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MuslimTeacher Zameer Ghumra Jailed For Showing Beheading Videos To Kids At UK Madrassa

Muslim extremist Zameer Ghumra has been jailed for six years for his attempted brain washing of schoolboys at his madrassa (Muslim school). The Islamofascist from Leicster abused his position of trust at the religious school.Using the opportunity to try and radicalise a future generation of jihadis. During lessons the Muslim schoolboys were shown ISIS beheading videos. Zameer Ghumra also promoted the Islamic jihad in Syria portraying ISIS terrorists as some kind of oppressed victims just defending their homes. He also encouraged the children not to have non Muslim friends and integrate with British society.

British pharmacist jailed for showing beheading video to kids
Zameer Ghumra was found guilty of disseminating terrorist propaganda and trying to brainwash young boys

Image Credit: Social Media/Twitter
Zameer Ghumra
Published: 09:33 October 7, 2017

London: A British man was on Friday sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by a UK court for showing a Daesh beheading video to schoolchildren.
Zameer Ghumra was found guilty of disseminating terrorist propaganda and trying to brainwash young boys into supporting Daesh at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

The 38-year-old pharmacist, believed to be of Arabic origin, also told the children they should kill anyone who insulted Islam and instructed them to make only Muslim friends.
“These were shocking crimes which damaged the children and caused offence to the vast majority of law-abiding Muslims,” Judge Gregory Dickson said.
The judge also noted the lack of remorse shown by Ghumra during his trial when determining his sentence.


The jury was told that the children, who came in contact with the accused at a madrassa he had set up, were encouraged to go to Syria to fight with the Daesh where they would have to behead people. Ghumra also followed various Daesh-linked social media accounts and made the two children follow similar accounts. Prosecutor Simon Davis said Ghumra had told a customer that Daesh were “not bad people – they’re only defending themselves”.
Ghumra, from the city of Leicester, was working as a pharmacist in Oundle, Northamptonshire, when he was arrested at Birmingham Airport in September 2015.
He had denied the charges and claimed that the children had been induced to make “false allegations” against him.
Sue Hemming of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: “Zameer Ghumra tried to brainwash impressionable children with this violent ideology by making one watch beheading videos and urging them both to adopt a hard line religious outlook.”
“The CPS case was that he intended to radicalise them in the hope that they would go on to be involved in terrorism.
“The children were brave to give evidence and we would like to thank them for helping to secure this conviction of a dangerous man,” Hemming said.
Ghumra was found guilty of the charge of disseminating “terrorist propaganda” in the form of a graphic Twitter video on his mobile phone between January 2013 and September 2014.
Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden, head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said: “That act alone is unforgivable. His teaching role increases his risk, potentially giving him direct access to young or vulnerable people who may look up to him as an authority figure.”

Over 100 Public Objections To Planned Islamic School In Bradford

The word is that Bradford planing officers are going to recommend the council reject planning permission for a new madrassa at a meeting on Thursday. Over 100 letters of objection have been received from members of the public against the planned Islamic school at a former office. The letters of objection were for a variety of reasons including the close proximity to a pub and primary school which may increase tensions. The majority were traffic and parking reasons on an already busy road with traffic problems.

The Muslims supporting the school claim traffic will not be a problem as parents will walk to school instead of driving making it eco-friendly. How many times have we heard that one before in regarding Mosque and Islamic school planning applications.Then as soon as its approved and opened , pure traffic chaos as Muslims dump their Nissan’s and Hyundai’s on double yellow lines ,in front of people’s driveways and double park without a concern for anybody else.

A more worrying concern than the traffic is the what will be going on behind the closed doors. For many Muslim children especially the girls, mixed schooling is the only chance they will get to mix with non-Muslim Brits. At home they are only allowed out of the house if in the company of a related Muslim male. They certainly wouldn’t be allowed to go play out like any other kid and mix. In the pc world we live in where we are constantly told that Multiculturalism is the way to be etc. Muslim children being isolated hardly does much for future community cohesion.

These madrassas are not schools like a C of E or Catholic schools are. Where the focus is on education and not religion. Everything about them revolves around Islam. Which as we not is not very compatible with present day life to start off with. The Koran is full of false science and untruths that Muslims still believe to be true because their holy book says so. As the Dispatches TV program exposed when they went undercover in a madrassa. The religious teachers in them were telling the children non-Muslims are animals and other malicious stuff.  Until we have ex Muslims to monitor Islamic schools and Mosques that know the language and Islamic terms to make sure all is above-board. There should be no more new ones allowed.

