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Muslim In Court Accused Of Beheading Wife In London

Muslim beheading kept quiet by the media

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Beheading is trending amongst murdering Muslims

Tahira Ahmed case: Husband denies decapitating wife

A man accused of decapitating his wife in their west London home has denied killing her.

Naveed Ahmed, 41, is charged with murdering mother-of-two Tahira Ahmed, 38, in Merton Avenue, Northolt, on May 27.

Appearing at the Old Bailey via video link from prison, he spoke only to confirm his name and entered a not guilty plea.

He is due to stand trial at the same court on 19 January 2015.

Muslim Killer Savagely Smashed Wife’s Head In With Hammer

Muslim killer Danish Irfan who savagely smashed his wife’s head in with a hammer was described in court as “possessive and controlling”.  Is this anything out of the ordinary for Muslim males? Almost all Muslim men are “possessive and controlling” of their wife, wives, daughters, sisters and all other women in their lives. 

That is how Islamic teachings tell them to be. Islam and its backwards sharia law not only discriminates against us infidels, it is completely sexist to the core. It permits marital rape, bigamy for males, permits woman beating, portrays women as little more than slaves. Whose entire role in life is to satisfy the males needs. Even a rape victim in a sharia court needs 4 witnesses to counter the testimony of the male accused of the crime.

This is how Islam teaches Muslims to treat Muslim women . Imagine the opinion they have of non Muslim women then ! The Muslim male only has to be a good Muslim and follow the koran and he will automatically be “possessive and controlling” towards females.  Islam hates women.

Court told husband swung hammer at wife’s head ten times as she lay in bed

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Court told husband swung hammer at wife's head ten times as she lay in bed
Court told husband swung hammer at wife’s head ten times as she lay in bed


A YOUNG mother was murdered by her “possessive and controlling” husband when he swung a hammer at least ten times at her head as she lay in bed, a jury was told this morning.

Danish Irfan fled the country on a false passport after killing Ridda Zanab at their home in Alford Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford, on November 3 last year.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Irfan, 22, remained in Pakistan until telling the authorities he was returning to the UK. He was arrested at Heathrow Airport on February 22.

Irfan has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Mrs Zanab, 21, but denies her murder.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp told the court that Irfan killed his wife after reading a text message she had sent to another man, saying: “I love you, mwahhh, good night.”

Mr Sharp said it would not be disputed that Irfan killed Mrs Zanab.

The jury would have to consider why he did it, what was acting on his mind at the time.

The trial continues.

Muslims Massacre Children Watching Soccer Match In Nigeria

Murderous Islamic savages butcher innocent children watching a football match in Nigeria. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a cult of evil and hate. Allah is not Akbar!

Muslims Massacre Children Watching Soccer Match In Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria — Dozens were killed, including many children watching a soccer match, in a series of deadly bomb blasts in the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Saturday, officials said. The Islamist group Boko Haram was blamed for the attacks, which were the deadliest in months in the sect’s birthplace.

Gunmen from the group also struck a nearby village, Mainok, at the same time Saturday evening, a local official said, storming in on trucks, burning houses and killing at least 51. The death toll from the two attacks was more than 100 and rising, officials said.

In the Maiduguri bombings, children bore the brunt of the explosions, according to the health commissioner for Borno State, Dr. Salma Anas-Kolo. The youths had gathered at a makeshift stadium in the Gomari neighborhood to watch a soccer match when a bomb went off in a pickup truck loaded with firewood, she and others said.

When people in the densely inhabited neighborhood rushed to help, a second bomb exploded, according to Maikaramba Saddiq, the Maiduguri representative of Nigeria’s Civil Liberties Organization.

Mr. Saddiq said about 50 children had been killed. The explosions were powerful; Mr. Saddiq and others said they heard them from miles away.

In the Mainok attack, the senator who represents Borno in the Nigerian Senate, Ahmed Zanna, said a Nigerian military plane had mistakenly bombed fleeing villagers, killing many. Nigeria’s military spokesman did not respond to calls Sunday night.

In Maiduguri, “many kids were affected,” Dr. Anas-Kolo said.

A hospital official in Maiduguri, who watched as charred corpses were brought in, said: “Most of the bodies we found were very young. Small. I saw a man who lost three children.” The official asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation and his position at the hospital. “There is so much of a crowd coming in now to check for their people,” he said.

