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Communist Corbyn And His Support For ISIS Fundraiser Who Stole OAPs Life Savings

Yet another controversy surrounding the extremist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn by support for a Muslim fraudster who swindled pensioners savings and donated funds to ISIS.  Corbyn wrote a letter on behalf of Muslim fraudster Mohamed Dahir to the Crown Court asking the judge to spare him a prison sentence

Criminal Mohamed Dahir was part of a gang of Muslims who preyed on old age pensioners, the most vulnerable in society. The victims who had an average age of 83 were scammed of almost a million pounds by the repulsive gang in total . Anybody who can target frail OAPs repeatedly and steal every penny they have saved without a second thought mustn’t have any decency or morales what so ever. They are the absolute filth of humanity and should be put down like you would do to an incurable rabid dog. 

It just about sums up the kind of person Jeremy Corbyn is. His support of IRA and Muslim terrorists is already well-known. Support of this piece of vermin shows without doubt that he is a disgrace. He hates the country and its people who much that he will give his support to the Muslim immigrants who commit the lowest of the low crimes over our nations elderly who have lived through the war and done their bit for our nation over the years and now left with nothing.

Does he have that little respect for the poor victims and their families!!  

God help us should the Labour party ever make it in to power with its communist leader Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. One term with him as Prime Minister drag the nation so far down that there would be no recovery leaving the UK on par with some third world countries. He would happily see every foundation that this country has made torn down at the first chance he got if it helped implement the extremist communism ideology that he craves.

He should be locked up for treason not serving as an MP representing the people. The only people he represents are his communist string pullers such as Unite the union and the SWP aswell as Muslims who they see as vital in their quest for power as they can play upon ‘victim of imperialism’ how Britain are bad ticket.

Corbyn takes Muslim appeasement to a totally new level. He makes Neville Chamberlains appeasement to Hitler look like hard balling and even eclipses traitor George Galloways cozying up to extremist Muslim regimes.

Lawyer for Muslim fraudster accused of funding ISIS tries to use letter of support from Jeremy Corbyn to keep his client out of jail over Christmas

  • Fraudster was part of a gang of three who targeted elderly people for cash
  • Scam was uncovered by police investigating the funding of terrorism 
  • Although investigated they were never charged with terror offences 
  • Lawyers for one of the gang handed letter from Corbyn to judge in the case
  • But today a judge turned down pleas for the conman to be given bail

A lawyer today tried to use a letter from Jeremy Corbyn to keep a Muslim fraudster accused of funding Islamic State terrorism out of jail over Christmas.

The Labour leader wrote a letter on behalf of Mohamed Dahir, asking for him to be granted bail when he was first charged.

The plea from Mr Corbyn emerged as Dahir, 23, and three other fraudsters were found guilty of conning pensioners out of their life savings of almost £1million by posing as police officers. Five others pleaded guilty.

Jeremy Corbyn asked for fraudster Mohamed Dahir (pictured) to be granted bail after his conviction

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter on behalf of Mohamed Dahir (left), asking for him to be granted bail

Detectives believed that the gang ran a ‘bank of terror’ sending some of the money to Syria to support Islamic State, a court hearing was told in May.

Mr Corbyn originally sent the letter on behalf of Dahir, who is one of his Islington constituents, in May – four months before he became leader of the Labour Party.

He argued that Dahir had ‘roots in the area’ and was unlikely to abscond. The letter played a part in securing bail for him during the course of the trial.

But when Dahir’s barrister Patrick Harte attempted to use the letter again yesterday (Thu) to keep him on bail until sentencing, judge Anuja Dhir QC refused and remanded him in custody.

A photo of cash found on the mobile phone of another member of the gang. The money was never recovered

A photo of cash found on the mobile phone of another member of the gang. The money was never recovered

She said that now he had been found guilty there were significant grounds to believe he would fail to appear at his sentencing hearing next year.

The nine fraudsters are facing jail after conning the elderly out of £904,000 by pretending to be policemen investigating bank account scams.

The conmen told their victims their money was not safe in their accounts – and needed to be moved.

If any of them became suspicious they advised them to call their bank’s fraud department or ring 999. But the conmen kept the line open so the pensioners were actually speaking to one of the fraudsters.

