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Who Is Paying For New £8.3 Million Mega Mosque In Accrington?

Who is funding the new monstrosity of a mega mosque costing 8.3 million pounds in Accrington?  Those involved in the running of the mosque claim it is from public donations which i find hard to swallow. Are the Muslims of Lancashire really that wealthy that they can magically stump up 8.3 million pounds between them after passing the collection bucket round? Or is it the oil rich wahabis from Saudi who have paid for its construction knowing the mosque will then have to push their own extremist version of Islam to those attending?

How did a mosque to hold 900 people with only 70 odd parking spaces pass planning? Maybe the local councillors involvement there could be something to do with it?


The new £8.3 million Raza Jamia Masjid and Link Community Centre in Accrington.

A new £8.3 million Accrington mosque is set to open later this year.

The Raza Jamia Masjid Mosque, being built between Grimshaw Street and Lower Antley Street, will be able to hold nearly 900 people for prayers and worship.

The development will also include a community centre which will be open to residents of all faiths and backgrounds for meetings, events and sporting activities.

Planning permission was approved back in June 2014 and the 1.3 acre site has been transformed over the last three years into the eye-catching two-storey facility.

Mosque leaders said they were hoping to open by May this year, however they are now aiming to complete the development by October.

Work is underway on the £8.3 million Raza Jamia Masjid and Link Community Centre

Jawid Hussain, who manages the project, said: “It’s brilliant. It looks very good and very impressive. A lot of work has gone into it.

“It’s a very complicated building and there are a lot of features to it. It’s taken a bit longer than was originally forecast.”

Jawid said all the funding has come through private donations and that they will retain the old mosque on Grimshaw Street for evening classes.

The new mosque will include three prayer halls and a library and the community centre will feature an Islamic funeral room, community facilities and dining areas.

The site will also include a 71-bay car park with six disabled spaces.

Councillor Munsif Dad, who is a member of the mosque, said: “It’s all coming along very nicely. It’s a very large development and will be a facility for the whole community and for Muslims.

Yet Another Planned Mega Mosque For Bolton

Yet another new mega mosque construction in the pipeline for Bolton. The way things are going Bolton will almost certainly be lost completely to Islamization within the next couple of years. Muslims are being heavily aided in their Islamic takeover of Bolton by the Muslim loving local council dominated by the Labour Party and heavily infiltrated by Muslims. Previously i revealed that Bolton Council gave over £1.1 million in funding to Islamic umbrella group Bolton Council Of Mosques.

Last year Bolton Council went out on a limb to appease the local Muslims by passing planning permission for two highly controversial mosque constructions. One in Farnworth and a mega mosque on Blackburn Road. An area that  has several mosques already. Despite countless objections and concerns council planners still gave the go ahead. Bolton at present has 28 operating mosques many of which are large buildings and cause a great deal of disruption.

This latest proposed Mosque(pictured below)  is an enormous building that will dominate the local skyline .

According to the Muslims behind the proposal the current mosque is to small for the 50-150 Muslims that go to worship there. Yet according to certain Islamic websites that have mosque directories. The mosque has a capacity to hold 950 people which would mean plenty of space to accommodate an increase in numbers. The picture below shows the current mosque. A large structure as you can see. 

BOLTON MOSQUE Grecian Cres Google Maps

 As part of the proposal this building will stay shown on the right in the image below. This gives some idea on how large the planned development is going to be.

This mega mosque is not about the number of worshippers outgrowing the building as the Muslim trust claim. The sheer size of the imposing building is about a Muslim takeover and show of power. 

PLANS have been put forward which could see a large new mosque built in Great Lever.

The owners of the Makkah Mosque and Community Centre in Grecian Crescent want to build a much bigger facility on vacant land at the site.

The mosque is currently housed in a Victorian former school building, which would remain in place under the plans and be used as an education centre.

If approved, the new three-storey mosque building would be built alongside a new two-tier community centre — with spaces for 90 cars to park on site.
It will be made up of a main building, along with two minarets reaching 130 metres above sea-level, which works out at 25 metres high – as well as a large dome.

The Makkah Mosque Trust said the application had been submitted because the current building has reached its capacity and the new facility will meet the “current and future religious and non-religious needs of the local Muslim and non-Muslim community”.

The trust states that one key aspect of the proposed new mosque is to provide “much needed” facilities for women and children.