More than 400 people have been killed in Maiduguri and the surrounding area in less than a month as Boko Haram intensifies its campaign against civilians. The group’s mission, over the course of a nearly five-year insurrection, is mysterious, beyond a generalized goal of destabilizing the Nigerian state.

In that aim, it appears to be increasingly successful, with a military unable to stop its repeated attacks despite an extensive mobilization in the country’s sprawling northeast, where Nigeria borders Cameroon, Chad and Niger in the semidesert terrain of the Sahel region.

Pressure is increasing on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to halt the attacks. But both the Nigerian government and the military appear to be at a loss about how to do so.

The military has been faulted for adopting too passive an approach, failing to staff guard posts, taking hours to respond or sometimes even running away in the face of the attacks, as citizens have reported to the Nigerian news media in recent weeks.

That scenario appears to have been repeated in the Mainok attack Saturday night, about 40 miles from Maiduguri, according to Mr. Zanna.

“The villagers were calling the security, telling them these people” — the Boko Haram — “were coming,” Mr. Zanna said. “They are approaching our village. But nothing” — no military — “was coming, so most ran into bush.”

When the Boko Haram entered the village, “they burned the houses and killed anyone sight,” Mr. Zanna said.

In running into the bush to escape, Mr. Zanna said, a Nigerian military plane “bombed them.”

“Maybe they mistook them for the Boko Haram,” he said. “It was very bloody.”

Sunday night, Maiduguri was in shock, officials said. The Gomari neighborhood “is a devastated area,” Mr. Saddiq said. “Everything has been destroyed.”

“People are very shocked and scared,” Dr. Anas-Kolo said. “People feel that these Boko Haram can just come attack, and the military people are never there,” she said.


Pakistani Perverts Secret XXX Cinema Blown Up, Wanking To Muslim Porn No More

Peshwar’s perverts favourite entertainment venue The Shama cinema has been blown up. The vice den was featured in a previous  post titled Secret Pakistan XXX Cinema: Sex, Drugs and Bearded Wankers Watching Muslim Porn. The venue was targeted by terrorists who lobbed hand grenades into the packed picture house as bearded local males masturbated to the latest Muslim porn films. The attack killed 13 and left 24 people injured.

No militant Islamist group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the sex cinema. It would be worth checking out for involvement followers of this imam  who issued a fatwa saying Muslims watching porn is worse than having sex with a dead body or animal sex. The goat market next door to the XXX cinema are now anticipating a surge in customers . 

Porn cinema attack kills 13 in Pakistan

Date February 12, 2014 Rob Crilly
A blood-stained shoe of a victim lies on the ground at the site of a grenade attack on a crowded movie theatre that killed and wounded many people in Peshawar, Pakistan.A blood-stained shoe of a victim lies on the ground at the site of a grenade attack on a crowded movie theatre that killed and wounded many people in Peshawar, Pakistan. Photo: AP

Islamabad: The Shama cinema in Peshawar was a place for bearded taxi drivers and off-duty soldiers to while away a weekday in a fug of cannabis smoke, watching pornographic films.

The city’s last public haven of vice came to an end on Tuesday, when terrorists threw hand grenades into the audience watching a pornographic film, killing 12 people and wounding 24.

It  happened a week after the Picture House, another local cinema, was attacked in the same way, killing four people. And it coincided with a second round of peace talks between the Taliban and the Pakistani government.

Ijaz Khan, Peshawar’s police chief, said no one had claimed responsibility for the attack. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan umbrella group denied responsibility – as they denied the earlier attack – but it will nevertheless fuel scepticism about the talks’ chances of success.

Akbar Khan, 62, whose left arm and left thigh were hurt, said a deafening blast had rocked the auditorium.

“It seemed like a hot iron rod pierced through my left arm and leg as I was hit by ball bearings,” he said.

Pakistan may translate as the “land of the pure”, where Sharia is incorporated into everyday law, alcohol is banned and most women do not leave the house with their faces uncovered, but Peshawar’s last pornographic cinema had struggled on despite a number of threats.

It shows popular Bollywood hits made in Lahore, Pakistan’s film capital. One screen was reserved for pornographic films, or “sexy movies” as an usher had told London’s Telegraph during a recent visit to the cinema.

