3 Muslims Remanded In Devon On Rape Kidnap And Stabbing Charges

Even in parts of the country not usually associated with Islamization and the usual problems that come with it. Places such as Devon for example are not even safe from Muslim rape jihad attacks.  Where three Muslim men have appeared in court on rape, kidnap and stabbing charges in Exeter. Further proof the there is no hiding place safe from the Islamic rape epidemic engulfing the UK. If somewhere is easily accessible by car, train  or foot even. Then sooner or later Muslim committed sex attacks are going to happen.

Muslim rape jihad comes to devon

Three men in court charged with Exeter rape, kidnap and stabbing man in buttocks

By Paul_Greaves  |  Posted: March 30, 2017

Three men will face a trial later this year accused of rape, false imprisonment, kidnap and stabbing a man in the backside in Exeter.

Abdirahman Kadir, 21, Abdirahman Abukar, 18, and Ibrahim Mohammed, all from Birmingham, face allegations in connection with an incident in Oxford Road near Sidwell Street on February 23 which left a man with injuries to his buttocks.

 They are also accused of raping and forcibly taking away a woman.

The three men appeared in the dock at Exeter Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to all charges. They were remanded in custody until a trial on August 7.

The defendants are each accused of four offences in total. They include attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent to a man; and the rape, unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping of a woman.

Exeter woman Amber Olivia, 22, of Laburnum Road, appeared via video link, accused of two offences.

She pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit GBH with intent and possessing with intent to supply 2.15g of heroin.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC remanded the defendants in custody until the trial, which is due to last two weeks.

Police have stated previously they were called to an incident at Oxford Road at 9.40pm on Thursday, February 23 to reports a victim had sustained a knife injury to the buttocks.

Oxford Road is a residential street off York Road, about 20 yards from the junction with Sidwell Street in Exeter city centre

Source http://m.devonlive.com/three-men-in-court-charged-with-exeter-rape-kidnap-and-stabbing-a-man-in-backside/story-30239023-detail/story.html

Rape Jihad In Coventry : 10 Man Grooming Gang Busted By Police

Here we go again….rape jihad in Coventry as police smash a 10 man grooming gang in the Midlands. The sex ring have been charged with a catalogue of sexual offences including rape, exploitation, child trafficking and sexual assault against 5 vulnerable teenage schoolgirls. Apart from one of the gang called Ricardo, the rest have very Islamic sounding names…surprise surprise

See the true scale of the paedo Muslim rape jihad against British children here on Kafir Crusaders Muslim Grooming / Paedo Map

10 men accused of exploiting girls

A group of men accused of sexually exploiting teenage girls have been charged with a range of offences including rape, sexual assault and trafficking.

Published: Fri, August 2, 2013

Police-said-10-men-were-charged-following-an-inquiry-into-the-alleged-abuse-of-girls-in-CoventryPolice said 10 men were charged following an inquiry into the alleged abuse of girls in Coventry

West Midlands Police said 10 suspects aged between 19 and 30 were charged following an inquiry into the alleged abuse of girls at various locations across Coventry.

The charges relate to the alleged exploitation of five teenagers between May and September last year.

Brothers Gulfraz Banaris, 20, Ifaraz Banaris, 25, from Deedmore Road, Wood End, Coventry, and Izthkhab Banaris, 24, from Eld Road, Coventry, are charged with conspiracy to traffic girls across the city for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Gulfraz and Izthkhab are also both accused of a rape.

A police spokesman said all three men appeared before magistrates in Coventry on Thursday and were remanded in custody to face Coventry Crown Court on November 7.

Brothers Isa Iqbal, 21, Ismail Iqbal, 20, both of no fixed address and cousins of the Banaris brothers, also face trafficking counts and are due to reappear in court in November.

Meanwhile, five other men are due to appear in court in Coventry on Friday in connection with the inquiry.

Ricardo Hinkson, 23, from Telfer Road, Radford, Coventry, has been charged with conspiracy to traffic within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Amir Mahmood, 27, a sign writer from Blackwell Road, Foleshill, Coventry, and milkman Tasveer Hussain, 30, of Canal Road, Foleshill, are also accused of the same offence.

Mechanic Saleem Hussain, 30, from Beake Avenue, Coventry, has been charged with sexual assault, and Khezer Hussain, 25, from Bordesley Green East, Stechford, Birmingham, faces an accusation of rape.

The police spokesman added: “The five alleged victims remain safeguarded and continue to be supported by specially-trained officers from the West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit along with partnership agencies including Coventry City Council Children’s Services.”

High Wycombe Muslim Grooming Gang Trial Begins, Victim Aged 11 When Abuse Began

As one Muslim grooming gang trial finishes at the Old Bailey with a sex gang of evil racist Islamic paedophiles found guilty of a catalogue of sex crimes against British schoolgirls. A  few miles up the road a new one is just starting. Ten Muslim males from High Wycombe on trial for subjecting a schoolgirl to five years of sexual abuse and gang rapes. The girl was aged only 11 when her ordeal began. Similar scenario to previous trials, one paedostani makes her feel special until gaining her trust. Then the abuse starts by not only him but his friends as he passes her around his friends for them to gang rape and abuse at will. Often plying the victim with alcohol and drugs to the point of passing out.

Britain is being subjected to a rapejihad as racist Muslim sex gangs and paedophiles repeatedly target British non Muslim schoolgirls taking their innocence and degrading them with vile acts to satisfy their own sick sexual perversions 

Kafir Crusaders Muslim grooming and paedo map of Britain. See the true shocking scale of the Muslim grooming gang epidemic and rape jihad which the politically correct would rather cover up and keep quiet for community cohesion.