This means a specific prayer hall for women, as well as a women-only washing room.

The plans also include a main prayer hall and a special occasion prayer hall, funeral room and meeting rooms.

The mosque building will be linked — through a lobby — to the new community centre building, which will house community rooms and a kitchen.

The proposed mosque’s main frontage, pedestrian and vehicle access would be facing Grecian Crescent, with the community building set back from the road.

The total footprint of the new scheme will cover 5.895 sq m, compared to the 2.680 sq m taken up by the existing mosque plot.

The current building is included in that measurement as it is proposed it will remain in use as an education centre for the trust.

In a planning statement, a spokesman said: “A desire to enhance and improve the dated mosque facilities and provide much needed prayer and other facilities for women and children as well as to cater for the wider local community irrespective of their race, creed, colour gender and religion is the driving force behind the proposed scheme.”
“This new replacement facility will endeavour to tackle some of the social exclusion and integration issues currently plaguing society and will be a model for other cities and all the facilities will be open to the local community irrespective of their creed, colour or religion.”

Although providing 90 car parking spaces, the trust said it will encourage members to travel on foot and believes this will be the case — with most heading in from the immediate vicinity.

A spokesman said: “It is the policy of the Makkah Trust to encourage members to travel on foot. As part of their religious beliefs, the congregation sees walking to their place of worship as an important part of the ritual.”

The application states that the mosque currently welcomes in an average of 50 people to observe prayers between Monday and Thursday — with that number rising to between 100 and 150 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Friday lunchtime is the main prayer time of the week and so a higher number of members would be expected to attend at that time.

The trust said it carried out “extensive” community consultation on the plans between October, 2014 and November, 2015, including delivering leaflets to residents and holding a public meeting.

The plans will now be analysed by council officers and are likely to come before the planning committee for a decision to be made.

New Muslim Mosque Complex In Farnham Gets Go Ahead

Permission has been granted for a mosque and other facilities at a site near Farnham, despite objections about the size of the new buildings.

Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee voted by nine to seven on Monday to allow the dramatic redevelopment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s (AMA) Islamabad site.

The site is currently made up of decaying buildings from the 1930s, which the association has made do with since taking over the Sheephatch Lane property in 1985.

A new mosque, complete with minarets, will be the centrepiece of the new development, along with a large sports hall and other residential, religious and accommodation buildings.
While most councillors at Monday’s meeting agreed that the current buildings needed updating, it was the size of the proposed mosque and sports hall that drew substantial criticism.

Stephen O’Grady, who represents Farnham Hale and Heath End, said: “I’m baffled as to why it needs to be so high, particularly in this sensitive area.

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Muslim countries and I have seen low-rise mosques used by tens if not hundreds of people.”

Stella Anderson Payne, the Islamabad ward councillor, also raised concerns, saying the construction of a place of worship did not help Waverley’s housing needs.

She added: “Construction of a sports hall does not help either and could take business away from our own facilities.

Chairman of Tilford Parish Council Nigel Relf also weighed in to demand that trees were maintained and replaced to screen the large buildings from view, since they would be ‘perched on the top of a hill, which from the south will be very obvious if tree screening disappears’.

Roughly 130 people currently live at Islamabad, which is the regional centre for the AMA, serving centres from Tilford to Oxford.

Despite the enlarged size of the redevelopment, the association has said the updated site would not receive any more visitors.

A spokesman for the association said: “We want to be the long-term custodian of the site. The current mosque is totally inappropriate and the new mosque is designed to meet the needs of the site.

“It is not designed to bring more people onto the site.”

He added that the new sports hall could be used by members of the surrounding community.

Carole Cockburn spoke up for the plan, saying: “I’m really quite shocked at the resistance to this. The existing accommodation is so past its sell-by date.

“Those of us who have visited feel you get the best of all possible welcomes in the worst of all possible buildings.”

Two Men Given Hefty Fines For Anti ‘Bolton Mega Mosque’ Facebook Comments


Two men have been given substantial fines after being prosecuted for comments they made on ‘Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque’ Facebook page. A further illustration of the two tier British justice system in place. The two men were fined £600 plus costs for their comments, made in the heat of the moment. As foolish as they were making comments about bombing the mosque and they hope it burns down. The fine seems every excessive as though the authorities are trying to make an example of them to silence all opposition to the mosque.

If the two men had of been Muslims, do you honestly think they would of received the same hefty fine?? Would they have even been prosecuted?? I doubt that very much. Facebook is full of Muslims making offensive comments in support of ISIS  terrorists and jihad. Yet they are not hauled before the courts.

Are stupid comments about a mosque that hasn’t even been built yet, more severe than say Mohammed Akbar Ali beating up his 18 year old deaf ex girlfriend because she refused his sex demands, which was posted a couple of days ago. Where he beat her up and hospitalized her but was only given a community order  which is basically being told ‘to behave yourself or else’ and had to pay £100 . Hurting Muslims feelings on Facebook by objecting to their cults stealth jihad  must now be a more serious offence than causing physical hurt by violence

The approved planning application for the controversial mega mosque on Blackburn Road, Bolton has caused  outrage amongst Bolton’s dwindling non-Muslim residents at the further Islamization of their town. Despite a huge number of objections to the dominating Islamic command and control centre, the Muslim appeasing council still granted planning permission. This coming only months after granting an application for another controversial mosque only a couple of miles away in Farnworth.

Literally a stones throw away from the mosque site is another large mosque that despite a large car park still causes traffic bedlam in the surrounding areas during prayers. The images below show just how close these two large Islamic buildings will be.

Google Maps 2014-07-04 19-28-47

Below shows the other large mosque already in use within a two minute walk of the Astley Bridge mega mosque siteMasjid-e-noor-ul-islam - Google Maps 2014-07-04 19-34-00

The Labour Party run local council certainly has a pro Muslim bias. My past FOI request to Bolton Council revealed that whilst making cuts to many local services, they were bankrolling Bolton Council Of Mosques handing out to them over a million pounds worth of grants to them for the benefit Muslims only.

In gives me little pleasure in saying that this could be the end of Bolton as we know it as it is rapidly descending into a Muslim ghetto similar to what happened in Dewsbury with the Savilletown mosque being the final nail in their coffin.

Not only do the people in Bolton have the dhimmis from the council aiding Muslims stealth jihad in their town. It would appear that the police are also only to happy to come out defending Muslims threatening arrests over Facebook comments 

 Det Insp Charlotte Cadden said: “It is becoming a regular trend for people to think they can make racially offensive comments online and get away with it – but they can’t, and these convictions show that.”

Racially offensive !!!!! Since when has Islam been a race ?? Islam is nothing to do with anybodies skin colour. Islam like all ideology’s is inside peoples minds. Which unlike the colour of peoples skin they are free to change their opinion at any point if they wanted to. Equally as Muslims are free to make up their own mind if they think Islam is the bees knees, we are also all free to choose to think Islam is the most vilest thing to ever be invented.


An artist's impression of the new mosque planned in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge
Planned mega mosque for Astley Bridge in Bolton


Men fined £600 for threatening to ‘torch’ and ‘blow up’ Astley Bridge mosque on Facebook

Bolton News

TWO men have been convicted of making Facebook threats to “torch” and “blow up” a proposed new mosque in Astley Bridge.

Police arrested both men for posting offensive messages on the Stop The Astley Bridge Facebook page, which has since been taken down. Leon Richmond, aged 18, wrote on the page that he would not be bothered if the mosque was built as he would “blow it up” himself. 23-year-old Darren Hubble posted: “Bolton people say no, Wigan says not a chance, I’ll torch the place if I get half the chance”.
The posts related to the plan to build a large new mosque building in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge.The plans, submitted by Taiyabah Islamic Centre, include a dome, minaret tower and 19 classrooms. They have prompted protests by objectors in the lead-up to the planning meeting on July 3, and protestors shouted abuse at councillors as the proposals were approved.

Det Insp Charlotte Cadden said: “These messages were not only extremely offensive but made very serious threats to cause damage.

“It is becoming a regular trend for people to think they can make racially offensive comments online and get away with it – but they can’t, and these convictions show that.

“I would warn anyone that making vile comments on social media carries just as much a risk of conviction as sending an abusive letter.

“We will pursue anyone posting such threats and work to bring them to justice.”

Richmond, of Whalley Avenue, Bolton, and Hubble, of Orrell Hall Close, Wigan, both pleaded guilty to the charges, which related to the period between May 19 and June 19 this year.

They admitted making Facebook entries to the Stop The Astley Bridge Mosque page, which were indecent or grossly offensive for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety. Both men were fined £600 when they appeared before magistrates in Bolton on Wednesday, as well as being ordered to pay £145 costs.Cllr Guy Harkin, who represents Crompton, the ward where the mosque is planned, said: “There has been a lot of prejudice and nastiness going around and that is very regrettable.

“But the good thing is that this is just two people out of a huge population.

“You are bound to get a small number of lunatics in any society.

“They seem to think that social media is outside the law and say things on there they would soon be arrested for if they said them in a pub or supermarket.”

New Islamic Extremist Linked $100 Million Mega Mosque Largest Islamic Site In Western Hemisphere

The Islamization of the civilized Western World picks up pace. Want to build a Church in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran or any other Muslim dominated country…not a chance. You have more chance of being hit by lightning than that happening. Yet whenever Islamists want to construct a new mosque in our Kafir nations, leftist authorities are only to happy to oblige. It would be racist to say no, even when those locals whom it will effect object to it. If the Muslims are lucky they may even get a grant to help pay for it.

Here in the UK we are no strangers to extremist backed Islamic centres or new mosque construction as they seem to be popping up at around 1 per week just lately. Thankfully so far nothing has been on the scale of this Islamic extremist linked mega mosque in Maryland, USA which when finished will be the largest Islamic site in the West.

Turkey Stakes Claim in America With $100 Million Mega-Mosque

There’s more to the Turkish mega-mosque than just being the largest Islamic site in the Western Hemisphere.
By Ryan Mauro

Tue, May 21, 2013

A drawing of Turkey's $100 million mega-mosque complex being built in Maryland.A drawing of Turkey’s $100 million mega-mosque complex being built in Maryland.

The Islamist government of Turkey is building a 15-acre, $100 million mega-mosque in Lanham, Maryland. Prime Minister Erdogan visited the site on May 15 in a ceremony that was attended by the leaders of two groups linked to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Also present was the Maryland Secretary of State, representing Maryland Governor and likely Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, Martin O’Malley.

The mega-mosque is called the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center and, according to the Muslim Link,  it “will likely become the largest and most striking examples of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere” when it is finished in 2014. The Muslim Link explicitly says it is “a project of the government of Turkey.”

On May 15, Prime Minister Erdogan spoke to hundreds of people at the construction site and said he’d come back for the opening ceremony next year. He warned the audience that there are groups promoting “Islamophobia,” branding potential critics as paranoid bigots. Erdogan recently said that “Islamophobia” and Zionism are equivalent to fascism and anti-Semitism, saying they are a “crime against humanity.”

On the same trip to the U.S., Erdogan brought a special guest: The father of one of the Islamists killed in Israel’s 2010 raid on a Turkish flotilla that tried to break Israel’s legal blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Erdogan reportedly wanted to him to meet President Obama.

The site will have five buildings, including a mosque “constructed using 16th century Ottoman architecture that can hold 750 worshipers.” The site’s design reinforces concerns that Turkey wants to restore its glory days as the Ottoman Empire.

The event was also attended by the leaders of two U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities.

The first, Naeem Baig, is the president of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo, which says its “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within,” lists ICNA as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” It even refers to meetings with ICNA with talk about a merger.

ICNA is linked to the Pakistani Islamist group Jamaat-e-Islami and its conferences feature radical speakers. A former ICNA president was recently indicted for horrific war crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 succession from Pakistan – the torture and murder or 18 political opponents.

The second official from a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that attended the event was Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). ISNA and several of its components are listed as U.S. Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the same 1991 Brotherhood memo. ISNA was also an unindicted co-conspiratorin the Holy Land Foundation case, dubbed the largest Islamic terror-funding trial in the history of the U.S.  Federal prosecutors in the case also listed ISNA as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity.

The Turkish government has been quietly spreading its influence in the U.S., but this is the most blatant example. In October, The Clarion Project reported on the growing ties between the Turkish government and Native American tribes. With Congress’ help, thousands of Turkish contractors and their families may be flooding into America’s heartland and settling in semi-autonomous zones of the Native Americans, well out of the reach of American authorities.

In November, The Clarion Project reported on the Turkish Fethullah Gulen school network in America, which is currently under FBI investigation. The network is the largest charter school network in America.  It is the same network that has been a critical component in Turkey’s regression from a secular democracy into an Islamic state.

Islamist-Watch.org‘s director Marc Fink has said that the Erdogan’s AKP party is “often associated with Turkish neo-Ottomanism – the desire to re-establish the Caliphate and unify the Middle East – and later the world – under Turkish Islamist rule and hegemony.”

Erdogan and his Islamist government calls Israel a “terrorist state” but calls Hamas a “resistance” group. Not surprisingly, Hamas leaderKhaled Mashaal is a big admirer of Erdogan.

Since taking office in 2003, Erdogan has been implementing his Islamist agenda, slowly but steadily changing Turkey from a secular democracy to an Islamist state. College admissions have been changed to favor religious students, the military has been gutted of its secular generals (with one in five generals currently in prison on dubious charges) and women have been routed out of top government jobs. Honor killings in Turkey increased 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009. Persecution of artists and journalists has become commonplace as opponents are charged with vague crimes like “denigrating Islam” and “denigrading the state.”

The Turkish American Culture and Civilization Project will be the largest Islamic site in the Western Hemisphere. At the same time, Turkey is building a new mega-mosque in Istanbul with the tallest minarets in the world.

The construction project in Maryland is about more than a mega-mosque. It’s symbol of how Turkey aspires to lead the Islamicummah, including the American Muslim community.


Extremist Mega Hate Mosque NO THANK YOU !

 build churches in saudi arabia is the message. lets see how tolerant Islam really is

Muslims  extremists with terrorist links in London has been denied permission to build a mega-mosque. Tabligh Jamaat [TJ], the Muslim preaching movement that reflects the fundamentalist Deobandi ideology of the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban,  saw its plan to build the 9,000-capacity venue in West Ham, east London, rejected by members of Newham Borough Council at a planning meeting. The Tablighi Jamaat group have strong links to terrorist organizations around the World and also here in Britain. 2 of the 7/7 London bombers were regulars at  Tablighi Jamaat controlled mosques.If permission had been granted, Abbey Mills Mosque – also known as the Riverine Centre – would have become one of the biggest Islamic centres in Britain and western Europe.

For once common sense has prevailed by a local authority when dealing with Muslims. Surprisingly refusing to bend over backwards to give them their own way despite a large Muslim mob of extremists gathering outside the meeting to try and put pressure on the council.


Following the meeting, Conor McAuley, Newham Council’s executive member for regeneration and strategic planning, said:

“The proposed mosque building is too big and would have an impact on important historic buildings nearby.”

He said councillors had considered the application “at length and with great care” before rejecting it.

“The council undertook a rigorous and extensive consultation about the proposals in the run-up to this decision,” he added. Our planning policies promote the development of the Abbey Mills site for a mix of residential, employment and community uses, to help create a new local centre near West Ham station and regenerate the area.”The creation of new homes and jobs are a priority for Newham Council.”It is not considered that this application is consistent with these policies.”

 Since Tablighi Jamaat moved into the Abbey Mills site in 1996, it has become embroiled in a series of application and enforcement disputes with Newham Council.

The group has been accused in the past of radicalising young Muslims. In 2008, Newham councillor and Christian Choice candidate for mayor of London, Alan Craig, complained he had been prevented by the BBC from describing it as a “separatist Islamic group” in a party political broadcast.

Big well done to MegaMosqueNoThanks.com and anybody else who campaigned against this extremist hate mosque.  

West Ham mosque: Newham Council takes legal action to end its use

Newham Council have begun legal proceedings to demolish the temporary buildings and their illegal use as a mosque by Muslim extremist group Tablighi Jamaat. The illegal mosque is on the site of the proposed mega mosque, is in breach of  a legally binding agreement that prohibits its use as a mosque. Clearly they never had no intentions to stop using it as mosque whilst waiting the outcome of the planning application of the mega mosque. The legal agreement they signed was a taqiyya to aid their future plans for the islamization of the area and help the mega mosque plans get accepted. Tablighi Jamaat are well-known for teaching radical Islam that promotes jihad, hate and racism against non-Muslims,sexism and refusal of integration with the rest of society.  Several recent Muslim terror attacks were committed by jihadists who prayed at other Tablighi Jamaat mosques. The group was behind similar mega mosque constructions at Saviletown in Yorkshire and also Toronto,Canada. Both of which saw the surrounding areas rapidly decline as local home owners were forced out and more Muslims moved in. House Values nose-dived as the areas became undesirable resulting in Muslim ghettos as the  Islamization  took hold

H/T: Hidden British News

Newham Council has taken legal action to compel the Riverine Trust to stop using the Abbey Mills site as a mosque and demolish temporary buildings.