The manager of the Shama cinema declined to be interviewed, but a member of staff had explained that American and British pornography was often shown after being dubbed into Pashto.

He said two other cinemas had been forced to stop showing pornography after pressure from extremists.

The city lies on the main route from Pakistan through the Khyber Pass to Afghanistan, and militants roam the surrounding mountainous tribal areas.

Leaflets distributed to mobile phone shops last year ordered an end to sales of ringtones and video clips. Peshawar once had a thriving film industry, known as Pollywood, but now its cinemas show pictures largely made in Lahore.

Even its mainstream films have a reputation for vulgarity, featuring young women in tight-fitting clothes dancing with older male heroes.

Only nine cinemas remain. Two were destroyed in 2012 during protests against trailers for a film about the life of the Prophet Mohammed.

Critics of the cinema’s pornography claimed it was sensationalism used to attract visitors.

Jehan Shah, a film director and cultural expert, said Pashto-language cinema had never reflected the norms or culture of society in the north-west of Pakistan. “Maybe the state allowed it as a safety valve, a way to keep the masses busy with something that titillates them,” he said.

A customer at the cinema, who declined to give his name, previously said he saw no contradiction in screening pornography in the north-west of Pakistan, a region known for its conservative values. “These are not Pashtun women,” he said. “These are Punjabi.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/porn-cinema-attack-kills-13-in-pakistan-20140212-hvc12.html#ixzz2u4OhSWNK

Christmas Day Bomb Attack Near Church Kills 34 In Baghdad’s Christian Area

On the celebration of the birth of somebody who taught his followers  peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness to all mankind. ‘Religion Of Peace’ followers as usual behave completely the opposite non peaceful way by slaughtering 34 innocent people in Baghdad’s small minority Christian area.

Savage Muslim’s behaving in the violent barbaric way and full of hate towards infidels that their satanic scriptures tell them to behave


” Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.”  Qur’an 9:14

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement,
Qur’an 5:33

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah.”



Christmas bomb attacks kill 34 in Baghdad’s Christian areas

BAGHDAD Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:04am EST

People stand among debris at the site of a bomb attack at a marketplace in Baghdad's Doura District December 25, 2013. REUTERS-Ahmed Malik
A man looks at the site of bomb attack at a marketplace in Baghdad's Doura District December 25 2013. REUTERS-Ahmed Malik

1 OF 2. People stand among debris at the site of a bomb attack at a marketplace in Baghdad’s Doura District December 25, 2013.



(Reuters) – At least 34 people were killed in bomb attacks in Christian areas of Baghdad on Wednesday, some by a car bomb that exploded near a church after a Christmas service, police and medics said.

The car bomb killed at least 24 people, most of them Christian, when worshippers were leaving the church in the Doura district of southern Baghdad, police sources said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Violence in Iraq has risen to its worst levels in more than five years as hardline Sunni militants linked to al Qaeda step up attacks on the Shi’ite-led government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and anyone seen as supporting it. Many thousands have been killed in attacks this year.

The minority Christian community has been a target of attacks by al Qaeda militants in the past, including a 2010 attack on a church that killed dozens of people.

Two bombs also went off in a crowded market in a separate, mostly Christian area in Doura, killing another ten people, police and medics said.

At least 52 people were wounded in the attacks.

A series of car bombs, shootings and suicide attacks killed scores of Shi’ite Muslim pilgrims in the week before the Shi’ite holy day of Arbaeen, which coincided with Christmas Eve this year.

Video: Salafi / Wahhabi Terrorists Execute 16 Prisoners In Syria (NSFW 18+)

In Syria, Muslims continue to show the world that Islam is not a peaceful religion and Muslims cant even live side by side in harmony without killing each other. On one side are the pro government Shiite Muslims and on the other are the Sunni Muslim militias attempting to seize control of Syria . Al Qaeda linked Islamists , jihadists from around the world who are followers of the extremist Salafi/Wahhabi school of Islam that they have in places such as Saudi or Taliban era Afghanistan.

This video shows 16 Shiite men butchered by the Salafist opposition forces in Syria.

Warning: Contains horrific content, please refrain from watching if easily offended. 