Video footage shows another member of the gang, Achmed Abdulaziz Ahmed, going to the address of a victim in Dorset and then leaving with a package of money - the victim believed him to be a police officer

Video footage shows another member of the gang, Achmed Abdulaziz Ahmed, going to the address of a victim in Dorset and then leaving with a package of money – the victim believed him to be a police officer

Fraudsters visit Devon address and leave with wad of money

They preyed on the ‘frailty, vulnerability and isolation’ of pensioners with an average age of 83 and tricked them transferring their life savings into another account or into handing over cash.

The pensioners from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Bedfordshire, London and Kent thought they were talking to genuine policemen and willingly handed over their money for safekeeping.

Some were told they were helping an important undercover investigation and were ordered not to tell the bank clerk or local police officers in case they were part of the scam.

The gang, based in London, also played on family ties, allegedly claiming a victim’s grandchild had been caught up in the fraud and arrested and that cooperating with police was the only way they could help.

Pensioner William Goodall was even persuaded to cancel an important medical appointment so that he could help ‘police’ with their undercover operation.

Sakaria Aden

Mohammed Abokar

Sakaria Aden (left) and Mohammed Abokar (right) were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud after a trial

Anrul Islam

Makhzumi Abukar

Anrul Islam (left) and Makhzumi Abukar (right) admitted their roles in the fraud gang

Mohammed Youssfi

Fahim Islam

Mohammed Youssfi (left) and Fahim Islam (right) were also found to have been part of the group

Pensioner Elizabeth Curtis, 71, from Helston in Cornwall, lost £130,000 and Michael Garratt, 70, from Weymouth in Dorset, was conned out of £113,000. Meanwhile an unnamed 94-year-old man from west London had £130,000 stolen.

Last night Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism division described the scam as ‘one of the biggest courier fraud investigations carried out by British police’.

Commander Richard Walton said: ‘We uncovered this fraud after a separate terrorist investigation found suspicious payments into a bank account of an individual who is now believed to have travelled to Syria.

‘This callous group of criminals stole vast sums of money from extremely vulnerable and elderly people from across the country.

‘Their despicable actions have had a terrible and devastating impact on their victims with some losing their life savings.

‘The targeting of vulnerable men and women in their 80s and 90s is quite simply beyond belief.’

Commander Walton said the fraud was on a ‘huge national scale’ and involved 5,695 calls to 3,774 different phone numbers across the UK.

At least three of the conmen had attended London universities and some had experience in call centres which made them sound plausible on the telephone.

They often played background noises simulating bank call centres to make their calls appear genuine.

The Labour leader was visiting flood-hit homes in Cumbria when the case he intervened in came before court

The Labour leader was visiting flood-hit homes in Cumbria when the case he intervened in came before court

At an earlier hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Edward Aydin described it as financial terrorism ‘on an industrial scale’

He said the ‘sophisticated criminal network’ was ‘a threat to the national security of this country’.

Mr Aydin said: ‘Terrorism overall takes a new form in 2015 – it’s not on the battlefield. These people before you, they are the bank of terror. They are not small fry, they are deadly and dangerous.’

Dahir, Shakaria Aden, 21, Yasser Abukar, 23, and Mohammed Abokar, 28, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud between May last year and May 2015. Ibrahim Farah, 23, was cleared of the same charge.

Mohammed Abokar was also convicted of converting criminal property.

Fahim Islam, 20, Achmed Abdulaziz Ahmed, 23, and Makzhumi Abukar, 23, previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud.

Anrul Islam, 24, and Mohammed Youssfi, 37, pleaded guilty to money laundering.

All nine will be sentenced next year.

Last night a Labour spokesman said Mr Corbyn had been approached by the constituent prior to the trial, and wrote a letter on his behalf as is standard for a constituency MP.

This was before the full facts of the case had emerged, and was on the basis that Mr Corbyn was informed the constituent needed to be at home with his children and would not abscond and could not travel abroad‎.

‎ The ‎spokesman said: ‘Jeremy Corbyn condemns the actions of his constituent as appalling acts against vulnerable people and wholly unacceptable.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3354524/Jeremy-Corbyn-pleas-alleged-fraudster-stay-jail.html#ixzz3u1wgoHvo

Muslim Spiritual Leader From Manchester Ordered Gang To Kidnap,Terrorise And Blackmail Two Families

Soft sentences for this criminal gang of Muslims headed by Islamic ‘Spiritual’ leader Tariq Dhamial given the serious nature of their crimes. The gang committed  a catalogue of crimes including kidnap and blackmail making the UK’s counterfeit capital, Cheetham Hill look more like the bandit lands of Peshwar than an area of Manchester.

