Muslim Extremists Wave Hezbollah Flags At Al Quds Day Rally In London : Speaker Blames Grenfell Tower Fire On Zionists

Hezbollah flags at extremist al quds day march in london

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters marched through the streets of central London on Sunday on the annual “Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day” demonstration convened by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a British Muslim organization with close ties to the Iranian regime. Muslims attending openly waved flags of Hezbollah, the Iranian funded terror organization operating in Palestine in full view of police only weeks after Muslim terrorist attacks on our soil. 

Needless to say that unlike last weeks ‘Unite Against Hate’ rally in Manchester which included people of all races, religions and sexuality coming together. Yet was opposed by mouth foaming communists from UAF and the like shouting that the marchers were nazis, fascist, racist etc. There wasn’t a far left counter protester in sight.

At a rally outside the US Embassy following the march, one speaker blamed this week’s tragic fire at west London’s Grenfell Tower public housing project on “Zionists.”

“Some of the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party are Zionists,” the speaker ranted. “They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell. The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party.”

There had been calls from many for Sadiq Khan to cancel the march, after it was thought protestors would raise the flag of the anti-Semitic, sectarian shia-jihadist group Hezbollah – while police protect them.

But the Muslim London Mayor said he does not have the authority to do so. Then again why would he considering his own links to Muslim extremists including convicted Al Qaeda fundraiser Babar Ahmed who was extradited to America on terror charges where he plead guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison

LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz thinks allowing the extremist rally to go ahead is PC gone mad, and people are too scared of offending Muslims.



Kafirphobic Hate Crime: White Female Slashed On Way To Work By 3 Muslims Shouting ‘Allah Will Get You’

Following the recent savage terror attacks in Manchester and London committed by backward Muslims, killing and maiming scores of innocent people including women and children. The nations eyes once again fell on the religion of peace for all the wrong reasons . Quite understandably it provoked a fair bit of anger amongst the general public.

Straight away whilst giving public statements on the attacks, Police chiefs and politicians couldn’t wait to mention to the watching press from around the World about how any kind of hate directed towards Muslims will not be tolerated like they are some kind victims who we should go out of our way not to offend. So it has come as no surprise to see several reports in the press about people being nicked for alleged anti Muslim hate crimes. Things like online name calling or making Youtube videos having a rant. Hardly major crimes  where the only damage done was to some Muslims feelings. The appeasing authorities more than happy to waste countless man hours to take robust action against those accused of these anti Muslim thought hate crimes.

Yet it is a completely different story when the victim is a white female pack attacked and slashed with a stanley knife by 3 Muslim women screaming about allah whilst committing the brutal attack. The Met Police refused to comment if this was even being treated as a hate crime despite it being obvious what the Muslim attackers motive was!!  

Nursery worker is left with broken ribs and needing stitches after she was punched and kicked to the ground and slashed with a Stanley knife by three girls shouting ‘Allah will get you’

  • Victim, named as ‘Katie, worked at the Little Diamonds Nursery in Hermon Hill
  • Karrien Stevens, who runs the nursery, said staff member was on way to work 
  • Victim was dragged to floor and stabbed as attackers chanted ‘Allah’, she said
  • Schools in the area were on put ‘lockdown’ after the attack just after 9.30am
  • A Metropolitan Police spokesman could not confirm if the force were investigating a hate crime or whether the attackers were known to the victim

A nursery worker was left with broken ribs after she was kicked to the ground and slashed with a Stanley knife by three women chanting ‘Allah will get you’.

Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds Nursery in Hermon Hill, London said a member of staff was punched, kicked and slashed with a ‘Stanley knife’ while on her way to work this morning.

The victim, named as Katie, was walking down Wanstead High Street, in north-east London, when she was set upon and knifed, according to her boss.

She was attacked from behind and then stabbed in the arm as her assailants chanted ‘Allah’, however police are not treating it as a terrorist incident.

Nearby schools sent out emails telling parents they were on ‘lockdown’ after the attack at about 9.30am.

The nursery boss said the victim, who is in her 30s, described the attackers as ‘Asian girls’. They ran off when a man came to the rescue and walked her to her workplace.