Recommended Viewing: Britain’s First White Honour Killing

Britain’s Darkest Taboos – Britain’s First White Honour Killing is on tonight and also repeated on Sunday 24 November at 10pm on Crime & Investigation Network

The show is about teenager Laura Wilson from Rotherham who was brutally murdered by her Muslim lover after she told his family about their secret relationship and the catastrophic chain of events it triggered resulting in her murder. It will go some way to showing the true racist nature of Muslim immigrant families in the UK,

With a little luck maybe a few white females who are involved with Muslim males may have their eyes opened and come to realise they will never be more than the Muslims dirty little secret and get out while they can. No matter what the male has promised them, they will never have a future or a serious relationship.

Britain’s first white honour killing: Teenager brutally murdered by her Muslim lover after exposing their relationship to his family

  • Laura Wilson, from Rotherham, was stabbed to death in 2010 aged 17
  • She was in love with Muslim Ashtiaq Ashgar
  • But he kept their relationship secret from his family
  • Laura also fell pregnant by Ashgar’s Muslim friend after a brief fling
  • She eventually told both their families about her relations with them
  • Ashgar thought she had bought shame on his family
  • He lured her to canal where he stabbed her
  • Now serving a life sentence but will be eligible for parole in 2029


PUBLISHED: 20:54, 20 November 2013 | UPDATED: 14:47, 21 November 2013

Laura Wilson was just 17-years-old when she was stabbed to death next to a canal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in 2010.

This wasn’t a mugging gone wrong, or a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, the mother-of-one was the victim of Britain’s first white honour killing. Her death was premeditated murder, plotted and committed by the boyfriend she was madly in love with.

Laura’s crime was to bring dishonour on her Muslim lover Ashtiaq Ashgar, 21, who is now serving a life sentence for the brutal murder.

By the time she was 15, Laura Wilson, from Rotherham, was besotted with Ashtiaq Ashgar, 16

In 2008, the couple began an intense relationship at school when Laura was just 15, and Ashtiaq, 16.

Her sister, Sarah, reveals on tonight’s episode of Britain’s Darkest Taboos on Crime & Investigation Network: ‘She loved him. She worshipped the ground he walked on, she really did. She would have done anything for him.’

Ashtiaq came from a traditional Muslim family who were planning an arranged marriage for their son with a girl from Pakistan.

They would have been horrified to learn he was dating a white girl so he made Laura keep their relationship a secret.

Unbeknown to his family, he lived a double life where he drank, smoked cannabis, carried weapons and had numerous relationship with women, including Laura.

When Laura found out that he has been seeing other girls, they broke up and she slept with this married friend, 22-year-old Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, to make him jealous.

Only 16, she fell pregnant as a result of the fling and had a daughter, Alicia. Zac refused to acknowledge he was the father.

After Alicia is born, Laura and Ashtiaq rekindled their relationship but he insisted it must continue to be a secret. But while Laura was very much in love, her mother, Maggie, believes Ashtiaq was just using Laura for sex and treated her badly.

She said: ‘I heard a phone conversation between Laura and Ashtiaq, Laura telling him how much he loved him and he was just so nasty. You could hear Laura crying in the background. He was saying just how much he hated her and that he’d got another girl, and he wasn’t interested in her and she’s shouting back “I love ya, I love ya…”. He used Laura I think at the end.’


Ashgar comes from a very traditional Muslim family and was leading a secret life, which Laura was a part of


The two broke up and Laura began a short relationship with a married friend of his

Laura soon became sick of being Ashtiaq secret and on October 6, 2010, fuelled by alcohol, she and her sister made the fatal mistake of revealing all to his family.

They knocked on his mother’s door and told her what was going on.

Sarah recalls: ‘Laura told her that she wanted to marry him, but his mother got aggressive and hit her with a shoe, calling her “a dirty white b****”.’

The whole time Ashtiaq stood behind his mother ‘acting sheepish’.

When sentenced, Ashgar ‘showed no remorse’, he was just upset at the amount of jail time he received


The public episode would have been deeply shameful and embarrassing to him.

On a roll, Laura and Sarah also visited Zac’s family to reveal how he is the father of her baby.

Maggie recalls: ‘She said “I am sick of her being a secret” as she had been told not to mention about Alicia to any of the family. So she told them but they just didn’t want to know.’

