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Islamist Front Group Claim Influence Of 30 MPs

Andrew Gilligan is without doubt the most despised journalist amongst British based Muslims, a honour well earned. He is one of the few journalists with the balls to stand up to the Islamists attempting to Islamize our western lands by stealth jihad. Exposing so called ‘moderates’ who are often front groups for hardcore islamofascists posing as respectable groups. When in reality behind the scenes they have their own Islamic agenda to push.

Once again, Gilligan come up trumps with his piece in The Telegraph regarding extremist linked Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND). The re-branded Islamist think tank IEngage whom i posted about last week for their planned event hosting Baroness Warsi alongside some notorious hate preachers.

Gilligan reveals that at a recent talk at a Bolton mosque, MEND front man Sufyan Ismail, has claimed that it has influence in the election of 30 MPs seats in the forth coming election which he will exploit to push their extremist Muslim Manifesto, part of which is demanding all criticism of Islam be made illegal!!!

Extremist Muslim Azad Ali is MENDs PR man. He is also part of the East London Muslim Mafia known as IFE who were implicated in Tower Hamlets vote rigging scandal. Ali is currently vice chair of communist front group - Unite Against Fascism
Extremist Muslim Azad Ali is MENDs PR man. He is also part of the East London Muslim Mafia known as IFE who were implicated in Tower Hamlets vote rigging scandal. Ali is currently vice chair of communist front group – Unite Against Fascism

Muslim group with links to extremists boasts of influencing election

A group suspected of being a front for Islamic extremists claims it can control as many as 30 seats in the general election and boasts of acting a “kingmaker”

Sufyan Ismail, CEO of MEND
Sufyan Ismail, CEO of MEND claims of influence in election


A front group for Islamic extremists which wants to let British Muslims fight in Syria has boasted that it is “negotiating with the Tory and Labour leadership” to secure some of its demands.

Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) has built links with both parties – and been chosen as an “official partner” by the Electoral Commission for May’s poll – after claiming to promote “democratic engagement” by Muslims. However, it is actually a facade to win political access and influence for individuals holding extreme, bigoted and anti-democratic views.

In new recordings heard by this newspaper, Sufyan Ismail, Mend’s chief executive, describes the group’s strategy to act as “kingmaker” in next month’s election and claims it can control as many as 30 seats.

One Tory candidate in a winnable seat was repeatedly approached by a well-known Muslim figure offering large sums of money for his campaign if he signed up to Mend’s “Muslim manifesto.”

The manifesto was launched last month at an event in Parliament attended by at least ten Labour and Conservative MPs, though there is no evidence any of them were paid by Mend. Lynton Crosby, the Conservative campaign director, and shadow Labour ministers have attended Mend events.

Mend’s director of engagement, Azad Ali, is an extremist who has supported the killing of British troops, praised the al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki and said that “democracy, if it means at the expense of not implementing the Sharia, of course no-one agrees with that.”

Mend is holding a series of events this weekend with other extremist, anti-democratic speakers and has close links to the pro-terrorist lobby group Cage.

In a talk seen by The Telegraph at the Zakariyya Central Mosque in Bolton, Mr Ismail said a strong performance by the group’s chosen candidates could make it easier for British citizens to fight in Syria.

“David Cameron recently said that British Jews fighting for the IDF [Israeli army] will not be prosecuted,” Mr Ismail said. “But British Muslims going to Syria fighting against Assad… will definitely face interrogation. Now do you think that if we landed those 20 seats or 30 seats, he [Cameron] would have the audacity to say that to the Muslim community? Not a chance!”

Mr Ismail also claimed that British society “hates us” and that British law specifically allowed violence against Muslims while protecting other groups. “It’s not a crime to use violent or threatening words or behaviour [against Muslims],” he said. “It’s perfectly OK under UK law to hate Islam and Muslims, it’s not a problem…if you’re Muslim, [the law says] you can take liberties big time, that’s why women are getting their hijabs ripped off.”