‘After it happened she was very shook up, very emotional, but she’s in hospital now,’ Ms Stevens said.

‘She’s had stitches and had some cracked ribs but she’ll be fine, she’s going to be discharged later today.’

The victim, 30, was walking down Wanstead High Street on her way to the nursery (pictured), when she was set upon and knifed by three 'Asian girls', according to her boss

The victim, 30, was walking down Wanstead High Street on her way to the nursery (pictured), when she was set upon and knifed by three ‘Asian girls’, according to her boss

The victim was just a few minutes from work when she was allegedly dragged to the ground and knifed

The victim was just a few minutes from work when she was allegedly dragged to the ground and knifed

Ms Stevens said she believed the attackers were strangers and the assault was unprovoked.

She said: ‘It was just a random attack, she was walking down by the station and they came up behind her and attacked her.

‘She described it as a Stanley knife that they used to slash her arm from her wrist to her elbow.

‘She wasn’t wearing a school uniform or anything to provoke anyone, she has idea why they did it.’

She added: ‘When she got to work we couldn’t believe it and called the police straight away. It’s terrible, I’m absolutely horrified. You don’t expect something like this to happen on your doorstep.’

A colleague, who did not want to be named, said the victim had ‘three Asian girls behind her chanting the Koran and ‘Allah”.

She added: ‘They pulled her to the ground, punched her, kicked her. One of them pulled out a knife and cut her arm from her wrist to her elbow. The police turned up, the [paramedics] cleaned her wounds up.

‘She’s okay, considering. Obviously it’s a shock, she’s in shock. She was in tears and she had a cut right up her arm.

‘Her stomach was hurting, she had marks all over her, her hair was pulled out.’

The victim, described as a white woman, was attacked by the three girls ‘dressed all in black’ less than 10 minutes’ walk from the nursery.

Paul Ashmore, 31, a mixing and mastering engineer in South Woodford, said his fiancee and child were held on lockdown at Wanstead Church School, a 30-second walk away.

The 30-year-old nursery worker was attacked from behind and then stabbed in the arm as her assailants chanted 'Allah' in the quiet, leafy street (pictured) 

The 30-year-old nursery worker was attacked from behind and then stabbed in the arm as her assailants chanted ‘Allah’ in the quiet, leafy street (pictured)

He said his fiancee called him to say the school was not allowing anyone to leave ‘because there was a stabbing outside’, and added that the police did not know ‘where the persons who did it were’.

They were initially told it was gang-related, he said.

‘My instant thought was to collect my fiancee and kid and get them to safety not knowing the full extent of what was happening. But I was thinking the worst.

‘I instantly, after what has been happening regarding terrorists, thought the worst and informed her I will drive up to collect them,’ Mr Ashmore said

A Metropolitan Police spokesman could not confirm if the force were investigating a hate crime or whether the attackers were known to the victim.

The nursery boss described the attackers as 'Asian girls' and said they ran off when a man came to rescue and took her into work

The nursery boss described the attackers as ‘Asian girls’ and said they ran off when a man came to rescue and took her into work

He added that the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command was aware of the assault but is not investigating ‘at this time’.

Officers drove the victim around the area in an attempt to find the perpetrators but no arrests have been made.

A spokesman for the London Ambulance service said: ‘We sent an ambulance crew to the scene, arriving in under six minutes.

‘We treated a woman and the scene and took her to a hospital in east London.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4580754/Female-nursery-worker-stabbed-three-women-London.html#ixzz4jQgYnNJK

HaHa….Scumbag Radical Muslim Couple Jailed For Posting Videos Gloating About Lee Rigby Murder

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….sorry i was just having something of a laughing attack. Britain’s most hated Muslim couple have got what they deserve having been jailed. Extremist vermin Royal Barnes and his evil bitch of a wife Rebekah Dawson have both been handed long prison sentences for their sick Youtube videos gloating about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.Parasite convert Barnes was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months, his equally despicable bully in a burka wife Dawson was sentenced to 20 months. Where was their so great Allah looking out for them when the judge gave them a reasonable stint in prison instead of the soft suspended sentence Muslims so often receive.