Maggie added that Laura’s relations with Ashtiaq and Zac had ‘fetched shame on their family… she had to be stopped.’

In the days following Sarah and Laura turning up at their houses, an angry Ashtiaq sent Zac a text message saying: ‘I’m gonna send that b***** to Hell.’

He also said he wanted to make ‘beans on toast’ of her, which is a phrase that means to spill blood.

He asked Laura to meet him at the canal one evening and it’s there that he murdered her.

The story of Laura Wilson will be broadcast tonight…

When Laura did not return home that evening, Maggie said she ‘just knew’ something terrible had happened.

Meanwhile, Ashtiaq was trying to cover his tracks by texting Laura’s friend asking if she had ‘seen’ her.

Two days later, Laura’s body was found in the canal. She had more than 40 stab wounds, most of those to the head, and some were defence wounds.

Maggie had to go identify her daughter. SHe said: ‘I went over and kissed her and I put my arms around her and I just sobbed.’

The day after Laura went missing, mother Maggie (left) ‘knew’ something terrible had happened

Sarah was overwhelmed with guilt. She said: ‘If it was going to be anyone it should have been me. It was my choice to go and knock on Ashtiaq’s door, it was my choice to go and knock on Zac’s door. She had everything to live for.’

Police charged Ashtiaq and Zac with murder – describing the case as Britain’s first white honour based killing.

Both men pleaded not guilty.

On May 2011 at Ashtiaq’s trial, the court heard how after stabbing Laura, he threw her into the canal but she kept fighting for her life. A pathologist report found that the stab wounds to the head were actually done to keep her under the water.

On June 1 Ashtiaq changed his plea to guilty in the hope of a reduced sentence, as the evidence was stacking up against him.

On December 21 the judge sentenced 18-year-old Ashtiaq to 17-and-a-half years imprisonment for Laura’s murder.

‘He showed no remorse, just upset at the amount of time he got in jail,’ says Maggie.

Meanwhile, following a retrial Zac was acquitted of murder.

Ashtiaq is currently serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 2029 when he’s 34-years-old.

Sarah said she believed his punishment was not enough, adding: ‘He’s going to be out in 2029… he can still get out and get married and have kids and have a good life. My sister can’t.’

Maggie and Sarah are now raising Laura’s daughter, Alicia, and this keeps them going.

Maggie said: ‘I need to keep strong for Alicia. I have got to make sure she has a good upbringing, good schooling. Keep her safe.’

Britain’s Darkest Taboos – Britain’s First White Honour Killing is repeated on Sunday 24 November at 10pm on Crime & Investigation Network

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2510542/Britains-white-honour-killing-Teenager-brutally-murdered-Muslim-lover-exposing-relationship-family.html#ixzz2lIeYM9Bs

Was Charlene Downes sexually abused by up to 100 men before being murdered by Muslims and chopped up for kebab meat? Police reopen case of missing girl 10 years on

Until this weeks appeal, if you had mentioned Charlene Downes murder the majority of people would reply… Charlene Who??   Unlike the Black murder victim Stephen Lawrence, who was virtually in the news  for over 10 years until his racist killers were convicted and still is almost  on a daily basis. Charlene and her alleged killers were the wrong colour. She was white and those linked to the murder were ethnic minorities. If she was not white but the killers were then im sure the press and authorities would of been behind the family in the same way they backed the Lawrence family. Karen Downes may even have been a c-list celebrity and making a good living off the back of her child’s murder like saint Doreen Lawrence has done. Instead of 10 years on, still being no nearer justice for her daughter.

The 2 Muslim takeaway owners who were charged with the murder and making the body into kebab meat only walked because the police botched the evidence causing the trial to collapse and the judge dismissing them. Their acquittal does not for 1 minute mean they are totally innocent of being involved.

Charlene didnt have a good upbringing or much of a family life, her parents were not exactly the best in the world. Charlene was neglected living an erratic life at home with a dysfunctional family. She was vulnerable and an easy target for grooming. For those reasons alone the police need to be going all out to bring those responsible to justice. To send out the message to Muslim grooming gangs, that vulnerable girls may not be cared for at home, but in the law, offences against them will be treated the same as against anyone else. You will not get away with it.