In fact, there were 550 prosecutions for religiously-aggravated hate crime – most of it anti-Muslim – last year and hundreds more for anti-Muslim crimes under the standard laws against assault and vandalism.

Mr Ismail claimed that a 2013 arson attack which destroyed a Muslim community centre in Muswell Hill had been condoned by the rest of society, saying: “Did you hear one politician condemn it? Even one politician? When was the last time you saw a church burnt to the ground – I bet you can’t think of one.”

The attack was widely condemned by politicians of all parties, including the London mayor, Boris Johnson, who described it as “cowardly” and “pathetic,” the Northern Ireland secretary and local MP, Theresa Villiers, who called it “despicable” and “an attack on all of us” and the shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, who said it was a “hate crime.” At least a dozen churches or church buildings have been burnt to the ground in arson attacks in recent years, and many others seriously damaged.

Mr Ismail also claimed that there were “500 physical attacks” on Muslims, “mainly women,” in London in 2013. This was the total number of alleged Islamophobic crimes reported to police that year, the vast majority of which were not physical attacks on people.

He cited cases up to eight years old as showing that there was a wave of serious violence happening against Muslims “now” and stated that anti-Muslim hate crime had risen by “more than just about any other hate crime you can imagine.” In fact, it has risen by less than many other forms of hate crime, including anti-Semitic and homophobic crime, both of which are also far greater per head of population.

The demand to legalise Syria fighters does not appear in Mend’s “Muslim manifesto.” But the manifesto does demand that Whitehall builds links, cut under the coalition government, with non-violent Islamists. It also says that “insulting” Islam should be made a criminal offence.

Mend strongly supports Cage and has held joint meetings with it, including in Manchester on November 28 last year. In another talk, at a mosque in Cheadle, Cheshire, Mr Ismail said Cage and another group linked to Syrian jihadis, IERA, “do a really good job.”

A key speaker on Mend’s election tour, which began yesterday, is Abu Eesa Niamatullah, another extremist who opposes democracy and stated that “the Creator is the one who should decide what the laws should be.”

The group also promotes Haitham al-Haddad, a hate preacher who describes democracy as “filthy” and says that “all the kuffar [an insulting term for non-Muslims] will go to hellfire.” Haddad adds, however, that Muslims are “allowed to vote for a kafir [infidel] system in order to avoid a bigger kafir system taking power.”

Baroness Warsi, the former Tory chairman, was billed to speak alongside Mr Niamatullah and Mr Ismail at a Mend meeting in Manchester, though she claimed she would be speaking alone.

Mr Ismail, a tax avoidance millionaire worth a reported £65 million, told the Bolton meeting how the group had organised to “batter the Israeli lobby” in the Commons.

Referring to the election, he said: “Right now, we are negotiating with the Labour leadership, we are negotiating with the Tory leadership and insh’allah [God willing] will start with the Lib Dem leadership as well, where we have a list of manifesto pledges.

“The Muslim vote is worth ten ordinary votes because… we are heavily concentrated in a few areas,” he said. “Anybody who can give any one party 10, 20, 30 seats, like we can, they have to listen to you.”

Tory sources said Mr Crosby wanted nothing further to do with Mend and did not know why the group was approved to hold a fringe meeting.

However, the party did not respond to questions about Mend’s claim to be in “negotiations” with its leadership.

A Labour spokesman denied any negotiation, saying: “We receive submissions and requests from hundreds of organisations, but it is completely wrong to suggest Mend has any influence over Labour’s manifesto process.”

Labour sources conceded that Mend probably had met shadow ministers informally at the party conference, however


Video: Former Iraqi MP: A Civil State Is the Only Solution to Combat ISIS

What a refreshing change this video is. A Muslim who has the sense to realise the koran is flawed and civil law not sharia is needed in Iraq.