Both Barnes and Dawson had both already achieved some notoriety prior to today’s sentencing. Royal Barnes was a member of the bullying Muslim Patrol, the homophobic racists who harassed non-Muslims in East London trying to enforce sharia law. Whilst his wife was the burka wearing extremist that refused to remove her face covering in court  a few months back whilst on trial for witness intimidation.

Good riddance……although i’m sure this wont be the last we hear off this disgusting duo. Chances are they will pop back up in the middle of some extremism in a few years time.


Couple jailed for gloating about Lee Rigby’s murder in shocking videos on YouTube

A BRITISH Muslim couple have been jailed after posting videos on YouTube saying it was “a brilliant day” when Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered.

By Tom Rawle & Cyrus Engineer/Published 14th March 2014
Royal Barnes, Rebekah Dawson, rigby, murders, evilRoyal Barnes, 23, and his wife, Rebekah Dawson, 22, pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication last month.SENTENCING: Royal Barnes and Rebekah Dawson will be sentenced today [YOUTUBE/PA]
The two recorded and uploaded three videos in which they celebrated the death and laughed at those grieving for the fallen soldier.Royal Barnes, 23, and his wife, Rebekah Dawson, 22, pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication last month.

Barnes has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison while his wife Rebekah Dawson was handed a 20-month sentence.

In one of the offensive videos, Dawson filmed Barnes gloating just hours after the killing in Woolwich, south-east London, on May 22 2013.

He is seen saying: “This is a brilliant day. It is the Muslim fight-back. Sharia law of Allah is coming.”

And referring to Rigby, he said: “That man is in the grip of hellfire and I am glad he is in hellfire.”

bully in a burka niqab, video, court, muslim low life Barnes, laugh, hysterical, funny. Extremist vermin Royal Barnes and his evil bitch of a wife Rebekah Dawson have both been handed long prison sentences for their sick Youtube videos gloating about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.GUILTY: Dawson seen wearing her niqab in the video, which she also wore to court [PA]

“This is a brilliant day. It is the Muslim fight-back. Sharia law of Allah is coming.”

Royal Barnes said in one video

In a second video the following day, Dawson recorded Barnes saying: “We are fighting back and Sharia, Islamic law will come in.”

Dawson filmed her and Barnes a week later laughing hysterically as they drove past hundreds of flowers left at the murder scene.

“This is where a British soldier died.” Barnes is heard saying.

“They fail to realise that their foreign policy is the reason why this Lee Rigby is no more”.

Barnes, who knew one of the murderers Michael Adebowale, also used Facebook to taunt Rigby’s grievers.

He wrote: “Any1 who kills an invading soldier in Muslim land I will give them a Vauxhall Astra 3door and money (French British American any kaffir soldier take ur pick) [sic].”

Judge Brian Barker QC said the pair showed “a total and continuing disregard” for the effect the shocking video would have on both Lee Rigby’s family and the general public.

muslim low life Barnes, laugh, hysterical, funny. Extremist vermin Royal Barnes and his evil bitch of a wife Rebekah Dawson have both been handed long prison sentences for their sick Youtube videos gloating about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.EVIL: Barnes laughed as they drove past floral tributes to Rigby after his murder [PA]
Lee Rigby’s killers Adebowale, 22, and Michael Adebolajo, 29, were given life sentences last month for the murder of Drummer Rigby.Adebolajo received a whole life term with no chance of release while accomplice Adebowale was sentenced to a minimum of 45 years behind bars.

They ran the defenceless soldier down with their car then dragged him into the street and hacked him to death with a meat cleaver and knives before leaving his bloodied body in the road.

Adebolajo was then recorded talking to cameras in the road with blood on his hands.

When police arrived a shootout took place and the two Muslim converts were taken into custody.


Egyptian Islamists Warn British Holidaymakers ‘Leave Or Risk Being Killed”

British sun seekers in Egypt are on high alert following death threats by local Muslim extremists. The Islamists have warned holiday makers to get out of Egypt or risk being killed. A nice way to treat those whose spending money keeps the Egyptian economy ticking over. The sharia obsessed radicals probably couldn’t care less about money coming into the country anyway because if they achieve their ultimate goal. Egypt will be back in the dark ages and not need a stable financial system.