Was Charlene, 14, sexually abused by up to 100 men before being murdered and chopped up for kebab meat? Police reopen case of missing teenager ten years on

  • Charlene Downes, 14, disappeared in Blackpool ten years ago today
  • She had been abused by up to 100 men before her death, police believe
  • Paige Chivers, 15, vanished in August 2007 and was also groomed for sex
  • Police relaunch inquiry and urge the public for information about them


PUBLISHED: 10:23, 1 November 2013 | UPDATED: 01:18, 2 November 2013

A murdered schoolgirl who vanished ten years ago was sexually abused by as many as 100 men in the run-up to her death, it emerged yesterday.

Charlene Downes, 14, had been a victim of child sex gangs in Blackpool, many of them centred on takeaway restaurants.

Yesterday it was claimed that her parents turned a blind eye to the some of the abuse which is alleged to have taken place in the family home.

New probe: Police have relaunched investigations into the murders of Charlene Downes (left) and Paige Chivers (right) in Blackpool in the past ten yearsNew probe: Police have relaunched investigations into the murders of Charlene Downes (left) and Paige Chivers (right) in Blackpool in the past ten years

In 2007 two business partners were tried for murdering Charlene and disposing of her body using a mincing machine, before putting it into kebabs.

However, a jury failed to reach a verdict and a retrial collapsed. Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi later received six-figure compensation sums for false imprisonment.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Charlene’s disappearance, police yesterday announced they have appointed a dedicated full-time senior investigating officer to the case.

The team will also look into the disappearance of another teenager from Blackpool, Paige Chivers, 15, who vanished in August 2007.

Charlene’s parents are not co-operating with the police inquiry and will today take part in a BNP march, having shared platforms with leader Nick Griffin accusing ‘Muslim paedophile gangs’ of targeting their daughter.

However, it emerged that police drew up a list of 100 ‘people of interest’, suspected of abusing Charlene, including a succession of older white men invited into the family home by her parents, The Times reported.

Yesterday, Charlene’s mother Karen told the Daily Mail the allegations were ‘exaggerated and widely untrue’.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said Lancashire Constabulary had never given up the search for either girl, but hoped the fresh investigation would jog people’s memories.

Remember Paige
Remember Charlene

Renewed appeals: The two teenagers vanished without a trace but may have been murdered by a paedophile

Cold case: This kebab shop was at the heart of Charlene's case. Its then owner was falsely accused of killing her and chopping her up. He and another man were paid compensation after the case against them collapsedCold case: This kebab shop was at the heart of Charlene’s case. Its then owner was falsely accused of killing her and chopping her up. He and another man were paid compensation after the case against them collapsed. It is believed to be under new ownership and changes its name

‘There is nothing evidentially that links these cases at present although we would never rule it out but as with Charlene, I would also ask people to remember Paige and, again, let us know if there’s anything they have been keeping to themselves about what happened to her,’ he said.

‘We know that people are more confident in coming forward to report historic information nowadays and this may be the case here.

‘Charlene and Paige’s friends, obviously just teenagers at the time they went missing, will now be grown up and may have their own children. I would hope they may be more confident now in coming forward and telling us what they may know.

He added: ‘We appreciate that a considerable amount of time has passed since both Charlene and Paige went missing but we would still encourage anyone with information to come forward and speak to us as it could assist in our inquiries, and help bring the killer or killers to justice.’

Lancashire police and crime commissioner Clive Grunshaw said he had seen many cases where information years later resulted in successful prosecutions.

Mr Grunshaw specifically mentioned the case of former BBC presenter Stuart Hall, who was jailed for child sexual abuse against 14 girls between 1967 and 1985.

‘I hope, in the cases of both Charlene and Paige, there is someone out there who now feels comfortable enough to come forward and tell the police what they know,’ he said.

‘Charlene and Paige’s families have a right to know what happened to their children, and I would urge anyone who thinks they might know something – no matter how small – to take this opportunity and contact the police.’

Prosecutors in the 2007 trial of takeaway owner Iyad Albattikhi, accused and later acquitted of Charlene’s death, claimed her body was chopped up and had ‘gone into kebabs’.

The court heard Charlene was one of a number of young white girls who gravitated to Blackpool’s takeaways to have sex with older men.

Mr Albattikhi was formally cleared of Charlene’s murder while co-defendant Mohammed Reveshi was acquitted of helping to dispose of her body.