Girl ‘repeatedly raped by group’

A young girl was repeatedly raped and sexually abused by 10 friends in Buckinghamshire over a five-year period, a court has heard.


The victim was just 11 when she was groomed and raped by Iblal Fiaz, 21, who plied her with alcohol and drugs, Oxford Crown Court was told.

The girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – believed she was in a relationship with Fiaz despite only being 11, Eleanor Laws QC said.

The barrister said after gaining her trust and after she turned 12, Fiaz made her perform sex acts on his brother Khasim Fiaz, 23, and at least eight other men.

She was made to take part in group sex sessions in cars, residential properties and a hotel with men taking it in turns to abuse her, it was alleged.

Fiaz regularly threatened the victim who was also fed cocktails of drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy to reduce her reluctance, the jury of seven men and five women heard.

The offences are said to have been carried out in High Wycombe between 2007 and 2012 when the victim was between 11 and almost 16 and isolated from friends and family.

Warning the jury they would find the facts “difficult to hear”, Miss Laws said: “Once he had gained her confidence Iblal Fiaz introduced her to alcohol and drugs, and soon after to sex with other men.

“It was not in the end difficult to get her to perform sexual acts upon or with others.

“She will explain how she was often so affected by drink or drugs that she was in no state to refuse, and at other times she was threatened.”

Iblal Fiaz denies multiple rape charges, conspiracy to rape, trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child and causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

His brother Khasim Fiaz, with whom he lives at St Georges Close, High Wycombe, denies multiple rapes, conspiracy to rape and trafficking.

The complainant and Fiaz made friends over the internet when he was 16. Without her parents knowing, she would go out with him and smoke cannabis and drink alcohol.

She classed him as “her rock” and “he was giving her the attention that she craved,” said Miss Laws.

Soon after though, Fiaz, who got married in Pakistan around 2009, began picking her up in a car.

He would take the car to isolated spots where the victim was made to have sex with his friends, it was claimed.

When Fiaz left for Pakistan in 2008 he “appeared to leave her in the care of his brother Khasim Fiaz,” who was “less affectionate and more threatening”, Miss Laws said.

“She had sex with a number of men on the same night,” the barrister said.

The girl would be abused by groups of men at the same time, she added.

There are 44 charges against 10 defendants but the complainant told detectives she was also forced to have sex with several other men who are not on trial.

The victim sometimes drank so much and swallowed pills – thought to be ecstasy – that she passed out.

On September 6 2011 she was rushed by ambulance from a shopping centre to Wycombe General Hospital.

Hospital records show she arrived at 6.30pm.

The court heard Iblal Fiaz and an unknown man collected her later on.

“She recalls vaguely having sex with one of them in the car, although she cannot say which one,” said the prosecutor.

She later took several pregnancy tests; two came back positive, so she booked an appointment at a clinic for a pregnancy test several days later.

But before that happened she was driven to a hotel by Iblal Fiaz on October 29 2011, Miss Laws said.

The jury heard that the defendant dropped her off with an unknown man who raped her.

Despite bleeding, she was then raped by two other men, the prosecutor said, Mudassar Hussain, 19, and Jubroin Khan, 21.

Hussain, of Abbey Barn Road, and Khan, of Rutland Avenue, both High Wycombe, deny rape.

The girl took herself back to hospital because of the bleeding and records show she was admitted at 4.26am. A hospital pregnancy test proved negative and she was “advised that she had most likely miscarried”.

Miss Laws said: “Notwithstanding the fact that hospital staff noticed that she had arrived at an odd hour, alone and was behaving strangely, she was discharged from hospital. She took a taxi home at about 7am.”

The jury also heard that Fiaz collected the girl one day that month at 5am and dropped her off with three defendants, Ammar Rafiq, 19, Mohammed Adnan, 21 and Hussain, who all raped her.

“She got dressed in school uniform that she brought with her whilst all but Ammar Rafiq left the flat. She then made her own way to school,” said the prosecutor.

The girl was later referred to a psychiatric nurse after self-harming and skipping school. She was then referred to a counsellor who the complainant told what allegedly happened.

Police were called in and spent nine months interviewing her.

The remaining defendants, who all deny rape and are from High Wycombe, are: Ammar Rafiq, 19, of Castleview Gardens; Mohammed Adnan, 21, of Upper Green Road; Kasam Dad, 23, of Gibbs Road; Rameez Ali, 21, of West End Street; Janaid Sharif, 26, of Cambridge Crescent and little Asif Hussain, 21, of Plummer.

Khan and Dad also deny conspiracy to rape.

The trial continues on Thursday at 10.30am when the complainant is scheduled to give evidence


Six more arrests over alleged sexual exploitation of 16y.o Sikh Girl in Leicester

Police in Leicester have arrested six more people as part of an inquiry into the alleged sexual exploitation of a 16-year-old Sikh girl. This is the same case which caused fury in some members of Leicester’s Sikh community after it seemed the police were turning a blind eye to the sex abuse being carried out by paedophile Muslim grooming gangs. One consistent thing regarding the deviant Muslim grooming gang epidemic Britain is experiencing has been the reluctance of Police forces to act robustly upon information received for fear of not upsetting the Muslim communities who have done nothing to stamp out this vile trend of Muslim sex gangs.  Frustrated at the polices lack of action a group of Sikh’s took action themselves storming  the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in East Park Road which was associated with the Islamic paedophile gang
Vigilante Attack on Muslim paedophiles Diners at an Indian restaurant were forced to flee in fear after a mob of about 40 ransacked the venue, smashing windows and doors and assaulting people inside.  The attack happened at the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in Spinney Hills, Leicester, at about 9pm on Monday.