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It has lodged papers at London’s High Court and is waiting for a hearing date.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Our planning policies promote the development of the Abbey Mills site for a mix of residential and employment uses, to create a new local centre near West Ham station.

“The Riverine Trust gave assurances at the public inquiry in February 2010 that the site would be redeveloped within two years according to these policies and a mixed-use application would be submitted. It voluntarily committed to this in a legally binding Unilateral Undertaking that meant the Trust had to stop using the site as a mosque and demolish the existing buildings if it failed to comply.”

By the end of February 2012 deadline that undertaking had not been complied with; the site was still being used as a mosque, no buildings removed and no mixed use planning application submitted. The authority is currently consdering a different planning application for a large mosque on the site in Canning Road, West Ham.

via West Ham mosque: Newham Council takes legal action to end its use – News – Newham Recorder.

Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign

Whilst British TV news channels were devoting all their time to the weather in America,a dead celebrity paedo who apparently every man and his dog knew what he was upto and did nothing about whilst he was alive, and the on going saga of “who might or might not of said” something that has hurt the feelings of grown men earning £100k + a week to kick a football about who basically need to man up and start thinking about some of the problems the other 99.9% of the UK not as fortunate as them have to put up with on a daily basis before whining. 

Sick of the same old i flicked over channel to RT, a Russian news channel where 1 of their main headlines was about the campaign against the planned mega mosque in London and the Islamization of Great Britain.

For more info on the fight against the London mega mosque planned by Muslim radical group Tablighi Jamaat : http://www.megamosquenothanks.com/

Online e petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38258

Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign

Planned east London Islamic center sparks 'Mega Mosque No Thanks'  campaign fight against the London mega mosque planned by Muslim radical group Tablighi JamaaT

Published: 30 October, 2012, 05:43

Edited: 30 October, 2012, 09:55


Religion, UK

An artist’s impression of the London mega-mosque (Image from astuteblogger.blogspot.ru)

A planned 10,000-capacity ‘mega mosque’ in East London is under consideration by city authorities as locals mount a campaign to halt construction amid fears it will become a hotbed of Islamic extremism.

The gigantic mosque, four times the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, will sport towering 40-foot minarets, an Islamic library, sports facilities and eight apartments.

Planning permission for the place of worship is being considered by Newham Council, despite controversy and fierce opposition from the local community, including many Muslims.

The plans were submitted by Tablighi Jamaat, a Muslim missionary movement, which some have described as an ‘antechamber of fundamentalism’.

Critics claim the Islamic group preaches separatism and segregation. Two of the July 7, 2005, London bombers – Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan – are believed to have prayed at a Tablighi mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, before committing their terror attack.

“They teach that if you want to be a good Muslim you must separate off from non-Muslims…It’s only Tablighi Jamaat – of all the Islamic groups – that has created ghettos over in Toronto, in Canada. They’re all around the world, this is a huge group and wherever they go they create barriers, hostility, division, they create separatism,” Alan Craig, campaign director of ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks,’ which is actively opposing its construction, told RT.

If given the go-ahead, the massive mosque could be the first Sharia-law-controlled area in Britain. Many East Londoners are worried that flouts Prime Minster David Cameron’s policy of a multicultural Britain that embraces all ethnic groups.

“The grounds on which they’re trying to set-up here in Britain are anti-British, anti-Western. This is not just going to be a Mosque – this is going to be a centre of training, where they are going to try to reach out to Islamist Muslims. To harden up and medieval-ize the Islam of ordinary Muslims in this country. And I meet so many Muslims, who don’t want that,” journalist and cultural analyst Dr. Jenny Taylor, founder of religious literacy consulting group Lapido Media, explained to RT.

That view is shared by many Muslims in East London. Asqhar Bukhari, a spokesperson for the UK branch of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, told RT, “Muslims themselves oppose this mosque. Not on the grounds that, they don’t want to worship their God, but on the grounds that women aren’t allowed, the local population, the Muslim population, has no say in how the mosque itself is governed.”