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din: A Civil State Is the Only Solution to Combat ISIS

In a recent TV interview, former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din called for the establishment of a civil state in Iraq based on man-made law and equality, rather than on Islamic jurisprudence, as the only way to combat ISIS. He further said that there were thousands of mosques in the U.S. and worldwide that incited and prepared people to join ISIS. “Islam has been politicized and is used as a sword,” he said in the Al-Iraqiya TV interview, which aired on October 17.

Karma Catches Up With Big Mouth Muslim MP George Galloway

Poor old George Galloway. It looks like his karma has finally caught up with the snake like traitor MP. Somebody who he has offended in the past with his controversial comments has given him a good hiding leaving him hospitalized. Ha Ha it couldn’t of happened to a nicer bloke

Allegations of corruption such as voter fraud, backhanders from Saddam’s oil money and being in the pocket of Arab dictators have followed Galloway his whole political career. Using his media appearances to push his treasonous communist/Muslim agenda which is often of an anti-Semitic nature. Yet somehow until now he has always managed to wriggle his way out .


George Galloway leaves hospital after London street attack

George GallowayThis picture, released by Respect via Twitter, was taken before George Galloway went to hospital

George Galloway has left hospital after being treated for injuries he suffered in a street attack in west London.

The Respect MP for Bradford West was posing for pictures in Notting Hill when he was assaulted on Friday night.

The MP suffered “severe” bruising to his head and appears to have broken some ribs, his spokesman said.

The spokesman said the attack on Mr Galloway seemed to have been prompted by the MP’s views on Israel. A man has been arrested over the attack.

The attacker allegedly called Mr Galloway “a Hitler” during the assault.

‘Leapt on him’

The MP’s spokesman said the assailant had made reference to the Holocaust.

“George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him,” the spokesman said.

“It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust.”

Mr Galloway was interviewed under caution by police earlier this month over remarks he made about Israel.

After Friday night’s attack, the MP made a statement at Notting Hill police station before being taken to hospital for treatment. He left hospital at about 06:00 BST.

He was feared to have suffered a broken jaw but the MP’s spokesman said this was not the case.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed police had been called to Golborne Road at about 19:40 on Friday after a man was assaulted in the street.

Racist George Galloway Appoints Himself Dictator Of Bradford

George Galloway converted to Islam a decade ago, according to the New Statesman

Terrorist supporting Muslim MP George Galloway is being investigated by police after telling Jews that they are not welcome in the Islamic enclave of Bradford. Since when has becoming elected as an MP given the victorious candidate the authority to say who is and isn’t welcome in  his constituency? Especially when those comments are based on the racist views and immense hatred held by both himself the person and his religion towards Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

The disgusting NORespect Party MP for Bradford East said: ‘We don’t want any Israeli goods, we don’t want any Israeli services, we don’t want any Israeli academics, coming to the university or the college. ‘We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford, if any of them had thought of doing so.’

Words more akin to that of Hitler and his Nazi Party, not that of an elected member of parliament. Not even a disgraced proven liar MP like Galloway. Galloways racist speech proves what a hypocrite he is considering he also claims to be an antifascist  and is a member of the so called peace movement, Stop The War Coalition. Which is really a communist / Muslim front used for pro Muslim propaganda.

For the likes of Galloway who is both a communist and a Muslim convert, the currant situation in Gaza is just another excuse  for the  Muslim / far left extremist alliance to take to the streets and have a pop at the Israeli and the British governments.

Galloway has been a long time supporter of Hamas the Muslim terrorist group who control the streets of Gaza and fighting the Israelis. Galloway was involved in the flotilla to Gaza where money collected in the UK and vehicles were donated to the terrorist leaders of Hamas for their ‘struggle against Israeli oppressors’ . 

.Islam Nazi 01

Police investigating Galloway comments

Asian Image: Police investigating Galloway comments
Police investigating Galloway comments

Police have begun an investigation after Respect MP George Galloway declared that Bradford is “an Israel-free zone”.

In a speech which has caused an outcry on social media, the veteran politician states Israelis are not welcome in the city where he has a constituency.