Six Muslim men  have previously been charged in connection with the investigation, they are:

Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39), of Guthlaxton Street, Highfields, Leicester, is charged with two counts of arranging or facilitating the prostitution of a child aged 13 to 17, two counts of trafficking persons within the UK for sexual exploitation and two counts of paying for the sexual services of a girl aged 16. He is also charged with controlling a child aged 13 to 17 in prostitution.

Rakib Iacub (20), of Maynard Road, Highfields, Leicester, faces two charges of trafficking for sexual exploitation and four further charges – inciting child prostitution, controlling a child in prostitution, paying for sexual services and arranging or facilitating prostitution of a child.

Hamza Imtiazali (27), of Kashmir Road, Belgrave, Leicester, is charged with trafficking, arranging the prostitution of a child and two counts of paying for sexual services.

Bharat Modhwadia (25), of Wycombe Road, Humberstone, Leicester, is charged with trafficking, arranging the prostitution of a child and paying for sexual services.

Wajid Usman (22), of no fixed abode, is charged with trafficking and paying for sexual services. They were remanded into custody until a committal hearing when the case will be sent to a Crown Court.

A sixth defendant in the case, Chandresh Mistry (37), of Berridge Lane, Belgrave, Leicester, appeared before city magistrates on Friday, February 1, charged with causing or persuading a child aged 16 to become a prostitute.

All six men are due to appear at Leicester Crown Court on Monday April 22, when they will enter their plea.

Two youths aged 15 and 17, who have previously been arrested in connection with the investigation, remain on police bail while further enquiries are carried out.


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MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles, and pigs might fly

Blackburn MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst……and pigs might fly!!

Its not before time people stood up and told it how it is without pandering to Muslims for fear of being accused of racism or upsetting the ever so sensitive Muslim community. Yet as much as i agree with what the MP’s have said i honestly dont think it will make the slightest bit of difference and will fall upon deaf Muslim ears and denials as usually is the case with any criticisms of Islam or its followers.

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson told the commons,

“in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.”

Now were starting to get somewhere with those in a position of authority actually telling the truth about the Muslim grooming epidemic. But it still doesn’t make up for the fact that the Muslim paedophile problem was allowed to fester unchallenged for so long. Time and time I have said that there is no room for political correctness in something as severe as child abuse. Regardless if it upsets the Muslims or adversely effects community cohesion.

No sooner had the respective Blackburn and Pendle MPs said that they agreed the Muslim communities need to start doing more in rooting it out senior Muslim local  council members for the area came out with head still buried  in the sand comments. Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities.” Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community.”

You might as well talk to the brick wall than appeal to the Muslims to do something good for British society in general for once instead of looking out for themselves only. These Islamic apologist comments are by 2 council members who are supposed to represent and look out in the interests of  not just the Muslims community but the community as a whole. So what chance have you got of the religious Mullahs, those Muslims that hold the real power and sway of their community to do anything about it.

Why are they going to speak out about something that they don’t see as doing any wrong. Their law is sharia and the Quran which overrides any law of the land in their eyes. The paedophile false prophet Mohammed’s self made law to benefit himself 1500 years ago. The role model to all other Muslims who himself had sex with his 9 year old child bride meaning to say its wrong is to say Islam is wrong. The Quran that is full of hatred and discrimination towards infidels and women. So if  the government or anybody thinks the Imams or any other Muslims, are going to report their Islamic brothers for abusing white British schoolgirls who they think deserve it, then they are mad

The only way to eradicate the vile Muslim rape wave on Britain’s children is for the police to have a no holds barred attitude towards it because softly softly appeasing doesn’t work


East Lancs MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles

2:00pm Friday 22nd March 2013 in News  By Bill Jacobs, Local government reporter

BLACKBURN MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst.

Mr Timpson told a Commons inquiry into street grooming that in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.

He told the Home Affairs Select Committee: “We’ve seen a pattern develop within a minority of some Pakistani communities where there have been particular traits of activity that have continued for far too long without being detected, properly investigated and followed through with a prosecution.”

The two East Lancashire MPs agreed and local Pakistani politicians said raised awareness following the recent Rochdale child abuse case, when nine men were jailed for grooming girls as young as 13, had led to more action.

Mr Straw, who spoke out after the scandal was exposed, said: “Basically he is right. Some parts of the Pakistani community have been in wilful denial about this. In East Lancashire, especially Blackburn with Darwen, we have been more on top of this. I hope things are changing.”

Mr Stephenson said: “The minister is right. There have been horrific cases in East Lancashire and a lot of effort has been spent talking to Imams and teachers. The Pakistani community locally needs to be more ruthless about rooting this out.”

Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities. I think awareness is rising since the Rochdale case and people are more likely to report possible child sex abuse.”

Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community. People in the community are now more aware of the tell-tale signs of child abuse so can do more about it.”

Former senior Lancashire detective Mick Gradwell added: “In 2011, Mr Straw’s concerns that some men of Pakistani heritage were involved in the sexual exploitation of vulnerable white teenage girls were given widespread publicity. Since that time the police have put considerable resources into addressing child sexual exploitation. The police in Blackburn and Burnley have developed multi-agency teams that tackle child sexual exploitation.’”