Both of the accused were later reported to have received six-figure compensation sums for false imprisonment.

Paige had also been linked to sex exploitation in the area.

Over the years, police have made four arrests on suspicion of Paige’s murder but all have been freed without charge.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2483351/Cherlene-Downes-missing-person-case-reopened-police.html#ixzz2jYdKWijw

Israeli Army Colonel Savagely Murdered Outside His Home By 5 Palestinian Islamists

In Kenya and Nigeria savage bloodthirsty Muslim extremists are attacking and butchering innocent Christians families.  

In Burma the Muslims have been constantly fighting against the Buddhists.

In Egypt the minority Copts are the target of the Muslims rage with churches burnt down and copt’s murdered on a daily basis

In Northern India Muslim millitants are fighting against the Hindu’s

In the West Bank, Muslim extremists are killing Israelis (Story below)

Whilst in Syria and Iraq Muslims are killing other Muslims

It’s a good job with all these clashes happening in Africa and Asia that ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE .God help us otherwise if it wasn’t just imagine the bloodshed then. There will never be peace on earth while there is Muslims on it.

Suspected West Bank terror attack || Israeli reserves colonel murdered outside his Jordan Valley home

Officer’s wife says they heard noise outside, went out to check and were attacked by Palestinians armed with an axe and iron rods; Israeli security forces detain five suspects.

| Israeli reserves colonel murdered outside his Jordan Valley home Officer's wife says they heard noise outside, went out to check and were attacked by Palestinians armed with an axe and iron rods; Israeli security forces detain five suspects.

By Chaim Levinson, Gili Cohen and Eli Ashkenazi | Oct. 11, 2013 | 11:27 AM | 81

The scene of the murder in the Jordan Valley, October 11, 2013. Photo by Gil Eliyahu

Colonel (Res.) Seraiah Ofer was killed in an attack outside his home in the Jordan Valley settlement of Brosh Habika at 10 P.M. Thursday night. His wife Monique was moderately wounded, but managed to escape and contact police.

Israeli security forces detained five suspects in connection with the murder.

Monique Ofer said the couple heard strange noises from outside their West Bank home. Upon leaving the house to investigate, they were attacked by Palestinians wielding iron rods and an ax.

After escaping through a breach in the fence surrounding the property, the woman collapsed by a highway, and then called a friend, who contacted the police. The Israeli army, Police and Magen David Adom scrambled to the scene and pronounced the man, in his fifties, dead. The woman was evacuated to Haemek Medical Center in Afula. She is scheduled to undergo surgery.

Preliminary investigation indicates the crime was a terror attack, but security forces have not confirmed whether or not the attack was politically-motivated or crime-related. The Israel Defense Forces set up roadblocks and are conducting a sweep of the area in an attempt to find the attackers. The portion of Highway 90 that runs through the Jordan Valley has been closed to traffic.

The victim is the nephew of Yuli and Sami Ofer. His father, David, was commander of the Israel Police Tel Aviv District, and his brother, Yitzhak, was a pilot in the Israel Air Force who was killed in the Yom Kippur War. Seraiah Ofer himself was commander of the IDF Shaked unit, and was one of the founders of the air force\’s special unit, Shaldag. He took part in the evacuation of Yamit in 1982. He went on to become deputy commander of the Givati Brigade.

He was discharged as a colonel and went into an unsuccessful business career incurring a debt of millions. In the 90s he founded a resort in the Jordan Valley but this venture was unsuccessful. Over the last decade he got into legal trouble, culminating in a conviction on obstruction of justice charges in 2008. Most of the conviction was overturned in 2011. The only charge remaining was one of failure to file an official report.

Thursday’s incident was the third time an Israeli was killed in the West Bank this past month.

Last Saturday, a young girl was shot while playing outside her home in the West Bank settlement of Psagot. Noam Glick, 9, sustained mild injuries. Two Palestinian brothers in their twenties were arrested by the IDF on Monday in connection with the attack.

Some three weeks ago, IDF Staff Sergeant Gal (Gabriel) Kobi, 20, of Tirat Hacarmel, was killed while manning his post near the entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Clashes erupted in the area and a bullet fired from a distance, apparently by a sniper, hit Kobi in his upper body.

The IDF says it still has no leads as to the perpetrator\’s identity.