West Yorkshire Police said it was investigating his comments.

A force spokesman said: “We have received two separate complaints about comments attributed to George Galloway MP during a speech he gave at a public meeting in Leeds on August 2. We are currently investigating the complaints.”

In one part of his speech which can be seen online, Mr Galloway said: “We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone.

“We don’t want any Israeli goods. We don’t want any Israeli services.

“We don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or college.

“We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford even if any of them had thought of doing so.

“We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel. And you have to do the same.”

Mr Galloway was filmed in front of the Palestinian flag.

David Ward, Lib Dem MP for Bradford East and a campaigner against the Israeli government’s policy on Gaza, said Mr Galloway had made a “schoolboy error”.

Mr Ward said “of course” Israelis were welcome in Bradford.

“Our complaint is not with Jews, it is not with Israelis, it is with Israel and those who support the state of Israel.

“It is quite dangerous talk, because the danger is of course that anybody from a Jewish background – because people will not necessarily differentiate – is then subject to abuse and anti-Semitic acts.

“It’s a schoolboy error from someone who really should know better.”

Mr Ward said Mr Galloway had a long and in-depth knowledge of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, adding: “I applaud much of the workhe has done over many years on the issue.

“But I am interested in a serious campaign to bring about change.”

Mr Ward said there were now more than 75,000 signatures on a petition calling for a boycott of Israel and sanctions if the “military operations which endanger civilians in Gaza” do not cease.

“This is a proper campaign,” he said. “I’m not interested in a throwaway remark.”

Video: Muslim MP George Galloway Talks About Beheading The Local Council

Muslim convert MP George Galloway talks about beheading the local council and that they “specialise” in that sort of operation!  

Muslim MP Galloway showing the world what a joke he is

Yes George maybe barbaric actions like beheading are a Muslim speciality. I can think of a few other Muslim specialities also…..such as sexual deviancy which is also one of Mr Galloway’s who has an interracial cuckold fetish. Another Muslim speciality is the taqiyya which the anti British traitor uses all to often to fellow MPs in parliament. Corruption and fraud is also a Muslim strong point and one which Galloway is all to familiar with. It was alleged Galloway was receiving back handers in the 100,000s in oil money from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain. Last but most definitely not  least Muslim speciality is terrorism which is almost exclusive to Muslims. Snake Galloway is a strong supporter of Hamas.

Video: Muslim MP George Galloway Blames Israel For Ukraine Crisis

 The smiley and snake like MP George Galloway has once again crawled out from under his stone with another of his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Muslim convert Galloway is a serial opportunist and uses his platform on Iranian propaganda outlet  Press TV to attack Israel, blaming them for the currant crisis in Ukraine.

When George Galloway isn’t appearing Middle Eastern TV channels pushing the Muslim agenda, or participating in his interracial cuckold fetish. He can on the rare occasion be found in the House of Commons as the MP representing the people of Iran  Syria  Palestine  Bradford.

Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi Aplogises For Anti Semitic Comments

Muslim Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi has been forced to apologise for anti-Semitic comments she made regarding the holocaust. Despite the apology she still maintains that no offence was intended. Muslims love to play the victims claiming they are discriminated against. Yet when it comes down to treating others as they expect to be treated its a totally different ball game. Anti Semitism like homophobia is deeply embedded in Islam

MP aplogises for Holocaust comment

12:14pm Saturday 8th February 2014 in North of England news

Asian Image: MP aplogises for Holocaust commentMP aplogises for Holocaust comment

A Labour MP has apologised for the offence caused by remarks about the Holocaust but denied seeking to equate its horrors with Israel’s treatment of people in Gaza.

Yasmin Qureshi was accused of drawing “offensive and inappropriate comparisons” during a Westminster debate about the Middle East.

In a speech decrying the lack of international action over the treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories, she cited the creation of Israel.

“Israel was founded because of what happened to the millions and millions of Jews who suffered genocide,” she told MPs.