A Lancashire police spokesman said: “Offenders come from many different social and ethnic backgrounds. We recognise in some areas the number of Asian offenders is disproportionate. We have been tackling the issue head on by working with the local communities and visiting mosques.”

Evil Muslim Nonce Branded 11y.o. Girl With ‘M’ For Mohammed To Say She Was His

This weekend I really didn’t want to read or post anything about the ongoing trial of the Oxford grooming gang because I knew doing so would put me in bad form the rest of the weekend which I could have done without. When i was on the Mail website before I saw the headline and purposely avoided clicking on it. A quick check of my facebook and on my newsfeed 2 people had shared the link to the report. Now its to late for me to avoid,I have read the report and now I feel sickened and my blood is seriously at boiling point.

Regardless of the offenders being Muslim things like this weigh on my mind. I have great difficulty in getting my head around how any human being can knowingly do such horrific things to a child as what these animals have put this poor young victim through. When i was 11 years old i didn’t have the faintest idea about sex related stuff. Yet this poor child who should be at home playing with barbie dolls or whatever girls play with these days. Is getting repeatedly raped and abused by twisted Muslim paedophiles. If that isn’t bad enough she is branded with the islamo-nonces initial like she is some kind of farm animal to signify that he owns her. Then when she gets pregnant is forced to undergo a back street abortion with a metal hook that could have caused serious damage. All this before she is a teenager.

Sick Sick Evil Paedos. How can they can something like that and live with themselves. To these people and the other Muslim grooming gangs before them it’s almost like its nothing. Just a normal every day thing to do. I’m convinced more than ever that the Muslims brain works in a different way to normal people. It’s not right.

I wish they would bring back the death penalty for horrible evil animals like these Muslim nonces on trial. If there short of somebody to press the button im sure there will be plenty willing to do it.

‘He branded me so people knew I was his’: Sex slave aged 11 describes how ‘trafficker disfigured her flesh with heated hairpin’

  • Nine men are accused of grooming and abusing vulnerable girls in Oxford
  • Child sex ring allegedly abused several girls – aged 11 to 16 over eight years
  • Gang member allegedly branded one schoolgirl with ‘M’ for Mohammed


PUBLISHED: 01:23, 23 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:09, 23 February 2013

A young girl has told a court how her sex attacker branded her with his initial.

The child was just 11 when Mohammed Karrar, 38, allegedly bought her and loaned her to abusers all around the country for £600 a year.

She told a court yesterday about being mutilated by a hairpin, saying: ‘After heating it up for a little while, he stuck it on my bum.

‘It was M for Mo and he said I belonged to him. He was branding me so people knew I was his.’

In the dock: Kamar Jamil, Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed and Bilal Ahmed are accused of abusing vulnerable girls as young as 11 over the course of eight years in OxfordIn the dock: Kamar Jamil, Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed and Bilal Ahmed are accused of abusing vulnerable girls as young as 11 over the course of eight years in Oxford. They all deny the charges

Over five years the girl, now 19, was repeatedly raped by large groups of men in what she described as ‘torture sex’, the jury was told last month.

Seven men of Pakistani origin and two from North Africa are accused of 79 offences against six vulnerable white British girls. The charges include child rape, sexual trafficking and child prostitution.

Noel Lucas QC, prosecuting, said Karrar – known as Egyptian Mo – bought the youngest victim from an unnamed man just after her 11th birthday.

He befriended her with gifts of perfume and hard drugs but then began to beat her up and raped her, the Old Bailey was told.

He branded her with one of her hair pins, which he had twisted into the shape of an ‘M’ and heated with a cigarette lighter. It left a scar on her left buttock.

‘He regarded her as his property,’ Mr Lucas said. ‘He showed her no regard. If she had the temerity to resist, he beat her.

‘He branded her to make her his property and to ensure others knew about it.’ At the age of 12 she was introduced to Karrar’s brother Bassam, 33, who is also accused of raping her.

The girl ‘describes the Karrars as sick sex monsters’, Mr Lucas said. ‘They were always talking about sex and spoke about women in a vile manner.

‘Mohammed Karrar liked her to dress up and act out role play. Both brothers used to beat her.’

From the age of 12 the girl was sold to groups of Asian men who violently raped her in private homes and guesthouses around Oxford and elsewhere. Sometimes she was injected with heroin or given date drugs to ensure she complied with the gang’s sick demands, it was alleged.

Mr Lucas added: ‘It became routine for her to be taken to various locations, houses and hotels by the Karrar brothers so she could treat their guests. She would be made to dress up, wear very short skirts and a bikini top, do her hair and put on lots of make-up.

The jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey were told 'steel yourself' for the evidence they were to hearThe jury of seven men and five women at the Old Bailey were told that the men targeted care homes and schools to find their victims

By the end of the evening she would have been sexually used and abused by all the men. She would be so drugged up as to be unable to feel the pain.’

Just after her 12th birthday the girl told Karrar she was carrying his child. He allegedly beat her up and then took her to a house in Reading where she was given a ‘backroom abortion’ using a crochet hook.

On other occasions Karrar raped the girl in the living room of her own home as her father slept in another room, it was said.

Sometimes his friends would arrive at her house and they would allegedly rape her too. The girl, who came from a troubled family, naively believed ‘Mo’ loved her and was going to marry her when she was 16, the court heard.

During a trip to the Lake District in 2007, when she was 14, she is said to have been called by Karrar on her mobile phone.