Personally i wouldn’t venture to any Muslim country anytime unless it was an absolute necessity for work reasons. Even then i wouldn’t be to happy about it. Now given the random acts of brain dead Muslim rage that can happen over the slightest thing in that region. Not a prayer would you find me anywhere near. Theres more chance of me going camping in Siberia for a vacation.

Terrorists warn British tourists to get out of Egypt or risk being killed

THOUSANDS of British tourists have been warned to get out of Egypt or risk death.

By Felicity Cross/Published 19th February 2014
egypt, terror, threat, militants, tourists, south, korean, RISK: Militants have threatened the safety of tourists in Egypt [GETTY]

Militants have threatened to attack resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group said: “We recommend tourists to get out safely before the expiry of the deadline.”

They also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed two South Korean tourists and an Egyptian on Sunday.

A large number of Brits are in Egypt for a half-term sunshine break.

“We recommend tourists to get out safely before the expiry of the deadline”

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group

A Foreign and Commonwealth Offi ce spokesman said: “The safety of British nationals is a major concern for the FCO and we keep our travel advice under constant review.”

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has become Egypt’s most active Islamist militant organisation as it seeks to topple the interim government.

Anna Boyd, a defense and security analyst at London-based IHS Jane said: “This statement, if genuine, would add tourism quite explicitly to the target set already outlined by Ansar, which includes security forces and economic interests of the state and the army.”


Three Muslim Inmates Who Held Screw Hostage At High Security Prison Demanded Abu Qatada’s Release

Just days after the savage murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich by Muslim fanatics, three Muslim inmates took a prison guard hostage at Full Sutton Prison near York. The Cat A jail is home to some of the worst convicts in the prison system. Murderers, rapists, child killers, paedophiles,terrorists and violent prisoners. It is also one of many British prisons that have been having Muslim related problems with Islamic prison gangs forming leading to hostility and tension between the Muslims v non-Muslims inmates / prison staff. 

When the attack first took place it was mentioned briefly in the press. By this time leftist media such as the BBC,  Guardian and the Daily Mirror alongside apologists like Tell Mama had already began their campaign to keep any negative incidents regarding Muslims suppressed after Woolwich as they attempted to portray Muslims as the victims in it all. Therefore this incident which would normally have been front page news especially given their demands for Abu Qatada being released was relegated to a couple of paragraphs on page 26 between the TV guide and the horoscopes.  

Yorkshire prison guard held hostage as inmates ‘demanded Qatada release’

Full Sutton Prison, North Yorkshire

Full Sutton Prison, North Yorkshire

THREE prisoners demanded the release of Abu Qatada as they held a guard hostage in a North Yorkshire prison, a court heard today.

The alleged incident took place days after the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, at a time when relationships between prison staff and Muslim inmates were said to be “strained”.

Feroz Khan, 26, David Watson, 27, and Fuad Awale, 26, are on trial accused of the false imprisonment of Richard Thompson while they were all at HMP Full Sutton near York, on May 26 last year.

Khan and Awale are also accused of threatening to kill the officer, and Khan is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to him, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a second officer Rachel Oxtoby.

Judge Michael Topolski QC told the pool of 51 potential jurors that a prison officer was captured and held hostage for several hours.

“During that time threats were made to kill the prison officer,” he said.

He added: “Some of them were armed.”

The judge said “demands were made for the release of Abu Qatada”, and for these demands to be broadcast by the media.

He said there were notes, amongst other things, “expressing frustration with western foreign policy” towards Muslim countries.

Judge Topolski QC told Woolwich Crown Court that these events “took place just days after the murder” of Fusilier Rigby.

Ms Sally Howes, QC, prosecuting, said: “This was not a spur of the moment opportunist incident.”

She said it was “carefully thought out, fully prepared and well planned”.

The alleged incident took place in an area which is seen as a “flashpoint for trouble” by prison staff, as there is a “steady flow of inmates”.