“Their properties, homes and land, everything, were taken away, and they were deprived of rights.

“Of course, many millions perished. It is quite strange that some of the people who are running the state of Israel seem to be quite complacent and happy to allow the same to happen in Gaza.”

Her words drew sharp condemnation from the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock.

“We expect our politicians to speak responsibly and sensitively about the past and about events today,” she said.

“These lazy and deliberate distortions have no place in British politics.”

Ms Qureshi, MP for Bolton South East, said she had not intended to draw a direct parallel and felt “personally hurt” that anyone could think she had done – especially as she had visited one of the most notorious death camps.

“The debate was about the plight of the Palestinian people and in no way did I mean to equate events in Gaza with the Holocaust,” she said in a statement.

“I apologise for any offence caused.

“I am also personally hurt if people thought I meant this.

“As someone who has visited the crematoria and gas chambers of Auschwitz I know the Holocaust was the most brutal act of genocide of the 20th century and no-one should seek to underestimate its impact.”

Ms Pollock said: “Whilst current events in the Middle East understandably stir emotions, it is astonishing to think that anyone could visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, learn about the industrial nature of the Nazis’ murderous regime, even walk through a gas chamber – and then make these offensive and inappropriate comparisons.”

Legal Bid To Halt £17.5m Cambridge Mega Mosque

Anti Islamization activists Stephen Gash, of Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SOIE), and Sareeta Webra, founder of Sikhs Against Sharia (SAS), have made an application for a Cambridge County Court injunction to prevent the planned mega mosque in Mill Road being built.  The local dhimmi MP is none to happy that concerned Brit’s are trying to halt the Islamization of his constituency.

Cambridge is a city well known for its historic university,globally known as one of the best in the world. For all the intellectuals studying there, you would of thought at least a couple of them would have seen this mosque application and realised it doesn’t all add up.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert ought to be asking those questions that have been left unanswered before jumping to the defence of Islamization for the benefit of all his constituents and not only the Muslim ones.

  • Why is a mosque of such a dominant nature needed
  • Why does a mosque for 1,000 only have 80 parking spaces
  • £17.5m is a very large amount of money. Where exactly is it all coming from needs accounting for down to the penny. The Muslim Academic Trust who are behind the planned mosque financial accounts show they don’t have it despite their erratic income and expenditure. Passing the donation bucket round does not raise the sort of money were talking here. So where is it coming from and what do they get in return out of it?


Fury at protest group’s legal bid to stop planned £17.5m mosque in Cambridge in which they claimed it could be “front for terrorism”


  • ....Pic 2: View of the interior: Prayer Hall of the Cambridge New Mosque
….Pic 2: View of the interior: Prayer Hall of the Cambridge New Mosque

A protest group has been criticised for a legal application to stop a £17.5 million mosque being built in Cambridge, in which they claimed it could be “a front for terrorism”.

Stephen Gash, of Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SOIE), and Sareeta Webra, founder of Sikhs Against Sharia (SAS), made an application for a Cambridge County Court injunction to prevent the mosque in Mill Road being built.

The application calls for a “court injunction to be served against the Muslim Academic Trust for construction of a mega-mosque”.

The campaigners claim the planning consultation was not conducted “lawfully”.

And the application adds: “It is well documented that many so-called Muslim charities are fronts for Islamic terrorism and that several of those cited are based in the United Kingdom.”

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert said such views had “no place in this city”. He told the News: “It both infuriates and saddens me that anyone would make such unpleasant and inaccurate allegations, attacking people just because of their 
religious beliefs.

“It is this type of naïvety and sweeping generalisation that stirs up intolerance and racial hatred. It has no place in this city.

“It’s a shame that these people who are so quick to condemn this project don’t put aside their 
prejudices and talk to people from the Muslim community and others who live near the existing Cambridge Mosque – they would discover that their claims are baseless.

“Cambridge is a richer place for its vibrant mix of nationalities which make our communities lively and interesting.