David Hughes, a social worker, answered and Karrar allegedly asked to speak to her.

When Mr Hughes refused, Karrar allegedly said: ‘If you don’t get her I’ll **** you up, I’ll **** her up and I’ll **** her mum.’ Later the girl told the social worker of  ‘men who took her to houses’.

In January 2008, she told police a man called ‘Egyptian Mo’ had raped her in London nine months previously. Two years later the girl contacted her alleged attacker for an apology but was raped again, the court heard.

Kamar Jamil, 27, Akhtar Dogar, 32, his brother Anjum Dogar, 30, Assad Hussain, 32, Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain, 24, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, deny all the charges against them.

The trial continues.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2283201/Mohammed-Karrar-Oxford-sex-gang-victim-aged-11-branded-initial-abuser.html#ixzz2LipMcjWW

Parents Of Rochdale Grooming Gang Victim Speak About Muslim Paedos Threats To Kill Girl And Rape Young Sister

The brave parents of 1 of the girls who fell prey to the Rochdale grooming gang have spoken out about the nightmare their family has been through. As a parent it doesn’t bear thinking about that something as sinister as this could happen to your family. Yet goes to show that it could happen to anybody’s teenage daughter not just girls from a broken home or in care. It shows how evil the paedophile Muslims were and what they must have put the girls through to control them is unnatural. It makes my blood boil just thinking about a dirty Muslim paedophile telling a young frighted girl that they will slit her throat and rape her little sister if she didn’t do what they wanted.

From day 1 I have said that this was the tip of the iceberg and there’s many more of these Muslim grooming gangs still out there grooming and abusing non-Muslim schoolgirls. Cruising the streets looking for potential targets to eventually have their wicked way with. Despite several gangs over the last year being arrested and becoming known such as the 2nd Rochdale gang. The Oxford sex ring currently on trial at the moment who from press reports seem even more evil than those in the Rochdale  trial.  A Muslim grooming gang recently arrested in East London. Two lots of arrests in High Wycombe of  Muslim paedophiles and the recent incident in Leicester to name a few. I still feel this is only a fraction of Muslim sex gangs that are actively out there exploiting Britain’s children.

Since I started doing The Muslim Paedo/Grooming Map which I have constantly been updating after having many people contact me with info of past cases that wasn’t on there. Shockingly some of the cases didn’t even make the national news with little more than a few sentences in a local paper. I have also had tips off many concerned people about possible  unconfirmed Muslim groomers’ exploiting schoolgirls from various locations up and down the country. Which unfortunately I cant add to the map because nobody has been arrested for it yet but apparently were pretty much common knowledge in the local communities it is happening.

Interactive Muslim grooming gang and paedos map of Britain. See the true scale of the Muslim rape wave, what the authorities and press wont tell you

My daughter came home drunk so I grounded her, unaware paedos had threatened to kill her. Evil was always going to win

Parents of Rochdale gang rape victim speak out

Sex trafficking girl of 13 child "a" victim of muslim paedophile sex gang from rochdale

Teen … at 13 with her sister
Published: 16 hrs ago

Susan* is the mother of “Girl A” — the 15-year-old victim of the Rochdale child sex trafficking gang who passed her, and scores of other children, around local paedophiles to be raped and abused.

It was Girl A’s shocking testimony that was key to seeing the nine-strong gang of Asian men each jailed for between four and 19 years at Liverpool Crown Court last May.


Girl A parents sex trafficking “But there are so many more men who paid to rape my daughter who are still out in our community getting on with their lives,” says Susan.  “Knowing I could get into a taxi being driven by someone who abused my child but got away with it, or that the stranger I just walked past might have been one of her rapists, kills me on a daily basis.

Traumatised … parents of Girl A


“But there are so many more men who paid to rape my daughter who are still out in our community getting on with their lives,” says Susan.

“Knowing I could get into a taxi being driven by someone who abused my child but got away with it, or that the stranger I just walked past might have been one of her rapists, kills me on a daily basis.

“And it only adds to the terrible feeling that this nightmare for us will never truly end.”

The sex ring centred around two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, Gtr Manchester, where youngsters would congregate.

The girls who were trafficked — some only 13 — were described in court as from chaotic, broken homes on council estates. Police said this made them easy targets.

They were groomed with the offer of alcohol, somewhere seemingly safe to hang out and lifts home. Their trust won over several months, the men then raped and intimidated the girls before offering them up to other paedophiles.


Baby Girl A from sex trafficking trial. had her innocence taken from her by islamic pervert sex fiends

Cute … Girl A at one-month-old


Knowing that their daughter — now 19 — fell victim to such evil will haunt Girl A’s parents for ever.

But this assumption that she came from a feckless background and was unloved and uncared for only adds another dimension to their distress.

“It hurts that people think our daughter’s home life somehow helped to make her a victim,” says Girl A’s dad, John*.


The Sun unmask paedo gang king.taxi driver ringleader sold the victims to his muslim nonce friends

Jailed … Shabir Ahmed


“She couldn’t have come from a more settled and loving background.

“Yes, we live on a council estate, but that doesn’t make us bad parents.

“We’re decent people and our daughter had a lovely, normal childhood.

“Her mum and me have been married for 20 years. She grew up enjoying all the things any little girl could hope for.

“She’s had dancing and singing lessons, lots of birthday parties and family holidays at the seaside. We ate together at the table every evening.

“There was nothing in the least bit chaotic about the way she was raised.