Its a wonder he didn’t use Islam as his excuse for his criminal activities. Claiming he was only being a good Muslim trying to act like the perfect Muslim Mohammed who himself decieved others, took prisoners and extorted money from people.

Manchester: Muslim ‘Spiritual’ Leader Ordered Blackmail Gang to Terrorise Families

  • By Lewis Dean
    October 31, 2014 12:32 GMT
 Muslim Manchester gang
Tariq Dhamial, top left, was the leader of the gang that was jailed at Manchester Crown CourtGMP

Seven Manchester men have been jailed for a “terrifying” hold-up that saw the gang threaten two male hostages with weapons and demanded they phone their wives to beg for money.

The group, led by 44-year-old Muslim ‘spiritual leader’ turned vigilante Tariq Dhamial, known as “The Priest” to followers, threatened the pair with a hammer, knife, and hot iron after luring them to a house in Wordworth Avenue, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, on the premise they were completing a house sale.

However, after arriving at the address they soon became hostages and were told to pay £14,000 (€17,800).

The group took a wallet, watch, bracelet, phone, and keys from one of the victims and threatened to assault both of them if they didn’t pay the money.

Both victims were forced to ring their wives and arrange the transfer of £5000 and £9000 into two of the offender’s bank accounts. When they spoke to their wives they told them they were being held hostage.

The men were held overnight and the next day the police arrived at the address and arrested five of the offenders. The other two men were arrested within a matter of days.

Fateh Kashief Ahmed, 48, Shakoor Ahmed Butt, 35, Shazwan Ashraf, 31, Ghulam Ali, 33, all from Cheetham Hill; Tariq Dhamial, 54, of Blackley; Abdul Zubair Qadus, 33, of Salford; and Mohammed Khateer Ali, 31, all pleaded guilty to two counts of false imprisonment.

Dhamial was sentenced to four years in prison, while Kashief Ahmed, Ahmed Butt, Shazwan Ashraf, Ali, and Abdul Zubair Qadus were all sentenced to 32 months for each count, with the sentences to run concurrently.

Khateer Ali was sentenced to 27 months for each count, with the sentences to run concurrently.

Senior Investigating Officer Duncan Thorpe said: “The victims were severely beaten and threatened for money that the offenders believed was owed to them from a previous fraud.

“A separate investigation is being conducted in relation to the fraudulent activities of the two victims, but unfortunately the offenders in this case decided to take matters into their own hands and inflict violence upon the victims.

“They kept the two victims prisoner for a couple of days and this was clearly a terrifying experience for both men, but today justice has been done.”

‘Cash For Crash’ Top 20 Hotspots Almost All Muslim Areas

Despite  the majority of Muslims in the UK being regarded as a little bit backwards due to generations of inbreeding and work shy. Preferring to sponge off the state in the welfare benefits is their usual style. Scamming just like sex crimes and savagery is something they excel at. Don’t let their normal retardedness kid you to much. When it comes to obtaining money by deception and scamming people their sex obsessed pea brains seem to step up a few gears

Information released to try and combat cash for crash fraud listed the hotspots by postcodes in the UK. It will come as no surprises that almost all are in areas that have been subjected to Islamization. Well known Muslim dominated cities Birmingham, Bradford and Bolton postcodes make up the top 10. 

The UK's Top 10 crash for cash fraud locations are all places considered Muslim enclaves
The UK’s Top 10 crash for cash fraud locations are all places considered Muslim enclaves
Induced Incident – Cash For Crash Scam – How it works
  • The Frame – the car in front slams on its brakes for no obvious reason giving the victim no time to prevent a collision.
  • The Blame – they insist that it’s the victim’s fault and give them their name and address and the details of their insurance company, sometimes already written down on a piece of paper.
  • The Claim – A few weeks later (though sometimes longer) the victim will receive a letter from their insurance company notifying them of a grossly exaggerated claim including the costs of a recovery vehicle, car hire and whiplash injuries to passengers, none of which actually happened.