“Our new mosque will be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of their religious beliefs and I hope many will take the opportunity to visit. It looks like a beautiful building and will be a credit to Cambridge.”

Ms Webra claims building the mosque could see Cambridge “fall to Islam”.

She said: “The English Reformation and foundation of the Church of England started in Cambridge and is celebrated with a plaque on King’s College.

“Cambridge is the last bastion of Christianity in England and must not fall to Islam, which the construction of the Mill Road mosque clearly intends for Cambridge.

“I am myself a believer in Jesus Christ the Saviour and have become so without in any way abandoning my Sikhism and love for the Khalsa.

“Cambridge University has immense respect across the world as an academic institution which is why Cambridge has been targeted as the location for what can only be described as a symbol of Islamic dominance.”

Stephen Gash, co-founder of SIOE, said: “Cambridge must not become a hub for funding international terrorism by having a triumphalist mosque dumped within it.”

The case was heard on January 17 and was not successful – but the group say they are now planning an appeal.

Mr Gash said: “The injunction was struck out because the case wasn’t made strongly enough, but we have been granted leave to 

Planning permission was granted in 2012 for the three-storey domed building on the site of the former Robert Sayle warehouse.

It will boast a prayer hall with capacity for 1,000 people, a café and teaching rooms, plus a library, a mortuary, and a large public 

But the plans have sparked controversy and the English Defence League has held a march and a rally in the city against the mosque. Vandals also targeted the building site after the Boston Marathon bombings. Graffiti artists daubed offensive messages on the hoardings.

A spokesman for the mosque said: “We are aware of the application but did not feel it was worthy of addressing.”

Read more: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Cambridge/Fury-at-protest-groups-legal-bid-to-stop-planned-175m-mosque-in-Cambridge-claiming-it-could-be-front-for-terrorism-20140129060229.htm#ixzz2rp0Q1HiW

MP Jack Straw Opposes Planned Mosque In Blackburn House

Blackburn MP Jack Straw is opposing plans to turn a house into yet another Islamic command centre aka a mosque. Planing officers have advised the council to reject the application also. If the council listens to their opinions is a different matter. The council is controlled the Labour party and a third of their councillors happen to be Muslims.

Interestingly the home owner has applied before to convert it into a mosque which was objected. Yet the neighbours have wrote to the council saying “Although the level in which the mosque will operate has changed in the current application from first floor to ground floor, we feel that the level of noise when all the worshippers are there will not change, not to mention the calls to pray that regularly disturb us.

Why has nobody picked up that the building is already being used as an illegal mosque. Why would they be polluting peoples eardrums by calling to prayer if it wasn’t.

A quick search on a mosque directory site for Blackburn returned a whopping 89 mosques in the town. 11 times more mosques than a large city like Liverpool that has 8 in total.

Jack Straw opposes mosque in Blackburn house

1:00pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014 in NewsBy Bill Jacobs, Local government reporter

Asian Image: Jack StrawJack Straw

JACK Straw has called on councillors to dismiss a new bid for a mosque in a Blackburn terrace house.

In 2011, Farooq Mohammed applied for retrospective planning consent for the place of worship above his Ashrafi Study Centre Madrassah, in Accrington Road, Audley.

Blackburn with Darwen Council’s planning committee refused the proposal because of objections over noise and nuisance from neighbours and ordered the mosque to cease operations.

Mr Mohammed, who has operated an Islamic school for 75 pupils at the premises between 5pm and 7.30pm with planning permission since July 2009, has now tabled a second bid for a smaller mosque on the ground floor only.

A maximum of 20 worshippers would attend at any one time.

Neighbours, Blackburn MP Mr Straw and Father Martin Daniels, of nearby St Jude’s Church, have objected again to the siting of a mosque in the house.

Councillors have been recommended by officers to refuse the application. They say the levels of noise and general disturbance remains too high to be acceptable in planning terms.