The Hebron shooting occurred only a day after 20-year-old IDF soldier Tomer Hazan was found murdered in the West Bank city of Qalqilyah. Nidal Amar, a Palestinian resident of West Bank village of Beit Amin, was arrested in connection with the killing and confessed.

via Israeli reserves colonel murdered outside his Jordan Valley home – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz.

Backwards Sharia Law : TV Cleric Who Raped And Tortured To Death His Own 5 Year Old Daughter

Only under the severely retarded Islamic sharia law could somebody be treated so leniently for repeatedly raping their own 5 year old daughter before committing countless horrific acts of torture. Inflicting serious pain and suffering to such a small child, until her body could no longer take the brutality and shut down. The evil bastard practically beat every last bit of life out of her.

Sadistic Islamic preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi was looked upon as a man of religion by Muslims with him being a regular on Islamic TV stations spreading the word of Allah. His actions were anything but religious. Then again this is Islam and as experience tells us there is nothing peaceful or loving about Islam only violence and anger

Saudi Arabian preacher gets 8 years in jail for raping and killing five-year-old daughter

A court found Muslim preacher Fayhan al-Ghamdi guilty of beating, burning, crushing, and raping his daughter Lama. The father’s sentence was lightened after Lama’s mother agreed to accept $276,000 for the daughter’s death.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2013, 8:05 PM
<br />
	Fayhan al-Ghamdi, who often preached on television, was convicted of beating his daughter Lama with canes, burning her with electrical cables, crushing her skull and tearing off her nails. She was also raped repeatedly and died months later in a Saudi hospital.<br />


Fayhan al-Ghamdi, who often preached on television, was convicted of beating his daughter Lama and crushing her nails. She was also raped repeatedly and died months later in a Saudi hospital.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – An ultraconservative Muslim preacher in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to eight years in prison and 800 lashes for raping and beating his five-year-old daughter to death, official media said Tuesday.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, who often preached on television, was convicted of beating his daughter Lama with canes, burning her with electrical cables, crushing her skull and tearing off her nails. She was also raped repeatedly and died months later in a Saudi hospital.

The kingdom follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery are capital crimes, with execution mostly by firing squad. The case of Lama caused a public outcry and brought to light sensitive issues surrounding the ambiguity of punishment for Saudi fathers found guilty of murdering their own children.

Much less serious crimes often receive heavier punishment. Earlier this week, a Saudi court gave four young men sentences of between three to 10 years prison and 500 to 2,000 lashes for dancing naked in public in the city of Buraydah, north of Riyadh.

The Saudi official news website Sabq reported that the hard-line Muslim preacher was not given a harsher sentence because Lama’s mother accepted 1 million riyals, roughly $267,000, from her ex-husband as “blood money,” allowed in litigation under Saudi law.

The Egyptian mother, who acquired Saudi nationality through her ex-husband, was quoted in Arab Gulf-based media saying she is a poor single woman with no income. By accepting the money, she waived the right to demand retribution, or “qisas,” against al-Ghamdi for the death of their daughter. It was not immediately known if she was pressured to accept the deal.

Lama’s mother told broadcaster Al-Arabiya that al-Ghamdi took their daughter from her for a two-week visit in 2011 to his home with his second wife and other children. Months went by and he refused to allow the mother to see her daughter. The mother wears a full face veil and her name was not revealed.

Lama was then taken to a hospital, where she died in intensive care in late 2012.


“I saw her and I swear to God I didn’t recognize her,” the mother told the news channel, describing the moment she saw her daughter’s disfigured face and body in the hospital. “I felt there is no mercy among humans.”

“She was beaten from the head to the toe, all black and blue all over her body,” the mother said.

Al-Ghamdi had previously said he had been guided by God after having a temper during his adolescent years, although Lama’s mother says otherwise.

“He used to beat me for no reason and raise a knife to me,” she told popular Saudi station Rotana Khalijia, adding that al-Ghamdi also did not provide basic household necessities.

“A man who does not even give money to (feed) his own daughter is not a preacher,” she said, adding that al-Ghamdi did not practice what he preached on television, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and sometimes breaking obligatory Muslims fasts.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/saudi-arabian-preacher-8-years-jail-raping-killing-five-year-old-daughter-article-1.1479978#ixzz2hFJqLMCA