Ms Howes QC also pointed out the alleged incident took place in the same week Fusilier Rigby was murdered.

“Relationships between prison staff and some of the Muslim inmates became strained,” she said.

Ms Howes told the jury about how one particular prison officer took a great interest in the Muslim inmates, taking time to talk to them and hear their point of view.

She said each inmate is assigned to an individual prison officer, and Khan was assigned to this officer.

On the Friday following the murder of Fusilier Rigby, Khan and two other inmates allegedly walked out of prayers after the imam offered condolences to the Rigby family.

Speaking later to the prison officer about this he is alleged to have explained why such things, such as the murder of Fusilier Rigby, happened.

Ms Howes said Khan told him: “George W Bush started the war on terror, but it wasn’t two countries fighting each other. It was an invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

He is alleged to have said: “Muslims are fighting back.”

Ms Howes said Khan told the officer: “And that’s why people are getting killed.”

The court heard he said that the fight will continue until Sharia law is established in every country.

Khan said there are three types of people – Muslims, non-believers and hypocrites, the jury heard.

Hypocrites are Muslims who do not pray, watch porn and listen to loud music, he is alleged to have said.

The prison officer’s view was that Khan was “very knowledgeable” on the history of the Muslim world, and was aware that there was tension involving him in the prison.

The court heard the prison officer was sure Khan was “up to something”.

Staff in the prison noticed that Khan was holding “hushed meetings”, the prosecution said.

The court heard Ms Oxtoby said there were “problems and difficulties” from the moment inmates were unlocked.

The prosecution said Ms Oxtoby explained that there was a feeling amongst the prison staff that “no Muslims were going to take us hostage”.

Ms Howes said this suggested that there was “a heightened sense of anxiety” at that time.


Muslim Fanatic And Burqa Clad Bully Wife Admit Posting Offensive Videos Celebrating Woolwich Murder

Muslim extremist parasite Royal Barnes  pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder. The fundamentalist sickened the nation by glorifying the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Smirking Barnes was videoed driving past the scene laughing and mocking the murder which he then posted online. He is one of Anjem Choudarys Islamofascist crew formally known as Al-Muhajiroun and Muslims Against Crusades. Royal Barnes also appeared in videos taking part in Muslim patrol videos trying to enforce sharia law by bullying and intimidation on the UK’s streets.

Coincidently his burqa clad extremist wife who appeared alongside him is none other than convert Rebekah Dawson whose refusal to remove the full face covering in court recently caused much controversy and resulted in calls to ban the burqa in public. Hopefully the pair of  fanatics will get long sentences in prison
Royal Barnes, 23, and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich in May 2013. ISLAMOFASCIST SCUM

Lee Rigby murder fanatic posed as ‘suicide bomber at Finsbury Park Tube’

Royal Barnes, 23, who had associated with of one of Fusilier Lee Rigby's murderers today pleaded guilty to posting sickening videos on YouTube glorifying the horrific killing.Royal Barnes, 23, who had associated with of one of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s murderers today pleaded guilty to posting sickening videos on YouTube glorifying the horrific killing.

Aimee BrannenWednesday, February 12, “`2014
3:30 PM

A Muslim extremist pretended to be a suicide bomber at Finsbury Park Tube station and posted sickening videos online glorifying the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby, a court heard this morning.


A screen grab taken from a video of Royal Barnes, 23, posted on YouTube glorifying the horrific killing of Lee Rigby.A screen grab taken from a video of Royal Barnes, 23, posted on YouTube glorifying the horrific killing of Lee Rigby.

Royal Barnes, 23, and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich in May 2013.

In one of the videos posted under Barnes’ account Musa Real Talks, he hailed the murder as a “brilliant day” and in a follow-up he mocked the outpouring of public grief, laughing uncontrollably as he drove past floral tributes.

A number of other videos were found at his Hackney home, including him on a vigilante-style Shiria Muslim patrol and another which shows him at Finsbury Park Tube station pretending to be a suicide bomber on the platform in front of other passengers.

Barnes, who knew one of Fusilier Rigby’s murderers, Michael Adebowale, also posted on Facebook the offer of the reward of his wife’s car for avenging the rape of an Iraqi woman.