The proposal has sparked intense opposition in the years since the plans were first submitted in 1999.

In 2001, Tablighi Jamaat agreed worship would only be on a temporary basis at the site of the proposed mosque. In 2010, Newham Council issued an enforcement notice, but Tablighi successfully appealed it in 2011 and now more than 5,000 people worship at the ramshackle site every week.

The plans had initially included a provision for retail units and 300 houses, which were shelved in place of the mega mosque. The Muslim community refused to allow their donations to contribute to commercial businesses.

Newham Council, which received the proposal from Tablighi on September 5, 2012, issued a statement in response: “We can confirm we have received a planning application. As this is currently being processed it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

The Mega Mosque No Thanks website contains a checklist for mobilizing activists, including signing an e-petition on the government’s website and contacting local MPs.

Craig explained to RT, “If this went ahead it would be like a tipping point – there will be no stopping fundamentalist Islam. If that happens – well we’d all need to leave the county.”

Tablighi Jamaat maintains that their purpose is peaceful missionary work. Spokesperson for the group’s charitable trust and site owner Anjuman-E-Islahul-Muslimeen previously told reporters, “The door is always open and we are happy to meet and discuss in depth our proposals.”

via Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign — RT.

Russian nationalist organization has declared that Moscow doesn’t need any new mosques.

Looks like the Russians are having it as bad as the rest of the civilized world with Islam attempting to take over. Theres only so much you can take before you have no choice but to stand up and fight the evil back


A Russian nationalist organization has declared that Moscow doesn’t need any new mosques.

According to Russian Today, Russikye National Movement Chairman Aleksandr Belov said Russians need to decide Russia’s future identity.

“It is necessary to decide once and for all whether Russia will turn into an Islamic state or it will remain a secular state, where foreign immigrants arrive, find jobs and leave after their work is finished,” Belov said.

Russia’s chief, Mufti Albir Krganov, has asked the government for permits to build additional mosques.

Heritage Foundation Russia scholar and analyst Ariel Cohen said there are approximately 2 million Muslims in Moscow.

Cohen added that the evidence of heavy migration is in Moscow’s schools.

“Moscow is facing a real problem with a very heavy migration from the North Caucasus area,” he said. “In some areas of Moscow, roughly 50 percent of the students are children of migrants from that area.”

However, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin gave an indication of his position on the issue when he responded to the Mufti’s request by saying that many of the Muslims praying in the city’s mosques aren’t residents of Moscow.

The cultural divide between Russia and Muslims became even more apparent this week when President Vladimir Putin said Muslim girls shouldn’t wear headscarves in schools.

“President Vladimir Putin spoke out Thursday against the wearing of headscarves in Russian schools in his first public comment on a potentially explosive issue,” the report said.

Tensions have been growing between Moscow authorities and the city’s Muslim population.

In September, Radio Liberty reported that Moscow police arrested and detained Muslims who were waiting to pray at the city’s largest mosque – the Cathedral Mosque near the Kremlin.

“Shermamat Suyarov says he will think twice before returning to pray at Moscow’s largest mosque,” the story said. “Suyarov, a 52-year-old Russian citizen of Kyrgyz origin, says he was sitting in a parked car waiting to attend prayers on September 17 when police ordered him out and detained him.”

A former CIA officer who asked not to be identified said the pressure for more mosques in Moscow is evidence of most Muslim’s sense of identity.

“Muslims are a nation and jihadis are only the armed forces of the nation,” the CIA officer said. “Islamic leaders follow and are well aware of what happens to Muslims in Moscow and Beijing.”

However, the CIA officer added that Muslim leaders may give Russia the benefit of the doubt because of the present tactical situation between Russia and Iran.

“But they also may make some tactical considerations and cut Moscow some slack as long as Moscow is troubling the U.S. and the West and is helping Iran and Syria,” the CIA officer added.

The former CIA officer noted that the anti-mosque movement could be coming from the Kremlin.

“So if domestic considerations were the only ones involved, I’d say that Putin may very well have pushed these demonstrations and may accede to them,” the former CIA officer said. “He can’t very well kill Muslim terrorists in Chechnya and permit them to infest Moscow even more.”