21 Years In Prison For Muslim Rapist Hassan Akhtar And His Accomplice

Its amazing how low some people will go to get themselves out of debt like Akhtar’s sidekick here. Especially when it involves a Muslim as they will see that as a weakness and exploit it every way they can.

Rapist Hassan Akhtar and accomplice who set up attacks on teen get 21 years in prison

  • Jun 06, 2014 16:51
  • By Rob Kennedy

Twisted rapist Hassan Akhtar has been jailed for 13 years while the woman who arranged the attacks to help with her rent arrears got eight years

Hassan Akhtar, who appeared at Durham Crown Court

Rapist Hassan Akhtar has been jailed for 13 years while the sick accomplice, who set up the attacks on a vulnerable girl to help pay her rent, got eight years.

Muriel Coleman facilitated repeated rapes on the girl after falling more than £1,000 behind on her rent, which she owed to Akhtar’s uncle.

Akhtar was convicted of four counts of rape and one attempted rape after jurors returned unanimous verdicts on each count.

The 37-year-old repeatedly raped the teenager at a flat in County Durham and at his home in Northgate, Stanley, when his wife was either visiting a mosque or relatives in Pakistan.

His accomplice, Coleman, who told a “pack of lies” during police interviews, initially denied it was her who helped him seek out the girl.

But she admitted two counts of assisting or encouraging the rape of a young woman.

Jailing the pair at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Simon Hickey told Coleman: “You exploited her, facilitating these awful acts against her.

“The answer as to why you would do that was provided in the trial. You were in debt and the need for money reveals why you allowed (the girl) to be abused in this way.”


Muriel Coleman, who appeared at Durham Crown Court.
Muriel Coleman, who appeared at Durham Crown Court.


Because Akhtar denied the charges, his victim was forced to give evidence.

She told the jury how she had kicked, punched and slapped Akhtar but he did not stop his assaults, instead telling her to “shut up” and that “men liked it”.

She also told how she felt pressured to walk two steps behind him so as not to rouse suspicion.

Akhtar attempted to bribe her by offering to buy her a puppy and claiming he would help her with her future career.

The teenager said the rapes were painful and made her angry but she felt powerless to stop Akhtar as she feared he would hit her.

“I must admit I was a bit scared that he might hit me for telling,” she said.

She added: “He started doing things that I didn’t like and he wouldn’t stop.”

The court heard Coleman rented a flat from Akhtar’s uncle and had not paid her rent for four months and owed £1,190 when the offences came to light in March 2013.

Coleman, 50, of Church Square, Brandon, County Durham, claimed she was in “zombie mode” when she took part in the sickening offences.

During the trial Akhtar attempted to blame Coleman, claiming the pair had a consensual sexual relationship – something Coleman denies – and that she turned nasty when he refused to loan her money.

John Wilkinson, for dad-of-three Akthar, said he maintains his denials and that his wife continues to support him.

Jonathan Devlin, for Coleman, said she was “hopelessly inadequate” and wished she had prevented what happened to the victim.

Jailed Tax Dodger Mohammed Suleman Khan Built Mansion Yet Claimed To Earn £40k pa

Mohammed Suleman Khan lived like a Lord with an upmarket house in Birmingham and a newly built mansion in Pakistan the size of Buckingham Palace has been jailed for four years for tax evasion.  Despite claiming to earn no for than £40,000 per year the lifestyle he lead told a different story. Experts predicted that he would needed an income of over £1 Million to sustain his flamboyant lifestyle.

His Pakistani palace would of cost a minimum of £2.3 million to construct.  The prosecution said he owed £445,000  in unpaid taxes to the taxpayers pot. 

Khan will be just one of thousands of Muslims in the UK avoiding paying taxes whilst living the life of luxury. You only have to look around the streets in any Muslim area to notice the amount of Muslims driving round in flash cars to notice something isn’t quite legit.

Tax dodger who built ‘palace’ jailed

April 11, 2014, 10:27 am

A Birmingham man who built a house the size of Buckingham Palace by dodging taxes has been jailed.

Mohammed Suleman Khan, 41, was arrested from his gated Edgbaston residency three years ago on suspicion of money laundering.

The lengthy police probe – sparked by the concerns of local people – found evidence of tax and national insurance evasion.

