fruit Shoot rapist: Bailed paedophile sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl after spiking her drink with VODKA

  • Depraved Samuel Omar, 64, was due to stand trial for sexually abusing child
  • But was able to strike again after being granted bail despite rape conviction
  • His trial had been adjourned because of Ministry of Justice funding cutbacks
  • Jailed indefinitely for two sex attacks and making indecent images of children
  • Children’s charity says decision to release Omar shows system has ‘failed’
  • MoJ says dangerous offenders ‘should always be remanded into custody’


PUBLISHED: 11:46, 26 July 2012 | UPDATED: 14:25, 26 July 2012

A convicted child rapist sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after spiking her Fruit Shoot drink with vodka while on bail for another sex attack on a youngster.

Twisted Samuel Omar, 64, was given the opportunity to offend again after his court case for a vile attack on a young girl was delayed because of government funding cutbacks.

The paedophile had been due to stand trial in May for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl last July and superimposing her face onto pictures of topless models.

But his case was adjourned until June 12 this year after Ministry of Justice spending cuts reduced the number of trials sitting at Northampton Crown Court.

Convicted child rapist Samuel Omar spiked a girl's drink with vodka before sexually assaulting her
Omar topped up his victim's Fruit Shoot drink with vodka

Depraved: Convicted Child rapist Samuel Omar (left) sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl after spiking her Fruit Shoot drink (right, file picture) with vodka while on bail for another sex attack on a youngster

Despite Omar, from Semilong, Northamptonshire, previously serving a 12-year prison sentence for raping a six-year-old girl in 1987, he was allowed out on bail after being charged with the sexual assault.

The delay in his trial gave Omar the chance to strike again and four days before he was due back in court he spiked a 12-year-old girl’s Fruit Shoot drink with vodka before sexually abusing her.

Last Friday, he was finally jailed after he admitted the two sexual assaults and making indecent images of children.

He was sentenced indefinitely to imprisonment for public protection and must serve a minimum of three years and three months before being considered for parole.

Judge Sylvia De Bertodano told him: ‘That does not mean you will be released then.

‘You will only be released once a determination has been made you are no longer dangerous and that may be a very long time indeed.’


Northampton Crown Court

July 2011: Family of 10-year-old girl make complaint to police about Samuel Omar

August 8: Charged with sexual assault

August 24: First appears before Northampton magistrates and granted conditional bail

October 5: Appears again before Northampton magistrates and granted conditional bail as case is sent to crown court

October 31: Appears at Northampton Crown Court and pleads not guilty of sex assault

June 9, 2012: He is arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl

June 11: Breach of bail hearing at Hatfield Magistrates and remanded in custody

June 12: Appears at Northampton Crown Court, above, and pleads guilty to two sexual assaults and making indecent images of children

July 20: Jailed indefinitely for public protection

Children’s charities blasted the decision to release Omar on bail in the first place.

The Ministry of Justice also waded into the debate today by telling MailOnline that dangerous offenders ‘should always be remanded into custody’ while awaiting trial.

Peter Bradley, Deputy Director of Kidscape, said: ‘This is a horrific and worrying case of sexual abuse.

‘Not only is Omar a dangerous paedophile whose rehabilitation was not effective, but also the system that is designed to protect children has clearly failed.

‘The apparent failure of effective management of this case is partially to blame for the harm the girls and their families have suffered.

‘There are many questions which need to be answered if the public are to have faith in the safeguarding system.

‘I am particularly concerned that cutbacks in the number of trials at Crown Courts is allowing dangerous offenders to have extended access to the public and risk further assaults.’

Jon Brown, Head of the NSPCC’s Sexual Abuse programme said: ‘As this man was a convicted child rapist serious consideration should have been given to keeping him in custody.

‘He had already proved a risk to children and this should have been taken into account when he appeared in court to face this new charge.

‘There are always various matters to be considered when someone is given bail but protection of children should always be the priority.’

The court heard Omar was arrested in July last year when a 10-year-old told police he regularly touched and kissed her when alone.

Shockingly, despite his earlier conviction for child rape, he was granted bail by magistrates in Northampton and ordered to stand trial in May.

But when his trial was adjourned as a result of a cluttered court timetable, he targeted a 12-year-old in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

James McLernon, prosecuting, told the court: ‘While on bail for the Northampton offence and a week before his re-listed trial, the defendant sexually assaulted another victim.

‘On Saturday, June 9, an ambulance was called to her address where she was extremely intoxicated.

‘Paramedics arrived and the defendant tried to drive away, but the ambulance blocked him in.

‘She was incoherent and extremely distressed. Paramedics arrived and the defendant tried to drive away, but the ambulance blocked him in. She was incoherent and extremely distressed.’

Officers discovered the girl’s Fruit Shoot drink had been topped up with vodka.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: ‘Dangerous offenders who pose a threat to society should always be remanded into custody while they await trial.

‘The decision to grant bail is taken by the police and courts based on the full facts of each case.

‘The overwhelming majority of people bailed do not reoffend and are often given strict conditions such as electronic tags and curfews.

‘Anyone who reoffends while on bail will usually receive a longer sentence as a result.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179250/The-Fruit-Shoot-rapist-Bailed-paedophile-sexually-assaulted-12-year-old-girl-spiking-drink-VODKA.html#ixzz2224v6vDy