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Scumbag Iraqi Immigrant living In London Thinks 9-11 Was Great

Given the nature of this website, which is almost a catalogue of full on carnage and heinous acts of savagery. Committed by brainwashed followers of the ‘cult of hate’ known as Islam. Its pretty understandable that by trying to expose the true vile nature of political Islam that it might get up the noses of some Muslims and their far left communist defenders. After all the ugly truth does hurt sometimes.

So as you can imagine hate mail is only to be expected by Muslims (usually sexual related)and the commies(grammar police). It has got to the point where the majority of it goes over my head. There is only so many times you can be told your mother,sister,wife,daughter etc is a slag and gonna get raped or that you’re a cunt who is gonna get beheaded etc. It soon gets very boring being told the same thing and loses its impact. As there is no TellMama equivalent to report these hate crimes by Muslims out to. The delete button is the next best thing, its gone its forgotten about.

But this message we received from our Facebook page by somebody called  Isaac Ferrari has touched a bit of a nerve. The more i thought about it the more it got my back up. It is from an Iraqi immigrant apparently living in London going by the name of Isaac Ferrari, His message was simply one short sentence no swearing no threats.  It simply read 9/11 was great wasn’t it

muslim 9 11 lover

So this man comes to our country from a third world Muslim country to live, study and work. This is supposedly  somebody who would be viewed by many as a moderate Muslim, a non extremist. Yet in his warped mind he thinks 9 / 11 was great. This is the problem we are facing. You can be certain he will not be alone in that opinion either amongst your everyday Muslim living in the UK.

Muslim terrorist supporter thinks 9/11 was great photo source @ facebook.com

Saying wasn’t 9/11 great isn’t just a harmless off the cuff comment by a disgruntled Muslim. What happened at the World Trade Centre that day wasn’t like an attack in a war where soldiers from both sides who know the risk when they joined up target each other. Those killed were  murdered by hate filled Muslim terrorists. They were innocent people who had done nothing to deserve it, just going about their business . Almost 3,000 people left their families that day to go to work and never returned.  WHAT EXACTLY IS GREAT ABOUT THAT !!!

According to his Facebook profile this terrorist supporter works for John Lewis. which is a large chain of department stores here in the UK. I wonder what his employers must think about one of their staff being an extremist who supports terrorism and gloats about the mass murder of 3000 innocent people. We shall soon find out. Feel free to tell them what you think of them employing somebody who thinks 9/11 was great;


Head of Customer Service
John Lewis
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN