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Muslim Imam Jailed For Raping Boy In UK Mosque

An paedophile Muslim Imam based at a Midlands mosque has been jailed for raping a boy left in his care for Islamic lessons. In public Islam promotes a deep hatred for homosexuality. But behind closed doors it’s a different story completely.

The historic child abuse carried out in the Catholic church by members of the clergy is nothing compared to the present scale of abuse carried out by Muslim clerics in mosques throughout the country. I have lost count of the amount of Muslim religious leaders jailed over recent years for sex crimes against children over recent years. Considering Islam is a minority religion in the UK. It doesn’t bear thinking about the levels of abuse that must be carried out in mosques in parts of the world living under Islam and forced gender segregation.

The mosques elders at first tried to cover up the imans sick sex crimes when the boys parents approached them by not advising them to go to the police and  instructing the repulsive cleric to move to India to avoid prosecution. It was only when the imam returned months later to the UK that the police were informed of his crimes.

The imam claimed that it was the devil who had made him do it. Blaming the devil must be the trending excuse for Muslim nonces to use as only last week a Muslim child rapist used the same


Former imam at Rugby Mosque jailed for raping young boy

UPDATED: 7:19 pm, Sep 23, 2016 0  PAEDO IMAM RAPED A BOY AT RUGBY MOSQUEA DISGRACED former imam at Rugby Mosque was banished to India after raping a young boy while giving him religious instruction – only to secretly return to this country.But when his young victim some years later revealed what had happened, Noor Walile was traced to his home in Leicester.And when a charge of rape was put to him at Warwick Crown Court, the former imam answered tearfully: “I am guilty. So sorry, I am guilty.”

Walile, 38, of Dronfield Street, Leicester, was jailed for six years and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.But, branded ‘an offender of particular concern’ by the judge, he will only be released before serving the whole of the six years if the Parole Board considers it safe to do so – and will then be on licence for an additional 12 months.

Prosecutor Jane Sarginson said that in around 2010 Walile was working as the imam at the mosque in Grosvenor Road, Rugby, and among his duties was giving religious education to children.The court heard how Walile raped a young boy in the mosque’s toilets.When Walile later visited the boy’s home, the boy ran away when he saw Walile – and later told his parents he did not want to go to the mosque anymore.His parents contacted an elder at the mosque who advised them to save the clothes the boy had been wearing and not to wash them. The mosque elder and the parents then confronted Walile.

Miss Sarginson said: “Initially Walile denied the allegations, but then said he had done something ‘very bad’ and that he could not remember what had happened, but that the devil had come over him.“He was told he would have to go back to India and never return, or the matter would be reported to the police – and that is what the family understood had happened.

”But earlier this year the assault was reported to the police.Officers then traced Walile who initially denied raping the boy or confessing it to the mosque elder.But once he was told the family had kept the clothing, he confessed: “I have told lies during this interview. I am sorry, I did a bad thing. The devil came over me, and I did this bad act.”

Anthony Bell, defending, said: “He has worked in a responsible position for many years, without any behaviour such as this in the past.“When the incident happened he took the advice, albeit fairly firmly expressed, to leave the country and go to India; but he returned to this country to be with his family and his wife, who is a British citizen.“He has lived quietly in a different city, so that there would be no risk of contact with the boy or his family.“His shame is apparent. He offers no explanation and no justification for what he’s done. He is ashamed of himself and acutely aware of the shame he has brought on his family.”

Jailing Walile, Judge Stephen Eyre QC told him: “The members of your community entrusted their young children to you for guidance and education.“You were in a position of responsibility and leadership at the mosque. You abused that position and that trust, and defiled the faith you were paid to uphold.“He was a young boy entrusted to your care for guidance, and you raped him. It is hard to think of any greater abuse of the trust that had been placed in you.“If you had not pleaded guilty, the sentence would have been one of nine years.”

The judge pointed out that, in addition to a sexual harm prevention order restricting Walile’s contact with any child under 16, he will be barred from working with children for life.

Source: Former imam at Rugby Mosque jailed for raping young boy | Rugby Observer

CCTV Images Of Sex Fiends Who Abducted Woman,Sexually Assaulted And Left Victim 30 Miles Away

The two twisted sex cases pictured below are wanted by West Midlands Police in connection with a female being forced into a car . Where they dumped her 30 miles away after sexually assaulting her throughout the journey. The Midlands will be a much safer place once the two evil beasts responsible are caught

CCTV appeal after assault claim

A woman was forced off the street into a car in the West Midlands where she was subjected to an alleged sexual assault while it was driven around, police have said.

West Midlands Police have released CCTV images of two men they now want to speak to, after the victim made the allegations.

Detectives said the woman had been left terrified and shaken by her ordeal.

She was eventually dropped 30 miles away after being taken from Middlemore Road in Smethwick at about 6.30pm on Friday, March 13.The men had driven her to Donnington, near Telford, Shropshire, where she was allowed to leave.

Her alleged attackers are then thought to have walked into a nearby boxing club.

Police managed to take stills from the club’s CCTV cameras, but said nobody inside the venue had been able to help identity those pictured.The victim of the alleged attack has told police she has no idea who the men were.

Video: Muslim Gang Pack Attack Couple- England 2015

A cowardly pack attack by a gang of Muslim thugs against a couple caught on video(below). Like a pack of wild animals they attack the couple which at one point you can clearly see the female getting knocked to the floor by one of the Muslim bullies. The male also ends up on the floor where he is subjected to a barrage of kicks and punches from several attackers.

The pack attack took place in the daytime in full view of women and children. 

British couple pack attack by Muslim thugs outside All Season Dry Cleaners Walsall
British couple pack attacked by Muslim thugs outside All Season Dry Cleaners Walsall

The violent incident appears to have been filmed outside All Season Dry Cleaners on Caldmore Road, Walsall

Days After Dudley Mega Mosque Approved, A Few Miles Away Plans Go In For Another New Mega Mosque

Stop Islamization now. No More Mosques !!!
Stop Islamization now. No More Mosques !!!

Looks like yet another new mosque could be on the cards for the Midlands. Only days ago a controversial planning application for a mega mosque that will dominate the skyline in Dudley was given the go ahead by council planners. Now only a short distance away, Muslims in Smethwick have revealed plans to knock down their own single storey mosque and replace it with an imposing 3 storey mosque complete with meeting rooms, classrooms, IT facilities and prayer rooms among other things.

The area surrounding the mosque is about to benefit from £42 million in public money spent as part of a major regeneration scheme. The planning report for the project says of the single storey former industrial unit which is now the mosque:
“The draft Planning and Design brief for Brindley II highlights the site as being an ‘important focal point’ at the entrance to the development, and that the site is a ‘key opportunity for a major landmark building’.”
Muslims building this brand new mosque with three times as many floors as the current building has a great deal of significance. Being in an important focal point it will become the major landmark building that everybody entering the new canal side village will see. A big mosque that dwarfs the rest of the nearby properties. What kind of signals does that send out? I’ll tell you exactly what it says…….. This is a Muslim area !!!!

Smethwick mosque plan revealed

PUBLISHED: November 13, 2014 9:59 am

A mosque and Islamic centre in Smethwick will be knocked down and rebuilt as a three storey place of worship.

The Masjid and Bangladeshi Islamic Centre, which is based in converted industrial units in Lewisham Road, is a currently one storey building.

Plans are now in the pipeline to knock it down and in its place a golden aluminium fronted building would rise up with facilities including classrooms, an IT suite, gym and a player hall.

The main building will be created from darker brick and concrete with large glass windows on the front.

Officials say the building is split into two parts linked by a central glazed atrium.

Areas for dining, the gym and IT facilities will be accommodated within the brick-built building with circular windows to allow light inside.

Bosses behind the scheme say the second building contains classrooms, meeting rooms, prayer hall and associated washrooms and toilets.

In a report to Sandwell Council, centre leaders say they have consulted with the community as part of the design process.

The decorative gold screen serves several purposes will form part of the outside of the frontage with a nod to Islamic religious and cultural architectural.

Officials at the mosque said the design had been created in light of a major multi-million regeneration scheme planning in Smethwick.

Work is due to start within weeks on the £42 million Brindley Village II regeneration scheme that sits on the nearby canal.