Rebekah Dawson, 21, admitted intimidating a witness. Picture: Dominic LipinskiRebekah Dawson, 21, admitted intimidating a witness. Picture: Dominic Lipinski

He pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder during a hearing at the Old Bailey. His wife, who had insisted on wearing her veil in court, had already admitted disseminating a terrorist publication at a previous hearing and is awaiting sentence.

Dawson also pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court earlier this month to a single count of intimidating witness Daudi Yusuf, a security guard at the Finsbury Park Mosque in St Thomas’s Road – several weeks after he was involved in a row with Barnes.

Prosecuting, Kate Wilkinson told the court that before the postings, Barnes had been involved with a Sharia Law patrol of London streets, ordering women in short shirts to cover up and telling people to stop drinking alcohol.

He was also a member of extremist group Al-Muhajiroun – or Muslims Against Crusades – taking part in demonstrations advocating Sharia Law in the UK, including one on December 24, 2012, outside St Paul’s Cathedral with Adebowale.

The court was then shown all three videos and some other examples of earlier videos that Barnes had posted on YouTube, which were found in a police search of his home.

In the first he described Lee Rigby’s murder as a “brilliant day” and warns Prime Minister David Cameron and the British public that the attack will not be the last. He says: “You are not safe here, do you understand? British soldiers, you are not safe on the streets of London.”

The second video shows Dawson in a face veil behind a title: “British troops kill Muslims so they will die on London streets.”

She says: “Obviously now this guy who has been killed, Joe Bloggs or whatever his name is, was killed, this is the lion, the tiger fighting back…We are fighting back and Sharia, obviously the Islamic law, will dominate the entire world.”

The third video shows Barnes being filmed by his wife driving past the scene of the Woolwich murder to a loud musical soundtrack. They are heard to laugh repeatedly as they take in the floral tributes to the murdered soldier lining the street.

The judge Brian Barker adjourned sentencing to a date to be fixed while reports are carried out.

A court order prohibits the publishing of Barnes and Dawson’s address, due to fear of vigilante attacks.

Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, will be sentenced later this month after they were found guilty of murdering Fusilier Rigby.

Video: 4 Year-Old Islamic “Mujahid” in Syria Vows to Slaughter Infidels

A 4 year old Muslim boy fires his gun off before telling the camera his name is Abu Bakr and he is from Uzbekistan and is fighting in Syria with the Islamist group Islamic State In Iraq And The Levant. He calls upon fellow Muslims to join him in Syria and participate in operations. Asked what he has to say about the infidels the child replied “Oh infidels, we will slaughter you allah willing”

The boys parents ought to be ashamed of themselves for their actions which amount to serious child abuse, putting their child’s life in grave danger to satisfy their own blood thirsty savage urges. In their backward Islam infested minds, the boys parents are most likely thinking they are good Muslim parents by allowing the boy to become a jihad fighter when he should be at home safe watching the Uzbek equivalent of Peppa Pig

Video: Taliban Gang Rape A Goat ( NSFW 18+ )

A US military helicopter on patrol in Taliban controlled area of Afghanistan fitted with night vision video surveillance ,captures footage of unnatural behaviour taking place. Not one but three perverted Islamic extremists gang banging a goat.

Is there a halal way to have sex with animals. Damn right there is. Islam has rules for everything including sex with animals.

A Muslim male may have sex with an animal, however once he has finished he must slaughter the animal. He should not eat the meat himself nor should the Muslim sell the meat to anybody in his own village.  Selling the meat to those from the next village is fine……..But if a Muslim should commit an act of sodomy (bugger/anal sex) with a cow, a ewe or even a camel. The animals urine and excrement become contaminated even its milk cannot be consumed.  The animal should be killed as quickly as possible and the its body burnt.  ~  Ayatollah Khomeni – The Little Green Book

Wannabe Jihadist Brothers From Bradford Admit Having Terrorist Material

Islamic extremist brothers Muhammed Saeed Ahmed, 21, and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed,20 from Bradford, West Yorkshire are the latest British born Muslim trainee terrorist to appear before the courts here in the UK. Muhammed and Muhammed were trying to emulate the worlds first Muslim terrorist who they were both named after. The false prophet of Islam Muhammed inventor of jihad and the cause of death for millions on innocent people.