Objections over plan for religious school at Clayton

8:00am Monday 11th November 2013 in News

The site of the proposed madrassaThe site of the proposed madrassa

More than 100 people have objected to plans to turn an office into a madrassa for 200 children.

Planning officers will recommend that Bradford Area Planning Panel rejects the scheme, proposed for 200 Pasture Lane, Clayton, when it meets on Thursday.

Parish council chairman Jean Pitts said the recommendation would be welcomed by those who are worried that the religious school would cause road and parking chaos.

She said she hoped councillors on the planning panel would put a block on the bid to open the madrassa in Pasture Lane, close to the junction with Clayton Road.

Coun Pitt said: “The objections were overwhelming from people who live locally. The traffic is quite horrendous coming down Pasture Lane and there’s no particular parking for the site.

“Those were the main problems people had with it and the same goes for the parish council.”

A blind corner was another of the concerns parish councillors had. In the past, a car sales garage had been rejected by planners because of the number of vehicles it would attract.

Objections from others included fears its location close to a pub would cause trouble, that it was less than 50m away from a primary school, increased tension in the area because of traffic and parking issues and an adverse effect on air quality.

Letters supporting the application said because it was close to houses fewer cars would need to be used which would reduce the environmental impact. Supporters also mentioned the benefits of having a place for children to learn, to the advantage of the community.

The reasons refusal is being recommended are a lack of turning space for parking cars, a risk that cars would have to park on, reverse into or out of Pasture Lane near a blind corner and that pedestrians could be put at risk if cars parked on pavements.

The report also noted there had not been enough information given on a travel plan for pupils and how traffic would be controlled using such measures as yellow lines and zebra crossings.


Rape a child and get a suspended sentence – Follower of Islam treated too leniently by the courts, again.

This post is reblogged from fellow kafir  Fahrenheit211.net website which is well worth a visit. Its his take on the 18 year old who got a soft sentence by claiming because he was a Muslim he didnt know it was illegal to have sex with a child

Reblog from : Fahrenheit211.net

Rape a child and get a suspended sentence – Follower of Islam treated too leniently by the courts, again.

Judge Michael Stokes QC

Although other bloggers have already commented on the case of a teenage Islamic nonce who groomed a 13 year old girl online, then encouraged her to meet him in a hotel where he raped her, it is such an appalling case that it, and its implications both for the Justice and the educational systems, should be discussed as often and as widely as possible. This case serves as a chilling reminder as to just how much our legal system is kowtowing to members of the religion of permanent hatred. It also shows just how vital it is for the ‘Sharia Creep’ that appears to be afflicting our Police and Justice system to be halted as soon as possible, before it corrupts these sectors even more than they have at present.

Normally a rape would, when brought before the courts, often result in a lengthy custodial sentence for the offender. Sadly this doesn’t appear to be the case when the defendant is a Bearded Savage who can convince the judge that the defendant is ‘naive’. According to the Guardian who quoted 2011 figures, the average sentence for rape is now 8 years imprisonment, which makes the suspended sentence given to Adil Rashid, 18 of Birmingham even more unjust and inexplicable.

The Judge in the case, Judge Michael Stokes, sentenced the rapist Rashid to the non-punishment of 9 months youth custody suspended for two years along with a two year probation order. It is incredible that in a time when everyone is made aware of the dangers of paedophilia, and the general population is also more aware of the problem of Islamic Grooming Gangs, that a Judge of all people, should let a nonce like this walk. What is disturbing is that when he wants to be, Judge Stokes is willing to impose appropriate sentences as well as inappropriate ones, and was in fact the judge who presided over one of the trials that resulted from the Nottingham riots of 2011 and who sent down one of the rioting defendants in that case for a well deserved 14 years.

The court report, published in the Daily Mail, said that the main reason for this sentence being given was because Rashid had come from a traditionalist Islamic background and was ‘educated’ in a UK Madrasssa that gave Rashid virtually no knowledge of the world outside that of Islam.

The Daily Mail said:

“A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless.

Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’ “

What this case shows is that not only are certain judges going out of their way to avoid offending or stirring up members of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces, but that many Madrassas may be teaching ideologies that run totally counter to British society, and that nothing appears to be being done to stop that. As a nation we should no more be allowing Madrassas to teach that non-Muslim women and girls are worthless, than we would allow something on the lines of the Adolf Hitler Memorial Secondary School to set up shop. The fact that the equalities industry would quite rightly be outraged by the latter entity but are not at all outraged by the former entity, the Madrassa is an indication of just how morally vacuuous much of the equalities establishment has become.

We should not allow Islamic groups to set up any more indoctrination centres masquarading as Madrassas and start to close down those that already exist, because they so often have proved themselves to be untrustworthy. Those who run and promote these Madrassas should also face prosecution for inciting hatred of other groups, after all this is what would happen if a Christian school was inciting hatred against members of other religious groups. We should hold the followers of Islam to the same strictures of Law that we all are held. The existence of an ‘Islamic Get Out Of Jail Free’ card makes a mockery of the concept of justice. Justice has certainly not been pursued in this case.

Unlike the separate religious schools operated by other religions, such as the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Jews and others, only the Islamic schools are encouraging their pupils to violently hate and despise the morals and values of the society in which they live, whatever else these schools teach, for example Creationism, they do at least teach that rape is wrong, unlike what appears to be being taught in these Madrassas. This promotion of hatred in Islamic schools should not be tolerated any longer and Ofsted and other agencies need to get into these schools and shut them down.

Young people are being brainwashed in Islamic ‘educational’ establishments to hate their neighbour and to see their neighbour as ‘untermenschen’ or sub-human, that is not morally or legally right, and needs to stop. The festering boil of Islamic promotion of hatred that we have allowed to grow in the UK needs to be comprehensively lanced before it infects another generation. Let us start viewing what is taught in Islamic schools as we once viewed with horror the curriculum of the Hitler Youth, because as often as not, there is very little difference between what is being taught in either case.


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Muslim Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was Illegal Spared Jail

A Muslim appearing in court charged with grooming and having sex with a 13 year old girl claimed he didn’t know it was illegal because of his Muslim teaching. In saving his own bacon he has confirmed what many of us have been saying for a long time about the things being taught at Muslim only schools

He  said he had been taught a woman was “no more worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground”. 

Where in the British national curriculum does that feature? This is the danger with these Muslim only schools especially where they are taught in non English. Where many of those doing the teaching are not actually qualified teachers but  unqualified Muslim religious teachers. No amount of visits from Ofsted  inspectors is ever going to uncover what really goes on in these places. They simply change the topics of the lessons for the duration of the inspectors being there. Then its back to teaching Islamic style. Where the curriculum goes out the window and all the teachings are based on the Koran, which is not only outdated but full of inconsistencies and false science.

Is it any wonder that in Muslim countries where all the schools are of this kind that they lag so far behind the rest of the world in terms of intelligence and knowledge.  What have any of the Muslim countries ever been known for inventing? other than the square wheel and jihad!   How many Muslims have ever won a Nobel prize for sciences in which many women from the western world done.

I didn’t know sex with
13-year-old was illegal

Student, 18, blames Muslim teaching

Adil Rashid

‘Tempted by girl’ … Adil Rashid yesterday
Published: 17 hrs ago
 A STUDENT who had sex with a 13-year-old girl claimed he didn’t know it was illegal because of his strict Muslim upbringing, a court heard yesterday.

Adil Rashid, 18, met the girl on Facebook and groomed her for two months before booking a hotel where they had sex.

But when cops arrested him, he claimed he did not know about the age of consent because of his Muslim education in a madrassa school.

He also said he had been taught a woman was “no more worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground”.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Rashid met the girl on Facebook and had chatted and texted with her for two months. Last July he travelled from his home in Birmingham, having booked a hotel room in Nottingham.

He met the girl in the city centre and they went to the hotel and had sex. They left two hours later.

Rashid was arrested the following week after the girl told a school pal what had happened. The friend then told a teacher who alerted police.

Julia Smart, defending, had told an earlier hearing that Rashid had been educated in a madrassa and had “little experience of women”.

The barrister said he told a psychologist after his arrest that he did not know having sex with a 13-year-old was against the law. Rashid told police that he had been “tempted by her”. The court was told he had later “felt bad” about having sex with her.