Detectives from Force CID worked with HM Revenue and Customs officials to probe the finances of the Birmingham born debt collector and businessman who claimed to have an annual income of no more than £40,000.

But despite finding 13 paper wraps banks use to secure £1,000 bundles all bearing the same date stamp, and after scrutinising phone and computer records, there were limited financial records leading investigators to believe that Khan only used cash and had few assets.

Determined to uncover the truth, detectives worked with the social policy research charity, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, to compare cost of living fees with his lifestyle and established that to maintain his standard of living would require earnings in excess of £1 million over the nine year period between 2001 and 2012.

The probe also uncovered plans for a house the size of Buckingham Palace in Ghorghusti in the Attok attock region of Pakistan.

The blueprints showed the mansion had its own cinema, library, servant’s quarters and even a guard house for a security team.

Experts estimated that construction would have cost £2.3 million although there was no official record of ownership.

Talking about the investigation, Detective Inspector Andy Bannister, from Force CID, said: “This was an intelligence led policing operation sparked by community concerns. The nature of Khan’s offending meant that this was a particularly complex investigation in which detectives had to piece together information from a range of sources − including satellite imaging data on the property − to secure charges.

“Khan’s bank accounts bore no resemblance to his day-to-day-living. He maintained he was a debt collector and business man but failed to provide investigators or the court with any evidence to back this up.

“He had his day in court and was ultimately found to have cheated the public revenue by not paying tax or national insurance contributions.”

At a special hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on 4 April, Khan was sentenced to four years behind bars after the judge, his honour Judge Andrew Menary QC, ruled that Khan had defrauded the public purse through tax and national insurance evasion over nine years. His criminal act meant he owed public coffers just over £445,000 in tax.

Chief Superintendent Alex Murray, responsible for policing in east Birmingham, said: “Khan was perceived by some people in the community to be untouchable. That perception was shattered by his arrest, charge and later, his conviction.

“The joint action taken by police and HM Revenue and Customs proves that where communities trust local officers and confide in them, we are able to piece that information together with other data and where appropriate launch an investigation.

“This may take time but we will always seek justice to be served on those who don’t operate within the law like the vast majority of hard working people do.

“For people who want to exploit the system for their own gain, the message from West Midlands Police is that we will stop you, whether that is through criminal law, through Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions or others.

“Communities are fed up of people thinking they are above the law and are increasingly standing up to be counted.”

Detectives are now working to claw back the cash and any other assets through the Proceeds of Crime Act which will see the money ploughed back into community crime fighting initiatives in the West Midlands.

People can share their concerns about people living and committing crime in their community to police on 101 or anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Charity Commission To Investigate Muslim Charity Over Property Purchases

The charities commission are investigating Khodam Al Mahdi Organisation. They are the extremists who run the Al Muhassin Mosque,home to controversial Islamic satellite television station Fadak TV. Hate preacher Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is regularly featured on Fadak TV stirring up sectarian tensions between shia and sunni Muslims. It has been alleged the charity used donations to buy property.

What the outcome of the investigation will be, who knows. Personally i think the charity commission are a waste of time. In the past their investigations have come to nothing. Even when investigating charities with clear links to terrorists abroad. Muslim charity Interpal for example, who are listed on American counter terrorism lists as fundraisers for Hamas.

Having spent quite a bit of time on the Charity Commission website looking for information. I have found Muslim charities certainly need looking into. I cannot believe the number of Muslim charities there are in the UK given that we are a non Muslim country.
They almost like a Muslim job creation scheme and money making machine at the same time. All eligible for grants and funding being a registered charity. In fact many are funded only by local authority and government grants.Often the trustee of one charity will also be the trustee of one or two others, all intertwined to maximize their funding. Some of the charities who have received significant funding such as the East London Mosque famous for its hate preacher guests has listed over 100 employees !!! All getting a wage funded partly by the British taxpayer.

hate cleric Shia Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib.
Kuwaiti hate preacher Sheikh Yasser al-Habib.