Further proof if it was ever needed that the biggest terror threat to the UK is not from Muslims based abroad, but from those Muslims already here and living amongst us. Incited by the religious clerics and guest speakers that appear at Mosques up and down the country. Or beamed into the homes of Muslims to watch, on one of the many extremist Muslim TV stations available. 

Bradford brothers admit charges of having terrorist material

10:00am Tuesday 26th November 2013 in News

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed (left) and Muhammed Naeem AhmedMuhammed Saeed Ahmed (left) and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed

Two Bradford brothers have admitted having terrorist material, including documents such as The Al Qaeda Manual and 44 Ways of Supporting Jihad.

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed, 21, and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed, 20, pleaded guilty to 11 counts between them of collecting or possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism when they appeared at the Old Bailey today.

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed admitted ten of the charges and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed six of them.

The brothers, of Little Horton, but whose full address cannot be reported for legal reasons, deny a charge of conspiring together and with others to attend a place used for terrorist training.

They are due to face trial on that count tomorrow.

The pair were arrested in March last year in a raid at their home by officers in the North East Counter Terrorism Unit and initially charged with possession of terrorist material.

The extra charge relating to the terror training camp was laid against them earlier this year with the approval of the Attorney General Dominic Grieve after a Government agency consented to certain material being released.

The Crown’s case is that that the brothers were planning to imminently attend a training camp.

Judge Gerald Gordon extended the brother’s bail until tomorrow’s trial.

The case continues.


Dangers Of UK based Terrorists As More Muslims Arrested For Terror Offences

The biggest terror threat on British soil is not from Islamic terrorists abroad but those already here in the UK. Those who are already living amongst us, plotting death and destruction from within.


On Thursday 31 October, Counter Terrorism officers arrested four people on suspicion of failing to disclose information which might be of assistance in securing the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person involved in an act of terrorism contrary to Section 38(b) Terrorism Act 2000. Two men – 31yrs [E] and 21yrs [F] – and a 25 [G] year old woman were arrested at two residential addresses in east London. They have been taken to a London police station where they remain in custody. A 25-year-old man [H] has been arrested at a residential address in Lancashire. He has been taken to a Lancashire police station where he remains in custody. A search has been carried out at an address in Lancashire.
The arrests were in connection with two men stopped under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act in Dover on Sunday 22 September, who have been charged in relation to the investigation: [A] Mohammed Hassin Nawaz, 29 (5.01.84), of Dirleton Road, Stratford, E15 and [B] Hamza Nawaz, 22 (27.09.90), of the same address, The men were arrested re-entering the UK with ammunition and terrorist material having been to a Muslim terrorist training camp.

Unfortunately Islamic terrorists and wannabe jihadists tend not to advertise it within earshot of the infidels. Neither do they all belong to a certain section of the Muslim community or all dress in a certain way. Foreign immigrants, Muslim students, 2nd generation Muslims born and bred in the UK, white British converts. Take your pick.
The only thing for certain is they are already living amongst us. Most will never have been in trouble,will have a job or go to college mixing with non-Muslims without giving any hint of their true extremist beliefs. That is what makes them all the more dangerous.

Thankfully on the whole our security services and counter terrorism units do a good job of keeping us safe by catching the bastards at the planning stages before they have chance to maim and kill in the name of the blood thirsty Allah. Unfortunately at some point, a group of jihadists are going to slip through that net and like Woolwich, will result in innocent people being killed.

It is quite disturbing to think that people living in the UK and amongst us, Muslims who came here supposedly to seek a better life are plotting to murder innocent people in the land that took them in and gave them a chance for a far better life than back home. That they can harbour that much hatred at people because they aren’t Muslim. With the only reason for doing so is the teachings of Islam, behaving savagely in the ways of the 1st Islamic terrorist Mohammed did 1500 years ago.