Judge Michael Stokes QC said: “He’s had an unusual education, certainly in terms of the sexual education provided. Comparing women to lollipops is a very curious way of teaching young men about sex.”

The judge added Rashid must have known it was illegal “unless he was going around with his eyes shut”. He also noted Rashid’s school taught that sex outside marriage is forbidden.

Judge Stokes described Rashid as “passive” and said sending him to jail might cause him “more damage than good”.

Rashid was sentenced to nine months in youth custody, suspended for two years.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4763915/I-didnt-know-sex-with-13-year-old-was-illegal-says-student-18-who-blames-Muslim-teaching.html#ixzz2J6a5xCPT

BANGLADESH Almost 300 Christian children abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Bangladesh

Its sometimes hard to believe that in 2012 Muslims are still forcing infidels  to convert to Islam and getting away with it, this tactic of stealth jihad has been going on since Mohammed lifetime 1500 years ago. More worrying this story concerns children being kidnapped from their homes by violent islamofascists and ending up in Islamic religious schools known as madrassa’s

Almost 300 Christian children abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Bangladesh

by Nozrul Islam

Taken by intermediaries after they convince village families to pay for an education at pseudo hostels, the children are in fact brought to madrassas (Islamic schools) where imams force them to abjure Christianity. The latest case has a happy ending however when 11 children were able to escape from captivity.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – In Bangladesh, Christian children from Tripuri tribes have been taken away from their villages and forcibly converted to Islam. Local Catholic sources, who asked their names be withheld, told AsiaNews that almost 300 children have been taken to madrassas (Islamic schools).

The story is the same. So-called intermediaries, who are also ethnic Tripuri, visit poverty-stricken communities where they convince families to send their children to a mission hostel, charging between 6,000 and 15,000 taka (US$ 500 to 1,200) for school and board. After pocketing the money, the intermediaries sell the children to Islamic schools elsewhere in the country.

The latest case involved 11 children, ten boys and a girl, from Thanchi, Ruma and Lama in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Their story has a happy ending though. After six months of threats and violence, the children were able to escape thanks Hotline Human Rights Trust, a Dhaka-based civil rights organisation that defends minorities run by a Catholic woman, Rosaline Costa.

Tripuri are one of the many tribal groups found in Bangladesh. Most are Christian, both Catholic and Protestants, especially in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, in south-eastern Bangladesh.

Radical Muslims are engaged in a campaign against Christian missionaries whom they accuse of proselytising and forcibly converting others in order to create a Christian majority in the area so that it can be annexed to India.

In the latest case, the first eight boys were taken in January and February and brought to the Darul Huda Islami School in Mia Para village (Gazipur). The girl was placed in a madrassa (whose name she could not tell) in Muhammadpur, Dhaka. The other two boys were brought to another Darul Huda Islami in Maddha Badda (Gulshan, Dhaka).

Their days included Arabic lessons (8-12 AM), Qur’an reading (Nurani Shikkha, 2-5 PM) and five daily prayers.

In their respective madrassas, the children found other tribal Christians, many even younger themselves. They also saw acts of physical violence when children missed prayers or refused to take part in a lesson. In fact, after she was rescued, the girl showed scars to the hand, where she was struck with a cane.

In June, the desire to escape was kindled when imams announced that the boys would be circumcised, and that if they were ready to give their lives for Islam, they would be compensated with beheshta or heaven since no other religion could lead them there.

Scared, the first eight boys asked a Hindu family that lived near the school for help. They told their stories, asking them to contact their parents. When the latter found out what had happened to their children, they contacted the Hotline Trust to save them. Four boys escaped on 4 July; the other four on 13 July.

When the other two (somewhat older) boys found out about their escape, they too fled and contacted the Hotline Trust on their own.

The girl’s rescue was a bit more complicated. She was saved only after another girl escaped and told people in her village what had happened. The girl’s parents then contacted the madrassa huju or teacher asking him to let her go. The latter said the father had to come and get her.

At the school, the teacher tried to provoke the father, denigrating the Bible and accusing Christians of adultery and immorality. The father put up with the insults and eventually took his daughter home on 13 July.

via BANGLADESH Almost 300 Christian children abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Bangladesh – Asia News.