Charity watchdog launches investigation into dissolved charity behind controversial Fulmer mosque

Published: 7 Apr 2014 10:25
AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into a dissolved charity behind a controversial mosque amid concerns it used fundraising money to buy a property.
Charities watchdog, the Charity Commission, has opened a statutory inquiry into dissolved charity the Khodam Al Mahdi Organisation and charitable funds supposedly raised in its name.
The group is behind the Al Muhassin Mosque, in Windmill Lane, Fulmer, home to controversial Shia Muslim Sheikh Yasser al-Habib. The mosque plays host to hundreds of his followers every week and is home to Islamic satellite television station Fadak TV which airs his broadcasts, said to stir up conflict between the Shia and Sunni Muslims.
The Kuwaiti preacher has reportedly delivered sermons on the TV station celebrating the death of one of Sunni Islam’s most revered figures. He was also investigated by Ofcom two years ago after he reportedly suggested one of the Propher Muhammad’s successors was gay.
The commission said in August last year it became aware a charitable company had been dissolved at Companies House, since 2012, but said the charity had not informed the regulator it no longer existed or updated its details on the register, as it was required to do.
Commission investigators then found cash had supposedly been raised in the name of the charity, after it had dissolved, and was used to but a property.
A statement from the regulator read: “Following correspondence with the individuals holding the property, the regulator became increasingly concerned about the basis on which the funds were raised and the protection of the charitable property.
“In addition, the commission has concerns regarding the management and financial reporting by the former charity trustees.”
It opened the statutory inquiry on February 17. The investigation is examining the basis on which the funds were raised and is assessing whether former trustees of the dissolved charity and people holding the property have complied with charity law.
Officials will then publish a report after the inquiry detailing what issues were looked at, what actions were undertaken as part of the inquiry and the outcomes.



Lowlife Scum Steal 87 Year Old Womans Money In East London

Two lowlife parasites have stolen an 87 year old pensioners money in a distraction theft. Is there any lows scumbags like these will not stoop to. The old girl most likely doesn’t have a pot to piss after a lifetime of hardship and struggle having lived through the 2nd world war. Forced to live off a pitiful state pension because of states mismanagement of the welfare system. Giving free housing and money to Muslim immigrants who have neither paid in or done anything to justify their handouts. For two Muslim oxygen thieves to steal it from her.

Police appeal: Search for two men after 87 year-old pensioner has purse stolen

Suspect oneSuspect one

Anna Silverman, ReporterWednesday, February 5, 2014
2:09 PM

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after an elderly woman had her money stolen during a distraction theft on Monday 23rd September 2013.


Suspect twoSuspect two

After a short bus journey, the 87 year-old lady got off a 101 bus at Manor Park Church, High Street North, E6.

Two men she had seen on the bus approached her as she walked down the walkway leading to Bluebell Avenue at 10:00 hrs,

The first caught got her attention by saying she had dropped her newspaper. He then approached her with a newspaper putting it into her bag but then as he withdrew his hand he took the newspaper back out.

Both men then walked off towards High Street North before the elderly lady realised her money had been taken from her bag.

Suspect twoSuspect two

The first man is described as a stocky Asian man in his 40s and between 5’ 08” and 6’ 00” tall. He was wearing a white shirt at the time and spoke with an Indian accent.

The second man is also described as a stocky Asian man in his 40s and about 5’ 10” tall.

Anyone with information or who recognises the men from the images is asked to call Newham police on 101 quoting reference CRIS 5324720/13. Alternatively, to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Yemeni Held For Forcing 8-Year-Old Daughter To Marry

Speechless !!!! 

Yemeni held for forcing 8-year-old to marry


  • Staff
Published Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yemen’s police arrested a local man after he forced his eight-year-old daughter to marry a 30-year-old man because of his wealth.

Newspapers said Afnan Al Shibani’s relatives, who were strongly opposed to the marriage, reported him to the police after they failed to dissuade him.

Police raided Al Shibani’s house in the southern town of Ibb and arrested him a few days before the wedding on Thursday. Police then handed the girl to her uncle.

Newspapers said the girl is just below eight years of age and is in the second class in the primary school in the province.


The Good News Is Birmingham Jihadis To Pay Proceeds Of Crime-Bad News Is They Are Giving It To Extremist Linked Charity


A group of Muslim wannabe terrorists from Birmingham who were jailed last April for plotting a bombing campaign on British soil, have been ordered to pay proceeds of crime money. They have to pay  £33,000 that they had received in donations posing as official charity collectors. Instead they intended using the money to fund their planned jihad. 