Government released figures show that in March 2013 there was 103 (non domestic/separatist related) terrorist prisoners held in the UK. Of them 100 out of 103 declared themselves as Muslims. A Muslim appeasing website called Loonwatch makes the absurd claim that 94% of terrorists are not Muslim. This 94% is often quoted on leftist / commie sites such as Huff Post. Now you can set the record straight that in the UKs case.  97% of terrorist ARE MUSLIM

Of the 2,419 persons arrested for terrorism-related offences since 11 September 2001, 1,198 (50%) self-declared their nationality as from Great Britain or of British dual nationality. Of the remaining persons arrested the most frequent self-declared nationalities were: Algeria (152 persons), Pakistan (125 persons), Iraq (115 persons), Afghanistan (74 persons), Iran (63 persons), India (56 persons), Turkey (45 persons) and Somalia (44 persons).

Of the 249 persons arrested for terrorism-related offences in 2012/13, 105 (42%) were charged,

Other notable British based Muslim terrorists to hit the headlines over the previous 12 months

14th October 2013 4 men unnamed London On 14th October 2013 BBC reported “Four men are being questioned over an alleged terror plot after they were arrested in a series of raids by armed police officers across London. The men – arrested at about 19:10 BST on Sunday in Whitechapel, Bayswater and Peckham – are being held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.
10th June 2013 Omar Khan, 28, Mohammed Saud, 23, Jewel Uddin, 27, Zohaib Ahmed, 22, and Anzal Hussain, 25, EDL demo bombers Dewsbury On 30th June  five Muslim jailed for as much as 19 years after the men had travelled in two cars from Birmingham to Dewsbury on the afternoon of 30 June 2012  with an arsenal of weapons hidden in holdalls in the boot of one of the cars. Among the weapons were two shotguns, swords, knives, a nail bomb containing 458 pieces of shrapnel, and a partially-assembled pipe bomb. The nail bomb was an 18-inch rocket stuffed with shrapnel and was to be powered by explosives taken from at least two large fireworks.
26th April 2013 Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid, Ashik Alid,  and 8 others Birmingham plotters Eleven men have been jailed at Woolwich Crown Court, ending one of the largest ever counter-terrorism operations in the UK.
The investigation in Birmingham, known as Operation Pitsford, uncovered a cell of would-be suicide bombers who were trying to recruit others to their cause.
18th April 2013 Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, Umar Arshad, Syed Farhan Hussain Luton FOUR men who considered using a toy car to deliver a bomb in an al Qaeda-inspired attack in the UK have been jailed for a total of more than 30 years.Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, Umar Arshad and Syed Farhan Hussain discussed setting off a home-made bomb at a Territorial Army centre in Luton, London’s Woolwich Crown Court heard.
The men, all from Luton, had admitted one count of engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism between January 1 2011 and April 25 2012 at a hearing on March 1.https://kafircrusaders.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/4-british-muslims-jailed-for-plotting-uk-terrorist-attack/
25th April 2013 Richard Dart, Mahmood, Alom London. Mr Justice Simon jailed 3 Muslims including white convert Richard Dart,saying the three held “radical Islamist beliefs” and showed they were “committed to acts of terrorism”.Dart, 30, of Ealing, west London, was jailed for six years; Mahmood, 22, from Northolt, west London for nine years and nine months, and Alom, 26, of Stratford, east London, for four years and six months    
10th December 2012 Ruksana Begum Stratford Following the arrest of Gurkanth Desai and Abdul Miah Ruksana had also been arrested but then released. However she was subsequently rearrested, the Daily Mail on 10th December 2012reporting, “Ruksana Begum, 22, who has a first-class degree in accountancy, had two editions of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine on her phone, including articles such as ‘Targeting the populations of countries that are at war with the Muslims’.
10th October 2012 unamed man and woman Heathrow On 10th October 2012the BBC reported, “Two people have been arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of committing terrorism offences, the Metropolitan Police have said. A man and a woman, both aged 26, were arrested at 20:30 BST on Tuesday after their flight landed at the airport. The pair was held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. These arrests are part of an investigation into travel to Syria in support of alleged terrorist activity. Scotland Yard said the pair had flown into the UK from Egypt.”