“But she got in with the wrong crowd at an impressionable age and it led to something that went beyond most parents’ worst nightmares.”

The harrowing details of the abuse Girl A and up to 50 other children suffered at the hands of the gang were hard enough for the public to stomach when they came out in court.

Unable to bear hearing it, Susan stayed away. She says: “I still have nightmares and struggle to sleep, because terrible thoughts of what she went through go round in my head.”

For John, the fact that their daughter has struggled to talk about what happened to her — even turning down offers of professional counselling — makes him all the prouder that she found the strength to speak out in court.

“They raped the wrong girl when they raped my daughter,” he says.

“They didn’t account for how strong her character is. She’s bright, articulate and was able to expose those animals in a way some of the other girls couldn’t.

“She opened everyone’s eyes to an underbelly of evil most of us never in our darkest thoughts imagined might exist.”


Girl A cuddles baby sister, sex trafficking

Caring … cuddling her little baby sister


At court every day, John hoped that seeing the gang members jailed would give him some closure.

Instead, the evidence he heard still plays on his mind every day.

Girl A told how she was picked up from school and driven around a succession of sordid flats and houses in the north of England where she would be raped by up to five men each night. This happened up to five times a week.

Warned by the gang that if she did not comply they would kill her and burn down her home while her family slept inside, she was too frightened to expose them.

It was not until she became pregnant, and was no longer of use to them, that she finally escaped their clutches.


The Sun 47 victims of asian sex monsters. Racist muslim scum targeted white teenage girls in rochdale,oldham and heywood for illegal sexual abuse

Gang rape … our story


Recalling how he felt when police told him what his daughter had been subjected to, John says: “It was blind rage.

“And having experienced that level of horror and fury, I totally understand now how people are driven to kill and then plead diminished responsibility. I wanted to see every one of them dead.

“It was so hard to compute that such depravity existed. And to know that my little girl had been the victim of it was beyond sickening.”

He adds: “We are proof that this could happen to any of our daughters.

“I beat myself up wondering what I could or should have done differently to protect her. I thought she was just a teenager going off the rails. I had no idea what she was actually caught up in or who I was really fighting against.

“So, when she was coming home drunk having been plied with alcohol, the biggest thing I could threaten her with was to ground her.


Santa outfit for Girl A sex trafficking

Festive fun … in a Santa outfit


“These men were telling her they’d slit her throat or rape her little sister if she didn’t do what they said. That kind of evil was always going to win.”

It was when Girl A approached 15 that what appeared to be normal teenage rebellion rose to terrifying proportions. Susan says: “She’d always been brilliant at coming home at the time we set. But then she started coming home later and giving us a bit of cheek. Within weeks she was staying out until 12 o’clock, or not coming home at all.”

The worried couple would drive around the local streets, knocking on doors to see if anyone had seen her.

John says: “We were tearing our hair out. Then she’d come home reeking of alcohol and would swear at us.

“She’d always been a cheeky girl, in a funny, outgoing way — but this was completely out of character. It scared us.

“She has three younger siblings, and we couldn’t have them exposed to that kind of behaviour. We immediately started trying to rein her in.”

But Girl A defied every curfew they set, and refused to accept it when she was grounded, often disappearing for days at a time. Unbeknown to her parents, she was already in the clutches of the gang.

“I pleaded with social services to help us,” says John.


Takeaway where gang groomed kids

Vile … one of takeaways where gang groomed kids


“They said she’d soon be 16 and she was making lifestyle choices that we might not like but there wasn’t much that could be done about it. But we are not the kind of parents who were ever going to shrug our shoulders and accept it.

“We knew something had gone terribly wrong with our daughter — we just never imagined for a moment how horrendous things had got.”

In the end social services did step in when their daughter fell pregnant.

By now she was living with other young girls in a house owned by one of the paedophiles she later saw jailed.

Warned that her baby would be taken away at birth unless she moved out, she returned home to her parents.

“She wasn’t the same,” says Susan. “She was quiet and withdrawn, and obviously young to have become a mum.

“We were just glad to have her home and thought the nightmare had ended.”


Gang rape leaders in The Sun

Behind bars … ringleaders


Two years later the police told the Smiths they were investigating a local sex ring and that their daughter had been a victim of terrible abuse.

John says: “In many respects as parents our nightmare was only just beginning. But at least she was away from them now.”

Today Girl A is rebuilding her life. She is studying at college and lives near her parents with her son, now three.

Both homes have a panic alarm in case of retributions from gang associates.

“She should have been put into witness protection,” says John.

“If she’d helped smash a local drugs ring she wouldn’t still be living on the same estate they were dealing from.

“Even now one of us can be in a shop or waiting for a bus and people will talk about the case — oblivious to the fact that it is us they are talking about.

“Our daughter asks me sometimes when it will get better and if she will ever be able to forget. All I can offer is the cliche that time is a great healer.

“But in my heart I know time will only offer the same relief as paracetamol does for a broken bone. It takes the edge off. But that ache you are left with — nothing can ever fully take away.”

* Names have been changed to protect the victim’s identity

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/real_life/4779384/PARENTS-speak-out-against-paedo-gang.html#ixzz2K3Lw9Tay

Sikhs Fury At Muslim Child Groomers in Leicester

This is a follow-up to yesterdays post Looks like Another Muslim Grooming Gang Cover Up Going on In Leicester.

From what i can gather the 5 men who identity is being protected by a court order preventing their names,addresses and date of birth being released, are Muslims as expected and the 16-year-old victim is a Sikh girl. Muslim deviants not only target white British schoolgirls but target any vulnerable girls they think may have a week spot to exploit providing their not Muslim girls.

