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Sunderland Dad Mansour Savari Abused 13 Year Old Schoolgirl

Another sick beast locked up for grooming a girl  23 years younger than himself. Pervert Mansour Savari was married with children, had a good job and should of been making something of his life with his family. Instead he filled a 13 year olds head with rubbish about having babies and a future with her so he could get her in bed and satisfy his warped urges.

Married Sunderland dad abused 13-year-old schoolgirl

A MARRIED engineer sexually abused a trusting schoolgirl after convincing her they had a future together.

Mansour Savari told the 13-year-old he wanted them to get married and have twins during a series of secret text messages.

The 36-year-old dad took the teenager, from South Tyneside, to a pal’s empty flat and engaged in sexual activity with her.

He was arrested at his home after a worried friend of the victim contacted the police about what she knew.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Savari, of Somerset Cottages, Silksworth, Sunderland, was jailed for three years and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He had pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual activity with a child just before his trial before a jury was due to start last month.

Judge Roger Thorn QC told him: “You engaged in the most appalling and inappropriate sexual relationship with a young girl who you persuaded you were in love with and she was in love with you.

“Your victim was only just 13 years of age and by contrast you were 36.

“There had been here a significant period of grooming, promising, in effect a long-term relationship eventually which would be characterised by both marriage and children.

“That, of course, led ultimately to her seduction.”

The court heard Savari had denied the offences outright when he was arrested, meaning the victim faced the prospect of giving evidence in court until he changed his plea to guilty.

Judge Thorn added: “You did, eventually save that young victim of yours having to give evidence.”

Prosecutor Amanda Rippon read examples of the dozens of text messages exchanged between Savari and his victim.

She said: “They talk of having a baby together, the defendant and she have a conversation about what it would be called.

“The defendant says ‘I would love us to have twins’.”

Paul Currer, defending, said: “It is his sincere wish that this young girl and her family recover from the trauma and difficulties they have faced through his offending.”


Muslim Child Rapist Marries Victim Aged 12 Under Backwards Sharia Law

Islam and its backwards and outdated Sharia law controls every aspect in a Muslims life based on the ramblings of an evil mad man 1500 years ago. Brain washed Muslims still haven’t realised that the rules the false prophet Muhammed claimed were from God were made up by him purely for the benefit of himself during his own lifetime. As he was male and as were the tribal elders and warlords who he wanted onside, Sharia heavily favours male Muslims in every instance. Judging by Sharia it seems Allah must of been a sexist,barbaric God, a sexual deviant with an obsession for material things such as war booty and jizya. As the modern world has moved forward, the Islamic world and Sharia law has stayed in the dark ages as it was back then uncivilized and uneducated hence the backwardness of it.

Now 1500 later we have the unfortunate situation where Islamic nations still practice this outdated law. Resulting in scandalous situations such as this where paedophile Muslim beasts can rape a young child and avoid prosecution by marrying the girl he has raped. Now that is a retarded law if ever there was one. If anything he is being rewarded by Allah for raping the child by marrying her. Now he has his own little sex slave to use and abuse as he chooses.

Kafir Crusaders Says No To The Bloodthirsty,Outdated, Sexist Sharia Law

Outrage After Sharia Court Allows Rapist to Marry His 13-year-old Victim

Complications arising from overlapping state laws with religion are never-ending, particularly with Islam. Much of Borneo and the former British colonies on the island were Christian before what is now the state of Sabah and Sarawak (aka East Malaysia) entered a federation with Muslim Malaysia.

As Malaysia evolved so did internal migration and cross-culture absurdities inevitably came about. This reality was highlighted this week by a case involving a Muslim man who raped a 12-year-old girl and was able to obtain permission to marry her under Sharia law – avoiding prosecution in the process.

Thankfully, local prosecutors are pursuing a statutory rape charge against 40-year-old restaurant manager Riduan Masmud, who allegedly had sex with the girl in a parked car outside the Sabah state capital Kota Kinabalu in February. The girl is now 13 and his defense is that he married her.

State officials in Sabah want the marriage annulled. The girl is known to be from a very poor family and in one interview Riduan said the rape was a case of “suka sama suka” (“mutual consent”).

He was quoted in a report as saying that he would let her finish her studies and “maybe later take up a cosmetic course with my first wife,” who he added was a make-up artist.

The father of the girl apparently accepted the marriage saying, “What else could I do?” Her case only came to light following complaints from an aunt.

Riduan is currently free after posting bail of about U.S. $2,600.

Earlier this week a court told the prosecution it had until June 6 to decide whether or not to proceed with rape charges against Riduan after legal moves were made in April to have the case withdrawn following the marriage.

Welfare groups were outraged that Riduan was allowed to marry the girl, although the Sharia Court that allowed the nuptials has apparently said it could be annulled because Riduan did not tell the court that this was his second marriage when he applied for a certificate to marry the girl.

Gerakan Wanita’s deputy chief, Ng Siew Lai, said Riduan should not be allowed to walk free.

“I am really disgusted with the action of the rapist, whose name I cannot even bear to say out,” Ng said. “The girl is just a child who has a future, but due to the action of the rapist, it has gone up in smoke.”

She added that all children and in particular girls must be protected until they reach maturity.