Almost 200 homes and properties would be built in the areas that will include the creation of shops, roads and open spaces created on a 12 acre site around Lewisham Road, Mafeking Road and the Birmingham Mainline canal.

In the report, consultants on behalf of the mosque leaders, said: “The site currently sits between predominantly residential to the north and industrial and cleared land to the south.

“The proposal seeks to respond to the existing local context and the proposed Brindley Village II development, which will significantly change the area with a much greater residential population, and in turn generate more local visitors to the centre.

“The proposal seeks to respond to both existing and future site conditions.

“The draft Planning and Design brief for Brindley II highlights the site as being an ‘important focal point’ at the entrance to the development, and that the site is a ‘key opportunity for a major landmark building’.”

A decision will be taken over the planning application in coming weeks.

CCTV Of Scruffy Asian Pervert With Poor English Who Sexually Assaulted Woman On The Bus

Yet another bare-faced sex attack on public transport by a pervert described as ‘Asian’ which 99.9% of the time turns out to be a Muslim. The brazen shameless nature of Muslim sex offenders where they will strike any place any time makes them all the more dangerous to women and schoolgirls.

CCTV of Walsall bus sex attack suspect is released

PUBLISHED: September 15, 2014 5:10 pm LAST UPDATED: September 15, 2014 5:11 pm

Police want to speak to this man in connection with a sex attack on a Walsall bus.

CCTV of the suspect
CCTV of the suspect

She was travelling on the X51 service from Birmingham to Walsall. After being challenged the man fled from the bus in Perry Barr.

He is described as a fairly dark skinned Asian man in his mid 40s, of average build and around 5ft ins tall with white facial stubble and a scruffy appearance.

He was wearing a baseball cap and carrying a rucksack with a Union Jack on it and he spoke with poor English.

Det Sgt Emma Holder said: “This assault has traumatised the young woman who was just going about her journey. She had the courage to challenge the culprit who then made off, however it has left an emotional scar on her.

“Anyone who knows who he is should come forward so that we can fully investigate.”

Anyone who recognises the man on the bus should call Det Sgt Holder on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Police Think Two Wanted Muslim Paedophiles May Be In Coventry

Men wanted over sex offences could be in Coventry

Police seek public’s help to find Mohammed Abdul Kadir and Osman Hussain Abdurahman

Mohammed Abdul Kadir is wanted by Thames Valley Police. He has links to Coventry.

Two missing men linked to serious sex offences could be in Coventry, according to police.

Officers searching for Mohammed Abdul Kadir and Osman Hussain Abdurahman are asking the public to look for the pair, who have both evaded capture for some time.

Kadir, believed to be aged between 30 and 40, is wanted by Thames Valley Police for the rape of two girls under the age of 13.

He has family links to Coventry and could be in the city.

The offences took place in Maidenhead, Berkshire, over the last 18 months.

Police say Kadir was employed by the children’s family to provide private religious tuition.

He is in the country illegally having arrived from Bangladesh in 2011.

As well as Coventry he also has links to Yorkshire, Loughborough and London.

Det Insp Andy Howard, from Thames Valley Police, said: “The offences we would like to speak to Kadir in connection with are reported to have happened between late 2012 and May this year.

“I would urge Kadir to come forward and speak with us to help us with our enquiries. I would also like to hear from anyone who knows of his whereabouts and can help us to locate him.”

The other missing man, Osman Hussain Abdurahman, was convicted of a sex offence against a 14-year-old girl in Sheffield in 2008.

The Iraqi hasn’t been seen since 2009 though.


Osman Hussain Abdurahman is wanted by South Yorkshire Police. He has links to Coventry.
Osman Hussain Abdurahman is wanted by South Yorkshire Police. He has links to Coventry.


His last suspected location was Coventry and searches were launched for him in 2010 but he wasn’t found.

Since his release from prison Abdurahman has failed to register with the authorities, breaching his licence. The 34-year-old, who has now been missing for five years, also has links to Sheffield.

He is described as around 5ft 10ins tall and of medium build.

The pair are among a handful of convicts or suspected offenders police are keen to track down.