This case is directly related to another incident that took place in Leicester and hit the headlines. On Monday 14th January Police were called to the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in East Park Road when a large group up to possibly 40 people smashed the windows and stormed in the place. Once inside a number of people were assaulted and others were injured. A total of six people attended the Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment to both minor and serious injuries.

Vigilante Attack on Muslim paedophiles Diners at an Indian restaurant were forced to flee in fear after a mob of about 40 ransacked the venue, smashing windows and doors and assaulting people inside.  The attack happened at the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in Spinney Hills, Leicester, at about 9pm on Monday.

Police arrested six men in connection with the incident.

CCTV footage taken by a nearby business shows about 40 men running from a nearby side street and going into the restaurant through the front door.

Sikhs took matters in their own hands and attacked the muslims responsible for child sex crimes Police met members of the Sikh and Muslim communities at Mansfield House police station, in the city centre, yesterday evening, to discuss ways to relieve the tension within the Spinney Hills community. Assistant city mayor Manjula Sood, who is chairman of Leicester Council of Faiths, was at the meeting.

It turns out the restaurant was owned and staffed by Muslims and the attackers including those who were arrested were members of the Sikh community. According to rumours those at the Moghul Durbar were involved in the exploitation of the 16-year-old Sikh girl. Feeling the police were turning a blind eye to the Muslims paedophile behaviour, the Sikhs decided to take the law into their own hands and deal with it themselves in the form of a vigilante attack.

At the time of the attack police tried playing the incident down claiming it was as a result of false rumours of Muslim males abusing a Sikh Girl. Which a week later when 6 Muslims were arrested it turned out those false rumours were actually true and the police lies of false rumours were actually put out by the  for community cohesion reasons. Once again pussyfooting round upsetting Muslims as always.

Personally I haven’t met to many Sikhs in life but the few that i have, all seemed like decent people. On the whole the impression i get is that the Sikhs in Britain are law-abiding, hard-working citizens who despite keeping their own religious identity have tried to integrate with the British way of life  and get on with life. In total contrast to the Muslims who have made no effort to integrate. Constantly moaning and playing the victim, trying to push their evil cult on Britain and demanding we show respect to Satan’s religion whilst they disrespect everybody else and offer nothing in return to those who bend over backwards to accommodate them

A look on some posts on internet Sikh forums, shows that quite rightly the Sikhs are still fuming about  the Muslim sex fiends antics. Here is a few of the comments being said by members of Britain’s  Sikh community

“Congratulations to those Singhs who have risked their own livelihoods to avenge this rape.One wonders, had they not done what they did, would we have ever known about this heinous crime? Would these pakistani muslims have been arrested, let alone charged?”

“Pakistani muslims have an inherent sick disorder of sexual repression and a disproportionate and alarming practice of sexual exploitation concerning vulnerable young women outside of their community.”

“Rumours say the upstairs in the restaurant is where young white girls and Sikh girls were taken and abused…that is why it was targeted workers or owners etc..were probably members of the grooming/abuse ring”

“Turban Campagin and Sikhs aginst edl’s pants must be feeling heavy and brown.   where are you by the way ????”

“wheres this lot when Pervy Paki groomers roam the streets ???”

“there was a meeting called on Monday night at Gypsy lane Gurdwara, regarding a case where a Sikh girl had been groomed and exploited, apparently authority’s had failed to take appropriate action and turned a blind eye … Same evening this restaurant gets attacked”

“The only time Pakistanis see us as “asian brothers” is when their own commmuinty is under scrunity.”

“100s of Sikhs have been converted by Pakistanis, groomed or abused”

“Dont know why the bbc are highlighting this now they are part of it. They hide pakistanis grooming abuse crimes by calling them asians.”

“When Pakistanis are reported for grooming children they are termed as “asian” They were also termed as “asian” when the Bradford riots took place in 2001.If Sikhs are reported for disorder they are called Sikhs.You cannot trust this media The Gurdain and BBC are the worst.                                                                          We are not asian we are British Sikh .”

Source 1         Source  2 ( quoted comments)

Looks like Another Muslim Grooming Gang Cover Up Going on In Leicester

All the hallmarks of another Muslim grooming gang cover up going on in Leicester following reports that a man had been up before the bench on child exploitation charges was in fact the 6th person to appear from the same case for sexual exploitation of a schoolgirl,  inciting child prostitution and paying for sexual services. The other 5 men who appeared in court were all remanded in prison. There is a court order banning publication of their names, addresses and dates of birth.

Leicester man in court over alleged exploitation of 16-year-old girl

Friday, February 01, 2013
A sixth man has appeared in court over the alleged exploitation of a 16-year-old girl. Chandresh Mistry (37), of Berridge Lane, Belgrave, Leicester, appeared before city magistrates today charged with causing or persuading a child aged 16 to become a prostitute. The court heard that he was arrested on Thursday morning as part of an ongoing police investigation. Five men, aged 20, 22, 25, 27 and 39, have already appeared in court in connection with the case. They face a total of 22 charges, which include trafficking for sexual exploitation, arranging or facilitating prostitution, controlling a child involved in prostitution, inciting child prostitution and paying for sexual services.