Next door neighbours Paolo and Kelly Fardella have written to the council saying: “Although the level in which the mosque will operate has changed in the current application from first floor to ground floor, we feel that the level of noise when all the worshippers are there will not change, not to mention the calls to pray that regularly disturb us.”

Mr Straw said using terraced houses as mosques was no longer necessary, or appropriate, to allow Muslims to practise their faith.

He added: “There are plenty of mosques nearby”

Mr Mohammed’s agent Imran Patel, of Compass Architectural Consultants, said: “We have no comment to make before the meeting.”


Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013

Vote Now In The Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013


Muslims are well-known for exaggerating, concealing the truth and in some cases outright lying to deceive people and scaremonger to further Islam. The stealth jihad tactic is actually permitted in Islam known as taqiyya. 

Muslim apologists and dawah merchants all use the principles below

  • ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’  
  • ‘bullshit baffles brains’
  • ‘tell a lie often enough and eventually people will start to believe it’

So with 2013 drawing to a close it’s only right to declare 1 lucky Muslim liar as the Bullshiter Of The Year 2013. The shortlist has been drawn up and the one with the most votes will be crowned champion and  be able to brag to their mates they are the one and only Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year 2013

Vote A =    Babar Ahmad – Terrorist recently extradited to the USA


For 8 years while held in British prisons before being extradited to the USA claimed to be completely innocent of any crime. 100,000 muslims signed a petition calling for his release. Muslims and the far left claimed he was a political prisoner and a victim of Islamophobia. He received support in his legal dispute from the BBC, Guardian newspaper, UAF, SWP, Muslim Council Of Britain, Stop The War, MP Sadiq Khan.

Last week in an American Federal Court, Babar Ahmad decided he wasn’t innocent as he had been claiming and pleaded guilty.

Vote B=    George Galloway -Bradford MP, Stop The War Coalition, Press TV


When he is not getting off on his interracial cuckold fetish, Muslim MP George Galloway can usually be found on Iranian channel Press TV spouting his anti UK/USA/Israel propaganda. Galloway is not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story. Such as his claims that  Israel were involved with the chemical weapons attack in Syria. On one of the rare occasion he actually attended parliament a fellow MP quizzed him on his chemical weapons statement. Unfazed snake Galloway lied through his back teeth and completely denied saying such a thing

Vote C=    Fiyaz Mughal OBE – Tell Mama UK/ Faith Matters

z list muslim celeb fiyaz mughal attention seeking

Fiyaz Mughal is without doubt a serial fantasist who has got to be in with a good chance of winning this award. Mr Mughal has received over £750,000 of taxpayers money in the last 5 years under false pretences via his 2 business ventures Tell Mama and Faith Matters. When he published TellMamas first year results his two main hate crimes were a family hounded out of their home in Notts. But failed to mention that it was by a 15-year-old boy who lived in the same street responsible. The other was a hit and run that he claims was an Islamophobic hate attack purely because the driver was a non-Muslim  and the person knocked over was Muslim .Unless the driver has been caught and admitted purposely knocking the person over because they were a Muslim. Then it is simply a hit and run not a hate crime.

After the Woolwich incident Mughal then went viral portraying Muslims as the victims. Appearing on TV, radio and in newspaper reports around the world playing the victim and sympathy seeking. Banding a set of figures around of alleged hate crimes and chatting on about a never-ending cycle of violence against Muslims. I will give Fiyaz Mughal his due, he made himself into something of a Z list celeb off the back of Lee Rigby’s murder and was doing a good job of fooling the general public into thinking Muslims were actually victims….until Andrew Gilligan’s excellent piece in the Telegraph exposing Fiyaz Mughal’s ‘never ending cycle of violence’ as a fraud, no more than name calling on social media websites. TellMama then lost its government funding after this year due to Mr Mughals fiddling of hate crime figures.