They include a convicted killer, a man suspected of stabbing a woman in a Paradise car park, and a suspected robber.

If you know where Kadir is call Thames Valley Police on 101. If you spot Abdurahman call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

Alternatively if you don’t want to speak directly to police call the charityCrimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Teenager Sexually Assaulted In Worcester Street By Muslim Car Driver

Police in Worcester hunt yet another Islamic sexual predator responsible for a random sex attack in the street against a lone female. The Muslim sex pests who are carrying out random sex attacks are the ultimate opportunists. They almost have some kind of predatory instinct for finding a target and in within a matter of seconds. Honestly i can’t get my head round what must go through their mind. Most people driving at half 6 in the morning probably wouldn’t even noticed the female till they had drove past her. Yet in that couple of seconds the attacker  has gone from driving down the road to instant sex fiend and pulled up at the side of her ready to pounce. 

Teenage woman groped by motorist in Rainbow Hill area of Worcester

2:53pm Wednesday 9th October 2013 in News By Neil Watts

Teenage woman groped by motorist
A TEENAGE woman was propositioned and sexually assaulted by a car driver in an “unacceptable” attack.

The woman, who is in her late teens, was walking up Rainbow Hill and had turned into Lansdowne Crescent at about 6.30am on Saturday, October 5 when she noticed a black car driving slowly alongside her.

The driver asked her where she was going and offered her a lift home, which she refused, before the man got out of the car and approached her on Lansdowne Walk.

He started asking her personal questions then asked for a kiss. She tried to ignore him, but he attempted to kiss her and put his hand under her dress.

She pushed him away and hurried off while he got back into his vehicle and drove off.

The driver is described as being Asian, in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5ft 7ins tall, of medium build and he had short, black hair. He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers and had a local accent.

PC Naz Waliat of Worcester Police Station said: “This was a distressing incident for the young woman and it is concerning to us – it is unacceptable that anyone is approached, propositioned and sexually assaulted in the street.

“If anyone in the Rainbow Hill area witnessed any part of this incident, I would urge them to come forward. I would also like to speak to anyone who may recognise the description of the driver.”

Anyone with information can call PC Waliat, quoting incident 177s05/10/13, on the non-emergency number 101.

Young Couple Beat Up By 3 Muslim Thugs In Shop

Q) When Is A Racist Attack Not A Racist Attack. A) When The 3 Attackers Are Muslim

As normal, not a single mention of this young couple being the victims of a racist attack or the incident being treated as a hate crime by police. Had it been a Muslim couple who had been the recipients of the kicking by 3 white guys the press and the Muslim professional defenders would be screaming racist hate crime, baying for blood before the victim had reached A&E. Its about time people woke up to the fact that racism works both ways.

Young couple beaten up by Wolverhampton attackers

8 Oct 2013 08:44

CCTV captures trio of thugs who attacked pair in shop

The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack
The three men police want to question over a Wolverhampton shop attack

Police are hunting for a trio of thugs who beat up a young couple after following them into a Wolverhampton shop.

Security cameras caught the three attackers chasing the couple – both in their 20s andfrom Wolverhampton – as they entered Lifestyle Express, in Merridale Road, at around 5.30pm on Friday, August 16.

Moments later the male victim was hit across the head – causing a gash that needed hospital treatment – and stamped on after he fell to the floor.

His girlfriend was also assaulted by the men as she tried to pull them off her partner.

The first attacker – an Asian man of stocky build, believed to be in his late 20s and wearing sunglasses – was seen in the CCTV stills confronting the boyfriend before lashing out.

His two accomplices – an Asian man in his early 20s and a black man thought to be approaching 30 – quickly joined in the attack.

Investigating officer Det Con Manjit Gill said: “It’s understood there was some kind of argument leading up to the attack. It was a nasty incident that put one man in hospital and left his girlfriend battered and bruised.

“These three ganged up to assault a man in broad daylight and then thought nothing of assaulting his girlfriend as she tried to intervene.

“The security cameras have captured very clear images of the men – I’m hoping people will recognise them and contact us.”

Anyone with information can call DC Manjit Gill at West Midlands Police Force CID(Team B) at Bloxwich police station, or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.