The jailed terrorists have now had their assets seized and will have three months to hand the cash over.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid, Ashik Ali, Rahin Ahmed, Bahader Ali and Mujahid Hussain were sentenced for a variety of offences which included plotting a bombing campaign in the UK, attending terrorist training camps and fundraising for terrorism.

If you think it sounds to good to be true you would be correct. For in their infinite wisdom the powers that be have decided not to use the proceeds of crime money to the taxpayers benefits by using it towards the huge expense the trial cost. Or the lengthy and expensive police investigation, not even towards the burden of keeping the terrorists behind bars for the remainder of their sentences. NO they are donating the money to Muslim Aid !!

Yes Muslim Aid the extremist linked charity based at the notorious East London Mosque (ELM). The mosque is run by the British arm of terrorist organization Jamaat-e-Islami, Islamic Forum Europe (IFE). Allegedly IFE  also control Tower Hamlets council and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).  Muslim Aid, ELM, MCB all have overlapping trustees. It has been claimed that Muslim Aid have been bankrolling IFE, ELM, MCB  in the UK with their funds meant to be used as overseas aid.

Muslim Aid were investigated as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury in May 2005 for recruiting fighters to join Bosnian Muslim forces and raising funds for jihadis.

Muslim Aid, London is on the official Israeli declaration list of “unlawful associations” for funneling funds to Hamas

Bangladeshi intelligence said to the UK government:

 Another charity Jamaat-e-Islami’s front organisation Muslim Aid is presently under investigation http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=80287 by Bangladesh intelligence agencies for alleged link to terrorism. There are also newspaper reports of Muslim Aid being sectarian in their distribution of relief material. It is alleged Muslim Aid refused to give aid to Hindus and gave aid to Jamaat-e-Islami activists. These are serous allegation and as such we would urge DFID to review its working with some of the Islamist NGOs.

 More in-depth analysis of Muslim Aid’s terror links to Hamas, Al Qaeda and Jamaat-e-Islami can be read here:

Muslim Aid: Hopeless Charity Commission whitewashes yet another Islamist group   –    Daily Telegraph

Yusuf Islam & The Muslim Council of Britain’s terrorism ties – Muslim Aid ‘charity’ funds Al Qaeda & sent Mujahideen to Bosnia     –    Militant Islam Monitor

Muslim Aid and Terror    –    Frontpage Mag

So basically they are taking money that was going to be spent on jihad in the UK and giving it to Muslim Aid to fund jihad overseas with it instead

Birmingham: 28 gangs run 59 businesses that fund terror

Reblog From Money Jihad

City: 28 gangs run 59 businesses that fund terror

November 1, 2013

Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, has identified 28 criminal gangs that are operating 59 primarily cash-based businesses that are laundering money in part to finance terrorism.

Ever get a funny feeling when you walk into certain shops?  Do you ever find it odd when a big store won’t accept credit cards?  Does the store have signs up forbidding photography?  Do the employees look at you funny when you enter?  Does the business seem to stay open despite a lack of customers, or does it occupy too large a space for the amount of traffic it normally receives?  Do they sell deeply discounted merchandise, such as pirated CDs, DVDs, or dirt cheap cell phones?

Don’t ignore these red flags and your feelings of discomfort.  Don’t buy anything there, and just walk away.

H/t El Grillo.

Birmingham’s crime gangs fund terrorists

23 Oct 2013

City gyms, cafes and restaurants used for recruiting extremists, say police

A top-level police report has revealed crime gangs in Birmingham are funding terrorism.

And the criminal groups now run 59 legitimate businesses in the city, often using them to launder money made from drug dealing, robberies, and even gun-running.

The potential threats facing Birmingham and its residents is laid bare in a detailed report compiled by the Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Sharon Rowe.

It was written for Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, involving members of the city council, probation service, police and fire service.

The report, published online, confirms there are currently 28 organised crime gangs (OCGs) operating in the city and highlights the scale of their operations and influence.

But it is believed there are 306 OCGs whose criminality affects Birmingham.

The report states the Birmingham gangs now run 59 legitimate businesses, often using them to launder proceeds from their criminal activities, which include drug dealing, robberies, car key burglaries and even gun-running.

They include pubs, car washes and sandwich shops, which normally deal in cash.

For the first time, the report also reveals some of the groups are believed to be funding terrorism.

It states: “There is evidence that some Birmingham OCGs use the profits from crime to help fund terrorist activities”…


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