Again, the former CIA officer cited Putin’s maneuvering in the Middle East.

“That said, Putin is also courting the barbarians in Tehran and Syria to poke a stick in the eye of the West. Since Putin and the KGB have total control domestically, I would suspect they are less worried about domestic concerns and will be more interested in putting a friendly face forward to foreign Muslims,” the former CIA officer said.

However, domestic concerns may be the major driving force behind the Moscow debate.

Cohen again cited Muslim migration from the Caucasus.

“The Russian Orthodox Church and its members aren’t happy with the Makino neighborhood in Moscow,” he said. “It’s heavily Muslim now and putting pressure on the Orthodox Church.”

Cohen said there’s another dilemma.

“If Moscow doesn’t allow the mosques to be built, the Muslims will get more underground exposure to the Salafist and Wahhabi forms of Islam,” Cohen said. “The state-supported Islam will lose ground to the Salafi clerics and the underground radicals.”

Fears over revival of London mega-mosque plan

Radical Muslim group Tablighi Jamaat are relaunching plans to build a mega mosque in London. Should it be successful it would  be a massive leap for Muslims in their stealth jihad Islamification of Britain and a massive few steps backwards for any Brit who values their freedom of speech. Tablighi Jamaat  have strong links to terrorist organizations around the world and 2 of the 7/7 London bombers were regulars at their mosque in Yorkshire  where fanatical imams  spew their hatred of  infidels and teach extreme Islam. Even French intelligence called them  “antechamber of fundamentalism”.

People of London now is the time to wake up and stop this happening while theres chance still. Or before you know it will be to late and you will have have a 12,000 capacity mosque on your doorstep. Thats the approximate average home crowd of  Blackpool, Millwall and Watford football clubs.

Anti mosque campaigners  http://www.megamosquenothanks.com/

Fears over revival of mega-mosque plan

Grand plans: a sketch of the mosque



Ellen Widdup

05 September 2012

An Islamic group will this week relaunch its bid to build a 12,000-capacity “mega-mosque” next to the Olympic site.

The Tablighi Jamaat group, a Muslim missionary movement once described as an “ante-chamber of fundamentalism”, wants to build Britain’s biggest place of worship in West Ham.

It will have 40ft minarets, a library, a visitor centre and a 300-space car park at the Canning Road site. The scheme has aroused years of intense opposition since the group first submitted plans in 1999. In 2001, it agreed that worship would only be on a temporary basis. Permission expired in 2006 but the group continued to use the site.

In 2010, the council issued an enforcement notice but it successfully appealed against it last year and more than 5,000 people a week now worship at the site which houses several pre-fab buildings.

A spokesman for Newham council’s planning department said: “We are expecting another application by the end of this week and will then start a formal consultation process.”

Opponents say Tablighi Jamaat is a “sect” that preaches “separation and segregation”. Two of the 7/7 bombers, Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan, are believed to have prayed at a Tablighi mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and French intelligence officials said the group was an “antechamber of fundamentalism”.

Alan Craig, campaign director of MegaMosque No Thanks and a former Newham councillor, said: “The community is concerned about the harm this will have on Newham. It is inappropriately large, but we also have worries about the group behind it.”

Dr Jenny Taylor, who runs charity Lapido Media which aims to create better understanding of religious affairs, said it was important for those opposed to the Tablighi Jamaat to understand its structure rather than simply brand it as a terrorist recruiting organisation.

She is behind the launch of a new series of books – Handy Books on Religion in World Affairs – the first of which tackles the complexities of the global missionary movement thought to be a key influence on Muslim terrorists targeting Britain.

“To have harboured terrorists does not necessarily mean that Tablighi Jamaat is therefore a hotbed of terrorism, but it does mean we need to take it much more seriously,” she said. “Especially in light of their plans for the mosque.

“This group is often misunderstood.  Their apparent desire to integrate is at odds with their dress, speech, observance and writings, which require them to be distinctive.  They are deeply spiritual, yet many terrorists have found succour in their midst.”

The group maintains that its main objective is peaceful missionary work. A spokesman for Anjuman-E-Islahul-Muslimeen of London UK Trust, Tablighi Jamaat’s charitable trust and the site’s owner, said: “The door is always open and we are happy to meet and discuss in depth our proposals.”

via Fears over revival of mega-mosque plan – London – News – Evening Standard.