The five men, who were remanded into custody after their appearance in court, cannot be identified because of a court order banning publication of their names, addresses and dates of birth. The Leicester Mercury has twice challenged the order, but has been unsuccessful on both occasions. No such order was made in relation to Mistry, who did not enter a plea at yesterday’s hearing. He was bailed to appear at court again, with the other five defendants, next week. A 17-year-old youth and a 15-year-old youth arrested as part of the ongoing police investigation have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

Scandal of Muslim Sex Gangs Left To Prey On Children in West Yorkshire

Ann Cryer, the former MP for Keighley has once again spoke out against the widespread grooming of white schoolgirls by gangs of  Muslims in West Yorkshire. She has been 1 of the few people in office to have actually had the guts to stand up and tell the truth about these paedo Muslim sex gangs. She points the finger at the authorities constant failure to act for fear of being called racist and upsetting community relations, for the currant situation were now in where the Muslim nonces think they can have a free rein to use and abuse white schoolgirls as they see fit. Her successor  as MP for Keighley has also been very vocal against the Muslim grooming gangs which would suggest its been going on for years with nothing done and is still rife in West Yorkshire. Most likely rife in any town with a large amount of Muslims.

See Muslim paedo/grooming map of Britain for an idea of the size of the problem

Scandal of Asian sex gangs left to prey on children in West Yorkshire

Published on Saturday 2 February 2013 18:05

Video can be seen here 

GANGS of Asian men were allowed to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years in Yorkshire because authorities were “terrified of being called racist”, a former MP has said in a dramatic committee hearing in Westminster.

Ann Cryer, who was MP for Keighley for 13 years before stepping down in 2010, said there had been a total failure by police, social services, schools and hospitals in West Yorkshire to work together to address evidence of child sex exploitation which emerged a decade ago.

“There has to be inter-agency working – and that wasn’t happening then,” Ms Cryer told MPs last night.

“The West Yorkshire Police, Bradford local authority, social services, schools, even hospitals – because abortions were taking place – none of them were working together. None of them were giving information.

“I feel pretty convinced that at that time, there was a fear of being called racist.”

Child sex exploitation has become a burning issue over the past 12 months following a series of high-profile court cases, many of them involving gangs of British-Pakistani men.

Newspaper reports exposed cases of girls being sexually exploited in Rotherham, while a high-profile ring in Rochdale was found to have links across West Yorkshire.

Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee has launched an investigation, and at a hearing last night the scale of the issue was revealed by chairman Keith Vaz.

“We’ve had figures from the Deputy Children’s Commissioner that shows in her view there are 16,500 children at risk, and 2,409 who’ve been sexually exploited over a 14-month period,” Mr Vaz said. “They sound to us to be phenomenally high figures.”

Ms Cryer’s successor as the MP for Keighley, Kris Hopkins, insisted the issue is now being dealt with properly by the police, and told the committee there are “ongoing cases” of child exploitation in the Bradford district – adding that “30 people have been arrested in the last two months”.

But when Ms Cryer first raised the issue back in 2003, having been contacted by several worried mothers in her constituency, she felt something of a lone voice.

“It was one of those things that wasn’t really talked about,” she said.

The former Labour MP told the committee she always knew it would be a difficult subject to raise because of the sensitivities involved – but felt she had no choice but to speak out.

“If I had a terrific concern of being called racist, I wouldn’t have done it,” she said.

“I didn’t allow it to get in my way of taking care of and doing right by some very vulnerable, very young girls – we’re talking about ages 11 to 13.”

She added: “I have three grandchildren who are half-Indian, and another grandchild who is half-African. It would have upset me if anyone had called me a racist – but I wasn’t going to let that
get in the way of protecting children.”

But for the local authorities in West Yorkshire 10 years ago, she said, the picture seemed different.

“It didn’t make sense, the lack of activity – particularly by Bradford social services and West Yorkshire Police,” Ms Cryer said. “I formed the opinion that they were terrified about being called racist.”

Committee member David Winnick described older men who exploit young teenage girls for sex as “degenerate and criminal”, and said “the sooner they face justice, the better it will be for all concerned.” But Ms Cryer said she felt there was a broader cultural issue in the way that some young British-Pakistani men view white girls.

“They take great pride in their girls, and how their girls are very careful in the way they dress and are always covered in some way –and then they see the other side of the situation,” she said.

“Young white girls, as young as 12 or 13, where their cleavage is almost meeting their hemline.

“And I don’t think these lads understand this is just part and parcel of fashion. It isn’t that they’re throwing out an invitation to them.

“Somebody, somewhere needs to get this over to them.”

She made clear that the vast majority of Bradford’s Asian communities are disgusted by such


“It’s bringing shame on their community, and they are very embarrassed about it,” she said.

“They regard these young men as completely beyond the pale.

“Perhaps it’s unfortunate that they’re thinking they are also beyond their influence.”

Mr Hopkins said local authorities must take action, but that “the most powerful voices” need to be women within the Asian communities. He said he has already spoken with Home Secretary Theresa May about a project to help Asian women find a stronger voice.

“Mums, grandmas, future mums in those families need to be empowered,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to the Home Secretary, I’m about to see (Communities Secretary) Eric Pickles, and what I want to try and do is

get women empowered in that community, and really become the voice in that community and the challenge to these young men.”

Mr Hopkins also paid tribute to Ms Cryer’s “absolutely rigorous” efforts to expose the issue.

Mr Vaz told her recent events were “almost a total vindication of what you’ve been saying since 2003”.

But Ms Cryer said: “I have mixed emotions. I’m please people are recognising that what I was saying was right. But I’m also very upset that after all these years, we’re still getting these cases.”