“Simply marrying the victim will be seen as seeking the back-door attempt to escape punishment,” Ng continued. “We can never allow a rapist to go scot-free after raping a victim by marrying her. Gerakan Wanita firmly believes that prosecution should be mandatory in statutory rape cases and marriage can never be a solution.”


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GP at village surgery accused of being ‘serial groper’ of women over 28 years

Islam by name is law by nature for this sex pest Muslim doctor

Married GP at village surgery accused of being ‘serial groper’ of women over 28 years


PUBLISHED: 02:38, 8 November 2012 | UPDATED: 02:38, 8 November 2012


Accused: GP Gousul Islam arrives at Sheffield Crown Court facing charges of indecent assaultAccused: GP Gousul Islam arrives at Sheffield Crown Court facing charges of indecent assault

A doctor who was respected in his community has been accused groping some of his female patients over the last 28 years.

A court heard how Doncaster GP Gousol Islam is alleged to have fondled the breasts of eight women and girls, stroked their thighs, performed a sex act, touched them intimately and once even exposed himself in incidents dating back to 1970.

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne claimed that during intimate examinations patients were never offered a chaperone and also claimed that he ‘went beyond what was necessary’

She said at Sheffield Crown Court: ‘He invited them to undress in his presence and instructed them to lie exposed on his treatment couch without a blanket or paper towel to protect their modesty. He would then wash his hands in an obsessive manner post-examination.’

The allegations relate to intimate examinations of female patients at the Lyndhurst surgery in Stainforth, Doncaster where Dr Islam, now 70, worked until 2009.

Miss Colborne added: ‘He was well-liked and trusted by the local community and by his patients but with other naive female patients he abused that trust and exploited their naivety in situations where these women and girls, some very young, sought his advice for the most intimate matters,’ she said.

‘He treated them to sexual innuendo, over-bearing advice and in many instances sexual assault. He succeeded because as the GP in a close-knit community he was in a position of trust and status and power.’

Islam, of Doncaster, denies 19 offences of indecent assault and one offence of outraging public decency by exposing himself to a patient. The offences date from January 30, 1970 to May 31, 1998.

The doctor was suspended by the General Medical Council in September, 2010 after the allegations came to light.

A woman who was depressed after her marriage broke down was quizzed by the GP about what sort of sex she enjoyed before he performed a sex act with her.


On another consultation the GP became aroused as he examined the woman, now 29, and behaved inappropriately in the shocked woman’s presence before placing her hands on a private part of his body.

The prosecutor said: ‘He returned to his chair, told her to dress then gave her his telephone number and told her his wife was in India. She was in a state of emotional turmoil.’

She later sought relief for back pain only to find him intimately touching himself before her. ‘She told him to put it away,’ said Miss Colborne.

A 13-year-old girl sought Islam’s help after she had a cancer scare with a lump on her breast. She was cleared by a hospital but Islam played on her fears and told the teenager he ‘needed to keep an eye on her breasts.’

The prosecutor added: ‘He used the spectre of cancer to expose her breasts and later other intimate areas whenever she visited the surgery. This permitted him the opportunity to sexually assault her.’

He went on to lift up her bra and touch her and another time she was greeted with ‘you look as gorgeous as ever’ by the doctor before he lifted her top again.

Trial: Sheffield Crown Court heard how Gousol Islam is alleged to have fondled the breasts of eight women and girls, stroked their thighs, performed a sex act, touched them intimately and once even exposed himself in incidents dating back to 1970Trial: Sheffield Crown Court heard how Gousol Islam is alleged to have fondled the breasts of eight women and girls, stroked their thighs, performed a sex act, touched them intimately and once even exposed himself in incidents dating back to 1970

When she was older she went in with menstrual problems and Islam told her ‘it was because she was a virgin and lack of sexual intercourse was causing her pain.’

Miss Colborne said the GP carried out internal examinations in connection with supposed smear tests every three or four months on the girl until she was 21. None of them were necessary.

The doctor described another 18-year-old patient as having ‘hefty’ thighs. Said Miss Colborne: ‘He asked her if she was still a virgin and suggested her boyfriend had been tearing his hair out given his lack of sex.’

On subsequent visits he stroked her upper thigh under her skirt and accused her of being frigid and quizzed her about sexual intercourse.

The GP had a particular interest in a 14-year-old girl, carrying out breast and internal examinations ‘even when her complaints were about unrelated body parts.’

He said he wanted to take the girl out to dinner and his wife ‘did not excite him sexually’ but the teenager managed to rebuff his advances which persisted for years.

He continued to regularly grope her breasts until she was 22 and even unsuccessfully tried to lure her upstairs in the surgery out-of-hours. He once put her hand on a private part of his body and he said she ‘excited him.’

Her elder sister had her breasts groped ‘for two or three minutes’ by Islam and a 29-year-old woman found him stroking and rubbing her clitoris without wearing him surgical gloves.

‘She lay back on the couch concocting a plan in case he removed any of his clothing,’ said the prosecutor.

A 29-year-old practice nurse said he tried it on with her saying ‘an affair could spice up his marriage.’

As he boasted about his conquests his hand slid up her thigh and he asked her to have sex with him which she refused.

The eighth complainant said he touched her intimately while examining her when she was pregnant.

When arrested by police, Islam consistently denied behaving in an inappropriate way with any of the women. He behaved with ‘professionalism and decorum’ at all times and said the women were mistaken or had something to gain by lying about him.

The trial continues.

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