Since then as regular as clock work when Muslims are getting criticism(i.e. Kenya, Woolwich trial, PM speech) Mughal crawls from under his stone still with the same false figures and claims of a surge in anti Muslim hate crimes. He is now trying to authenticate his fake figures by mentioning some university’s far right expert(also on the Islamophobia gravy train) who used the figures in a report. It doesn’t matter if there was a million reports that used his figures,it still doesn’t make them correct if the source(FM) is wrong.

After the government saying they will tackle Islamic extremists , Mughal  once again claimed he expects yet another surge in Islamophobic attacks because of this and has extra staff on stand by. He has also taken to social network sites threatening people with arrests by the police and legal action. Listening to him waffle on you may think TellMama are part of the solution. When really they are part of the problem.

Vote D=    Lutfur Rahman – Extremist Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Mayor Lutfur Rahman of Tower Hamlets has bullshitted his way through his entire time as leader of the London enclave. Rahman has lied to the residents of LBTH portraying himself as somebody who has their interests at heart when in reality its only his fellow Muslims he is concerned about. Constantly dodging and denying all allegations of corruption and extremist links aimed at him whilst handing out millions to Islamic groups linked with his extremist friends at IFE. Even the IFE controlled East London Mosque which regularly hosts hate preachers and according to its last accounts had almost £3m in the bank has benefited from council hand outs

Vote E=    Iftikhar Ahmad – London School of Islamics Spammer


Iftikhar Ahmad is a regular commentator here and across the worldwide web. He can be found cutting and pasting the same 10 or so comments calling for Muslim only schools on lots of websites. Despite an obvious hate for the country he made his home, which he claims is full of 12 year olds giving birth, teenage females in short skirts drunk being sick outside pubs and 9 year olds given condoms at school. IA claims it is every Muslims right to receive Muslim only schooling (sex segregated) with Muslim only staff to learn the beauty of Islam due to Imperialist plundering of Muslim lands a long time ago. According to Mr Ahmad, Muslim only schools are the answer to everything from Muslim grooming gangs, rapists,murderers,fraudsters and everything else you could possibly imagine. Often he cites monolingual British education in non-Muslim schools as the reason for a Muslims crimes…..even those  immigrants that have come from Muslim lands and went to Islamic schools before setting foot in the UK.

Vote  F=    Mehdi Hasan – Huff Post Editor / Muslim Apologist


Mehdi Hasan is the boss at the pro Muslim/Far-Left Huffington Post and a regular  on TV shows as the Muslim apologist guest. On BBC question time he went into a rant accusing the Daily Mail of being anti-British, woman hating, homophobic, immigrant bashing and Muslim smearing after the Mail had said the father of his friend, Labour leader Ed Millabrand was a communist and  anti-British. Hypocrite Hasan failed to inform viewers he had previously wrote a begging letter to the DM asking for a job. Or that he wrote a book on red ED which contained private family information to the Mail On Sunday.

Hasan is another dawah merchant like Mughal, constantly trying to sell the watered down version of Islam to the public. Making a lot of noise about Islamophobia and the actions of infidels, when he is on video calling non-Muslims filthy kafir who live like animals.

Over at HP as the boss Mehdi Hasan controls what content is published and therefore responsible for the huge chunks of Bullshit mixed with half-truths they put out as news. A tactic often used is to make a none story into a big event especially if it involved  the chance to demonize critics of Islam such as the EDL or their ex leader Tommy Robinson. Divert the bad attention away from Muslims making somebody else the bad ones. A simple tweet would be enough to have Hasan’s staff in a frenzy blowing it out of all proportions.

His comment moderators like Saudi style religious police deleting anything that is different to their opinion. Even when it is the truth. One recent piece springs to mind on Islamic science where the writer had  virtually copied another article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent a few years ago. The reason i knew this was because it listed the exact same Muslim inventions that weren’t actually Muslim inventions and been proved false lots of times. Naturally it i felt it my duty to comment and inform HP of their error. Within minutes my quite polite comment pointing a few things out was gone along with every other critical comment leaving only dhimmi’s comments along the lines of “ahhh aint Islam brill”

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